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  1. Kev

    Chapter 164

    Hail to the hero... Edward was the hero, but only being the man that Adam had taught him to be in all that he ever did with the boys. Nice to see that Edward joins the angels working with Gerry's father in protecting those the boys and and Adam. So sad... but loving this epic story.
  2. Kev

    Chapter 160

    That took me back years... We were summoned to the hospital one night and when we got there it was too later, mum was gone. I remember sitting in that chapel, I can honestly say that I had never felt so lonely even though there were so many people with me. I just wish that my mam came to me in my dreams. There was once, but it was only a fleeting dream and someone woke me up. Franz has a future now, just like Gerry. I Gerry's father will ever visit Adam again? After all, Gerry and the country still has needs and Adam may still need guiding. Fantastic chapter.... Hey I was the first... yeehaw!!!!
  3. Kev

    Chapter 159

    Oh my .... so glad we have the church of England... its a shame so many people abuse their positions, thank god for people like Adam who are always ready to go into battle for the little man. I guess when the op is complete the priest will be singing soprano.🤣🤣🤣
  4. Kev

    Chapter 158

    There is one thing I hate and that is a slime-ball scumbag!!! Neighbour? Yeah right! One that watches a woman die before he will help her!!! Execute the scum. On another rather more pleasant note, loved the wedding. You just know that there is going to be ab heir on the way, one month in paradise; how could there not be? If Marie is over there with Adam and the kids why did he not get her to look at the mother and the boy's leg? Princess Marie treating the boy would have given him bragging status for the rest of his life😁. Mind riding on the shoulders of the father prince, how cool is that?
  5. Kev

    Chapter 157

    Its good to see the interaction between Gerry and Adam again... Forget the uncle, you just know that he is going to get his b*****Ks handed to him on a plate by Adam. So looking forward to the wedding, still haven't gotten my invitation mind
  6. Kev

    Chapter 156

    Awesome chapter as the world of Adam prepares to expand... You just know things will work out for his family and his country will have multiple golds in the next games...little Marie and Adam just sat and listened in? I can see them becoming the ne Adam and Marie as they grow and carrying on the mission that their parents have in life.... so good... Loving the story and of course still in love with Adam🥰 As for the saying ... "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" (Aristotle)... Keeping with Hypatia the following is credited to her, "To rule by fettering the mind through fear of punishment in another world, is just as base as to use force... Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."
  7. Kev

    Chapter 155

    Why should the board feel that their girls do not deserve the same education as their sons? It makes sense to have a girls academy! It would mean that the boys have a chance to meet their future while being in the academy/college. It would mean the the girls get their choice, many these days are pushed into marriage by their "elders" and "betters" who have no idea of love. At least Adam and Marie are full of that one important ingredient. With Richard knowing who owns the land there is little stopping the growth that Adam wants, as he knows Adam has the ability to build it of his own and not include it in the confines of the academy processes and procedures. Loving the fact that Richard now knows Adam is the force behind everything and has the means to support the boys that need him. To me that tells him far more than just having the ability to adopt.
  8. Kev

    Chapter 154

    Stephen is going to be a winner with Adam and Billy as his trainers and in his corner... Mama and her cooking turn international and cooking for the wedding will make her famous. I totally want an invite to the wedding, but as it is a royal wedding I'll accept it being televised... I see the Knights playing a full part in the ceremony and I reckon Diane will realise just how important they are to Gerry by that time... Yep, I agree baby blues and nappys all over the palace by the end of the first year. Future Prince I reckon will be called after his two fathers. Loving it as usual
  9. Kev

    Chapter 153

    Absolutely loving Princess Diane... Always thought our Diana brought some humanity into our royal family. Absolutely loving this new grown up Gerry... Adam will always be the Father Prince though, no matter what happens and the country will always look to him in times of need. Sorry can't stopped crying here... Just watched a re-run of this mornings diving ... My boys Tom and Matty won GOLD!!! tom's fourth Olympics and he finally has the same feeling Billy got when he won. Heck he calls himself the grandfather of the team... Grandpas are good... Watching him as the National Anthem played, with tears streaming down his face will forever stay with me... Fourth Olympics -16 years, diving since he was 14 in the game and finally GOLD... So, so proud. I guess heaven was watching over not only Gerry today.🥇
  10. Kev

    Chapter 152

    You have me worried... A minor blip??? Travelling alone... You just know this is going to hit Adam, why do we have to wait until tomorrow ???? I'm working all day so have a full 24 hours to wait to find out what will happen... Oh woe! WOE and woe again, I say woe!!!!😭😭😭😭😭
  11. Kev

    Chapter 151

    Running late today, but love how the kids are taking to running and Billy seems to be mentoring and supporting them. Lets face it an Olympic winner is a hero and Billy should be... Finally we are on the medals for Olympics this year, might be a humble start but I am sure that my boy Tom will dive into everyone's hearts on Monday... Go Tom! Go Tom! Go Tom!!! Hey he is gay so he might actually be reading this. He just needs Adam behind him and he is bound to win. I felt sorry for the young girl who blamed not having her family in the audience supporting her for the reason she dropped out. It must be hard appearing in an empty hall and not having any one there for your big moment. I wonder how Billy would do if his family and Adam weren't there for him? You just know that he is going to be the coach for the countries squad in their next games. Loving it as usual!!!
  12. Kev

    Chapter 150

    Gerry has found a possible princess, we'll have a wedding to attend soon ( I need to get a new suit! will I get an invite? So many things to think about.) It's nice that he still looks on Marie and the kids as his family. I wonder what name and status the Girls Academy will end up being. Marie did not seem to enamoured with the name... Adam is back in his swing and has purpose again. I'm sat here loving live at the moment; one of my loves (other than Adam) is opera. TV are showing Luciano Pavarotti in Hyde Park and it is absolutely heaven!!! Secretly I've always been a frustrated singer, that never made it. I know all the words today found a radio station that was just songs from the musicals. I loved it, but got some weird looks as I was singing along most of the time.... Life is good for Adam and the family, you just know there is going to be a belter coming up.... Loving it... 😘
  13. Kev

    Chapter 149

    Queen Marie's school for ladies that lunch... I am looking forward to this project. It will be interesting to see how it develops. So glad that Morgan has settled now and that Adam has someone to check the heat of his heart still. Loving it... awesome chapter!
  14. Kev

    Chapter 148

    About time that people realised that Adam is a force to be contended with. He will go into battle with his Knights or as a lone rider whenever one of his boys is in danger or in need... What father wouldn't? ( Hold that... mine never did🤔) What loving father wouldn't? (That's better) ... I love how we know that in the background he has a whole support system checking that he is fine; from hands on heart to Marie and the kids loving him. Absolutely awesome story
  15. Kev

    Chapter 147

    Listen world... No one and I say no one messes with my Adam!!! Love it!!! He was like a Superman dropping in and sorting the mess out for the world... Love it!!! Marie is right it is Gerry that's the lucky one, I just hope there's no fall out now that he is over there facing it all on his own again. Awesome chapter... love it!!!🥰🥰
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