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Life Goes On - 10. Chapter 10

style="font-size:1.1em;line-height:1.3em;text-align:justify;">Author's Note: The characters Brian and Pete are used by permission from Dewey of deweywriter.com


It was only nine-thirty when Keith and I returned home from the local Sav-On pharmacy. As soon as we got inside, I reached into the plastic sack and showed Mrs. Hundser a large bottle of Coppertone brand SPF45 sun-block lotion, another tin of zinc oxide and the super-sized bottle of Aloe Vera gel I had bought.

Mrs. Hundser nodded and smiled, "That's good. I know they're working on SPF60 sun-block. I'll get you a bottle as soon as it's available."

If it meant not looking at those nasty freaking pictures again and not having her wrath drop heavily upon my head I would use it. "Thanks," I warmly replied. Keith and I turned to start down the hall to our room.

"What else is in the bag?" she wondered.

We stopped and turned around. I replied, "A GQ magazine."

Keith added, "And two Snickers bars."

Mr. Hundser asked, "You're hungry again… already?"

"I am," Keith said and then grinned evilly. "But Prez may never eat again. I'm hoping that when we're done drowning him in aloe, he might want some." I nodded rapidly, knowing I would want some – but probably not the Snickers bar!

Keith's dad snickered insanely. But mom's eyes narrowed and she pointed for us to quickly retire to our room! So we did!

While I started to undress, Keith picked up the old bottle of aloe turned and sighed, "You are so fried, baby. You know that I really enjoy rubbing sun-block and aloe on you but, honestly I wish you didn't need it so much this time. I know you're gonna be tossing and turning tonight."

Sliding my boardies off, I asked, "Is it really that bad?"

Keith moved behind me and looked at my shoulders closely. "There are little blisters all around, Prez."

"Really? It doesn't hurt. I can feel heat dissipating off my shoulders though."

Hearing aloe lotion being squirted into Keith's hand I reached back and waited for him to pass me the bottle. Handing off the bottle Keith warned, "I'm warming it my hands, but I think this is gonna be cold no matter what I do."

I nodded, "Be prepared for me to flinch a little then," then turned the bottle upside down. Keith lightly touched my shoulders. I not only jumped, I dropped the bottle and ran away from him! "HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST!" I yelled, and then spun around to glare at him.

Keith's mouth was agape and his eyes opened wide, stunned at my reaction. "I'm so sorry!" he sincerely apologized. Someone knocked at our bedroom door.

Keith turned to answer it. Since I was naked, he left the door closed and asked, "Yeah?"

"Are you two all right in there?" Mrs. Hundser anxiously asked.

"Sorry mom," Keith said, "everything's fine."

"No, I want a better excuse than that!" she demanded.

Keith sighed, "The aloe feels colder than Prez expected."

She said, "I told you it was bad, Preston. I think you're crazy to go to the beach tomorrow."

I replied loud enough for her to hear, "You might be right. I'm seriously wondering about it now."

I could hear her sigh. She then said, "Corey and Drew are asleep in the next room, or they were, so try to be a little quieter."

"Yes, ma'am," I said.

"We will," Keith added. Hearing her walk away, Keith turned around; his palms still mostly full of aloe gel.

Meeting Keith in the center of the room near the foot of our bed, I said, "Let's try again. This time though, I'm lying on the bed with one pillow stuffed in my big mouth and grasping the other so I don't scare the shit out of you, your family or Corey."

I crawled onto the bed and Keith wondered, "If you're sure baby?"

"I've got to Keith. There's nothing else that works better than aloe," I explained and lay down. "Without this," I added as I arranged the pillows, "I'll definitely be up all night."

"No play time tonight," Keith sadly said.

Turning my head and watching my sexy stud kneel on the bed next to me, I whined, "Come on, Keith! I just scared you and owe for at least trying to put up with me and my Irish skin."

"I don't need to Prez," he softly assured.

"Maybe, but I want to anyway. You do too, I know it."

Super gently, Keith put his hands on my lower back and started the process there instead of my shoulders. He whispered, "You won't be on your back if we make love. We'll find some other position or just settle for blowjobs or hand jobs."

I nodded into the pillow, but my gears were already spinning. He was so awesome and his hands were just barely making contact with my lower back as he took care of my sun burn. Somehow I would find a way to get his dick inside me. I wanted it bad and believed that he really needed more than another blowjob. He simply wouldn't admit it because my back was obviously worse than either of us imagined.

His hands started to move into the center of my back. Then he paused to get more aloe. "Your skin is soaking this stuff up," he commented and then asked, "Where'd you put the bottle baby?"

"It fell when I jumped," I replied.

He hummed uncertainly. "I don't see it."

"Did it roll under the bed?"

A few seconds later, he said, "Yep, there it is."

Outside our bedroom door, Rush started growling. Keith quickly let him in and closed the door again then returned to the bed.

Oh man! He was being so careful. Yeah, I was still flinching a little and grasping that pillow, but mostly, I was getting really excited! And he hadn't touched my ass or anything, only my back! If my lover thought he could be so loving to me and then be happy with nothing from me, he was mistaken.

He paused for more aloe and I did a pushup on the mattress so my erection could be more comfortable. "I'm nowhere near done yet," Keith softly said. Lying down again, I turned my face towards him and only smiled at the one I love.

"What?" He chuckled.

I hummed longingly then giggled, "Feeling better… lots better!"

He started wiping aloe along my shoulders. I knew the lights were on when he suddenly said, "Omigod!"

"Is something wrong?" I smiled, hoping his dick was as hard as mine.

He giggled, "Not a thing, you southern fried horn dog!"

"Prove it!"

"Alright," he said and finished my shoulders. It only took another couple of seconds for Keith to get off the bed, untie the drawstring and push his boardies down to the floor. He was limp - completely flaccid! Not only couldn't I believe it, it made my heart swell. Obviously Keith was so concerned about me that all the contact he was graciously providing had no effect on him. I had to close my eyes. If I looked at him, I would start crying.

He climbed back on the bed to finish my shoulders and neck. "Okay," he finally said then commanded, "Do not roll over. Get up and stand so I can dowse the front and your legs."

Avoiding his eyes at all costs, I did as he said and stood on the floor near the foot of our bed. Noticing my over-excited condition, Keith snickered at first then he kissed me real quick and started laughing hysterically! I gave him an evil grin and warned, "Don't touch my dick unless you're sure you're done."

Mostly avoiding my eyes, Keith cackled as he loaded his hands with more aloe. Once he was on his knees wiping aloe onto the top of my feet and up my legs to the knees, he calmed down. Finally he stood up for the final phase – my belly, chest and arms. Looking into my lust crazed eyes, he blushed and started snickering again. He then started on my arms.

"Oh you wait!" I warned, "Remember before dinner when you licked my hand after I adjusted my dick? After that and all this, I will not rest until you're a panting waste of flesh asleep from dehydration and overexertion!"

Keith giggled, "As long as you're careful and showing absolutely no discomfort, you can have your wicked way with me." Pausing, Keith then looked deep into my eyes and got serious. "But I can promise you this – one sign of discomfort from you and you can say bye-bye to my erection. I'm really worried about you, Prez. I've dealt with your burns before, but this one is really, really bad."

I could only sigh and balk. "We promised Brian and Pete we'd meet them at the beach. We will, but I'm keeping a T-shirt on, staying out of the water and we'll probably have to leave early. To try and make up for it, let's see if they want to go to Disneyland with us tomorrow night."

"That sounds good," Keith said as he started on my chest. Then we heard the loud crash of glass breaking, startling us both. "Shit!" Keith loudly said and handed me the bottle of aloe. "Lemme just check what's going on out there," he said as he flew back into his board shorts. When the door opened we heard his mom weeping. Even more concerned, he raced out of the room. While Keith was gone, I rubbed some aloe on my stomach. In less than a minute he was back, closing and locking the door behind him.

"Everyone's alright?"

"Yeah, mom dropped a glass emptying the dishwasher. She's not hurt, but that was all it took to push her over the edge. Everything she was holding in for the last week or so is pouring out all over my dad's shirt."

"Aww," I groaned.

"It was bound to happen," Keith explained. "What did I say earlier? Did I call it or what? A simple, little thing and her world came crashing down with a glass. Just be glad she didn't start crying over you or Corey or anything else that happened tonight." He then glanced down at my dick. "You were worried?" I nodded and he asked, "Do I need to say anything more?"

I shook my head and took him into my arms. It always killed me whenever I heard my mom crying, no matter what the reason, and knew Keith's heart was breaking. The sound was definitely affecting me too. It was only a little after ten, the VCR read. Together, we shifted over towards the receiver. I turned it on just so we didn't hear his mom wailing over the sick boy.

Swaying gently for a few minutes, we then heard a soft knock at the bedroom door. Keith asked, "Who is it?"

"It's me and Corey bro," Drew replied.

Keith still had his board shorts on, but I was still nude. Keith checked with me. I shrugged, "They've seen me naked before. Let ‘em in and I'll put some undies on." We separated and Keith opened the door while I went to the dresser.

Drew and Corey entered, both noticing me stepping into a pair of my old white briefs. They were tighter than I ever recalled.

"We didn't mean to interrupt," Drew softly said.

"It's okay," Keith explained, "we were only slow dancin'."

Pointing down at my goods, now covered in white cotton, I assured, "its cool… ‘cept for my sun burn."

Drew looked over at Corey. "I just wanted to apologize," Corey began, "for anything you might've heard me saying earlier."

Keith looked at me and I nodded. "It's okay Corey," Keith softly said, "It wasn't our intention to make you feel embarrassed…"

"I know," Corey interrupted. Then he looked down, shuffled his feet a little and sighed, "I messed up… with Drew… with you dudes… with your parents and with mine."

"We completely understand, Cor," I said, leaning against the corner of the dresser. "We're sorry we caused you and Drew to fight."

Drew clarified, "Things are gonna be a little different for a while between Corey and me. I tell him when he needs to eat and needs to rest." Corey looked at Drew. There was an expression of amazement on his face, like he couldn't understand why Drew even wanted to help him. "Do me a favor though, please?" Drew asked. Keith and I quickly nodded. "If you notice something about Corey that maybe I've somehow missed, whether it's good or bad, let me know, okay?"

Keith smiled, "You got it bro," then went towards them and wrapped his arms around both his brother and Corey. Keith then looked over at me and wondered, "What're you waitin' for, Prez? Are you in on this or what?"

Hurrying over I wrapped my arms around the three of them. "Y'all just looked so great together; I kinda forgot to join the fun."

Corey smiled at each of us, but his eyes were filling with tears again. "I'm such a friggin' jerk," he softly sobbed. "I almost screwed this up? Jeez."

Keith assured, "Nothin's screwed up Corey."

"It's screwed when it's too late to fix it," I said, and then asked, "That won't happen now, right?"

"Right!" Drew smiled.

Giving a firm nod, Keith enthusiastically added, "Right!"

Corey wiped his eyes and affirmed, "Right."

"Now stop cryin' dude," Drew grinned. "First it was me, then it was you, then my mom and now it's you again? Enough! I can't take it anymore!"

Keith said, "You aren't staying embarrassed or ashamed of anything, Corey. We'll see to that, believe me. This is it; if you have something more to say then say it tonight. Tomorrow's a brand new day and this is all over, right Prez?"

"Right!" I agreed. "We're stuck with each other now." Three sets of eyebrows raised and they all smiled at me. Realizing what I had said, I giggled, "Yeah, well… you know what I meant!"

Drew led Corey out of the room, but he stuck his head back in. Smiling brightly, Drew softly said, "Thanks dudes! See ya in the mornin'," and then closed our bedroom door.

We fell asleep without making love for a second night. I was glad for our quickie during the afternoon and even gladder that Mrs. Hundser had released at least some of her work worries. But there was another storm brewing between Keith and me. We were sharing an awful lot of emotions and making time for quick physical release, but it was just barely enough. Uncomfortable from the sun burn, I barely slept half the night. And every time I woke, Keith did too. Around two-thirty in the morning, I got out of bed to dowse myself in more aloe. Ten minutes later Keith awoke and took care of my shoulders and back. We returned to bed and slept a little more, but when the alarm went off, we were happy to shower together, just to have fifteen minutes soaping each other up and sharing some much needed affection.

Since it was Friday and Corey had a doctor appointment, we invited Drew to join us at the beach, but he declined, saying he needed and wanted time alone after the previous night's argument with Corey. Keith returned to our room and picked up both hats from the dresser. Grabbing my mini-boom-box from the bathroom and my newest Bass Player magazine, we then made our way down to PCH. I insisted that Keith get a surfboard at Russ's place. We met everyone at the beach. Mike and Derrick both grimaced at my sun-burn, saying that I was practically glowing, but not in a good way. I kept my promise to Keith's mom, keeping my Fender hat & T-shirt on the whole time. Watching my friends in the distance, I never went into the water beyond waist deep. When the tide pulled back, I was only about knee deep.

I went up the beach to our towels, turned on the radio, and started leafing through my new magazine then Keith stepped up. He said, "I've had enough." I squinted at him accusingly and he shrugged, "It's just not as fun. I'd rather be with you. Besides, they don't need me for anything." He started toweling off and grinned, "Mike pulled Brian backwards into the drink."

I giggled, "He does like to live dangerously!"

Keith nodded rapidly. "Brian has this perfect homicidal expression. I saw only the profile and it was scary enough. Mike almost shit his pants. Brian looked at me, turning away from Mike completely. His eyebrows bounced then he painted that serial killer look on again and turned back to Mike. After Mike apologized and Brian finally said, ‘Gotchya!' we told Mike about how John greeted Brian yesterday."

"I was thinking about that last night and this morning," I told Keith. "John might have learned a lesson yesterday. He could get control of his attitude and mouth, which I hope is the direction he takes, for his sake."

Parking his buns beside me, Keith prompted, "Or?"

"Or John might try to emulate Brian's tough side."

"Ooo," Keith groaned, "that would be bad. And in the mood my mom's been in, John might wind up shackled to his bed until his next birthday."

Pete and Brian were coming out of the surf towards us. I picked up the magazine and started showing Keith the first full page ad I found.

"What's so interesting in the mag?" Pete wondered, setting his board down in the sand.

Keith smiled, "Just more toys for bassists."

I excitedly nodded, "He who has the most toys wins!" Toweling off, Pete and Brian snickered like I was insane.

They sat down near us then Brian whispered something to Pete. He then turned to me and asked, "How're you feeling Prez?"

"Mostly, I'm fine," I answered, and then added the truth. "Keith's mom had a meltdown about it though. She warned me that if I came home worse today, I'd be locked inside with no music of any kind for at least a week."

Leaning closer to me, Keith whispered, "Disneyland?"

"Sure, but first I'll have to get some bucks from the ATM," I also whispered.

Turning to Brian and Pete, Keith said, "I'm going to take Prez home and get him out of the sun. Then later, before my folks get home, we're going to Disneyland. Would you like to come with?"

Pete excitedly answered, "Sure!" but Brian glanced his way with eyebrows raised. "That is, if you want to, Bri?"

Grinning, Brian said, "Sounds like fun."

"Cool," I happily said.

"You guys go and get cleaned up then," Keith suggested, and checked his watch. "Its half past eleven now. We'll meet you at your hotel in say, two hours or so?"

"Cool," Brian replied. "We'll see you then."

Pete added, "I'll swim out to let Derrick and Mike know what's goin' on?"

Brian asked, "Would you return our boards to Russ please?"

"Not a problem," I quickly replied.

Keith stood and I reached for my boom-box to turn it off. Keith picked up two boards. I picked up one board and grabbed the rest of our stuff then said, "Adios!" and followed Keith back to the 4-Runner.

"If my mom sees those blisters I saw, you might get grounded any way, you know?" Keith asked.

I nodded, "That thought already crossed my mind."

"That's why I'm getting you out of the house before they get home," Keith mischievously grinned. "We'll leave a note telling them our plans."

My heart melted again and I warmly chuckled, "I figured as much!"

A few minutes later, Keith drove to Russ' place and dropped off the surfboards. Then I took the driver's seat and got us home. I took advantage of the empty house and had my way with my lover. It was necessary after two whole days! Then we hit the toidy and took a quick shower. Keith dowsed me with more aloe, which only served to get me all hot and bothered again. I ignored our growling stomachs, pushed him down and gobbled on his fat sausage until I got my reward.

He wanted to return the favor, but I dodged his every move; bent almost in half to keep his hands off my cock and blocking his attempts to grab at the rest of me! Loudly laughing, I explained, "You sang to me yesterday! You spent almost an hour with aloe on me last night! True, it wasn't really sex, but it was fantastic! And you just dowsed me in aloe again! I haven't had to take care of you that way in months, since you hurt your hip! So just CHILL!" Finally, he gave up, but gave me that look again. Struggling to compose myself, I knew I would get something special when we got back from Disneyland.

So, between all that, trips to the bank and for gasoline, it actually took closer to two and half hours to get to the hotel to pickup Brian and Pete. They didn't say a word and I figured they hadn't wasted any time either.

During the drive to Disneyland, the conversation started with music and our band. That eventually led to talking about the four of us as couples, the fight with Jake and how afterwards we were dared to kiss in school just before the Junior Prom. That led to Brian and Pete considering the possibility. Amazingly, to me anyway, Brian was more open to the idea than Pete. But then we learned that Pete had been involved in several confrontations and dealt with more homophobes, even at home, which completely blew me away.

At one point, Pete directly asked if my dad had ever abused me physically. While the answer was yes in my mind, my dad was more emotionally or psychologically abusive and never knew me to be gay. I could understand Pete's perspective completely and could feel his anger, fear and frustration so I let the matter drop. Brian eventually calmed Pete down and even passed a remark about not ever getting out of bed! Keith, Pete and I all smiled widely, causing Brian to reword his statement.

After arriving in Anaheim and parking at Disneyland, we realized the date. It was the Friday night before Independence Day and the place was jam packed with people from all over the world. Keith recognized German speaking people. I recognized others speaking French and Brian noticed some that were Chinese. Even though the place was more crowded than usual, the bonus was all the extra cute guys wandering around. Not all of them were paired up or gay, but talk about overdosing on eye candy! And some of them were eying the sexy guy who had his arm around my shoulders! When I finally said something to Keith about it, he only shook his head and told me they were watching "the smokin' hot sex machine with an arm around his waist." Mr. Humble strikes again!

From my perspective, one of the best things that happened at Disneyland was Brian and Pete lowering their guard some. When we walked in, they were walking close together, but as time wore on, they held hands, wrapped arms around each other and even kissed – maybe more than the one time I saw.

We got some food at The Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant. Brian, Keith and I had some of the best steaks in the world while Pete had catfish. Then it was over to the Haunted Mansion where we learned that Brian was claustrophobic. He was visibly shaken and broke out in a sweat. To remedy the situation, Pete shifted around and stood behind Brian, massaging his shoulders. Having to wait in line so much, we all had time to really get to know each other. Keith told them about my mom while I listened to my boyfriend's perspective on that period of our lives. If there was ever a sweeter person put on this Earth, I can't say. Keith took a pitiful story and turned it into a short phase where our love affair was only temporarily postponed.

Both Pete and Brian are really great people and a greater couple, but I have never met two more serious people in my life. Brian even admitted it! We learned that they were planning a trip to Yosemite the same time we had intended to go. The plans were updated so we would go together.

Soon after the fireworks began, we started for the park exit. On our way home that night we chatted more about future plans. I told them about the Musician's Institute. Keith talked about following me there for voice or recording then following me again to Berkeley. Making our way up the I5 to the 101 freeway, Keith mentioned that we should stop by Agoura Hills to see if Mike and Derrick were home from work. It was the way he said it that reminded me about interrupting them like they had done to us.

When we got to Doug and Brian's place, there was only soft light coming from the kitchen window. Watching as Keith silently crept between shrubs to look inside; I had to cover my mouth to prevent myself from cracking up as a slow ‘Grinchy grin' spread across his face! Stepping back from the window, he evilly smiled, "It looks like they're gettin' busy in there."

Instigating my lover further, I asked, "Shall we interrupt?"

Keith nodded maniacally, "I think so. This is too good to pass up." Turning to Pete, Keith said, "Pete, you're going to be the police."

"I am?" a stunned Pete softly replied.

Keith grinned, "Yeah, you too Brian. Walk up to the door and pound on it then yell, Police! Open Up!" You do the same a few seconds later, Brian. Then take off for the truck! We'll be waiting in the 4Runner with the engine running. By the time they get to the door, we'll already be gone."

Brian happily agreed. One look at him and anyone could tell that he really liked the idea. Facing his partner, Brian asked, "Ready, babe?"

"Yeah… let's do it!" Pete smiled.

Keith and I returned to my truck. He got in the back driver's side while I got in the pilot's seat and started the engine. We reached over and opened the passenger side doors then Keith gave them a thumb up.

Even from the street, Brian's pounding on the door seemed to make the entire 4Runner rattle. With a very deep voice and sounding nothing like himself, Pete yelled, "Police! Open up! Brian continued to bang on the door and hollered, "Police! Open the door!" Then they both bolted for my truck and jumped in laughing their asses off! Pete closed his door and Brian had the handle in his hand so I started down the street!

I could hear Mike loudly cursing;"You Goddamned mutha-fucking assholes! You'll fucking pay for this! ALL OF YOU WILL FUCKING PAY!" Keith doubled up and roared laughing. We went into hysterics as Keith tried to explain that Mike was completely naked and flipping us off in numerous ways as he hollered from the front doorway! For the entire drive back to the hotel, we roared and joked around, knowing that we were going to have to run for our lives when we met them at the beach in the morning!

Brian and Pete opened their doors, saying good night. Before stepping out though, Brian pointed down and asked, "Hey Keith, what is that on the floor?"

Uncertainly, Keith reached down between his feet and then started cracking up. My lover held up a dildo that Mike had thrown at Brian and Pete as they jumped in! We all lost it and bellowed uncontrollably, doubling up and gasping for air! Keith slid over, got out of the back seat staggering around before finally making it into the front passenger seat.

Waving goodbye to our new friends, we started for home. Catching his breath, Keith giggled, "We've got a new toy!"

I laughed, "We'll make them beg on bent knees for their dildo back!"

"Oh, it's gonna take more than that!" Keith snickered.

Out of control and in a grand mood compared to the prior day's insanity, I actually laughed until I pulled a muscle in my back. Even then, I reached around to my right side lower rib area and giggled, "Oww!"

"What's wrong?" Keith playfully wondered. I tried to compose myself and tell him what happened. "Ooo," Keith grinned, "are you telling me you need a massage with aloe now?"

"Stop!" I howled, and then added my own shot. "It hurts so good!"

Catching his breath, Keith then glared, "Okay, aloe first, a massage second and a good spanking last! You're making my wiener hard!"

Quickly, I glanced over and wondered, "Really?"

"NO!" Keith laughed.

"Thank God! Sometimes our playtime is strange enough." I said, and then chomped at nothing to remind him. I pulled in front of the house and set the parking brake then turned the ignition to off. We sat in the 4Runner to pull our act together before going inside and waking everyone up.

Keith smiled, "What got you so hard last night?"

"Only you babe, the way you were touching me, the look of concern on your face. The straw that broke my back was seeing that you weren't aroused."

He sighed, "I can't wait for my mom to get back to normal. That broken glass happened at the worst time."

"Once again you saved the night."

Tilting his head uncertainly, Keith asked, "What do you mean? How?"

I sighed, "Since school ended, you're the one always caring for me in non-sexual ways - with sun-block, with aloe, and sometimes it only takes a look. I guess I feel like I'm instigating sex just to try and show you how much I really love you. I just can't always think of ways to show it other than sex. I couldn't sleep and you woke up every time I did, Mister Humble."

Shaking his head sadly, but still grinning, Keith softly explained his perspective. "You show you care for me and my entire family Prez. You're still cleaning the bathroom, getting our sheets washed, there when I need you all day long. When Brian seemed ready to start a fight with John, you almost crushed my hand. You were ready to take on Brian to protect my idiot brother!

"I don't know exactly how long your dick was hard, but I was only gone a minute. In sixty-seconds or less your dick went from up and flat against your belly to down and shrinking fast; all because my mom lost it. That counts… and since I was upset you held me until she went to bed. Then we went to bed and you cuddled up close to me. It all counts to me baby."

I thanked him and smiled, "I'd like for you to start things tonight, but I know that as soon as you start rubbing aloe on my back, I won't be able to control myself. Last night you were touching me so lightly… it was like the gel was lubing a feather just barely brushing me… and damn, it was so good!"

Keith nodded towards the house and reached for the door handle saying, "Give me a few minutes to think. I'll come up with something."

By the time we got in the house, took care of Rush and made it to our room, Keith had thought of something. He only told me to get ready for more aloe. As I got undressed Keith confidently moved around the room. My lava lamp was turned on, candles were lit and the overhead lights turned off. I only had my shirt, sneakers and socks off when Keith wrapped his T-shirt over my eyes and around my head! Having his sweet smell against my nose made my brain flip and spin! I heard him open the dresser drawer and moments later, he took my hands and tied them together behind my back with a scarf. It had been months since I had done something similar for him. Now that the tables were turned, I hated it and loved it at the same time. This time Keith started rubbing aloe on my feet while I stood there blind and unable to touch him. He kept perfectly silent so I never knew what he was going to do or when. I quickly learned to try not to flinch at the cold aloe; every time I jumped even a little bit he'd lick my cock or bite the cheeks of my ass or suck on my fingertips! Only after we had made love and had two orgasms each did he remove the scarf and T-shirt. Content and cuddled up close to him, we fell asleep.

Independence Day morning we got our act together as quickly as possible. Knowing I would be land-locked, I brought my acoustic bass, boom-box and magazine again. Drew and Corey came with us to the beach. I still had to keep a hat and T-shirt on, but Keith insisted on covering my arms, legs and neck with sun-block. Brian and Pete caught up with us in the parking lot while Keith was still applying sun-block. I put zinc oxide on my nose, causing Corey and Drew to cackle at my "clown face". Brian and Pete had anxious expressions as we walked towards the sand.

Usually, Derrick and Mike hit the waves as soon as they arrive, but not this day. They weren't even looking at the ocean, but turned towards the parking lot watching for us. They stood up as soon as they saw us. Keith started snickering. Mike and Derrick ran towards us. Dropping the stuff we were carrying, Brian, Pete, Keith and I separated and trotted off in all directions.

Drew hollered, "What the hell is going on now?" and Corey started giggling.

There was no time to try and answer Drew. Mike went after Keith and Derrick was coming after me. Kicking into overdrive, I looked over my shoulder. Noticing that Derrick had switched targets and was chasing Brian, I stopped running. Keith was about fifty yards away and Mike had no chance of catching him, but continued the pursuit. Turning, I trotted in that direction, just in case. Brian and Derrick were circling each other when I next noticed them. Derrick then made a move to grab Brian, but he was way out-classed. Brian ducked and spun around Derrick, locking Derrick up in the blink of an eye. Then I noticed Mike racing towards Brian and Derrick! Soon enough, Mike was there and trying to break Brian's grip on Derrick. Keith was returning at maximum speed. He signaled me and I got the message loud and clear. Brian had somehow managed to slip away from Mike and Derrick. It was two against one with Brian a safe distance from Mike and Derrick. Drew and Corey were watching all this foolishness nearby the things we had dropped in the sand. Pete was racing to Brian's rescue, but I held up one hand to signal him. He slowed down, but continued walking in the direction of Brian. Arriving at the three-way stand-off, Keith tugged on the legs of Mike's boardies while I did the same to Derrick!

Bare-ass with his pecker exposed to all Zuma, Mike hollered, "Damn you, Keith!" and quickly pulled up his shorts.

As soon as I got Derrick drawers down, I took off! He chased after me cursing and screaming, but I was hysterical and didn't hear much. Happy that Keith and I had got them back and then some, I raced around the beach in a big arc, maintaining a fair distance from Derrick. I noticed that Pete was back with Drew and Corey. All three were smiling and laughing. Corey was pointing at me toying with Derrick while Drew pointed the opposite way at Mike, Brian and Keith.

Finally, Derrick stopped running, but I continued trotting around him, about twenty feet away in case he suddenly bolted my way. "Pay back's a bitch, ain't it?" I laughed.

Derrick hollered "I never…" but then clammed up, remembering Mike's birthday and how they had left Keith and I exposed to fight for our clothes. Defeated, he turned and walked back towards the stuff he and Mike had left on the beach. Minutes later, we were all gathered together on the beach.

Mike, Derrick, Brian and Pete hit the waves. Keith and I explained to Drew and Corey what had started the whole thing and then how we got them back the previous night.

Keith then asked, "Are we gonna get our toy back bro?"

Drew blushed and grinned, "If you really want it… but now you've got three."

I looked over at Corey and could tell he was very interested in the final outcome. Keith also noticed and smiled. Keith suggested, "You can keep it for a while or put it back in our night table so John doesn't accidentally find it."

Drew hummed agreement then said, "That would be bad!"

Corey simply said, "Tell him it's for me. Then you're off the hook and you're not really lying either."

Smiling widely, I couldn't help myself and turned towards Corey. "What?" he giggled, "It was one of the best times we've ever had!"

Drew was about to self-combust until Keith put his clenched fist up. The two brothers knocked knuckles and smiled widely at each other.

"I'll put it back in your room," Drew said.

Keith nodded, "If we're not home, take it anytime you want."

Drew then wondered, "But if you are home?"

"I won't say a word," Keith warmly smiled. This was huge; not only for Drew, but for Keith as well.

Overflowing with pride for my boyfriend and foster brother, I couldn't help myself and commented, "I might have something to say though!"

Drew's jaw dropped then he squinted and joked, "Hey! Have I ever said a word to you? Believe me; I've heard so much, I could say a lot too!"

"Ooo!" Keith laughed, and held up his hands, warming them while I sizzled! Corey rolled back and howled at the three of us.

Pete came up the beach with his surfboard tucked under his arm and offered it to one of us. First Drew took the short board to show Corey. Corey had never tried surfing. His parents weren't really beach people, he explained then he followed Drew to the water. Brian then joined us on the beach and Keith took his board to go for a few rides.

Soon all of us were on the beach at once. We split up for a game of Frisbee-football. It was me, Mike, Pete and Corey against Keith, Derrick, Brian and Drew. We all wound up tightening the drawstrings on our shorts to prevent any "accidental" exposures. After only an hour, while we were all close together at the line of scrimmage, Drew was watching Corey and declared, "I gotta sit down guys, I'm tired."

Corey gasped, "Aw," but followed Drew towards our gear. Corey was slouching, dragging his feet in the sand and obviously tired.

The remaining six of us wondered about Corey, but it was Pete who recognized Drew only feigned tiredness so Corey would take a break. It was too cute! So they wouldn't feel alone, Keith told me to get my bass and Mike to get his guitar. We would jam for another hour or so until we had to leave the beach. Now and then passers-by would stop and listen while we played and sang before going on their way. It was a great day that sadly had to end.

As we packed up to leave, Drew invited Brian and Pete over, asking for work out instruction. Brian and Pete would go to the hotel to clean-up, get changed and grab lunch. We wouldn't see them for another few weeks, until the Yosemite trip. In the parking lot before we split up to go different directions, we shook hands and hugged Brian and Pete knowing we had new long-distance friends.

Keith needed to get to Blockbuster while Mike, Derrick and I had to prepare for work at Black Angus. Nothing very remarkable happened while I was at work. Because of my sunburn I couldn't let bus buckets rest on my shoulder and every trip into the hot kitchen made every aching area of skin even more uncomfortable. I was most comfortable standing underneath nearby air conditioning vents in the dining rooms.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the way home from the beach, Corey was upset with Drew because he had invited Brian and Pete over. Corey understood the promises he had made, but it was one thing to allow Drew to care for him; it was another thing entirely to let Brian and Pete in close to his true feelings about himself. He didn't like the thought of sharing with two dudes he didn't really know. And it was really none of their business, Corey strongly felt. All he could try to do was make the best of the situation for Drew's sake. But he wouldn't let Brian or Pete go beyond a certain point.

Drew was equally disturbed that Corey was already getting moody. Corey didn't really want to rest when Drew stopped playing Frisbee-football and walked away from the game. Drew tried to assure himself that it was just something new for each of them. Drew would deal with occasional groans from Corey, as long as he didn't make those annoying faces or get completely nasty or try to say that there was no problem worth all the worry.

Once home, showered and dressed, Drew started the Nintendo64 and tossed a controller to Corey. Drew's newest game was Mortal Combat IV. Neither was very good at the game yet and it would be challenging. But since each was disappointed with the other, the game play progressed in virtual silence; there was only an occasional groan or giggle or gripe about the game not reacting fast enough to the controllers.

Brian and Pete arrived at the Hundser's around four that Saturday afternoon. Drew hurried to answer the door while Corey remained in the room to take advantage of a motionless opponent.

Genuinely glad that Brian and Pete arrived a little early, Drew answered the door cheerfully smiling. "Come on in. We were just playing Nintendo. I just got the new Mortal Combat game. Do you want anything to drink?" Brian asked for water and Pete asked for Coke.

While Drew was getting refreshments for them and a Coke for himself, Corey entered the kitchen. "Hey guys," Corey flatly said, and then helped himself to a glass, filling it with ice water.

Thinking that the best place to talk would be the den where he and Corey slept together in the sofa-sleeper, Drew led his guests there. Corey would likely be most comfortable there, more than the living room or dining room. Once there, Drew pointed to the sofa saying, "Have a seat, dudes." Pulling over his dad's big desk chair, Drew sat, took a sip from his glass and said, "I was thinking on the way home. Could you show us your workout routine, Brian?"

Corey only glared at Drew, but that was enough. "What?" Drew asked. "You know you want to work out so why not ask Brian. I mean, look at his body!"

"Yeah, I know," Corey impatiently sighed.

Brian softly said, "Drew, nothing will work if Corey doesn't want it to work. You can't force him to do what he doesn't want to do."

The little voice in Drew's head asked, wanna bet? But he said nothing mostly because Corey was again denying any problem existed.

Brian turned to his left and asked, "Corey, do you want me to show you?" He paused and assured, "I will if you want me to."

Corey only glanced at Brian briefly before focusing on the carpeted floor and mumbling, "I guess." He then glared impatiently at Drew. "I don't know why you're making such a big deal about this Drew," He said. "Yeah, I went to the hospital. I'm fine now!"

Drew could only wonder why, after the big argument just the previous night, Corey was again denying anything was wrong. Was he really denying it or only being stubborn around Brian and Pete so they wouldn't believe anything was wrong? Ready to say something about it, Drew began, "Corey…"

But Pete interrupted, "It should be a big deal to you Corey, because it's a big deal to Drew. This affects you both."

Brian again turned to Corey and spoke sincerely, "Think of it from Drew's perspective for a minute. What would his life be like if you hadn't only passed out? What if you had died? What would he do? What would your family do?" Getting more angry and embarrassed, Corey barely glanced at Brian. "Or turn the tables," Brian continued. "What if Drew had died – just dropped dead on you? What would you do? What would his family do?" That thought frightened Corey, but he wouldn't show it. "Corey, I almost died. I still think about it - every day." Corey only huffed impatiently so Brian continued. "Every time I think about it, I imagine what it would be like for the people I love if I weren't alive. I imagine what would have happened and what they would be doing now if I was dead."

Pete put his hand on Brian's shoulder softly begging, "Bri, please don't."

Without turning to look at his partner, Brian sighed, "I have to, babe. You have a right to know. I'm tired of hiding things. Corey, if I had succeeded in killing myself, Pete might not be here right now." Brian eyes overflowed with tears, but he continued, trying desperately to get his point across to Corey. "His mom and her boyfriend might have killed him, or he might have killed himself. I was the reason why he got away from her. Without that, anything could have happened. If I had died, Pete, Chris, Kathlene, my mom and dad, they all would have fallen apart from the guilt they would carry in their hearts. My sister wouldn't have a brother any more. All the people who tried to help me would have to live with the fact that they had failed to keep me alive. I think about that every single day, every time I see Pete smile or when he holds my hand. I think about that every time I talk to my dad, or Chris, or Kathlene or anyone else who is important to me. What would have happened if you had died out there on that tennis court?"

Pete squeezed Brian's shoulder harder, but Brian only briefly glanced back at him. Brian had one more question to ask. "Tell me what Drew's life would be like if you weren't here right now?"

Corey heard the question, but was now focusing on Drew. At some point Drew had put his glass down on the desk. His face was red and tear stained. Barely able to catch a breath, Drew had his arms wrapped tightly around his chest. Unable to take Corey's denial or Brian's words, Drew quietly rocked in his dad's desk chair.

"Drew?" Corey nervously said. But Drew couldn't speak. Getting up from the sofa, Corey went to Drew and again called his name. Oh please, Corey silently begged, say something… anything!

Finally Drew softly stammered, "C-Corey… I d-don't wa-anna lo-ose you." Corey knelt down before Drew. "Please, Cor," Drew throatily begged, "Please - if you won't take care of yourself for you, then p-please, do it for me?" Reaching to wrap his arms around Drew's waist, Corey buried his face in Drew's lap and cried unashamedly. Drew leaned forward and wrapped himself around Corey. Stealthily, Brian and Pete left the den and went to the living room.

At first Corey was sad because Drew was, but then he began feeling angry about the whole situation. He was a little angry with Brian for pushing so hard, but he was angrier with himself. Corey knew he had messed up and again brought Drew to tears just by denying the problem; all because he didn't want it shared with Brian and Pete. It would only be a matter of time before Drew lost his patience, Corey felt. Drew would tell him to go home and never return, never call him, never even look at him. If it happened today, tomorrow, next week or anytime at all, Corey knew he had only himself to blame and wailed into Drew's lap. If he were to ever loose Drew, Corey knew he would die; if not from lack of proper nutrition then from boredom and loneliness.

"I can't live without you!" Corey cried. "I can't and I won't! Please Drew?"

Corey was talking nonsense and Drew knew it. "You gotta stop, Cor," Drew sobbed. "You gotta stop denying it… all the time with everyone… you've got a sickness… it's killing me as much as it is you… can't you see that?" Still hiding his face in Drew's lap, Corey nodded, but continued weeping.

Rubbing Corey's back, Drew started to compose himself, but his body still shuddered and ached. Sniffling, Drew again tried to explain. "I told you I would love you even if we broke up. But if you actually died because of this, I would probably hate you and anything that reminded me of you. I couldn't play baseball anymore or even watch a game on TV. Tennis would be another reminder. Everything we've ever done together would remind me of a friend that wasn't around anymore – pools, video games, movies and TV shows we've watched together would all remind me of you. I wouldn't ever stop crying over you and sooner or later, I'd hate the memory of you. I don't wanna go there. I want you dude, every day, here with me, not a sad old memory. How could I ever get over it?"

Corey lost it again and wailed, "Oh Drew, I'm so sorry!" Corey wasn't only apologizing to Drew. He truly considered himself pathetic.

Drew couldn't think of anything else to say. What he hadn't said the previous evening, he just said and it was all straight from his heart. Leaning back in the chair, he sniffled and continued to rub Corey's back like he would never have the chance to touch him again. He could only wonder how love could feel so wonderful, but sometimes feel so painful as Corey continued to cry.

When Corey was done crying many minutes later and was only sniffling and shaking, Drew said, "Look at me." Corey shook his head in Drew's lap. "Come on," Drew softly said, "You're gonna have to look at me sooner or later."

Ashamed, Corey took another minute then he looked up into Drew's sad, red, cried out eyes. It only made them both shed a few more tears. Barely able to speak, Drew choked, "Come here." Weak and trembling, Corey stood and carefully sat on Drew's lap. He buried his face in Drew's neck. Corey cried and almost stopped, but then cried some more. Drew only held on tight, hoping and praying that this would be the last time they would ever cry so much over this stupid disease.

Corey wondered, "Why do you love me?"

Drew softly answered, "Because you've listened to me, kept my secrets, when Aldo and Prez's mom died, you cried when I did… basically because you're a good friend, Cor."

Corey started to ask, "Do you think I'm…" but couldn't finish the question, afraid of the answer.

Drew waited, but Corey only hid his face in Drew's neck again. "What?" Drew softly asked.

Gathering his courage, Corey whispered in Drew's ear. "Am I, ya know, okay looking?"

Drew's eyebrows furled then he smiled. He softly and sweetly answered, "You're awesome to me in every way, Cor. Right now there's only one thing I want you to change for me."

"What?" Corey sniffled.

Drew whispered, "Gain a little weight. I can feel your hip bone dude. It's pressing into my thigh. I can see your ribs, your hip and your collar bone. It's not right. This last month or so, I sometimes feel like I might hurt you just by hugging you. Gain just a little, a few pounds, just for me? It really would make me much happier."

Stunned, Corey looked into Drew's eyes, searching for some sign of deception. Finding none, Corey asked, "Really?"

Drew nodded. "I loved you last summer when you thought you were fat. I thought you were awesome then and I still think you're awesome now. But I'm really scared Cor; scared that someday you might not be around at all."

Corey insisted, "I won't leave you Drew."

Tearing up again, Drew begged, "Please don't die. Just the thought is killing me inside."

"I won't die." Corey again insisted.

Drew sharply hissed, "Don't you dare tell me everything's fine!" Seeing that Drew was getting upset again, Corey searched for something to say, but all he could think of saying was that he really was fine. "You admit it now!" Drew demanded. "You admit it and mean it Corey! Admit that you can't really tell if you're too fat or too skinny."

"Stop Drew…"

"No," Drew loudly interrupted, "say it just like this: Drew, I can't tell if I'm fat or skinny. I need your help."

Corey sighed and tried to repeat the words. "Drew, I can't tell…if…" It was a simple thing to say, but somehow Corey could barely remember the words.

"You can't even say it? If you can't say it to me then you really aren't getting it, are you? Prez would give anything for just a few hours more with his mom, but here you are throwing your life away. All last October I watched Prez walk around in a fog. I watched Keith follow Prez from room to room. I heard and saw Prez talking to pictures of his dead mother! Here it is, months after her death and sometime Prez still looses it. He still misses his mom and wishes she could've been around for all kinds of stuff, like the frolics and the prom and the Pride Parade. Do you think I would be any different? Do you want me talking to pictures of you after your dead? You're throwing your life away and throwing me away; so I guess our friendship disposable too."

"No..." Corey tried to squeeze in another denial.

Drew was livid and raved on. "You said you expected to see Prez here last summer. Prez said he expected to see you here too. If he won't leave you to let you starve yourself to death then throw Prez away too. And if Prez is gone then Keith is gone too. You don't need any friends, all you need is to be the thinnest trimmest dude around. Will that ever happen Cor? Will you ever be satisfied with how you look? No! No matter how many ways I tell you and show you that I really love you, it'll never be enough. Throw us all away; me, Prez, Keith and everyone that cares about you. Fuck 'em all, right Cor?"

Reeling, Corey hollered, "That's not true! I love you and Prez and Keith and Mike and Derrick and John and even your folks."

"You're lying Corey! All you care about is yourself and being so thin that everybody's watching you! Is this the kind of attention you want? We've all been worrying about you! Are you thinking of any of us, Cor? Or is your reflection all you really care about? Are you thinking of anything or anyone except yourself?"

"Yes! I love you, Drew! I love your whole family!" Corey desperately insisted. "I'd rather be here than home! I'd rather spend time here than anywhere else!"

"Then let us help you. All you have to do is admit that you need help. Say it with me, I can't tell…"

Corey stammered. "I can't… tell…"

"If I'm too fat…"

Beginning to cry again, Corey stuttered, "If I… I…If I'm… too…please, Drew?"

Shaking his head and standing up, Drew easily sent Corey flailing onto the floor. "No, I need you to say it. At least say: I need help Drew."

Corey didn't want to say it and sobbed harder. But everywhere he turned there was the den, the room where he had made love with Drew. The first time Drew told Corey that he loved him was in that room. The first time they really kissed was in that room. The first time they jacked each other off was in that very room. Corey couldn't look at Drew, or the sofa or the desk or the family photos on the walls. This was worse than that stupid psychologist his mom had him seeing every week. All he could do was sit there on the floor weeping.

Drew was only following his heart and started to repeat the phrases over and over. "I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help. I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help. I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help. I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help. I can't tell if I'm too fat or too…"

Horrified at what Drew, of all the people in the world, was saying and doing, Corey wailed, "OH GOD!"

Determined to finally hear those words, Drew said, "God won't even help unless you ask for help. All you have to do is ask. I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help. I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help. I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help. I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help. I can't tell…"

"I CAN'T TELL IF I'M TOO FAT OR TOO SKINNY!" Corey desperately screamed. The meaning of the words sank in like a blazing spike through Corey's heart, mind and soul. "OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME!" Rolling into a tight ball on the floor, Corey bawled and moaned.

Drew sighed like he had never exhaled in his entire life. Weak at the knees he sat down on the floor in front of Corey and panted like he had run miles. Wiping tears from his eyes, Drew waited for Corey to slowly compose himself. It killed him deep inside to hear Corey crying so hard and to be such a total prick, but there was no other choice. It was either this or show Corey the door and say goodbye one last time.

"There," Drew huffed, "I can tell Cor. I can tell if you're too fat or too skinny. And I'll give you all the help I can, I promise. So will Keith and Prez and my folks and yours too. All you ever had to do was admit it and ask for help. Now… the last step is to accept the help. Can you do that?"

Exhausted, Corey nodded. Drew moved over and sat beside Corey, pulling him over for a hug. Some part of Corey still had a little fight left though and he swung his fists a couple of times. But each blow was easily blocked. Shaking his head sadly, Drew took some soft punches until Corey gave it up and rested his head against Drew's shoulder.

After a silent minute or so, Corey whispered, "I'm so angry with you, with Brian, with everyone that can't trust me to take care of myself. I'm even angry at myself for everything I've said and done to make all this happen. I don't know what to do. I want to keep my promises to you, but I don't know how. I'd really prefer not to eat any meat ever again. Eating it makes me feel sick to my stomach. I like fruits and veggies though. I think I'm fat, but you and everybody else say I'm too thin. I might need help, but I don't really want it. I couldn't live without you and be happy. And my mom's threatened to keep us apart if I don't get better. How can I make everyone else happy and make myself happy too? I'm just so confused now."

Drew nodded, "I'm confused too. I've never cared so much for anyone else, not like I care about you. At the same time, I'm angry, disappointed and frustrated. I really do want to help you in every way I can, but I don't know how. How can I help, Cor? I can't just sit back and watch this happening. It's killing me inside. I've gotta do something."

Corey asked, "Do you really like the way I look?"

Drew answered, "Other than you being way too skinny now, yeah I do. I love your hair, your eyes and your smile the most. Like I said, I liked the way you looked last year too. I've never ever had any problem with your looks until recently. I had a nightmare about you while you were in the hospital, ya know? You were a walking talking skeleton.

"I don't want your mom to keep us apart either. I want to show her that I can be part of the solution, not part of the problem. It's all making me whacky now. We've had what, four or five arguments since school ended? Have we had that many fights before this? I don't think so. I can only remember one big one and two other much smaller ones in a year."

"What should we do?" Corey asked.

Drew shrugged, "I guess the big question is; what are you willing to do?" Getting no answer quickly, Drew sighed, "Do you love me, Cor?"

"Yes," Corey immediately answered. "I wouldn't still be sitting here if I didn't." He then asked, "Do you still love me?"

"Yeah, very much. Do you trust me to do my best to help you?"


"Would you sit down with me and my mom later? We need to come up with some kind of plan. If we don't and you don't start getting at least a little better, we're gonna be split up. Then your summer's gonna suck and so is mine."

Reluctantly, Corey said, "Okay."

"I just wanna know exactly what we can do, Cor; together as a team. I don't want a forced split. I don't want a shitty boring and lonely summer and I don't want you seeing doctors anymore."

"That sounds good."

Suddenly, Drew remembered something. "Ya know what? All those times I was thinking about stuff we could do together, kissing and messin' around, I made up little pro and con lists. We could try that later tonight too."

"Okay," Corey said with a shaky voice.

Drew noticed Corey was trembling all over and asked, "What's the matter?"

Wiping his eyes, Corey admitted, "I'm just scared – really, really scared."

"Don't think your alone dude," Drew assured and reached for Corey's hand. "I am too."

After another long pause, Corey said, "Drew?"


"Kiss me?" Corey pleaded.

Drew looked at Corey and shifted slightly so he could manage to kiss Corey on the lips. As usual, Drew only had his mouth open a little bit when he kissed Corey. What trembling Corey was doing seemed to stop, but started again, prompting Drew to open his mouth wider and let his tongue explore Corey's teeth and tongue. Drew held the kiss until Corey completely stopped quaking with fear.

Resting his head on Drew's shoulder, Corey smiled, "You're a really great kisser."

Drew grinned, "I love you, Cor. I hate this damn disease and what its doin', but I love you. No matter what I've done or may someday do, remember that. To me they're two separate things. I'm stompin' on the disease, not you. Okay?"

Finally, Corey wrapped his left arm around Drew and held on tightly. The two boys remained seated on the den floor for only another minute or two before Corey let go and declared, "I gotta pee bad." Drew also stood with Corey. "What're you doin'?" Corey wondered.

Pulling Corey along towards the doorway, Drew explained, "I gotta go too. And... I wanna hold you and want you to hold me... ya know?"

Corey began giggling because Drew wouldn't just say that he wanted them to hold each others dicks. Overwhelmed with joy, Corey jumped onto Drew and held on tight, forcing Drew to hold him upright.

Drew not only held Corey up, he picked Corey up and carried him into the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Drew softly reminded, "It's the disease I hate, not you. I love you Cor." Corey asked for him to say it again exactly the same way. Drew did so and Corey shivered as his bladder emptied. He couldn't remember the last time he actually shivered after leaking. It had to be years.

Swapping positions at the bowl, Corey asked Drew to say it again. Drew giggled and slowly repeated those short phrases over and over until he finished relieving himself. "It's the disease I hate, not you. I love you, Corey. It's the disease I hate, not you. I love you, Corey. It's the disease I hate, not you. I love you, Corey."

Flushing the toilet and zipping his shorts, Drew turned around to face Corey. "Happy?" Drew smiled. Corey nodded and Drew softly asked, "Now you tell me what I told you to say before, just once more, okay?

Without any major difficulty, but again feeling a shiver running up his spine, Corey chanted, "I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help."

Smiling widely, Drew nodded. "You got it, Cor. All the help I can give." Then he pulled Corey close for another deep kiss that left Corey virtually spinning.

Drew and Corey then went to the living room to check on Brian and Pete. At first it seemed they were asleep on the sofa but, hearing whispering Brian and Pete opened their eyes and sat up. The four boys then went out to the garage where Brian taught Drew and Corey proper forms and exercises using weights and the bench. While switching exercises and taking turns, they all got to know each other better. Mr. and Mrs. Hundser were home from grocery shopping by the time they stepped out of the garage.

They then went over to Corey's house to go swimming in the pool. Corey knocked Drew into the pool and moments later, Pete caught Brian unaware, sending Brian into the pool. They horsed around and played games and when they had worn each other out, the four boys got out of the pool. Corey invited Brian and Pete over for the next day then ran inside to check with his mom. He then invited Brian, Pete and Drew to stay for supper. Corey still ate small portions during his meal and he remained a little testy with his parents. One determined glance from Drew though made him blush and uncontrollably shudder.

After dinner, the four boys were watching TV when a commercial came on for Magic Mountain. Spontaneously, they decided that would be a fun way to spend the next afternoon and evening. Corey hurried to check with his parents. Mr. Seaver put Pete in charge and once assured that Corey would eat, gave his permission. Corey was thrilled and shared his excitement with Drew. Seeing that the couple were getting cozy on the bed, Brian and Pete left for the hotel, but would be back at nine in the morning so they could go to the beach. Whether Corey knew it or would accept it, he now had two more friends willing to say or do anything to help him get healthier.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Arriving back home a few minutes after eleven that Saturday night, I couldn't wait to get out of my greasy work clothes. Greeting everyone as I walked inside, I then hurried to my room to change. Keith followed, closed the door behind Rush and explained, "I already talked to my folks and told them we're going to Jessy's Fourth of July party tomorrow afternoon. She demanded that you stay indoors for the next three days, Prez. I told her it wouldn't be a problem. My dad tried to calm her down, but it didn't work too well." He then snickered, "Dad's in trouble too now!"

"Oh God!" I groaned as I shed clothes. "You're all being so great, but now I have to do something nice for dad or really wind-up in the proverbial dog-house."

"Don't worry about dad," Keith said, "It's mom who's on the war path. Keep a shirt on whenever she's around baby." He then forcefully instructed, "Do not let her see your shoulders until I say it's cool."

Keith picked up the new bottle of Aloe gel and started to remove the protective plastic. Emptying my pants pockets, I wondered, "Is the other bottle empty already?"

Keith nodded, "I said your skin was soaking it up."

Stunned that half a bottle of Aloe had vanished in only two days I admitted, "This is the worst burn I've ever gotten."

"Mom was considering taking you to a doctor," Keith said as he dropped the piece of plastic in the trash. He walked towards me and said, "You've been warned now, baby. Don't ever make this mistake again. Work problems and a sick kid made matters worse this time. Next time she'll ground you and get you alone. If I know her, she'll use everything she knows about you and your mom to reduce you to tears. She's done exactly that to me and both my brothers. Don't go there baby. Take my word for it, okay?"

Taking him into my arms I promised that I would be much more careful in the future.

We separated for yet another dowsing in aloe. Keith frowned, "Take the underwear off too. Even your hips and belly need this stuff."

I giggled and dropped my drawers. Stepping out of them, I teased, "Anything to get me nekkid."

He nodded and smiled, "You might like a bigger dick, but I love you just as you are. You're a grower not a show-er. To me, that's awesome!"

Taking my medicine, I honestly admitted, "You hang real nice, Derrick does, even Drew does. Compared to you three and some others I've noticed in gym showers, I'm seriously lacking."

He sighed and grumbled, "You are not lacking anything, Prez." Cupping my goods in a greasy hand, he held eye contact and insisted, "These are mine! Has there ever been a time I haven't enjoyed playing with my favorite toys?" I shook my head. "Erect, when it matters most, you and I are almost the same size." He then swore, "If I ever make it to Texas or meet someone that put you down to make you this self conscious, I swear… I've never started a fight, but I'll fucking beat them senseless!" Surprised, I could only stare at him with my jaw on my chest. "And as for your dad telling you that you're not good enough at anything… just keep me away from him so I don't strangle him. I'll wind up in jail, for sure. I'm not lying or exaggerating. I can honestly say that I hate anyone that's ever fucked with you, Prez." he said. Releasing my dick and nuts, he looked me directly in the eyes again. "Some dudes may have more hangin', but I seriously doubt they have your heart… or face… or eyes… or sexy strut or awesome bubble butt!" I was giggling and blushing uncontrollably. As soon as he paused for another palm of aloe, I was kissing him over and over again!

Chuckling at my assault, Keith eventually pushed me away. I asked, "Wanna know why I was saying what I said?" He nodded and knelt down with more aloe for my legs. I truthfully explained, "It was seeing Corey's morning wood. The kid's about seven inches and only fourteen. It was seeing Drew… a shorter, thinner, younger version of you, but you're both packing the same in your pants. It was Brian and Pete, all cut and full of muscles. And finally, seeing Derrick's ass today – he's as pale as me all winter, but tans really nicely instead of getting all burned up like me."

"Stop comparing yourself like that Prez. It gets nothing accomplished. If you wanna look like Brian or Pete then shift your priorities and work out more. Don't think for a second I need it though. If that's what you want then do it for you. Besides, just doing what you're already doing has changed your body from what it was last year. Not that I had any issue then, but a year has definitely made your arms bigger and stronger. Your chest and abs are more defined… even your legs seem bigger, stronger and hairier… since I'm down here to actually notice. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about your skin type. We'll just deal. And believe me, from that first burn at Big Bear last year, I've wanted to be the one rubbing lotions on you. This time though… you're a mess Prez. It's getting better, but still… it's pretty bad."

"I've gathered as much. You couldn't even get an erection because of it."

Simultaneously, we said, "That's a bad sign."

Smiling widely he stood, grabbed a quick kiss then moved around back to finish up. We were silent except for my occasional moans of approval and his giggles. Thank goodness he wrapped his arms around me and started gently swaying when he was done. I could feel his hardness against my ass, but this time I needed to catch up. There was no problem there though! My sexy boyfriend showed me his love by tenderly playing with my floppy dick until it was nice and hard too.

As if everything he had already said hadn't lifted my spirits or boosted my ego enough, he started whispering encouraging things to me the whole time we were making love. To make sure I had learned my lesson, Keith wrapped his legs around my ass whispering, "Fill me up Prez. I need it. Let me feel you inside me?"

Who could deny that? Sobered by his words, I only paused to look deeply into his eyes. He was everything to me in every way I could imagine and in some ways I had never dared dream of. As if hearing my thoughts, Keith shivered and softly moaned, "Omigod! Prez!"

I actually glanced down from his face to see if he had had an orgasm. Thankfully, he hadn't. That was my job and I was ready to perform my duty.

After intercourse, I found myself safely wrapped in Keith's arms as we drifted off to sleep. My last thoughts before drifting off to dream-land were: I was the one to first try anal sex and enter him. But for the last few months I've become such a total bottom and would be quite content to be only that for Keith. He builds me up and strengthens me and instigates me to top for him. What a great match we are.

The day after Independence Day I woke up about eight. After letting Rush out, I went to the bathroom then brushed my teeth and wiped the sleep out of my eyes. I remembered that I needed to put a shirt on. Heading back into our room I did so before Keith's mom got another look at my burned shoulders. Returning to the kitchen, I slid open the back door and called Rush in for his breakfast.

Once my hound was eating, I got myself a glass of apple juice and took it with me to the living room. I didn't want to chance waking Keith so early and needed something to occupy me before another flashback struck. Turning the TV on I scanned channels, not really expecting to find anything worthwhile on a Sunday holiday. Much to my surprise, The Marx Brothers Cocoanuts had already started on AMC. They were already at the scene where Chico and Groucho were reviewing the map.

"You know what a blueprint is, eh?" Groucho asked.

Chico nodded, "Its oysters."

Oh my god! They're blue-point not blueprint oysters! I snickered.

Glaring at Chico, Groucho wondered, "How is it you never got double pneumonia?"

"I go down by myself," Chico answered.

I smiled wondering if I just heard a dirty joke.

"Do you know what a lot is?" Groucho asked.

Chico answered, "It's a too much."

Groucho corrected, "I don't mean a whole lot; I mean just a little lot with nothing on it."

I chuckled at that and kicked back with Rush lying by my feet.

"Anytime you gotta too much you gotta whole lot," Chico grinned. "Look, I'll explain it to you. Sometimes you gotta enough, but you think it's a not enough you gotta lot. Sometimes you got a little bit. You don't think it's enough, but maybe somebody else thinks it's a too much, you gotta whole lot. A little, enough, a lot, a whole lot, too much, it's all the same thing."

I cracked up. There was a lot of truth in that, but it made my head hurt to think about it!

"The next time I see you remind me not to talk to you, will ya?" Groucho pleaded.

"It's all right."

Groucho said, "Come over here Rand McNally and let me explain this thing to ya."

I roared as Mr. Hundser entered the room and noticed what I was watching. "A classic," dad smiled and sat down on the sofa.

Groucho and Chico sat down at a small table. "Now look," Groucho began, "this is a map and diagram of the whole Cocoanut section. This whole area is within a radius of approximately three-quarters of a mile. Radius – is there a remote possibility you know what radius means?"

"It's a WJZ," Chico answered.

Dad and I chuckled as Groucho looked into the camera and said, "Well, I walked right into that one. It's gonna be a cinch explaining the rest of this thing to you, I can see that!"

Chico said, "I catch on quick."

"That's a rodeo you're thinking of!" Groucho complained. We cracked up as Groucho continued. "Look Einstein, here's Cocoanut Manor. No matter what you say this is Cocoanut Manor. Here's Cocoanut Manor, here's Cocoanut Heights, that's a swamp, and uh… right over here where the road forks, that's Cocoanut Junction."

"Where you got cocoanut custard?" Chico wondered. Dad and I roared!

Looking at Chico with distain, Groucho answered, "That's on one of the forks. You probably eat with a knife so you won't have to worry about that. Now uh… here is the main road leading out of Cocoanut Manor. That's the road I wish you were on. Now over here on this site, they're going to build an eye and ear hospital. This is gonna be a sight for sore eyes. Do you understand?"

Chico nodded, "That's fine."

By this point, dad and I were both hysterical. Corey and Drew joined us and soon the four of us were laughing our asses off over the viaduct versus why a duck scene. When Keith's mom entered the room smiling at us, I could barely see her, but noticed she shook her head sadly as she turned and went to the kitchen. That's when I realized my foster dad and I were spending time having fun together. It felt so good! John woke and joined us in the living room and soon the five of us were in fits of laughter.

My own real father never seemed to laugh much, at least not around me. He was the task master and I was his slave. By the time I was twelve, I would rather be alone in my bedroom than be around him. If he saw me enjoying something, it seemed he would go out of his way to find some chore for me to do. And there was no "later" with my dad. As soon as it was assigned the task had to be done immediately. I could only wonder if he was enjoying his summer doing the chores that I used to do – mowing and edging the lawns, washing the car, climbing ladders and cleaning every window in the house – all in the North Texas heat.

But I wasn't thinking all that while watching the Marx brothers and the rest of the movie. I was having too much fun with a man who only a year ago was simply my boyfriend's dad. Back then he got my respect because it was the right thing to do. The same man who taught me, Keith, Mike and Derrick to watch each others backs; a lesson we had obviously learned well enough to foil Jake's homicidal intentions. I'd look at him and think about all the great things he had done over the last year; not the least of which was allowing me to move in and become his foster son. When he glanced my way, I could only wonder what he was thinking of me.

When the movie ended, I decided to gather both my bass guitars and one amp. They would have to come with us to Jessy's party. Quickly and quietly I retrieved my keys from the bedroom then took the one amp out of the garage to my 4Runner. I folded down the rear seats then slid my amp in through the rear tailgate. Once that was done, I went back inside to get my basses from the bedroom.

Even though I was virtually silent, Keith woke while I was on my hands and knees sliding the cases from under our bed. I knew he was awake because I heard him moving around and he reached over to rub my ass! I giggled and looked over the mattress at him. "Come here you sex machine," Keith hoarsely instructed.

Crawling onto the bed, I went for my morning kiss. He urgently kissed me back and pulled me down on top of him. As usual, he ground his hardness up against me. He whispered, "How long have you been awake?"

I glanced at the clock radio and answered, "About two hours."

"Whatchya been doin'?"

"Watching the Marx brothers with your dad, brothers and Corey. I'm sure your mom wants to have us all locked up. I took an amp out to the truck too. I was just getting my basses from under the bed to take out there."

He nodded and hummed then grinned, "You in a hurry?" I shook my head and he started pushing my shorts off me.

I giggled, "You're whole family is awake!"

At first he whined impatiently then growled at the thought of everyone hearing us. He stammered, "But… but…"

I laughed because he wasn't completely awake and couldn't come up with any excuse or reasoning why we should make love. "Are telling me you want my butt?" I playfully asked.

He nodded repeatedly saying, "Your butt and your dick and your fingers and toes too!" I cracked up and he reminded, "We'll be at Jessy's all afternoon and well into tonight. It's either a little now or whole lot later."

I couldn't help myself and regurgitated what I learned from the Marx Brothers. "A little, enough, a lot, a whole lot, too much, it's all the same thing!" His look of confusion was priceless and I explained the scene from the movie on TV. Since I was giggling and recalling the scene in my mind, Keith flipped us over and started grinding himself against me again. In no time, I finished my little recital and fully accepted my lover's advances. The stereo and TV were both turned on loud, the door was locked and my legs were up in the air waiting for the one I love to do those incredible things he does to me.

Attached to one another, we went across the hall and got ready for our day with Jess and her family. After showering, we shaved and put on our aftershaves. Then we went to the kitchen for breakfast. Everyone else had eaten by then so we had cereal, granola bars and juice at the counter. Once in a while though, Corey would start giggling in the living room and Drew would nudge him with an elbow. Keith and I didn't know for sure, but we had a good idea why they were being goofy. If it weren't for John and Keith's parents roaming past now and again, I would've gone to Corey and told him to just wait; if he thought his fun with Drew and a dildo was great, he hadn't experienced anything yet.

With breakfast finished and our dishes loaded in the dishwasher, Keith went to our room to retrieve my basses while I went to the phone to call Jessy. A man answered the phone there, but since I knew Jess had older brothers, I couldn't be sure who exactly it was so I simply asked, "May I speak with Jessy please?"

"Just a moment," the man said and a second later hollered, "Jessica! Phone!" The phone was put down and I heard the clank. It was a while before she picked up the phone. I said, "Hey Jess, its Prez."

"Wassup Red?"

"It's funny you should call me that," I grinned. "I got a bit too much sun Friday. Keith said that I'm fried from head to toe."

Jessy giggled, "Well, he would know. When are you dudes coming over?"

I explained, "Keith and I are just about ready. Mike and Derrick need the bucks so we can get a PA for the dances. They're working and covering for me."

"Well," she began, "my brother's gonna have to play drums all day then. He was looking forward to meeting Derrick."

Keith walked into the kitchen with one guitar case in each hand. I said, "Derrick was looking forward to meeting him too. He wasn't too happy about having to work, but this way; at least you get the better half." Hearing my shot, Keith smiled widely and put the guitar cases down.

She laughed, "When will you be here?"

"Anytime you say it's cool."

"The grill's already started. We should be barbequing soon so anytime is good."

"Great! We'll see you in about twenty or thirty minutes?"

"Okay, see ya soon."

"Awlrighty, see ya. Buh-bye."

She giggled, "Bye," and hung up.

Gliding over to my sexy partner I began a mid-day snack on his earlobe. Giggling at yet another onslaught, Keith carefully wrapped an arm around my back and whispered, "Don't tell me you need more?"

I hummed negatively and softly explained, "You just make me wanna be held. I might be in wet noodle status for a while."

My partner wrapped his other arm around, hugged me tighter and sighed contentedly. After a minute or so, he whispered, "Later, when we notice other folks leaving the party, we'll leave too unless Jess tells us specifically to stay."

"Sounds like a plan," I mumbled into his neck. It was partly the Paco he was wearing that kept me attached to him for a little while longer. It smelled so good on him. When I felt my stupid dick snaking down my leg, I kissed him tenderly then stepped back before Keith noticed. "Assuming we leave relatively early," I wondered, "what do you want to do afterwards?" Keith's grin slowly grew wider until it was a full smile. I laughed, "You've really gotten that Grinch grin down pat!"

He leaned closer and whispered, "I want to just lie in bed cuddling tonight. Now that your sunburn is obviously feeling better, I just need some contact that we didn't get much of the last few days."

"Consider it done," I replied.

"Are you ready to go?" Keith asked. I nodded and picked up one of the two cases off the floor. Keith picked up the other case and we went to the living room where his mom was sitting. "We're heading to Jessy's now," Keith said. "Expect us home around nine, I guess."

Raising her eyebrows, she hummed then said, "An early night? Are you feeling okay?"

We chuckled and nodded. Keith admitted, "Due to sunburn, cuddle time was almost eliminated for two days."

"Another good reason for me to be way more careful," I said before she could get stressed in any way.

Nodding, Mrs. Hundser said, "Have a good time," and returned her attention to the TV.

As we were heading out the door, Drew and Corey walked past the entryway heading for the living room or kitchen.

"That's another reason I want cuddle time," Keith said as we started for my 4Runner.

"What's that babe?"

"In one night I had to deal with too many people crying and your sunburn," Keith admitted. "It took another day, but it's all catchin' up with me. Thankfully it's a rare situation."

Unlocking the truck, I said, "It's time for a visualization lover."

"Yeah," Keith purred and put one bass case into the back. "That would work."

I put the other bass case in the back, closed the tailgate and walked around to the driver's side. Before getting in, I playfully wondered, "Now, how do we get to where we're goin'?"

Keith howled. He leaned back a little then bent in half, disappearing from my view, completely hysterical.

It was an honest question, but seeing Keith's reaction, I slid into the driver's seat and started the engine before he could calm down and take the keys from me. Still giggling, Keith slid into the passenger's seat. Grabbing the seat belt, he turned to me and started laughing again! He couldn't even get the belt connector into the clasp thingy! I reached over and took it from him then locked the seat-belt in place. After getting my own seat-belt clasped, I closed my door and waited for Keith to do the same. Once his door was closed, I pulled away from the curb.

"I know I need to head towards our school and go north on Platt Avenue," I said as Keith caught his breath. "It's near an elementary school, but beyond that, I forget."

Keith directed, "From Platt then turn left at Calvert Street and then right on Lockhurst; Jess's house is on the left, second house from the intersection with Sylvan."

Arriving at Jessy's place about twenty minutes later, we heard music as soon as we stepped out of the 4Runner. We only took the two basses with us around to the back yard. Once Jessy had introduced to her brothers and sister and their spouses, we sat down to eat.

The whole afternoon and well into the night her family was playing music. We played a little gospel, a lot of old jazz since we had a horn section and some Motown favorites. Keith even got up and sang lead on "My Girl" and "Mercy Mercy Me". My lover got lots of compliments not only when he sang lead, but for his harmony vocals as well. When the sun went down we moved the party inside the house. I noticed it was getting late, but no one was leaving for home. About eleven that night, Keith and I started saying goodbye. By the time my gear was stowed in the truck and we got in to drive home, it was almost eleven-thirty.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Returning home from Jessy's Independence Day party much later than expected, Keith and Prez unloaded the bass guitars and amp from the 4Runner's cargo space. While Prez carried the heavy amplifier up the driveway, Keith hurried inside with the two basses. In passing, he noticed his parents, Drew and Corey at the dining room table before going to the bedroom and putting the guitars down. Then he hurried through the house to the garage to open the door for Prez. As the garage door slid up, Keith went to help Prez carry the amp into the garage.

Once the amp was placed in position close to a wall and out of the way, Prez took Keith's hand saying, "We've got two things to do tonight; music theory and visualization. Which would you like to do first?"

Keith hummed and thought aloud, "I'm thinking music theory first. If we do the visualization first, I might not be awake enough to remember much."

"That actually sounds really good," Prez agreed. "And near the end of the visualization, I could add a few music theory concepts."

"To set them in stone," Keith and Prez said in unison. They smiled widely, embraced and started into the house.

Keith said, "The 'rents are with Drew and Corey in the dining room. Let's check on them real quick. If they don't want or need us around, we're gone." Prez nodded and reached to open the door. They stepped inside and passed the dining room, heading for the kitchen.

Mrs. Hundser praised, "I'm so proud of you Drew! How could you know these things?"

Blushing, shrugging and smiling widely, Drew answered, "Dad told me about pro and con lists at least a year ago. I've used them for any decision that had more than a few obvious pros or cons. Brian actually told us both what the deal was. The rest was just me being upset."

Everyone at the table stopped and took notice of Keith and Prez in the kitchen. Prez was pouring Coke into glasses and Keith assured, "If we're in the way, we'll be gone as soon as we get something to drink."

Corey said, "It's okay with me if you stay for a while, if you want."

Drew reminded, "They weren't around yesterday Cor."

"It's okay, they offered to help and I won't turn it down," Corey affirmed. Proud of his boyfriend, Drew wrapped an arm around Corey.

"What's happened?" Prez asked.

There was silence for a few moments until Mr. Hundser explained, "Yesterday afternoon, when Brian and Pete finished discussing his anorexia with Drew and Corey, Drew and Corey had another... discussion. The end result of that talk led to a major change in Corey's perception of the disease."

Corey added, "It's not that everyone's fighting me, they're fighting the disease and what it's doin' to me."

With their sodas in hand, Keith and Prez walked around the table to their usual chairs and sat down.

"There's still work to do and an effort to be made, Corey," Mrs. Hundser reminded.

Corey nodded, "I know. And I still want to be a vegetarian, but the doctor says I should weigh between one hundred twenty and one hundred fifty pounds."

Keith asked, "What's your height and weight now, Corey?"

"So we know what the goal is," Prez added.

"I'm five feet six inches and one hundred and twelve pounds," Corey admitted. "Drew's five feet eight and one hundred thirty-eight pounds."

Drew said, "We found a chart in the book mom gave to Corey. According to that chart, we're thinkin' Corey needs to gain ten to thirteen pounds."

Corey agreed, "Just about one hundred twenty-five pounds. Drew's near the lower part of the range given for a medium framed man."

"Assuming your height remains the same," Dad interjected, "but know that you will be growing so your weight will need to be adjusted accordingly. That's the future though."

"The important part is," Mrs. Hundser said, "Corey now sees that we've never been angry with him. We've been dealing with the disease. That was the main issue and the leap that Corey made, thanks to Drew."

Beaming with pride, Keith wondered, "What did you do, bro?"

From another compliment, Drew blushed and shrugged, "Just what I felt. I had no idea what I was doing or saying really. I only held on to and used Brian's ideas."

Wrapping an arm around Drew, Corey explained, "He reached his limit. I was just about to tell him there was nothing to be afraid of, that everything was fine and I wouldn't die. He made me say what I needed to say."

Prez asked, "And that was?"

"I can't tell if I'm too fat or too skinny. I need help," Corey readily repeated. After the trauma of hearing Drew repeating the phrase so many times, Corey felt he wouldn't ever forget it.

Keith and Prez briefly glanced at each other thinking the same thought: Isn't that what anorexia is, not being able to tell when you're thin enough?

Mrs. Hundser said, "It may seem simple, but we know how hard it was for Corey to say and for Drew to get him to say it."

"So now our combined goal is to make sure Corey eats enough to gain weight slowly," Mr. Hundser explained.

Corey added, "My personal goal is to gain enough so the doctor and psychologist chill out. Then my folks will chill out, and all you guys can too. Then I just have to maintain."

Having the closest relationship to the most doctors and having already discussed the situation with them, Mrs. Hundser explained, "This is going to take time, Corey. If you gain more than a pound or two every week, it could create other problems. And we certainly don't want a relapse. Initially, your weekly appointments will likely be reduced to every other week. Assuming every thing continues to go well, you'll be adjusted to once a month. If you stay on the right path, every three months; then every six months until everyone is happy and assured that you can handle the disease without help."

Prez smiled, "And it's Independence Day weekend! What a way to celebrate and remember, huh Cor?"

"Definitely!" Corey chuckled. "Wait 'til my mom finds out she spent all that money on a shrink for me and it was Drew that did what he couldn't do! I can see her now, banging her head against a brick wall!" Everyone started laughing. Drew was laughing too, but blushing fiercely once again.


style="font-size:1.1em;line-height:1.3em;text-align:justify;">Author's Note: The characters Brian and Pete are used by permission from Dewey of deweywriter.com
Copyright © 2013 TheEggman; All Rights Reserved.
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