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  1. Kev

    Chapter 13

    God what is this world like? Poor little Matthew. Loving the story and totally wishing that I had a Gram like theirs. I never knew any of mine and I had three. Makes you wish that you had the money and ability to do the same. Totally loving Steven.
  2. Kev

    Chapter 10

    I could do with a few friends like that. I had two sons but four kids in total and know that they could have eaten us out of house and home given the chance. Strange the gir;s always complained that the boys ate what was meant for them. As if! Loving the story and can someone direct me to a place nearby as I'd like to volunteer.
  3. Kev

    Chapter 5

    Amazing, fantastic, absolutely loving this story. Chris is one lucky boy.
  4. Kev

    Chapter 1

    Loving the story, prologues are to be read ... Great idea having the story within the story.
  5. Kev

    Ford Ch 19

    The End ... Oh dear me no! What am I going to do over the holidays without Edwin the guys to keep me happy with my regular fix? Us brits from blighty need to hear about the hunky Captain James and Lord Edwin to know that all is well with the world... So to quote a little chap from literature - Please sir, I want more.....🤪😁
  6. Kev

    Ford Ch 18

    Remind me not to have turtle soup, goodness only knows where that toe has been 🤣🤣 I was wondering when the media would catch him... Trespassing and invasion of privacy at least. If I'd have been James I'd have got the elders to throw him in with the turtles😇
  7. Kev

    Ford Ch 17

    I'm in love with Edwin... Can he move over to Blighty please? With the lockdown over here I have lots of time on my hands to get to know him 😁Quite excited that there could be a wedding on the way... I like James as they bounce off each other and he is not a money grabbing leech.
  8. Kev

    Ford Ch 15

    Absolutely love Hunter ... I could do with a hunk like him at my side. Mind you, an Edwin of my very own would be nice, only if you have time that is. Loving the story and can not wait for more.
  9. Kev

    Ford Ch 14

    If I took possession of a shit tip like that it would have been sent back for a refund!!! Who are these cowboys? Remind me the next time I buy a luxury yacht not to get it from them.😁 I can see trouble brewing with the film crew the producer seemed like a real T- - s Pot... Maybe the boat should have been left as it was until the bastards left.
  10. Kev

    Ford Ch 13

    I loved it... It worked for me completely and I love how the Edwin had the whereabouts to check things over like he did. I must admit I'm growing to like him more and more though if that shower of people that handed over the new boat took the old one then I would have been really worried. Love to see him and the captain getting closer and love finally finding him.
  11. Kev

    Ford Ch 12

    Hell mate make sure that my name is on the list interested in the cruise. I don't mind sharing with a hunk from down under.
  12. Kev

    Ford Ch 11

    I agree ... Absolutely loving the story and have fallen in love with Edwin, but he needs some loving ! ! !
  13. Kev

    Sparring With Creids

    All I can say is I want one of those massages, especially after a day working ay the Y. 😁
  14. I like ... Human and fun. A time to relax after the stress that has past and the adventures that are to follow. Still falling in to with toby, but I want one of the children of Lilith to be all mine. Well my fairy godfather. Do you think Demetrius would help our leaders develop the tiny warriors for us in this day and age, so that we can develop a vaccine for the current problems. Loving the story more and more my friend. Stay safe.😷
  15. Kev

    The Fae

    Ah to be sure, I just love being first... Wait did I mean a flirt??? No you know what I mean. WOW... I love the chapter, it only gets better and I see what you mean about the new direction. I need to know more about the Fae and how Erik fits into it. Where does his power come from? Why does his brother have no powers? Does Toby have powers and that's why he is a genius... So many questions and now the witch hunter are coming, will it be Erik that saves the day? To quote someone from last time, "Please sir... I want more."😎 Absolutely loving this new direction and there are so many possibilities.
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