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The Golden Portifor

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It is the year 1690 and Europe is at war.  In the East the Great Turkish War still rumbles on and in the West the Empire is barely holding off the hostile Christian power of Louis XIV's France.  In the middle are the divided Rothenian lands, its two rival realms in uneasy peace.  Through all this human conflict young Sergius von Tarlenheim seeks to make a career at the Ruritanian court, where he finds unexpected friends and mysterious enemies.  But unknown to him greater conflicts by far are beginning in the World Beyond, where notice is being taken of the changing nature of humankind and rival factions are forming in response. 

A Portifor is a pocket mass book, used by travelling clergy, but the portifor of this story is by no means so innocent a book, as you'll see.

Copyright © 2020 Mike Arram; All Rights Reserved.

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  • Action Packed 6
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  • Unique 6
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A wonderful addition to the annals of Rothenia, and an excellent prequel for the modern-day series. Features lots of action-packed adventures, a raft of interesting characters -- some simpatico, others less so -- and the requisite amount of supernatural interference.

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In the Golden Portifor we return to Ruritania (later known as Rothenia), but hundreds of years before Henry Atwood’s time.

If you’ve read other stories in the Crown of Tassilo or Peacher series, you might recognize locations, relatives (especially repeated family names), and hints of things to come. But it isn’t necessary to have read any of the other stories to enjoy this one.

There is warfare in the era when guns were beginning to supplant swords, but hadn’t replaced them completely since reloading took so much time. There is a struggle between Christendom and the Muslim world. Because this is Ruritania, magical things also occur.

What makes this story so special is the cast of characters. Many are deeply flawed. Some have very unique talents. But you’ll love how they interact, change, and grow!

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