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  1. Kev

    Chapter 9- Epilogue

    Totally and utterly in love with this story, great way to end... Who knows it maybe a beginning if he is still thinking about the boys and what lies below the platform... Would love them to go back and find what really lies below the throne.
  2. Kev

    Chapter 8

    Ab-so-lute-ly awesome chapter... can't wait to see what they find out and where it will lead them
  3. Kev

    Chapter 7

    As I was reading there I was half expecting you to tell us that Alexander walked in and sat on the throne... But that's impossible....... isn't it? Oh now that worth a thought. I can't wait till tomorrow, what happens next? Ab-so blooming-lutely loving
  4. Kev

    Chapter 6

    I am still loving it, got loads of questions now... Greek and Egyptian... WOW!!! I so want to be part of this expedition😭😭 I used to dream like that all of the time, but recently I hardly sleep, so don't get much chance. Many years ago I dreamt of my mum sitting and talking to me about my kids; I cried when I woke up because she died when I was just a kid myself. Often wish she would visit again because I was so young when she died that I can hardly remember how she looked. Thank you... 🥰
  5. Kev

    Chapter 5

    Loving it so far ... Who is the temple for???? Can't wait for the next instalment.
  6. Kev

    Chapter 4

    I'm there with him ... boy can't wait for sun up so we can see what we have. This brit is still waiting to shovel the said and do his bit. Really good at building sand castles, temples aren't that different... loving the story ... thank you,🥰
  7. Kev

    Chapter 3

    Definitely need to be at the temple, sod the school! While you are at it, book me a ticket as you could do with an extra pair of hands digging all that sand. Not sure if I'd be helping, or just building sand castles watching your guys as I worked on getting a tan for the first time in my life. Loving it ... Thank you
  8. Kev

    Chapter 2

    Totally mesmerized now... Always thought if I had been from the 'well to do side of the tracks' and a few years in the past that I would have been a contemporary of Howard Carter. We'd have been working together as he uncovered the tomb of King Tut. Just imagine the site you would have seen when they shone the light into the cavern with all of the treasure, or when they entered the the area where his sarcophagus was... Absolutely loving this... Thank you
  9. Kev

    Chapter 1

    Love ancient Egypt, pharaohs and the legends of the gods of Egypt Great start. Can't wait for more.🥰
  10. Kev

    Chapter 16

    Absolutely in love with you mate, okay I mean your creative juices (you know what I mean!!). Yet again a fantastic story and totally in love with Marco and Ephraim; can't wait for the next offering. stay safe my friend
  11. Kev

    Chapter 15

    I love a wedding me... take it we are all getting invites. Mum must be chuffed about it. I'd love to find a house like that that we could turn around and make into a home, a one bedroom flat just doesn't cut it for some reason. Loving the story. Warning ... My son was out of bed and sitting up this morning, he sent a photo of all of the tubes and wires connected to him but he was smiling even though he looked shattered. The operation was a success, so the stress of the last few months has finally been lifted; he just needs to get well now.
  12. Kev

    Chapter 14

    “Not bad looking, nice body, nice ass.” Now I could get used to hearing that, well and someone acting on it!!! Does one turn back into a virgin when their man turns over in bed and ignores them???😭😭😭😭😭 I could do with a mum and her cooking over here, worked all of the hours under the does not give too much time for cooking. Loving Marco and so want him to win his man over.🥰
  13. Kev

    Chapter 13

    Coming from a church like that myself, I have had people literally tell me that I "need god more than anyone" because I was gay. I was thrown out of the church when I was raped (so loving... NOT! ! ! ! ! ). I worked hard to get back into the "FOLD"; but decided that I had to be myself. I came out, and not only did the X throw me out but so did all of my friends and the church to boot. They literally turned their backs on me. What hurt the most is my kids, never even thought that the church could be wrong... Oh I know how Ephraim feels. The only kid that keeps in touch is the one that had heart surgery this afternoon. All went well, he's in ICU now. They'll be waking him at 6 this evening. You don't get to choose what are, you don't get to choose who your heart belongs to. People should realize that if it is so wrong, then God must be wrong as he made me, who I am and I refuse to continue to be miserable (those years have gone). Loving the story
  14. Kev

    Chapter 12

    Loving it... Loving it... Loving it!!! Settled and with mum just round the corner, what else could a single man want, other than to have mum on your doorstep everyday🤥🤢 Still looking forward to seeing how the house shapes up as the story develops.
  15. Kev

    Chapter 11

    Love how he tricked the boys, but they need to develop their negotiation skills... They also need to piece the pieces together. If he has the mowers for his site, then maybe they can use them for other clients. Win Win! Good news so far, just spoke to my son and the operation is set for Monday morning 8am... Only thing that can stop it apparently is a life saving operation coming in over night. Please please please roads stay safe on sunday😇 Thank you... loving the story.
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