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Post-Humorously - 76. Chapter 76

The supplication of farmers.

People began engaging in consumerism hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Tourists come to see major museums, nice gardens, lovely streets, historic houses, famous old places, and pizzas.

You have to wonder how big the cow flue is.

We can not conclude that their stocks may lead into downstairs.

When it comes to natural disasters, humanity usually has no choice but to shrink back to the safest corner with everything they got.

In modern society, a person can freely choose the style of his or her life, say, vegetarian or homosexual.

During ancient times, nature would teach those who did not comply with the severe punishment of death.

When confronted with an earthquake, the most effective way to keep one alive is by running.

With the development of technology, we can construct earthquake-preventing buildings.

Nature has all kinds of disasters – floods, global-warming, snow, frost, hail, and parchment.

The great musician Beethoven completed several classical musical compositions even after the severe illness of deaf.

Free-will has long been a puzzle, even to scientists.

People's behavior is dominated by natural forces – for instance, food, water, and sex.

Bite the bullet and swallow their desire.

America is a very divorce country with lots of languages.

It took a conscious effort to curtail the spread of the country throughout the nation.

They could use the waste reproductively.

An ancient saying: “The teacher must be impartial and sophist with his job.”

And one I liked: There's an ancient Hawaiian saying that, when translated, comes out to “Not all of hula is learned from one school.”

copyright 2018 by Richard Eisbrouch

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