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Best Men - 10. Chapter Ten

Freddy’s hot lips felt so good against mine, my nerves firing pleasure signals from my lips to the rest of my body. The kiss was already rough to begin with, but as soon as I opened my mouth, his prying tongue went inside and tangled with my own. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning as he pressed further against me, our lips forming a sloppy seal.

I wanted more, so much more. I then lifted a leg up almost involuntarily and hooked it behind Freddy’s firm ass. He commenced with grinding his crotch against mine, and I swore I could’ve busted a nut right then and there at the foyer. Freddy also lifted my other leg to his hip, and he was basically carrying me while pressing my body against the wall as well. Oh god, the different sensations I felt from the wrestling of our tongues to the rough grind of our clothed dicks made me forget reality.

My hands clasped the hair behind Freddy’s head, and he moaned when I pulled them in my fists. This couldn’t be happening. One moment we came from the bakery after an awkward conversation with the bakery owner’s daughter, then here we were, making out and grinding against each other like one of us had returned from war and wanted nothing except to kiss the person he hadn’t seen in years.

But it was happening, and I needed to relish what we were sharing before any regrets appeared. From how deep we were in like the tongues in our mouths, we eventually had to rise from the surface and take a moment to breathe. Our faces were still so close with Freddy still holding one of my legs, and me holding onto his full head of hair. I looked at his full set of lips that were redden from our kiss, and his lusty eyes that conveyed to me that he desired more.

I was about to fulfill that wish as I leaned my face forward when the sound of a key turning in a lock brought us back to where we were.

I saw the silhouette of a man’s head through the frosted glass of the front door, and in a quick response placed my legs and unclasped my hands from Freddy’s hair. Freddy, in return, took several steps back. As he neatened his hair and I adjusted the tightness in my jeans, the door opened to reveal Mr. Meyers who was carrying a small paper bag in his hand as entered into the foyer. I turned around so the man didn’t see me sporting a full-on erection that was very notable by my slim jeans.

Closing the door behind him, Mr. Meyers said, “Ah, good morning, you two!”

“Hey, Dad. What’s up?” Freddy asked breathlessly.

“Nothing much, son. Just grabbed some antacid for your mom’s upset stomach from the store.” Hanging his keys on a small rack, Mr. Meyers then said, “You okay, son? You sound like you just ran a marathon.”

“Oh, I’m fine. Rick and I just, uh, ran together—jogged, I mean,” Freddy lied.

“That’s good to hear you two are spending time together. I still can’t believe your sister made both of you the best man for her wedding.”

Freddy chuckled. “Yeah. She’s a crazy one.”

“Well, I’m going to make breakfast since your mother can’t do so. What do you like better for your smoothie: kale or spinach?”

“Uh…let me change my clothes first, and I’ll come down with my decision.”

“I’ll be in the kitchen then,” Mr. Meyers said, passing his son and me to the kitchen.

My eyes looking downward at the wooden floor, I then heard Freddy making his way up the stairs. I was certain he was regretting we just did in the foyer, almost caught by his father if we didn’t unseal our lips and tamed the erections in our pants. But then I heard him call my name, and looking up, I saw him gesture his head to follow him. Like a lost puppy, I quickly scampered up the stairs, right behind Freddy.

On the second floor, Freddy walked into his bedroom, the room I was staying in. I walked inside and right after I heard the click of the door being locked, a force pushed me onto the neatly made bed. I twisted around and watched as Freddy gazed back at me with a sexy smirk on his scruffy face and eyes that must’ve kept the most sinful of secrets.

I chuckled and said, “For a minute, I thought you were regretting kissing me.”

Still smirking, Freddy then said, “I might have…but the way you kissed me… I want more.”

And Freddy got more, slamming his lips against mine, and we made out with him on top of me with his heavy weight pressed against me, which I gladly welcomed. Soon we were back to the ravenous state of our tongues swirling in our mouths and the grinding returning as well with a vengeance. We were like horny teenagers, letting only our hormones dictate how we behaved, and I loved it.

As we made out, Freddy grumbled before stripping off his shirt, revealing that fucking amazing upper body of his, all toned, muscles, and plenty of fur sprinkled on that thick chest. He then swiftly opened my button shirt, and I swore I heard at least two buttons popping off before his lips descended on my chest.

I whimpered as I felt his lips kissing the skin on my chest, then proceeding to tease a nipple with the dart of his tongue. My fingers were laced into his hair as he played with my other nipple before moving up and sucking on my neck. He lightly bit down on the skin, and the kinky side of me enjoyed every second of it.

I was in heaven, and then I felt his hands move towards the waistband of my jeans.

“Wait!” I said.

Moving his lips from my neck, Freddy looked at me and said, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s just…your dad’s waiting in the kitchen for you. Maybe we shouldn’t…uh…”

Freddy smirked again. “Don’t worry. We’ll be quick. I just want to grind our dicks together until we cum… Unless you just want to head to the kitchen and enjoy some vegetable smoothies.”

I quickly shook my head, and I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down with my briefs. My dick sprang out, and Freddy seemed to have lost his breath upon the sight of my exposed member. I wasn’t huge, but I could say I was above average.

Freddy then hurryingly pulled down his pants and boxers, and right then our cocks were free from their cloth restraints. With one hand, he grabbed both our cocks and squeezed them together. I moaned, louder than expected, which prompted him to place his other hand on my mouth.

“Shh. Do you want everyone in this house to hear you?” Freddy asked with amusement.

I pulled his hand away and growled, “Then fucking kiss me then.”

Freddy happily obliged and returned his lips to mine. I moaned into his mouth as I felt his cock rubbing against my own, his hand providing extra friction that I desperately craved for. My hands were still knotted in his hair, pulling the strands to deepen our kisses even further. I was experiencing so many different sensations, like the hot wetness Freddy and I were exchanging with our mouths, the slickness of our bare torsos pressed together, and our rock-hard cocks being stroked together was sending me over the edge.

I felt the strokes of Freddy’s hand becoming smoother, our precum most likely providing enough lubricant for our dicks to move without force. This moment was becoming too much for me to process, and then the peak of bliss occurred.

With our lips still united, I muffled a cry as I came so hard. I felt my hot release spattered on my stomach and chest, one spurt even hitting my chin. This orgasm was beyond what words could describe, it was something that had to be experienced firsthand to truly understand its scope, and I was experiencing it right then and there with Freddy.

Freddy shot his own load a moment later, breaking our kiss and suppressing his moans of ecstasy on the crook of my neck. I too felt his thick jizz on my skin that mingled with my own essence. His body then fell apart on top of me, and I enjoyed the weight of this masculine man on me. I smiled, relishing the aftershocks of my orgasm that still sent shakes of pleasures from the inside to the ends of my body. Who of thought a man who made me his sworn enemy a few days would give the best orgasm I had for a long-ass time?

For a while, we just laid on my bed, Freddy’s face still in the crook of my neck, while I combed my fingers through his soft, dark hair.

Freddy then lifted his head and faced me. I saw his blissed-out face and smiled. Leaning my face forward, I pressed my lips with his again, sweet, gentle kisses that contrasted with the ones we first shared but still felt amazing.

Freddy chuckled. “God. I didn’t expect to go this far. I hope I wasn’t too forceful.”

It was my turn to chuckle as I caressed his cheek. “You’re so sweet. Don’t worry. I wanted and loved every second of it.”

Freddy offered me a boyish smile, so different from the scowling man I saw for the past few days. He looked much younger, but still exuded the same manly energy when he returned to kissing me with that strong mouth of his.

Freddy breathed out before resting his head on my shoulder, sounding completely content with just lying on me as his comfort, and I didn’t object.

However, a knock on the door broke that sense of peace, and when I heard Beth calling out my name from behind the door, I knew we needed to separate ourselves. The knocking continued, and Freddy grunted before lifting himself off me. The evidence of our passion stuck on both our skin, which Freddy cleaned up with a handkerchief from the pocket of his pants.

“Rick, are you in there?” Beth called out again.

“Hold your horses! We’ll be out soon,” Freddy answered back.

My eyes widened, and Freddy seemed to have noticed too. Beth knew Freddy was in the same locked room as me, and there was no way we could avoid suspicion from his sister if we stayed here any longer.

Rising from the bed, Freddy and I quickly slid back into our clothes and smoothed our hair. I was the one who approached the door and slowly cracked it open. Of course, Beth was standing at the other side of the threshold with a raised eyebrow and a head cocked to the side.

“What were you two doing in there?” Beth said.

“He was just showing me his marionettes, is all,” Freddy said right behind me.

“Really? Did you have to lock the door to do that?” Beth asked, a smirk suddenly creeping into her face.

“Y-Yeah. What’s wrong with that?”

Beth’s smirking face then turned serious. “I don’t mind if my brother and ex-boyfriend hook up, you know. There’s no need to keep secrets.”

“No one was hooking up,” Freddy lied.

“Uh-huh. Of course not… Anyways, Dad is looking for you. He wants you to try the spinach smoothie. Good luck.” Beth winked at me before walking into another room.

Turning around, I saw Freddy with his head bowed.

I reached a hand to Freddy, combing back his hair and said, “You okay?”

Looking into my eyes, Freddy smiled. “Yeah. I am. Just expected Liza would’ve freaked out about us…you know.”

Chuckling, I said, “She’s a big girl, and it’s clear that she doesn’t mind us doing the Devil’s tango.”

Freddy playfully pushed me on the shoulder. “Well, I guess we should try my dad’s smoothie. Not looking forward to it, though.”

“I’ll be by your side the whole way through,” I promised.

Freddy leaned in for another kiss, which I accepted graciously. We then left the bedroom and went downstairs to the kitchen. Mr. Meyers, oblivious, smiled at us and offered two tall glasses filled with a greenish smoothie. Apparently, the smoothies contained some fruits, but unfortunately, they didn’t mask the raw taste of both the spinach and kale combination.

Mr. Meyers spared us after we drank more than half of the bitter concoction and allowed us to retire to the living room. I grabbed the leftover bread rolls that I accidently left at the backseat of Freddy’s police cruiser but were still soft and tasty as we snacked on them. We ate with the television on that was displaying the news; the reporters were discussing how another Ohioan county had to evacuate after fears of the Dream spreading from its initial location.

They mentioned the town of Beckett which was actually more than a hundred miles away from the rim of the phenomenon. Still though, I was worried this Dream would eventually expand and consume my small town. However, researchers and scientists have declared the area affected to not be spreading and was evacuating the county just as a precaution.

“You want to watch something else?” Freddy asked with his hand on the remote.

“Yeah, sure,” I responded.

Flipping the channels, Freddy stopped on a cheesy action flick, which I didn’t mind watching. With his feet propped on the coffee table, he relaxed his body on the couch. I then felt his hand grasp mine from the bottom of a decorative pillow, and I smiled as I relaxed as well.

Just as the secret agent jumped out of a building before the room exploded on the screen, Beth entered the living room and casually sat between us. We had to pull back our hands before she sat, Freddy muttering something and straightening his posture.

“What are you two watching?” Beth asked.

“A movie,” Freddy answered nonchalantly.

“I know it’s a movie, stupid. What’s the title?”

Freddy grunted, propping his elbow on the arm of the couch and saying nothing.

Beth rolled her eyes, and she directed her attention to me and said, “Hey, Rick. Are you seeing anyone back in the city?”

“Uh…not that I know of,” I answered.

“Oh, good! I have a friend who’s also a teacher but at the local high school. His name is Liam. He’s gay and single as well… I told him all about you. I’m very willing to offer you his number, so you two can set up a date together.” Beth winked. “Would you like that?”

I was stunned by Beth’s offer, but before I could say anything, Freddy leaned forward and said, “He won’t, actually.”

“And why not? He’s very nice and kind; he’s perfect for a man like Rick,” Beth asserted. “No offense, but you’ll likely scare him off, Wilfred.”

Freddy narrowed his eyes, and I had to hold back my amusement as Beth ticked off her older brother.

“Liam’s not his type, Liza. Sweet and kind isn’t what Rick wants,” Freddy claimed.

“Oh? And what does he want then?”

“Spicy and rough, which he showed me after we made out, and I blew his mind with the best orgasm he ever experienced.”

“Freddy!” I said, stunned by this kind of admission to his sister.

“Oh, my! So, you two are hooking up, I see!” Beth said, feigning shock.

Freddy sighed heavily before leaning back against the couch. “Yeah, we just did. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to spend some time watching a movie with Rick…without my nightmare of a little sister between us, ruining the mood.”

“Fine. I’ll be going back to Aaron’s since Mom’s feeling fine now… Enjoy your movie, boys.”

Beth stood up and eyed us both before walking out of the living room and through the front door. Freddy took the last bread roll from the box and took a bite with his eyes glued to the television screen. I was still in shock, my eyes staring at Freddy until he turned to face me.

“What?” Freddy said. He then grunted. “I’m sorry, Rick. I didn’t mean to… If you want to end it right now, I completely understand and—”

I held Freddy’s hand again and said, “Just shut up and let’s watch the movie.”

I smiled, and Freddy relaxed. We directed our attention to the movie playing with our hands clasped together.

Copyright © 2019 Superpride; All Rights Reserved.
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Hot diggity dim dam! That was hot! Woo! especially for 330 im the morning. And freddy has staked his claim! Yesssssss! Think ill sleep now suddenly tired....

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WOW, from hating you to humping you. One has to admit, Freddy definitely gets to the point without beating around the bush. Another great chapter that is light hearted, makes one chuckle, and keeps that anticipatory factor alive just wondering what craziness, that's believable, is going to happen next. LUV IT!!!! 

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Excellent chapter, FINALLY , they managed to get together and made it really awesome , now time for fun and games

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4 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

Hot diggity dim dam! That was hot! Woo! especially for 330 im the morning. And freddy has staked his claim! Yesssssss! Think ill sleep now suddenly tired....

Haha! Thanks! I hoped this scene was great to read and that it was balanced, not too short and rushed but not too long-winded and a chore to read through either. Very glad to know you thought the scene between Freddy and Rick was hot. This is their first sexual interaction, but it certainly won't be their last. 😉

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4 hours ago, Chris L said:

WOW, from hating you to humping you. One has to admit, Freddy definitely gets to the point without beating around the bush. Another great chapter that is light hearted, makes one chuckle, and keeps that anticipatory factor alive just wondering what craziness, that's believable, is going to happen next. LUV IT!!!! 

Yes, from enemies to potential lovers is always a spicy read. All that built up frustration for Rick might have contributed to Freddy go right towards what they did in the bedroom. Makeup sex is a thing, right? Anyways, I'm very happy that you love this chapter and looking forward to continuing this story of Freddy the grumpy but passionate police officer and the marionettist who pulls all the right strings.

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3 hours ago, Tonyr said:

Noyhing like a messy frott session in the early hours to kick  it off...

Very true! Also, I just realized this chapter take place in the early morning, the same time I posted this chapter. Funny how things work. 😆

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28 minutes ago, mikedup said:

Excellent chapter, FINALLY , they managed to get together and made it really awesome , now time for fun and games

Yes, it seems that slow burn was worth it at the end. But this is just the beginning for these two men as they traverse the complications that might arise from their connection, while outside forces are also placing obstacles for the two men to overcome. All the while they have some fun together during their visit in the small town of Beckett, Ohio.

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Cool that you came back to this story. I was not expecting a supernatural phenomenon though.

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49 minutes ago, Sweetlion said:

Cool that you came back to this story. I was not expecting a supernatural phenomenon though.

The supernatural element will become more significant as the story continues, but the blossoming romance won’t take a backseat either. 🙂

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On 7/24/2020 at 8:23 PM, Danilo Syrtis said:

lol Freddy definitly drops that « no way, you are my sister’s ex » very fast 😂

awesome chapter 👍

Luckily for Rick, that excuse went straight out of the window... No pun intended haha!

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