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  1. SHDWriter


    It takes a special writer to take such a well-worn genre as the gay teen roughie and make it unique. Sure, all the elements are there -- the squalid environs, the abusive criminal father, the fearless advocate, the clumsy armed stooges, the traumatized protagonist who has shut down his feelings, the mysterious death, the local child molester who messes with the wrong kid -- and they are served up with all the brutality and gusto which one might expect. But there are some special elements here, first and foremost the realistic and heartwarming friendship between Ethan and his best frien
  2. This is such an adorable story that I just want to hug it. There's mystery, emotion, and a very sweet romance, but there's also a delightful sense of discovery as David explores the city with his kindly grandfather. Above all, there is the building, a wonderful and mysterious place with new sights to capture the imagination around every corner. Geron is in full command of his storytelling powers here, with richly-detailed descriptions, appealing characters, and maybe a nod and a wink to E.L. Konigsburg along the way. My only regret was when it was over. A very rewarding read.
  3. SHDWriter

    Chapter 4

    Your stories never fail to put a smile on my face, and this one is no exception. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I can't wait to see what happens next...
  4. Great chapter. I like how Chris is applying his lessons and figuring things out on his own.
  5. I really like how William just rolls with whatever happens. Gay kid? Sure. Dating a 270-year old vampire? Sure. Dead wife was an elf and kid is an elven prince? Yeah, cool. William is the King of Chill Dads.
  6. SHDWriter

    Chapter 44

    I don't suppose it would help if I told you there actually is a bit of a HEA, albeit a delayed one...
  7. SHDWriter

    Chapter 39

    I've been asking myself the same question for 53 years. 😂
  8. SHDWriter

    Chapter 38

    You know the crash after a sugar-high? Take that and multiply it by a thousand. And it's especially strong when the emotions beforehand are overwhelming and positive, like what happened to Rick at Taine's house. After that it's an emotional freefall.
  9. SHDWriter

    Chapter 33

    This was also sooo true with the real Taine for a long time. I would be shocked at the amount of hostility he seemed to draw to himself just by trying to stay in the background. I called it the Bambi Effect. Lots of people, like me and Linda, just wanted to protect him. But anyone with a predatory streak just seemed to see red.
  10. SHDWriter

    Chapter 30

    No, you're pretty much spot on, and I'll tell you that I honestly had similar conflicting feelings about the real Taine from time to time. He's probably the most wonderful, yet frustrating person I have ever known. But I really wouldn't have him any other way... okay, maybe a little less frustrating.
  11. SHDWriter

    Chapter 24

    Good call! 😀
  12. SHDWriter

    Abattoir Boy

    I really liked this story, and -- as someone whose meat-eating comes only via supermarket or restaurant -- the details of this lifestyle were very interesting and a nice change of pace from the usual settings.
  13. SHDWriter


    Ha! Great ending. Didn't see that one coming!
  14. Great chapter. I was out on Amy after she drugged him, and it's nice to see her mother not taking her side.
  15. Great chapter. I like the mom character. She just has to know, even if she doesn't want to know. I really hope you're planning to write a scene where she meets Faith.
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