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Country Retreat

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Sub-genres: Adventure, Drama

Meeting for the first time in Boarding school, Oscar Q Kingston settles down to life away from his country home town, until an incident with one of his friends, while at home on a boarders weekend had him ending up in a hospital and afterwards changing schools and living with his grandparents on the outer north-east suburbs, where he finds new friends.

Months later he bumps into two of his former friends from his old school and after a bumpy start, they form a close friendship that lasts for many years to come, where they go their own separate ways after school ends, and reunite later for a common cause.

Copyright March 2024 All Rights are Reserved, Preston Wigglesworth

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  • Tearjerker 1
  • Unique 5
  • World Building 2

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Oscar Kingston is a young teenager, growing up in Western Australia, who experiences some anxiety attacks. This is his story of recovery, growth and dealing with all the related issues. 

Key to his recovery is his family, especially doting grandparents with home he lives while attending school, and their planning for his future. 

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I'm enjoying the story and look forward to more chapters.  Thanks for sharing your story.


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