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  1. Kev

    Chapter 7

    Loving Granddad and Grandma... the hero is the judge and the lawyer. Could someone please find me a will that leaves everything to me with a massive house, we could do with a bit more space (not being greedy just a few dozen bedrooms would be nice).
  2. Kev

    Chapter 6

    New bed, new partners and accepting parents... What more could we ask for? Love the chapter and the story🥰
  3. Kev

    Chapter 5

    I love Tony and if that guy don't like the fact that he is finally happy and in love then stuff him!! I just want to know what they will find in Edgemont. Loving the story
  4. Kev

    Chapter 4

    I love grandparents... would have loved to have known my own.
  5. Kev

    Interlude 4: Lee

    I love James Grandparents... Good to have someone go into bat for you!
  6. Kev

    Chapter 3

    I hope Gramps sorts things out because these are nice guys and either one of them can touch my not so little fella anytime they want🤪
  7. Kev

    Chapter 2

    Loving the story so far... Shame though its getting late and only just been able to read it. Back at work and it is, so good to see all of my clients. It maybe only a charity store but many of them come in on a daily basis because it's the only contact that they have with anyone. My back aches, my shoes split and I had to buy new on the way home, but I'm out at last. Though we still have to get back to normal, it is good to be working again. Not having worked for, so long I can understand how the guys feel about their jobs at the store. I maybe a numbers man, but I have always loved
  8. Kev

    Chapter 1

    As always I love the story and found that I could very easily put myself in the position of the hero and understand where he was coming from. I do feel it's the father's parents and that's why he's always there but either way it is pure arrogance of the the mother to expect others to do what she wants and what is so blatantly WRONG. Parents should be there for their kids... no matter what. I imagine the shack would be quite a peaceful get away, especially with all of the madness that we have around at the moment.
  9. Kev

    Chapter 7

    Absolutely loved this story and would love to know what that little notebook contained... Thank you my friend
  10. Kev

    Dissonance: 4.11

    Good old granddad... You have to love a man who goes into battle for his kids. 😁
  11. Kev

    Chapter 6

    I could do with visiting Mount David like Alex did... WOW! All I got was an absolutely exhausting day - At least we are back to work and it felt good to be useful again; especially when my regular customers came in just to make sure that I was doing okay. One even told me not to have my lockdown hair cut, as longer hair suits me. Was so happy when the shift ended though, not working for months make your muscles get unused to all of the lifting and running about.
  12. Kev

    Chapter 5

    Loving the ship and the story... The rules are a bit harsh, especially when the girls hymen can be broken quite accidentally especially depending on how she looks after herself each month. There are certain things out there that will break the hymen. I know it was never a question when I married, she simply said that it had been broken a long time ago. Embarrassed here, so glad the guys aren't here to say 'what do you mean?'
  13. Kev

    Chapter 4

    Loving this story... Always had a dream of catching me a prince but it never happened. All I found out is that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.
  14. Kev

    Chapter 3

    I like Alex... devious and thinking of ways to help the Prince. Having read the chapter though I seriously wonder if I had a virgointacto on my wedding night as there definitely was no blood and I have always been one horny little bugger(even if I had to think about men when we were together!). Loving the story... Thank you. Finally able to say "Day off today, finally back to work tomorrow!" Never thought I say that I was really looking forward to going into work.
  15. Kev

    Dissonance: 4.9

    I am loving James more and more as the story unfolds, hating his parents at the moment as they should have realized that with what happened he'd be going through some serious shit, just his shit is not the normal shit a kid has to cope with... but he has all of that on top of it. Seriously loving his grandfather, does James know who did this to him? Wow, if he does will he be brave enough to tell his granddad?
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