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Re-Verse - 11. NaPoWriMo lite

I never do NaPoWriMo properly. This is no exception. @Valkyrie has been kind enough to share the prompts she writes to. After a lengthy period of silence, here are a few of my responses.

This poem...

This poem is
Instant brainfreeze
Vacant mind devoid of

This poem is
Tuition unlearnt
Both metre, rhythm, and

This poem is
Muscle memory
Slowly wheezing into

This poem is
Synapses stalling
Imagination boost

This poem is
Joy rediscovered
Melding whims and wisps into


April à la carte

Fresh spring water (mini ice pellets optional)
Rainbow shower (umbrella not necessary)

Curried spring vegetables (fresh from Tesco)
flavoured with saffron
Candied quail eggs (no chocolate here)

Rabbit loin (one less floppy-eared bunny to munch your seedlings)
Lamb shank (strange, the disconnect between meat and what gambols in the fields)
Woodpigeon breast (stuffed daily for cooing, courting, and fighting)
all served with fresh greens and edible flowers

Magnolia-scented snow (soon disappears)

Nectar-infused ices (the bee's knees)
Rhubarb fool (we cleared out the freezer in preparation for the new crop)
Spiced dried fruit and peels (who needs the rest?)

Cherry blossom pink gin (delicate and easily downed)
Green leaf tea (vibrant and uplifting)


Time warp

Days pass
One by one, no
Rhythm, no urge to get
Things done, no 'I'll meet you later'
Half-staring at phantoms

Weeks pass
By friends' calls, diaried
Social engagements heralding
Virtual companions
Distanced giggles
Deep joy

Months pass
The world unlocks
Tentatively, yearning
For normal lives filled with days of
Gossip, coffee, shopping
Happy laughter

These effusions are mine and mine alone. Any comments, constructive criticism, or effusive praise are cordially invited.

Copyright © 2017 northie; All Rights Reserved.
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I enjoyed all of these, particularly the first.  I'm glad the prompts inspired you :) 

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Loved them all. "This Poem" is brilliant and rather amusing. "A La Carte" is delicious, and "Time Warp" is a pandemic journey with hope in sight. Cheers!

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I very much enjoyed A la Carte. Course after course, you lifted me into spring so it could soak into my bones. Time is indeed warped these days, and you illustrate that most effectively. I’m glad you’re writing poetry!

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3 hours ago, Valkyrie said:

I'm glad the prompts inspired you :) 

Thank you for listing them. No prompt = no poetry, I find. 🙄

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2 hours ago, Headstall said:

Loved them all.

Thanks, Gary. You're very kind.  😊

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2 hours ago, Parker Owens said:

I very much enjoyed A la Carte.

Thank you! 😘 It was the one I enjoyed writing the most.

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14 minutes ago, aditus said:

I loved 'This Poem'.

Thanks for reading, Adi. It has been a long since I last tried to write verse. ;) 

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