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  1. Christopher

    Chapter 87

    Dad is definitely isolating and can't say as I blame him, everything he's believed in for the last 40 years - trust - has just been blown up in smoke. Brucee is definitely a piece of work, never wanting to take accountability. Guessing, according to Donnie, Big Bubba & Co will pay him a visit soon when he returns to Canada.
  2. Christopher

    Chapter 86

    @mikedup Donnie is going to reveal Timothy and Stephen are expecting - gawd knows they've been humping like bunnies and trying hard enough! LOL!!!
  3. Christopher

    Chapter 86

    Oh @weinerdog bullshit! 😂😂😂 It's so good to see the family getting back to a sense of normalcy and everyone interacting as family does. It perplexes me that AM would ask Alex the question "did you come to take me back to the hospital?" as she should have some indication of his feelings for her. Just struck me as an odd interaction but what do I know in MF relationships?!?! lol
  4. Christopher

    Chapter 85

    Why would AM panic seeing John's parents? The client physician relationship bothers me a bit - not saying I'm not extremely happy they've found each other and AM is recovering nicely - just saying from a professional standpoint, a bit unethical until Dr McCallum release AM from his care. Great chapter, so enjoy that everything is somewhat at peace again. I foresee Timothy and Stephen will be having a little Donnie soon 🥰
  5. Christopher

    Chapter 84

    I can’t imagine how Dad must feel now that he knows mom has basically not been truthful with him for some 40 years. I know my trust in someone I thought I knew would completely be broken and very hard to restore.
  6. Christopher

    Chapter 83

    You’re damn right mom, I’d be madder than hell if I were your husband and you kept this from me because you didn’t want your friends to think badly of you. Revelation, it’s not about you!!! Now, not only does she have a rape on her conscious she also has a death. Way to go mom - stellar. And I agree with @chris191070brucee should be felled up with Big Bubba & Co.
  7. Christopher

    Chapter 82

    Yes mom, not addressing this when it happened IS your fault. The actually set of events that occurred which is causing all this mess is the fault of brucee and brucee alone. It amazes me the ignorance of this town. A DA doesn’t file charges unless a grand jury seems the evidence merits charges being file - a grand jury of citizens of the community. Amazes me how someone could turn a blind eye to rape and believe Justice should not be served - whether the victim was female OR male! UGH!
  8. Christopher

    Chapter 81

    Automobile! Automobiles are to blame for this whole mess! Had they not come to town, everyone would be just happy go lucky and luv’d everyone else. Seriously, why is it society always looks for someone else to blame instead of taking accountability, looking inward, and blaming ourselves - for not speaking up when injustice occurs, for laughing at the off color joke, poking fun when we should be lending a helping hand? Timothy has his hands full at the moment but with “doing what is right” on his side, and having a guardian angel, this whole mess will hopefully resolve in the best interest of everyone and allow a tow to grow and heal the wounds that divide and should not!
  9. Christopher

    Chapter 80

    Preach it now !! Can I get an AMEN in the back?
  10. Christopher

    Chapter 80

    Regardless of history, there will always be a divide between the haves and the have nots. Learned ignorance and hatred need to be a thing of the past. Timothy and Stephen are very brave, or stupid, to be bluntly defying a town in this manner - especially when some are so brazen and to physically hit an officer of the law. Can't wait to see what the DA decides regarding brucie and the arrest warrant. Karma comes full circle and brucie is about to get a hot poker right up the chute.
  11. Christopher

    Chapter 78

    Yes, I'm still, even after time has passed, dismayed at the reaction in the diner. The hornets nest truly has been knocked and needing knocking down to be honest.
  12. Christopher

    Chapter 79

    The closed minded and stupid! I'm aghast at the confrontation by peanut for a brain in the restaurant. What a homophobic town. It's definitely obvious that Timothy will have to have the judge move the venue because there's no way Tom would get a fair and impartial jury in that town. And what's up with mom and Dad? Dad is great but mom's definitely hiding something and it isn't good. I think Dad is sensing that as well and why he wants to get out of that town - ie retiring early. Who knows what harassment he's getting at work. Glad Donnie is in the picture to guide.
  13. Christopher

    Chapter 78

    The wheels of stupidity never cease to amaze me. Bars being burned to the ground, people being killed, Ms Wiess on Leave of Absence, families having to shop at night time or having necessities brought to them. Where does it stop??? Sadly, this is the result of one persons bad behavior based, often times but not always, on the environment in which they grew up in. On the bright note, I had a heartfelt feeling of joy when AM wanting to visit Stephen and Timothy at their home - was a resounding show of acceptance and healing.
  14. Christopher

    Chapter 77

    Look on the bright side, at least tomorrow we'll have something to look forward to. LOL!!!
  15. Christopher

    Chapter 76

    Sometimes people just need a good swift kick in the ass to get the ball rolling and Rich definitely gave them that ... after giving them the opportunity to do the right thing. Good for him! I still say mom has something up her sleeve and is possibly in cahoots with brucie in some way or another - I don't think it's just an embarrassment factor at this point. Something's definitely not right in the hen house with all that. Can't wait for the next installment. @weinerdogbrings up a good point. Healthcare practitioners in general aren't obligated to break doctor - client confidentiality unless there's an eminent threat of harm to oneself or others. Now whether brucie does that or not is yet to be seen and possibly lose his license if he does for unethical conduct.
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