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  1. sammiam

    Chapter 10

    WOW, I'm glad Glaen is giving Ehtan a chance. I suppose it's the chemistry thing though I really don't understand it. Ethan's a great guy and if Galen would rather persue Josh, than please hand Ethan over to me. lol. Totally in Ethan's camp.
  2. sammiam

    Chapter 5

    Maybe Josh needs a great big wake up call more than he needs anything else. If Galen had any idea how messed up Josh is he'd probably fun as fast as he could.
  3. sammiam

    Chapter 4

    The only relationship Galen and Josh have right now is based on cheating. That is not a very good way to start out. Knowing that the guy is willing to cheat on someone else to spend time with you would cause obvious trust issues down the road. If Galen and Josh did end up together, it seems it would be very easy for Josh to again stray the next time his head is turned. Also, since Galen is so willing to play this game with a guy that is not free does not say much for him either. This is a really bad way to begin a relationship. These guys are not animals and should be able to practice a
  4. WOW. How do you even think up stuff like this? It's brilliant!!
  5. sammiam


    I'm confused again, but maybe the next chapter will help me catch up.
  6. Michael is a GREAT guy. His love for and his pride in Kendall transcends everything. Even though it probably will not matter to Michael, will Kendall be able to show the same love and pride when he faces his father? I'm a romantic and really love this story (and Michael).
  7. sammiam

    Chapter 2

    Well, at least he got a great meal.
  8. sammiam

    Chapter 5

    Now I need to know a lot more about both Mike and Tony. Currently Sammy seems to relate more with Tony, but than he doesn't really know Mike all that well, correct? Let's find out more and see where this goes.
  9. sammiam

    Chapter 40

    after literally volumes of misery, I am so happy to see these two boys back together and in love.
  10. sammiam


    I was really enjoying this story. I hope in continues.
  11. I am curious if there will ever be more added to this story?
  12. sammiam


    Is the Dr. going to tattle to Adam about Joey?
  13. I am really liking James, but then I already did. Of course not to say I don't like Sam & Casey too. They are all great characters. I am glad that James stood up to his Grandfather, but also glad he has decided to check on him. Sure they had a disagreement, but nothing so awful happened that they should not care for each other anymore. I also had the same counfusion that Lisa did, and am glad that I read your reply to her review first. This feels so original I am very impressed. I don't see anything else like this. I'm enjoying very much.
  14. sammiam

    Chapter 17

    Both Matt's and Andy's views on commitment is very interesting. I really liked this chapter.
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