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  1. Great chapter, and a fantastic trip too.
  2. + A great story, I look forward to reading future chapters.
  3. Rickbgo

    Chapter 1

    It's a great beginning and quite original and compelling in it's build up. I look forward to seeing where you take the story.
  4. It's a great beginning chapter of Daniel's adventures. I look forward to seeing where the story goes. In your description of Tampa it was just how my cousin and I felt when we spent a few days there years ago minus Toledo's pot holes.
  5. Rickbgo

    Chapter 7

    It's great so far, I look forward to seeing what happens next in Jake and the boys lives. With luck Shamus will get his act together and make a life with the four of them.
  6. Rickbgo


    I look forward to future chapters, the beginning has hooked me in.
  7. Rickbgo

    Chapter 4

    Another great chapter, I lhope we see some interaction with Brian and the others who came back in time.
  8. Rickbgo

    Chapter 40

    It's great, I look forward to the following Do Overs.
  9. Rickbgo

    TWB Ch 1

    It's a great start, and the description of hunter and the family dynamics leaves me feel like I know the family. I look forward to the future chapters.
  10. Rickbgo


    A great story, it makes me want to know more and experience Australia for myself. So what happens next?
  11. Rickbgo

    DA Ch 62 - The End

    Great story, great ending. So what happens next. I hope there's a sequel in the future.
  12. Rickbgo

    Chapter 19

    It's another great chapter of this amazing tale/ I look forward to your next chapter.
  13. I'd love to read more of this saga and see what happens next to the family
  14. Please consider another book, I'd love to continue reading the saga and see what happens to the family and yes hear more of the older boys as well.
  15. Thanks Myr, this was my introduction to the wonderful world of Valdemar and Misty. I enjoy Valdemar so that I even joined The Arrows Of The Queen.
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