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Alike in Dignity 7. Rothenian Tales

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Rothenia celebrates as Svetlana wins the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, for that means the Greatest Show on Earth will come to Strelzen in all its camp glory in 2005.  The possibilities for Strelsenermedia IPC are not lost on Will Vincent and his team.  But the Song Contest will come to a divided city, and caught up in the politics are Yuli Lucic, son of the Staroman of Strelzen, and Henry Atwood, who can never let a story go, whatever the distractions.

Copyright © 2019 Mike Arram; All Rights Reserved.

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I love the idealistic yet realistic country of Rothenia!  Would that it actually existed!!  In this entire series, the power of love to bring out the best in people is a constant theme.  This story shows that while no society is perfect - each has its flaws, politics, as well as triumphs - when a society yields to the core values based on the essential goodness of people united by love of country and its peoples, there exists a power which is felt by all who experience it.  Mike Arram has constructed a series of stories which not only entertain, but emphasize the power of love.  Thank you!

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Another excellent story. True love conquers all -- or, at least, a lot.
Many thanks for this new story.

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