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Best Men - 13. Chapter Thirteen

I entered the bed and breakfast belonging to O’Leary, a three-story house that had rustic aesthetics with modern elements as well. I stopped at the front counter made of dark wood that was nestled against the stairs and tapped my hand on the service call bell. With a backpack slung over my shoulder that contained my clothes and some bathroom supplies, I waited patiently for someone to respond.

I didn’t have to wait long since a moment later a man strode to the front counter with a smile on his face.

“Hey, Freddy! Good to see you again,” O’Leary greeted and extended his hand across the counter. “What brings you here today?”

Shaking O’Leary’s hand, I said, “What else? I’m here to book a room. Just for today, though.”

“Already tired of staying at your parents’ place?”

“Nah. Actually, I’m here because…”

Rick then appeared by my side, and O’Leary smiled and said, “I see. Well, whatever your reason for staying here is, my bed and breakfast will accommodate your every want and need.” He pulled out a tablet. “So, which room do you want?”

“I was thinking about booking your best room. You know, the one with the hot tub and bar.”

“Oh, I’d love to. But unfortunately that room’s already taken.”

“Really? By whom?” I asked.

“One man; I’m assuming from the city considering the luggage he carried alone was designer brand. Sorry about that.”

“It’s cool. How about the room with the windows that looks over the small lake?” I asked.

“Yup, that room’s available,” O’Leary said, tapping his thumb on the tablet’s screen.

After O’Leary told me the price, I offered him my debit card, which he swiped across the card reader attached to the tablet. He then tossed me the key to the room located on the third floor. Rick and I thanked the kind man, and we proceeded to walk upstairs.

We then entered the room that was so spacious and nicely decorated without being too ornate. A nice king-sized bed with a canopy was positioned against the far wall and to the side were large bay windows that displayed the gorgeous lake from outside. It may not have a hot tub or bar, but the room was money very well spent.

“This is very nice,” Rick said as he lowered his small suitcase on the end of the bed. “The view’s great as well.”

I glimpsed at Rick’s ass that was emphasized by his slim jeans and said, “A great view indeed.”

Turning on his heels, Rick smirked and looked me up and down. “Well. We’re here now… What do you want to do?”

I rubbed my chin and then approached Rick before pulling him towards me by the hips. “I can think of plenty of things we can do. On the bed, near the windows… What do you want?”

Rick didn’t answer; he just leaned his face forward and clasped his lips with mine. Not even a few seconds later and we were already making out like ferocious animals vying for dominance with how passionately we could kiss. I always thought of myself as the more commanding person when kissing and fucking was involved; however, Rick proved to be a rival as he swirled his tongue deep in my mouth and tightly grasped my hair.

I moved my hands to the buttons of his shirt, attempting to open his shirt gently. However, the second button was being stubborn, so I just ripped open the confining layer of cloth, buttons popping off and landing on the wooden floor with tiny clicks.

Releasing my lips, Rick grumbled and said, “Do you have to keep doing that?”

“What’s wrong? Is tearing your shirts off not a turn-on for you?” I said, smirking.

“It is. But if you keep doing that, I won’t have any shirts left to wear.”

Looking down at his bare torso, I said, “I don’t mind at all actually.”

Rick rolled his eyes and pulled my hair again, something I myself liked, and we commenced with sharing our lips and tongues. However, our lusty session was interrupted when I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket.

Apologizing to Rick, I answered the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hey, son,” my father spoke cheerfully. “Are you two at Donohue’s bakery again?”

“Uh, no…we’re actually at the…bed and breakfast… You know, the one owned by O’Leary?” I said as I watched Rick carrying his suitcase and entering the private bathroom.

“Oh! Got it. I might have to drive to the bakery myself then,” my father said nonchalantly.

“Yeah… I’m sorry, Dad.”

“What for? You’re spending time with the person who you like. I don’t see the problem here.” Clearing his throat, my father continued by saying, “I know I haven’t been the most accepting father when you first came out years ago. But I just want you to know that I love you unconditionally, and that I’ll support you regardless of who you love.”

Feeling warmth bloom inside my chest, I said, “Thank you, Dad. I love you too.”

“And even when I don’t always show it, I’m very proud of you as well… And your mother too.”

I grunted. “Yeah…”

“No, seriously. I’m not just saying that.”

“Well, it’s kind of hard for me to believe, considering she cares for her bible more than she loves me.”

“She loves you so much, son. Don’t ever doubt that. It’s just her concern is misguided…and I haven’t been the best husband either. Always working at my job rather than paying more attention to your mother who went to the local church for some companionship. Other than being a housewife, reading the bible is all that interests her… I’ll talk to her later, and hopefully she starts to come around.”

“I won’t hold my breath…but thanks, Dad.”

“You’re welcome... Well, I should be leaving you alone now. I’m already in the car to go to Donohue’s.”

“Hey, if you see a teenager at the front counter, just tell her that I sent you. She’ll most likely show you her secret stash of pastries,” I said.

“I’ll do that then. This diet has been killing me, and I could eat straight-up sugar. Anyways, goodbye, son!”

“Bye, Dad.”

I shoved the phone back into my pocket and sighed. I didn’t really care what my mother’s reasons were for gradually resenting her own son for just liking other men. She used to accept me and my sexuality, at least that was what I wanted to believe. Anyways, the last thing I wanted in my mind was thoughts of my mother since I was in this room of the bed and breakfast specifically to get laid. Thinking about mommy and her disapproving face was a strong bone killer.


I turned around towards the bathroom door that was open, and my jaw dropped from seeing Rick. The fucker was wearing a cowboy hat, black leather chaps over denim jeans, and cowboy boots. He tipped his hat to me, his torso completely naked and glistened with oil. Whatever thoughts I had were squashed immediately from the sight of Rick the cowboy.

“The fuck?” I managed to say.

“Do you like what you see?” Rick asked as he leaned his shoulder against the doorframe. “I heard cowboys were a fantasy of yours.”

“Who the hell told you that?”

“Your sister,” Rick answered and smirked.

I groaned, only wondering what else Rick and my sister were talking about behind my back. “Please don’t tell me you also have a lasso and a whip?”

“No. But this belt with the big buckle could be used if you want to be tied and whipped… What do you say?” Rick grasped the belt and pulled it down to expose the hairy trail that led to the hidden treasure below.

“Fuck. If you don’t come here right now…”

Rick flashed me a toothy grin before strutting towards me, his boots clacking on the hard floor and elevating my excitement with each step. He then stopped a foot from me, cocked his head, and said, “Well… What are you waiting for, officer?”

I didn’t say anything as I swiped Rick’s hat away before slamming my lips on his. Rick moaned in surprise, but then his moans became those of pleasure and lust as I kissed the hell out of him. My hands were already roaming around his exposed flesh, feeling the slickness of whatever he used to make it shine. Grazing downward, my right hand dipped beneath his jeans and grabbed the thick cattle prod that was Rick’s cock.

Rick whimpered into my mouth, one of his hands clutching my hair, while the other hand went beneath the waistband of my jogging pants to grasp my own erection. I bit his bottom lip in response and moved my hand along the velvety, hot piece of meat that I wanted in my mouth.

I then pulled off my shirt, feeling less restricted before turning Rick and pushing this sexy man onto the large bed. Damn, Rick dressed as a cowboy and sprawled on a bed was possibly the sexiest sight I have ever seen. From the way his hard chest rose as he breathed heavily to his very face that begged to be touched again, I felt like the most fortunate man in the world.

Descending on him like a lust-filled predator, I unbuckled Rick’s belt and tugged down the chaps and jeans, not bothering to unbutton them first. With them below his knees, only his briefs remained. I grabbed the elastic band that had the brand’s name along it, and pulled them down as well, uncovering Rick’s dick that was like gold to a pirate’s eyes.

“Are you just looking at it, or you going to suck me off?” Rick said through heavy breaths.

I responded by taking that thick piece of meat into my mouth. Not prolonging the torture by teasing him; I just went straight towards having that harden steel on my tongue and touching the back of my throat. Rick titled his head back and cried out in pleasure. I then bobbed my head up and down, taking every inch passed my lips. I also caressed his sack with a hand as the other skimmed across hills of his abs. As expected, Rick grabbed my hair and guided my head up and down his length.

“Fucking look at me while you suck my dick,” Rick demanded.

I happily obliged and watched Rick’s composure crumple from the pleasure I was granting him, which turned me on so much. Without realizing it, I already pulled down my pants and stroked my cock in the same rhythm of his sword sliding in and out of my mouth.

“Fuck, Freddy! I’m close!” Rick warned.

I continued to suck and salivate on Rick’s erection when he pulled me up by my hand that was on his chest. I was fully on the bed, my back pressed against the cool comforter, and I gazed at Rick as he hurryingly pulled off his chaps, pants, and boots. He then grabbed his cowboy hat from the floor and placed it back on his head. He also had a small bottle of lube and a wrapped condom, which he must’ve pulled from his pants pocket.

“Do you want to ride me, cowboy?” I said, pulling down my pants and tossing them to the floor.

“Hell yeah!”

Getting back on the bed, Rick positioned his knees beside my hips. He then opened the condom wrapper with his teeth and rolled the thin layer of protection on my dick before slathering it with lube. I did my best to not bust right then as Rick held my member and lifted his ass.

I soon felt the crown of my cock push through the tight entrance of his ass. He hissed, and I was about to ask whether I should prep him first. But just like when I swallowed his cock whole, Rick didn’t play around, and my cock was completely enveloped by the tight heat of his asshole.

I choked, my dick feeling so right inside Rick, and I grabbed his hips as he began moving his ass up and down my length. I cursed and moaned as Rick rode me, the experience becoming a fantasy turned reality as Rick held onto his hat and pulled my hair like he was riding a bronco.

Soon Rick was in full cowboy mode as he rode me like I was about to buck him off at any moment. As I pumped my dick in his tight ass, I was quickly becoming unraveled. My head was twisting around everywhere, and strange sounds were escaping my lips; they were almost alien. I managed to focus my eyes onto Rick again, and his face told me that he was close. Very close.

“Freddy… I’m about to—”

I clutched Rick’s bouncing erection with both hands and jacked him off.

“Fuck. Fuck... Fuck!”

Rick’s orgasm came, and he screamed out in ecstasy as his fired load spattered on my torso and face. A spurt landed on my lips, and I greedily licked the cream into my mouth. I continued to watch Rick as he lost control of his body movements, and the sight of Rick being in pure bliss undid me.

I slammed my dick two more times before I came. I cried out as I released inside Rick’s ass. I saw stars in my eyes from how explosive my orgasm was, and I swore I could’ve passed out if Rick didn’t reunite our lips. I kissed him back, pushing my cock in his ass a couple more times until I fully rode out my orgasm.

Completely spent, I scooted up the bed and lied my head against the cool pillow. Rick helped me by pulling the filled condom from my dick and tossing it into a nearby trashcan. He then lied next to me, and I snuggled my face against his neck with my arm draped across his chest.

I had plenty of hookups during my time in the city. We sucked. We fucked. And we got off. However, what I just did with this man wearing a cowboy hat was beyond words. It was like my soul had jumped out of my body and snuggling with the person afterwards I just fucked was something I typical did. It was not because I was against cuddling; it just didn’t feel right displaying my affections to a complete stranger who I wasn’t going to see again. I came, and I left.

Not with Rick though. Sure we were enemies in the beginning, but after discovering who this man really was, I wanted to be close to him as much as possible. And it seemed that he enjoyed me snuggling against him as he moved closer, our sweaty, naked bodies pressed together, and the act felt so right.

I already dreaded the day after my sister’s wedding happened. So, that meant spending as much time with Rick, one of the best men of the wedding and the only man in my eyes as I lied on the bed and slowly closed my eyes.

“Sleep tight, officer,” Rick said.

I smiled and soon fell asleep.

Copyright © 2019 Superpride; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

1 hour ago, Wesley8890 said:

Woooo! Love a cowboy!! Giddyup!!!!!!

And just like cowboys, the ride was rough and dirty haha.

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36 minutes ago, mikedup said:

Wow , intense and explosive, finally a joining of best men , excellent chapter

These men are indeed the best and proudly embrace their sexuality as they also embrace each other. Thanks again for your input!

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5 hours ago, Tonyr said:

Makes feel like buying a ticket to ride that carroussel. 

Except this ride is for adults only haha!

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4 hours ago, droughtquake said:

I hope the wall are well insulated otherwise all the other guests got to hear a wild ride!

I'm sure popcorn and drinks were passed around if any of the guests heard the ride happening on the third floor. 😆

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1 minute ago, KayDeeMac said:

That was intense!  Maybe we need a "double" wedding!!

That would be awesome! And one has wonder what other fantasies Freddy has and if Rick could fulfill them as well. Time to ask the sister again haha!

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Freddy done fell over the edge! lol From asshole, to accomplice, to ass-ttacker, this officer has come full circle. Then we have Ricky Ricardo coming out of the bathroom in chaps like he's going to a polo match with a riding crop to whip his dick into shape. LOL!!! LOL!!!! I LUV'D this chapter but one nagging question remains ... who was the city-slicker in the jacuzzi room with the designer luggage? Gawd know he gay! :) 

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4 hours ago, Chris L said:

Freddy done fell over the edge! lol From asshole, to accomplice, to ass-ttacker, this officer has come full circle. Then we have Ricky Ricardo coming out of the bathroom in chaps like he's going to a polo match with a riding crop to whip his dick into shape. LOL!!! LOL!!!! I LUV'D this chapter but one nagging question remains ... who was the city-slicker in the jacuzzi room with the designer luggage? Gawd know he gay! :) 

Haha! I loved the way you described Freddy from being an asshole police officer to an ass bandit! And I'm glad you liked Rick's cowboy outfit which was porn worthy in my opinion. Also, the mystery behind the city slicker will be explained in the next chapter. Thank you again for commenting!

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On 7/25/2020 at 7:46 AM, Danilo Syrtis said:

intense indeed 😂

excellent chapter 👍

And it's only going to intensify further as the story continues to develop. Thank you!

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