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  1. booklove

    Chapter 19

    I am sorry to say this, but Margaret is not fit to be a guardian or an adoptive parent. Were the powers that be this desperate to have someone take Jason in? Neglecting his fears of driving, screaming, lashing out - usually people loose their children for such behaviour...
  2. booklove

    Chapter 16

    Don't judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree. I' m not a fan of this quote, but here it fits perfectly. To try to mold your child into the form you think it should have, is dangerous and damaging. Margaret is not teaching skills, she tries to perform a persononality transplant. I am afraid for both boys.
  3. So they say- it takes a village to raise a child. Or a whole extended Royal Family.
  4. booklove

    Chapter 10

    Oh my... Such lovely things you do to your characters. I am sorry to see this coming to an end. Great Work, thank you.😌
  5. booklove

    Chapter 5

    Now I am at the end for now, having read it in one setting. Whoa. Where do you go with this one? I am intrigued and Happy. Thanks for your hard work, Gereon...💖🧡💛💚💙✒️📖
  6. booklove

    Retribution 1

    OK. Thats Bad. Both the cliff WE are hanging down from and Chris' situation. Seems quite useful he matured so much. They will need all his new powers, I am afraid.... In the background: drums denouncing doom
  7. You are an excellent writer, but a very bad person... Wie soll ich ich denn jetzt schlafen? Böser Autor, pfui. This ist just to bad, I have to relapse to german...
  8. booklove

    Chapter 4

    Seufz. Beautifully done. Sweet and caring, humorous and strange. I simple love the things you do to and with that gang.
  9. booklove

    Chapter 2

    Ooooh. Now I am so going to dream about talking coconuts on gumtrees... Good job. But what are they cooking up in their cunning brains? Whom are they going to invite in this lonely entity? Don't make me chew my nails while waiting for the next chapter...
  10. booklove

    Chapter 1

    Yay! Here they go und again. Love it! I am amazed with the people you free out of your brain. Was für eine krause Fantasie... Thank you so much.
  11. booklove

    Chapter 6

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Wonderful. Marvelous.😍
  12. booklove

    Chapter 5

    Oh. Oh, yes. Read in one Session and fervently wanting MORE. Great Story! Hail to the Charlie of mighty Boone!! 🤩
  13. booklove

    Chapter 30

    Uggh. Relatives... I recommend booze and chocolate Mousse. If You Like, I am gonna share my recipe..... That said, I Love your Stories and cant wait for more to come.
  14. booklove

    Chapter 24

    Yes. Taking back the ground their relationship stands on. Beautyfully told.
  15. booklove

    Chapter 33

    Nooooooo. You cant Just write one chapter and promise an epilogue... I am deprived and will suffer a severe "no-bndmetl-new-chapter"-depression.... Or in German: Heul!!!!! Thanks for your great stories...
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