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    Reading Fantasy and Sci Fi adore Misty. OK I'm a proud Valdemar Junkie. music Jazz Broadway off and on oldies sans mold 50's 60's 70's cooking, outdoors skywatching and harpsichord and celtic harp.

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  1. I also live Misty's Valdemar books and think this story should be in one of Misty's Heralds of Valdemar books (those short story compilations) it's that good!
  2. Rickbgo

    Chapter 15

    It was worth the wait and I look forward to the next chapter when you feel better.
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!  And welcome to Medicare!

  5. Rickbgo

    Chapter 1

    I look forward to reading more of this story as you flesh out the crew and back story.
  6. Rickbgo

    Chapter 7

    A great story I await with baited breath the next chapter.
  7. Rickbgo

    Chapter 1

    A great first chapter and I look forward to the future chapters. As far soulmates I shall leave that up to where ever you take the story. I think that Jacob being a Black it would be interesting if those Blacks were distantly related to Harry and Draco and Neville (since they all share Black blood in their original families).
  8. Another wonderful chapter to end a fantastic tale. It will be interesting to see if Dryads live on other worlds or to see further ocean exploration of our Big Blue Marble.
  9. Rickbgo

    Chapter 2

    Like so many others before me, I too can't wait for the next chapter of this riveting tale.
  10. Welcome to GA! Both authors below are terrific writers... and there are plenty of great stories here! enjoy!

  11. Welcome to Gay Authors. Do try to avoid Mark Arbour. (just kidding ;-) )

  12. WELCOME TO GA!!!

    1. Rickbgo


      Mark I first came across your works on Nifty, Gawd I'm dating myself anyway I enjoy your works


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