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  1. Bushman60

    Chapter 22

    I don't believe it was Ron watching. I believe it was Bill or Charlie. What a great story and powerfully ending with Harry finally using all his magisterial influence and power for good. My feeling is that Harry will never go dark Lord he might come close but he will turn away from it. That is when he will become truly great and finally find his destiny. Draco Andy he others because of their closeness to him will always be there to keep him from getting power crazed. Plus his heritage will mitigate against that happening in some degree.
  2. Bushman60

    In Chandler's Hands

    What an interesting and good story! Chandler is a good guy and clearly wants to see Brandon not be bullied by brain dead morons. Who can't tell or dontcare enough about hurting others and he isn't impressed by the inaction and lack of concern of the coaches who should know better and are little more than docile bullies themselves. Kudos to Chandlers little brother he is golden by any stretch of the imagination and only wants to see Brandon happy and have some good times and good friends. The way these two brothers tag team with the help of some others is great stuff especially the kung fu lad! It sux big time that instead of supporting the guy that defended Brandon with kung fu he is the one punished and Brandon is sent home clearly concussed. If that is how American school sports is played then with it should be banded or the adults who allow this to happen should have no place near schools or training and teaching children. No wonder there is a lot of injuries in school sports.qqq
  3. Bushman60


    This was a great story and shows the grand scope of human emotions and the ability of humans to hurt the ones they love and help and love the ones they love and ultimately forgive and let love triumph over sadness and hurt. Love never hurts nor is it puffed up,pridefull or arrogant. There is one paragraph towards the end where you mix up Matt and Mike in the same paragraph.
  4. Bushman60

    Chapter 1

    This is a good story a little like a good star trek story but with So many other technical and fantasy science elements.
  5. Bushman60

    Top End Doctor

    Again the last number of CHAPTERS have been excellent. This chapter ended on nice cliffy. I wonder what our tour guide has for us next?
  6. Bushman60

    The Suicide

    This was a very powerfull and and impacting chapter and is possiblely one of the best and most impacting of its category put on here. I am a little surprised about the comments of loneliness. I have had that challenge all my life because of family other reasons. Once it bothered me greatly but now it doesn't much even with having bipolar disorder so the issue of social distancing isn't a problem for me . I only go to town once every two weeks to shop and the rest of the time l stay home and talk to no one nor do l care to as l Don't trust them after what my family and some others have done. When it comes to vets issues l to support them and am in total awe of what they do for us. I am not in favour of war generally but l am not blind to the reality that it sometimes has to be done to get rid of a great evil. The soldiers do a great job for for us the many would never do. And many treat them bad afterwards and trample over them and forget what it is about . The scenario of war is grim and is foreign to the average person colonel Ludlow in the movie in which he has three sons going if to well says it best never talk about war and being civilised in the same breath. It is all to easy for those who don't go to war to make value judgements and impose them on something that is separate to anything we would call civilisation.p
  7. Bushman60

    Dr Chapter 21

    Good chapter. Hmmmm that call! What's happened now?
  8. Bushman60

    Chapter 1

    This is one back of a story and could well make an excellent novel would you please consider revisiting it and making it a much longer story. As it it stands,there are potentially, 12 maybe be 15 thread lines already there beging to be written.gp
  9. Bushman60

    Chapter 5

    This is such a good story although that creepy older bloke hope he gets his just reward. Wah a sleazoid!
  10. Bushman60

    The Gambit

    Beware and avoid vexatious spirits is one of the things l keep in mind now lt helps keep me from being hurt and having my trust broken all the time. Loneliness at times is the lesser of two evils. It is far easier," to travel the road less traveled for that makes all the difference."
  11. Bushman60

    The Gambit

    I agree with what you said. Its all true! All too often the is a darkside in most if not every relationship where someone is trying to manipulate another. Once it has happened a few times to an individual that prrson often will step awaybfrom the situation using one of several strategies to get out of the web of manipulation so that they can van continue to be themselves. Mine for instances is often to blow up at the person doing it and then run for the hills so to speak. Depending on how serious l veiw it l will often not speak to them again. In the case of my four living siblings and outlaws l nolonger see or speak to them as l find them so overbearing and hypocrtical and bullying and out and out liars.
  12. Bushman60

    Encounters 1

    What do you mean seems like it will be a great story! It is a great story just from the frame work or plot outlined in thins chapter.Lol
  13. Definately! The same could be said about the ending of the next chapter! Reality has away of interfering and changing scenarios and circumstances in which people find themselves enmeshed. This can so often bring the best and worst out in people who are otherwise loving caring and level headed.
  14. Bushman60

    The Gambit

    Aidan.has always been up front with.Dustin.It's just that Dusty hasnt been up front untill now and now he is is confused because he.loves Aidan who is afraid to tell his.mum that they have had sex and are boyfriends.because A8dan know there will be big trouble and now Dusty has rejected Aidan in a fit of pique. I suspect they will get back together very quickly after some humble pie on both sides.
  15. Ps. I just read the story again and found Aidans final comments about ridding the bike after what he had just done was quite amusing.
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