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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I loved Linda’s commentary on the lack of communication. In so many ways it has gotten so much worse. Now with texting and tweeting and Facebook posts. It is almost impossible to get the context for what is being said. So many emails and texts sound rude when you are just trying to explain yourself. Campfire time was the best. Four couples just bonding and relaxing together with nothing to prove. Thanks again.
  2. glennish

    Strength Of Will

    It was going so well and then the escape. I hope Lucy and the rest got out before Araziah’s little temper tantrum. It also sounds like the gray prince may have a little coup for himself against Michael. Thanks for such a great chapter and looking forward to more.
  3. glennish


    Loved the chapter. Thanks CG. It was interesting to hear about the family dynamics in the beginning. Seeing as how I am the reverse of Miles being the oldest with 2 younger sisters I liked hearing about the “brother” dynamics between the sets of brothers. Looking forward to more thanks again.
  4. Happy Birthday! 🎊

  5. Happy Birthday!  :D  I hope you have a great day!  :wizard: 

  6. glennish

    Chapter 1

    Goosebumps and tears. Great story Geron. No matter what your age you are never to old to believe that there can be Christmas miracles. Thanks!!!
  7. glennish

    Part Two

    Seeing Asher and Seth so happy about getting their own place was great. And it is 3 bedrooms... enough space for the family they may want to have in the future. I wonder how Ashers parents feel about thier son moving out at the age of 13?? I do feel bad for Ash his family seems to be the only one in his friend group that isn’t loaded!! Great chapter. Thanks. Until the blizzard arrives next chapter. Thanks.
  8. glennish

    Chapter 61

    I would be weary of a trap. Unless the elites are so full of themselves that they think they can’t be beaten or brought down. If that is so then they didn’t spend enough time studying Terran history. Every empire that thinks they are to big to fail eventually falls and another takes its place. Kohen is just the weapon to bring down the elite empire. Thanks for the chapter CIA
  9. I was alittle concerned with the title of the chapter. I was afraid that Aron was still gonna want to be with Alex and the “clubbing date” would have been Aron and Alex playing wingman to find a man for Carter. ie there goes my “broken” heart. Thanks for not leading me down that dark path. (I do tend to overthink stories and see dark clouds where none exist. Uber nerd for a reason here). I am glad that Aron already had an idea that Alex was cheating on him too. Next comes the divorce or maybe Alex’s gruesome death. (Please please please!!!). Thanks for the chapter. And NO!!! I don’t want the story to end. Is it to soon to ask for a sequel??? 😆
  10. glennish

    Part One

    I love how far Asher has come since that special holloween when he met Seth. He was such a loner and now he has friends and a boyfriend that also has parents that adore him. The metamorphosis of Ash is great to see. Kyle and Freck seem like a great match too. Waiting to hear more of Clarke’s story as well. He seemed good in the first wrestling match to snap so badly in the second was a shock. Hopefully we hear more of his story in the stories to come. Thanks so much.
  11. glennish

    Chapter 60

    Ya know. I was kinda wondering about the synthgar during all of this too??? Damn now I need to know what pattern that Kohen discovered looking at the map. Looking forward to more thanks CIA
  12. glennish

    I Remember

    Liked the chapter. You have me wondering about Natalie. It seemed odd that Jeremy’s mother comes in and sees him talking with a guy and just “happens” to name drop Jeramy’s girlfriend!! Is it a serious relationship a set up relationship or is she a beard?? Can’t wait till next chapter. Thanks
  13. glennish

    Chapter 29

    Even though Galen wanted to run away he stepped up and Josh and he had the needed talk to get it all on the table. Even though Galen feels like he failed it was an incredible improvement for him. Baby steps are needed by both partners. Thanks for the chapter.
  14. Great chapter and at just the right time. Getting me in the Christmas spirit too. Thanks.
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