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  1. Kev

    Chapter 87

    Finally Bruce sees the wings of justice and AM can finally be free. Really looking forward to there being a mini Tim for Stephen to spoil.
  2. Kev

    Chapter 86

    Do people actually say Hogwash over there? I never did find out what hogwash actually is, or do we wash our pigs? I usually end up saying bullshit like Christopher above, but then that's maybe why the Hogs need washed, because they roll in all the bull! Donnie must have earned his wings by now, all of the prompt that he is giving to Tim. I think I'd get jealous if I was Stephen. One of each? I've heard that before, that's what we said and then accidents happen and you double of triple the quota. Really hope that Ann Marie is finding happiness at last.
  3. Kev

    Chapter 85

    Good chapter... Feels almost like a normal family. Not sure about the doctor, holding hands? Is that normal practice in America? I know that no doctor has ever done it with me, scratch that! My first boyfriend was a doctor, didn't last long as his wife objected but yeah, I have held a doctors hand.不不不不不
  4. Kev

    Chapter 84

    I remember the days when a baby slept in the moses basket next tot he bed. Only trouble was with several little ones, by the time we woke in the morning there was also at least one with his foot in my face and another kicking me elsewhere. Such a wonderful way to wake up! NOT !!! I always woke about three in the morning and ended up being kicked out and sleeping on the sofa. I think I love Donnie as much as I love the guys. Go Tim, go!!! Get the b*****d back in the country and, as my dad used to say, make sure he can't do that ever again. Dad used to say "B******D needs his bo****KS chopped off!" Just think another soprano for the choir.不不不不
  5. Kev

    Chapter 83

    To save face with friends and be damned!!! Sorry mum has passed me off.
  6. Kev

    Chapter 82

    Now we have it... Mum... but just what is behind all of this to make her feel like that? Must admit that mum being involved with Bruce somehow does seem possible. She was a lot younger then, maybe they had an affair and when she spurned him, he went for her daughter. Good looking MILF, hey you never know.
  7. Kev

    Chapter 81

    Cliffhangers, I don't sleep very well anyway... I know how Tim feels. My old boss knew how I was and she would deliberately tell me we had a meeting the next morning, knowing I'd be awake all night worrying.
  8. Kev

    Chapter 80

    Oh boy was I used to quoting the bible and holding sway when I serve with the M*****s as a missionary. I loved nothing more than someone trying to quote the bible at me, I could quote just as much back at them, even where one church as deleted sections. Poor Tim he has a way about him that makes the trouble follow him.... I just hope everything works out.
  9. Kev

    Chapter 79

    You know I reckon that I would have jumped on the fastest horse possible and hightailed it out of town, never looking back. Tim, why for goodness sake? These people still live in the middle ages! I know that he wants to help AM but it's clear everyone is against him, even his mom! Let Dad retire and move, maybe moving mom away from there will make her human again. Loving the story, but still angry with certain people in it! Come on Donnie sort the beggars out!!!!!
  10. Kev

    Chapter 78

    Not sure what's happening anymore except Tim's world seems to be going crazy... The hornets nest seems to have been well and truly knocked and everyone is buzzing at the moment; just hope Tim and his crew survive. He needs Donnie to keep him safe.
  11. Kev

    Chapter 76

    Caught up again and worried about mum yet again... something just don't add up with her, it never has.
  12. Kev

    Chapter 75

    Catching up yet again... but you just know this MISS Watsherface will get hers if Tim has his way.
  13. Kev

    Chapter 74

    Sure knows how to leave us on a cliff hanger, you just know this Jane woman is going to be trouble. Why not the DA? You just know there will be as problem... or am I just a fusspot?
  14. Kev

    Chapter 73

    Gosh you can't even stay at a motel now without Tim looking into what you are doing! would love to know who owns the motel and if they are connected though. Agree, very interesting turn of events.
  15. Kev

    Chapter 71

    Angry.... need to catch up, so rushing onnnnnnnnnn
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