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Billy and the Goon - 16. Chapter 16

Billy felt that this time the goon had gone too far. He was naked. In the dark. On a farm road he recognized as being some five miles out of town. He’d have to walk his way back, hoping to find something to cover himself along the way.

Sweating from the heat and the situation, he was half relieved when he heard a car horn honk behind him and turned to see a pick-up truck not a sheriff’s deputy. He wouldn’t honk, anyway.

“Where ya headed, handsome?” the driver asked, ignoring the fact Billy was naked – or maybe stopping because of it.

“Just a couple of miles to my house,” Billy replied, embarrassed.

“Ten bucks,” the man countered.

“Sorry, fella. All you see is what I’ve got – I got mugged.”

“Didn’t figure you was a frat boy.” And he guffawed.

Billy pictured the guy trolling for university kids and wondered how old the man was. His face and age were lost in the dark.

“And too bad about your money,” he went on. “But I still gotta get paid.”

Then he rambled further, as if pretending he was just working something out.

“Tell you what though. You get in, and we’ll drive around for a bit. You let me mess with you while I drive, and we’ll call it even.”

Billy was less worried about the messing than the steering with one hand along unlit country roads.

“How about we just park by the river?” he suggested.

“Nah. First place the cops look. Gotta keep moving.”

Definitely a troll. But Billy had to get home without being arrested.

“If I had my way,” the guy went on, “I’d give you a full body rub – hot oil and the works. Me naked, of course, but you never touching – never being allowed to. And I’d give special attention to your chest, and play with your nibs for a bit – maybe even suck on ‘em. You’ve got the kind of body I like – all muscle and fur.”

He stared down at Billy’s dick, which – unfortunately – was getting hard.

“Looks like your little friend likes my bargain.”

And Billy got into the truck.

He quickly strapped himself into the passenger seat, adding just a little protection in a possible wreck. Then he tucked his hands behind his neck and stuck out his chest. What the hell?

The old guy drove at a crawl, so he could use his free hand.

“I love your man tits, boy. You ought to be beat for having tits that nice.”

“Yes, Sir,” Billy agreed. He knew how to play, and it was just a few more minutes.

The guy continued to cup and squeeze Billy’s pecs then pinch and tweak his nipples. He let the truck drift to a stop and leaned over to suck Billy left pec and then the other. At first, he sucked gently, then nibbled, then bit till Billy moaned.

“You like making noise, boy?”

“Yes, Sir!”

So he leaned down and took Billy’s dick in his teeth, then chomped. When Billy yelped instead of moaned, the guy laughed. “Didn’t like that so much,”

Billy knew what would happen no matter what he said. So he went with a compliment.

“I liked it a lot, Sir. You’re very good.”

“Thank you, boy.” And of course, he bit again. Billy braced against the seat.

Next, the guy grabbed a handful of Billy’s balls and crunched.

“Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!” Billy encouraged. Though it hurt like bad nipple clips.

Happy, the guy went back to Billy’s nipples and practically ate them. But he really couldn’t hurt too much there, and Billy spasmed against the seat.

“You like that, boy.”

“Yes, Sir!” Billy panted.

That started the guy driving again, too fast, considering he was shifting with Billy’s dick. But he quickly pulled off the road, drove over a cattle grate, and stopped in a dark field. He hopped out the truck, tore open Billy’s door, unbelted him, tugged him around the back, popped the gate, and flattened Billy face down on the ridged bed.

Dropping his jeans, he spread Billy’s legs, and fucked him hard. “That should keep you holy till Sunday,” he finally gasped.

Billy would have laughed, but he was gasping himself.

Finally, the guy climbed out of the bed, giving Billy a final twhack!, threw something far into the field, and zipped up his fly.

“Tell me your address, boy.”

Billy did, as started to crawl out of the truck bed.

“Nah, stay put, boy. No ten bucks. No ride in the cab.”

The next thing Billy knew, he was home – and happy for it. Plus – amazingly – his car was parked in his open garage, his clothes, keys, and everything else stacked neatly on the driver’s seat. Still, it was only while he was taking a long, hot shower, trying to forget the weirdest things that had just happened, that Billy realized he’d been fucked twice that night by the goon.

copyright 2020 Richard Eisbrouch

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