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Life Goes On - 18. Chapter 18


Friday morning, I woke up to the phone ringing and Prez missing from our bed. It was just before nine in the morning. I knew Prez was likely taking care of Rush, but I could hear him talking and then soon, loudly laughing, “Okay, okay!” Barely a minute later, Prez returned to our room. He grinned, “Mike’s outta control. We’re supposed to get to his house by ten.”

I smirked, “And if we’re a few minutes late, like he always is?”

“It’s my dick and yours!” Prez laughed, and crawled back onto the bed with me. “For every minute we’re late, we each get blowjobs. And for each additional minute, it’s consecutive blowjobs.”

“This is a threat, how?”

Prez shrugged and chuckled, “That’s what I said. Mike wants to use the new P.A. He’s already told Jessy and Shaun that this weekend’s rehearsals are at his mom’s house and why. I reminded them that we need to wait for Drew and Corey, and they won’t be back from the doctor’s until about ten-thirty. Even I don’t think I could deal with thirty consecutive blowjobs.”

“He wants us to be late,” I smirked, and then rapidly rolled onto my lover. I leered, “Now that you bought the P.A., they want some more of my cinnamon stick, to say ‘thank you’.”

Prez giggled, “Only if or when you say so.”

“I’m gonna make them wait,” I promised. “Not until after we return from Yosemite will they have a chance.” I further thought, “As a matter of fact, they can do the work and I’ll still demand the reward.”

Prez shifted his eyes mysteriously and reminded, “We never did return their dildo.”

“Or play with ours,” I reminded. I then softly asked, “Do I get special ‘thank you’ privileges?”

Prez giggled, “All the time, babe.”

I quickly took his sport shorts off and retrieved our dildo. Returning to our bed, I lubed it up and watched Prez’s dick harden before my eyes. I gave Prez three ‘thank you’ blowjobs, with the help of the dildo. Only after his second orgasm and while I was working on the third did he ask why I was out of control. I explained that “these are from me, Mike and Derrick.” I also warned him that “I still have to make sure Shaun and Jessy are equally represented. That can wait until later though, while we’re camping.”

Lowering my head to his belly, I slurped him back into my mouth. Prez squirmed and giggled, “You said I could, Keith. You need at least my thank you.” Never let it be said that I am not reasonable. Keeping my mouth stuffed, I shifted around to let him at my chubby. He groaned, “Aw, babe, you’re dripping wet,” and began working his magic. My orgasm thrilled him enough to lose it not long after I had.

Cuddling afterward, I confirmed, “You’re amazing, Prez. Each time was as powerful as the first.”

“Quality over quantity,” Prez sighed. “This time, I got both. I’m shot to hell.”

I teased, “Betchya it won’t last very long.”

Prez giggled, “At least long enough to eat breakfast. Once we’re in the shower though…”

“Yeah,” I chuckled, “you’ll get hard, but will you be able to do anything with it?”

“I’ll try, that’s for sure,” Prez playfully threatened. I made a move to reach for his dick and Prez doubled-up, loudly laughing, “After breakfast, Keith!”

Grinning, I dared, “I’ll bet you five bucks, right now, I can get you hard again without touching you.”

Prez giggled, “No bet. I know you can, babe.”

I teased, “Can I try anyway?”

“Keith!” Prez incredulously laughed. Rolling off the bed, I flexed my muscles and struck three poses then began dirty dancing for him. I closed my eyes then imagined holding and caressing his body. Prez growled and scampered across the bed. Taking my arms, he wiggled back against me, matching my motions with his own. Prez purred, “You’re trying to match Drew and Corey’s new record, aren’t you?”

“I really wasn’t thinking that far ahead,” I honestly breathed, “but the only way we’ll know is if we try.”

Prez assured, “We’ll not only try, but succeed and set a new record. I’m planning on spending eternity with you, babe.”

I hummed, “That sounds awesome. I’d love to spend eternity with you, just like this.” Soon, I was hard and grinding against his ass. I reached an arm down and found Prez hard too.

While I was tweaking his nips and fondling his goods, he whispered, “Nine each, lover. You’re two behind me, cum for me; in me or on me, don’t matter.”

Delirious, I held my baby close and reveled in his candor. I shivered, “I love you, baby. You’re doin’ so fine now. Please don’t stop.”

He continued his grind against me and promised, “Never, Keith. I love the way you touch me.” If our dance lasted another five minutes it was a lot. It was beautiful though. Prez was still in my arms when, across the hall, John’s bedroom door opened. Then the bathroom door closed. Knowing John, he would leak, brush his teeth then jump directly into the shower. Since we had plenty more time, I slithered my way around and in front of Prez, causing him to giggle insanely. He loved it though and did try for a fourth with me encouraging him along. When the bathroom door opened, making it obvious John had finished his morning ritual; Prez gave up and turned me around to face him. He tenderly kissed me then smirked, “Gotta love summer vacations.”

I nodded and grinned, “We’re well on our way to nine.”

“And we’ve only been awake a little over an hour,” Prez chortled.

I leered, “I’ll get ya in the shower, baby.”

“I’ll get you again too,” Prez giggled.

We agreed it was time for breakfast and pulled our shorts on then went out to the kitchen. There was half a cantaloupe in the fridge, but we decided to save that for Corey. Instead, we made a big cheese omelet. It was still in the pan when John came into the room. He grinned, “It was awful quiet this morning. I thought you were gone already.”

I innocently smiled, “We’ll get it busy when you leave.”

Prez confirmed, “You’re set for Tommy and Rose?”

John nodded, “I talked with Mom too last night. Then I called Kim and Tommy. We’re set. Kim’s gonna deal with Rose for a day or two, but she’ll make it clear that I’ll be around and that she and Gianna will be going to Tommy’s again. Kim wants to know if the problem is more than Tommy. If it’s me too, then Kim’s gonna have a major problem.”

I reminded, “Rose may just need time, bro. All you guys can do is, try to make it easier for her. She simply might not be ready for any relationships, beyond friendships.”

Prez wondered, “What if she does like girls, John?”

“Oh dude!” John gushed, “If Rose is a lesbian it would break more than Tommy’s heart. Since you dudes don’t know her, picture a thirteen-year-old, well stacked super model. It would break hearts for years.”

I grinned, “So today and tomorrow, you’ll spend two hours with three pretty girls.” John began chuckling and I teased, “It’s horrible. I can tell you’re all broke up about it.”

John laughed, “How can I not get randy? And If I get randy there, it’s not like they won’t notice.”

Shocking me, Prez chuckled, “We’ll leave you a bottle of lube in your room, John.”

“I’ll need it!” John giggled. He then sighed, “I’ll see ya later,” and turned to start for the door.

“Tomorrow,” I quickly offered. “We’re going camping with Drew and Corey tonight.”

John paused, turned around again then groaned. Prez and I waited for John to say, “I wanna go too, but then I couldn’t see Kim or Tommy tonight.”

“Another time?” Prez offered.

John nodded, “Yeah, after this stupid shit with Rose is done.” He turned around again and started for the door.

After I heard the door close, I asked Prez, “Could we really bring John camping?”

Flipping our omelet, Prez shrugged, “We’ll bring the smaller tent for him and tell him what the deal is. If he has a problem then he won’t come.” He flashed me a devilish grin and reminded, “Today isn’t possible. We will make nine.”

In another minute, the omelet was done and we were sitting at the table having breakfast. Prez was a little quiet at first, until I asked what he was thinking of. It was all P.A. related; various ways we could hook up our gear and additional stuff we could get. That conversation lasted through breakfast. It was amazing how much Prez knew and how much he wanted to someday be able to try. To attempt the additional P.A. patches, more effects units and compressors would need to be purchased. Prez said that “the earliest any of that could happen is October, after I get more dividends.”

As we cleared the table, I wondered, “Is there anything that system can’t do?”

Shaking his head, Prez reminded, “The goal was to get a base system that could be expanded. If we need to play to more people, we could add speakers and power amps and do it. If we wanted to record, we could do that too, although our mixer isn’t really designed for it. A proper recording mixer would have L.E.D. level displays on each input channel. Ours doesn’t have that.” We finished cleaning up the kitchen and started for the shower.

The front door opened. Drew walked in, giving Corey a piggyback ride, and both of them were laughing. At the entryway, Prez and I paused and grinned. After closing the door, Drew confirmed, “John’s gone?”

I nodded, “About fifteen minutes ago.”

Drew proudly proclaimed, “Corey gained another pound and a half. That’s three and a quarter pounds in two weeks.”

Simultaneously, Prez and I overflowed with praise for Corey and Drew. Still blushing from the compliments, Corey giggled, “We think Drew lost two pounds… somehow!” Drew grinned and put Corey down. Blowing me and Prez away, there in the entryway, Drew began putting serious moves on Corey, backing him against the wall and stealing tender kisses.

To give them space, I took Prez’s hand, saying, “We just finished breakfast and were heading to the shower.”

Prez warned, “We’ll need you two at the P.A. in a little while.”

Lifting Corey up again, Drew nodded and smiled, “Give us some time, we’ll be ready.” He carried Corey towards his room. Holding on tightly to Drew, Corey looked back at us, blushing, giggling and waving.

Leading Prez into the bathroom, I chuckled, “That’s what I must’ve looked like with you last year.”

Closing the door, Prez smiled, “It’s not past; we still look like that, babe.” Pushing my shorts down, he warned, “Two goin’ on three for you,” then knelt down. Only after Prez had quickly finished me off did I realize just how badly I needed to piss. With Prez behind me and holding my dick for me, even he wondered if I would ever stop leaking.

In the tub, now totally depressurized, I tried to instigate Prez to go for four. He wanted intercourse. We tried, but the slippery tub was too dangerous. It took three fingers being crushed in his tight hole, but I got him to feed me another load.

In our room and getting dressed, Prez giggled, “It’s eleven. I can foresee two cranky friends across town.”

Grabbing T-shirts from the closet, I playfully grumbled, “They ain’t gettin’ sixty plus out of me; not this day, this week or this year.”

Nodding, Prez grinned and went to the wall shared with Drew’s room. He knocked twice then loudly asked, “Ready over there?”

Corey loudly replied, “Soon, real soon.”

Chuckling, I rolled my eyes. Picking up the pillow off the bed, Prez folded it in half, held it to his face and roared laughing. I led my very red faced lover from the room and went to let Rush inside. In the kitchen, I wanted to instigate Prez and softly wondered, “How can Drew be losing weight?” Prez hurried outside past me, completely hysterical. Rush knew the sound of his master’s laugh and danced around Prez. We played with Rush for a few minutes until Drew came outside with Corey.

Blushing intensely, Drew cackled, “We’re ready now.” That set me off in a hysterical break down. Grabbing my brother, I hugged him tight and howled laughing. Drew giggled and hugged me back. Prez took hold of Corey, wrapped an arm around his shoulders and called Rush.

Drew and I followed Rush, Prez and Corey. I softly confirmed, “Nine?”

Drew nodded and snickered; “Yup; four already today.”

Once inside the house, Corey giggled, “Intercourse twice. No matter how much Drew eats, he’s burning calories.” Throwing his head back and loudly laughing, Prez went down the hall and put Rush in our room. Corey went to Drew and hugged him. “From carrying me, your arms, back and chest muscles are lookin’ awesome, magic man.”

Drew nodded, “It’s only the second round of the battle, but that demon’s covered up on the ropes.”

Corey stole a kiss then softly agreed, “It’s barely standing, punch drunk now.”

I grinned, “The anorexia demon?” Drew and Corey nodded and smiled. I remembered how that all started from one morning’s silliness. Now, my brother was using that as a tool to help Corey and it was working.

Returning from our room, Prez asked, “How’s the ‘just you wait’ game goin’?”

As I led the way out of the house, Corey giggled, “It’s awesome! Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna go crazy waiting. When I do get that hug or kiss though, it all drains away and I get the best buzz.”

“It’s definitely intense,” Drew agreed.

Once we got in the 4Runner, Prez told Drew and Corey, “While we’re gone at Yosemite, Derrick and Mike want you two around to run the P.A., probably all three days.”

“Monday’s aren’t a problem anymore,” Corey reminded.

Prez pulled away from the curb and Drew said, “I’ll ask them to pick us up. Mike’s house is further than Corey’s.”

I offered, “It’ll probably be in the mornings, around ten. They’re off all three days so they might go to the beach or it might be all day.”

Prez grinned, “It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t go to the beach and spent all day jammin’. These next three days are full band rehearsals, minus me and Keith on Monday.”

Drew asked Corey, “Ya wanna go to the beach?”

Corey nodded, “Just need to tell mom where I’m at. As long as you’re there, she knows it’s cool.”

Drew wondered, “Are we still going camping after we have dinner?”

Prez answered, “I was thinking we would grab an early dinner and firewood on the way there. We’ll have to be back for rehearsals at ten tomorrow.”

Although I remembered rehearsal, grabbing our own dinner was unexpected. I asked, “Where are we eating?”

Prez shrugged, “How about the Round Table pizza we were at last month.” Looking in the rearview mirror, Prez asked, “Does pizza and salad sound good?”

Drew said, “I’ll never turn down pizza.”

“The salad there was huge,” Corey said. More deviously, he added, “I might actually be able to finish it quickly this time.”

Drew softly chuckled, “Oh, dude. You want me streaking around the Angeles Forest, don’t ya?” Corey began laughing. Letting go of Corey’s hand, Drew teased, “Just you wait.” Not knowing what to do with his free hand, Corey whimpered through his giggles. About a minute later, Drew chortled, “Nope, restart the clock. Not until we get to Mike’s now.” Prez and I cracked up. When the 4Runner stopped in front of Mike’s house, Corey quickly slid across the seat until he was pressed against Drew. Being very bad, Drew didn’t even move to open the rear driver’s side door. After the sunscreen was in place and Prez and I had kissed then gotten out of the car, there was movement in the backseat. It wasn’t only Corey, but Drew was also in a hurry to get some affection.

Derrick and Mike had carried all four speakers out of the garage again. With huge eighteen-inch subwoofers, Derrick’s drumming felt like thunder moving air and pounding against my chest. They were playing Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress, without any vocals. Before we entered the garage, Mike’s voice over the speakers reminded, “We warned you not to be late.”

Derrick teased, “They’re over an hour late too.”

As we stepped into the garage, Prez loudly said, “I don’t need any thanks. What I want and need is for us to put on shows that are each progressively better than the last.”

Stepping away from the microphone, Mike nodded and loudly acknowledged, “We’re gettin’ there even faster now, Prez. This system is quantum leaps better than a little Peavey P.A. head.”

Arriving in the room with Corey, Drew added, “Little things can be done at the mixer, but it’s like, garbage in, polished garbage out.”

Knowing how well that statement would go over, I turned to my brother and grinned. Suddenly stopping the song, Mike and Derrick shouted, “Are we garbage?”

“No,” Drew loudly and quickly laughed. “I did not mean that at all. I’m just sayin’ that you dudes are the band. You’ve got the more difficult job. We’re making a snare drum pop like a snare, not like a paper bag. I’m also concerned about the output L.E.D.’s going into the red. That means we’re sending a distorted signal to the amps, which is obviously not good. Something needs to be turned down.”

Corey nodded, “Mic’d drums and instruments are the biggest difference. Before it was only Jessy’s keys and all your vocals, but now it’s everything. We’ve gotta tweak the drum sounds more. We’ve gotta do lots more with each and every channel.”

Drew said, “As it is now, it’s okay, but we’ve gotta keep the bass drum and bass guitar from stompin’ on each other. The guitar and keys have to be heard individually. All that was done manually before is done at the board now. Corey and I will do what we can today and more over this weekend. Doug and Brian showed us what to do on our old P.A. We’ll get them to okay our work when they return.”

Corey wondered, “Where’d they go?”

Derrick answered, “Cabo San Lucas first. They’re prob’ly in Hawaii now.”

Ben walked in the garage from the house and waved, saying, “Hey dudes.”

Prez quickly said hello and asked, “Your mom is more mobile again?”

Ben nodded and smiled, “She’s fine, Prez. So am I.”

Confused, I wondered, “When were you not fine, dude?”

“It’s nothin’, Keith,” Ben quickly assured. “What’s the term; a drama queen moment?”

Derrick, Mike and Prez all chuckled. I had obviously missed something and grinned, “No drama today. You’re our ears, dude.” I then turned and introduced Drew and Corey to Ben. Ben came closer to the mixer then knocked knuckles with my brother and Corey. Prez went to his bass and amp and got ready to play.

Drew asked Ben, “You play too?”

Shaking his head, Ben chuckled, “I only try. They really play. I listen.”

Prez, Mike and Derrick began playing Long Cool Woman again, this time with Derrick’s lead vocals. I led Ben out of the loud garage and asked, “You listen to a lot of music, right dude?”

Ben nodded, “All kinds, classical, folk, rock, jazz, blues, you name it. Until recently, I’d lay on my bed for hours at a time with headphones on.”

I smiled, “Can you help Drew and Corey get the P.A. setup? Tell them what sounds like crap so they can fix it at the mixer.”

Lindsay came out of the front door with one of her friends and they walked over to us. Ben nodded and chuckled, “I’ll keep an ear out for little boo-boos too.”

Lindsay said hello then asked me where John was. I grinned and told her that John was with Tommy and their friends, hangin’ out at Tommy’s pool. Ben wandered back to the garage.

Lindsay frowned, “So he kind o’ goes off and does other stuff.”

Lindsay’s friend quickly asked, “Does John have a girlfriend?”

I grinned and nodded, “It seems so.”

Lindsay’s friend grumbled, “Kim, right?”

Smiling at the girl, I chuckled, “You don’t seem to like her.”

Lindsay quickly whined, “Tammy! Get a grip! Kim’s nice.”

“Just her friends aren’t,” Tammy sighed, and then spun around to go back in the house.

When the door closed, Lindsay sighed, “I’m sorry, Keith. Tammy really likes John. Only because John likes Kim is Tammy bein’ grumpy.”

I wondered, “Do you know Kim’s friend, Rose.”

Lindsay nodded, “Rose and Gianna, right?” When I nodded at the names, Lindsay pushed her nose high in the air, clearly indicating that she considered them snobs. I told Lindsay that John had told Prez, Drew, Corey and I about some differences that seemed to revolve around Rose. Lindsay smirked, “No surprise there. She used to be my friend. When she found out about Mike and Derrick last year, she hurried out of the house and never called me again; she’s a snob and a bigot. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rose was after John.”


“John’s the most popular boy in our class,” Lindsay giggled.

I cracked up and laughed, “I’m hearing, but not believing.”

Lindsay smiled, “It’s true.” Her face became sterner and she smirked, “If I know Rose, she’s sniffin’ around John to push Kim aside, and to make reputation destroying gossip.”

Suddenly, this wasn’t funny anymore. “Whoa!” I huffed, “You mean me and Prez?”

“And Drew and Corey too,” Lindsay nodded. “Then she’ll drop John like a hot potato and move on to the next poor jerk that can only see her tits.” Seeing how totally blown away I was, Lindsay smiled, “You know me and my friends are totally cool, right?”

I shrugged, “You’re my best friend’s little sister. I can only hope.”

Lindsay sighed, “We are, Keith. My brother and Derrick and you and Prez are off the scopes. Since Drew was holding Corey’s hand comin’ up the driveway, we can see that they are too. Disappointments, yeah, but we’re not goin’ around blabbin’ like some people. John’s straight though and we’re all hoping someday…” Lindsay sighed again then said, “John could have any girl at Lockhurst Elementary. He’s walking into Hale Middle School lookin’ really great. But if he gets mixed up and goes for Rose’s tits over Kim’s brains, he’s literally screwed. No nice girl will trust him.”

I hummed thoughtfully then said, “Ya know what, Lindsay? I can pass this message along, but it really would make a big difference if you called him.”

“Me?” Lindsay squealed.

I grinned then chuckled, “Yeah, your family has been close to mine for ten years. If you tell John what you told me…”

“I couldn’t!” Lindsay squeaked.

I pushed, “You’ve known John for years. He’ll listen to you. Is what you said for real? Is Rose becoming a gossip hungry social ladder climber?”

Lindsay nodded, “Me and my friends think so. Everything else is hearsay.”

“Then you’ve got to tell John,” I urgently prompted. “To me, these are just names of kids; I don’t know any of them. You can talk to John anytime. Dinner’s always between six and seven at our house. Call him tonight.”

Shaking her head violently, Lindsay said, “I can’t.”

I prompted her to sit on the porch with me then explained, “What I know now is that John’s going to start spending part of his afternoons at Kim’s, while Rose and Gianna are there; it’s probably happening today. John thinks he’s lucky, getting to spend time alone with three girls.”

Lindsay’s head sagged on to her arms, “Rose is doing it. She’s gonna get him.”

“Not if you can stop it,” I reminded.

Lindsay groaned, “Me and Tammy will look like we’re the bad guys. But if I got backup…” Her head popped off her arms and she grinned, “If I can gather a few more friends, would you take us to John?”

“Even better, face-to-face,” I smiled, and then assured, “I’ll borrow Prez’s 4Runner.”

Lindsay nodded, “Give me a few minutes to make some calls, then me and four girls will go together. We like Kim and John, Keith. It’s Rose who’s the problem.”

I leaned closer, grinning, “You know boy’s hormones. Every day John spends alone with three girls…”

“Is one day closer to disaster,” Lindsay finished. She stood and said, “I’ll come to the garage with a small army.”

I promised, “And I’ll take you to Tommy’s to confront the situation.”

Lindsay chirped, “Cool,” and then hurried in the house.

I went back to the garage. The band was playing I Need To Know and Derrick was singing lead. From the driveway, it sounded really, really good. With Shaun’s acoustic guitar and Jessy’s keys it would sound even better. That song needed to be added to the concert’s set list and I told them so at the end of the tune. I then shared what Lindsay and I were talking about. Prez offered his 4Runner before I could ask. He got a few kisses for being so awesome.

We ran through the No No Song, Separate Ways and were playing Bringin’ On The Heartbreak when Lindsay arrived between the main speaker towers with four girls standing behind her. At the end of the tune, I got Prez’s keys, left the band in the garage then went with the girls. On our way to the car, I checked with the girls, “You know what you’re doing?”

Lindsay nodded, “We’re gunnin’ for Rose and trying to save John.”

“And Tommy,” one of the other new girls added.

Tammy said, “Kim’s gonna have to choose today, it’s John or Rose. She sure won’t like Rose too much after what we say.”

We all got in the 4Runner; four girls in the backseat and Lindsay riding shotgun. Five teenage girls couldn’t be more frightening. On the way to Tommy’s house, I heard four different stories about Rose that were not flattering. I also learned that Rose was a light skinned African American girl, who recently went out of her way to appear more Caucasian. The one African American girlfriend of Lindsay’s in the car went so far as to accuse Rose of reverse prejudice of her own race. Every other girl agreed.

Although I would’ve loved to listen in on the whole conversation, I chose to remain curbside, in the 4Runner listening to tunes, while the troop of girls went to Tommy’s yard. Barely five minutes later, John, Tommy, Lindsay and her team of friends were walking out of the yard. John saw me and waved, but he did not look happy; he seemed annoyed and determined. They went two houses down and across the street to Kim’s. Then they went inside Kim’s house. I drove the 4Runner over there to be nearer for Lindsay and her friends. Many minutes later, during E.L.O.’s Telephone Line, a well stacked girl that looked more like sixteen than thirteen, stormed out of Kim’s house. A few minutes later, a crying thirteen-year-old girl walked out of the house. Barely two minutes later, John walked out with Tommy and they both got in the backseat.

John chirped, “Girl talk.”

“We’ve been temporarily excused,” Tommy grinned.

Leaning forward, John tapped my shoulder. When I looked back, he smiled, “Thanks, bro.”

I wondered, “What happened?”

John shrugged, “When faced with five other girls making accusations, Rose wouldn’t confirm or deny anything; not even whether or not she was gunning for me behind Kim’s back. That was probably her plan, to get me alone at Kim’s. It seemed that Gianna was part of the scheme too.”

Tommy evilly chuckled, “That set Kim off in a rage. It scared the piss outta us! We backed away before a cat fight began.”

John sighed, “Rose is a user; getting what she wants, when she wants it, from Lindsay and each of her friends. Kim was her only real friend for years, but she even threw that away. Kim told Rose that she better start saying something. She didn’t though; not a word or even a tear.”

Tommy softly groaned, “She wouldn’t even say why she didn’t like me. All the other girls said stuff about it, but Rose just stood there. She didn’t say no or argue at all.” He then grunted and smirked, “It was easier to deal with her liking other girls than this.”

John told Tommy, “She’s a bigot, bro.”

Tommy nodded and sighed, “Yeah, I guess.” He dramatically sniffled.

“Aw,” John chuckled, “I’ll get ya fixed up with Lindsay’s friend, Sonia, dude.”

Tommy grumbled, “You kissed her too, you bastard.”

I cracked up and John nodded at me, loudly laughing, “Fourth grade.”

Lindsay and her team of pubescent female Storm Troopers came out of the house. Lindsay slid into the front seat. She looked into the backseat and said, “Kim’s really upset. She wants to see you, John.”

Smiling widely, John’s eyebrows rose. Tommy grumbled, “Guess I’m alone for the rest of the afternoon.”

John smiled, “Don’t count on it, bro.”

Lindsay giggled, “Tommy, I don’t think you need to worry. Miki, Nadia and Sonia live closer to here and they said that you seemed so sad. Ask for some company and you’ll have it.”

John squealed, “You bastard!”

At the sudden change of perspective, Tommy smirked at John and playfully sang, “Take your time takin’ care of Kim; there’s no need to hurry over, bro. I’ll be just fine.” His smirk flipped to a sad frown and he got out of the car. Tommy put on a great act, slouching and sliding his hands into his shorts pockets, looking extremely forlorn. Three girls walked with him back towards his house.

Lindsay prompted, “Kim’s waiting, John”

“Yeah,” John smiled, “Thanks, Linds. You really helped and we appreciate it.” He then chirped, “See ya later, Keith,” and opened the door then slid out. Tammy slid into the back seat. John hurried to Kim’s door and knocked. The door quickly opened and John was yanked inside.

I pulled away from the curb. Lindsay sighed, “I’m glad that’s over.”

From the backseat, Tammy complained, “But John’s still with Kim.”

“And Drew’s switched sides,” Lindsay whined. “All the really good ones are spoken for or gay.”

I chuckled, “Not all.”

Tammy started to ask, “Why don’t we,” but then sighed, “Never mind.”

Lindsay looked into the back seat. She softly asked, “You want to hang out with John and Tommy tomorrow, don’t you?”

“Well,” Tammy squealed, “your brother’s band is good, but they’re all gay boys. It sure won’t be easy hanging around John and Kim, but we’re more likely to meet other boys there.”

Lindsay huffed, “You’re going to make me call him, aren’t you?”

Tammy giggled, “What are friends for?”

Facing forward again, Lindsay sighed, “All right.”

During the remainder of the drive, all I could envision was John, practically skipping into our house, because he and Tommy were hosting pool parties with six girls on a daily basis. This would naturally lead to Mike bitchin’ me out on a weekly basis, over some boy hitting on his little sister. Realizing that a silver lining does hide behind every dark cloud, I evilly grinned.

Arriving at Mike’s, there was no sound coming from the P.A. speakers. Lindsay, Tammy and I went around to the backyard. In the pool, Derrick, Drew and Mike were teaching Ben to swim. Prez and Corey were obviously swimming demonstrators and the cheering section. It was almost one o’clock and I was hungry, so I shouted, “Who else wants lunch?”

“Me and Corey do,” Drew loudly replied.

Mike shouted, “Us too.”

Nodding and smiling, Prez waded to the steps towards me. Climbing out of the pool, Prez asked, “How’d it go, babe?”

I shrugged, “Generally, I let Lindsay and the girls take care of it. Rose and Gianna are out on the fringes now.” I turned and looked down at Lindsay for her to continue.

Lindsay nodded and offered, “Rose has turned into a snob and a bigot.”

Prez groaned, “Aw. John said that she was Kim’s friend for years, since they started school. Kim must be really sad.”

Lindsay nodded, “She is, because Rose wouldn’t even defend herself. It was pretty obvious everything said was true.”

“Rose acted like she had the right,” Tammy offered. “While we were all upset in one way or another, she seemed aloof, like she didn’t care what she was being accused of.”

Lindsay added, “She’s the only one that hadn’t been crying when she left the house.”

“Feed me, I’m hungry,” Mike, Derrick, Ben and Drew loudly chanted from the pool. Lindsay and Tammy shook their heads sadly then started for the house. Corey began giggling.

Prez loudly asked, “What are we getting?” Five different orders came from the pool. Prez laughed, “Do I look like a caterer?”

Holding up my index finger, I chuckled, “We’re going to one place. Name it and fork over some bucks.”

Prez leaned close and whispered, “I’ll cover Drew and Corey, babe.”

“And I’ll be covering you in the tent later,” I leered.

Prez nodded and giggled as we watched everybody climb out of the pool. Corey and Drew wanted Mickey Dee’s for salads, fish and chicken sandwiches. McDonald’s was confirmed and dollars were passed to Prez and me. I noticed Lindsay and Tammy watching Drew and Corey from the kitchen window. The latter two were conscripted to come along with Prez and me.

Prez wanted me to drive. Once we were settled in the car, I teased Drew and Corey and pulled away singing, “Lindsay likes Drew and Tammy likes Corey.”

“Oh God,” Drew groaned.

Corey squealed, “What? A girl likes me?”

Turning slightly in the passenger seat, Prez smiled, “This is not a bad thing.”

Corey squeaked, “How do you figure that?”

Helplessly chuckling, I wondered, “Are you both planning on being out in high school?”

Drew softly groaned. Corey said, “You told Ben that I was your boyfriend, Drew. You did that, not me.”

Drew nodded, “After Ben told us he was gay, Cor. I knew it would be cool. School’s an entirely different situation.” Corey whimpered. Drew took Corey’s hand and firmly said, “I love you, Cor. School’s not going to change that. It’ll be daylong ‘just you wait’ games.”

I offered, “It’s a matter of being proud of who you are, individually and as a couple. Prez and I made moves at the end of last year to come out. We’ll continue that this year, right baby?”

Prez sniggered, “Probably the very first day.”

I reminded, “The first time we kissed in school, no one cared. Only the worst case wackos care enough to say anything.”

Prez added, “We’re starting a Gay Straight Alliance in September. If straight couples can kiss and hold hands in school then so can we.”

Drew whined, “If something happens though, John will freak out. He’s more worried now, because of Prez’s knife wound, than he was before.”

Corey softly asked Drew, “Are you more worried about John than me?”

Shaking his head, Drew answered, “Not more so, but I am considering everybody.”

Corey hummed thoughtfully. As I pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot, Corey said, “My gut says to come out and face it. I am very proud of you and us, Drew.” I got into the drive-thru lane and Corey rambled, “Did the witch doctor get me to admit I have a problem? Nope, my boyfriend did that. Who helped me gain three pounds in two weeks? My boyfriend; the same dude who a month ago wouldn’t kiss me unless we were alone; the same one who is now kissing me in front of his parents, my parents and anywhere he pleases. You’re damned right I’m proud, of you and of myself, Drew.”

“Would it be cool, though?” Drew wondered.

Prez said, “We’re going to make it cool. The G.S.A. club we’re starting this year needs to be continued next September.”

I rolled forward and the conversation paused while I placed a huge order. Once that was done, I said, “Drew, there’s going to be about a dozen very cool seniors roaming the halls. Besides me, Prez, Mike and Derrick, add Nelson, Zack, Will and at least seven others who know us. The prejudices have to stop and we’re going to make it happen. In September 1999, me and Prez are eighteen and voting two months later. What’s about to happen in our school will happen across Woodland Hills, L.A., California and the country; it’s only a matter of time.” I rolled down the window and paid the cashier. In moments, I was passing Prez change, bags and cup holders. Prez passed the bags to the back seat and kept the cup holders on the floor at his feet

When I rolled the window up, Drew asked, “Can we make it change, bro?”

Pulling away from Mickey Dee’s, I nodded, “With the same pair I grew to knock Jake out.”

Corey giggled, “With the same pair that held off and knocked that dirt-bag for a loop last week.”

Prez grinned, “It takes perseverance. Somebody calls you a fag? Big friggin’ deal! Someone calls you a cock sucker? Then say to yourself, yeah, it’s my lover’s big bone and I love it. They call you a fudge packer? Ask them if they can fit anything bigger than a toothpick up their squeaky tight asses. It only takes balls and you’ve both got ‘em.”

“The fact is, they fear what they don’t understand,” I offered, and then carefully reminded, “Gay sex is not always easy. It takes two working together to make it happen. Being individuals and a couple isn’t always easy either. You two need to work out together, how it will be in September. How we started last September is not how we ended our junior year. Be prepared for simple morons or truly prejudiced assholes, and be prepared to modify the plan. If you want opinions, you’ve got us, Mike and Derrick too.”

Corey asked Drew, “What’re you thinking?”

Drew shrugged, “I dunno, really. I’m not John. John can deal with confrontations. I hate them. Can I keep my hands off you six hours every day? I think I could, but then it would be six hours of making up for it.”

Corey giggled. Prez nodded and grinned, “What really sucks most is our need to have these kinds of conversations. It shouldn’t be necessary. Only because of a few radical malcontents do we have to deal with this. Straights don’t have to deal with it so why do we?”

“Only to be prepared,” I answered.

Drew softly admitted, “I’ve never fought before.”

I nodded, “Neither did I until April.”

Prez sighed, “Confidence is what you two need.” He then suggested, “While we’re gone a few days next week, check the health club’s self defense classes. We’ll go to the classes with you, when we get back.”

Corey nodded and chuckled, “Show ‘em how you can take on demons, Drew.”

In the rearview mirror, I saw Drew gesture for Corey to move closer. When Corey did, they kissed passionately.

Facing forward, Prez hummed, “What did Corey say?” I had no idea what he was referring to and curiously glanced his way. Snapping his fingers, Prez then loudly remembered, “They take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.”

I chuckled, “Making the last turn then it’s back to ‘just you wait’.” I heard two enthusiastic affirmative hums from the back seat. Prez and I cracked up.

We carried two cup holders containing seven sodas and four bags of food to the backyard. Ben was swimming laps in the pool. Prez softly said, “It was just one of those unreasonable phobias; Ben doesn’t like having his face underwater. That’s why he’s doing the backstroke.”

Emptying one of the bags at the patio table, Corey nodded, “We showed him the butterfly and freestyle too.”

Mike and Derrick got out of the pool, leaving Ben alone. I eyed them suspiciously, silently wondering if Ben was confident enough to be left in the pool. Grabbing a towel, Mike grinned and began drying off. Derrick nodded and grabbed another towel then softly explained, “He’s doin’ good, but still thinks he needs supervision.”

The rest of us started digging in when Ben realized that he was alone in the pool. He only huffed and smirked then climbed the nearest ladder. Eyeing Mike and Derrick, Ben took a towel and chuckled, “I’m glad I didn’t drown.”

Since Derrick’s mouth was full, Mike swallowed and offered, “Your chances of drowning just went from likely to unlikely. It’s called confidence. Since we’re on the topic anyway, I asked you to bring your guitar over the other day. You didn’t and I didn’t say a word… that time!”

Toweling off, Ben nodded and giggled, knowing he was lucky. Derrick swallowed and said, “We’ll be working on a confidence foundation too. Most dudes are gonna want a confident boyfriend. Today it’s swimming; another day, it’ll be with a guitar in your hand.”

Ben sighed, “You dudes won’t like what I play.” Six very stern faces glared at him. “I only play classical,” Ben offered.

Prez swallowed and smirked, “Just because we play rock doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate other styles. I love all jazz. Derrick loves progressive jazz and rock, like Yes or Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Keith prefers ballads and love songs.”

I smiled at Ben and said, “We’d love to hear you play, dude.”

Picking up a cheeseburger and unwrapping it, Ben softly explained, “I wanted to learn to play. My dad made me take classical lessons. In three years, I can barely play two songs.”

Mike wondered, “Are you sight reading or playing by ear?”

Having already bitten into his burger, Ben mumbled, “Height weeding.” We really tried to not crack up, but snickers broke lose anyway that turned into hysterical laughter.

Mike loudly laughed, “What is this height weeding you speak of?”

“Gotta get down on the ground to pluck them weeds,” Derrick roared. Ben rolled his eyes and giggled. Drew and Corey were turning red, they were laughing so hard.

Prez giggled and offered, “Your dad took the fun out of that too, Ben. Once we hear what you can play, we’ll show you some other stuff you might like.” Turning to Mike, Prez suggested, “Mood For A Day?” When Mike enthusiastically nodded, Prez then turned to Derrick and suggested, “Roundabout?”

Derrick smiled, “Yeah, at least the introduction.”

Mike told Ben, “Music is listened to, not read like a book. Sight reading is cool and all, but you have to open your ears then try to play what you hear.”

Derrick offered, “Me and Mike have to work tonight, but should be home around eleven-thirty. Stop by then, okay?”

Finished with his cheeseburger, Ben nodded and smirked, “You asked for it. It’ll take me twenty minutes to play two three-minute pieces.”

Prez and I glanced at each other and shook our heads. Mike and Derrick grabbed hold of Ben and threw him in the pool. When Ben’s head popped above water, Mike shouted, “Sink or swim! That’s confidence!”

“Okay, I get it!” Ben loudly laughed.

I locked eyes with Drew and softly asked, “Are you hearing and learning?” Drew nodded. I said, “I don’t want you two going through what Prez and I have. Call the health club soon. Learn there with me and Prez or Corey. Don’t wait.”

Wordlessly, Drew checked with Corey. When Corey nodded, Drew said, “I’ll call when we get home, tomorrow afternoon.”

Prez finished eating, wiped his mouth then whispered in my ear to follow him inside. We gathered some trash and took it to the garbage cans on the side of the house. We went in through the back door. Lindsay and Tammy weren’t around and we assumed they were upstairs. Taking my hand, Prez pushed it against the front of his boardies and breathed, “I want you so much.”

My baby was hard as a rock. I grinned and wondered, “What did I do?”

He led me by the hand down to the room that used to be Derrick’s bedroom, explaining, “For being an awesome big brother again. I’m so hot for you right now.” With Prez already feeling me up something awful, I closed the bedroom door and locked it.

Turning in his arms, I playfully asked, “I’ve been good?”

He nodded and went to work on my boardies drawstring, huffing, “Really very good.”

I grabbed a quick kiss and went to work on his boardies, innocently giggling, “Good boys get treats.”

Pushing my boardies down, Prez promised, “Whatever treat you want, babe.”

I stepped out of my boardies and pushed his down, truthfully saying, “I want you inside me, baby.”

Prez nodded and stepped out of his shorts then went to the unmade twin size beds. He pulled a mattress pad onto the carpeted floor then grabbed the only pillow in the room and tossed that on the floor. Prez gestured for me to get comfy then began looking through the dresser. Taking my T-shirt off and tossing it aside, I wondered, “What’re you lookin’ for, baby?”


“Don’t worry about it,” I smiled. “A little spit is enough.” That was all Prez needed to hear and quickly joined me on the floor. Lifting my legs and grabbing my ankles, I whispered, “Make it like our first time, baby.” Nodding, Prez gathered some saliva in his mouth then spit onto his left hand and got me ready. The next palm of spit went on his awesome cock then Prez shuffled closer and slowly buried himself within me. I cooed then whispered, “You really are hot.”

“First with John and then with Drew, you’ve been incredible today,” Prez smiled, and then began the slow, deep grind that I love so much. He passionately kissed me then began the steady thrusts. After a few minutes of that and some tender kisses, he returned to the deep grind and softly groaned.

“Go for it, lover,” I softly encouraged, “pound my butt and fill me up.”

His pale blue eyes bore into my brown eyes and he breathed, “I love you so much, Keith.” I assured him that he was my entire world then reached for a kiss. Then Prez started thrusting in and out. The faster he got the more I encouraged him with kisses and whispered words. He closed his eyes and whispered my name then went to town. It was awesome and I repeatedly told him so.

He was doing me just right and, I guess because we were sneaking in a little extra lovin’, I suddenly realized that I was destined to quickly lose it and told him so. Prez opened his eyes and warmly smiled, never losing his rhythm. I reached for his shoulders and caressed my baby’s strong arms then shivered, “Oh baby, that’s so good, yeah,” and lost it. It felt like Prez was slamming into me and making me shoot more, but all I wanted was to watch his eyes, caress his arms and coo.

Soon, Prez desperately huffed, “Keith? Oh, babe,” and I knew he was very close. His eyes closed then he stiffened and shuddered. For me, watching my lover reach orgasm was every bit as fantastic as actually making love and I couldn’t stop touching him. Still hovering over me and panting, Prez opened his eyes and warmly smiled, “You’re the very best, babe. I had to do something, but I was expecting to take bottom.”

I firmly grunted negatively then softly chuckled, “You were raging and I needed it.”

Glancing down at the puddles of semen on my chest and belly, Prez grinned, “I did that?”

Nodding, I giggled, “You and me. I guess I needed it a lot and you were totally awesome.”

Prez leaned back and slid out of me. He pressed the mattress pad against my twitching hole and began tongue bathing my belly. Ticklish to the extreme, I fought hard to not laugh hysterically and let everyone know where we were or what we had been doing, but I couldn’t help myself. Soon, I knew he had cleaned me up yet was still teasing my belly. Grabbing hold of his head, I guided his face to mine for a few dozen kisses. Prez made sure I was completely clean then bounced his eyebrows and reminded, “Four for you and five for me.”

Sitting up, I grinned, “We’re gonna make ten, easy.”

We started getting dressed. Prez hummed then said, “We’re gonna have to tell Mike the mattress pad needs to be washed.”

I looked out the bedroom window into the backyard. “Let’s take it to the machine ourselves. Mike, Derrick and Ben are still out there,” I said, and then turned around scowling, “I wonder where my brother and Corey are?”

Still holding my shirt, Prez spun around to unlock and open the door.

Across the hall, leaning against Mike’s bedroom doorway, Drew cackled, “Five and goin’ for ten, huh?”

Red faced and hysterical, Corey giggled, “We’re younger and can always do one better.”

I grinned, “That’s a challenge if I ever heard one.”

Locking his eyes with mine, Drew smirked, “We came in to use the bathroom, and then got… distracted.”

Shaking his head yet widely smiling, Prez warned them, “You realize what tonight’s going to be like?”

Drew and Corey checked with each other then laughed, “No problem here!”

Derrick’s little bedroom clock read half past two. I told Prez the time then suggested, “Let’s get the speakers moved back into the garage. Then we can get the camping gear from home and be on our way.”

Prez nodded and pulled my shirt over his head. I evilly chuckled then told my brother and Corey, “You just lost.”

“Oh, no,” Drew cackled, “the day’s over at midnight.”

Folding up the mattress pad, Prez started out of the room. Drew and Corey followed and I trailed behind. Prez went through the kitchen and past the dinette table then out to the garage. He put the soiled mattress pad in the washing machine and turned it on. I poured a cup of detergent then dumped it in the machine. Walking in the garage, behind us, Mike wondered, “What’s goin’ on?” Drew and Corey began sniggering. Prez closed the washing machine lid and the four of us turned around with guilty grins plastered on our faces.

Noticing me shirtless with Prez wearing my shirt, Derrick loudly cackled, “Again?” Falling against each other, Drew and Corey howled.

Giggling insanely and turning bright red, Ben spun around and went back out to the driveway.

Smirking, Mike walked past his guitar and the four of us. He peeked into the washing machine. “I don’t believe you two,” Mike chuckled.

Drew giggled, “Four.”

Glancing at Drew then Corey, Derrick’s mouth dropped open and, seconds later, he squealed, “The two of you too?”

Corey giggled, “We had to leak, but the sounds from the next room got me randy.”

Fire engine red, Drew admitted, “Corey got me goin’.”

Corey nodded and cackled, “We left no messes, Mike.”

Covering his eyes, Mike sniggered, “And my sister was where during all this?”

Drew shrugged and Corey giggled, “Either she’s upstairs or left with her friend.”

Pointing his finger at me, Mike chuckled, “I am never, ever letting John date my sister.”

I grinned, “That would make us in-laws, bro.”

Prez chuckled, “It’s time to pull the speakers inside.” Drew and Corey went to start zeroing the mixer and turning off all the gear.

“Don’t change the subject!” Mike loudly laughed.

Prez grinned and shrugged. “What else do you want to know?”

Shaking their heads and giving up, Derrick and Mike laughed, “Nothing!”

“Too bad,” I teased, and took my baby’s hand then leered, “It was awesome.”

Locking his eyes with mine, Prez whimpered then whispered, “It really was, babe.”

Complaining, “Now we have to hurry,” Mike went to Derrick.

Prez and I followed Mike. Derrick nodded, “We’ll make the time, dude,” and then turned to ask, “Can we pull the speaker cables, Drew?”

“Just a sec,” Drew quickly said, and double checked everything before powering off the mixer.

Corey finished powering off the amps then chirped, “All set.”

Prez bent over to disconnect the subwoofer cable and I rubbed his bubble-butt. While Prez giggled, I got the top speaker disconnected. Mike worked on the other side with Derrick and softly wondered, “Bottom, Prez?”

Shaking his head and standing upright, Prez answered, “That was my plan, but it didn’t work out that way.”

Noticing Derrick pointing to Drew, I shrugged. Mike called, “Corey?” When Corey hummed, Mike asked, “Who’s bottom?”

Corey giggled, “Me, at least three quarters of the time.”

Wrapping the cable, I turned to Drew. Drew nodded, “It’s what Cor wants most so…”

I assured, “If it’s cool with you and Corey, my preference has no bearing at all.”

Taking the wrapped cable from Prez, Corey smiled, “I can be top, but for some reason, right now, it’s like, I can’t be that assertive. I’ve been thinking about it and talking with Drew. Top’s honestly not what I want most.”

With a wrapped cable, Mike came over and glanced between Drew and Corey asking, “Do you think I’m top or bottom?”

“Top, definitely,” Corey quickly answered.

While Prez and I carried a speaker cabinet inside, Drew nodded at Mike. Mike chuckled then shook his head. Heading back to the other side speakers, Mike said, “I thought I would be more a top, but I’m not; about two-thirds of the time, I’m bottom. Sometimes that’s all I want.”

Heading back for the subwoofer with me, Prez offered, “Keith and I purposefully choose to be versatile. It makes the whole experience last longer. Other times, it’s his turn then the next time it’s my turn. And that can change at any time for any reason.” Squatting down to lift the heavy subwoofer with our legs, Prez faced me and wondered, “Are we fifty-fifty, babe?”

I nodded, “Pretty close,” then asked, “Ready?”

Prez said, “Ready and lift.” Together we lifted more than a hundred pounds, but the bulky subwoofer cabinet made carrying it an awkward, two-man job.

Once everything was put away, we walked out to the driveway. Drew turned to Mike and offered, “Prez said you’ll need me and Corey here this week.”

“Tomorrow and Sunday too,” Mike nodded.

“We’ll need rides,” Corey said.

Derrick nodded, “No sweat. We’ll call before we leave Agoura Hills and pick you up.” He then went to give Prez a hug.

Mike gave me a hug then asked, “This weekend’s still cool?”

I nodded, “Since we’ll be rehearsing here, we’ll spend the nights there.”

I stepped back and Mike hugged Drew then Corey earning a giggle. Stepping back, Mike grinned, “Not used to hugs yet?”

Corey shrugged, “From Drew, yeah.” Derrick hugged Corey and whispered in his ear. “I am,” Corey softly assured. “The doc said this morning that I gained three pounds in two weeks.”

Drew offered, “They took some blood this morning. The doc said that we shouldn’t expect big changes there yet.”

Derrick softly pleaded, “Just get better.”

Prez said, “We’ll be here tomorrow morning, directly from camping.”

Shaking his head, Mike demanded, “Shower first.” Heading towards the 4Runner, Drew and Corey began giggling.

“Then we might be late,” I teased, and grabbed hold of my sex-machine’s waist. Prez became a wet noodle in my arms and cackled insanely.

“Right,” Derrick grinned, “we’re already losing valuable shower time.” Derrick took hold of Mike, below the waist.

Mike whined then spun around to face his assailant and kissed him hard. Holding their kiss, they waved as Prez and I went to the 4Runner. As we pulled away, Ben, Derrick and Mike were heading back into the garage.

Corey asked, “Do you dudes always hug each other goodbye?”

I turned in the passenger seat, saying, “Yeah, pretty much all the time these last two months.” Prez and I then explained it to Drew and Corey. I finished by reminding them that they were now considered integral parts of our band. Prez said that they had both learned enough for him to back off and let them run the mixer and gear. For some reason, Corey looked as if he might cry happy tears. I guess Drew noticed because he slid closer to Corey and gently guided him close for a series of tender kisses. Understanding some of what Corey was feeling, I faced forward again and reached for Prez’s hand.

It remained quiet for the rest of the trip home. We got our camping gear organized. Drew and Corey loaded the back of the 4Runner while Prez and I went inside to load two coolers. They came inside again and Corey asked, “Are we bringing Rush?”

Prez answered, “I considered it, but the back seat would be cramped.”

“It’s okay, Prez,” Corey grinned, “I’ll sit closer to Drew or on his lap.”

Drew smiled, “We’re gonna need to stop by Corey’s house to get his protein shake. We’re all out here.”

“No problem,” I assured, and then wondered, “Do we need to bother with all our backpacks?”

Corey said, “Just mine, for the milkshake and some fruit to snack on.”

That reminded me to go back to the fridge and pull out the half cantaloupe sitting in there. Drew saw it and smiled, “Awesome.” I put the cantaloupe in the cooler.

Locking eyes with Corey, Prez offered, “Whatever salad you can’t eat at Round Table, we’ll have them pack up and stuff it in the cooler for later too. Remember to get spoons and forks from Round Table.”

Corey nodded and smiled, “Let me get my backpack and we’re set.” Drew followed Corey down the hall.

Prez called Rush inside then went to get his leash. I wrote a note for mom and dad. Gathered again in the kitchen, we carried the coolers and Corey’s backpack outside. Drew said, “I grabbed all our deodorants and the bottle of mouthwash too.”

Prez nodded, “Cool. And we’ve all got our watches on.” After we put our coolers in the cargo space, Prez evilly grinned, “We’ll know when the day’s over and who won. I’m at five and Keith’s at four.”

Corey giggled, “We’re five each. I can only wonder why Keith’s off by one.”

I chuckled, “It simply worked out that way, while you two were at the doctor’s.”

Prez smirked and chuckled, “This morning, Keith blew me twice in a row before letting me at his dick.”

Corey giggled and warned Drew, “Don’t you ever try that on me. I’ll suck your dick clean off.”

Heading into the back seat of the 4Runner, Drew softly chortled, “Thank goodness Mike’s got a pool.”

Prez called, “Rush! Let’s go for a ride, hound dog.” The dog ran across the lawn and directly into the back seat on top of Corey and then Drew. Amidst much grunting and groaning, Prez closed the back door then tossed me the keys. He got in the passenger seat and immediately looked back wondering, “Are your units hurting already?”

Corey was wiggling onto Drew’s lap and they both hollered, “YES!”

“They’ve been trampled by dog paws,” Drew playfully complained.

I got in and teased, “Pawed units and bestiality? That’s real kinky,” causing Drew and Corey to groan.

Soon after I pulled away, Prez thought aloud, “Since Rush is coming along, pizzas and salads are to go. I won’t leave him in the hot car while we eat.”

I nodded, “We’ll need forks, spoons, paper plates and a big pile of napkins.”

We stopped at Corey’s house. I warned them not to leave me alone with Prez for too long then Drew followed Corey into the house. They came back out in under two minutes, carrying protein shake mix, additional apples, oranges and assorted fruit. Once that was stowed away in Corey’s backpack, we were on our way to the Chatsworth Round Table, near the 118 freeway. Corey began giggling and Prez looked back.

Cringing, Corey giggled, “Drew’s hungry and gobblin’ me up.” Drew remained silent and I couldn’t see him at all behind Corey. Prez faced forward.

I warned, “Stay in idle, bro. We’re going to stop soon.”

Drew only hummed affirmatively. A minute or so later, Corey began cracking up. Prez suspiciously looked back again. He smirked, “Your brother’s being bad, babe.”

I wondered, “What’s he doin’?”

“Tweakin’ Corey’s nips.”

Corey loudly cackled, “Does it count if we lose it in our shorts?”

“No,” I chuckled.

Prez grinned, “Can you believe how many people are asking if blowjobs count as real sex? What a lame friggin’ question. If someone reaches orgasm, it counts.”

Pulling into the parking lot, I nodded and chuckled, “Clinton’s gonna have to say something.” Soon, I was parked in front of Round Table.

Prez warned, “Let me get Rush’s leash on,” then quickly got out of the car. Opening the back passenger side door, he ordered Rush to stay then got the leash attached to the collar. Once Rush was safe, Corey slid off Drew and out of the car. Giggling his ass off, my goofy brother tried to force major wood down before he would get out of the car. Howling, Corey staggered around dizzily.

I called Prez over with Rush and suggested, “Let’s leave Rush with Corey and Drew while we order.”

Prez glanced down and in the car at Drew’s red and smiling face. Prez grinned, “Blame it on the bumps in the road.”

Drew giggled, “Only partly. Corey was being just as bad, grinding back against me.”

“I was only making sure he was comfy!” Corey roared.

Handing Corey the leash, Prez rolled his eyes then asked, “Grilled chicken salad, Corey?”

Corey nodded, “Please, with croutons and cheese, Prez.”

Still in the backseat, Drew asked, “One plain cheese pizza, please, Prez?”

Prez nodded, “One salad, one cheese and one pepperoni?”

Taking Prez’s hand, I led him to the doors and suggested, “Peppers and onions too?”

“How about one with the works then?” Prez suggested.

I asked, “You’ve got the bucks still?”

Prez nodded, “I spent twenty on lunch and still have about fifty on me.”

I shrugged, “Drew will eat everything except black olives. I’m fine with the works though.”

At that time of the afternoon, there was only one other customer already seated in the restaurant. We stepped up to the counter and Prez placed our order. After he paid, he explained, “I’ve got my dog with me, so we’ll wait outside.”

“About twenty minutes,” the cashier said.

Prez took his receipt and we went back outside. Drew had finally made it out of the car. He and Corey were running laps with Rush, back and forth a nearby grassy area. Everything was cool until a middle aged man walked by and Rush went into guard dog mode. Drew took the leash from Corey and ordered the dog down flat before we got there.

Corey huffed, “He’s getting really aggressive.” More softly, he said, “And that man needs an attitude adjustment.” I turned and watched the dude walk further away.

Prez nodded and took the leash, saying, “I can’t help the man’s attitude, but I can control Rush. It’s happening a little too often recently. It happened twice last week and again today. One of those times it was appreciated though.”

I offered, “It’s prob’ly time we took him to the dog park for some socialization.”

Drew nodded, “That’s why we were running him, to burn off excess energy.”

I grinned, “The dog’s energy or yours, bro?”

Drew smirked, “If I could drive, I’d let you sit with Prez on your lap. I wonder how long you’d last.”

I chuckled, “Not long.”

Prez teased, “I wouldn’t let him last.”

“Okay,” Corey giggled, “I think you’re all a little over hungry.” He then asked, “Did you bring a radio or your bass, Prez?”

Shaking his head, Prez replied, “Nope,” and then pitifully sighed, “We’ll have to entertain ourselves.”

I pulled my brother aside then whispered, “There’s a small issue we need to work out.”

Drew wondered, “What?”

“You and me, with our horny partners in the same tent?”

Prez loudly asked, “Keith, are you scheming again?”

Grinning, I nodded at Prez then looked at Drew. Drew whispered, “It’ll be dark. I think I can deal with hearing. We can hear through the wall.”

“I’m only checking, bro,” I admitted. “I don’t want you freaking if Prez wants some while you two are already in the tent.”

Drew softly said, “Can we put the coolers in the center of the tent? That would make a partial barrier, at least. Then me and Corey take the far half and…” Drew paused and sighed, “Nope, if you’re already in there with Prez, we’ll have to walk past or over you.”

“You see the problem,” I smiled. “There’s virtually no way we can avoid this, not with the challenge in progress.”

Drew grumbled, “I dunno, bro. I was thinking it would be like last week, couples alone in the tent.”

“It can be if you and Corey want it that way,” I assured, with the caveat, “we can play by those rules, as long as my sex-machine isn’t racing. If he is, I’ll think more of him than of you.”

“I know!” Drew giggled and whined. “Corey… umm… I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop him…”

“I know bro; turning him down is a hopeless effort. This is the problem,” I softly chuckled.

Corey loudly warned, “The longer you’re there, Drew, the more ideas I get from Prez.”

Spinning around, Drew laughed, “Hey! You two need some space between you!” Corey and Prez barely moved a few inches apart and all four of us began laughing. Drew wrapped an arm around my shoulder and turned us away then whispered, “What’re we gonna do?”

I shrugged, “Get over it,” and then explained last year’s encounter with Derrick and Mike in the pool house and the few other similar recent encounters where several of us were holding hands. I added, “The thing is, we’ve had over a year together. Prez holding hands with Mike or Derrick isn’t a threat to me. The opposite is also true; Prez isn’t threatened if I’m holding Derrick’s or Mike’s hand. You and Corey have only had a week. I could deal with Prez holding hands with you or Corey, but could you?”

Suspiciously, Drew asked, “Would you reach for my hand?”

I shrugged, “I don’t really know. I never expected any of that to happen, but it has. I get all kinds o’ crazed making love with Prez.”

Drew playfully wondered, “Who started it this afternoon at Mike’s?”

I honestly answered, “Prez,” then laughed, “so you see what I’m capable of doing, and barely realize what it is I’m doing.”

Breaking into a fit of giggles, Drew admitted, “This is going to be weird. Corey can hold either your hand or Prez’s, but I don’t think I can hold yours or Prez’s hand. Prez is as much my brother as John or you.”

I nodded, “Talk with Corey and let me know how you two want it to be.”

Drew and I knocked knuckles then went back to our extremely suspicious looking partners. Corey smirked at Drew, “You’re in so much trouble now.”

Locking eyes with Prez, I wondered, “What have you got in store for me?” Prez buttoned his lips and smiled. Drew asked Prez for Rush’s leash and, when he took it, he wandered off with Corey. Once they had moved away enough, I grinned, “Spill it, baby.”

Prez smiled, “I’ve got nothing new planned, but Corey does for Drew.” He then wondered, “And you and Drew were talking about?”

I shrugged, “This is gonna be weird for me and Drew; brothers within sight? It might be taking turns as couples or it might not. It depends on Corey.”

“That was a small part of our conversation too,” Prez admitted. “I only assumed there might be an issue though.”

I smiled, “It’s not just me and Drew, it's you and him too, Prez.”

Prez nodded and smiled, “That’s fine; we’ll just be separate, until bedtime, anyway.” He then leered, “You realize it means exposing ourselves again?”

My eyes widened. “Yeah, not too far from the campsite though.”

Prez smiled, “We’ll just leave Rush tied up as an alarm, in case of park rangers or other interruptions.”

Remembering the idiot perv the previous camping trip, I offered, “Near the tent for them is more important.”

“That’ll work.” Prez checked his watch then said, “Our order should be ready.”

I shouted, “Drew, we’re goin’ in for the food.”

Drew hollered, “We’ll be waiting by the car.”

Prez and I went inside. The second pizza with the works was being sliced. In minutes, we were back at the car. This time, Drew and Corey let Rush in the backseat first. Prez put Corey’s salad in a cooler and we did some minor rearranging so nothing would fall and squish our pizzas. Drew got in then Corey followed. In the seconds it took us to complete the task and get in the front seat, they were already giggling. After getting on the 118 freeway, I exited at Balboa, taking the side roads as my dad had done. I stopped at another strip mall for firewood and a pint of milk. Prez and I went into the supermarket, leaving Drew, Corey and Rush in the backseat. Even with the stops, this route was much quicker than the prior week’s excursion. We got to Angeles Forest at four-twenty-five, by the dashboard clock. At fifteen miles per hour, it seemed to take longer to get to our campsite. We were at a different area than we had been the previous two trips. There seemed to be more trees though. There was only one good spot for the tent, where we wouldn’t be sleeping on exposed tree roots and far enough from the fire pit.

While we got the tent setup, Corey agreed that since Drew and I were uncomfortable, there wouldn’t be any tent time interruptions. Since Prez and I already worked out an alternative, there really were no problems, as far as we were concerned. When someone needed to use the latrine, we would always go together and take Rush with us. We sat down around the fire pit to eat. For keeping his distance without being told, Rush was treated to several pizza crusts that we called ‘pizza bones’. Corey ate most of his salad, but then returned the container to the cooler and had a slice of plain cheese pizza.

Corey made a show of looking at Drew’s slice of pizza then grinned, “Is that Canadian bacon I see?” Drew eyes shot open then he nodded and began giggling. “Poor little piggies,” Corey sang. Instantly, Drew seemed to be sweating. Prez cracked up and then softly explained how perfectly evil Corey could be.

Drew grinned, “I’ve had something Corey considers pork about every day this week, strangely enough.”

When dinner was eaten and only a few slices of both pizzas remained, we consolidated them in one box then put it in the 4Runner, so it wouldn’t get infested by ants. Prez fed and watered Rush. Our next task was to setup a cooler and backpack barrier in the tent. Since the tent was twelve-by-twelve, we set the coolers along the center of the back of the tent. That way, no one would have to walk over anyone else. Sleeping bags were spread out on both sides of the coolers. We flipped a coin to see which couple would get the tent first. They won. Prez and I took Rush for a walk, mostly to find where the latrine was on this side of the park. It wasn’t too far away and we returned to our camp site, gathering kindling on the way.

At the rear of the 4Runner, we could hear Drew and Corey. They weren’t extremely loud and couldn’t be heard a few yards further away. My once shy little brother was obviously getting some good lovin’ and so was Corey. Mostly we heard the slapping sounds of flesh against flesh. Prez and I began slow dancing around the far side of the fire pit. Corey asked Drew to switch to doggie-style. A few moments later, Drew desperately moaned, “Yeah, Cor. Ride me.” Then there were the sounds of Corey’s gasps and whimpers.

Prez whispered, “I was horny enough, wearing your shirt, but they’re turning up the heat.”

I softly chuckled, “It’s your turn to choose what and how.”

“You know me,” Prez giggled, “I want it all.”

Nuzzling his cheek, I whispered, “Are ya gonna get me caught up, sex-machine?”

“I know exactly what to do, babe. The only problem I have is holding back when you’ve gotten off.”

I wilted and breathed, “I love you, Prez.” I had barely gotten the short phrase completed when it became apparent Drew and Corey were nearing the inevitable conclusion. There were a few moments of silence followed by giggling. Holding Prez’s ass in place, I began grinding against him and softly warned, “They’re getting a few minutes of cuddle time.”

Prez giggled, “Be patient, babe. Nobody interrupted our cuddle time.”

“They can cuddle out here,” I whined. Prez loudly laughed, but quickly muted himself against my shoulder. Prez grabbed my ass and tried to hold me still, slowing my grind. I had accomplished my goal though; Prez was just as hard and ready as I was. Another minute or two passed before we heard more giggling.

I wondered if they were going for it again, but then Corey led Drew out of the tent. “Seven each,” Corey proudly smiled. Without delay, I picked up Prez and took him to the tent.

Prez cackled, “Watch Rush,” before I bent down with him still in my arms and his legs wrapped around my waist. Prez closed the tent flap and I knelt down to place my sex machine on our sleeping bags. Prez immediately tore open the Velcro of my boardies. In mere seconds we were in a sixty-nine, with Prez devouring my cock and me lapping at his hole. My fuse was short. Prez swallowed my load then moved to wet my ass. I squatted down on his cock and went for a short, deliberately slow ride, only to keep him from losing it. When I got up off of him, Prez raised his legs and showed me how he wanted me to take him. As I slid inside him, Prez smiled and purred, “I need you so much, Keith.”

“I know, baby,” I softly assured, “I need you too.” Prez pulled me down for a deep lingering kiss and then I went to work. In our usual method of driving each other to yet another erection, we eventually walked out of the tent, shirtless and sweaty.

Prez chirped, “Eight each.”

“Damn!” Drew growled.

Corey took Drew’s hand and smiled, “We can do three more easy, stud.”

I grinned, “The sun’s just setting. We’ll have the fire started before you’re done.” Drew was not impressed with my joke.

They went in the tent and closed the flap. Prez and I noticed additional kindling had appeared in the fire pit, making it obvious that Drew and Corey had gone for a walk with Rush. Only after we got the logs set for the fire, did we realize the lighter was in the tent and cracked up. Prez went to the tent and prompted, “Find the lighter and toss it near the flap so I won’t have to go in there.”

Drew groaned. Corey giggled, “Just a sec, Prez.” A few moments later, he laughed, “Where’s the flashlight, Drew? I can’t see a damned thing.”

Drew huffed then cackled, “You dudes did this on purpose.”

“We didn’t!” I roared, “Its kind o’ difficult to think right now, that’s all.” Prez lost it and howled laughing.

A dim light could be seen inside the tent. Drew grumbled, “Talk about leavin’ your game in the sack; jeez!” About a minute later, Drew said, “Here it is; chuckin’ it to the tent flap, Prez.” We heard it hit the canvas and fall. The light inside the tent went out.

Prez went back to the tent and teased, “A little light might be nice so I don’t grab the wrong stick.”

Corey cracked up. Drew giggled, “If you can’t tell the difference between a lighter and a cock by now…”

Reaching a hand in under the flap, Prez blindly searched and joked, “It’s warm… and thick… and gooey.”

Drew loudly laughed, “That’s the wrong stick then!”

Corey heaved and cackled, “Faster, Prez.”

“Hey!” Drew chuckled, “That’s my stick.”

With the lighter in hand, Prez stood and snickered, “Got it; mission complete, as you were.”

Making it sound horrible, Drew whined, “Now we have to start all over.”

Corey giggled, “Don’t be surprised if we take a little longer.”

Prez handed me the lighter then told them, “Now that it’s dark, we don’t need the tent.”

Drew chortled, “What about lube?”

Prez and I both shouted, “You brought lube?”

“Course!” Drew giggled.

“What were you two using?” Corey wondered.

“Spit,” I answered, and then started to light the kindling.

“That reminds me,” Corey softly said.

A few moments later we heard Drew. “Umm… Cor? What’re you do-ooo…” He then gasped, “Omigod!”

Corey giggled, “Ya liked that?”

Drew gasped then excitedly hummed affirmatively.

Prez got up and rapidly walked away from the fire with Rush on his heels. At the rear of the 4Runner, he cracked up. I went to him and wondered, “What’s so funny?”

Prez threw himself at me and laughed hysterically for about minute. He then whispered, “Remember my private Christmas present to you?”

My eyes widened then I softly chuckled, “You taught Corey about rimming?” Prez nodded and buried his face in my neck. I grinned, “You’re evil, baby.” As soon as Prez stopped laughing, I led him and the dog back to the fire pit. I wrapped the dog’s leash around a tree and snapped it on his collar then took Prez into nearby thicket of trees. Kneeling and pulling his boardies down, I warned, “You know what happens to bad boys?”

Prez nodded and giggled, “They get punished.”

I pushed on one side of his hips and pulled on the other until Prez was turned around. With my lover’s bubble-butt before me, I kissed, licked and nibbled my way around each cheek then spread them wide and went after his hole. Prez gasped and whimpered. Soon, he was playfully begging me to punish him. I spanked both cheeks and continued to tease his hole with my tongue. When Prez couldn’t take it anymore, he spun around, guided me up then kissed me hard. He turned around again then reached back for my cock and guided me in. At one point in our frantic love making, I could hear Drew and Corey over our own cries. When I had finished and Prez had sprayed the tree he was leaning against, I thought we were done. However, my sex-machine was still racing and it was obviously my turn. Orgasms nine and ten were accomplished before ten o’clock. Prez and I returned to the camp site and, as we passed the quiet tent, Prez said, “Ten each.”

Drew growled. Corey giggled. Prez and I took the dog for another walk, but remained nearby our camp site. When we returned to the fire pit, Drew and Corey were softly chatting in the tent. Prez sent Rush into the tent. After a few moments of giggling, groaning and laughter, Corey clearly said, “Eleven each.”

Drew asked, “Do you give up?”

“Hell no!” I laughed, “Get your butts out of the tent and we’ll make twelve before midnight.”

Corey roared laughing. Drew sniggered, “I can’t move. My stupid dick won’t go down.”

“I broke it,” Corey cackled, and then all four of us cracked up.

We barely heard them softly talking in the tent. Drew loudly said, “You can come in and go for eleven.” He then giggled, “Please don’t go for twelve though.”

Before standing, I grinned, “Are you covered up, bro?”

Drew loudly laughed and admitted, “I can’t do that either!”

Prez chuckled, “We warned you.”

We stepped inside the dimly lit tent and Rush greeted us like we had come home after hours away. Corey was partially draped over Drew and they both seemed to be erect. Prez grinned, “Are both your dicks broke?”

Corey smiled, “I’m ready when Drew is.” He then reached for Drew’s cock, causing my brother to flinch and whimper. Carefully holding only the base, Corey remarked, “It looks fine to me.”

Drew said, “It don’t even feel like I’m hard though; it was fine before eleven, now it’s stuck.”

I chuckled, “Think of it this way, bro; when you’re old and can’t get it up, you’ll always remember the night it wouldn’t go down.” Prez and I began evilly sniggering.

Drew giggled, “Tomorrow I’ll be running in and out of Mike’s pool, trying to keep my cock from hurting.”

Prez shrugged and grinned, “How's this bad?”

“It’s just embarrassing,” Drew chuckled.

Corey offered, “We’ll have dinner at my house tomorrow then spend the night in the pool.”

Prez prompted, “Turn the light off, Corey.”

Corey grinned, “Now you’re shy? Last month, I saw you both hairless.”

Prez shrugged. Ripping open the Velcro on his boardies, I fondled my favorite toys and offered, “Last chance.” Neither Drew nor Corey said a word.

Prez pulled my boardies down then led me down onto the sleeping bags. Prez and I were getting into our usual foreplay grind-a-thon when Drew sighed, “That’s real nice, Cor.”

I heard the sound of smacking lips then Corey softly said, “I’m doing what they are.”

Drew softly sniggered, “You’re so bad.”

Prez and I eventually decided to go for something that always worked and agreed “crab-style”.

Corey wondered, “What’s that?”

Kneeling up off of me, Prez offered, “Watch me and do what I do, Cor.”

I could see Corey looking over the coolers and watching Prez move belly up, onto all four limbs. “Of course!” Corey cheered.

I softly instructed, “Drew, all we need to do is hold our bones up and help our partners get situated so it’s good for us and them.”

“Cool,” Drew whispered.

Soon thereafter, all four of us were getting noisy. When Prez remained still for me to ram up into him, Corey seemed to follow suit. Barely able to focus, I took hold of Prez’s cock and took him whimpering over the edge. Next to lose it was Corey, then Drew and lastly, me. A few minutes of cuddling and kissing ensued.

Drew huffed, “I’m friggin’ starving.”

Corey softly told Drew, “Yeah, I’m hungry too.”

They stood and Drew asked, “Do you think I have to put my shorts on, bro?”

Listening for sounds from other campers, I checked Prez’s watch and said, “It’s past eleven, I don’t think so. Throw another log on the fire too, Drew.” Drew nodded and picked up Prez’s boardies to get his car keys.

Corey scowled, “What’re you two gonna do?”

Prez chuckled, “See if we can match your twelve.” Corey cracked up and Prez grinned, “Then we’ll get some pizza and soda.” Drew led Corey out of the tent. Prez ordered, “You watch them, Rush.” The dog actually seemed to nod then went out of the tent.

“Amazing,” I softly chuckled.

Prez nodded, “Dogs are telepathic, I’m certain of it now. I’ve been wordlessly communicating with Rush for over a week and not once has he misunderstood.”

I smiled, “What am I thinking?”

Prez giggled, “You’re easy, babe. You’re wondering how we’re gonna manage twelve and still walk tomorrow.” Nodding and smiling at my love, I then clearly heard his voice in my mind. ‘I wanna see you and smell you and taste you, Keith. Sixty-nine.’

I nodded again and Prez shuffled around. It took longer than usual and finally, after over a year together, I was surprised with how little Prez had to feed me. After a few kisses and agreeing to insure our units were functional in the morning, we stepped naked out of the tent.

Drew and Corey were sitting side-by-side on a log near the fire. Corey was speedily eating his salad. Drew had a slice of pizza and pointed at the 4Runner. He left the pizza box on the hood for us. We helped ourselves then returned to the fire and sat down.

I pointed and grinned at my brother’s flaccid dick. He swallowed then chuckled, “It still feels weird though.”

Prez grinned, “Let’s hope we’re all fully functional tomorrow. If we can’t rehearse, Mike’s gonna bitch and complain.”

I nodded, “He’ll grab at all our crotches just to watch us jump.”

Corey finished his salad then went in the tent and came back out with an apple, water for himself and sodas for us. Approaching Drew, he threw his head back and cackled, “Don’t you dare even think about thirteen!” I quickly checked my brother’s status. His dick was still hanging, but noticeably thicker.

Drew smiled, “I’m not, angel.” Corey sat so close to Drew that their shoulders were touching.

I wondered, “Drew, is ‘angel’ your pet name for Corey?”

Drew nodded, “For now, there’s my angel and then there’s the anorexia demon.”

“The demon’s almost silent,” Corey confirmed. “It bitches the loudest with good news from doctors, trying to make me believe it’s bad.”

Prez softly asked, “Would you mind if I said something, Corey?”

About to take a bite from the apple, Corey paused and smiled, “Prez, you taught me three awesome ways to physically love Drew. That’s not counting the other stuff between you and me. The only time I won’t listen to you is if it directly contradicts something Drew’s said.”

Prez smiled, “Cool. There are four naked dudes here. Physically, compare and contrast.”

“That’s easy,” Corey chimed, “Drew has me doing that several times a week. I’m boney compared to all of you.” He took a bite from his apple and, after he swallowed, Corey said, “I’m accepting the fact that I’m prob’ly gonna be tall, but I don’t want my dad’s physique. I want to be able to sit on Drew’s lap five years from now. I want Drew to be able to sit on my lap, which I have to practically beg him to do now. We’re gonna play high school ball, next spring. I’ll probably always watch my weight and what I’m eating, but Drew’s gonna be there making sure I don’t go too far. I like everything I see in all three of you. When I’m getting ready to start my senior year, this is what I want to remember when I look at myself in the mirror; where I am compared to all three of you.”

Corey took another bite from his apple before continuing, “What I see is not all I want to remember though. I want to remember all I’ve learned from everyone. My mom’s a worrier, but then again, Drew’s a little bit of a worrier too. The fact is… it’s easier for me to accept what everybody says, other than my parents. You dudes have little reason to care, but you care a lot. You blew off all I said, only two weeks ago, and keep giving me chances to prove myself. This feeling is what I want to remember. Being less selfish and more considerate is what I really want to remember. I hope when I’m going on seventeen, there might be a younger gay dude that I can help the same ways I was helped.”

Corey took another bite from his apple. I was pretty certain we were all blown away. Drew patted his lap, instructing, “Right here, and face me, Cor.”

Standing and noticing that Drew had a chubby, Corey giggled then straddled Drew. Prez leaned his head against my shoulder and contentedly sighed. For more than another hour, we talked about John, Kim and Rose then moved on to Ben. It was after one in the morning when we decided to let the fire die. There was a shooting star we all clearly saw seconds before standing and going back into the tent. Exhausted, I fell asleep seconds after kissing Prez goodnight.

At eight the next morning, four watch alarms started beeping. Prez yawned then rolled over and stole his first kiss of the day. One by one, we turned our watches off then Prez groped my package, carefully watching my face for reaction. Realizing my wiener felt fine, I pulled him on top of me and instigated our morning grind.

On the other side of the coolers, Drew incredulously giggled, “Corey!”

“I was just checkin’!” Corey cackled.

Rush stood, stretched and shook himself awake then came over to us.

Prez chuckled, “Okay, hound dog. We all have to pee.”

Drew whispered something to Corey. Corey giggled, “Cool. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?”

“It’s a reminder of how much we love each other,” Drew softly said.

We all stood and slipped our boardies on then followed Rush out of the tent. I’m pretty sure we were at the same thicket of trees Prez and I used the prior night. While we were leaking, it became obvious that we would need the latrine. We playfully blamed it on a pizza with the works and too much anal sex. Of course, early in the morning, we weren’t the only people needing to use the latrine and there was a line. A group of four dudes in front of us joked about Rush needing to use the latrine. It soon became quite clear that the four twenty-something-year-old dudes were two couples. Waiting in line for the shitter at a public park isn’t really the best place to discuss anything, but we all recognized it. Because of their ages, Drew and Corey were the topic of a very short, whispered conversation. Corey easily admitted he was anorexic and pointed Drew out as his partner and personal physician.

There was an older couple behind us that eavesdropped and apparently didn’t like what they heard. One of the older gay dudes noticed what I hadn’t and warned, “Take your attitude and stuff it. Or would you like to deal with all eight of us at once?” Prez and I spun around. Picking up on our stress, Rush growled and bared his teeth. The couple swiftly abandoned the line and decided to relieve themselves elsewhere.

It was a perfect example for Drew and Corey. I only wished I had noticed and said something. The remainder of our wait in line was not quiet and we spoke pitifully about homophobes in general. Not another person there disagreed or showed any sign of discontent. As latrine booths became available, our group of eight dwindled until Prez was left with Rush. I didn’t like leaving him, even with Rush, and took the quickest shit of my life, forcing a quick evacuation of my bowels. Corey, Drew and I walked out of our booths within seconds of each other. Prez passed Rush’s leash to Drew and walked past me, softly snickering, “I’m safe from them bad straights, babe.”

A few minutes later, Prez walked out of the latrine and we quickly went back to our camp site, jogging there with Rush fully enjoying the trip. Drew’s primary concern was Corey’s morning protein shake, but Corey made it clear that he was helping us pack up. “I can drink in the backseat on the way home, Drew,” Corey firmly reminded. Prez and I backed up Corey, mostly because he wasn’t simply rolling over for Drew’s every wish. Drew was annoyed, but didn’t stay that way. Every chance he and Corey got, they showed affection. Prez tossed me the keys to drive us home.

From the backseat, while Corey was drinking his shake, Drew brought it up to clear the air. “Killing that anorexia demon is my goal. Every pound Corey gains is so friggin’ thrilling that it seriously makes my spine tingle and dick throb.” He pulled Corey closer then softly said, “That first doctor visit, where you gained almost two pounds, the hug I gave you was so you could feel my chubby, Cor. That friggin’ demon prevented you from noticing it. I despise that demon in so many ways.” Drew sighed then throatily admitted, “All I want is to have all of you back, Corey. I’m not having a big birthday party this year.”

Corey asked, “Why not?”

“I’ve got all the presents I need or want,” Drew confessed. “I’ve got you, a room to be with you and a bed to sleep with you. There’s really nothing else I can ask for except the quick death of a demon.”

Corey stole an awkward kiss then teased, “You know I’m getting you something.”

Drew begged, “Not a PC, Corey, please?”

“Why not?” Corey whined.

“It’s too much,” Drew plainly said, “that would be more than twice what my folks spent on the bed, sheets, pillows, and blanket. It would be more than a birthday present; it would be a reminder of two very bad days, of my missing the signs for months, of a battle I don’t want to fight, but I am fighting and winning. If you really wanna give me something then have a small sliver of my birthday cake. That would have me practically bouncing off the walls.”

Corey nodded, “For you, Drew.”

During a pause in their conversation, I glanced at Prez and reminded, “I feel the same about you, baby. All I need is you and a place to be with you; everything else is secondary.”

Nodding, Prez lifted my hand, kissed it then flipped it over to kiss my palm. He looked back and asked, “Do you feel as lucky as I do?”

Corey nodded and giggled, “It’s gotta be a family thing.”

Prez turned to me and grinned, “I think I need to have a heart-to-heart with your mom, babe.” I glanced over and Prez smiled, “I have to know how she met your dad and if this is a hereditary trait or not.”

I chuckled, “They met in college, she was a freshmen; he was a sophomore.”

“Mom didn’t think too much of dad at first,” Drew added.

“She was liberal arts and he was already pursuing law,” I recalled.

Prez wondered, “When did she finally decide that he might be worth dating?”

“They both worked for the Jimmy Carter campaign in 1976,” I replied. “In 1977, they went to Washington, D.C. for the inauguration, with a bunch of other California campaign workers.”

“During that trip, they realized that they believed in the same stuff,” Drew offered. “They got engaged in 1979 and married March 9th, 1980.”

I explained, “They got married at the county courthouse. Even then, they believed in God, but had no trust in any organized religion.”

“Mom’s family is Episcopal,” Drew said. “They weren’t happy about a state wedding or the fact that mom was pregnant with Keith.”

Quickly glancing at Prez, I prompted, “Remember our birthday party, with my mom’s folks?”

Prez nodded, “Friends versus boyfriends.”

“That won’t happen this year,” I assured. “They know you live in our house and share my room in a single bed.”

Prez softly recalled, “Your grandparents were there New Year’s Eve.”

Drew said, “Another reason we don’t see them much is because they’re from Eureka, a plane trip away.”

Corey wondered, “You’ll tell them about us?”

“Next chance I get,” Drew stated.

I grinned, “They prob’ly already know, bro. Mom doesn’t like to surprise them.”

Drew chirped, “True.”

Corey said, “It’s hard for me to believe any part of your family is prejudiced, Drew.”

“I wouldn’t call them prejudiced,” Drew softly said, “more like, old fashioned and a little behind the times. If they were so set in their ways, we wouldn’t see or hear from them at all. Mom calls them and they call us. We always get them Christmas presents and they always give us nice gifts too. It’s just long distance, like your dad’s parents back east.”

Prez wondered, “How far is Eureka?”

I replied, “Twice as far as San Francisco, about a twelve hour drive or six hundred miles.”

Prez muttered, “Like from Dallas to El Paso, all day.” Seeing we were almost home, Prez turned and grinned, “Okay, let’s get everything unpacked, grab quick showers and get over to Mike’s for rehearsal. We might actually make it on time.”

Pulling into our neighborhood, I playfully complained, “What about our shower play time?” Drew evilly chuckled and Corey cracked up.

“It’s pure luck our units aren’t hurting from last night,” Prez laughed. “I’m actually still trying to figure out what was different.” He paused then joked, “The four of us should be crippled.”

Corey giggled, “I feel perfectly fine.”

“Me too,” Drew chimed.

Pulling up along the curb, in front of our house, I laughed, “Since I wanna play with my toys in the shower…”

“You’re scaring me, babe,” Prez roared. We got out of the 4Runner and Prez rambled, “Next time, our goal is sixteen, and we keep increasing by four until we’re walking like little old men.”

At the back cargo area, Corey giggled, “There are sixteen hours in a day. Betchya I can make it thirty-two times.”

“COREY!” Drew loudly laughed.

Grabbing his backpack and two sleeping bags, Corey shrugged and teased, “I was only thinking of rainy winter days with nothing better to do.”

“Omigod,” Drew chuckled, and then grabbed two sleeping bags and dad’s backpack.

As they started towards the driveway, I called, “Drew?” When he and Corey turned around, I grinned, “Don’t lock the bathroom door.”

Drew nodded and smiled, “After a long talk in the buff, I guess there’s not much sense.”

Prez offered, “We can at least brush our teeth and shave.” We grabbed the first cooler then followed Drew and Corey.

Corey said, “I only shave once a month. Drew shaves twice a month.” At the garage and putting down the sleeping bags, he wondered, “How often do you dudes shave?”

I answered, “Once a week, but its summer; twice a week during the school year.”

Drew asked, “You’ve got the other cooler, bro?” When I nodded, Drew called Rush and then started into the house with Corey.

It was nine-thirty when Prez and I walked inside. We only briefly chatted with mom and dad, to give Drew and Corey a head start in the shower. Prez and I told them our plans for the weekend and that we would be home only to change for work then spending that night and the next in Agoura Hills. Monday morning we’d be home to pack then wait for Brian and Pete before heading to Yosemite. When we returned from Yosemite, Prez and I would spend the last week of the month in Agoura Hills.

Mom was still concerned about the Yosemite trip. She pulled a large AT&T sack from the side of the china hutch then gave me and Prez each a Nokia cell phone, explaining, “It’s a family plan. We can call each other as often as necessary. You’re allowed up to three-hundred minutes of non-family calls before additional charges are incurred. You’ve got home AC chargers and car chargers too.”

Dad said, “Please don’t abuse them and do not ever use it while driving. Accident rates are spiraling because of cell phone use. Pull over if you have to talk.”

Prez cheered, “This is awesome!” He leaned over and kissed my mom’s cheek then thanked her. He stepped back behind me and into the kitchen.

“I’m glad you like it,” mom smiled. She added, “They’re not to go in school with you. Leave them in the car. Drew and John have phones too and all our numbers are already programmed.”

I asked, “Did you give Drew or John their phones yet?”

Dad said, “John got his last night, right after we got them. Drew and Corey walked in and went directly to the shower.”

Suddenly, the phone in my hand rang. I looked at the screen and it read Preston O’Brian. Turning around, I smiled at my silly lover then pressed the talk button and put the phone to my ear, saying, “Hello?”

Prez giggled, “This is an obscene call. Heavy breathing will commence in two seconds.”

Dad, mom and I cracked up. Still chuckling, I gave my mom a peck on the cheek then said, “We’ve gotta get our buns in gear. See ya later.”

Mom nodded, “Have a good day.”

Dramatically frowning, Prez followed me out of the kitchen whining, “My first obscene phone call and I was laughed at.” Spinning around, I chased him around the living room and down the hall then into the bathroom.

In the shower with Corey, Drew loudly asked, “What’s goin’ on?”

I said, “Mom got us cell phones, bro.”

“Oh. That’s a good reason to come flying into the bathroom.”

I chuckled, “The first thing Prez did is make an obscene call to me, in front of mom and dad.”

Corey and Drew cracked up.

Taking me in his arms, Prez promised, “Expect a better one, while you’re at work.”

I stole a kiss and softly assured, “I’ll look forward to that.”

The shower water turned off and Corey slid open the door. Stepping out, Corey asked, “Lemme see, please?”

Prez handed Corey his phone. Noticing his thin body in the light, I turned away then got my toothbrush and the toothpaste. Corey chirped, “Sweet!” then gave Prez his phone back. Grabbing a towel that he handed to Drew, Corey said, “I gotta ask my mom for one too,” then grabbed another towel for himself.

Toweling off in the tub, Drew asked, “How many minutes did mom get us?”

Since I was already brushing my teeth, Prez answered, “Unlimited within our family, three-hundred outside our family.”

“That’s only ten minutes a day,” Drew realized.

Prez shrugged, “That’s enough. I’d use the house phone first, and we can program in other numbers to have them available. Like Doug and Brian’s place; I can never remember their number.” He then started brushing his teeth.

I started to shave. Corey wrapped a towel around his waist then opened the door and walked out to the hall. Drew soon followed and closed the door behind him.

I sighed then softly told Prez, “Corey can’t gain enough weight fast enough for me.”

Prez nodded, spit out toothpaste then said, “Think how Drew must feel. Corey had his entire salad, two slices of pizza and fruit last night. Last month he only had the salad and fruit.”

“It didn’t seem so bad by the fire last night.”

Grabbing another disposable razor, Prez said, “Drew’s doing a good job. Corey’s gained three pounds. Give it time, and look in Corey’s eyes, babe. He’s still the same kid and doing better.”

I admitted, “If I could, I’d shove so much food in his mouth, he would barely catch his breath.”

Carefully shaving, around his mouth, Prez wondered, “What if it was me that was really sick?”

I thought about it while finishing up my throat then said, “I’d be as bad as Drew. I’d quit my job and stay with you twenty-four-by-seven until you got better.”

Rinsing his razor, Prez grinned, “That’s exactly what Drew’s doing. I don’t see that changing either, not any time soon.”

Humming thoughtfully while rinsing my face, I then said, “Not even when school starts. Didn’t mom say it would take months?” Prez grunted affirmatively. I wondered, “Is there any way we might be able to help?”

“Probably not much more than we already are, babe. Drew’s doin’ a good job; let’s not interfere unless we have to.”

I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and put it on the vanity counter. Pushing my boardies down, I then stepped into the shower. Soon after I had the water temperature set, Prez joined me. We set about bathing each other and, getting hard from the contact, we each started soapy hand-jobs.

Prez whispered, “Babe, I really hate to say it, but maybe this isn’t such a great idea. It’s not feeling as good as it normally does.”

I nodded, “Too much last night,” and let go of his shaft.

He let go of me and said, “Maybe that’s what was different. On the last day of school, we finished with our hands. Yesterday was all anal and oral.”

Knowing he was right, I grinned, “Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this!”

We both simultaneously laughed, “Well, don’t do that anymore,” then Prez turned the water off and we got out of the tub to towel off.

I told Prez, “I need to have a short chat with John. I’ll drive my car to Mike’s and meet you there, baby.”

Prez wondered, “What’s goin’ on?”

I said, “Leftovers from yesterday with Lindsay; believe it or not, John’s Mister Popularity.”

Wrapping his towel around his waist, Prez chuckled, “Well, he is another Hundser brother and not bad looking.” I squinted and acted suspicious. Laughing, Prez quickly opened the door and hurried across the hall to our room. I followed and noticed Drew with Corey in the living room and checking out Drew’s new cell phone. Closing our bedroom door, I noticed that John’s bedroom door was open too. Prez tossed a pair of boxers to me and smiled, “If gays were allowed to speak openly, I’d bet that you and Drew have your own followings.”

Dropping my towel and pulling up my boxers, I teased, “They’d have to be willing to have sex a dozen times a day. I couldn’t have done that with anyone except you.”

Already wearing his C.K.’s, Prez dug out boardies from the dresser and seriously said, “What still blows me away is that the challenge never happened with Derrick and Mike. They’ve never said if they managed our previous record of six. I’ll ask them about that sometime tonight.”

I laughed, “Then watch their faces when they learn the new record is twelve.”

Pulling his boardies up, Prez chuckled, “And tell them it was Drew’s fault. They’ll both pass out in shock.” He then snapped his fingers and remembered, “I’ll get our phones from the bathroom.” He opened the door then I heard him knock on the bathroom door. “We need our phones, John.”

John loudly answered, “Just a sec. I can’t reach the door from the toilet.”

From our closet, I got Prez a white shirt and black pants for work. I heard Prez telling Drew and Corey that I was taking my own car to Mike’s. He came back in the bedroom and I tossed a T-shirt that he caught and quickly put on. Grabbing his keys and wallet, Prez then came to me and gave me an intensely passionate kiss.

When he pulled back, I smiled, “I can’t wait to be with my smokin’ hot sex-machine tonight.”

Prez sighed, “I love you, babe. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

I glanced at the clock and saw it was a few minutes before ten then said, “I won’t be long,” and planted a tender kiss.

Spinning around to pick up his work clothes and starting for the door, Prez muttered, “God, I love your kisses.” I followed him out of the room. He knocked on the bathroom door, saying, “I’m leaving and need my phone, John.”

The door opened. With a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, John gave Prez both our phones. The sad thing was, all the phones looked exactly the same and Prez had to check the contact list to discover which was his. Prez passed me my phone and chirped “Later, lover.”

“Expect an obscene phone call,” I reminded. Prez smiled and excitedly nodded then called Drew and Corey.

John began chuckling past his toothbrush. Surprising my youngest brother, I walked into the bathroom and closed the door then leaned against it. I grinned, “You know I had a pretty long chat with Lindsay yesterday?” John nodded. I smirked, “She likes you, bro, and so does Tammy.”

Beginning to laugh, John nodded then leaned forward to spit out his toothpaste. He glanced at me and sniggered, “Kim told me a lot at Big Bear and more yesterday.”

I asked, “Did Kim tell you that you’re supposedly very popular?”

Throwing his hands up, John laughed, “I have no idea why!” He grinned, “Kim says it’s because I’m intense about stuff; the same stuff that gets me in trouble with cops and here, girls seem to like.” He paused then softly said, “I need to shower, bro.”

“Go ahead,” I prompted, and then reminded, “or do I need to drop my shorts to prove I’m not gettin’ a boner over your scrawny ass?”

John shrugged, “You have more to say?”

I nodded, “I’m concerned, bro. If it wasn’t for Lindsay, you would’ve been alone with Kim, Rose and Gianna.”

John sighed, “Don’t worry. Kim only wants to see me and I only want to see her.”

I wondered, “What if Rose had gotten you alone for ten seconds?”

John shrugged, “If she forced something, I would’ve prob’ly gotten angry about it. She was Kim’s friend, until yesterday. It took me all afternoon and part of last night to calm her down.” John sighed, “I dunno, for me it’s like we’re becoming permanent. Part of me loves the idea, but part of me says we’re too young, like her parents say. We had an awesome time at Big Bear, even though we were almost always with mom and dad.” He paused and smirked, “If I tell you something, promise you won’t blab?” I nodded and John whispered, “Yesterday afternoon, while we were watching TV, she was holding me close… and umm… noticed.”

I grinned, “You got hard?”

John nodded, “It was so weird too. She didn’t get angry, but rested her hand on my shorts. I was thinking, this is cool, but please don’t do anything else, I’ll shoot in my shorts.” I evilly chuckled and John smiled, “The great thing was, she didn’t do anything more. My dick eventually chilled, but she still left her hand there.” He paused and covered his eyes, softly muttering, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this in the bathroom wearing only my boxers.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I quickly assured. Then I told him exactly why Mike and I didn’t talk for six months. “Being gay, I can easily put myself in Kim’s shoes. It’s curiosity, John. She wants to know you hard and soft, as a friend and a lover. I spend hours alone with Prez and I’m exactly the same way.”

“She was embarrassed about it afterward,” John sighed. “She made me promise to come back after dinner.”

“That’s understandable. She was scared, like I was and Mike was. If you hadn’t gone over there, she would’ve been even more scared today. It probably would’ve created a situation like Mike and I had.” I paused then wondered, “Did you touch her?”

John shook his head, saying, “We were on the sofa and she was cuddled close. She thought she was bitchy with Rose and didn’t have the right to get so angry. She definitely had the right. I never wanted to smack a girl so much in my life. Rose just didn’t give a damn, about Kim, me, or anyone there.” He sighed, “I’m just wondering what I should or shouldn’t do today.”

I asked, “What makes today so special?”

John laughed, “Yesterday!”

I cracked up then asked, “Did Lindsay call last night?”

John nodded, “We’ll have six girls there with us, but I’ll probably go over Kim’s for a while too. Her parents will be there today.” John rambled, “Your daughter did not touch my dick, she touched my shorts and felt my dick, but she was still a very good girl. How can I not look guilty? I am! I loved it and wouldn’t change a thing.”

I chuckled, “Dudes move fast, bro. I can only suggest you take it slow, pretend she didn’t notice or touch you. Today’s the same as Thursday was. If I were you, I’d talk to dad too.”

John groaned, “Oh dude. How can I?”

I firmly said, “I can’t advise you on girls, bro. Dad can though, and be way more helpful than I can. I met Prez on the way home. The next day, we spent the day together. That night, I kissed him for the first time and he kissed me back. We slept together and held each other. The next morning we made love for the first time.”

“Jeez!” John gasped, “You did move fast.”

I nodded, “That’s why I can’t advise you. Talk with dad, he’ll be cool.” I chuckled, “If I know dad, he’ll get you condoms, just in case.”

John mooed then smiled, “That reminds me, I took the bottle of lube from your night table.” I roared laughing. Turning red, John giggled, “I had to or beat myself raw.”

I laughed, “Take a cold shower,” then turned and opened the door.

John held the door and smiled, “Thanks, Keith.”

“Any time,” I assured and started down the hall. My parents weren’t in the dining room or kitchen. I hollered, “I’m outta here. See ya tomorrow.”

From the master bedroom, Mom shouted, “You’ve got your phone?”

“Yep! Expect a call later tonight.”


Drew, Corey and I arrived at Mike’s only five minutes after ten. The main speakers were already out of the garage and pointed toward the street. Derrick and Mike were at the mixer, trying to get the gear powered up safely. Mike shouted, “Thank Christ! I was afraid of blowing a speaker through a wall.” Chuckling at Mike, I greeted Ben, Gil, Shaun and Jessy.

Drew grinned, “What’s the problem? The powering up sequence is the reverse order of powering down.”

Derrick began chuckling and walked from behind the mixer towards his drums. Mike smirked, “You’re definitely Keith’s brother, smart ass!”

Drew chuckled, “Come on! This isn’t rocket science, Mike. The power amps feed the speakers so…”

Mike grunted then confirmed, “They get powered on last?”

Corey giggled and nodded. Drew smiled, “Outboard gear first so they don’t fry the mixer or the power amps. Then make sure the mixer faders are down, power it up and then the power amps last.”

Corey grinned, “Always make sure the amps’ volume knobs are still turned all the way down before powering the amps up or the speakers will pop.”

Shaking his head and walking away from the mixer, Mike sighed, “It’s easier to deal with guitars and effects chains. I’ll learn that P.A., someday” I put my bass on and Mike asked, “Where’s Keith?”

I answered, “He needed to chat with John. He’ll be along soon.”

Derrick suggested, “Let’s start with Hold My Hand.” Seeing us all nodding and affirming we were ready, Derrick tapped his sticks, setting the tempo, and we began rehearsing. Shaun played the opening acoustic rhythm guitar. I began singing and playing my bass. Mike came in with his opening licks. Derrick and Jessy came in for the explosive first bridge. Gil tapped Ben on the shoulder then they stepped outside. They came back in before the second bridge and went to Drew and Corey. A few moments later, Ben and Gil went back outside. During the entire song, Ben and Gil went out then came back in to give instructions to Drew and Corey.

At the end of the song, Jess wondered, “What’s the scoop, dudes?”

Gil shrugged, “Comparing what we hear in here versus outside.”

Ben nodded, “The bass drum and bass guitar are louder outside, believe it or not. When Drew turned them down slightly, they disappeared under the keys, guitars and vocals.”

Gil asked, “Can we turn everything up, just a little?”

Corey said, “We’re at three on both amps.”

Mike nodded, “Go to four.” He told Ben and Gil, “We can’t go louder than that, dudes. The cops were here Thursday.”

Ben suggested, “What if we only turned up the subwoofers? They need the most power.”

Drew shrugged, “We can try it.” Corey squatted down and turned up the subwoofer amp.

Gil instructed, “Run through the same song again.”

We played the song again. This time, I thought everything sounded much better, including my lead vocals, but Ben and Gil were still running in and out. They took Drew outside and when Drew came back in, Corey went outside. At the end of the second run through, Ben, Corey and Gil came back inside smiling.

“That’s it,” Corey cheered.

Ben nodded, “We have to keep the subwoofers up a little more than the mains.”

Drew smiled, “We’ve got the mixer output L.E.D’s under control too. We’re only wondering how it will work at higher volumes.”

Corey nodded, “Let’s say everything’s doubled, the mains are up to six. It would make sense if the subs were up at eight.”

Drew shrugged, “But the subwoofer amp is more powerful.” He then grinned, “The only way we’ll know is to try.”

Mike sniggered, “My mom will shut us down completely if the cops show up again.”

Derrick prompted, “Warn her, dude.”

I offered, “Go one better, let her hear for herself and come out to help us.”

Jessy giggled, “Let me handle this, woman to woman. She’ll think it’s a male size thing otherwise.”

The rest of us guys cheered and laughed as Jessy walked into the house. Once the door closed, a silly discussion about cock sizes ensued. It was then that I learned Drew had borrowed Keith’s cloth measuring tape. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Drew and Keith were almost the same; within one-eighth of an inch. Corey had no reason to be embarrassed when Drew proudly announced Corey’s size as “Seven and a quarter by five and a quarter”. Keith walked in the garage and added to the insanity. Hysterically laughing, Ben was in tears listening to various perspectives on length and girth. Thank goodness Jessy and Mrs. Gibbons came out to the garage to get us refocused.

Ben and Gil led Mrs. Gibbons outside. While Mike’s mom listened from the driveway, we played Sister Golden Hair, Don’t Stop Believin’ and I Need To Know. During each song, Ben passed hand signals to Drew and Corey to turn volume knobs up. Ben was waving his hand low for the subwoofers or high for the mains. He’d then point up or make okay signals. When the fourth hand signal was passed, I began to fear Mrs. Gibbons would get a citation for disturbing the peace. At the fifth signal, I worried that we were all going to wind up in jail because Drew and Corey were obviously hysterical.

At the end of the last song, Drew grinned, “Okay, we started at four for the subs and three for the mains. Five and four were good too. Then we went up to six and five which became seven and five, which was good too. We went up to eight and six, but that became nine and six. Then it was ten and seven. We ended at twelve and eight.”

Corey giggled, “A little more than half power on the subs and a little less than half on the mains.”

Gil came in and chuckled, “Mrs. Gibbons wants to hear a ballad, but lower.”

Drew said, “I’m lowering it to seven and five.” We played her three ballads; Open Arms, Wonderful Tonight and Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now). At the end of the latter song, applause broke loose from the driveway. There must’ve been fifty kids and adults in the street. Before taking a swim and lunch break, Mike wanted to hear for himself and prompted Shaun to play Fire and Rain. He stepped outside and we played the tune.

Clapping and chanting, “Awesome, frigging awesome,” Mike entered the garage then smiled, “There’s only one thing my mom suggested. After lunch, we need to re-arrange the garage so we’re facing the street. She says that’s the part we need to work on, audience interaction, and she’s right. We can’t just play the songs.”

I half-groaned and half-chuckled, “That’ll take the rest of the day, Mike.”

Drew and Corey began powering everything down. Mike shrugged, “She says we’re taking three-quarters of the garage anyway. As long as she can get at the freezer, washer and dryer, we’re cool. And it’ll be a hell of a lot easier moving the speaker cabinets only a few feet instead of many yards.”

Jessy said, “Nelson will be here at little after one.” She paused then giggled, “We’ll put him to work and watch his muscles ripple.” Eight wide-eyed gay boys mooed and Ben cracked up again.

On our way to the back yard, we began planning the equipment move and continued it through our time in the pool, only briefly pausing to chip in for a few pizzas. It was going to be a big job. First, everything needed to be disconnected. The table with the mixer needed to be moved out to the driveway with the case of outboard effects and signal processors. And there was also the two snakes to be moved, making just this step a six man job. This was good though, because Drew and Corey would be able to hear what they were mixing better without running in and out.

Next, all the microphones would need to be moved out of the way, before we began dealing with the amps and instruments. Derrick and Mike prompted me to go home and bring my Carvin bass amp over. That way, everything would be exactly as it would the day of the concert. Keith and I hurried home to get the amp and get back before all the pizza vanished.

During the ride, Keith remarked, “What amazes me is that our little rock band is using twenty-seven of the thirty-two available mixer inputs; ten of ‘em just on the drums.”

I nodded, “We could only drop two vocal mics. That would mean you and I used the same one while Mike and Shaun used another. Derrick’s and Jessy’s mics will always be necessary. When Derrick gets the Roto-toms, we’ll use another three of the remaining five inputs. And by the way, lover, you really should have a mic for the maracas.”

Keith asked, “There’s no way we can cut back?”

I shook my head and explained, “For the concert and the dances, what we have is what we need. Only for smaller parties, like John’s last birthday, we can do without the drum and amp mics, just like with our old P.A. We’d be back to four vocal mics and two of Jessy’s keyboards on the P.A.” Glancing his way, I took his hand and smiled, “Imagine two thousand people at the end of summer concert, Keith. The thought has occurred to me that we might be using our mixer and effects, but their power amps and speakers.”

“Omigod,” Keith softly groaned.

I playfully warned, “Don’t you dare worry about your voice. Fifty strangers in the street say we’re good. When I told my aunt the concert was in the bag, I was confident about it.” I proceeded to cheer him in ways only I could. “My lover is a damned good singer. My lover blew me four times in an hour yesterday. We made love seven more times last night alone. Five of those times were you making me beg for more. If there are two people on this planet that deserve to be confident, it’s you and Drew.”

“Why Drew?” Keith wondered.

“On the way to Mike’s, they said that, of their twelve times yesterday, three were oral and seven of the remaining nine times was Drew inside Corey; only because Drew went for two rides on Corey. That’s the way they like it, Keith. Even as a top, Corey’s on bottom. You heard them last night. Those were Corey’s restrained cries of pleasure. And what did your brother say about it? Nothing! He only giggled and asked Corey to stop. Of course, that set Corey off praising Drew further.”

After Keith stopped laughing and we got out of the car at home, I said, “Drew clearly admitted that he’s done searching; Corey is all he wants for the rest of his life. He’s committed to killing the anorexia demon and making sure it never returns. Corey’s considering the swim team in the autumn, because Drew wants him to, if Corey’s healthy enough, and they’re both playing baseball in the spring.”

Keith pressed the remote garage door opener on his key chain and said, “If you told me Drew would be like he is a month ago, I would’ve asked what the hell you were smoking.”

I shrugged, “Ya know what, babe? It was always within him, just like everything you are to me was always within you. How they are is funny only because of Drew’s change.” We carried the bass amp to the 4Runner then put it in the cargo area and got right back in again to drive back to Mike’s.

Keith chuckled, “I’m stupefied. Drew admitted how many times him and Corey made love?”

Pulling away from the curb, I grinned, “Most of the sex talk was Corey. Corey asked me for a quick breakdown of our twelve, anal or oral. Drew spoke of the future plans and how committed he was. Corey cried happy tears for a minute or two.”

Keith nodded, “I’m reminding them to call the health club tonight. I wish I had that kind of experience before April. Drew just needs to feel prepared.”

I wondered, “How did your chat with John go?”

Keith chuckled, “Good. I can’t say too much, but I will say that we need more lube.” He loudly laughed, “John took our bottle.”

Grinning, I croaked, “Aw shit, I forgot to give that to him, didn’t I?”

Still giggling, Keith admitted, “Do you know how weird this is for me? Now the baby brother I remember my folks changing diapers for is growing up too. I was about six or seven when I finally asked my dad what was wrong with John’s dick.” That cracked me up and I howled. Keith grinned, “I can’t begin to imagine how John felt or thought watching us last summer.”

I reminded, “Last summer he was fine. It was around the winter Big Bear trip it began changing. Now it seems to be changing back again, thank God.”

Keith asked, “Do you think we’ve pushed anything with John or Drew?”

“No,” I quickly assured. “Drew knew Corey before I showed up. John liked Kim before I showed up. I distinctly recall it during our Big Bear trip last summer, babe. John wanted to be included, remember? Drew said that John popped a bone over Kim before I knew you.”

Keith sighed, “I’m only wondering if our having sex is influencing them.”

I grinned, “Okay, we won’t have sex at home ever again.”

Keith chuckled, “I give that plan three days.”

I giggled, “Then we’ll rip each other to shreds.”

“Oh, we would require hospitalization, definitely.”

“Tell me, son, where does it hurt?”

“It’s my ass, dick and nads, doc.”

“I see. Anything else?”

“My arms from holding myself over my lover and my back from giving myself to my lover.”

“Uh huh. Anywhere else?”

“My lips from kissing, my feet and toes from nibbles, my fingers and tongue were crushed in his anus…”

I laughed, “Would it be easier to tell me where it doesn’t hurt?”

“Yeah!” Keith roared, “My ankles are fine. Everything else is literally fucked.”

Stopping in front of Mike’s house, we were hysterical. In between playful kisses, I assured, “Your brothers are just two more horny dudes, babe. All we’ve done is provided lube.”

A Domino’s pizza delivery car pulled up behind the 4Runner. We quickly got out and asked the driver to back up a little so we could get the amp out. Once he did so, we sent him to the backyard with the pizzas and carried the amp to the garage.

By the time Keith and I got to the backyard, the pizza dude had gone, all four pizza boxes were open and Corey was warning Drew about eating pig flesh present in pepperoni and sausage. This did not stop Drew from choosing the meat lover’s pizza. Corey giggled around his slice of plain cheese, which eventually caused more insanity to break loose as Gil got naughty ideas for use on Shaun. Finishing his third slice of pizza, Shaun awkwardly turned from Jessy’s sight and dove into the pool to cool off. Gil quickly followed his boyfriend. Nelson showed up right after Ben jumped in the pool. Not so mysteriously, Ben did not swim the back stroke, choosing instead the freestyle and butterfly.

Four pizzas were devoured quickly. All of us returned to the garage to begin moving gear around. Keith and I lifted the table with the mixer and carried it out to the driveway. Drew and Corey followed with the snakes while Shaun and Gil carried the case with the signal processors. Everyone else worked on getting microphones out of the way and, when Drew and Corey had finished with the snakes, they helped. Keith, Gil, Shaun and I moved the monitors out of the garage. Once we had empty floor space, we moved the drums to the rear and center of the garage. My bass amps, the guitar amps and keyboard amps were next on the list. Last to be moved were the lights. In a relatively short time, about an hour, everything had been rearranged and the microphones repositioned. Drew and Corey called out which mics they wanted on which mixer channels. The drums were organized as the first ten channels, then my bass amp and direct line, Jessy’s keyboards, the two guitar amps and finally the six vocal microphones. We were all sweaty and hot when we finished so we threw ourselves in the pool for a few minutes.

We had time to power everything up and rehearse for forty minutes before Keith had to leave for work at two-forty-five. We played the first nine songs on our set list in order, starting with Scuttle Buttin’ and continuing through The Road, Stone In Love, Sister Golden Hair, Hold My Hand, Give Me One Reason, Mary Jane’s Last Dance, the No No Song and Don’t Stop Believin’. At a lower volume, we still had about thirty people watching us from the street. Drew and Corey were busily making changes on the mixer with Ben, Gil and Nelson adding suggestions. Everything was setup very much like it would be for any of our planned performances. Our five sets of ears assured us all the songs sounded really good and even our vocals had improved.

In the front seat of Keith’s Camry, I sent Keith off to work with a kiss, a grope of his package and a promise that we would make love less than a dozen times that night. Returning to the garage, we began moving gear back inside. Drew said most of the work he intended to get done had been completed. All that remained for Corey and Drew to do was get various effects setup correctly, as had been done on Derrick’s vocals for I Need To Know. Jessy and Nelson took off then I told Derrick and Mike I would meet them at Black Angus. I left for home with Drew and Corey.

Drew asked, “Can we listen to your CD’s tonight, Prez?”

“We need to hear the original recordings to set stuff right,” Corey explained.

“That’s no problem at all,” I assured. “You can even listen in our bedroom.” Pausing, I grinned and teased, “If you need to get busy, please take that and the CD’s to your room though.”

Corey evilly chuckled. Drew grinned, “After yesterday, it might be bedtime before I feel the need.”

“Wanna bet?” Corey warned.

Drew incredulously giggled, “Corey!”

Corey giggled, “I ate three slices of pizza, didn’t I? Now I want some sausage.”

Drew softly suggested, “Sixty-nine?”

Corey cheered, “Sounds awesome to me.”

I shared, “Keith thinks we’ve been a bad influence on you two and John.”

“What?” Drew incredulously laughed. He sighed, “I told him, the first time Corey and me had oral sex was my birthday, last year.”

Corey smiled, “We started sleeping together and kissing…” He paused then laughed, “It was last fourth of July, Drew.”

Drew hummed then nodded and said, “John and Kim started getting close before you were around, Prez.”

Stopping in front of our house, I prompted, “Drew, you need to talk to John, and then both of you need to pull Keith aside. He worried about it last summer too.”

Drew smirked, “He’s bein’ dumb. We’ll take care of it, Prez.”

We got out of the car and went inside. I went directly to our bedroom and changed for work. My cell phone rang as I was putting my shirt on. Picking up the cell phone, I noticed the call was from Drew. Wondering why the hell he was calling me, I answered it. Before I even said hello, I heard heavy breathing. Smiling widely, I breathed, “Oh, you’re gettin’ me so hot! Talk dirty to me, Cor.”

Laughing so hard that I heard him from the next room as well as from the phone, Corey wondered, “How’d you know it was me?”

“Easy,” I grinned, “Drew wouldn’t, but you would.”

“Damn!” Corey giggled, “I’ll try John then.”

I chuckled, “That’ll go over well.”

“Later,” Corey chirped.

I said goodbye then set my cell phone’s ringer to vibrate only. Once I was dressed for work, I got clean clothes for Keith and I packed in my backpack for overnight in Agoura Hills. From the bathroom, I grabbed our toothbrushes and deodorant. I then called Keith to let him know that he didn’t need to pack.

Keith giggled, “It hasn’t even been an hour, baby.”

I grinned, “This isn’t obscene. I only wanted to let you know that I’ve packed for tonight already.”

Keith whispered, “Grab the toys from my backpack. I’ll stop for a bottle of lube too.”

I said, “Okay,” then went to our room to get them.

He gasped, “Shit. I never asked Mike for the house key.” He sighed, “Guess I’ll come home then meet you there.”

I offered, “I’ll call when we leave Black Angus, babe.”

“Cool, see ya later, sexy. It’s gettin’ busy here. I’ve gotta go.”

I said, “Love ya, babe. See ya,” and hung up. On the way out to the 4Runner, I thought about things ‘getting busy’ at Blockbuster and grinned. Sitting in the driver’s seat and starting the engine, I pictured an impromptu town orgy at Blockbuster Video and cracked up. Naturally, I began my little fantasy with every hot teenage boy in town, but then realized that a true town orgy would include everybody, male and female, gay and straight. Soon, in my deranged mind, I saw hundreds in the store, video display racks being knocked over and heard old ladies screaming, “Rape!” Parking at Black Angus, I broke into hysterics as the previously unwilling old ladies began loving it. I imagined Keith standing naked and erect at the doorway selling entry tickets. At the latter vision, I thought, yeah bitches, check out that hot bod and fat cock.

I was still sitting in my car, trying to stop laughing, when I noticed Derrick’s 442 roll past. Mike pointed at me and grinned. I could easily read my best friends lips. “I really don’t want to know,” Derrick silently mouthed. The 442 parked close to my 4Runner and I got out of the car, still chortling. Derrick and Mike had left their shoes and socks off and began putting them on as I approached. Derrick smirked, “No, bro.”

I chuckled, “I’ve spent too much time taking tangents with Keith.”

Mike hummed then laughed, “I’ve told you that before.”

I wondered, “Have you two managed six in a day yet?”

Derrick nodded and reminded, “You were there for part of it, last week.”

Mike groaned, “Omigod.”

Derrick sat upright and asked me, “You didn’t do more than six?”

I nodded and laughed, “I won’t say how much until Keith is around.” I paused then roared, “You’ll need Drew’s confirmation too, I guess.”

Slapping his forehead, Mike mumbled, “Omigod, they swapped partners with Drew and Corey last night.”

“No!” I howled, “He was there though.” I huffed, “Drew and Keith are almost exactly the same in length and girth. I’d never kick Corey in the nads like that either. It’s only two weeks since they became a couple.” I showed them my new cell phone and asked for the number at Agoura Hills. As I was programming the number, I told them that Mrs. Hundser got all of us cell phones. “She’s flippin’ about the Yosemite trip,” I added. As Derrick stood, I patted him on the back and smiled, “You made an impact on Corey yesterday, bro.”

Derrick seemed a little shocked then asked, “Because I want him to get better?” I nodded and Derrick sighed, “He’s way too thin, bro. You’re thin and so am I, but Corey…” He shook his head, saying, “Scary, dude.”

We started for the loading dock. Mike grumbled, “I guess Keith and I are fat.”

“No,” Dee and I chorused. I said, “Your height difference is all in your legs, Mike. Your weight is perfectly distributed.”

Derrick nodded and softly said, “You’ve got a killer chest, Lick. I love it.”

Mike giggled, “Great, give me a throbber while we're going into work.” Derrick pushed Mike against the fence surrounding the dumpster then performed a tonsillectomy. Climbing the loading dock steps, I cracked up.

Work that night was consistently busy, but not crazed as the prior Saturday had been. That gave Derrick, Mike and I opportunities to work on making Randy looney, in the hopes that he would join us for a late night swim. At the end of the night, out in the parking lot, Mike playfully prompted Randy, “Come on over, dude. We’ll be good… really good.”

Randy grinned, “Okay, okay, for a little while, and I’m keeping my undies on.”

Derrick smiled, “Very cool, dude. You can change out of wet boxers in the pool house and avoid driving home wet.”

“Really?” I squealed, and then admitted, “I want you to meet Keith. I didn’t think you’d ever say yes.”

Randy shrugged, “Why wouldn’t I? Only if any of you are exceptionally well hung would my attention wander.”

Mike smiled, “Normally, no, but erect, we’re between six and eight inches. I guess that makes us a little more than average.”

Heading for his car, Randy chuckled, “We’re totally cool. Okay, let’s go, I’m ready for a night in jail.” While the other three laughed, I quickly called Keith’s cell phone. I told him about Randy and asked him to meet us at Mike’s for a dip in the pool. The 442 pulled away and Randy followed in his Chevy Impala.

Keith said goodnight to his parents and then I heard the front door closing. He giggled, “We’re not gonna be blowing each other, like last week, in front of Randy, are we?”

“At the pool, I’m not planning on,” I loudly laughed. “Afterward, we’ll see if Mike serves more ice cream.” Getting in my car and starting the engine, I warned, “I want you in so many ways, Keith.”

“I know, baby,” Keith sighed. “I’ll see ya real soon.”

He hung up and, for the first time ever, I wanted to fly down the streets of Woodland Hills to get to Mike’s before Keith. I maintained the speed limit though and grumbled at every traffic light slowing my progress. Certainly, I had to stop at more lights that trip than I had the prior three days. Arriving at Mike’s, I grabbed my backpack so I would have boardies to change into. I was surprised to see lights on in the house; upstairs in the bedrooms and downstairs too.

In the backyard, the pool lights and yard lights were on too. Keith was waiting for me in a lounge chair while Derrick, Mike and Randy were already in the pool. I wondered, “Mike’s mom’s awake?”

Keith nodded, “Everybody’s wearing proper swimming attire.” Leaning closer, he whispered, “Pool house, baby. I can’t wait.” He took my hand and led me around the pool.

Randy laughed, “There they go!”

Mike giggled, “They’re noisy too…”

“Unless their mouths are stuffed,” Derrick teased.

Keith chuckled, “It’s my job to help him change clothes.” More softly, so only I could hear, Keith breathed, “And search for hidden treasures.”

I wanted to say something, but couldn’t make myself speak intelligently so I only giggled.

Almost at once, our friends in the pool began joking around.

Mike playfully reminded, “The ladies are awake, dudes.”

Randy chortled, “A noisy shy gay boy is a contradiction.”

Derrick assured, “I’m watchin’ the clock. Take too long and expect company.”

In the pool house, Keith made quick work of undressing me. Getting at him was easy. With Keith lying on the floor and me hovering over him, we sucked each other off like we were first-timers with zero staying power. As soon as we walked out again, Keith stepped onto the diving board and dove in. Out of curiosity, I asked Derrick, “How long, bro?”

Checking his watch then shaking his head sadly, my best bud chuckled, “Seven minutes.”

I laughed, “That’s longer than I expected,” and then dove in the pool to gales of laughter. Under water, I realized that there was a missing pair of boxers and legs. Rapidly rising to the surface, I looked around for my lover. He had swam to the semi-circular steps at the shallow end of the pool. In awe, I watched Keith do a handstand on the cement surrounding the pool. Remaining on his hands, he walked down each of the seven steps. He walked toward me then flipped over and stood upright a few feet before me. As far as I was concerned, pool time was officially over.

While Derrick, Mike and Randy gave mediocre scores for Keith’s performance, I gushed, “Keith, you walk on your hands?”

He nodded, “On floors or concrete, sure.” He then scowled, “I can’t do it in the sand though.”

I hollered, “I have never seen you do that before!”

Keith grinned, “I must’ve in a year, baby. It’s not a secret or nothin’.”

Shaking my head, I approached my lover and assured, “I’ve never seen it and I know I would’ve remembered it.”

Slightly out of sync, Derrick, Mike and Randy grunted, “Uh oh,” then started laughing. Keith bounced his eyebrows at the three of them then started giggling as I slithered against his body; carefully gazing into his eyes and feeling up his arms.

Raising my left leg, I slid it up and down his right leg until he took it in his hand. Holding my back in place, Keith kissed me so passionately that my chubby seemed to turn to steel in the seconds we were attached at the mouth. Breaking our kiss, Keith leaned closer and whispered, “I’ve always loved you and always will, Prez.” He then began giggling, “Omigod, Prez. Turn around, you have to see.”

Not really wanting to detach myself, I turned my head and saw Derrick, Mike and Randy striking various poses and trying to appear more desirable than the hunk I was attached to. It didn’t work. Shaking my head, I grinned at Keith and continued my climb. Grabbing my ass and making a seat for me, Keith held me up and I hung off of him.

Randy asked, “Can I assume you dudes are permanent?”

Looking back, I saw Randy sitting on the edge of the pool with his feet hanging in the water. Derrick had caught my infection and was holding Mike closely. I smiled, “We’re committed, over a year now.”

Derrick sighed then explained, “Mike’s got a body I love and is the best guitarist in town. I give him a year before I’m saying he’s the best guitarist in L.A.”

Mike smiled, “You’re looking at the future music scene in L.A., right here, Randy. Dee’s already about the best drummer I’ve ever heard.” Derrick nuzzled Mike’s cheek and got a kiss. Mike then said, “Prez is already the best bassist in town. Now he’s learning to play guitar too. I’ve known Keith since second grade. He’s turned into the best lead vocalist; we’ve all learned how to sing from Keith.”

Keith prompted, “Let’s show Randy the garage.” I agreed and we all got out of the pool then dried off to walk through the kitchen and into the garage.

“Holy shit!” Randy muttered. He then began looking closely at our gear; racks of lights, six-foot tall towers of speakers, two flight cases of outboard gear and the mixer.

Still holding me close, like I might stray for a second, Keith proudly beamed, “Prez got the P.A. system Wednesday.”

Mike smiled, “There’s us four, a girl named Jessy plays keys and Shaun plays rhythm guitar. Shaun’s boyfriend, Gil, and another dude named Ben are our critical ears. Keith’s brother, Drew and his partner, Corey work the P.A. and the lights.”

Turning around, Randy chuckled, “I didn’t know. I’d love to hear you play.”

Derrick beamed, “It’s too late now, but we’re rehearsing tomorrow, between ten and three.”

Randy nodded, “I could probably be here around noon, with my girlfriend, if that’s okay?” Almost at once, we assured Randy that would be very cool, and that all ears giving us direction mattered. Randy assured, “I’ll be here, but I gotta get movin’ or Ter’s gonna be pissed.”

Not sure I understood, I wondered, “What’s your girlfriend’s name?”

“Theresa,” Randy smiled. “She’s Ter or T.C., Theresa Charlotte, to me.”

We went out to the backyard. Randy went to the pool house to change back into his clothes. Mike and Derrick stripped off their boardies then put their boxers and black pants back on. Keith put on his T-shirt. I waited for Randy to exit the pool house to get my clothes and backpack. Mike began turning off the lights in the backyard. Soon, the five of us were walking to our cars, during which time I warned Randy that Keith would soon be working at Black Angus.

Randy smiled, “Generally not a problem, unless you start crawling all over him there like ya did here.” Derrick and Mike cracked up. Keith sniggered and pulled me close to hide my blushing face. Randy chuckled, “I’m not buyin’ it, Prez.”

“You need a boyfriend,” I teased.

Randy laughed, “And I’ll tell T.C. what?” He then grinned, “I only graduated high school last June. None of the known gay dudes in our school were like you dudes.”

Mike smirked, “You didn’t know the right gay dudes.”

Unlocking his car, Randy nodded, “You’re probably right; they were hiding in plain sight. Have a good one, dudes. I’ll be around right around noon, maybe a little before.”

We all said good night. Randy ducked into his car and soon drove away. Derrick and Mike got in the 442. Keith got in the 4Runner, leaving his Camry at Mike’s. We began the drive to Agoura Hills.

Keith said, “Randy’s a hell of a nice guy. For some reason, my gay-dar pinged when I first met him. It surprised me to learn he had a girlfriend.”

I nodded, “He’s really attached to her too. I can’t wait to meet her. Randy deserves the best. Wait until you see him, and us, at work, babe; the dining rooms are quiet and we do our jobs quietly. The kitchen is the madhouse; waiters, waitresses and chefs, us busboys and the bar-boy at the dishwasher; it’s really noisy in comparison.”

Keith wondered, “What’s it really like, Prez?”

I shrugged, “There are five dining rooms and the front bar. Generally, it’s supposed to be one busboy per room, but that can change because two of the dining rooms can be setup for larger parties. The hostesses load up each dining room, one at a time, so it’s like, everybody in one room leaves within minutes of each other. To get the job done, we move around to all the rooms whenever necessary. That’s why it’s so much cooler this year; Derrick, Mike, Randy and I always cover for each other. When it’s busy we’re all haulin’ ass.”

Keith sighed, “I want to work there with you, Prez. I also like working for Blockbuster. They’d make me an assistant manager, if I was eighteen. I hope I can find a way to do both.”

“The biggest bucks are generally weekends. What if you could work at Black Angus, Saturday and Sunday, then Blockbuster on Mondays and Tuesdays?”

“That would be awesome.”

“Your foot’s already in the door, babe. We’ll get you there then get the schedules adjusted. This school year, I’d like us both working the same nights at the same place as often as possible.”

Squeezing my hand, Keith sighed, “Me too, lover.”

It was his tone that made me ask, “What’s wrong, babe?”

Keith shrugged, “I just want to do more with you, Prez; the summer’s half gone, but we’ve only been to Disneyland once. I’m hoping we can visit Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm, but I think it’s gonna be one or the other, unless more bucks land in my pocket.”

“I already mentioned something to Derrick and Mike,” I revealed. “Our band needs to do more than rehearse every weekend. Sometime in August, all five couples need to do something fun together. Remind me to bring that up again tomorrow, please?”

Keith nodded, “From the sounds of it, Nelson’s work schedule varies every week. Shaun and Gil only have weekends and Mondays off. We’d have to do something on a weekday evening, after Shaun and Gil are off. But then they’d need to get back home earlier for work the next day. Thursdays and Fridays, Mike and Derrick work. This is gonna be tricky.”

Stopped in front of Doug and Brian’s place, our conversation paused briefly while we got the windshield sunscreen in place. Inside the house, we continued where we left off with Derrick and Mike. A knock on the door interrupted the conversation.

Mike answered it and welcomed Ben inside. “You are so lucky you brought your guitar,” Mike teased.

Ben giggled, “You’re gonna be so sorry too.”

Four voices shouted, “CONFIDENCE!”

Slouching yet still grinning, Ben whined, “I don’t play near as well as any of you, so stop dreaming.”

“Let us be the judge,” Derrick reminded.

Ben got his guitar out; a very nice acoustic classical guitar. The label inside the sound hole read Yamaha. I knew that to be a good intermediate level axe. Sitting on a dining room chair with his sheet music spread out on the table before him, Ben blushed and grinned, “I’m not used to playing in front of anyone except Doug. He just kind o’ stays quiet, wandering around the studio, like he’s not listening or watching, but he is.”

From the living room sofa where the four of us had gotten comfortable, I nodded, “Cool, we’ll be quiet.”

Crossing his legs and preparing to play, Ben then sighed and closed his eyes. After taking a few deep breaths, he began playing Bach’s Minuet in G. Wide-eyed, Mike and I glanced at each other. After all the balking and warnings, I expected to hear something bad, but there wasn’t even an out of place string squeak, he played the song perfectly.

I jumped up clapping and cheering, “Beautiful!” then teased, “Where were the bad parts you warned us of?”

Pointing at his sheet music, Ben giggled, “In the next piece.”

Mike smiled up at me. “Sit down and watch his finger picking, Prez.”

I sat down. Ben pulled the sheet music out for the next piece and again, went through the same ritualistic breaths before he began to play Bach Air. Ben played the tune very well, but had small problems with a trill and a short, fast run. Otherwise, he had ninety-nine percent of the song down.

Without jumping up, all four of us clapped. Ben blushed, “That’s it, the two songs I spent three years learning to play.”

Mike chuckled, “I call bull shit. You spent the first year learning to sight read then time on the two songs.” Getting up and walking towards the table, Mike said, “There are only those two little spots in the last tune that weren’t perfect, dude.” Pointing at the table, Mike prompted, “Show me where they are.” Ben pointed both out then offered Mike his guitar. Ben stood and Mike sat down then played the trill perfectly. He followed that with several trill exercises that I carefully watched. Mike focused on the other fast run written on the paper then played it three times for Ben. Giving Ben his guitar back, Mike stepped aside and let Ben try the trill and the run. The trill was better, but the run wasn’t so Mike taught Ben some speed exercises to help get any similar fast section under his fingers.

Noticing it was almost one in the morning, Ben thanked Mike and all of us then reminded us of rehearsal in the morning. He said good night and that he’d be back around nine-thirty. He blushed and grinned, “Do not open the door naked and do not make me look in any bedrooms.”

To mess with him, I snuggled close to Derrick while Mike hung off Keith. The four of us began laughing when Ben closed his eyes and shook his head.

“I’ll just knock and wait outside,” Ben cackled, and waved as he stepped off the porch.

As soon as the door closed, I moved closer to Keith and prompted, “Our new record is…”

“Twelve,” the two of us chimed in unison.

Mike howled, “Oh Jesus Christ!”

Falling a bit onto Mike, Derrick giggled, “There’s no way. We would have to do nothing else.”

I teased, “You can do it. Four times between nine and eleven yesterday morning.”

Wearing his most mischievous grin, Keith reminded, “We jammed for a while then Prez seduced me.”

At Derrick’s disbelieving smirk, I chuckled, “The remaining seven times between five and midnight last night.”

Keith laughed, “Swapping tent time with Drew and Corey, so we only had half that time, really.”

Mike huffed, “Call Drew. I can’t believe it.”

Keith pulled his cell phone out and called Drew. It rolled over to voice mail and Keith called again. Keith smiled, “I know, I’m sorry, bro. Just tell Mike how many times yesterday and you can return to cuddling with Corey.” Keith passed the phone to Mike.

Mike put the phone to his ear. A moment later his mouth dropped open. He pleasantly said, “See ya tomorrow, Drew. Good night,” then passed Keith the phone. Drew had already hung up and Keith slipped the phone back into his pocket. Taking Derrick by the hand and starting for the master bedroom, Mike warned, “It’s time, Dee.”

Derrick’s eyes opened wide and he laughed, “We’ve gotta function tomorrow, Lick!”

Mike nodded, “We will, with pleasant little smirks on our faces.”

Softly chortling, Keith and I followed. For the first time, Keith bent me in half and rimmed my ass in front of Derrick and Mike. Derrick obviously liked the idea of being able to see Mike’s face while performing the same. On our shoulders with our asses in the air, Mike and I gasped, giggled, groaned and held hands. Another first that night, Derrick took advantage of Mike’s erections and took the bottom role three times. By two-thirty in the morning, after six orgasms each, we became comatose.

I woke before the alarm clock rang. Starting to get up and weasel my way out of the bed, Derrick placed a hand on my shoulder and stopped me. He grinned and whispered, “Stay bro. There’s cereal for breakfast.”

Lying back down, I softly reminded, “You’re halfway to twelve.”

Derrick nodded, “It was intense. I think I’ll surprise my wild man over here by becoming more of a bottom on occasion.”

“Mike seemed to enjoy you being more aggressive and taking what you wanted.”

“I just always want to give to him more. He deserves it in so many ways.”

Understandingly, I nodded, “I feel the same for Keith.” Hearing his name, Keith rustled, threw a hand over my chest and snuggled closer.

Derrick grinned, “We all need each other, don’t we?”

“More than I let myself believe, but it’s true,” I agreed, and then admitted, “I’m gonna miss you for three days.” I offered, “We’re gonna be in a tent with Brian and Pete at night. This should prove interesting.”

Shaking his head, Derrick softly chortled, “They’re the same as us, bro. When they had the guest room, they were gettin’ plenty busy. If they know a position that we don’t then you and Keith can teach us.”

Chuckling, I felt a major uproar building and quickly gestured for Derrick to follow me out of the room. Out in the living room, I laughed, “Now that I know Keith can do hand stands, his upside down ass is mine!”

Howling, Derrick fell against me. After a few moments, he backed up a step and chuckled, “I knew your wheels were spinning last night.” His eyes seemed to wander the length of my body for a few moments.

I giggled, “What’re ya doin’, bro?”

He shrugged, “Checkin’ you out. It’s obvious why Keith chose you, ya know? He wanted as tall or taller, you are. He wanted sincerity, but with a sense of humor, you’re that too. Even when you were at your worst, mourning, you still dealt with things the best you could.”

“You know all three of you made me this way, Dee,” I assured. “Yeah, I was scared, and couldn’t have stayed in Texas with my dad. Just like I dreamed, I would’ve run away and right back here. I had learned a different way, right here, primarily from Keith and you, my boyfriend and best friend.”

Shaking his head, Derrick argued, “I’m not like you.”

Locking eyes with him, I grinned, “Sure ya are. It only makes sense that best friends see the best in each other.” The alarm in the next room rang. We grinned and I counted aloud to three. The alarm was turned off. Derrick started to move, but I held him in place. “Give them a minute or two and I’ll bet they find each other again.”

Derrick giggled, “Ya think?”

Tilting my head then nodding, I assured, “I know Keith and I’m almost certain of it.”

“We could make this a lot more fun.”


Derrick proposed that I get in bed, snuggling up close to Mike while he did the same to Keith.

I nodded then we peaked in the bedroom. The two sleeping beauties had found each other in the center of the bed again. This time, Mike was behind Keith and they were facing the door. I fed Derrick a common wakeup call and he fed one to me. Stealthily, we took our positions, smiling widely and trying not to laugh.

Derrick kissed his way up Keith’s arm and whispered, “G’mornin’, babe.”

Imitating Derrick, I purred in Mike’s ear, “Mornin’, Lick.”

Not knowing any better, Keith snuggled to Derrick and Mike flipped to face me. I contained my belly laugh well until Mike rolled on top of me and began dry humping. I couldn’t see what Keith was doing, but Keith and Mike soon heard laughter.

Mike’s eyes opened and he smirked, pausing for a few seconds then went to town on my hip. Over mine and Derrick’s combined laughter, Mike teased, “I wanted to say thanks for the P.A., but this might accomplish the goal,” and then he kissed me hard.

Derrick laughed, “Why did you kiss me?”

Keith sniggered, “Share and share alike!”

Derrick howled, “How do you turn him off, Prez?”

Hysterical because Mike was trying to give me a hickey and I couldn’t push him away, I roared, “I usually don’t try. I just spread my legs, but I grant you, that won’t work now.”

Derrick loudly ordered, “Both of you, in the shower now!”

Checking with Derrick and me, Mike mooed then wondered, “Then what?”

I giggled, “In the shower and face the wall.”

Two voices sang, “Woohoo!” and then tried to race each other into the shower, cussing each other out on the way.

Since we didn’t have a lot of time, Derrick and I had the same plan. We had both wanted intercourse in the shower, but couldn’t safely accomplish it in a standard tub. In that huge shower stall, we could though. We performed our duties. The trick was preventing Keith and Mike from jacking off and we eventually had to tell them that we wanted the tables turned on us. We had been bad though, scheming against them. They teased us mercilessly, making us believe they were about to slide in and go for it, but consistently missing the target.

Keith demanded, “Tell us what you want.”

Glancing and smiling at each other, Derrick and I loudly proclaimed, “We want big dick now!”

Mike giggled, “Good, but you need to be more specific.”

Keith chuckled, “Who’s exactly, what exactly and how exactly.”

Desperate for it, I whimpered then hollered, “Pound my ass hard, Keith.”

Derrick screamed, “Fuck me deep now, Lick.”

Only then did I feel my lover’s thick bone penetrate my ass. Derrick moaned, making it obvious that he was getting what he wanted. Pulling me upright against him, Keith whispered, “I’ll take you to heaven my way, baby.”

Intercourse in the shower was everything I’d hoped and more. Keith knew it too because I couldn’t stop kissing him through our actual bathing ritual. Once again, the independent, capable teenager was out the window and I was close to parasitic. I was still that way when Ben showed up. I led the way down the 101 and the side streets in my 4Runner. I stopped to pick up Drew and Corey then raced across town again, causing my passengers to wonder loudly about me. I wasn’t unsafe, just very quick and determined to arrive at my destination.

At Mike’s house, Drew and Corey jumped out of the backseat, somewhere between thrilled and frightened to death. Corey, Drew, Keith and I went into the Gibbons’ kitchen. I reattached myself to Keith. Mike’s mom had made a wonderful breakfast of eggs, bacon and hash browns. She had also gone to Dunkin’ Donuts. Shaun and Gill arrived. Drew, Corey, Derrick and Mike went out to the garage with them. Knowing that Jessy was performing at her Sunday church services, Keith and I remained in the kitchen with Mrs. Gibbons and Lindsay.

By the conversation, we were reminded of Lindsay’s thirteenth birthday only a week away. Mrs. Gibbons wanted a kitten. Lindsay wanted a large dog and wouldn’t give in. When our opinion was asked for, we gave it. Neither Keith nor I had ever owned a cat. We knew cats were generally lower maintenance and wouldn’t have to be taken for walks, but that was about it.

Mike came in from the garage, saying, “Jessy’s here, dudes,” but then looked around and wondered, “What’s goin’ on?”

Lindsay sighed, “We’re trying to choose between a puppy and a kitten.”

Locking eyes with his mother, Mike reminded, “We talked about this, mom. In a year, I’m going to school. I can’t commute to and from Hollywood every day. I want a dog here; a living alarm system and deterrent.” He then pointed to me, saying, “Rush is a perfect example. Prez and Keith’s dad can help train a puppy. What’s a cat gonna do if someone is trying to break in; meow and hide?”

Mrs. Gibbons replied, “I’m already shopping for an alarm service.”

Shaking his head, Mike smirked, “That’s not alive, it’s a machine. With both, I can visit on weekends and not feel like I’m leaving two women alone to face L.A.’s worst. Get both, a dog and an alarm system.”

Humming like she just had a revelation, Mrs. Gibbons got up and picked up the phone then dialed. When she said, “Hi Jim, its Laura,” we knew she had called dad and what she would be talking about. Mike firmly told his sister, “Make sure it’s a dog.”

Fervently nodding, Lindsay giggled, “I will.”

Keith and I stood, softly thanking Mrs. Gibbons for breakfast, and then followed Mike out to the garage. Keith encouraged, “Don’t worry, bro. Dad knows breeds; he’s had dogs around all his life.”

Mike nodded, “I’d be happiest with an alarm system and two dogs, a Doberman patrolling the backyard and a Rottweiler inside.”

Hugging Jessy and saying hello, I chuckled at Mike, “Relax, bud. Dad’s got it covered.”

Picking up his guitar, Mike sighed, “It’s my job to worry. If you think I’m bad now, imagine next year. I’ll be calling every other day simply to check.”

Shaun agreed, “I know the feeling, dude. My parents are almost sixty. How many ways can they get into trouble? I’m wondering if I should get them Life Alert necklaces.”

Jessy giggled, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Shaun asked, “How old are your parents, Jess?”

“Dad’s sixty-five and mom’s sixty one,” Jessy answered, “They’ve already got Life Alert, dude. My eldest brother got it for them last year.”

Slowly nodding, Shaun muttered, “So it’s not a bad idea.”

“We’ve got diabetes in our family, so it’s not only old, brittle bones we have to worry about,” Jessy said.

Keith grinned, “At least my parents aren’t so old that I need to worry.”

Silently strumming his guitar, Mike wondered, “Am I being overly protective? I don’t think so.”

Almost at once, the rest of us agreed he wasn’t being overly protective. It suddenly dawned on me, that under the same circumstances, when I went away to school, my mom would’ve been forty-two and completely alone. I wanted her around to worry about. Having her alive would’ve been worth the worry. I sat on my bass amp and tried to force myself to not think about it. Instead, I focused on Keith and zoned out. I hadn’t realized my friends were trying to get the rehearsal started either until they all began calling my name. Watching me carefully, Keith softly asked, “Are you okay, baby?”

I couldn’t bring myself to answer truthfully and only shrugged. Maybe it would’ve been better if I had lied, but even that wasn’t possible. Keith took my hand, saying, “Give us a few minutes,” and then guided me out toward the driveway.

Derrick prompted, “Fire and Rain?”

Out on the lawn and under a tree, Keith pulled me close and held me tight. After several minutes of silent grounding from my lover, I admitted, “I don’t know what to make of this. All the grief came right back at once.” Shaun was nearing the end of the song.

Keith softly shushed me and whispered, “Grief doesn’t simply go away. It just hurts less over time.”

“I was hoping maybe, since the flashbacks stopped…”

Keith whispered, “It’s healing, Prez. This is the first time in weeks. It’ll eventually be months, then once a year; they’re fewer and further between. I know you don’t think so, but it is healing, slowly and surely.”

I looked up and around. A few young kids with bikes or skateboards were around; the band wasn’t playing anything though. Keith seemed to nod. The next thing I knew, Derrick was wrapping his arms around me and Mike was wrapping his arms around Keith. Drew and Corey joined, standing across from each other at the center, each of them holding Keith and I. Shaun, Gil, Jessy and Ben encircled us. As warm as it was that day, a comfortable breeze kept ten of us gathered together. Happy tears flooded my eyes. Not a word was spoken until I had gathered strength enough to thank them all and suggest that we rehearse.

Once we were in the garage, Mrs. Gibbons opened the door from the kitchen. She said, “Michael, we’re going to the West Valley Animal Shelter.”

From inside the kitchen, Lindsay hollered, “For a kitten and a puppy!”

Mrs. Gibbons smiled, “I expect we’ll be a while, but should be back before you leave.”

Mike grinned, “Keith’s dad said getting both was a good idea?”

“Yes,” Mrs. Gibbons answered. “He suggested one male, one female, and to initially keep them somewhat separate, so that they can smell each other and get accustomed to their new home.”

Mike waved, “See ya later.” As soon as his mom stepped inside and closed the door, Mike chuckled, “Omigod! A cat and a dog?”

“Can you say chaos?” Derrick sniggered.


Copyright © 2013 TheEggman; All Rights Reserved.
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I'm enjoying this story as much as I did the first one. This chapter was an interesting one, I like how all of the guys are getting along and how they're all thinking about themselves, their partners, families and each other as well as taking the time to help others with problems such as Corey with his anorexia and Ben learning how to swim learning guitar as well as taking care of his mom.

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