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The Year I Stopped Being Invisible - 27. Chapter 27

I must have fallen asleep too at some point, because when Taine's shifting awakened me some time later, it was dark outside. I opened my eyes and hugged him close, kissing the first thing in reach, which happened to be his right nipple. I traced my tongue around and it and felt it begin to stiffen between my lips. I continued to trace my way up the side of his chest with my tongue, dipping it into the valley of his armpit and lapping at the silken hairs.

"That tickles," Taine giggled sleepily, and pulled me on top of him.

We shared a long, tender kiss, its gentleness quite in contrast to the frenzied passion which had knocked us both out with satisfied exhaustion more than an hour ago. Taine wrapped his arms around my lower back, resting his hand on my smooth, round ass, which now belonged only to him.

I felt as if, with his rough and insistent fucking, Taine had removed from my front, my rear and all points north any lingering emotional traces of Jeff's cold and painful invasion, of Kathy's smarmy blowjob, of Mark's smirking kiss, or even of...


That other thing from two years before, which I always did my best not to think about, even as the image of that steel trash can lid, smeared with my blood, invaded my dreams.

In my mind, I had become a virgin again, and had then been retaken and claimed solely by Taine, the man whom I loved. And that was just fine with me.

"What are you thinking," mumbled Taine, studying my face as I raised myself slightly on my elbows to admire him.

"I'm thinking that I'm the luckiest person in the world," I replied, covering his lips, cheeks and chin with light, playful kisses which made him giggle again. I flicked the tip of my tongue into that adorable dimple and grinned.

"That was a pretty cute railing you gave me," I smiled.

"I told you that I'd show you 'cute'," Taine chuckled. Then his eyes grew serious and concerned. "How was it? I mean...I've never done that before. I didn't hurt you, did I?"

I closed my eyes, smiling and shaking my head no.

"Did I look like I was hurting? You were fantastic. You could never hurt me, because I want you inside me. It only hurts if you don't really, truly want it. Did I hurt you on Sunday?"

"No," he said softly. "You were so sweet and tender, and you took it slowly enough that it didn't hurt at all. In fact, it felt better than anything I've ever felt in my life. It's just, I'm not as experienced as you are, and I was kind of rough..."

I silenced him with a long, gentle kiss.

"I didn't tell you the news," I said.

"What news?" Taine asked.

"Well," I replied, stretching languorously along his body, "I've decided that you made me a virgin again and then marked me as yours and yours alone. From this night forward, I have no experience with anyone except with you. I've never had an experience except with you."

He looked down at me as I kissed his neck and clavicle, genuinely moved.

"I love you, Ricky," he whispered.

I hugged him tightly to me, breathing in his light, wonderful boy-smell, and thought I must be the happiest guy alive.

"I love you, Taine," I murmured, stroking his hair while rubbing my head softly against him. "You're everything I ever wanted and never knew. You're what I was praying for all those nights when I was a kid, standing in the yard and looking up at the moon, yearning for something, someone to make me happy and take away the pain. God answered me by sending an angel, and that angel is you, Taine. It's you."

Taine wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me to him as tightly as he could, and I felt a lone tear fall on my cheek. I looked up at him, concerned, but he was smiling.

"I don't want to say it," he said. "Because you told me how you felt when Jeff said it."

I frowned, and then it dawned on me what Taine meant and I broke up laughing.

"This is different," I snickered. "We've been cuddling and kissing and sleeping on each other for almost two hours. You can say it."

Taine scrunched up his lips, refusing to say a word. His eyes twinkled with mischief. Finally I rolled off of him and groaned in mock-exasperation.

"Fine," I said, rolling my eyes. "I'll say it. Let's go take a shower."

Taine grinned, slapped my ass, and then bolted from the bed and raced me to the bathroom, both of us giggling all the way.

We got to take our time with our shower that night, and it was almost better than the sex. I let Taine decide on the water temperature, as it was his house and I didn't want him to get scalded by my usual showers, which Rex referred to as "Rick's Baptisms of Fire."

We stood facing each other, completely naked and vulnerable, but daring to trust another human being with this level of intimacy for the first time in either of our lives.

Slowly, carefully, and with heartbreaking tenderness, we washed each others' bodies, each of us exploring every inch of the other, softly explaining our scars, kissing frequently and lovingly, and looking into each other's eyes with awe and wonder, as if we had discovered amazing and wonderful new lands, their beauty and mystery opening itself up to us, and us alone.

We soaped and cleaned each other's skins as if they were the most precious and delicate gifts that we had ever received, our fingers and washcloths gliding gently and soothingly across each other's magical and glistening terrain. We ended up just standing together under the warm water for a long time, foreheads bent together, our bodies touching lightly from chests to thighs and our hands cupped lovingly around each other's cheeks.

* * * * *

After we had patted each other dry with a pair of thick, luxurious towels from the bathroom closet, Taine told me that he would be right back and disappeared down the stairs, naked as the day he was born. Chuckling at the sight of my beloved streaker zooming downstairs, I returned to the bedroom and lay down on my stomach, burying my face in Taine's pillow and inhaling its sweet scent.

In a few minutes, I heard Taine's feet pounding up the steps. I looked over my shoulder at him, and he gave a seductive leer as his eyes locked onto my smooth, round ass.

"Keep that up and you won't have to get me drunk," he said, a little out of breath. That was when he pulled his hands from behind his back with two glasses full of ice and a dark amber liquid.

"Whatcha got there, Babes," I asked. "Are those cocktails?"

"Yes, they are," Taine announced, padding over to the bed and handing me one of the glasses. "Bacardi and Coke, to be precise. Dad's got a full bar downstairs. I squeezed some lemon in it too...gosh, I sure wish Bacardi would invent a lemon-flavored rum."

"Sly lets you drink?" I asked with surprise as Taine climbed into bed next to me, sitting cross-legged by my side.

"Not really," Taine smiled, taking a sip of his drink. "But what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

I grinned, lifting myself on my elbows so that I could taste my drink. It was wonderfully cold and fizzy, very sweet and with a slightly sharp alcoholic tang. I knew that at the tender age of fifteen, I had found my drink for life.

"This is really good," I said, and then I felt something cold and wet at the nape of my neck. "Hey!"

I twitched at the freezing sensation, nearly spilling my drink, and looked back over my shoulder. Taine had taken an ice cube, and was slowly, teasingly running it down my back, tracing the line of my spine methodically downward as the ice melted, until he finally deposited the small remains of the cube in my hairless crease.

I smiled expectantly as Taine set his cocktail on the nightstand and bent forward, the tip of his tongue lapping the trail of melted ice water from the small of my back all the way back up to my neck, which he began kissing and sucking passionately as he slowly climbed on top of me.

I turned around slightly, reaching my left arm up to wrap around the back of Taine's head as I angled my face back over my shoulder to meet his sweet kiss. I started to roll over onto my back, but Taine stopped me by placing a warm hand firmly between my shoulder blades and leaning to whisper in my ear.

"I want to try it this way," he said, in a low, tender voice, his breath in my ear sending delicious shivers throughout my entire body.

With no further ado, my cocktail joined Taine's under his bedside lamp, our bodies melded together, and we bent our backs to the night.

* * * * *

I awoke at dawn to the sounds of Sly banging around in the kitchen downstairs. I was sure he was preparing his standard enormous breakfast, and I was starving to get some before school. I was on my right side, Taine curled tightly around my back with his left arm holding me close and his soft breath tickling the small downy hairs on the back of my neck.

If I had a choice, this was how I would want to wake up every morning for the rest of my life.

It was then that I noticed that Taine had spent the entire night with his beautiful boy-part inside me. The thought filled me with contented happiness as I turned over carefully and felt his warm, soft penis slowly slip from my body. I gazed at Taine with my heart bursting with love, kissing him lightly across his lips and sleep-warmed cheek.

"Babes," I whispered. "Time to get up. Let's get some breakfast before school."

Taine scrunched up his beautiful face and buried it in my neck.

"I don' wanna," he protested sleepily.

"Come on, tiger," I teased. "You've gotta keep your strength up if you're going to make what happened last night into a habit."

Squinting one eye against the warm sunlight streaming into his window, Taine opened the other and looked at me happily as he broke out into a huge yawning stretch which consumed his entire lithe young body. I couldn't resist stroking his tight, warm belly as he did so, inadvertently tickling him and causing him to laugh.

"I do want to make a habit of it," he growled seductively. "But next time, it's your turn. I miss having you inside me. It feels great."

"Yes, it does," I agreed, taking him into a passionate embrace. "We'll just have to take turns."

We kissed deeply and for a long time before Taine finally pulled away reluctantly, his stomach growling. He smirked bashfully and pointed to it with raised eyebrows.

"I guess we better go eat," he said. "It's almost 7:00."

We quickly dressed and made sure our schoolbooks were in order in our backpacks. I strolled over to Taine's bedroom window, which overlooked the street, and took a quick glance outside to make sure it wasn't looking like rain.

As I scanned the clouds, my eyes traveled down to a black Dodge Charger parked across the street. Before I could make out the driver's face through the half-open window, he had rolled it up and pulled away from the curb, tires squealing as the car raced up the street.

"Come on," said Taine, already heading for the stairs. "Chow time!"

I turned and followed him downstairs to breakfast, a growing sense of uneasiness replacing the blissful state to which I had awakened.

c 2018 by Steven H. Davis
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Chapter Comments

A beautiful chapter. Building their blossoming relationship on love and trust. Sharing their pasts, facing the issues which face them now will cement their bond together. Let’s hope a dangerous and sad fate doesn’t await  them.

Edited by BlindAmbition
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Posted (edited)

😎……..………….Yes, the relationship is getting stronger and better every day now.  Judging by the occupant of the truck's response, I'd say they were well aware of Taine's home layout.  Of Taine's bedroom location, I think they wanted Rick or Taine to know that also. Rick needs to alert Sly, there may be a present left behind for them or not, but Sly and Rex need to be aware of the truck's surveillance either way!  Good chapter! 

Edited by Benji
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A dangerous time ahead for Taine and Rick.  I hope together their love and feelings will get them through the trouble ahead.  Awaiting the answer to the mysterious black charger.  Thanks for the chapter. 

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I had started to assume Linda had a stalker of her own but clearly the driver of the black Dodge Charger is focused on the boys along with possibly any of their friends. I am curious as we’re probably going to get an unexpected twist when we discover who’s behind the wheel of the car, the death of the dog, and the vandalism of Sly’s car.

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Just watch this’ll all be a misunderstanding or something, then again I don’t trust you when it comes to just a coincidence. Deep down I want it to be just a car with someone who means no harm but who knows, it could be one of the jocks psycho dads. The good thing is your getting the reader to think awha. The boys relationship is really taking on a new level ain’t it, soon they will be picking out wallpaper for a house they bought together; well we can hope lol. 

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