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Life Goes On - 19. Chapter 19


Since the camping trip, Corey’s desire for intercourse had dwindled dramatically. Saturday, Corey’s anus was understandably sore. With every bathroom trip, Drew inspected Corey’s bum as requested, worried that perhaps his girth had really hurt him, but there was no visible sign of bleeding, bruising or swelling. Corey enjoyed feeling Drew’s finger carefully checking the outside and the inside. In bed Saturday night, Corey asked for another examination. Drew did so and got carried away, licking and probing his lover’s anus with his tongue for the very first time. Realizing it wasn’t anywhere near as horrible as expected, and that Corey was immensely enjoying it, Drew continued until Corey practically begged for intercourse. Not wanting to hurt Corey’s already sore ass, Drew prompted Corey to ride him so he had control.

Sunday morning Drew instigated oral sex. His plan was to allow Corey to initiate other additional encounters during the course of the day. He figured that would be another great way to build Corey’s confidence and self esteem. When Prez got emotional and was feeling grief again, it was Drew and Corey that prompted the others to show their support. Before lunch break, Randy showed up with his girlfriend, Theresa, and the band played twelve rehearsed songs. With Randy, Theresa, Gil and Ben offering suggestions, Drew and Corey made additional mixer and outboard gear modifications. Randy and Theresa promised to make other Sunday afternoon visits and would try to make the concert too. After the rehearsal that day, and when Prez had left for work, Corey led Drew to the bedroom. As soon as Drew closed the door and locked it, Corey worried, “Are you feeling like I don’t love you anymore?”

Shaking his head, Drew gathered Corey in his arms and whispered, “Not at all, angel. Although it was totally awesome each and every time, we were making love an awful lot.” Drew chuckled, “It was like making up for months of blowjobs only with nine days of mostly anal sex. You made love to me twice Friday night and my bunghole was still twitchin’ yesterday morning. I’m not even sure when it felt better, but comparing my two times to your seven, I can relate with how you must’ve felt. Today, I was totally enjoying working the P.A. with you. I’m really sorry if I didn’t show it enough.”

Squeezing Drew tightly, Corey smiled, “I really do love you, Drew. Last night was beautiful. Do you want to do it only once a day?”

“I want you, Cor,” Drew firmly assured, “When, which way and how much we make love doesn’t matter. Having you with me matters most. I think it’ll be a long while before we try for twelve again though.”

Corey purred, “You’re so awesome.” A few moments later, he confirmed, “We’re still going to my house for the night?” Nuzzling Corey’s cheek, Drew nodded and hummed affirmatively. Corey asked, “Do you want to make love?”

“We are right now,” Drew breathed.

Corey giggled, “We could take our clothes off.”

“I only want to see you naked,” Drew honestly shared. Corey leaned back and searched Drew’s eyes. Taking a page from Drew’s kissing book, Corey placed a series of tender kisses around Drew’s jaw and mouth. Corey lifted Drew’s arms then took his shirt off. Drew got the message and began undressing Corey. Soon, they were lying in bed, naked on their sides, caressing each other. Tracing Corey’s ribs, Drew smiled, “Someday soon, I’m gonna have to search to find your ribs,” and then quickly tickled his boyfriend. Loudly laughing, Corey flinched away. Drew began evilly chuckling. Mooing a warning, Corey rolled over on top of Drew. “This is what I love,” Drew warmly smiled.

Corey smirked, “I’m your tickle toy, huh?”

Drew nodded and chuckled, “And I’m yours, Mister Piggy Muncher!”

Lying down on Drew, Corey contentedly sighed. Drew began tracing his fingers around Corey’s back. Corey cackled, “Don’t you tickle me again!”

Grunting negatively, Drew assured, “I’m memorizing you. I remember you from Christmas. You were much smoother then. This is how I’ll know you’re better, Cor, from touch, not sight.”

“It’s getting me all hot and horny though,” Corey softly giggled.

Drew whispered, “Hump me, angel. I loved it the other night.”

Pushing up to allow their erections to move and then lying down on top of Drew again, Corey softly asked, “What about you?”

“I said, I loved it,” Drew giggled.

Corey immediately dove for Drew’s mouth and passionately kissed him. Sliding his arms under Drew and holding onto his shoulders, Corey began slowly grinding. Drew hummed and cooed, occasionally thrusting his hips up. Overcome with passion and pleasure, Drew purred, “You’re the hottest angel this side of heaven.”

Corey gazed into Drew’s bedroom eyes, certain that the supreme being of the universe broke the mold after creating Drew. In minutes, all Corey wanted was to hold deep kisses with Drew, but they couldn’t breathe well enough. Drew began sucking on Corey’s shoulder. Corey followed similarly. Drew’s hands slid down and cupped Corey’s buns, keeping him firmly in place. Lifting his face off Drew’s shoulder, Corey whimpered, “Omigod! I’m so close.”

Teetering on the precipice and only needing a little more from Corey, Drew knew to slide his fingers in Corey’s crack and teased his hole. Furiously humping, Corey whined, “Yeah, Drew. I love you so much.” Hearing that, Drew quickly lost it. Returning to his senses, Drew was momentarily stunned when Corey began quaking violently in his arms.

Still catching his breath, Drew began chuckling. He soon laughed, “That was incredible!”

Catching his breath, Corey giggled, “I felt you the whole time. I felt your heart beating and your cock throbbing. It was every bit as great as intercourse, maybe even better.”

Agreeing completely, Drew hummed affirmatively then warned, “This will be repeated a lot.” Corey started to move off Drew so they wouldn’t be glued together. Holding Corey in place, Drew whispered, “Stay, angel. We’ll move when we have to shower.”

Corey stole a kiss then propped himself up on his arms and wondered, “Is there anything we can do that’s not awesome?”

Shaking his head, Drew assured, “Nope. Your folks are gonna be in for a surprise tonight.” Corey grinned and tilted his head curiously. Drew smiled, “Tonight, we’ll watch TV with them in the living room, just like this, with you on top of me. I want them to see us. I want to feel you laugh. I want to feel you scared. Whatever it is you’re feeling that’s what I want to feel from you.” To hide his happy tears, Corey quickly hid his face beside Drew’s neck. Running his fingers through Corey’s hair, Drew sighed, “I used to wonder why Keith and Prez spent so much time so close together. I’m not wondering anymore. Its connections, Corey; it starts with kisses and progresses from there. When Prez got sad today, Keith was right there, feeling it from Prez.” He kissed Corey’s cheek then admitted, “I can feel you now, angel. Let me kiss those tears away.”

Into Drew’s neck and shoulder, Corey squeaked, “Really?”

Drew assured, “Really.” Uncertainly, Corey lifted his face. After he had let Drew see his red eyes, Corey closed his eyelids. Drew kissed each eyelid then licked away all the tears off Corey’s cheeks. Corey could only groan. “There,” Drew smiled, “all better now.”

Corey sighed, “I think we’ve got our pet names mixed up. You’re the angel.”

Drew grinned, “Nope, you are, and I’m your stud. Over a year ago, I chose you as much as you chose me. I’m pretty sure it was on February nineteenth, 1997, I met you. Neither of us knew then what would happen. We can swap pet names in a few years, when you’re taller than me.” Corey’s stomach rumbled; Drew heard it and felt it against his belly. Drew giggled, “Do you know how much I love that sound? It feels even better.”

Corey smirked, “Feed me, stud.” Drew softly patted Corey’s butt then dropped his arms to allow Corey to push up off him. As the dried goo between them peeled away, they both groaned and laughed. Since Drew’s parents could arrive back home any time, they dressed then walked out to the kitchen.

“OOPS!” Corey loudly laughed, “I gave you a hickey!” He then gently touched the swollen area on Drew’s neck.

Drew had no chance of seeing it and didn’t care because Corey had a smaller hickey on his shoulder. He told Corey and pointed out his love mark.

Realizing that they had made the trip without holding hands or touching each other, Corey backed Drew against the pantry, stole a kiss then teased, “Just you wait.” Corey stepped back, but Drew wasn’t willing to wait and pulled Corey close against him again then stole his own kiss. Beginning to laugh into their kisses, the game continued, with barely two or three seconds between kisses. About the fourth round, Drew picked Corey up then began licking Corey’s throat like an ice cream cone. Corey howled laughing.

They didn’t hear Jim and Jennifer Hundser walk in the house from the garage. Seeing his parents there and smiling, Drew laughed, “Corey was hungry.”

Jim Hundser scratched his head and teased, “Then why are you the one eating?”

Both boys cracked up and Corey was set down on the floor before he fell. Drew got a granola bar from the pantry and gave it to Corey. Seemingly intent on unwrapping her purchases at the kitchen counter, Jennifer smiled, “If I were to apply Pavlov’s dog theory, it seems that instead of a ringing bell causing hunger, its hunger causing affection.”

Standing behind and with his arms wrapped around Corey’s belly, Drew nodded and giggled, “Yeah, something like that, mom.”

Jennifer noticed the marks on both boys’ necks and teased, “Writing this up as a thesis could get me my Ph.D.”

“As long as you both remember to eat real food,” Jim grinned.

Drew reminded, “We’re having dinner at Corey’s tonight and staying there.”

Jennifer looked at the phone. Seeing no messages waiting, she muttered, “Only John tonight. Planning meals lately is becoming a challenge.”

Leaning against the counter, Jim thought aloud, “Maybe we can stabilize who is around and when?” Becoming a little jittery, Corey swallowed wrong and coughed. Once everyone was certain Corey was alright, Jim asked Jennifer, “How would you like this organized?”

Jennifer shrugged, “A few days in a row would be better than the haphazard situation we have now.” She then picked up the phone. After the second ring, Lanna picked up and the two women greeted each other. Jennifer explained that she had been planning on dinner for five that night, and that Drew and Corey’s schedules needed to be adjusted in a more long term, organized fashion. Drew and Corey watched each other and listened with great interest.

On the other end of the phone line, Lanna Seaver sighed, “I agree, but I must admit, I’m slightly biased.”

“How so?” Jennifer wondered.

“For months I’ve been watching Corey and Drew as anyone else might see them, removing the blinders every mother occasionally wears,” Lanna explained. “Since school ended, and even more since Corey’s hospital visit, it’s Drew that’s been amazing; he’s gone from quiet and reserved to more vocal and determined.” Jennifer hummed agreement, realizing that Drew and Corey seemed extraordinarily interested in the conversation. Lanna said, “Bill and I have been wondering how we can make our own lives easier, knowing whose eating and sleeping where and when. We’ve also been considering alternatives appropriate for both families as well as our young couple.”

Jennifer asked, “What have you discussed?”

Lanna offered, “Perhaps splitting weeks in half before school begins again? We could take Sunday nights through Tuesday nights, since they’re here using the pool almost daily. Wednesday through Saturday nights there, however there is still the issue of Corey’s Friday doctor appointments. They would continue beyond early September, until the doctor releases Corey.”

Jennifer said, “Getting Corey to his Friday appointments wouldn’t be much of a problem. They could go with me to work and I’d drop them off. Getting them back home again would present challenges.”

Lanna asked, “How would bus tickets sound to you?” She quickly admitted, “I’m not too thrilled with the idea either, but I can’t continue taking time off work. The boys’ being together makes it much safer though.”

Jennifer smiled, “Yes; that would work. Keith or Preston might be available too, so we could work it either way.”

Relieved, Lanna smiled, “Even better; the boys could work that out together. Once school starts, would you consider a full week here followed by a full week there?”

Jennifer hummed then confirmed, “Corey’s Friday appointment would be changed to afternoons again?”

Humming affirmatively, Lanna offered, “I could arrange appointments around four-thirty; that would give them plenty of time to get to the doctor in Santa Monica. I could possibly pick them up or, since the doctor’s office is close to your hospital, perhaps you could?”

After another brief pause, she nodded, “Yes; that would work out fine. They could leave from school, see the doctor, and then I would be able to bring them home.”

More relieved and relaxing, Lanna cheered, “That would be even better. City buses aren’t exactly the safest.” She then giggled, “I had mentioned to Corey and Drew that I intended to discuss this with you. I told them to allow the parents to discuss it. Please tell me they didn’t say anything? That would be disappointing, causing Bill and I to believe they hadn’t grown up as much as they seem to have.”

Eyeing Drew and Corey suspiciously, Jennifer smirked, “They didn’t say a word. They’re standing close by, pretending that they’re not eavesdropping.” Knowing the secret was now out, Drew and Corey giggled.

Lanna said, “We’ll all need to sit down together and discuss this in more detail. Knowing how to prepare meals is only part of the concern going forward. There are also school grades to consider and what needs to be done if grade point averages drop, or if Corey’s recovery is slowed by something we wouldn’t necessarily see; a lover’s spat and emotions could create either problem.”

Jennifer nodded, “Appropriate ramifications need to be agreed upon.”

“They would be separated under either condition,” Lanna quickly said. “Education is almost as important as health. They both seem to understand that they’re being watched; at least I’ve warned them that children are treated as such. If they can act responsibly, as young adults should, then there won’t be many concerns.”

Jennifer smiled, “I couldn’t agree more.”

Lanna asked, “We’ll begin our new schedules immediately,” she giggled, “for our young newlyweds?”

“Yes, it would be easier for all of us,” Jennifer offered, and then said, “Thanks, Lanna. Have a good night. Goodbye.”

Hanging up the phone, Jennifer turned to Jim, saying, “Lanna and Bill have already been considering how to organize our sons. What Lanna agreed to was Sundays through Tuesdays there for the next few weeks. After school starts, they’d start spending full weeks at each home.” Ecstatic, Drew and Corey flew into each other’s arms. Jennifer turned to them and smiled, “We’ll be having several school related conversations and at least another one or two regarding the doctor appointments.” She then warned, “The first drop in grade point average or bad news from a doctor, and you’ll be split up, back to your own homes until the next report that shows improvement.”

Both boys rapidly nodded. Corey wondered, “What about the summer doctor appointments, mom? We’d go to work with you, but then what?”

Jennifer sighed, “I can’t leave work for two or more hours to drive you home every Friday morning. We’ll see if Keith and Preston are willing to pick you up. If not, we’ll get you bus tickets home. When school starts again, the doctor appointments can be changed to late afternoon. Depending on the actual appointment time, Lanna may or may not be able to drive you there. If she can’t, we’re back to Keith and Preston or bus tickets. You would then meet me at the hospital to drive back home.”

Moving to the dining room table and sitting, Jim pulled out a nearby chair then prompted, “Have a seat, boys.”

Drew led Corey to the table and pulled him onto his lap. Seeing Drew’s parents smile at this, Corey blushed and giggled. Drew grinned, “Think of me like a scale. I can tell when Corey’s better this way.”

Grinning and nodding, Jim said, “I’m sure you know where you’re at, but let me remind you, lover’s quarrels do happen. You’re working as a team to beat the anorexia. The same will become true for school and homework. I know you’re both looking forward to high school baseball. Did I hear something about the swim team again?”

Corey nodded, “Drew wants me to and I think I might be good enough to make the team.”

Jennifer firmly said, “Doctors and school first though, Corey.”

Drew asked, “So, if practices or swim meets interfere with either school or doctor appointments, then it can’t happen?” Both his parents nodded. Drew told Corey, “It’s no biggie. You don’t like working out with weights. Swimming was an alternative that you’re already good at, Cor. If you can join and make the team without interferences, great; if you can’t, oh well, we’ll find something else instead.”

Corey shrugged, “We could still use my pool until it’s simply too cold.”

Seeing that the topic was complete, Jim reminded, “We’d appreciate a little more notice so we can plan meals. A day in advance would be nice. Also remember, most disagreements can be dealt with by asking for opinions, but quarrels are to be kept private.”

Drew nodded and assured, “We’re there already, dad.”

Corey agreed, “We’ve already had misunderstandings. We deal with most of ‘em by ourselves. Keith and Prez helped some too.”

Taking Corey’s hand, Drew smiled, “This is what we want. We’ll make it work, for our benefit and everybody’s.”

Jennifer smiled, “Week one, day one; get yourselves ready for three days and nights across town.” Corey got up and never let go of Drew’s hand. They walked to Drew’s bedroom and got ready to leave, excitedly rambling about how awesome everything was working out. Minutes later, they were back in kitchen. Kissing Jennifer’s cheeks and hugging Jim, they said goodbye and reminded they would be back Wednesday by dinner time.

At this time, Mike borrowed Prez’s cell phone to call home. He had to know if there were two new animals in his mom’s house. At his next opportunity, he went out on the Black Angus loading dock. Mike learned from Lindsay that a female black shorthair kitten and a male mixed breed, Labrador-Boxer puppy had been adopted, but neither would be brought home until the next weekend. Those were the rules the shelter had for adoptions. Every evening, Mike’s mom and sister would go back to the shelter to visit their new pets. That was all Mike needed to know, but his sister was rambling on about how cute the kitten and puppy were. The kitten and puppy had already met at the shelter. The kitten had wacked the puppy across the snout for playing too rough, but from that point on, they were good together. Needing to get back to work, Mike had to cut his sister short, said goodbye and hung up.

For the rest of the night, Mike, Derrick and Prez joked about the chaos about to erupt in the Gibbons’ home. Mike also asked Prez for details on how Rush was trained. Every trip to the dishwasher was more discussion on housetraining, getting the puppy to always relieve himself in the same location to make cleanups easier, collar and leash training and the basics of being a pack leader.

As previously promised, Drew watched TV with Corey completely draped over him on the carpeted floor in the Seavers’ living room. The first movie they watched was Volcano. Mostly, the flick was unrealistic and funny. Only when the Metro Line worker sacrificed himself in a pool of lava, Corey groaned, “What a way to go!” and covered his eyes.

Drew felt Corey’s heartbeat seemingly double in a matter of seconds. Rubbing his lover’s back, Drew softly assured, “It’s all over, Cor.”

The second movie was Dante’s Peak, a flick they both had seen before. Drew didn’t want to see the geologist trapped in a truck under a mountain again, but since they mostly liked it and Corey’s parents hadn’t seen it, they remained on the floor. As the dreaded scene approached, Corey felt Drew’s heartbeat quicken. During that final minute or so before the entrapment, Corey thought Drew was having a heart attack; his chest was pounding so furiously. “Look at me,” Corey softly ordered. Scared to death and lightly perspiring, Drew locked eyes with Corey. “It’s not real, Drew. I’d never let that happen to you. You’re safe, right here with me,” Corey reassured.

Extremely claustrophobic, Drew gulped and begged, “Kiss me?” Corey did so and Drew closed his eyes to block out the traumatic section of the movie and concentrated on Corey’s tongue darting in and out of his mouth. Hearing the final rescue scene in progress, Corey broke the kiss. Drew smiled and whispered, “Thanks, Cor.”

Feeling Drew’s incredibly fast heartbeat begin to slow, Corey pushed up off him. He told his parents, “We’re gonna swim for a while before bed.”

Bill Seaver nodded, “Be quiet and careful. We’ve got work tomorrow.”

Standing and offering Drew a hand up off the floor, Corey smiled, “Drew needs some air.”

During their dinner break together, Prez told Mike, “Keith’s dad had two dogs when he was growing up. The first was an unruly female Irish Setter. That kind of dog needs acres to run. One day, when the dog was only five, she was hit by a car. Dad was only seven. The next dog, about a year later, was a Collie named Sam. Keith’s dad was the primary care giver and trainer. With that dog, dad learned hand signals to help train the dog. It actually turned out well. When Sam got older, he went deaf and the hand signals were the only way to communicate with him. He also taught Sam to run alongside a bike. I tried it with Rush, but he didn’t even like walking beside a bike. The important thing is consistency; everybody doing the same thing, the same way, every time. At the Hundsers’, it was easy with Rush because they knew it from Aldo.”

Mike grinned, “Aldo was so cool, dude. He was a little mixed breed, maybe fifteen or twenty pounds, mostly brown hair with a little black and white mixed in. He’d bark like crazy at a knock on the door, but was everybody’s friend. He used to take running leaps for Keith or Drew. They’d catch him and be licked to death before putting him back on the floor. He just knew it was cool and never did it to John or Keith’s parents.”

Prez smirked, “If Rush ever leaped at us like that, we’d be knocked on our asses.” Suddenly, there was a commotion at the dumpster. A cat proudly strutted out with a small rat in its mouth, causing Prez and Mike to applaud and cheer.

Mike chuckled, “I wonder if my mom will let the cat outdoors? With both a dog and a cat around, we’ll never have pest problems.

They went back to the dining room, noticing Terry hanging around the bar doing nothing, then grabbed full bus-buckets, meeting back at the dishwasher with Derrick. The conversation continued as before, about Aldo.

About eleven o’clock, as they were gathering tips and the night’s work was completing, Prez overheard the two bartenders, a waiter and three waitresses complaining about Terry. He went on his way to the kitchen with another bus bucket, thinking, “Your ass is grass, Terry. I hope you’ve got another job lined up. Totally green and not knowing the job, Keith can run rings around you.”

Only minutes later, walking out through the kitchen with Derrick and Mike, Prez called Keith’s cell phone, knowing he would be waiting alone in Agoura Hills. When Keith answered, Prez smiled, “Hey babe, we’re on our way.”

“Cool,” Keith cheered, “There was nothin’ else on TV so I popped in a video, An American In Prague.”

Recognizing the title as a Bel Ami porn flick, Prez laughed, “I’m going to be ravaged!”

Keith giggled, “Oh yeah, ya are, sexy. They’re giving me ideas.”

“Press pause and take a cold shower,” Prez chuckled. “Fifteen minutes, lover.”

“Hurry,” Keith deliberately panted, wanting Prez to believe he was on the edge.

“I am,” Prez assured and then said, “Buh-bye, babe.”

Keith disconnected the call and briefly sniggered at himself.

Prez told Derrick and Mike, “Keith’s watching Bel Ami’s An American In Prague. We need to hurry.”

Sliding into the driver’s seat of the 442, Derrick evilly chuckled. Mike smirked and slowly shook his head then muttered, “What the fuck was he thinking; watching porn alone?” The 442 and the 4Runner matched traffic on the side streets and on the 101 North, heading for Doug and Brian’s place. On the 101, they were doing seventy-five in a fifty-five zone, but some cars were still passing them on the left.

In the Seavers’ back yard, two skinny dippers were enjoying a warm night and each other. Drew had just explained how terrified he became anytime he felt confined. Arm-in-arm, spinning slowly around the pool, Corey shared, “I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt to help you, even that little bit.”

“I needed it,” Drew admitted, “another few seconds and I would’ve pushed you off me then roamed around, looking for an escape from nothing.”

Corey wondered, “Do you know why you get that way?”

“No,” Drew answered. “All my mom could say was, at birth, I was in a rush to get out. I was her shortest and easiest delivery. As a baby, I never liked being tucked into bed and would scream bloody murder in confining clothes.”

Corey hummed then grinned, “But you’ll let me lay on you or bend you in half to make love.”

Drew smiled, “That’s you, angel. Ask Keith, John or Prez; I’ve begged each of ‘em to let me go. People will let go; a mountain crushing a car won’t care how loud I scream. The Northridge earthquake sent me to the bathroom for a mass evacuation.”

Corey giggled and nodded, “The hour and power outage is what scared the piss outta me.”

Needing air again, Drew let go of Corey. He swam to the side of the pool and hoisted himself up to sit on the edge. Following, Corey remained in the pool, but held onto Drew’s knees to softly ask, “Have you ever felt confined or anything making love?”

Shaking his head, Drew replied, “No, not on my back or on my belly; not with you riding me or any other way. I never even think of it, Cor. Put me in a crowded room or elevator though, and I can’t get out fast enough.”

Resting his head on his arms across Drew’s knees, Corey wondered, “How did you feel in the backseat of the 4Runner? That was a pretty tight squeeze with Rush back there.”

“I didn’t think about it at all,” Drew smiled, “I had you there to nibble on.”

Corey giggled then asked, “Earlier today, with me lying on you, no problems?”

Drew shook his head, saying, “There’s no rhyme or reason to it at all. I have no reason to fear Keith, John or Prez, but I can’t wrestle with them or anyone else; wrestling with you though, no problem.”

Corey muttered, “I wish I could help more.”

Drew softly smiled, “Remember Corey, today its anorexia; tomorrow it’s the flu, or any of a dozen different minor things, including jock itch.” Corey insanely giggled. Drew grinned, “If you need it, you’d better believe I’ll be the one rubbing ointment on your crotch. You’ll be the only one I’ll ask for help, if that happens to me. You don’t need to feel you have to return any favor with me, not anymore. I’m way past that, Cor.”

Corey grinned, “Why are you skinny dippin’ tonight? What did I do?”

Drew smirked, “You thought I didn’t love you. This is a reminder that I do.”

Corey nodded then wondered, “Yesterday, when I was getting out of the shower, Keith seemed a little freaked out. Did you see or am I just being paranoid?”

Shrugging, Drew replied, “I dunno; I didn’t notice Keith. I did notice Prez seemed fine in every way. If ya want, I’ll ask Keith first chance I get?”

“Let me ask him,” Corey offered. He then asked, “When do you think I’ll start looking better?”

Drew sighed, “Maybe ten pounds might be enough to see something. Let’s ask the doc that on Friday. I haven’t seen him check your height. Does he do that?”

Corey nodded, “Once a month; not this Friday, but the first Friday in August he’ll check again.” Unable to take Drew’s handsome penis staring at him any longer, Corey reached for it, causing Drew to roll his eyes and giggle. With his mouth already watering, Corey grinned, “Do you want me to? Nobody will see.”

Drew smiled, “I’m sure not gonna just sit here while you suck me. We can go inside or wait ‘til later.”

“Ya know, I think you’ve got a perfect dick,” Corey giggled.

Drew cackled, “You’ve been comparing?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” Corey easily admitted, “a glance here, another there, that porn tape the other night. Some hang way too long, too short or are too fat or veiny, but yours is perfect, limp and erect, the head, the shaft, and the whole thing.”

Even though Corey was only holding his dick, Drew felt his heart begin to race and his dick engorging with blood. He offered, “I love your dick too, angel. It’s just as perfect to me, more so cos you’re uncut.”

Shaking his head, Corey grunted negatively then explained, “Yours being cut is what I like. I can see the most important part all the time. I can dock with you too.”

Drew loudly laughed then quickly covered his mouth. He softly giggled, “You’re trying to make me hard, aren’t you?”

Corey nodded and sighed, “I’ve been getting harder since you sat here and we started talking.” Shaking his head sadly yet still widely smiling, Corey admitted, “I’m stiff as a board now.”

“Let’s go inside then.”

“Only if you’re ready.”

“If you can wait, so can I.”

“I’m fine, Drew. I like being naked with you all the time.”

“We need to make a new rule,” Drew grinned, “whoever is naughtiest, gets to be top first.”

Corey giggled, “Then I’d always be top first.”

“That’s right,” Drew chuckled.

Corey mooed then sang, “You’re being naughty.”

Drew chuckled, “You were naughtier first and you’re still holding my dick.”

“Tell me to let it go,” Corey dared.

Rolling his eyes, Drew sarcastically joked, “Then you can chop off both my arms too.”

“We’d better go inside then,” Corey grinned.

As soon as Corey and Drew got in Corey’s bedroom, the damp boardies were taken off and Drew got his cell phone out of his backpack. Mike had asked for a reminder call that Drew and Corey needed to be picked up in the morning from the Seavers’. There was no answer so Drew left a message. With that task out of the way, Drew and Corey could make love.

In Agoura Hills, Keith had Prez on his belly. He was licking and nibbling every square inch of his lover. Mike and Derrick took a shower together and made love there. Stepping out and beginning to towel off, they noticed that Keith was working over the back of Prez’s left knee. Prez loudly laughed, “Oh God, Keith!”

Together, Mike and Derrick chanted, “Six!” making it obvious they were keeping count of Prez’s passionate cries. Keith only briefly chortled then moved to taste the back of the right knee. Completely dry and hungry, Mike and Derrick passed through the bedroom on their way to the kitchen. Keith was straddling Prez’s torso, preventing him from moving very far.

Becoming delirious, Prez demanded, “Fuck me, Keith!”

Mike chanted, “Seven.”

Derrick giggled, “Nope, Prez rarely uses the ‘F’ word; that counts as two.”

Together, they hollered, “Eight!” from the kitchen.

While Derrick browsed the fridge, Mike smirked, “We have to hide the porn from Keith. Otherwise, Prez may not survive until August. We need our bassist, Dee.”

Pulling out bread, margarine and cheese, Derrick closed the fridge door and chuckled, “He’ll survive; a little loopier than before, but alive and still…”

Loud knocking came from the bedroom, presumably Prez’s fists against the headboard, and Prez roared another string of expletives.

“Ten,” Mike and Derrick softly snickered, and began making grilled cheese sandwiches.

Keith warned, “Your toes are next.”

“JEEEZUS, KEITH!” Prez hollered.

Mike confirmed, “Eleven?” Derrick nodded and giggled. Mike began tracing the contours of Derrick’s right shoulder and upper arm, softly reminding, “Once we’ve eaten, you’re desert, Dee.”

Derrick grinned, “Don’t I get any desert?”

Mesmerized by the feel of Derrick’s muscles, Mike hummed affirmatively then assured, “Anything ya like.” He then suggested, “While they’re away, ya wanna try for twelve?”

Derrick shrugged, “As long as we can do other stuff, Lick.”

Mike thoughtfully hummed, “Weekdays, mom’s at work. If my sister isn’t around, it might be just you, me, Drew and Corey.”

“Ben?” Derrick reminded.

“Not a problem,” Mike grinned, “we’ll tell him what our plan is.”

Flipping the sandwiches in the pan, Derrick smirked, “The dude’s probably beatin’ his meat raw. He needs a boyfriend.”

Mike nodded, “In time. If Howard doesn’t work out, maybe he’ll be confident enough to make some moves on his own, once school starts.” There was quiet from the master bedroom and Mike cupped a hand around his ear. He then leaned closer to whisper in Derrick’s ear, “I never would’ve guessed Keith could be that patient or that much of a tease. That was a good half hour of foreplay.”

Derrick grinned, “You don’t think I could crawl over you that long?”

“I’d love to find out,” Mike playfully admitted.

“Pick a day,” Derrick prompted.

Mike smiled, “Lovers first; any day or all three, as far as I’m concerned.”

“It’s almost midnight,” Derrick reminded.

At first, Mike thought twelve would be easy in a twenty-four hour day. Reaching a better conclusion, Mike softly giggled, “Wouldn’t it burn their asses if we did it more than twelve times?”

Evilly snickering, Derrick began slowly chanting, “Sex, eat, sex, nap, sex, jam,” and then repeated it, faster and faster, until Mike cracked up, and shuffled to stand behind him. Wrapping his arms around Derrick, Mike caressed the smooth chest and flat tummy that made his blood boil. Derrick giggled, “You’re being bad. The smoke alarms will wail.”

“Just wanna touch you, Dee.”

Derrick nodded, “Any time ya want, Lick. Mister Happy says it feels fantastic.”

Reaching down, Mike found Mister Happy pointing towards the ceiling. He let go of Derrick’s cock and sighed, “No smoke alarms tonight.”

Derrick leaned back and joked, “Only from the bedroom.” Mike stole an awkward kiss then nodded. Checking the sandwiches, Derrick nodded and turned the burner off. Mike released him; got two plates from the cupboard and held each out for Derrick. Taking two plates with two sandwiches each to the table, Mike pulled out chairs then sat down. After dropping the pan in the sink, Derrick grabbed a bottle of Sprite from the fridge then joined Mike at the table. The noise from the bedroom was doing nothing to relax Derrick’s stiffy. He went to the stereo, found the first Asia CD and popped it in to shuffle play.

As Derrick returned to the table, Mike smiled at Derrick’s choice. In Mike’s opinion, Asia tunes were much cooler than Yes or Emerson Lake and Palmer or King Crimson. After a few moments, Mike smiled, “Ya know, we could play this tune.”

Derrick swallowed then chuckled, “Add a big gong to my kit now. That’s another grand, Lick.”

Stunned, Mike’s head bobbed and his eyes rapidly blinked. “Jesus, dude,” Mike gasped, “All your stuff is so friggin’ expensive.”

Derrick grinned, “That’s for a decent Zildjian gong. For a Paiste, make it about three grand.”


“Choose a different tune,” Derrick smiled around the sandwich he was about to bite into.

The next song that played was Without You. In between sandwich bites, Derrick did some table drumming. They both nodded and wordlessly agreed it could be done, maybe even in time for the concert. Together, they chanted, “Prez.”

Derrick giggled, “He would love singing a ballad like this.”

“We need him singing more.”

“We need you singing more lead vocals too. You’re singing lots of background and harmony, but few leads. At the concert, you’ll sing lead on only The Road and Wonderful Tonight. I’m not happy about that. Prez has two, plus one duet with Keith. Shaun has two, Jess has one and a duet with you; I have three. Out of twenty-two songs, Keith’s singing lead on twelve tunes, dude.”

“There are eight ballads too. That’s cool only if we’re the last act of the day. If we’re first though, it’s too much. We need to be prepared for a few alternate rockers, but keep maybe four of the ballads. Takin Care Of Business is simple. We tripped into that briefly today without even trying. Throw Forever Man in there too. I sing lead on both those tunes.”

Derrick nodded, “It only needs some polish, as a band.”

“We could talk Prez into the ZZ Top tunes we already know.” Suddenly, over the sound of the stereo, it was obvious that Keith was getting some and Mike helplessly cracked up. “I always thought Keith would primarily be a top,” Mike giggled.

Shaking his head, Derrick grinned, “That ain’t faked, dude. They flip-flop for no reason other than liking it.”

Finished eating, they took their plates to the dishwasher. Deciding to leave the stereo on, the lights were turned off and they went to the master bedroom. Derrick made good on his promise to devour Mike. Soft purring and giggles turned to cooing and laughter that became gasps and groans. Keith cuddled next to Prez and rested his head on his lover’s chest during a short breather. Keith watched his best friend get more enthused. Prez watched his best friend go hog wild, eating Mike alive. The only thing Derrick did as Keith had was straddle Mike so he couldn’t move until Derrick was finished with the last tiny toe. During another quiet spell, around two in the morning, Keith retrieved Mike and Derrick’s dildo, innocently asking if they wanted it back. That started the third hour long round of love making.

After staying awake and making love until about three-thirty in the morning, nine o’clock arrived and the alarm clock rang far too loudly. Four very tired teenagers gathered in the huge shower. Dressing for the day, Keith and Prez promised they would be returning to Agoura Hills on Wednesday night, probably around ten or eleven. Derrick passed Prez the Asia CD and encouraged him to listen and learn lyrics. Hugs and kisses traveled around the four inseparable band mates and best friends, now separating for the first extended period since school ended.

Keith and Prez went home to repack then wait on Brian and Pete’s arrival from Phoenix. Derrick and Mike drove to the Seavers’ home to pickup Drew and Corey then went to Mike’s house for rehearsal.

Finished packing for three days and with extra clothes, Keith remembered, “Brian and Pete said they would leave Phoenix early.”

“So they wouldn’t have to drive through the desert during the hottest part of the day,” Prez nodded.

Keith asked, “Would you mind making a run to the mall alone, baby?” He smirked and explained, “Murphy’s Law says they would arrive while we’re both still at the mall.”

Heading back to the dresser, Prez smiled, “We have to get cameras still.” Prez counted out five-hundred dollars of the money Mike and Derrick had re-paid so he could get a digital camera. According to Prez’s Uncle John, that would be sufficient for a decent Sony model, memory sticks and batteries. Keith reached in his back pocket for his wallet and gave Prez fifty bucks for a Polaroid and extra film. Prez giggled, “You still want pictures of my pubes?” Enthusiastically, Keith rapidly nodded his head then reached his hand into Prez’s boardies to cop a feel. Prez’s eyes softened and he whispered, “You were incredible last night, babe.”

Keith stole a kiss before pulling his hand out of Prez’s shorts and admitted, “I love making you feel good, Prez. Everything I got in return was as much as I needed.”

Prez sighed, “I’d better go before I get full wood and we start all over again.” He gave Keith a tender kiss then promised, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Keith walked out to the 4Runner with Prez. Leaning into the car and placing a hand on Prez’s left bicep, Keith stole another kiss then reminded, “You know what kind of trouble I can get into if left alone too long.”

Prez chuckled, “I know, lover. An hour or less, okay?”

Stepping back from the door, Keith smiled, “Be safe, baby. See ya soon.”

Prez nodded, “Always,” then closed the car door and pulled away.

Walking back into the house, Keith decided to let Rush inside. Rush searched the house for Prez’s whereabouts then returned to the bedroom where Keith was confirming their route on the Internet. The dog sat and stared at Keith. “What?” Keith grinned. “Prez went to the store. I don’t like being separated either, but it had to be this time.” With his nose, Rush knocked Keith’s arm over his head, signaling that he wanted pets.

Prez knew Keith and considered walking back into the house then directly to their bedroom with the cameras. He would strip and allow Keith get the photos of his ass, dick and pubes out of the way. Walking into the mall, it dawned on Prez that he would be confined for six hours or more during the drive. Somehow, they had to find safe ways of doing something more than drive and talk. The alternative would be a very steamy arrival at Yosemite. Assuming they could be on their way around noon, they could grab lunch to go and arrive around dinner time. Walking into Walgreen’s, Prez found the Polaroid camera that Keith wanted, added extra film and batteries for the trip, and then went to compare digital camera prices at several stores.

The Sony cameras were hundreds more than Prez was prepared or willing to spend. The best camera he found was a Kodak DC260. It had 1.5 megapixels and could capture 1536 by 1024 images. He got extra batteries and memory sticks. That’s what he walked out of the mall with.

After being on the road for the entire morning, Brian and Pete arrived at the Hundsers’ needing to stretch their legs. Keith greeted them warmly then offered seats and cold drinks. Denying both, Brian and Pete explained what they needed then began doing stretches and deep knee bends. Keith asked them about their time in Phoenix.

About fifteen minutes later, Rush greeted Prez in the entryway. Prez then saw Keith, Brian and Pete, lined up on the living room carpet doing Marine-style pushups; clapping their hands every time they pushed up off the floor. They were all shirtless and muscles were rippling. All Prez could think was of three nights alone with three gorgeous hunks. They could conceivably be the first people ever thrown out of a National Park for having very noisy sex. Prez chuckled, “You three workout and I get sweaty. Why is this?”

“Brian said he could do fifty,” Keith panted. Pete continued to count.

Brian huffed, “And Keith said he never tried to do more than twenty-five.”

Sitting on the loveseat, Prez rapidly took his new digital camera out of its packaging then followed the quick-start instructions. About the time Keith, Brian and Pete reached thirty pushups; Prez crouched down then snapped the first photo of them, above the floor and clapping their hands. He then walked around to the dining room, by their feet, and got another shot of their back muscles and butts. Pressing the menu button, Prez put the camera in movie mode.

Knowing his lover’s wicked ways, but unsure why the camera was making a strange sound, Keith laughed, “What’re ya doin’, Prez?”

Prez teased, “This takes short MPEG movies too. George Duroy, eat your heart out.”

All three began laughing. Giving up, Keith collapsed at thirty-seven. Pete gave up at thirty-nine. Brian continued toward his goal of fifty. Keith went to Prez and got a kiss then the bag with his Polaroid. Seeing that there were three extra packages of film in the sack, Keith leered at his lover. Understanding the message behind Keith’s leer, Prez giggled.

Pete grinned at them then suggested, “Let’s see the pics, Prez.” Fumbling through the controls to review his photos, Prez soon found the correct setting. Seeing the first picture, Pete smiled, “Nice action shot; we look like we’re floating.” At the next picture, Pete chuckled at Prez then checked Keith’s attempt at an innocent expression.

Keith chuckled, “Maybe I should’ve warned you before? Prez is my smokin’ hot sex-machine.”

Blushing and smiling, Prez nodded then advanced the photo review. The MPEG began playing. A few seconds in, something flesh-colored moved close by the bottom left corner of the video. Pete joked, “That was a finger, wasn’t it?” Keith, Prez and Brian cracked up, the latter collapsing to the floor and playfully complaining because he had only gotten forty-seven pushups completed. Prez showed Brian the two photos and the movie.

Glancing between Brian and Pete, Prez wondered, “Have you guys eaten?” After both had replied that they hadn’t, Prez suggested, “That’s our first stops then, for food and fuel.”

Pete nodded, “I need another fill-up too.” Brian smiled at Pete then looked away, whistling a cheery melody. Pete nudged his partner and chuckled, “Brian! Be good.”

Evilly grinning, Brian reminded, “I didn’t say a word.”

Prez and Keith laughed. Pete sighed, “You didn’t need to, baby.”

Keith asked, “Does anyone need anything else here?”

“Only the bathroom,” Brian replied. Taking Pete’s hand in his, they started down the hall together.

Keith wondered, “Do you want to take my car or yours, Prez?”

Prez shrugged, “I only assumed we’d take my car. In three months, it’s barely got three-thousand miles on it, babe.”

Keith nodded and smiled, “That’s fine, I only asked so we could save a few bucks on gas.”

“Do you want to take the first leg driving, or shall I?” Prez asked.

Keith replied, “I thought I’d take the second half, or take over whenever you get tired. I could read about both our cameras.”

Prez confirmed, “The 101 to the 405 North then onto I-5 North?”

Keith smiled, “Excellent.”

Slithering close to his lover, Prez whispered, “I was thinking of something we could do in the car for six hours.”

“I’ll bet you were,” Keith giggled.

Bouncing his red eyebrows playfully, Prez teased, “Ya know what would be safest and the very best?” and then whispered his plan to Keith. Breaking into a fit of giggles upon hearing his lover’s evil idea, Keith pulled back nodding then pulled Prez against him for a passionate kiss. Feeling Keith’s growing hardness and the desperation in Keith’s kiss, Prez understood Keith was very willing and able.

Keith smiled, “Soon after we get on I-5 and get past the grapevine, we should be cool.”

Not understanding, Prez wondered, “The grapevine?”

“It’s a mountain pass about an hour’s drive north,” Keith explained. “Part of it is the old Tejon pass, used by settlers in the eighteen-hundreds. During the spring, summer and autumn, there’s no problem, but during the winter it’s treacherous. The mountain is over four thousand feet; it’ll snow there when it’s barely drizzling in the San Joaquin or San Fernando valleys. This time of year, they’ll have the signs posted to turn off our air conditioner. A single overheated car in the pass can literally fuck up the whole section of freeway for hours.” He then grinned, “It’s gonna get plenty hot in the car driving through the pass and then again, shortly thereafter.”

Prez worried, “Are there any other sections of this trip worth mentioning?”

Keith shook his head and smiled, “The last part, driving down mountains into Yosemite Valley. In between, there are flat farmlands and barren spaces, broken up by towns and smaller cities, like Bakersfield and Fresno.”

Brian and Pete came out of the bathroom then Keith and Prez took a quick turn to pee and wash their hands. They grabbed their sunglasses off the dresser. Prez called Rush to stay in the bedroom. Rush went into his crate, found a rawhide then lay down and gnawed. After closing the bedroom door, Keith and Prez returned to the living room. Keith confirmed, “Got my cell phone.”

Prez nodded, “Mine too,” and then asked Brian and Pete, “All set?”

Pete asked, “Where to first?”

“There’s a 76 gas station right on Topanga Canyon,” Prez replied, and grabbed one of the two backpacks.

Keith added, “There’s an In-and-Out Burger on Ventura Boulevard, only about a mile from Topanga Canyon. We’ll drive-thru and then we’re on our way from there.”

Having been made aware of Prez’s directional difficulties, Brian grinned and asked, “You guys know where you’re going?”

Picking up his own backpack, Keith nodded, “Its easy; 101South to the 405 North to the 5 north. Then it’s state highways 99 and 41, right into the park.”

Heading for the door with Brian, Pete smiled, “You lead and we’ll follow. If we need to pull over for anything, you’ll see my headlights flashing behind you.”

Keith and Prez chirped, “Cool.”

Keith added, “We’ll see ya in a few minutes, dudes.”

At Mike’s house, the band had spent the morning working on The Road, I Need To Know, Mary Jane’s Last Dance, Wonderful Tonight and Give Me One Reason. It was break time and everyone was out by the pool deciding on lunch. The choice was close to becoming Subway until Derrick and Mike chose Burger King, so that Corey could get a salad and broiled chicken sandwich. Jessy, Drew and Corey went on this food run, leaving Derrick and Mike with Ben, Gil and Shaun. With an opportunity for fifteen minutes alone with Derrick presented, Mike explained his needs and a brief summary of Keith’s and Prez’s new record, unaware that Drew and Corey were also co-record holders. Shaun and Gil couldn’t believe anyone could make love twelve times in a single day, even if it was mixed anal and oral. Derrick promised Gil and Shaun their own fifteen minutes of play time then quickly led Mike into the house.

Blushing fiercely, Ben giggled, “Are you dudes gonna?”

After checking with Gil and receiving a deviously wide smile, Shaun chuckled, “Sure.”

Ben muttered, “I hope I get a boyfriend too, someday,” then dove in the pool from the diving board.

Shaun and Gil followed. After a minute or two, Shaun asked Ben, “Have you been scoping any dudes out?”

Ben nodded and softly admitted, “Only one who was already spoken for.”

Gil encouraged, “Keep lookin’, dude. I had no idea Shaun was gay. A mutual friend introduced us.”

Shaun fervently nodded, “It’s been the best. Every simple little experience becomes special when you’ve got the right one.”

Gil blushed and chuckled, “The dude that comes out to his parents for you deserves to be trusted.” Feeling blood rushing to his face, Shaun stopped paddling and kicking then submerged. Gil pointed down at Shaun and grinned at Ben, “He’s the one. Bashful and shy one minute, aggressive and silly the next.”

Ben nodded, “Derrick, Mike, Keith and Prez pulled me out of my funk. I came out to my parents that night.” Shaun surfaced to hear Ben explaining, “They say they only wanted me to feel included, but it was so much more than that. Since then, they include me in everything, every chance they get.”

Shaun and Gil smiled at each other. Shaun grinned, “Sex too?”

“No!” Ben loudly laughed, but he couldn’t determine if that was a blessing or a curse.

Gil smirked, “They’re a little too open about stuff sometimes. I wouldn’t put it past them.”

Shaking his head, Ben seriously said, “Derrick and Mike are a couple. Keith and Prez are also a couple. They know where loyalties lie and so do I.” Ben sighed, “It must be wonderful to have friends like that; so close that you feel comfortable making love with your partner around them. They told me why they always hug and kiss each other goodbye; it’s because they care that much. If anything bad ever happened to one then the other three would be devastated. I think of them as teachers; they’ve given me enough knowledge to stop daydreaming and open my eyes.”

Gil asked, “Don’t you think sex should be intimate and private?”

Ben nodded, “For most people, including myself, yeah. For the four of them…” Ben shrugged and smiled, “It’s completely different. I’ve seen and heard them talking to each other. Absolutely, they trust and respect each other, whether they’re playing music, joking around or sleeping in the same bed. One time, I was sure that they were going to have a major argument so I left. About an hour later, Keith and Mike were knocking on my door and pulling me back up the block. They were fine, all four of ‘em, as close as or closer than they were before.”

Shaun grinned, “We couldn’t do that. For us, sex is private.”

Ben smirked, “I’d doubt I could either. As a team, they’re amazing. They helped me clean up my house; I didn’t ask them, they demanded it. They helped me realize that my problems weren’t ever mine; they were shoved onto me by other people. The stuff they’ve done, I can’t ever repay. All I can do is listen, learn and try to be just a little bit like them.” Ben wondered, “When did you dudes become a couple?”

Gil smiled, “May thirtieth, at Mike’s birthday party.”

“It started days before that,” Shaun admitted, and then pointed at the pool house saying, “Our first time alone was right in there.”

Ben giggled, “Did Mike know?”

Gil grinned and nodded, “There were six gay couples here that night. Everybody got pool house time.”

Shaun blushed, “I felt kind o’ weird about it at the time, but I had to go in there with Gil. I got a lot off my chest and so did Gil. After that emotional dump, we made love for the first time.”

Ben said, “That’s special too. How many other people would give you space and time like that?”

Neither Gil nor Shaun replied for many moments. They hadn’t really thought back to that night in quite that way before. Shaun eventually smiled, “You’re right, it was very unique.”

Gil hummed thoughtfully. That night was such a breathtaking experience and his relationship with Shaun had only grown since. Now he considered thanking Mike for making opportunities that allowed him to be with Shaun for almost two months. Facing Ben, Gil warmly smiled, “Excuse us for a minute or two, please?”

Swimming to the shallow end of the pool with Gil, Shaun wondered, “What’re ya thinkin’, hon?”

Standing in three feet of water, Gil whispered, “Ben’s totally right, I only thought of you, of being with you. We kind o’ need to pull Derrick and Mike aside and explain ourselves then offer long overdue thanks. Ben deserves thanks too.”

“Without that time, things would’ve been different,” Shaun agreed.

“A glimmer of hope turned into a bright star. I love you very much, Shaun,” Gil softly said. Shaun leaned in close then limply hung off Gil. Gil tenderly kissed Shaun. With a nod from Gil towards Ben, they went back to the deeper end of the pool. Gil thanked Ben for reminding him how he and Shaun hooked up.

Shaun nodded and told Ben, “Some dude’s gonna be very lucky when he captures your heart.”

Ben blushed and giggled, “I’ll be the lucky one.”

Shaun scowled and shook his head, saying, “It’s both ways, Ben. I feel lucky with Gil and he feels lucky with me.”

Gil smiled, “The love given has to be returned. Otherwise, it’s lopsided. That’s not a partnership. It took some time for me to accept it too.”

Mike and Derrick walked out of the house, causing the pool conversation to halt. Three smiling faces looked up at them. Bouncing his eyebrows, Mike giggled, “Eight.” Ben, Gil and Shaun cracked up. Derrick grabbed Mike and started wrestling, sneaking in a few licks and nibbles. Mike didn’t try being stealthy at all; he simply reached a hand up the leg of Derrick’s boardies.

Shaun and Gil got out of the pool and started drying off. When Derrick and Mike stopped wrestling and kissed, Gil gave Derrick a hug and a kiss then gave the same to Mike. Shaun chuckled at the smiles only barely covering the shocked expressions. He explained what they were for then gave each of them hugs and kisses. Mike pulled back from Shaun’s kiss, nervously watching Gil. Gil chuckled and nodded approval then Mike leaned forward and accepted Shaun’s kiss.

Northbound on Interstate 5, Prez was driving through Santa Clarita when Keith pointed forward, saying, “Those mountains ahead are the grapevine. It’s up and down and winding turns for most of the next hour. As soon as you see a sign to turn off the a/c, do it.”

Familiar with driving up and down winding mountain roads from the trips to the beach and back, Prez confirmed, “I should drop out of gear, like through the Santa Monica Mountains?”

Keith nodded, “Definitely. There are steeper grades here and we’re at freeway speeds, not thirty-five or forty miles an hour, like near home. Here, the trucks and buses have the two right lanes. They struggle up the hills then have to ride the brakes goin’ down the other side. There are emergency turnouts for trucks or buses whose brakes are overheating.”

Prez asked, “If we wind up going to Berkeley, we would take this route?”

Keith smiled, “Yep. Holiday trips through here should be fun. Hills and mountains like this are all around California. That’s why I suggested getting a four-wheel drive, baby. Someday, we’ll get chains for the tires too.”

Prez nodded, “Probably this winter when we go to Big Bear.”

Not too long afterward, they were passing Castaic Junction and climbing the first hill. Going down the other side, Prez shifted to neutral and coasted. He stayed in the center lane and gently tapped his brakes to maintain a reasonable speed of seventy-five. To the left, others were flying down the hill, well over eighty miles per hour. Cresting the next hill, Keith saw the road sign and told Prez they were already about three-thousand-four-hundred feet in elevation. Having a good time driving the natural rollercoaster, Prez loudly joked, “Elevate me! Higher! MORE!”

Keith chuckled, “I’ll elevate you, you sex machine!” Seeing the sign to turn off the air conditioner, Keith reached over and pressed the button then put the fans on recycle mode. He warned, “We’ll probably have to open the windows soon, Prez.”

Prez nodded then realized they were losing L.A. radio reception. So he could focus on driving, Prez asked, “Pull that Asia CD out and pop it in the player, please, babe?” Keith did as Prez asked. Moments later, Prez was loudly singing:

“I never meant to be so bad to you
One thing I said that I would never do
A look from you and I would fall from grace
And that would wipe the smile right from my face

“Do you remember when we used to dance?
And incidents arose from circumstance
One thing lead to another we were young
And we would scream together songs unsung

“It was the heat of the moment
Telling me what my heart meant
The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

“And now you find yourself in '82
The disco hot spots hold no charm for you
You can concern yourself with bigger things
You catch a pearl and ride the dragon's wings

“'Cause it's the heat of the moment
Heat of the moment
The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

“And when your looks are gone and you're alone
How many nights you sit beside the phone
What were the things you wanted for yourself?
Teenage ambitions you remember well

“It was the heat of the moment
Telling me what your heart meant
The heat of the moment showed in your eyes

“Heat of the moment
Heat of the moment
Heat of the moment showed in your eyes
It was the heat of the moment
Heat of the moment
Heat of the moment in your eyes”

Noticing Keith’s smiling at him, Prez giggled, “What? They play it all the time on the radio.”

Rolling his eyes, Keith took Prez’s right hand off the stick and placed it on his shorts, where his chubby was snaking down his leg. “That was really good, baby,” Keith smiled. He then wondered, “Did you feel like you were straining your voice?”

Squeezing Keith’s dick, Prez replied, “I wasn’t straining, but I want you straining to hold back.”

Pulling Prez’s hand off his shorts and kissing it, Keith giggled, “Not yet! There’s about another thirty minutes of this winding mountain road.”

“That long?” Prez whined, and then quickly prompted, “Lemme see your dick, lover.” Keith cracked up. Prez begged, “Please?”

Keith giggled, “You’ll spend too much time watchin’ my dick and not the road.”

“Pretty please.”

Shaking his head, Keith cackled, “You’ll watch it and touch it and then we’ll be driving to our sudden deaths!”

In the Malibu that had been following for an hour, Pete noticed the 4Runner wasn’t keeping centered in the lane very well and wondered, “Is Prez getting tired already?”

Brian shrugged, “Dunno. He was driving good until now.”

Pete worried, “If a cop sees it, Prez will get a ticket.”

Brian prompted, “Pull to the left beside him and I’ll let him know.” At the crest of the hill, Pete kept his foot on the accelerator and easily pulled alongside the 4Runner. Brian gestured for Prez to roll down his window. He then shouted, “What’s goin’ on? You’re all over the road.” Prez blushed and giggled. Keith howled. This was an unexpected response that caused Brian to briefly turn to Pete and shrug.

Keith roared, “Watch the road, sex-machine!”

When Brian faced him again, Prez yelled, “He won’t let me see his dick!”

Rolling his eyes and evilly snickering, Brian turned to Pete, playfully explaining, “Prez is getting randy and being bad.”

Pete laughed, “Tell him to put ice on his wiener or he’ll get a ticket. We’ll be on straight roadway in a few minutes.” Brian passed the message along then sat back in his seat, grumbling as he tugged at his shorts. Pete incredulously giggled, “Brian, don’t you start!”

“It’s all their fault,” Brian complained, and then smirked, “Remind me to smack them at the next stop.”

Taking the lead for Prez to follow, Pete teased, “Are you gonna show me your dick too?”

“Umm… not with truck drivers lookin’ in the car,” Brian giggled. “Tonight you can see it though.”

Thoughtfully humming, Pete reminded, “I’ve got this ‘see it, touch it, taste it,’ thing.”

Brian howled laughing, “We’re gonna die, I know we’re all gonna die.”

For the remainder of the trip through the grapevine, Prez sang and Keith held his hand over Prez’s on the stick, occasionally singing backup vocals. Keith smiled, “That’s why Derrick loaned you this disk, baby; he wants you to sing these songs. You’ve got the perfect voice for them too.”

“Can we play them well, is the question,” Prez wondered aloud.

Keith shrugged, “Pick two or three and try.”

Back in Woodland Hills, Mike, Derrick, Jessy and Shaun were already trying to learn Heat Of The Moment. The introduction was simple and it was the one song that had been heard often enough to attempt. Mike provided lead vocals in Prez’s place. Shaun improvised a bass line on one of the synthesizers while Jessy played the electric piano and organ parts. Slowly, a reasonable facsimile of the song took shape. The rest of the band agreed, Prez would be the lead vocalist for any Asia tunes. They wrapped up the day’s rehearsal with Forever Man and Wonderful Tonight.

Safely out of the winding mountain pass, Prez saw a long stretch of straight road ahead, turned down the stereo and prompted, “Now?”

Acting like he hadn’t heard his lover, Keith turned the air conditioning back on then took his T-shirt off. Rolling up the passenger side window, Keith spread his T-shirt across it so it would block the view from passing motorists. He pulled on the lever to lower his seat back then pushed his boardies and boxers to the floor. Beginning to play with himself, as Prez had suggested, Keith took it one step further and began fantasizing aloud. Immediately, Prez was in the vision in Keith’s mind. As if Prez was actually doing things, Keith approved of each action. Vividly, Keith took Prez from foreplay, to oral sex, to Prez riding him and then finally, to Prez banging his butt.

Prez remained quiet, enjoying Keith’s descriptions, groans, hisses, moans and whimpers until the intercourse fantasy began. As he would during real anal sex, Prez verbally enticed Keith to climax. Keith easily held off though until Bakersfield. As Prez suggested and reminded, Keith jacked off into his left hand then sat up straight and offered his semen to Prez. Greedily, Prez held Keith’s palm to his mouth and lapped up every drop then breathlessly admitted, “I’m burnin’ up and hard as steel, babe. That was so awesome; I was there with you the whole time.”

Dreamily, Keith smiled, “I’m always for you and with you, Prez. Those times with Mike and Derrick, you were the fantasy keeping me goin’. There have been times at work where I delayed taking a leak, afraid that if I touched my dick, I’d have to beat off.”

Prez whimpered and reached for his lover’s thigh, carefully avoiding the penis he so wanted to touch, but realized it had to be tender from about forty minutes of abuse. He promised to make Keith’s fantasy reality that very night.

Looking around and realizing they were already on state highway 99, Keith wondered, “How’s the fuel gauge, baby?”

“Full and straining for release,” Prez giggled.

Keith laughed, “The gas gauge, sex-machine.”

Prez said, “About half a tank. We’ll probably have to stop around Fresno.”

“That should be enough to get us to Yosemite; it’s the final third of the trip.”

After Jessy, Gil and Shaun had left; Mike and Derrick were just goofin’ around and stumbled into the old Cars tune, Just What I Needed. Derrick tried to remember all the lyrics, but soon the song fell apart to gales of laughter from the garage, the driveway, where Drew, Corey and Ben were hysterical, and from the neighborhood kids that had been hanging around the street.

Finished for the day, Mike asked Drew and Corey, “Do you dudes want to come to Agoura Hills tonight?”

Zeroing the mixer and powering down the P.A., Drew grinned and Corey began giggling. Drew smiled, “We know that you two are goin’ for twelve. Thanks for inviting us, but another day might be better.”

Mike knew he hadn’t mentioned it to Drew or Corey and chuckled, “How’d you know that?” Nearby, Ben blushed and tried to act innocent, concentrating far too hard on wrapping a speaker cable. Derrick noticed and pointed him out to Mike. “Dude!” Mike loudly laughed, “I can’t believe you told them.”

Ben blushed and grinned, “When you told me, Shaun and Gil, I figured it wasn’t a secret.”

Derrick began laughing. Shaking his head sadly, Mike chuckled, “They’re younger though.”

Corey howled, “We’re not that young!”

Drew smirked, “Ya wanna know why Keith and Prez went for twelve?”

As soon as Derrick and Mike nodded, Corey giggled, “Because we did it nine times about a week earlier.” Dropping the cable, Ben howled and staggered around.

Drew nodded and chuckled, “Keith was trying to break our record and Corey reminded we could always do one more. Keith saw it as a direct challenge.”

Ben cracked up. Stunned, Derrick and Mike simultaneously gasped, “Sonofabitch!”

Locking eyes with Corey, Mike confirmed, “Bottom?”

Corey proudly nodded and smiled, “Seven out of nine times. The other three were oral.”

“Shit!” Derrick hollered.

Corey giggled, “I was way sore the next day, but I have to admit, I loved doing it and recovering from it.” Loving Corey’s revelation, Drew made a point of concentrating on wrapping cables rather than sweep him off his feet for a passionate lip lock.

Returning to the task of storing the gear, Mike playfully bitched, “Now ya can’t come over. We’ve got less than nine hours to make love at least four more times. I can believe Keith and Prez, but can’t believe you, Drew! Turns out, Keith’s quiet and shy brother is a closet sex maniac. Who would’ve guessed?” Drew and Corey howled then fell against each other before crumbling to the ground.

Derrick teased, “I don’t even wanna drive them home. They’ll only have sex.”

Corey breathlessly giggled, “Since Friday, we’ve been good.”

Bouncing his eyebrows, Drew sniggered, “Only three or four times a day.”

Softly growling expletives, Mike and Derrick carried the speakers into the garage. Corey held the microphone snakes while Ben and Drew carried the table with the mixer. When everything was put away and the garage door closed, Derrick led the pack to his 442. On the way to the Seavers’, Corey whispered in Drew’s ear then in Ben’s ear. At the next stop light, Ben joked, “Drew’s my hero now.” Two sour faces looked back. In the backseat, Drew, Corey and Ben erupted with loud laughter.

Once the car was moving again, Corey reminded, “I’m not even fourteen and a half. Drew’s turns fifteen next month. We’ve got three good years left.”

Shaking his head sadly, Drew teased, “After eighteen, it all goes downhill.”

Ben giggled, “Don’t say that! Let me get a boyfriend before my peter peters out.”

At the next stop light, Derrick looked back and playfully warned Ben, “We’re tying you to a chair to watch us tonight.” Drew and Corey howled.

“OMIGOD!” Ben roared. “Don’t go there.” Drew and Corey laughed even louder.

Mike warned Drew and Corey, “I’m tying you two down in chairs tomorrow night.”

Corey had laughed himself into another case of the hiccups. Drew giggled, “I don’t think we’ll learn more than we did from Frisky Summer.”

Mike smirked, “We won’t have sex. We’ll just prevent you two from having sex.”

Drew mooed then giggled, “We’ll have to double up on Wednesday then.” Breathlessly laughing and hiccupping, Corey enthusiastically nodded.

At a gas station on the southern outskirts of Fresno, while the pumps automatically filled their gas tanks, Brian chased Prez around and Pete chased Keith.

Brian teased, “You did it, didn’t you?”

From a safe distance, Prez loudly laughed, “I only watched, I swear!” and then bolted away again as soon as Brian moved.

Not far away from Keith, Pete chuckled, “Where did you disappear to for almost an hour?”

Keith giggled, “I had a really intense dream so I must’ve been napping!”

Prez cackled, “I don’t suppose you’ve considered three nights alone in the same tent?”

Coming to an abrupt halt, Brian pondered that frightening revelation. He hollered across the gas station parking lot. “Pete!”

Still smiling from being chased, but noticing Brian’s twisted expression, Prez walked closer to him and confirmed, “You hadn’t thought about it, obviously.” Brian shook his head. Keith and Pete jogged over to hear Prez tell Brian, “It’s really no problem, Brian. I’m completely committed to Keith. Seeing or hearing something from the other side of the tent isn’t an issue.”

Nervously biting his lower lip, Brian sighed, “I don’t know.”

Turning to Pete, Keith wondered, “What do you think, dude?”

Pete shrugged, “The thought never occurred to me or Brian.”

Nodding understandingly, Keith softly said, “It’s like school locker rooms; only it’s much easier to keep your eyes from wandering when your lover has your undivided attention.”

Prez nodded, “I’m not the most secure or confident person around.” Locking eyes with Keith, Prez asked, “Should I tell them or would you like to?”

Keith suggested, “In the car, so we won’t be overheard.” The 4Runner was closest so they went in there. From the front passenger seat, Keith turned to Brian and Pete in the backseat. “Okay,” Keith began, “Mike’s been my best friend for almost ten years, since second grade.”

Prez nodded and shared, “Last summer, right after I met Keith, Derrick asked me over to jam with him. Derrick also got me my first job at Black Angus. Over the last year, Derrick’s become my best friend.”

Keith explained, “So you dudes already know, the four of us are very close. For a while last summer, Mike would get jealous of Prez spending time with Derrick. Of course, I worried about Derrick and Prez being alone too.”

“Derrick and I figured that out easily,” Prez smiled. “Derrick is completely committed to Mike. I’m equally committed to Keith. Derrick and I made sure that neither Keith nor Mike would ever get really green with envy. At first, Derrick and Mike, or Keith and I would wander off without saying more than, ‘see ya later’. All four of us are that way now; whenever private time needs to be spent, it is, right then, without delay or worry.”

“After you dudes left, Prez and I pretty much moved in with Derrick and Mike,” Keith admitted. “We’re thinking of going to the same school next September. Living together now is a test to see if we could share expenses next year.” Keith paused then smirked, “There was a lingering question that Mike and I never saw coming. Derrick and Prez wondered if Mike and I were satisfied with our friendship as it is. It was a valid concern because Mike and I had our first sexual experiences together. It was almost four years ago, but since it wasn’t a secret I could keep from Prez, or Mike could keep from Derrick, we proved to Prez and Derrick that we don’t want to be together, not any more than we already are.”

Prez prompted, “You’ve seen the king size bed in Agoura Hills?” When Brian and Pete replied affirmatively, Prez explained, “The first few nights in Agoura Hills, Keith and I slept in the guest room. Most of the last two weeks though, we’re sharing that huge bed with Derrick and Mike.”

Keith grinned, “We’re making love a few feet from where they’re making love. I know, and Prez knows too, that we can easily share a tent with you two dudes. Of course, it’s completely up to you. My dad said that there are two cots in each tent. We’ll share one bed, you two share the other. If you want your own tent, that’s fine, our situation won’t change at all.” Again, Keith paused then began giggling, “Before we left, Prez had a deviously perfect suggestion to keep our overactive hormones in check.” Turning bright red all over, Prez began chuckling. Keith giggled, “My sex-machine suggested that the passenger put on a little show for the driver. When I lowered the passenger seat and disappeared, that’s what I was doing.”

Prez sniggered, “Keith took my suggestion a little further though. He described his fantasy in detail, dropping me into the vision. He will pay though because the next part of the trip, I’m in the passenger seat.” Keith whimpered through his laughter.

Brian turned to Pete and asked, “What’re you thinking, babe?”

Shrugging, Pete softly replied, “No one told me we would need a notebook for this trip. We’ve both learned so much at every stop; it’s not easy to organize.”

Brian nodded and bit his lip for a few moments. He then sighed, “You dudes know I don’t think too much of my body. I don’t know if I can do anything more than dress and undress.”

“Sure ya can,” Keith smiled, “with Pete, dude. Whether the lights are on or off, it’s him you're with. Prez and I will be too busy to notice much; unless you do something we’ve never tried. Then you can count on us trying it.”

Prez offered, “Can I tell you the God’s honest truth, Brian?”

“I guess,” Brian uncertainly shrugged.

Prez sighed, “My father emotionally abused me. He left me feeling like nothing I did was ever good enough, like I’d never be man enough for his liking. The result of living like that made me believe that I had less hanging between my legs than other dudes. Keith corrected that thinking. Two weeks of dressing, undressing, wandering around the house naked and making love around my two best friends changed all that. What’s hangin’ is only flesh until it’s used with someone you love. Keith calls my privates his ‘favorite toys’. Neither Derrick nor Mike ever said a word to me about my body, other than tease me about my bubble-butt, which is Keith’s fault!” Keith cracked up while Brian and Pete softly chuckled. When there was relative quiet, Prez smiled, “When I walked in the house and found you three shirtless and doing pushups, I almost popped major wood. I could only think to myself, ‘I’m gonna be alone for three days with my partner and two more sexy, muscled dudes? I’m a dead man.’”

Keith began giggling again and muttered, “You sex-machine.”

Brian groused, “Your father was an asshole, Prez. I may not know everything there is to know about you, but I do know you can play bass and sing. I do know that you can cook, that you have a great sense of humor, and anyone can see how devoted you and Keith are to each other. I told you I feel safe around you. That’s still very true, but for me, this is different.”

Prez shrugged, “The only things making it different are your perceptions of yourself and the realization that it’s likely we’ll see erections we’ve never seen before. Forget the latter, right off the bat, so to speak.” Prez grinned while soft sniggering traveled around. He continued, “Mike’s eight inches hard, Derrick’s seven inches, Keith’s almost seven and I’m six and a half. It doesn’t matter at all to me or Keith.” Keith nodded agreement then Prez said, “I can’t fix your self image, but I think I know who might be able to at least help.”

“Yeah!” Keith excitedly chuckled. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, Keith smiled, “Take my cell phone with you and call Drew. Ask him to tell you about him and Corey. You wanna talk about sudden changes, Drew’s all over that.”

Pete asked, “How’re Corey and Drew doing?”

Almost ready to tell them about ‘the challenge’ and last Friday’s camping trip, Keith chuckled, “They’re awesome together. You’d barely recognize either one of ‘em. Drew’s way less shy and much more confident. Corey’s gained three pounds in two weeks.” Passing the phone to Brian, Keith smiled, “If Drew doesn’t mention it, ask him to tell you about the anorexia demon.” Prez began giggling at the memory of the day Keith was exorcising him.

Almost simultaneously, Brian and Pete curiously repeated, “Anorexia demon?”

Keith nodded and chuckled, “You’d have to hear it from Drew, but basically, Drew’s convinced Corey that he has two parts of himself struggling for dominance. There’s Corey, Drew’s boyfriend, and there’s the anorexia demon.”

Prez suggested, “Talk to Corey too. It’s a result of Drew’s imagination, but Corey’s the one actually dealing with it.”

Keith smiled, “It’s a family plan so you can talk to them as long as ya like.”

Prez nodded, “And if you need to contact us, my number’s in there too.”

“You dudes can talk about it alone,” Keith suggested. “When we get to the park, let us know what you’ve decided.”

Prez sighed, “Before we go, I have to use the men’s room.” He then smirked at Brian, “Some murderous wacko was chasing me.”

While Keith and Pete cracked up, Brian innocently grinned. Everybody got out of the car. Pete and Prez paid the cashier for the gasoline then all four went into the men’s room. Pete, Prez and Brian lined up at the three urinals and Keith used the commode. Prez made a show of looking over the divider at Brian’s dick. Brian moved closer to block the view and all three began giggling. Still urinating in the commode, Keith suspiciously hollered, “What’re you doin’, Prez?”

Pete chuckled, “Your boyfriend is a perv, coppin’ peeks!”

Keith smirked and nodded, “That’s my sex-machine. Our rule is: look all ya like, just never touch.” Keith stuffed his goods back in his shorts, flushed then stepped out of the commode booth to wash his hands. Prez took the next sink and Keith grinned, “What’s the verdict?” Brian and Pete finished their business and stood behind them at the sinks, with their dicks still hanging out of their shorts.

Prez smiled, “Brian’s like me and Mike. Pete’s…” Noticing Brian and Pete exposing themselves, Prez howled and pointed at the mirror.

Keith helplessly giggled and assumed, “Guess we’re sharing a tent.”

Brian and Pete stowed their goods before someone else walked in the public men’s room. Brian grinned, “Is there anything you guys consider off limits?”

Keith shrugged, “Only touching; the usual taboo topics are what Prez and I talk about most. Maybe because we spend so much time visiting paradise, religion and spirituality is common.”

Drying his hands at the warm air blower, Prez loudly said, “We both hate politics so that usually turns into a politician mock fest. They’re all full of shit.”

Soon, all four went back to their vehicles. Keith asked, “Are we grabbing dinner before we get to the park?”

Pete nodded, “That sounds cool. We’ll use the phone to suggest a place.”

Drew and Corey had gone for a swim after Derrick and Mike almost threw them out of the 442. They then went inside to make love before Corey’s parents came home from work. Wordless admiration passed between the two young lovers as their hands began to roam and caress one another. Something new was happening that neither could adequately define. Drew wanted to please Corey orally and also wanted to taste his lover’s nips and tummy. Corey had the urge to taste Drew too, but it was his arms and armpits that seemed to demand immediate attention. Drew began at Corey’s chest, exposing an arm that Corey couldn’t get enough of. Beginning to giggle because his right tit was becoming tender from many minutes of constant attention, Corey contorted himself to get at Drew’s armpit. Laughing hysterically from the tongue tickling, Drew got the hint and moved down to tease Corey’s tummy and navel.

Corey could have gotten to Drew’s cock, but decided instead to see what would happen if he licked and nibbled the inside of Drew’s thighs. Laughing even harder, Drew flung himself away, collapsing face up on the other side of the bed. Giggling at the reaction, Corey crawled over his lover to swallow his erection and teased Drew’s bunghole with his fingertips. Groaning because pulling Corey’s cock back to suck on it was only occasionally working, Drew shuffled to get at Corey’s ass instead. Drew lifted his legs, giving Corey full access to his ass. In this modified sixty-nine position, they learned that they could rim each other at the same time and it was fabulous. Both of them became over-excited with this new discovery.

Soon, Corey shared, “I want more than a tongue or a finger, stud.”

Drew nodded. “Me too,” and then shifted to face Corey. Drew gave Corey the most passionate, dizzying kiss to date. Pulling back, Drew whispered, “You first, then it’s my turn, angel. Don’t touch your dick, it’s mine to ride.”

Almost unconscious and willing to do anything, Corey nodded. Not really thinking, Drew knelt between Corey’s spread legs. Corey was far beyond rational thought too and shifted towards Drew. Drew held his cock at the base and Corey maneuvered until it was buried inside his ass, cooing like never before, caressing Drew’s powerful legs and looking into Drew’s eyes. Finally realizing what they had forgotten, Drew asked, “Are you okay, angel?”

Rapidly nodding, Corey purred, “I love you so much, Drew,” then began riding Drew’s cock. Drew’s eyes rolled back in his head and he began thrusting up into Corey. Drew desperately wanted Corey inside him too and soon, so he went fast, causing Corey to holler in ecstasy and squeeze Drew’s thighs tightly. Corey’s right hand released Drew’s thigh and was soon cupping his cock and scrotum. Drew watched Corey writhe around. Reaching his climax, Drew began loudly advertising his love for Corey. If the bedroom windows had been open, all Corey’s neighbors would’ve known their love for each other and their pet names.

Right after climaxing, and before Corey had a chance to recover or stop him, Drew went for his intended ride. It was obvious that Corey had fully recovered when Drew realized he was mostly motionless and Corey was doing most of the work. They both began shouting, “Yeah!” over and over. Knowing he had barely seconds to last, Corey stroked Drew to a second tremendous orgasm that pushed him over the edge.

After several minutes of kisses between chuckles and coos, Drew smiled, “Do you know what we just did?”

Corey giggled, “The best we’ve ever done.” He glanced at the clock and laughed, “It took us almost forty minutes.”

Nodding, Drew cackled, “And we did it without lube, angel.”

Corey’s mouth dropped open in surprise and Drew giggled his ass off while gobbling up Corey’s neck and shoulder. Cringing at yet another onslaught, Corey laughed, “Mom will be home in thirty minutes, stud.”

“I’m snackin’,” Drew giggled. They heard the cell phone ringing. Growling at the disturbance, Drew reluctantly went to answer it. Seeing Keith’s name on the display, Drew smirked and said into the phone, “Your timing is incredible sometimes bro; five minutes earlier and I wouldn’t have answered.”

Across the miles, another familiar voice said, “Umm… Drew, its Brian.”

Blushing at his mistake, Drew excitedly chuckled, “Brian! How’re ya doin’? Are you at Yosemite already?”

Corey cracked up and shouted from the bed, “Hi Brian!”

Helplessly, Brian chuckled, “Tell Corey we said hi, but we’re not at Yosemite yet.” He then honestly said, “Keith loaned me his phone to call you. You even sound different, Drew. I hope I’m not interrupting anything?”

Drew giggled, “No, not really. I was munchin’ on Corey.” Corey howled laughing. In Drew’s phone, Brian was momentarily speechless then also cracked up.

A moment later, with Brian still loudly laughing in the background, Pete said, “Drew?”

“Hi Pete,” Drew laughed. “Sorry I killed Brian, dude.”

“What did you say?” Pete chuckled.

Drew shrugged and grinned, “The truth. I thought it was Keith calling and answered, bitching at my brother for disturbing my afternoon snack.”

Pete softly chortled then smiled, “I’m driving, Drew. Give me the lowdown on this anorexia demon.”

“Oh, that’s easy,” Drew smiled. “After your visit here, Corey began telling me about his inner voice, the one that keeps telling him lies, like he’s too fat or he needs to lose more weight. The same day that I was worrying about Corey’s visit to the psychologist, Keith was exorcising demons from Prez. I didn’t ask why and I don’t want to know, but in my mind, there was Corey, my angel and boyfriend, and there’s also that lying demon, making me fight for my angel.”

Pete wondered, “How’s that been going?”

Drew nodded, “Really good. When I bitch out the demon for its conniving lies, I don’t even face Corey. Corey’s gained three and a quarter pounds in two weeks, as of last Friday. Corey’s the one trying to get well. I give Corey all the incentive and reinforcement I can. When the demon shows up and tells more lies, I get damned nasty with it. The yelling and screaming I did when you dudes were here; I do to the demon now. It’s weird; it’s a game, but really not a game. However I bitch out the demon, Corey repeats it, and with the same feeling I’m putting into it.”

Corey began waving for the phone about the same time Pete asked, “Corey doesn’t get mad at you?”

Walking toward the bed, Drew answered, “Nope, I guess because to me, they’re two different things; my boyfriend and the anorexia demon.” He then said, “Corey wants to talk anyway, so I’ll let him tell you, okay?”

As soon as Pete replied, “Okay,” Drew passed the phone.

Corey pleasantly said, “Hi Pete.”

“Hi Corey,” Pete said.

Corey grinned, “Drew’s only given you half the picture. Yeah, when the demon tries to keep me from eating, I tell Drew and he yells at it, but that’s probably less than half the time.”

“What’s the other half?” Pete wondered.

“The incentive and reinforcement parts,” Corey smiled. “Ya wanna know what he does?”

Blushing and giggling, Drew started shaking his head.

Pete nodded, “Sure, I want to try it too.”

“Then you definitely need to know both parts, so I’ll ignore Drew telling me to shut up,” Corey giggled.

“Oh Lord,” Pete whispered.

Corey heard and firmly said, “This is really the best part, for me anyway. Drew wants to kill the demon and he’s definitely helped quiet the lies. Now Drew’s doing stuff, only for me that he’d never do for anyone else. Can you picture Drew skinny dipping?”

“Nope,” Pete chuckled, “Never in a million years.” Unable to find anywhere else to hide, Drew jumped into bed, pulled a pillow over his face and began laughing.

Corey proudly relayed, “If I eat a little something extra, he skinny dips. If I question anything, like how I look in the mirror, he shows me, naked in front of mirrors. If I question whether or not he loves me, he walks around naked for me. If a doctor gives us good news, like a little weight was gained, Drew goes all out, like its Christmas. As long as I’m trying, I get to see Drew naked a lot!” Pete roared laughing and couldn’t control it so he passed the phone to Brian. “Hello?” Corey chirped.

Drew giggled, “They’ve driven off the road into a ditch.”

“Hello?” Brian said.

“Brian?” Corey smiled.

“Yeah, what’s up Corey?”

“I dunno,” Corey giggled. “I was only telling Pete what Drew was doing to help me.”

Brian queried, “And that is?”

Knowing what kind of reaction he might get, Corey grinned, “Well, what if you ate a little extra something and Pete got naked for you every time?”

“I’d be a heifer in no time,” Brian chuckled.

Corey nodded and smiled, “I gained three and a quarter pounds in two weeks, Brian. Every time I try just a little bit, Drew gives me the best incentive and reinforcement. Drew’s naked with me almost every time we’re alone, inside or outside!” Brian helplessly laughed at Corey’s enthusiasm. More loudly, Corey giggled, “Two Friday’s ago, when I gained almost two pounds, we made love nine times. Last Friday, I must’ve been a very good boy. We made love twelve times!” Brian howled laughing. Only hearing Brian’s and Pete’s laughter and a little road noise, Corey giggled, “Hello?”

Cheekily grinning at Drew, Corey relayed, “They’re still laughing.”

“They probably think you’re exaggerating,” Drew giggled, and sat up.

“Hello?” Corey checked again. Getting no response, Corey passed the phone to Drew.

Desperately trying to catch his breath, Brian heaved, “Still here, Corey, barely.”

“It’s Drew now, Brian.”

“Oh thank God,” Brian gasped.

Drew giggled, “As you can tell, we’re doing really good lately.”

“We’re glad to hear it too,” Brian confirmed. “You both sound so much better, like you had at Magic Mountain.”

Drew nodded, “It’s like that too; the scary times are fighting the anorexia demon. The rest of the time, it’s me with my angel. It’s not a one-way street though. If Corey wasn’t trying then I’d have no reason to be so happy. It only just so happens, my showing that I’m happy makes Corey happy.” Corey flopped himself down perpendicular to Drew and started playing with his lover’s limp dick. Drew pushed his hand away and giggled, but Corey persisted.

Brian firmly reminded, “He loves you, Drew. You’re proving how much you love him too. I couldn’t be happier… we couldn’t be happier for both of you.”

“We miss you dudes a lot,” Drew smiled. “It would be great if you could see us now. Last time it was kind o’ bumpy.”

Brian smiled, “We still have your phone numbers so expect some calls. Maybe next summer we’ll make it to L.A. again.”

“Next August I turn sixteen and get my driver’s license,” Drew reminded. “Maybe we can make a trip to see you too.”

Static on the connection interfered with Drew hearing Brian say, “That would be great. We’re heading into the mountains now. In case we lose you, take care of each other.”

“Have a good time at Yosemite,” Drew quickly said, but then the static got worse and he couldn’t hear Brian any more. Brian barely heard Drew’s last words. Glancing at the display and seeing the ‘connection failed’ message, Drew sighed, “Oh well, mountains and canyons with shitty reception.” Corey quickly slurped Drew’s chubby. Reluctantly, Drew softly said, “Cor? It’s as awesome as ever, but now we have only ten minutes to shower before mom gets home.”

Corey let Drew’s mostly hard dick out of his mouth. Kneeling on the bed, Corey slowly moved closer to Drew, making it obvious he wanted a kiss before making another move. Gently holding Corey’s head in place, Drew performed an examination of Corey’s lips with his tongue. Loving it, Corey whimpered. Drew dreamily hummed into the kiss, but reluctantly broke it so they could at least get into the shower before Corey’s mom walked in the door.

By this time, Prez had completed his own fantasy for Keith and they had stopped at a KFC for dinner. They climbed hills into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The scenery was breathtaking and Prez began snapping photos, some digitally and others with Keith’s Polaroid. He finished filling the one memory stick started at home then filled another. Five additional Polaroid photos were also developed before they reached the south entrance to Yosemite National Park. The cooler and fresher mountain air smelled “even better than Big Bear,” Prez excitedly remarked. He fished out his cell phone and called home to let mom know they had arrived safely.

Keith found a place to park in Yosemite Valley so that Pete’s car could be beside the 4Runner. They took special care insuring all trash and food items were cleared from both vehicles to avoid marauding bears. Soon, the four friends were walking towards the visitor center. Keith’s dad had made reservations a month earlier for a canvas cabin in Curry Village. During the thirty or so minutes they were in the visitor center, the setting sun changed the way Half Dome appeared; what had been shadows on the light grey granite face turned into a pale red color. Prez went photo happy; snapping pictures of Half Dome, tall trees, expansive fields, El Capitan and Bridalveil Fall, not to mention the photos he asked another visitor to take of the four of them together. The Polaroid photo of the four of them was immediately handed to Pete to take home with them.

The valley was mostly dark and the sun setting when they decided to go find their cabin. During the walk, they noticed signs for the latrine and showers. Keith offered, “There are buses that can take us around the valley, but I was thinking we’d just hike; maybe catch one of the ranger led hikes. We could also hike up the sides of Vernal Fall. That’s a good two hours up and another two back down, a moderately strenuous hike we could manage. After that, Mirror Lake and the Lower Yosemite Fall. Since we’re leaving Wednesday, I thought we’d go to Mariposa Grove and check out the giant Sequoia. That would take a few hours easily.”

Prez chuckled, “I suddenly feel so small and insignificant compared to everything here.”

Brian nodded, “All this was carved by glaciers. I saw stuff on TV about Yosemite, but the pictures don’t do it justice. It’s magnificent; nothing man-made compares.”

Awestruck, Pete reverently cheered, “We could spend a month here, hiking through the back country trails and still only see a small part of everything.”

Arriving at cabin number three-hundred-twenty, Keith smiled, “This is home for the next two nights, dudes.” The canvas cabin was the last in a row of cabins, all of which were on platforms, elevated about three feet off the ground. Climbing the steps, Keith unlocked the door then stepped inside. Turning on the single overhead light, they saw there were two twin size cots separated by a small shelf unit. Putting his backpack down, Keith sat on one of the cots. He looked down and realized there was a decent mattress under the blanket and sheets. “This is nicer than I expected,” Keith cheered.

Having put his backpack down and the cameras on the shelf, Prez turned to Keith and warned, “If you don’t get off that bed, your ‘thank you’ kiss will become so much more.” Cackling and standing, Keith pulled Prez closer. Prez smiled, “This place is phenomenal, babe. The little bit we’ve already seen is like no place I’ve ever been.”

“Hold it,” Brian grinned, “let me at least close the door.”

After Brian closed the door, Prez kissed Keith. Brian went to Pete and received his own passionate kiss. From another full day of driving, Pete was already getting tired, yawned and hung off Brian.

In Agoura Hills, Mike and Derrick made love right after they walked in the house that afternoon. They cleaned themselves up then barbequed a London Broil for dinner. Relaxing in the living room after dinner, they went for it again. Afterward, they jammed in the studio for about an hour until Derrick pulled Mike down onto the floor to make love again. Cuddled close to Derrick, Mike grinned, “That’s eleven and we’ve still got three hours.”

Derrick chuckled, “We could manage twelve easily.”

Mike rolled on top of Derrick and teased, “Shall we try for more than twelve?”

Massaging Mike’s buns, Derrick smiled, “It depends. How’re you feelin’, Lick?”

“Like you’re still inside me,” Mike sniggered.

Nodding, Derrick prompted, “Then it’s definitely my turn.” To get Mike revved up, Derrick whispered, “It seemed to me you liked that crab-style position a few nights ago.”

Mike giggled, “You liked it too, Dee.”

“That’s why I wanna do it again. This time, I’m gonna face you though.”

Corey and Drew finished their nightly swim and went back in the house around eleven-thirty. Upon entering the room, they heard electronic beeps. It could only be Drew’s phone. Pulling it out of his backpack, Drew saw he had a message waiting. He grinned, “It’s from Doug’s house.” Corey began giggling. Drew set the volume louder then played back the message through the speaker.

In unison, Mike and Derrick hollered, “HA! Fourteen! Beat that or beat your meat!” Drew and Corey cracked up.

Shaking his head and beginning to undress, Drew chuckled, “We’re not even gonna try, angel. If we do manage it, it’ll because we want to, not because of anybody else’s record.”

It was the unfamiliar sound of the cell phone beeps that woke Brian, Pete, Keith and Prez Tuesday morning. Prez crawled out of bed naked, checked his own cell phone then Keith’s. Hearing the exact same message, Prez roared laughing then replayed it through the speaker so Brian, Pete and Keith could hear. All three busted up.

Brian smirked, “You guys are all insane. Corey mentioned something yesterday on the phone about doing it twelve times. I couldn’t believe that; I sure won’t believe fourteen.”

Slipping back into bed, Prez giggled, “Believe it,” and then began sharing the whole tale about the last day of school, with Keith telling Brian and Pete how bad their units hurt playing tennis with Drew and Corey the next morning. Prez then told them about Drew bragging to Keith and Corey assuring that he and Drew could always manage another. That led to Keith telling them about the camping trip and how he and Prez took turns in the tent with Drew and Corey. Prez finished by offering, “Why we hurt more after six than we did after twelve, I can only assume was because we finished with hand-jobs on the last day of school.”

Keith nodded and chuckled, “If Mike was exaggerating, he would’ve picked a higher number than fourteen. Besides, we were with them the night before and know of at least five times.”

Unable to fully wipe the grin off his face, Pete smirked, “I guess my only question is, why?”

Keith shrugged and smiled, “Why not? All school year, there were days where the only sexual contact we had was soapy hand-jobs in the shower, like the week of the SAT’s; school, work and study, repeated the next day.”

Prez sighed, “Imagine waking up one day and discovering your mother had really died and your boyfriend had moved you into his parents’ house. For me, it’s a combination of gratitude, not only for Keith, but for the whole Hundser family, and the love we’ve shared for more than a year. Imagine dreaming of cows mooing and waking to discover the moos were actually your partner’s painful moans. Keith hurt his hip while skiing the end of last year. At the hospital, a few days after the accident, we overheard the doctor saying it might be cancer. For a while, I thought I was jinxed; first my mom then Keith? I’ll make love with Keith any time and anyway he wants because my life would be miserable without him.”

Keith nodded, “At thirteen, I jumped into a sexual encounter with Mike that almost destroyed our friendship. We only jacked each other off, but we weren’t emotionally prepared for it. What woke me up was the death of Mike’s father. It happened again when Prez’s mom passed. The simple fact is, I could die today or Prez could die today. Making love is for all that, for the fun of doing it and for the conversations we have after doing it. This is the prime of our lives. We know we’re going to grow old together. Twenty years from now, when we’re both working full time jobs, we’ll remember the days we went crazy together.”

Prez grinned, “My question to both of you is, do you feel embarrassed or bad in any way after last night?”

Brian smirked, “Last night wasn’t bad. The lights were off. I’m just surprised at you, Prez.”

Prez chuckled, “What did I do that’s surprising?”

Pete giggled, “Not last night, Prez. A few minutes ago, when you went to answer the phone. You tossed the covers aside, exposing yourself and Keith, and then went to find the source of the beeping.”

Keith grinned, “We were all wondering what the hell that noise was. Should Prez have waited until his morning wood went down? I can tell you right now, we’d still be hearing beeping.” Brian and Pete began laughing.

Prez giggled, “Now you know I was circumcised. Other than that, was there anything else shocking?”

Pete couldn’t help himself and joked, “You do have a bubble butt.” Keith cracked up.

Brian glared at Pete, chuckling, “You weren’t supposed to notice that.”

“He bent over to dig through the backpack,” Pete sniggered, “how could I not notice?” Acting more disgusted than he really was; Brian tossed the covers aside and sat up, ready to start the day, but Pete pulled him back down. Pete softly smiled, “I love you, Brian.”

Brian teased, “Even though I don’t have a bubble butt?” Pete hummed affirmatively then planted his good morning kiss.

Stretching, Keith groaned, “Guess we could get this day in motion.”

Nodding, Prez rolled to grab his morning kiss then got up and pulled up his boardies. Keith got up and purposefully remained naked while digging through his backpack for toiletries. He wasn’t trying to be a show off, but simply saying that all four of them were the same in the most important ways. Prez laid out clean clothes for himself and Keith. Surprisingly, Brian and Pete got out of bed naked and remained so while they got clothes, toiletries and towels ready.

Prez put his watch on and smiled, “Its seven-thirty-five. We’re getting an early start.”

Soon, they all had clothes on then went to shower.

In Woodland Hills, Corey was having the worst nightmare of his life. All his worries combined into a stream of horrendous images. No matter how much he ate, he was still losing weight; Drew was disgusted, had given up on him and was seeing Susie on a daily and nightly basis; Corey’s parents had hospitalized him in an effort to save their only son’s life. He heard doctors telling his parents that he could die anytime. Waking with a start that woke Drew, Corey ran naked from the room and into the bathroom.

Preparing for her work day, Lanna Seaver heard the other bathroom door slam. Only partially dressed, she hurried to find out what was going on. Not thinking of anything except Corey, Drew ran naked from the bedroom. Hearing her son vomiting, Lanna asked Drew, “What happened?”

Drew shrugged, “We were still asleep. He must’ve been dreaming.”

Lanna sighed, “Let me call work and tell them I’ll be a little late.”

“You don’t need to, mom,” Drew assured. “Whatever it is, I’ve got this.”

Shaking her head, Lanna smirked, “Not this time, Drew,” then went back to her bedroom to place the phone call.

Softly knocking on the bathroom door, Drew called, “Cor? Let me in.” All Drew heard was Corey heaving again. Drew said, “I’m right here, Cor.” Corey found little comfort in that. Wondering how long Drew might be ‘right here’, Corey hurled again, producing nothing from the effort. Depressed and disgusted with himself, Corey couldn’t calm down and continued the dry heaves. Lanna returned to the hallway. Drew softly asked, “Is there a key for this door?” and then explained, “He’s still hurling, but I don’t hear anything splashing into the toilet.” Lanna hurried to the kitchen where she kept the door keys. She returned in less than a minute, but was shaking like a leaf in a storm. She handed the key to Drew. While trying to get the door unlocked, Drew asked, “Please let me handle this, mom? Make us some breakfast and I’ll have Corey out in the kitchen as soon as I can, okay?”

Beside herself for the first time in weeks, Lanna took Drew’s suggestion. Once the door was opened and she saw her son naked on the floor, she then went to the kitchen. Drew closed the door behind him and went to Corey. Squatting down behind his boyfriend, Drew gently rubbed his back and shushed him. It took a few minutes for Corey to stop heaving and start crying. Past the hurdle, Drew grinned, “Thanks to you, your mom saw me naked and I saw her wearing only a skirt and bra.” Corey only briefly giggled, then threw himself on Drew and then cried some more. Holding Corey tight, Drew prompted, “Bad dreams?”

Corey nodded and sobbed, “The worst ever.”

“Tell me.”

“I’m afraid to, it might come true.”

“Let me be the judge.”

Never releasing his grip on Drew, Corey softly said, “I stopped gaining weight and started losing weight again. I kept eating, but was only growing taller, losing weight anyway. You got angry, we had a fight then you started spending time with Susie. You told me that you had sex with her and that we were finished. Mom put me in a hospital to be fed with tubes again. You never even visited me. I was dying and wanted to die.” Quaking, Corey sighed, “Without you, I can’t live.”

Lanna returned to the hallway and heard Drew say, “It’s not true, Cor, none of it. As long as you’re trying, you will gain weight. As for Susan, I still haven’t seen her even though I could’ve. I don’t want her. I want you. I can’t change from gay to straight; after these last few weeks, I wouldn’t want to either. If you wound up back in a hospital, I would be there, all day, every day, just like last time. I can’t live without you either, Corey. That’s what I said during our arguments and I meant it. Life’s not fun without you.”

“This isn’t fun, Drew.”

“No, it’s not. It’s that conniving demon bitch again, feeding you lies in your sleep. It can’t successfully get to you when we’re awake, so now it’s trying to get at you when you can’t fight it, when I’m not there to help you fight it.”

Falling apart from the inside and out, Corey shuddered and begged, “Please don’t leave me?”

“Never, angel.”

Beginning to shed tears, Lanna hurried back to the kitchen.

Standing and pulling Corey up with him, Drew went to the sink. He wet a washcloth and cleaned Corey’s face. Shaking his head, Drew sighed, “You burst blood vessels in your face.” Drew dried Corey off then poured mouthwash into one of the small disposable paper cups and handed it to Corey. As soon as Corey finished rinsing his mouth and threw the cup in the trash, Drew turned Corey to face him. Smiling brightly, Drew began caressing the face he loved most. Never breaking eye contact with Corey, his hands traveled down his boyfriend’s neck and shoulders. It tickled and Corey helplessly cringed then giggled when Drew tweaked his tiny nips. Drew asked, “Are you getting the message, Corey?” Corey uncertainly shrugged. Drew prompted, “Look down.” Corey did so and noticed what had been hanging was now proudly pointing at him. Drew smiled, “I love you. I lust after you. Girls don’t have dicks so you can forget about Susan, once and for all. You’re all I want, Corey. When the demon strikes, remember that; it’s your best defense. The next time it hands you some line of bullshit, just say, ‘No, Drew loves me. Drew’s dick gets hard looking at me.’ Pull me into the dream. I can fight better there. Dress me up like Luke Skywalker and give me a light saber. That demon bitch will die; one limb at a time then off with its head.” Corey nodded and giggled. Drew gave him a kiss then prompted Corey to repeat the instructions back to him. When Corey did so, Drew led the way back to the bedroom. They pulled on the boardies from the prior night and Drew warned, “Mom is making breakfast. She’s worried about you.” Corey nodded and sighed. Drew prompted, “Let me tell her the truth. I don’t want you even thinking about it, never mind rehashing the lies again. You make your shake and let me deal with mom, okay?”

Corey nodded then brushed his hair. For the first time, Corey brushed Drew’s hair and softly said, “I’m sorry for causing a shitty morning.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Drew smirked. “This tells me the demon is still fighting back.” Adopting a much deeper tone, Drew imitated Darth Vader and warned; “Now I am the master.”

Corey cracked up then hugged Drew tightly. With a great idea popping into his mind, Corey quickly led Drew down the hall and into the kitchen. At the sudden turn around, Drew giggled and wondered what Corey was hurrying for. Corey said, “Mom, what do you think about having the Hundsers here for Drew’s birthday next month?” Drew’s mouth fell open.

Ignoring the red speckles on her son’s face, Lanna nodded and smiled, “That sounds wonderful. I’ll call tonight.”

Drew giggled, “Stop treating me like I’m doing something special. I’m not, okay? I’m looking out for myself by helping Corey.”

Corey smirked, “Nice try,” then let go of Drew and warned, “Just you wait.” He went to make his milkshake.

Familiar with the game they played; Lanna pulled the stack of pancakes keeping warm in the microwave out. Seeing the large stack of twelve pancakes, Drew cackled, “Who else is eating all that?”

Concentrating on making his shake, Corey only glanced at the plate as his mom passed by and grinned, “I’ll have one, the rest are to keep your strength up.”

Drew rolled his eyes then followed Lanna to the dining room. He sat down and softly said, “It was the demon, making mountains out of molehills, mom.”

Lanna smiled and whispered, “I heard you, Drew. The only thing that concerns me is your choosing Corey over Susan and everyone else. Are you certain you’re ready to make that choice?”

Drew nodded and firmly, but softly assured, “Completely ready and positive I’ve made a good choice. There’s no doubt I’m gay. I want Corey, all the time. Everything we’re planning is perfect for us. Not just living arrangements, but school and everything else after September.” More loudly, so Corey could hear him, Drew reminded, “I started hanging out with him a year and a half ago. He helped me when my dog died and when Prez’s mom died in the first few months we knew each other. He was my best friend then. Now he’s my boyfriend and life partner. That nightmare he had proves one thing; the anorexia demon is on the ropes, fighting for its life. I’m winning; there’s no way I’m going to quit now. Sometime soon, we’ll have Corey back, healthy, easily ignoring the demons lies. That’s what I want, all of him back, in time for school, Christmas, baseball tryouts and beyond.” Noticing Corey standing in the doorway behind his mother, Drew firmly said, “Susan’s a good friend – period. I don’t want her, or any other girl or boy I know,” pointing at Corey, Drew smiled, “I want him.”

Simultaneously, Lanna turned to her son while Corey whimpered, giggled and blushed. If he hadn’t been holding his half full glass of milkshake, he would’ve covered his face. Instead, he turned around and went back to the kitchen, still giggling.

Looking up at Lanna, Drew smiled, “I love making him blush.”

“Oh, just you wait,” Corey loudly laughed.

Pouring maple syrup over his pancakes, Drew chuckled, “After breakfast, angel.”

With nothing left to say and nothing to worry about, Lanna leaned over and kissed Drew’s forehead. Starting out of the dining room, she announced, “I’ll go to work now.” Stopping behind her still blushing son, Lanna whispered, “I don’t know how you got so lucky.” Corey spun around. Lanna smiled, “Your first boyfriend will probably be your only boyfriend.”

Putting his glass down and nodding, Corey hugged his mom tight and softly assured, “No one can match him. There’s just no chance.” He wasn’t only saying it either. From that first day Drew sat with him at lunch, Corey was shocked that such an incredibly cute boy would even talk to him. As time went on and he got to know Drew, shock grew into astonishment, wonder and adoration.

Lanna kissed Corey’s forehead and, with her lips still pressed to his forehead, muttered, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll see you tonight.”

Corey smiled, “There’s only two more shake mix packets. I’ll need more before Friday.”

Stepping back, Lanna nodded, “Let’s see what the doctor says.” More loudly, so Drew could hear, she said, “Have a good day.” She went to gather her things.

Through the pancake in his mouth, Drew hollered, “Thee ya laduh!”

Corey walked in the dining room and sat across from Drew. Smiling widely, Corey reached his right leg across to Drew’s left leg. As Corey’s foot traveled higher up Drew’s leg and momentarily became caught in his boardies, Drew began giggling. Corey smirked and let his foot travel higher until his toes were teasing Drew’s crotch.

Drew swallowed then smiled, “You were naughtier first.”

Having not heard the front door, Corey whispered, “You’re mine, stud.”

Drew nodded, pulled his chair back from the table and patted his lap, saying, “Right here, Cor.”

The front door opened then closed. Corey pushed his chair back and crawled under the table. Like an overly affectionate puppy, Corey began licking Drew’s legs and fumbling with the drawstring on his boardies.

Drew giggled, “Help me eat all these pancakes.” Grunting negatively, Corey got the knot untied and rapidly ripped open the Velcro. “Corey!” Drew whined through his giggles.

Pulling Drew’s dick out, Corey reminded, “I was naughty and this is what I want, for now.”

Drew cackled, “How the hell can I eat all this?” Feeling his dick in Corey’s mouth, Drew sighed and whimpered. Realizing Corey was acting more aggressively as he had wanted, Drew forgot about breakfast and concentrated on Corey. When Corey looked up, Drew sighed, “You’re so awesome, Cor.” Realizing that Drew wasn’t eating or struggling, Corey tugged on the waistband of the boardies. Carefully lifting his ass, Drew allowed Corey to take them off then sat back down. Corey went after Drew’s scrotum. First the left testicle was gently rolled around his mouth, then the right, and then he returned to the erection. Drew groaned and began pushing plates aside.

Awkwardly smiling up at Drew, Corey let his erection go then asked, “You love me?”

“Very much.”

“I can finish you off or I can make love to you.”

This was an easy decision to make. Drew smiled, “Make love to me, Corey.”

“Get on the table, belly up,” Corey giggled. “You’re my breakfast.”

Drew laughed, “Here?”

“I don’t want to move all the way to the bedroom,” Corey grinned, and then knocked on an oak table leg, adding, “and this is a nice strong table. I want you here and now.”

Drew nodded then pushed the chair back and offered his hands to Corey. When Corey was standing, Drew quickly reached for his boardies and chuckled, “This is really bad. First the kitchen, now the dining room.” Corey’s erection sprung free. Drew’s eyes bounced open and he smiled, “I thought I’d have to get you ready.”

Shaking his head, Corey grinned, “I love you too, Drew. For this morning and everything you’ve done for me, it’s my turn.” He pulled Drew around and helped him lay on the table. Corey leered, “Yum!” and lifted Drew’s legs, bending him in half then leaned down for his feast. Drew considered reminding his lover that they hadn’t yet showered, but didn’t get the chance to say a word. Corey was already tongue bathing the back of his scrotum and mumbling, “You taste so good! This is my side of the table from now on.” Holding onto the table edge, Drew spiraled out of control, cooing, gasping and giggling.

From this point on, no matter what was served on the table, Corey knew he would only have to close his eyes and remember Drew to get horny and hungry.

Brian, Pete, Keith and Prez had finished their showers, had breakfast and gone to Mirror Lake. Because of the seasonal changes, the lake was little more than interconnected large puddles. Prez still snapped a photo of reflections of nearby landscapes in the water. They started for Bridalveil Fall. The hike to the trail was only about a half mile. As they started up the mostly gradual incline, the weather seemed to change. Because of its location, the sun wasn’t as direct and soon, mist from the waterfall fell like drizzle. Arriving at a great vista to take more photos, they realized that they were all soaked. It wasn’t a major problem though because, as they hiked back down the trail, it got warmer.

In Agoura Hills, Mike wanted to invite Drew and Corey to the beach and then back to the house, as Keith had suggested. Even if Keith hadn’t said a word, Drew and Corey could work the mixer and computer while Mike and Derrick developed songs. But there was no answer on Drew’s cell phone. He tried the Seaver’s house phone, but again there was no answer. Grinning insanely, Mike went to Derrick and guessed, “How much ya wanna bet that they’re trying to break fourteen?”

“No bet,” Derrick smirked. “I don’t know which feels stranger, my dick or my ass.”

Glancing down, Mike smiled, “You look like ya have a chubby.”

“I know, but I’m honestly not excited at all.” Checking out Mike’s exposed dick, Derrick offered, “You look different too, thicker and longer.”

Beginning to melt for no real reason, Mike asked, “Do you really wanna go to the beach?”

Derrick shrugged, “It don’t really matter, I guess. Ya wanna just hang?”

Mike nodded, “Just like our first day alone here, I want to spend time naked with you.”

Pulling Mike to him and nuzzling his neck, Derrick softly offered, “We’ll call Drew again later.”

Hanging off his lover, Mike whimpered, “You’re getting me all kinds o’ randy, Dee.”

“I love you, Lick. If all we did was stand here together all day, I’d be happy.” That was all Mike needed to hear. He kissed Derrick’s neck, jaw and cheek, making it obvious he wanted a kiss as much as he wanted to give kisses away. Derrick got the intended message and enthusiastically locked lips with Mike. With no expectations of actually making love, Mike lifted Derrick and carried him back to the bedroom. Holding on tight, Derrick laughed, “I love it! You wild man! If you think you can have your wicked way with me, you’re right!”

Evilly sniggering, Mike set Derrick down on the bed and assured, “All I want is to touch and taste you, Dee.” He crawled up beside Derrick and they soon began touching one another, offering and accepting kisses of varying length and intensity. Only after more than an hour had quickly passed did they give in and allow examination of their private parts then shift into their favored position. Before lying down again, Mike softly reminded, “I’m not gonna suck or tighten my jaw unless you tell me to, Dee.”

Derrick smiled, “I hope to do the same for you, but I’m actually feeling dizzy, Lick.” He then wondered, “Why didn’t we do this yesterday?”

Mike giggled, “I asked myself the same thing. All I could come up with was reaching the goal and we needed to wear each other out some.”

Derrick nodded then leered, “Give me your love seed, you sexy hunk of a wild man.”

Stealing a kiss, Mike assured, “It’s always yours, Dee.”

With that, they settled down to enjoy oral sex in a manner they never tried before. Not long after they had completed and decided to enjoy the silence while in each other’s arms, the phone rang. They let it ring.

Drew’s voice was heard saying, “Oh well, I guess you did go to the beach. Give me a call when you get back, okay?” Drew squealed, “Corey! No!” Mike and Derrick softly sniggered. Drew giggled, “Help!” More giggling from two voices was heard then the call disconnected.

Derrick grinned, “We should show them the slower way. It’s way more intense.”

Mike shrugged, “It might eventually work, but I know I wasn’t interested in slow our first weeks. I wanted as much as I could get, as often as I could get it.”

“You’re still that way, you wild man.”

Mike smiled, “This time was real nice though.”

“Do you think Keith and Prez ever did it this way?”

Mike nodded, “I’m sure they have, Keith told me. We were still living under restrictions at the time so it was unrealistic.”

“We can do it this way whenever we want now.”

“We will, Dee; here and at home.”

“Ready to call Drew back?” Derrick confirmed. With a nod from Mike, they went to the kitchen to place the call. Mike picked up the handset and dialed. Derrick couldn’t get over Mike’s arms, chest and shoulders and touched the objects of his desire.

Happy that he had a body that Derrick wanted to touch, Mike only giggled until Drew answered, “Hello?”

Mike teased, “You sounded like it was an emergency, dude.”

Drew giggled, “Not exactly an emergency, I only want to remind my angel that we can do other stuff. Everything I do or say today seems to be just the right thing.”

Corey could be heard loudly laughing, “He’s my stud! Of course I’m taking advantage of being alone!”

Drew and Mike laughed. Mike then offered, “We’re gonna jam for a while. You could stay for dinner too, if ya want?”

Brushing Corey’s hand away from his belly button, Drew giggled, “That sounds good. Corey will have to let his mom know. Planning dinners has been a problem for our mothers. We only need to check first, Mike.”

“Cool,” Mike chirped. “We’ll be there in about ten or fifteen minutes.”

“Thanks, dude. We’ll be ready.”

“See ya soon.”

Unable to successfully grope any body part, Corey hopped behind Drew and started tickling his ribs. Drew loudly laughed, “Bye.”

Shaking his head, Mike smirked, “We’re gonna have to try and slow them down.”

Leading Mike by the hand back to the bedroom to get dressed, Derrick said, “I could if you could. All I really care to see is how thin Corey is.”

The next hike for Brian, Pete, Keith and Prez was to Lower Yosemite Fall. This was another easy mile walk along a looped trail that provided them multiple opportunities for photographs. They had only begun to dry off from the Bridalveil Fall trip when they started getting soaked again from the spray off Yosemite Fall. On the way back towards the valley floor, it was agreed it was time for toidy breaks and lunch. Vernal Fall would be their afternoon hike.

Shuffling through the laundry basket of clean clothes not yet put away, Mike nodded, “He’s too thin, but not too terrible.” Handing Derrick a pair of khaki cargo shorts, Mike sighed, “At least I hope he’s not too terrible.” Pulling up a similar pair of blue cargo shorts, Mike smirked, “If he’s too boney, I won’t stay hard, dude. Slow could become forever and ultimately impossible.”

While Mike searched for T-shirts, Derrick went to the dresser for his keys and wallet, wondering, “How do we deal with them?”

Mike shrugged, “Keith said he’s told Drew some of what we’ve already done. Drew’s probably hip already.” Finding two T-shirts and offering both for Derrick to choose one, Mike said, “All we need to do is reassure them we’re not after sex, which is completely true.” Derrick took a shirt. While Mike was pulling the remaining shirt over his head, he offered, “We’re two more opinions for Corey. From what I can tell, that’s important.”

Derrick nodded, “Teaching them to go slow isn’t such a major undertaking anyway. Simple description should be enough. The rest is up to them.”

Starting out of the house, Mike grinned, “What do you think might be a long time for them; fifteen or twenty minutes?”

Following and locking the door, Derrick chuckled, “Maybe half an hour?” Starting for the car, he added, “Our first few weeks together, ten or fifteen minutes seemed to be a long time.”

“We didn’t do it twelve times either,” Mike reminded.

“Not because we didn’t want to.”

“Oh, definitely not; school was in the way and so was music.”

Once in the car and pulling away from the curb, Derrick begged, “Always, always tell me when you want some, Lick.”

Mike nodded, “Yesterday was a good kick in the pants. We can make love a lot more than we’ve previously been able to.” He then worried, “You’re not wishing we could’ve spent our time better, I hope?”

Taking Mike’s hand, Derrick assured, “No, we only need to remind ourselves, lovers first. We had to be alone to learn that lesson. It’s been so easy too.”

“I get a little obsessive about guitar, I know it.”

“It’s made a difference, dude. You’re getting so good; sometimes it’s not easy to remember to break away from the jams because that’s fun too.”

“It makes my spine tingle when you tell me I’m good.”

Accelerating onto the 101, Derrick grinned, “You are, Lick. You’re even better in bed.” Mike whined loud and long, causing Derrick to laugh, “You are! Even our first times were awesome.”

Mike giggled, “Okay, you’re trying to give me stiffy.”

Derrick nodded and hummed affirmatively then playfully asked, “Is it working?”

Placing Derrick’s hand on his lap, Mike cackled, “What do you think?” Feeling an obvious chubby, Derrick began a slow and easy stroke that took no attention away from driving. Derrick slowed more when Mike was fully erect then stopped when he had to exit in Woodland Hills and shift gears. Catching his breath, Mike warned, “When I get the van, dude.”

Derrick nodded, “You’ll be driving and I’ll be on the floor, sucking you off.”

Making a mental note, Mike muttered, “Must get automatic transmission,” over and over. Derrick roared. Mike reminded, “We’re supposed to teach Drew and Corey how to go slow, but now I feel like screaming, give me big dick now.”

Derrick cackled, “If ya want, you can have that too, after we spend another hour kissing and touching.”

Giving up, Mike rambled, “Okay, Drew, Corey, here’s how you fuck like rabid animals. Since this lesson is short and extremely noisy, the next lesson is much slower and quieter.”

Rapidly nodding agreement, Derrick snickered, “That’ll work too.”

Turning onto Corey’s street, Mike said, “The throbbing is down to a pleasant tingle, Dee. Don’t think for a second I won’t.”

“I want you too. Ya wanna flip-flop? Whatever, I’m yours for the next fifty or sixty years.”

Mike groaned, “Omigod! That thought just made my cock lurch. I want those years so bad, Dee, I almost came.”

Stopping in front of Corey’s house, Derrick turned to Mike and reached over for a tender kiss. He stepped out of the car then smiled, “You hold back and be good. I’ll go knock on the door.” Derrick hadn’t gotten all the way around the car before Drew stepped out of the house with Corey on his back. Once the door was locked and they started for the car, Derrick grinned, “Okay, who started it?”

“He did!” Drew and Corey chimed in unison.

Playing referee, Mike smiled, “C before D, you’re first Corey.”

“This morning, I woke from the worst nightmare ever,” Corey explained. “Everything fell completely apart in the worst ways possible. Who picked the lock and came in the bathroom while I was hurling my guts up? Who calmed me down and made me feel better? Who talked to my mom and clearly told her that he was gay and wanted me?”

Shaking his head sadly, Derrick hummed then said, “Its lookin’ bad, Drew. What’s your story?”

“Corey’s mom stayed home and made us pancakes,” Drew began and put Corey down. He and Corey got in the backseat and Corey immediately rested his head on Drew’s lap, smiling up and knowing he had already won. Once Derrick was in the car, Drew continued, “So I’m eating three of a dozen pancakes. Corey comes in the dining room and uses his toes to play with my dick through my clothes, while his mom is still in the house. After his mom leaves, I’m ready to share all those pancakes. What does Corey do? Does he sit on my lap and help? Hell no! He crawls under the table, opens my boardies and starts blowin’ me!” Mike, Derrick and Corey sniggered insanely, but Drew loudly said, “I’m not done yet. So breakfast is over, three quarters of three pancakes eaten, nine remaining. I’m getting close and will agree to anything. Corey wants me on the table. Fine, I get on the table expecting he’d finish me off and I’d get to be bottom for him. Wrong again! He bends me in half and rims my ass good on the damn dining room table!”

Mike and Derrick howled laughing. Corey only smiled up at Drew, amazed that Drew was again showing his love and silly side. Still looking down at Corey, Drew smiled, “So I’m thinking, this is rad, he’s getting me wet, I want it and tell him so. ‘Not ready yet,’ he giggles. I go from asking for intercourse, to telling him to stick it in me, to hollering for cock, to begging for him to fuck my brains out; which he finally does, in the best way, while stroking my meat for me, but I’m on the verge of exploding now and tell him. Corey lets go of my cock, grabs three cold pancakes then covers my chest and belly with them. He starts again, bangin’ my butt and beatin’ my meat. In no time, I lose it like Mount Saint Helens, exploding all over the pancakes. Still dazed and enjoying him in me, I look up and notice he’s eating one of the pancakes. He finishes all three jizz soaked pancakes, having two orgasms in me and coaxing another from me in the process. So I’m like practically brain dead and all over him for the best single sexual experience in our lives. In addition, he’s had his shake and more pancakes than I did! In the shower, we have oral sex. That’s my thank you for intercourse and special recognition for eating. Now I’m a zombie and can’t figure out how to open my friggin’ backpack. While I’m bent over, Corey starts grinding against me, gets hard again and we make love again, right there like that. Now, you need to understand, I prefer seeing Corey’s face, but he needs to see mine, so him taking me from the rear was just awesome for both of us and a giant leap for Corey. There was one more time after that, only because he had been so awesome, I made love to him. So we’re relaxing in bed after five times in a little more than two hours. I suggest calling you, he says that’s cool and I get up to dial. While I’m leaving a message, Corey decides it’s time for more. That turned into a play fight. I picked him up and tossed him in the pool to cool off. So you tell me, at what point was I being too nice?”

Turning in the passenger side swivel seat, Mike snickered, “You’re both as bad as Keith and Prez. I don’t think Drew did anything more than Derrick might’ve done for me. You were both nice and both horny, no winner or loser. All I can suggest is: you dudes can probably slow down now and then. Around the same two hours you were going for it, Derrick and me were in bed. For over an hour, we only touched and kissed, building the excitement, letting it wane and building it again. Granted, after yesterday, slow and easy was what we wanted most. I’m only saying, if you haven’t tried it slow, you should because it’s intense.”

Corey smiled, “We’ve done it slow, but not that slow, about forty minutes total.”

Derrick offered, “Finish orally in a sixty-nine, but no sucking and no tight jaw milking.”

Corey wondered, “That’s special how?”

Arriving in Agoura Hills and stopping the car in front of the house, Derrick answered, “The simplicity, Corey. He’s humpin’ your face and you’re humpin’ his face. It’s like saying, ‘I’m here for you, dude. I’m not taking, but here to receive what you’re giving.’ For the first twenty or thirty minutes Mike and I were alone, it was all eye contact and ninety-percent touches above the waist. It’s an examination of the heart, mind and body.”

Mike nodded and smiled, “There’s a time for everything. We went crazy yesterday and loved it. We loved being a little sore today, but wanted something special. Believe me; we weren’t able to make love like you dudes at the start of our relationship. We were still in school, living apart and my mom protected my sister. The pool house is where we spent most of our time alone together. It’s not that way anymore.”

Derrick said, “Tomorrow is three weeks since your first time. The fact that you’ve had a forty minute long experience is better than we could’ve done after only three weeks. Drag it out some, a little longer each time you try.” Opening the car doors, Mike and Derrick got out.

Corey followed Drew out on the passenger side wondering, “What do you think, Drew?”

Taking Corey’s hand and following Mike and Derrick, Drew chuckled, “It sounds awesome. Two hours leading to one orgasm each though, that’s gonna take effort.”

While Derrick unlocked the door, Mike said, “It’s time well spent. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have this kind of relationship.” They stepped inside and Mike took hold of Derrick, assuring, “Now that I do, I don’t want it to ever end.” Loving to hear that, Derrick dove for a passionate kiss.

Drew wondered, “What do you do after a fight or argument?”

Derrick led the way to the studio and sighed, “Our worst argument almost ended everything before it began. It lasted weeks because I didn’t know Mike was gay and could barely bring myself to tell him that I was. That was the biggest learning experience; tell the truth, right away.”

Beginning to power up the computer and gear, Mike nodded, “Hearing the truth is almost as hard as telling it. Your mind goes off on tangents and tries to disprove the truth you’re being told.” Finished with the gear, Mike took his shirt off then gestured at his torso and said, “This is me. I’m no underwear model. I’m not thin, I’m not overly buff, and I sure ain’t tall. I didn’t believe I had a snowball’s chance in hell. I honestly believed life would be one night stands for me.” Kicking off his sandals and unbuttoning his shorts, Mike said, “This is the whole picture, as I saw it,” then dropped his shorts and turned in place. He told Drew and Corey, “I’m nothing special. That’s what I thought until April last year.”

“Mike took the time to save our friendship,” Derrick explained, and then started to undress. Once his shirt was off, he continued, “Maybe I could be an underwear model, but I don’t want to be. Some of ‘em are cute, some of ‘em seem well packed in those skimpy briefs, but that’s not what I consider adorably handsome.” Dropping his shorts, Derrick chuckled, “Put me in front of a college football game though, and watch my dick grow.” Drew and Corey giggled. Derrick pointed at Mike and said, “There’s my handsome football player type. Even better, he’s a musician, like me. I didn’t expect him to care that I was gay. I fully expected him to say, ‘later, dude’. I told him though and almost had a nervous breakdown doing it. Since Keith was there the day of the argument, Mike thought that I liked Keith.” Holding up the center three fingers of his left hand, Derrick dramatically waved that hand and smirked, “Three times I had to tell him it wasn’t Keith.” Mike, Drew and Corey cracked up. When they were down to mere giggles again, Derrick recalled, “I told Mike he was the one for me. He kissed me so softly, like he might break me or somethin’. Did I expect that? Nope; I expected rough and tumble. The one girl I went out with was more aggressive on our first date than Mike was. That spoke volumes.”

Picking up a guitar, Mike remembered, “We wanted to make love. It was a Friday, so over the fence and into the pool house we went. Dee could barely look at me, shuffling his feet and acting like he was about to give an oral report in English class.” On his way to the drum throne, Derrick nodded and giggled. Mike smiled, “I sure as hell didn’t want to hurry or fuck anything up, so I got some CDs and we got comfortable. He was staring at me though while he drummed on the wooden benches. I played my guitar and watched him like a hawk. When I swapped CD’s, Dee wrapped his arms around me. He asked somethin’ like, ‘is this alright?’ I was a giggling spaz and getting a stiffy with him behind me. His warmth and sincerity made my blood boil.”

At a pause, Drew wondered, “Why are you telling us all this and why do it naked?”

Derrick answered, “You asked about fights and arguments. A stupid argument kept us apart and then brought us together. Arguments are scary, but can be good, if you share the truth.”

Mike added, “Alone, here in this house, we always jam naked. Keith and Prez have jammed naked. Naked is the truth. This is really the way we are, comfortable in our own skin. I couldn’t be this way without Derrick. He wouldn’t be like this without me.”

Pointing both drumsticks at Drew and Corey, Derrick prompted, “Give us some truth. We’re worried about you, Corey.” Corey’s mouth dropped open. Drew watched his beloved carefully as Derrick continued, “The only way for us to know is to see. The only way for you to know that we like you and trust you, is like this.”

Coming out of shock, Corey quickly covered his face. Drew explained, “Part of the anorexia makes Corey uncomfortable with his body. Showing me is easy. Showing Keith and Prez was a little less easy. He just doesn’t know you as well as I do.”

“We understand this,” Mike softly said. Stepping closer to Corey, Mike sighed, “We care, dude. Our eyes will provide you with two more opinions, if you’ll allow it?”

Drew stepped in front of Corey and shared, “This is good, Cor. You worried about how Keith saw you. Nobody that cares will ever lie to you, angel. Ya want me to go first?”

Still covering his face, Corey replied, “I guess,” then giggled, “I hope I don’t pop a bone.”

Drew smiled, “Consider it practice for the high school locker room,” and then undressed. Taking his shirt and shorts to the chairs, Drew returned, patting his chest over his heart and silently begged, “Please be careful.” Mike and Derrick nodded. Turning Corey away from Mike and Derrick, Drew whispered, “You’re safe, Cor. They probably caught glimpses of you in a dark tent. This is to confirm it in the light.”

Corey admitted, “I’m scared, Drew.”

“Look in my eyes,” Drew instructed, “I’ll take care of everything.” Corey nodded again. Drew guided Corey’s hands from his face and raised them above his head. Mike put the guitar back on its stand and Derrick came out from behind the drums. Drew softly reassured Corey that he was handsome and could easily face this. Corey’s T-shirt was taken off. In one smooth motion, Corey’s boardies and boxers were down on the floor. Taking Corey’s hands, Drew backed up two steps to allow Corey to step out of his clothes.

Already shedding tears, Derrick said, “Your ribs and spine, Corey, they’re too visible.”

Mike offered, “Not too bad around the waist and buns. A little less than there should be at the thighs and calves.”

Derrick asked, “Corey, how much do you weigh and what should you weigh?”

Still turned from them, Corey answered, “One fifteen now. According to a book Drew’s mom gave me, I should weigh between one-twenty-five and one-forty. The doctor would like one-thirty-five.”

Derrick prompted, “Turn around, Corey. Drew, come stand with me and Mike.” Drew turned Corey around then stepped back. Lined up from Corey’s left to his right were Drew, Mike and Derrick.

Mike smiled, “Do you have any idea how cute you are with clothes on? Take it from me, Corey; I love my blond and blonds in general. By sixteen, you could stop traffic with a glance and a giggle.” Quickly covering his face again, Corey did giggle and shed happy tears. “I’m not done,” Mike warned, “a little comparison for proof, dude.” He then knelt down behind Derrick and, using his thumbs and fingers, created a circle in his hands from the size of Derrick’s calf. He carefully noted where his fingers were overlapping then showed Corey and asked, “Derrick’s pretty damn good lookin’; don’t you think? Everything’s proportional?” Corey nodded and hummed affirmatively. “Now, it’s Drew’s turn,” Mike said, “let’s see how big his calf is, and then we’ll see how big yours is.” Corey nodded. Mike giggled at Drew, “Excuse me, dude.”

Drew chuckled, “No sweat. If you’re bad, your boyfriend and mine will kick your ass.”

Kneeling down, Mike smirked, “Definitely Keith’s brother.” In moments, Mike had Drew’s calf size measured then showed Corey. Mike said, “In height, Derrick and Drew are about an inch or so different so I’m guessin’ five-eight, Drew?”

Drew nodded, “Yep, and one-hundred-thirty-six pounds.”

Derrick offered, “I’m one-hundred-forty-seven pounds and more than two years older than Drew. In December I turn eighteen. This is probably as tall as I’ll get.”

Mike showed Corey again where his fingers were for Derrick and then for Drew. “Not much difference,” Mike prompted.

Corey nodded, “Two inches, give or take a little.”

Mike asked Corey, “You’re about five-five?”

“Five feet six inches,” Corey corrected.

Mike nodded, “Cool, your turn now.” He knelt down and was surprised how much smaller Corey’s calf was compared to Drew’s. After checking again, Mike stood and said, “Check it out, dude.”

“No way!” Corey gasped.

Mike nodded, “I checked twice, Corey, you felt me. I wasn’t just loitering so Derrick and Drew could kick my ass.”

Corey said, “That’s like five or six inches smaller.” Mike, Derrick and Drew slowly nodded. They all assumed that four inches smaller than Drew’s calf size would’ve been appropriate. Derrick wiped his eyes again, but this time, Corey caught him and asked, “Are you crying, Derrick?”

Derrick sighed, “Yeah, sorry.”

Drew prompted, “Tell them what you’ve told the doctors and our parents, Cor.”

With all the love he could muster beaming through his eyes at Drew, Corey easily repeated, “I can’t tell if I’m too fat or too thin. Drew can though and I listen to everything he tells me.” Shifting to Derrick, Corey said, “Don’t cry for me, dude. Because Drew believes it’s good, I’m seeing, listening and learning now. I’m three pounds better off than I was three weeks ago. This Friday, we’ll see how much better I am.”

Mike took Corey’s hand and assured, “It would take very little for me to cry too. We want you healthy, hangin’ with us, running our P.A. and lights. Keep trying, okay? It matters.”

Corey sighed, “I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry… yeah, sorry that I make anyone sad. I’m also thankful that you took the time and made an effort you really didn’t need to make.”

Derrick accepted that honesty and offered his own. “You’re not skin and bones, but too close to it.”

Locking eyes with Drew, Corey asked, “You’re not still scared to hug me?”

Shaking his head, Drew smiled, “No, angel. I hug you and lie on top of you and make love with you because that’s what I feel. I skinny dip with you and stand here naked now, to give you more incentive. You see yourself as fat. I still see the dude that was in bed with me on my birthday and before Christmas. Look at the three of us. Tell us what you see.”

Rapidly nodding, Corey said, “Two different body types; medium and large; two pretty much fully grown and developed, one still growing. I like all of what I see, from faces to toes and everything in between. Everything’s proportional on all three of you, like Michelangelo carved three different versions of David.” He giggled, “I like you most of all, Drew.”

Drew huffed then chuckled, “Three pancakes proved that.”

Laughing, Corey hurried to Drew and was easily picked up then spun around. Mike turned to Derrick and teased, “We’re gonna have to try that sometime.”

Rolling his eyes, Derrick smirked and gathered Mike in his arms then asked, “What do you think, Corey; maple, boysenberry or semen?”

Corey giggled, “When mom and dad aren’t around, it’ll be semen, every time.”

Mike widely smiled at Derrick and sang, “Say yes. You know you want to say yes.”

Leading Mike by the hand from the room, Derrick cackled, “Pancakes for lunch.”

Following them towards the kitchen with Corey, Drew wondered, “What’s planned for dinner?”

“Chicken, potatoes and peas in tomato sauce,” Mike answered. He then reached in the cupboard for the box of pancake mix and read the directions.

Derrick added, “It’s a recipe Prez learned from Doug. One pan, two hours in the oven. I’ll need to make a quick run to the store for French bread.”

“See if they’ve got wheat French bread, dude,” Drew suggested. “It’s really better for us and tastes better.” Corey nodded and smiled at Drew. Derrick agreed that if it was available, he would get it. At the kitchen counter, Drew explained, “Gotta make sure my angel eats. The stronger he gets, the less that anorexia demon will mess with him.”

“How many pancakes am I making?” Mike asked, and then shifted his eyes mysteriously; expecting numbers has high as forty to be tossed out.

Corey giggled, “I’m not too hungry right now.”

For Corey, Drew asked, “Have you got any fruit?” While Derrick checked the fridge, Drew grinned at Corey. “I’m getting an extra pancake or two, with your syrup.” Corey smiled and nodded in anticipation.

Looking up from the fridge, Derrick said, “Two apples and two tangerines, Corey.”

“One of each please, dude,” Corey replied.

Mike turned to Derrick while he was placing the fruit on the counter. He asked, “Top or bottom, Dee?”

Reaching for the apple, Corey innocently wondered, “Why does that matter?” and then took a bite.

“Dee’s a power shooter,” Mike leered at his lover. Cracking up because he’d never heard the phrase used that way before, Corey spat out the apple into his hand and roared.

“Nice,” Derrick grinned, “ya almost killed the dude, Lick.”

Drew giggled, “Lick is your pet name, Mike?”

Nodding, Mike suggested, “Twelve or fifteen pancakes?”

“I’ll top,” Derrick offered. Mike began mixing the batter while Derrick got the griddle out, plugged in and warmed up. Noticing the clock read almost one, Derrick hummed then wondered, “Where’s Ben?”

Mike shrugged, “Maybe running errands with his mom? I think he’s still doing all the driving.” Glancing at Drew and Corey, Mike said, “You dudes might want to put your boardies back on, in case he visits.” Corey immediately went down the hall to retrieve his and Drew’s shorts.

Drew grinned, “What about you two?”

Derrick chuckled, “He’s seen us naked.”

Mike sniggered, “What a morning that was.”

“You’re nudists,” Drew cackled.

Beginning to pour batter on the griddle, Mike nodded, “I always wanted to be. Here, we can, but at home it’ll be in our room only.”

Corey returned and offered Drew his shorts. Taking them and putting them aside, on the back of a nearby chair, Drew shook his head and smiled, “For you, angel. If Ben shows up, I’ll put them on.”

Corey whimpered, “You’re killin’ me. It’s good I put my shorts on.”

Mike sighed, “Come on, Corey. Your bone only matters to Drew. For me, Derrick or anyone else, it’s only worth noting for comparisons sake.”

Corey giggled, “I’m not that way. Just talkin’ about dicks usually affects me.”

Drew teased, “You’re a horny angel and they’re old.” Warning moos from one side of the counter and laughter from the other side erupted. Since Mike was cooking, Derrick hurried around the counter. Laughing hysterically, Drew and Corey backed into the living room. However, Derrick never intended to touch them. He snatched up Drew’s shorts and boxers then tossed them out the front door onto the lawn.

“HEY!” Drew cackled, “My cell phone is in my pocket!”

Returning to the kitchen, Derrick smirked, “Go get it.”

Corey offered, “I’ll get it,” then started for the door.

Flipping pancakes, Mike smiled, “No, let Drew go out and get it, Corey.”

Pausing, Corey grunted negatively, pointed at Drew then said, “That hot bod is mine. Be glad I’m letting you see; especially you, Derrick.”

“Why single out me?” Derrick chuckled.

Corey began giggling again then checked with Drew. When Drew shrugged, Corey smiled, “Drew likes blonds; male or female; we have his attention. Back when we weren’t talking…”

“No, Cor, don’t,” Drew interrupted. Walking towards his boyfriend, Drew seriously said, “I told you, your mom and I’ll say it again now for these dudes to hear; Susan is only a friend. I had opportunities, but never did anything more than walk home with her.” Noticing confused expressions in the kitchen, Drew sighed, “Part of the nightmare Corey had included me dumping him for Susan. That won’t happen, and I’ll tell you all why so Corey never has that in his dreams again. I’m bisexual leaning strongly to the gay side. I suspected it before we had oral sex. I knew it before we played with the dildo. Now that we’ve made love…” Shaking his head but widely smiling at Corey, Drew assured, “I love you, Corey. No matter how we do it, I love it, okay? The more we do it, the more I love it. The only thing just slightly better than watching and hearing you enjoy it is when you make love to me. Everything I said in the car was me bein’ silly enough to say it aloud, but at the same time, it was true. After making love this morning, I was too stupid to figure out how to open the zipper on my friggin’ backpack.”

Mike and Derrick began sniggering. Corey was dumbfounded, grinning slightly at Drew and uncertain what to say or do. However, Drew knew what to do. He took the remaining apple core from Corey’s hand and put it on the counter then reached for Corey’s hands. Guiding him back to the dining area, he then began tenderly kissing Corey. After the fourth kiss, Corey half-groaned and half-whimpered. That was the signal Drew was waiting for. He pulled Corey against him and planted a passionate kiss. Throwing his arms around Drew, Corey urgently kissed him back. Mike and Derrick had never seen this side of Drew nor had they seen them kiss like this. Drew held the kiss for more than a minute.

Beginning to break the kiss by returning to tender lip smacks, Drew smiled at Corey then turned to Mike and Derrick, saying, “Keith and Prez seem to think I have some rare kissing abilities. The kisses aren’t rare. The person I’m kissing is.” Stepping back, Drew’s erection sprang free and Corey’s shorts were obviously tented. Again, Corey was stunned silent, but had enough presence of mind to remain close to Drew in case he decided to hide. Blushing, Drew smiled, “From a kiss, dudes. No humping or grinding required.” Checking with Corey, Mike and Derrick, Drew confirmed, “Has everybody got the picture now? I love Corey because he loves me back. That’s all there is to it.” Watching all three of them, Drew said, “Anorexia and a hospital visit made me realize how much I cared. Two arguments made me understand that I’m willing to fight that fucking disease to keep Corey here with me. I’m not special or crazy, I’m in love.”

Already shedding happy tears, Corey sniffled and wiped his eyes. Drew hugged him. Corey rested his head on Drew’s shoulder. He whispered, “Drew?”


“Did you know when we met it would be like this?”

“Course not.”

“When did you know you loved me?”

“Last Christmas, when I told you at Big Bear.”

Corey hummed then asked, “What if I had never read your packet or talked to you again?”

Drew shrugged, “Dunno. We wouldn’t be together now, obviously.”

“And Susie?”

“I can’t say, Cor, cos I really don’t know. We knew each other for about six months before we kissed. It would’ve probably been the same with her. She’s totally out of the picture now though.”

Afraid to ask, but doing so anyway, Corey wondered, “Why?”

Drew grinned, hugged Corey tighter then whispered, “I loved you months ago, I love you now and I’ll love you in the future. I’m not faking anything, angel. When have I ever lied to you?”

Thinking about it for a few moments, Corey realized that at every step of the way, Drew had always said what was on his mind. He replied, “Never.”

“I won’t ever either; especially not about us, sex or Susan.” Feeling Corey briefly shudder in his arms, Drew smiled and sighed, wondering when Corey would fully understand the depth of his feelings.

For Mike and Derrick, Drew wasn’t only Keith’s brother and Corey wasn’t just Drew’s boyfriend any longer. They were now close friends too. Flipping the first group of eight pancakes on to plates, Mike softly chuckled, “Aww.”

Placing butter and maple syrup on the counter, Derrick called, “Come and get it, dudes.” Drew stepped back from Corey and went to the counter. Corey raced outside to get Drew’s shorts and boxers. Drew put the butter, maple syrup and plates of pancakes on the table then sat down. Corey returned, tossed Drew’s clothes on the sofa then wiggled his buns onto Drew’s lap. He buttered the pancakes. Drew poured the maple syrup. Corey picked up the fork and sliced into the stack of pancakes then began feeding Drew. A drop of maple syrup dripped on Drew’s chest. Once Drew was chewing, Corey licked the drop of maple syrup up, causing them to giggle.

Derrick softly chortled, “They’re giving me so many bad ideas.” Mike grinned and nodded. From the dregs of batter remaining in the bowl, Mike swept up a little pancake batter on his index finger and let it dribble on to Derrick’s chest then lapped it up. Derrick stuffed Mike’s batter covered finger into his mouth.


Author's Note: My sincere thanks to Dewey of deweywriter.com for the use of his characters Brian and Pete. Dewey and I had originally planned on another crossover that would last only three days. That plan was recently modified such that Brian and Pete will extend their vacation to spend more time with Prez, Keith, Drew, Corey, Mike and Derrick. This chapter covers the first days of that period.

Copyright © 2013 TheEggman; All Rights Reserved.
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This story gets better with each chapter I read. I love how the characters of Brian and Pete are sticking around so that there's more interaction between them and the characters of Keith, Preston, Drew, Corey, Mike and Derrick. Keep up the good work. I'm very tempted to go back and start reading from the 1st chapter of the first book just to familiarize myself with how it all started, even though it tells at different times in this story.

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