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Billy and the Goon - 25. Chapter 25

Billy went to get his monthly haircut. It was a private, appointment only shop, and Billy was the lone customer. When he got there, Jonah’s back was to him, and he was washing his hands – he was a fastidious man. But Billy recognized the familiar smock and sat in his chair. Except when Jonah turned, he was the goon, in sunglasses and a fake mustache.

“Fifty,” the goon said. “Naked.”

“In here?” Billy asked.

“Yeah – I’m locking the door.”

“Where’s Jonah?”

“Taking a paid break. Though don’t worry, he’ll be back to cut your hair.”

So Billy stripped and did fifty. There were large, plate glass windows on either side of the glass door. But all of them had one-way advertising, so you could only see out.

When he was done, he waited on the floor.

“In the chair,” the goon ordered.

“You gonna shave my head?” Billy joked, already thinking up excuses for his family and friends. Shaved heads were common, but Billy had good hair that many guys envied. He’d seem to be making fun of them.

“Nah, I like your head the way it is,” the goon replied. “But your chest sometimes itches.”

“So,” Billy thought, “I’m really gonna lose it.” He doubted the goon would fake him out twice.

And his dick was already hard – which he kind of hated himself for.

“You’re gonna do it this time, aren’t you?” he told the goon.

“Nope – you are. I’m gonna watch. Now, standing or sitting?”

Billy thought for a moment.


The goon just looked at him. And handed Billy the clippers.

Billy handed them back.

“You like my hair as much as I do,” he pointed out. “It’s not on the table.”

The goon laughed. “No – it’s just a pawn. But obedience is on the table.”

And he offered Billy the clippers.

Billy shook his head.

“You want it off so much – you do it.” He grinned. “Now, standing or sitting?”

He knew he’d boxed the goon.

The goon considered – then smiled. “Okay. What’ll you trade?”

“Anything non-permanent.”

“Shaving fits.”

“You know what I mean.”

But his damn dick was still hard. Which the goon could easily see.

“I’ll leave you naked in the chair,” he offered. “Tied. Your barber looks pretty conservative.”

“He is – and straight. Plus, a family guy. He might never cut my hair again.”

“Your choice.”

They studied each other.

“Tie away,” Billy said, trying to will his dick down.

Though he knew there was a bigger risk – Jonah would talk. That’s what barbers did, this was a small city, and word would get around. Still, he’d try to pass it off as a joke.

The goon glanced at the clock, maybe calculating time.

“Get dressed,” he surrendered.

And Billy thought he’d won. Though as he dressed, the goon slipped a small pair of nipple clips on him. They didn’t hurt yet, but they would.

“They’re flat enough, so they won’t show under your shirt,” the goon advised.

“But I can’t sit through a haircut. Jonah’s slow – he takes a half hour. There’s no way.”

“Then strip again.”

And the goon took out his cords.

Instead, Billy sat in the chair.

“I’ll try.”

The goon laughed. “Just keep chanting to yourself, ‘Fuck... Fuck... Fuck...’”

And he left before Jonah returned.

But he was waiting outside the door when Billy reappeared. The first thing he did was take off the clips. Then he kissed Billy.

“Fuck you at your house.”

They couldn’t get there fast enough.

copyright 2020 Richard Eisbrouch

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