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Life Goes On - 7. Chapter 7

Sounds from the kitchen and the first rays of sunlight woke me. Through dime-slit eyelids, I glanced at the clock. The digital display read six-twenty-six. Prez reached for me and pulled, shuffling closer to me. I wrapped an arm around and under his head. He kissed my shoulder and consciousness slipped away.

What seemed like hours later; I heard the flushing toilet. With my eyes closed, I reached for Prez, but found pillows. Turning the other direction, I opened my eyes and again read the clock. It was eight-fifty in the morning. He was letting the dog out and had to go to the toidy, I reckoned.

One year ago, I met the person who single handedly changed my life for the better. Wanting to experience the entire day with him, I rolled out of bed and slipped into a pair of shorts. Plans had been made for him and I anxiously looked forward to them. I wandered out of the room and knocked on the bathroom door. “Prez?”

There was the sound of water running then Prez said, “It’s unlocked, come on in, babe.”

I opened the door and he turned to me for a peck on the cheek and to grope my morning wood. Wantonly grabbing him, I ground myself against him and snacked on his neck.

He giggled and slowly moved forward, effectively backing me against the sink. “I love you too,” he whispered, and then playfully licked my earlobe. In moments, I felt his heart pounding through his chest and into mine. He softly suggested, “Before John wakes, round one,” and then slowly slid down my body. I reached to lock the door.

We may have postponed things the previous night, but the whole day, Prez was insatiable. And when he was chilling, I would catch an expression or a tone in his voice and become insatiable. It started with tasty oral sex then we brushed our teeth and stepped into the shower where we soaped each other up really good for the second round. Back in our room, Prez put his new boardies on and I slipped into cotton sport shorts then we recharged in the kitchen. John joined us and was hoping for a hot breakfast, but cooking and cleaning weren’t our plan.

Returning to our room to actually watch the Pink Panther DVD, we began imitating Inspector Closeau, getting sillier with each passing scene. When John left the house, verbal silliness progressed to physical. Clothes flew off and the DVD player paused for a comical round three. And we were only awake for an hour and a half! But we had intercourse that time and swapped positions, purposefully switching off to make the experience last.

Finished for the moment and starving, I talked Prez into walking nude to the kitchen. Six grilled ham and cheese sandwiches later, we returned to our room and resumed the DVD. Near the end of the movie, Prez got his acoustic bass out and learned the Pink Panther theme music before the final credits rolled by. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I began making love to him while he wore his bass. He leaned against the doorframe and pushed back against me at least as hard as I was thrusting into him. After a brief respite and toidy break, it was my turn. Holding onto the desk, I ground my ass back against him and he loudly hollered my name as he drove it home. For my fifth orgasm in five hours, I left a string of pearls across the top of the desk.

Yes, we were totally out of control and we even briefly discussed it. We hadn’t let ourselves go crazy since the last day of school. Our conclusion was to leave it to our hormones and opportunity for the entire day and the next two days. Kicked back on the bed, I started reading the operating instructions for the DVD player. Prez couldn’t find anything else on TV and went to play with his drum machine. Once I learned all there was to know about the DVD player, I joined Prez on the floor at the foot of our bed. With the book open and headphones on, he was cutting and pasting pre-programmed patches into a new song. He explained what he was doing as he went and often referred to the circle of fifths. It took a long while, but then Prez hooked up the speakers, pressed the start button and began jamming along. In less than a day, he had managed to write an entire song with his new gadget. He played the tune a second time at a much faster tempo and I started dancing for him. At first, I was just stepping to the beat and wiggling around, but his chest expanded, and over the music, I heard him whimper. Climbing onto the bed, I really got into my dance. Raising my hands over my head, I made my dick swing around in circles. Entranced, Prez watched me like a hawk.

The song ended and, as he took his bass off, he softly chuckled, “I was going to suggest we do some laundry, but I have a better idea.”

Noticing his half-hard cock pointing directly at me, I excitedly grinned, “Something I can play with?” Nodding, he stepped closer and draped his arms over my shoulders. He kissed me hard and round six began. It was a short session, lasting only about a half an hour, but it was intensely passionate. Since we had the munchies, I led him naked to the kitchen again.

While Prez poured glasses of fruit punch, I split two bagels and stuffed them in the toaster. Prez filled Rush’s water dish then let the dog in. Minutes later, after we had eaten, we were just hanging out in the kitchen.

I asked, “Do you still want to go to the corner where we met?”

“Definitely!” he quickly replied.

“While we’re out,” I suggested, “let’s stop at Blockbuster and rent a DVD for later.”

Prez grinned, “If you think we’ll actually watch it,” and we heard the front door opening then closing.

Rush galloped to the front door and I heard Drew say, “Hey Rush.”

“Good boy,” Corey happily chanted. With his eyes ready to pop out of his head, Prez covered his mouth and helplessly giggled at our predicament. Behind us on the other counter, the toaster popped.

Still holding Preston’s hand, I slid my head around the corner and playfully asked, “Don’t you dudes want to go back out?”

“I’ve been gone the last two days!” Drew loudly answered, “I just got home.”

My brother could be slightly dense sometimes. Rolling my eyes, I huffed, “Go back out again, just for a little while, please?”

A light shone dimly over my brother’s head. Drew smirked, “Why?”

“It’s our anniversary,” I reminded and Prez snickered. Corey covered his mouth, but couldn’t help laughing.

Smiling widely at his hysterical boyfriend, Drew then turned to me and teased, “Why won’t you step out from behind the wall?”

The little shit already knew the answer and was obviously busting my balls. “Just give us five minutes to relocate,” I grinned and huffed.

“They’re having sex in the kitchen!” Corey incredulously giggled and tugged on Drew’s shirt, trying to lead him to the door.

“Take Rush with you,” Prez loudly chuckled.

Nodding, Drew smiled, “This is gonna cost you.”

“We’ll talk about later,” I sighed, and then Drew reached for Rush’s leash. The dog immediately sat. Drew slid the collar over Rush’s head and they went outside. The moment the door closed, Prez flew past me. I followed him into the bathroom where we took another shower.

While we were dressing, Prez asked, “Is it too late for a trip down PCH?”

I shook my head and wondered, “For any particular reason?”

“Just to be out in the daylight,” he shrugged, and slipped his keys into his pocket. “Let’s take Rush for a ride too.”

I picked up the full laundry bag and took it to the garage. Prez went to Drew’s room to tell my brother and Corey we were going for a ride, but would be home by six for dinner. We met at the entryway and Prez called Rush.

It was the first time since he got the 4Runner that we went for a ride with no particular purpose, only for the fresh salt air. We chatted and sang while Rush hung his head out the half-opened back windows. Merging onto the 101 freeway on our way back home, I wished I could afford to take him out for dinner. “What do you think about a private anniversary dinner?” I uncertainly said.

“Ya wanna go out?”


He nodded and smiled, “Where?”

“How about TGI Friday’s?”

“Good food, comfortable atmosphere… works for me.”

“First we’ll take a short bike ride and then go to dinner.”

Squeezing my hand, Prez softly said, “I’m not exactly sure which corner it is.”

I smiled, “It doesn’t surprise me; you were lost.”

“I could see the freeway, but it could be any of several possible corners.”

“I remember exactly where.”

“And it was about seven?”

“Around six thirty, heading towards seven.”

Prez grinned, “What are we going to do once we get there?”

“I’m going to kiss you,” I playfully admitted, “like I should’ve done that night last year.”

“That might’ve been a bit abrupt!” Prez laughed.

I smiled, “I just hope no one freaks out behind the wheel of a car and drives up a telephone pole.”

Turning into our neighborhood, Prez bellowed, “I don’t know what happened officer! I remember seeing two teenage boys kissing at the corner and, the next thing I know, I’m driving onto the sidewalk!” Moments later, he pulled the truck along side the curb in front of our house. I got out and let the dog jump from the rear passenger side door. We went inside and immediately smelled Italian food. Simultaneously, we groaned and hurried to the kitchen.

Greeting my parents, we inspected dinner on the stove. Water was boiling for spaghetti; sausages had been recently fried and were bouncing in a pot of tomato sauce. A baguette was sliced and buttered, ready for toasting. “And Caesar salad in the fridge,” my mom added.

Prez turned to me and asked, “How about we go out for dinner tomorrow night?”

Salivating, I smiled, “It’s a date.” Drew and Corey came into the room and began setting the table.

Prez said, “Excuse me,” and walked to the dining room.

I had a good idea what Prez was planning and quickly followed. We surrounded Corey and Prez took the silverware from him then placed it on the table. “What?” Corey loudly squealed.

I took hold of Corey’s right arm saying, “We care about you, you dope!” Corey stopped giggling and Drew stopped setting the table. From the master bedroom, my dad walked into the room. He didn’t say a word, but simply sat down in his chair. Drew’s head was twisting so fast it was liable to fly off his neck.

Taking hold of Corey’s left arm, Prez flatly said, “You’ll never have the chance to do it again.” With a nod, we easily lifted and held him against the dining room wall. Prez said, “I’m looking forward to a day, not too many years from now, when I wouldn’t dare try to lift you.”

“Are you planning on being around then?” I asked.

Corey sourly insisted, “Yes!”

We put Corey down. From the kitchen, my mom said, “These are turkey Italian sausages and the meatballs are made with lean ground beef.” Prez and I turned to my mom and she said, “I’ve talked to Corey’s mom, one of his doctor’s and the hospital nutritionist where I work.” Staring intently at Corey, she said, “You will eat pasta, salad and either two meatballs or a sausage. When you’re older and done growing you can become a vegetarian. You’re metabolism just isn’t ready for it.” She then returned her attention to the stove.

Corey reluctantly nodded and started setting the table. He stepped closer to my dad. “Are you angry with me too?” he softly asked.

“We’re not angry,” my dad quickly corrected, “a little disappointed, but most of all, we’re concerned.”

Prez said, “Remember what you told me while we were camping? You expected to see me here, even before I moved in, you expected to see me. Well, we expect to see you around too.”

Corey sat down and softly said, “I didn’t mean to… and wasn’t hoping to wind up in the hospital.” Drew sat down at the table besides his boyfriend. Turning to Drew and around the table, Corey insisted, “Trust me; I won’t be back there again.”

Drew nodded, “I’ve followed him around the last two days; Corey hasn’t vomited or had any sudden cases of diarrhea. He’s eaten every meal too, in addition to the vitamin supplements prescribed.” I watched Corey watching my brother as he spoke. He wasn’t smiling, but stared blankly at Drew. It was as if he was awestruck; still trying to absorb the reasons why Drew was watching over him.

Now was not the time for Drew to be sticking up for his boyfriend, I strongly felt and involuntarily sighed. Drew and Corey faced me and I explained, “I’d trust you for a lot of stuff still, but this was big, Corey. As far as food and taking care of yourself is concerned, you’ll have to earn my trust.” Prez nodded and so did my dad.

In the kitchen, behind Corey and Drew, my mom also nodded and said, “If you eat meals without a complaint, like you used to not so long ago, then after awhile, I’ll be much more comfortable and willing to trust you.”

Corey’s head sagged and Drew softly said, “That’s all we want dude, for you to eat. You can pretty much choose what and how much, as long as there’s no self-induced hurling, no laxatives or any other kinds of purging.” Drew wrapped an arm around Corey then leaned closer and admitted, “You’re already getting my trust back.”

Still studying the table to hide his face, Corey said, “I don’t want to look like my dad.”

My mom wondered, “Why not?”

Prez also said, “Yeah, why not? For a middle aged man, he’s still looking good.”

Shrugging, Corey softly complained, “Too tall, too wide…”

My dad shook his head with disbelief and said, “You can’t fight genetics, but at the same time, there’s no guarantee you’ll take after him. You could take after your mother’s side of the family.”

Reaching across the table and tapping the top of Corey’s blond head, Prez said, “I like men that are as tall as me or taller, but that’s not the only thing worth consideration, is it?”

“’Course not,” Corey whispered.

I prodded, “Then it’s sure not worth hurting yourself.”

Peering down to see Corey’s mostly hidden face, Drew softly added, “Or everyone that cares.”

Corey nodded and we were all quiet for a few moments. Then he finally looked up and smiled, “Happy Anniversary!”

Prez smiled, “Thank you!”

Reaching for my baby’s hand, I grinned, “It’s been an awesome year.”

Prez happily said, “After dinner, we’re going to pedal our bikes to the corner where we met.”

My mom shrieked, “Aw, that’s sweet!”

But my dad’s eyes closed and his shoulder’s bounced. Across the table, Drew and Corey smiled. Opening his eyes, my dad softly chuckled, “You met on a street corner. Do you realize how that sounds?”

“Omigod!” I loudly chuckled. Prez, Drew and Corey roared.

“Okay,” my mom giggled, “I need three sets of strong hands.” My dad, Prez and I got up to help serve dinner.

Drew wondered, “Which is more of a slut? I think its Keith.”

“Shut up!” I playfully complained. My mom handed me the large bowl of spaghetti and Prez a bowl of meatballs and sausages.

We turned back to the dining room and Corey smiled, “Nah, its Prez,”

“Silence!” Prez chuckled, “or I’ll whack you with a sausage!” That joke got everyone laughing as we circled the table and sat. We started to serve ourselves and Prez wondered, “What made you suddenly despise meats?”

Corey answered, “A lot of things, but mostly the way they treat the animals. Thousands of cattle herded to be milked, herded to feedings, herded to pasture, herded to be slaughtered; it’s really gross. I never liked burgers very much, but preferred hotdogs, until I learned that they were made with all the beef, pork and turkey scraps.”

Prez asked, “Have you ever been near a cow?” Chewing his salad, Corey shook his head. “They’re stupid,” Prez flatly said. “They have to be herded in those steel pens with no room to even try to turn around because they’re too stupid to get themselves unstuck. Chickens and turkeys aren’t too different. Dogs and horses are way smarter than cows.”

Corey said, “What about pigs though? They’re as smart as dogs; some people have them for house pets.” Getting no argument, Corey grinned and picked at his salad.

My mom then said, “Given the circumstances and the masses that are fed, then beef, poultry and fish would be acceptable parts of your diet?” Corey shrugged and my mom said, “The nutritionist I spoke with is a vegetarian. Given the history of your case, she suggested daily servings of meats; six ounce servings of beef, or eight ounces of fish or poultry. That would be enough to get off the prescription supplements.”

Drew enthusiastically said, “That’s a small steak a week, dude. Mixed with chicken and fish the rest of the week, it would be easy. And no more doctors!”

My dad reminded, “A little from each of the five food groups every day.”

Drew glanced at my mom and said, “We have chicken for dinner most of all.”

Nodding, she swallowed and said, “On this table we have grains in the bread and pasta, fruits and vegetables in the salad and the sauce, and finally the turkey sausages and meatballs. Oh, the cheese and hardboiled eggs in the salad count for dairy.”

Prez wiped his mouth and said, “Back in Texas my mom cooked beef dinners about four times a week.” Hearing him talk about the beef in his diet, my mind sank helplessly into the gutter and I focused on my plate. “Chicken and catfish were the only alternatives,” Prez said, “and catfish was rare because only my dad would eat it.”

He grimaced at the recollection and I grinned, “Like the time I tried liver and onions.”

My dad hummed hungrily and joked, “Just don’t know what’s good for you.” Drew and Corey snarled. Dad then offered, “Some scientists attribute our evolution to the increasing amounts of meat proteins we were consuming.”

Sitting up straight, Drew smiled, “See, it’s true; the less you eat, the dopier you get!”

Corey sternly turned to Drew. Prez quickly covered his mouth and softly snickered. Smirking, my dad shook his head and mumbled, “I only wanted to discuss why the variety in our diets is necessary.”

“I understand,” Corey sighed.

My dad asked, “Your father played high school and college football, didn’t he?” Corey nodded and my dad said, “Your dad lifted weights a lot. So don’t do that. Stick to aerobics and calisthenics, maybe use weights sparingly when you’re told you need more strength in your arms or legs.”

“Dad got a health club membership,” Drew offered. “We can all go.”

“Once you’re off the meds,” my mom sharply reminded.

Turning to Prez, I asked, “Do you want to check out Bally’s tomorrow or Friday afternoon?”

He smiled and nodded, “After Mike and Derrick go to work.”

Finished eating, my mom turned to Corey and softly assured, “While you’re here, we’re all going to help you help yourself. I have a book on nutrition for you to read, if you’re interested?” Corey shrugged and my mom said, “It’s not a child’s version either; it’s a college text.”

“Thank you,” Corey smiled.

Finished with dinner, Prez and I excused ourselves then took our plates to the kitchen. Prez filled the dog’s food and water dishes then we went to the garage, pulling our bikes down from hooks in the ceiling. It had been months since we last used them and the tires needed air. Using the manual hand pump, we filled our tires then started down the driveway. Although Prez knew the general direction, he let me lead the way down Topanga Canyon. Passing the 101 and stopped at the correct corner, Prez looked around and grinned, “You’re sure this is the place?”


“How could I have been lost here?” he snickered.

“Now you pass this corner almost every day,” I said, and then leaned closer to him. Traffic was light and now was our chance. I reached for his neck and firmly pulled him to me for an anniversary kiss. It was long enough to block out every other sense, but the feeling of Preston’s lips against my own.

Separating, but not moving more than a few inches away, Prez asked, “Do you want to go over Mike’s, since we’re so close any way?”

I shook my head and reminded, “It’s Wednesday, they’re probably at Doug and Brian’s.”

Prez tossed his head back slightly and said, “Oh yeah, you’re right. Let’s just ride around for a while then.”

The light still hadn’t changed and I had time to suggest, “We could go over to Agoura Hills for a while.” I still had one more surprise for him and was sure he didn’t suspect a thing.

Vigorously shaking his head in confusion, Prez smiled, “Don’t tell me you’ve reached your limit?”

The light changed and we started across the street. I assured, “There’s another round or two I’m saving for bedtime.”

Prez snickered, “I can wait for a midnight snack.” He led the way home and I saw his head turn down the street where his old apartment complex stood. I half expected him to turn right, but he didn’t. Stopped at another light, I suggested a trip to Blockbuster. We peddled there and looked around for a few minutes before deciding on ‘Running On Empty’, with River Phoenix and Judd Hirsch. Back on our bikes on Topanga Canyon, we started for home. While putting our bikes away, Prez asked, “Do you really want to jam and record tonight?”

Fishing for an excuse, I fibbed, “Really, I wanted to give the ‘rents, Drew and Corey some time alone. We could hibernate in our room, but we both know what would happen.”

“That’s a really considerate idea,” Prez smiled proudly. “I didn’t even think of that, just my selfish need to be glued to you.”

I kissed him real quick then smiled, “I’d like that too and promise to meet the objective.”

“Later,” Prez nodded. “Let’s change shirts first.” I agreed and we went into the house. Rush was waiting for us at the door. Surprisingly, my parents were in the living room alone.

“Where are Drew and Corey?” I asked.

My dad answered, “In the bedroom talking and digesting some of what we talked about.”

“Oh,” Prez said, “we thought we’d head over Doug and Brian’s for a few hours.”

My mom asked, “Home by one?”

“Not a problem,” I assured, and led Prez to our room. Just the lingering aroma of sex set my heart into overdrive and I got a dizzy rush. Prez was lifting his sweaty T-shirt, exposing his tasty nips. Instinctively, I dove for them. Prez yelped and giggled then closed the bedroom door. I wanted his smell and his taste and to mix it all with my own so badly. Prez held on to me as if I might’ve considered stopping for a moment. Ravenously, I teased his tits and tasted his sweaty torso, instigating round seven.

The greatest thing was, about halfway through the blowjob, Prez smiled, “You’re definitely getting enough beef proteins in your diet.”

Starting to laugh, I spit out his cock and chuckled, “I take it you want some beef too?” Standing up and kissing him, I heard giggling through the wall from Drew’s room.

Slumping against me, Prez softly giggled, “They heard us!”

I paused only to turn on the stereo and while my back was turned, Prez began lifting my T-shirt. In a flash, he was on his knees, relieving me of my shorts. He playfully nosed around my crotch, drenching my flesh and pubes with spit as he toyed with me. Then he gently took only the head into his mouth. Humming deliriously, he slowly took most of my length. After at least a minute of slow bobbing, he took my cock in his hand so that he could concentrate on my nads for a while. My lover had me on the tips of my toes several times. Groaning to signal I was close only encouraged him. He held my cock with his right hand and with his left, tickled my nads and my puckering hole. Everything spun wildly as I humped his hand and mouth.

Like the little red engine that could, I told myself to hold back. I could prevent it another few seconds. But his knuckles were pressing firmly against my prostate while his fingers danced across my sack and wiggled around my twitching bunghole. Steadying myself on his strong shoulders, every muscle tightened and I blew. Prez sputtered for a second, but then swallowed and took the rest.

Sitting him down on the edge of the bed, I returned the favor with all my love and lust for him driving me to make him gasp. With him sitting, I had a slight advantage; I could put his legs on my shoulders and get everything wet. Then I carefully slid my thumb inside and slurped his cock back into my mouth. Truthfully, Prez did all the remaining work. Clutching a pillow to his face, he rode my thumb and bucked into my mouth, back and forth, before shaking the entire bed and giving me my reward. After seven orgasms, the force of his orgasm in my mouth was still surprising. But we wanted to go out so I made sure there was no additional mess to be cleaned up. All we had to do was wash our hands, rinse with mouthwash, slip into clean shirts, and then say goodbye to the ‘rents as we walked out of the house.

In Prez’s 4Runner and on our way to Agoura Hills, my baby smiled, “My dick tingles.”

Bouncing my eyebrows, I snickered, “You’re very welcome!”

He turned the corner and insisted, “We are going to the beach tomorrow.”

I nodded, “Just to cool off our hurtin’ units.”

A few moments passed with only the car stereo breaking the silence. Then Prez said, “After you left the apartment last year, I only stayed awake another five minutes. I grabbed one of my mom’s CD’s, put it in the player and crawled into bed. I was really looking forward to spending the next day with you.”

I couldn’t help myself and asked, “Did you beat off?”

He smiled widely and admitted, “Too stoned, but the next morning, first thing.”

I admitted, “Before bed and again the next morning. I didn’t do anything else until the next morning with you”

“Our first time was spectacular,” he excitedly said.

“And we can still get each other off orally in about five minutes. But it’s much more fun when we just get comfortable on our sides, resting our heads on our thighs and take our time.”

He sighed, “Good ol’ sixty-nine. I could stay like that for hours.”

I reminded, “We have been like that for well over an hour.”

“Let’s try that tonight,” Prez excitedly suggested. “I would love to fall asleep in that position, preferably with your dick in my mouth.”

“Omigod!” I softly chuckled. Prez briefly turned my way and I smiled, “I’m poppin’ a fuckin’ bone again!” Prez snickered and I laughed, “This is insane! We just made love…” I checked my watch and loudly said, “Fifteen minutes ago!”

Exiting the 101 in Agoura Hills, Prez roared, “Knowing you’re excited is getting me excited!”

“Stop!” I loudly chuckled.

“Yeah?” he incredulously shouted. “You started it by asking if I jacked off after meeting you!”

Grinning, I sighed, “We’re hopeless.”

“Stop being so cute!”

“If you stop being so sexy!”

Prez turned the corner and slowly pulled along the curb. The moment the emergency brake was set, we leaned towards each other for a deep, lingering kiss. Getting out of the truck, Prez happily announced, “Everyone’s here!” and then pointed, “There’s Jessy’s car and Shaun’s car.”

Of course, I knew they would be at Doug and Brian’s. We walked up to the door and knocked. Soft music emanated from the direction of the studio. After a few moments, Prez turned the knob and loudly called, “Hello?” We stepped inside and the music was considerably louder, but then it abruptly stopped. “That was Elton John’s Candle In The Wind.” Prez said as I closed the door.

I nodded because I had asked them to learn a few EJ tunes. He led the way towards the studio and didn’t seem to suspect a thing. On the studio door hung a red “Happy Anniversary” poster with a silhouette of two men kissing.

Prez turned to me and I painted on an innocent face. I shrugged, “It’s gotta be Doug and Brian.”

He studied me for a moment or two then grinned, “Try not to act so innocent then!” I snickered and he took hold of my hand, anxiously pulling me into the room. The instant the door opened, all our friends began playing Happy Anniversary Baby. Nelson, Gil and Ben greeted us and loudly offered congratulations. Bouncing off the ceiling were about a dozen helium balloons. I grinned and thought, did I ask for any of this? All I asked was that they learn a few songs I could sing for Prez.

I huffed and leaned close to Prez. “Any excuse for a party,” I shrugged.

He smirked, “Like you didn’t set this up.”

Holding up my hands, I laughed, “Not the poster and balloons.”

“What then?” he suspiciously smiled.

Taking hold of his shoulders, I led him backwards and sat him down next to Nelson. I turned and went across the room to the band. Behind the drums in the corner sat Derrick. Doug was playing bass guitar. Mike was playing electric lead guitar; Shaun had his Ovation acoustic while Brian and Jessy shared the keyboard duties. I reached for the microphone and Gil turned off the fluorescent lights, leaving only five spotlights pointing at the band.

Prez softly chuckled and mooed anxiously.

Mike walked up and whispered, “Ready?” I nodded and he said, “Change The World first.”

“Absolutely!” I smiled. Mike nodded at Derrick. Tapping his sticks together, Derrick set the tempo then they began playing. It sounded exactly like the record and I had no trouble singing at first. “If I could reach the stars, pull one down for you.” Then Preston’s jaw dropped and he wiped away happy tears. Closing my eyes, I sang like never before, pouring out my love with every breath. Supporting me, the background music and vocals were flawless. Nearing the end of the song, Prez started clapping and so did our other friends that were watching.

Standing, Prez happily shouted, “I wanna play too!”

I chuckled, “Not this time!”

Mike snickered, “Park yer buns,” and Nelson effortlessly pulled Prez down. Moments later, Jessy clued me in on the next song. Derrick counted out four beats and they began playing Love Walks In. Four monitors hung from their bolts in the ceiling, blasting the sound into the room. Again Prez wiped happy tears away and I belted out the lyrics.

For the third song, we performed a really good version of Love Will Keep Us Alive. That was our favorite song the weeks after our birthday party and before Preston’s mom died. Mike really made the slide guitar solo cry and inspired me to sing more emotionally.

Basically, I was singing a timeline of special songs from the last year. After Mrs. O’Brian’s passing, there weren’t many songs shared for at least a month. To fill that gap, I chose He Ain’t Heavy (He’s My Brother). Shaun played the harmonica parts. Prez and I were both surprised. We then continued with Never My Love and Open Arms, taking the timeline through the spring and the Student-Faculty frolics.

The final song, I admit was a big gamble. But I promised to make new memories for him. While Jessy began playing the piano alone and knowing Prez would immediately recognize the tune, I watched him carefully. All he had to do was stand and I would’ve stopped. He was still sitting and smiling so I let it go and softly sang Elton John’s Your Song. After the first verse, Gil leaned over towards Prez. They shared a few words then Gil wrapped an arm around Prez. Taking that as a queue, I walked with the microphone as far as the cable would allow and beckoned my lover. He stood and I sang the last verses swaying with Preston in my arms.

The music faded then stopped. Prez squeezed me tight and whispered, “You really do love to sing.”

“I love singing for you,” I softly assured.

“That was the best gift,” he said and then deeply kissed me.

Derrick, Mike and Shaun started chuckling and Jessy loudly giggled, “Get a room!” Prez and I grinned and separated. Soon the lights were turned on again. Prez and I thanked everyone, especially Brian and Doug.

I thanked Jessy and she reminded, “Nelson and I have been together two years this September.” Taking hold of Nelson’s hand, she grinned, “Maybe we can do this again?”

Raising a questioning eyebrow, Nelson smiled, “Thanks, but no. I cry bigger tears than Prez.”

Looking up at Nelson, Prez said, “Happy tears are always allowed.”

A few feet away, Mike, Derrick, Shaun and Gil were giddily bouncing and softly joking around. I could tell by the gleam in Mike’s eye that my final gift to Prez was at the sappy center of their silliness.

Glancing briefly at his girlfriend, Nelson wondered, “What would you play?”

Jess smirked, “I’d probably start with Smooth Operator.” Glancing up at Nelson, Prez and I playfully mooed.

With wide eyes, Nelson chuckled, “That’s enough, right there!”

Triumphantly, she smiled, “I know what songs will get to the heart of the matter.”

Prez turned to me and agreed, “You chose a great set.” He then smirked, “You’re always planning some surprise or another.”

Facing Prez, Jess prodded, “Remember last week? Keith showed us out?”

I admitted, “That’s when I asked that they learn Candle In The Wind, Change The World, and Your Song.”

“Sorry we didn’t get Candle In The Wind cooked in time,” Jessy said.

I replied, “The other tunes were perfect though.”

“You were out of sight five minutes!” Prez playfully grumbled, but held on to me tighter. Jessy and Nelson then said goodnight and showed themselves out.

We joined our other friends. Grabbing my attention, Mike smirked, “Soooo syrupy!”

“Hey!” Prez loudly chuckled, “I thought it was the greatest gift of all!”

Mike snickered, “Strawberry and chocolate syrup!”

Pointing at Derrick and Mike, Prez countered, “Butterscotch and milk chocolate!”

Gil smirked, “We must be milk and dark chocolate,” and Shaun nodded, attaching himself to Gil.

Without further comment, Derrick turned to Prez and changed the subject. “We finished mastering the first CD.”

“Great!” Prez excitedly replied. He then asked, “How many masters did you make?”

Derrick answered, “Five; one for us, one for Shaun, Jess already has hers’ and one for you dudes.”

“That’s only four,” I said.

“A spare to make duplicates from,” Mike said.

Shaun said, “We can have fifty copies made for fifty bucks.” Pausing to smile at Gil, he added, “If we do the sleeve artwork ourselves.”

“Are you an artist?” I excitedly asked Gil.

He nodded and said, “Charcoals, mostly.”

Shaun proudly smiled, “He uses way more than black and shades of grey. There’s one of a country barn scene; Gil first used water colors, waited for it to dry and then added the charcoal details.”

Obviously embarrassed, Gil softly giggled, “I did that like seven years ago,” and we all chuckled heartily.

Shaun looked up and asked, “Ready?” Gil nodded and then they wished us luck for the coming year. We walked them to the door. The master bedroom door was closed and the living room lights dimmed. Quietly, we said goodbye and Derrick closed the door gently.

Mike turned and softly asked, “You shared your presents?” We started for the living room.

I nodded and Prez asked, “You’ve noticed the new boardies I’m wearing?”

Sitting on the sofa, Derrick nodded and smirked, “They’d look better on me.” Mike turned on the TV and immediately lowered the volume and then sat.

Parking his buns on the other end of the sofa, Prez chuckled heartily and turned to me saying, “I tried to swipe D’s blue Hawaiian boardies.”

“Unsuccessfully,” Derrick grinned.

I told Prez, “Darker blues work well on you, but every shade of green looks even better.”

Mike shook his head and smirked, “Pine green makes him look like a Christmas tree,” and Derrick softly snickered.

Prez pouted and I assured, “You don’t look like a Christmas tree.”

Mike then reached beside the end of the sofa and pulled out a wrapped package. My eyes widened partly because I hadn’t expected a gift from them. They had already learned the songs I wanted and they were plenty for me. Telling them that, I handed the small package to Prez. Mike frowned and grumbled, “It’s partly yours so get over it.”

I snickered and Prez tore into the wrinkled paper saying, “I already have a clue what this is.” Then we saw the top DVD; ‘The Eagles Hell Freezes Over’. Prez exuberantly chuckled, “Yes! Excellent choice! Thank you!” Prez then handed me the other DVD; the comedy, ‘Porky’s’.

I smiled, “Isn’t this the one with the girl nicknamed Lassie?”

Derrick nodded. Smiling, Mike added, “And the pecker line up.”

“This is awesome!” I excitedly chuckled, “Thank you.”

Prez smiled, “We’ve got about six hours of stuff to watch the next few nights.” Turning to Mike and Derrick, Prez explained, “Keith rented ‘Running On Empty’ earlier.”

Leaning over, I grinned and whispered, “It took us almost five hours to watch a two hour flick.”

Nodding, Prez whispered, “Let’s invite them over.”

Facing Mike and Derrick, I asked, “Ya wanna come over for a while to check out the DVD’s?”

They nodded and Mike stood saying, “Hell Freezes Over first.”

Standing, Derrick slyly grinned, “We were wondering what you were whispering about.”

Prez and I got up and started for the door. “You wouldn’t believe us if we told you,” Prez grinned.

Stepping outside, Derrick wondered, “Two cars or one?”

Prez shrugged and I said, “Stay over. If we make it through all three flicks, it’ll be almost dawn.” Prez unlocked the 4Runner and we all got in. He started the engine and pulled away.

In the back seat, Derrick started snickering and Mike asked, “How many times today? Ten? Twelve?”

“No!” Prez and I incredulously laughed.

“Let’s hear it,” Derrick chuckled.

Turning onto Kanan Road, Prez smiled, “Ya know that Pink Panther disk I got? It took five hours to see the entire movie.”

“We were slightly preoccupied,” I grinned.

“And the grand total?” Mike playfully wondered.

Stopped at the 101 intersection, Prez snickered, “Twice this morning in the bathroom.”

“Four more times before Drew and Corey came home,” I added.

Mike snickered, “Didn’t you do anything else today?”

I nodded, “Of course. Prez learned the Pink Panther theme and wrote a song with his drum machine.”

“And we made love once more before driving to Agoura Hills,” Prez chortled, and accelerated onto the freeway.

“We’ll be heading to the beach first thing tomorrow,” I smiled.

Derrick said, “Next week dude. Doug and Brian drive away and our clothes come off.”

Mike huffed, “Seven times in a day.”

“The day’s not over yet,” Prez reminded.

Mike sneered, “If you do it in front of us, we’ll have to do it in front of you!”

“Our room already has a certain air,” I snickered.

Prez nodded, “We’ll light the scented candles.”

Derrick hummed and then softly said, “Sounds cozy.” Mike took the hint and laid his head in Derrick’s lap. Minutes later we were home and walking to the front door. Rush was playing guard dog.

Stepping onto the porch, Prez said, “It’s us hound dog; chill.” Rush whimpered and Prez unlocked the door. The house was mostly dark; only the small stove hood light was on in the kitchen. Prez immediately led Rush out back while I poured four glasses of Coke.

Derrick softly asked, “You liked the DVD player?”

“It’s awesome,” I happily replied. “What’s most awesome is that he seems completely here and now.”

Picking up the first full glass of soda, Mike reminded, “It takes the whole first year.”

Derrick wondered, “Has he had anymore flashbacks?”

“None today, but yesterday, in the bedroom again,” I answered, and put the bottle of Coke into the fridge.

“That’s the most familiar place to him,” Mike simply said. “This room and D’s 442 are the next two on the list.”

“I’m just glad he’s pulling it all back together again,” I said, and then the back door opened. Rush trotted inside and Prez stepped across the threshold.

“It’s beautiful outside,” Prez said as he closed the door. “Too bad we can’t roll the entertainment center to the back yard.”

Reaching for him, I smiled and said, “An open window will have to suffice.”

Picking up a glass, Prez grinned, “And the fan too, I think.” After a sip of soda, he said, “I’ll get it,” and then started for the garage with Rush underfoot. Picking up his glass, I led Mike and Derrick to our room.

“Omigod!” Mike softly snickered.

Derrick nodded and smirked, “Yeah, we need a fan.”

“It was a great day,” I happily said and put down our glasses on the dresser. “Something we’ll remember when we’re old and anniversaries get to be less special.”

Mike was checking out the entertainment center and the DVD player. Walking over to him I said, “Power everything up. We’ll have to keep the volume low though.” Mike did as I said and I handed him the Eagles disk.

Stepping in the room with the fan, Prez headed for the window. I opened the blinds and the window for him. Prez lifted the fan and put it on the window sill then set the fan on low. The disk began playing. It immediately paused on a screen to choose DTS or PCM stereo and I wondered, “What’s this?”

Prez came over and smiled, “Sweet! It supports digital surround sound.” Mike and I stepped back and Prez pressed a button on the receiver. He then asked me to select DTS and press play, which I did from the remote control. After an FBI warning, there was a short digital stereo introduction and Prez hurried to turn down the volume. Interviews with members of the band began and I went to get bedding for Mike and Derrick. Prez followed and helped. The door to the den was closed and we guessed that Corey was staying the night. When we stepped back in the room, The Eagles were rehearsing. Sitting on the edge of the bed and transfixed, Mike and Derrick watched. Pressing pause, they started counting microphone stands around the drum kit.

My baby also became entranced with the video. He wasn’t paying any attention while we opened the sheet and set it on the floor at Mike and Derrick’s feet.

Mike pressed play and we caught a rehearsal of Get Over It. “Shaun wants us to learn this tune,” Mike said, as I left the room for the blanket and pillows. Prez hurried after me and took the blanket.

“That’s Don Henley,” Derrick said, pointing out the man talking to the orchestra’s conductor. Prez dropped the blanket on the sheet and I dropped the pillows. Removing their shirts, Mike and Derrick slid onto the floor and made themselves comfortable.

Prez and I crawled onto the bed and kicked back, leaning against the wall. There was a short period of band member introductions. What was amazing to me was the way the band was going through the pre-performance jitters. Prez softly said, “See that, thirty years in the business and still nervous.” I nodded and pulled him closer to me. Naturally, The Eagles opened with Hotel California. We watched the video, softly commenting on various things.

“The bass player has a bass just like yours,” I told Prez.

He nodded and said, “There are six monitors on stage, one per man.”

“A percussionist, pianist and keyboard player keep moving around,” Derrick noticed as Tequila Sunrise began playing.

“I’ve gotta get a mandolin some day,” Mike sighed.

There was a soft knock on the door. Prez hurried off the bed. “I hope it’s still not too loud,” he said just before swinging the door open.

Holding cushions from the sofa sleeper, my brother and Corey stood at the door. Drew smiled, “Got room for two more?”

Prez stepped aside and said, “Sure!” He then returned to bed and snuggled close to me.

Drew and Corey made themselves at home. Barely a minute later, Mike asked, “Do we really need the ceiling light on?”

I said, “No,” and Mike jumped up then turned off the lights. The Eagles played Love Will Keep Us Alive and I softly sang along. For a long while we chattered about equipment, the versatility of the band and the stage setup; occasionally one or more of us would sing along. Near the end of the disk, while Get Over It was playing, there was another knock on the door. Drew was closest to the door and opened it.

Still half asleep, John asked, “What’re you watchin’?”

“The Eagles on DVD,” Corey answered.

Stepping in the room, John asked, “Oh, you got a DVD player? Can I watch too?”

Prez smiled, “Sure dude, pull up a floorboard.” John parked his ass and we watched the last part of the concert. After The Eagles, we agreed it was time for ‘Porky’s’. Immediately, we started chuckling at the dude measuring his supposedly shrinking morning wood.

Mike chuckled, “Ya don’t use it, ya lose it!”

The egg gag was worth smiles, but then it was basketball tryouts in the next scene. Silence encompassed the room as eye candy filled the screen. Shaking his head, John glanced around the room at each of us. A few minutes later, the main characters were with Miss Cherry Forever - undoubtedly one of the best jokes in the flick; not to mention the full frontal nudity as the dudes raced from the house. We tested out the slow motion and pause features during that scene!

After 'Porky’s', my brothers and Corey left us and went to bed. Although we had agreed to stay awake and watch ‘Running On Empty’, Derrick was the first to doze off. Mike soon followed and Prez got up to turn off the receiver. Returning to bed, he snuggled up next to me. “Do you still want to watch this flick?” he softly asked.

I nodded, but whispered, “Don’t you?”

Prez answered, “Yep, I want to see how it ends.” So we remained awake until the credits rolled. I turned off the DVD player and TV then fell asleep with Preston’s head still resting on my chest.



About four hours later, the clock radio turned on. Keith hunted for it and eventually slapped the off button. Derrick grumbled and Mike groaned, “When I can move again, someone’s getting hurt.” Keith softly snickered.

Rush got out of his crate and stretched then he began wagging his entire body; the effect was similar to an earthquake with my hundred pound dog slamming the side of the mattress. He needed to go out, but when I didn’t move fast enough, Rush went to pester Derrick and Mike. Derrick loudly giggled, “No-oo-oo!”

Mike teased, “Try and stick to the same species at least!”

Derrick laughed, “Ahh! Prez! Gay dog! Help!”

Wearily, I swung my legs and sat up in bed. Still wearing the boardies and undies I put on the previous day, I immediately wanted to crash out again, but forced myself to stand. Wobbling to the door, I opened it and Rush led the way to the sliding doors in the dining room. On the way, I passed Drew and Corey having breakfast. When I turned around again, they were both softly giggling. Still in a sleepy daze, I stood there grinning. Sure I was a wreck, but what was so funny, I wondered.

“Cripes!” Drew snickered. He glared at me and smiled, “Re-arrange the furniture!” His eyes then traveled down my body to the tent in my shorts.

“Oh,” I stupidly said, and reached a hand in my shorts to move my morning wood. Amazingly, my wiener didn’t tingle or hurt in any way. I was actually looking forward to it too.

Corey helplessly chuckled, “I wasn’t sure if the dog was leading or if you were just following your dick!”

Not the slightest bit embarrassed, I shrugged and went back to our bedroom. On the floor, Derrick was on top of Mike. Seeing me, Mike winked, but never stopped nibbling on Derrick’s ear. That looked like way too much fun and I hurried back to bed.

With his eyes closed, Keith reached for me. He pulled at me and slid on top of me whispering, “Day one of year two.”

“Show me that you love me,” I said, loud enough for Mike and Derrick to hear. I didn’t want them stopping and interrupting our morning grind and in my own way, told them to continue their own ritual. Many minutes of humping, sighing and whimpering ensued.

Keith rolled off me then reached for the waistband of my shorts. He untied the drawstring then relieved me of my shorts and CK’s. Smiling widely, I reached for him and he leaned down for a deep soulful kiss. He then whispered, “I want to make love.”

I was burning with desire and could only nod and giggle a little. Keith grinned and stole another short kiss then got up off the bed. Smiling at me, Keith started to shed his shorts and boxers. Then he looked down to the floor where Mike and Derrick were and said, “We’re going all the way. Feel free to go for it too or leave.”

Derrick knelt and in a flash, had removed Mike’s clothes and tossed them aside. Keith joined me in bed and we watched Derrick stand. As he unfastened the Velcro of his boardies, Derrick grinned at us. “This isn’t meant to be public,” he said, and then let go of his shorts.

Still on the floor and out of our sight, Mike added, “No fair peeking!”

Keith snickered, “Don’t worry, we won’t.”

I chuckled, “Besides, you have a better chance of seeing us!”

Kneeling down, Derrick smirked, “Not much of a chance.” Then he disappeared. Mike sighed then giggled. Paired up, we resumed making out. Minutes later, I reached for the bottle of lube then took care of Keith’s shaft and hole before getting myself prepared. I warned, “Tossing the lube to the floor,” and then softly chucked the closed bottle towards the entertainment center.

“Doh!” Derrick grumbled and I helplessly snickered as I rolled onto my side and lifted my left leg.

My lover guided his erection inside of me and I entered paradise. A few minutes later, Keith warned, “Gettin’ close, but don’t want to yet.”

Awkwardly, we kissed and Keith pulled his bone out. I was raging and Keith gently pushed me down then straddled me. Smiling down at me with all his love, he reached back and guided my cock into his hole. His eyes rolled back and he started riding me. We found a nice rhythm and Keith began softly chanting. My fingers gently grazed around his torso and occasionally stroked his hard dick.

On the floor at the foot of the bed, Mike and Derrick began groaning and whimpering. The pitch of Derrick’s voice grew higher and higher then he grunted. Mike desperately sighed, “Oh yeah, dude.” A moment later, Mike groaned. Between the sounds of them losing it and Keith’s urgent moaning, I couldn’t take it any longer. Grabbing Keith’s leaking cock, I began jacking him off and thrust hard up into him, bouncing him higher and earning some joyful whimpers. That set me off and Keith went off a stroke or two later. With my fingers, I scooped his load off my chest and savored the taste. He collapsed on top of me and cooed into my neck.

After a minute or two of post orgasmic bliss, Mike said, “So this is why you never make it to the beach until ten.”

I grinned and wondered, “When do you usually get to the beach?”

Derrick hummed, “Usually between nine and nine thirty.”

“With my sister home, we settle for second base then get mobile,” Mike admitted.

Rolling off me, Keith then slightly surprised me by admitting, “We usually just grind off in the morning.”

I grinned, “Clothes got in the way today.”

“We all need a shower,” Keith said.

Mike stood first and offered his hand to Derrick. My best friend hopped up and immediately embraced his partner. Mike stole a kiss then they glanced our way. “Dibs!” Mike said. We nodded, Derrick picked up their clothes and then Mike opened the door. “Anyone home?” he sweetly yelled.

Keith said, “John might still be in his room.”

“He’ll have to get over it,” Derrick said, “I need to use the toidy.” He then led Mike across the hall.

“Don’t take all day,” Keith warned, “We’ll be right behind you.”

“We’ll leave the water running so don’t screw around,” Mike said.

Keith turned to me and smiled, “He used to do that all the time when he slept over here. He’d hit the bathroom first and I’d walk in as he was toweling off.”

“I think I can understand how each of you must’ve felt back when you were thirteen,” I nodded. “Justin and I never got that far. We’d seen each other naked dozens of times.”

Keith softly said, “It was too weird. Trying to see him as anything, but my best friend, applying some of the ways we are together, was completely impossible.”

I nodded and admitted, “I was surprised Derrick was on the bottom.”

Keith shrugged, “Mike likes bottom more, but since his birthday, he’s been different.”

We simultaneously grinned, “The guitar.”

I added, “It’s got a really beautiful quilted maple top.”

“Derrick picked out those features, ya know?”

I shook my head and asked, “Mike hadn’t helped at all?”

Shaking his head, Keith said, “Only with comments he made while browsing catalogs. Mike didn’t even realize Derrick was paying attention.”

“The guitar’s a reflection of how Derrick feels. When Mike’s not holding a guitar, he’s holding Derrick. They hold hands as much as we do now!”

Keith chuckled, “Some day, I’ll be alone with Mike and have to give him shit. He didn’t think gay relationships could be the same as straights.”

“How could it not be the same?” I wondered.

“He could choose to have sex with anyone he wants; me, you, Shaun – but he hasn’t wanted to and never even tried. It took a year, but I think he’s realizing there are a lot of benefits to the commitments.”

I reminded, “We’d all have to bend those promises someday.”

Keith shrugged, “All four of us have to be in the right place with the right feelings. All it would take is an exceptional experience for one of us to say, sorry not today.”

“Yesterday was so great, babe.”

Keith smiled, “I enjoyed it too,” and then kissed me. Breaking our lip lock, he asked, “Ready to motivate?”

I nodded and we got out of bed then went across the hall. Keith opened the bathroom door and loudly said, “We’re brushing our teeth.”

I closed the door. “We’re in the rinse cycle,” Derrick assured. We began brushing our teeth and soon the shower door slid open. Mike stepped out and reached for fresh towels then handed one to Derrick.

Derrick started drying his hair and his elbow was coming perilously close to the side of my head! Putting a hand up, I wordlessly reminded him how close we were.

Spitting out toothpaste, Keith then smirked, “Suddenly this bathroom is too small.”

With a towel draped over his shoulders, Mike complained, “Get your sweaty asses into the shower then!”

Keith and Mike swapped positions and then Keith climbed into the tub. I could then easily walk around Mike and Derrick without getting cuffed upside the head. Stepping into the tub, I loudly said, “We need two bedrooms and two bathrooms,” and closed the door.

“Some rental houses are cheaper than apartments,” Derrick said.

Mike added, “Count on an average of two hundred bucks a month for utilities.”

“Electricity and…” Derrick paused and a fart reverberated through the room. “Natural gas,” Derrick giggled. Keith and I loudly groaned.

Mike laughed, “Enclosed spaces dude!”

“If that’s a stinker, you’re a dead man,” Keith playfully warned.

“Farty-ass the fiddler,” I helplessly snickered.

“I’m sorry!” Derrick insincerely laughed, “That muscle is still twitchin’.”

“Can I watch?” Mike excitedly asked.

Derrick softly promised, “Later.”

I roared and Keith collapsed against me. A few moments later, Mike said, “We’ll be dressed and in the kitchen.”

Rinsing shampoo from my hair, I said, “Just another minute or two.” They stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door.

Keith grinned, stepped closer and whispered, “If they had swapped one more set of yeahs, I would’ve cracked up.”

“Obviously they were facing each other,” I smiled. Keith nodded and I asked, “You saw?”

“Just for an instant as I was climbing on board,” Keith said. He then kissed my cheek, held my waist and added, “That was the best ride of my life. Do that again, anytime.”

“After I get some tonight,” I promised and then held onto him for a few moments. Grabbing another mint flavored kiss, I then shut off the water. We climbed out of the tub and got on with our day. Soon we were dressed and in the kitchen. Mike and Derrick had helped themselves to cereal and were eating at the table.

Mike reminded, “We have to work today.”

Derrick glanced at us and asked, “How about we stay at the beach until two?”

“No jamming at all?” I incredulously asked. Keith reached into the fridge for two small bottles of Sunny D and handed me one.

Mike shrugged, “If you want to, but we’ve already got one CD mastered and the track data backed up. We could afford to take the day off.”

“June’s not over and we still have July,” Derrick said. “At the rate we’re going, we could have four or five CD’s done by September.”

I turned to Keith. He said, “Whatever you want to do, Prez.”

Knowing he could use a break from daily singing, I smiled, “I’ll jam with the drum machine.”

Finished with breakfast, Mike and Derrick came into the kitchen. Wordlessly they rinsed the bowls and loaded the dishwasher while Keith and I shared a bagel. Joining us, Mike asked, “How’s the DR-5 working out?”

I swallowed then answered, “It’s automated and repetitious, but I have harmony to play in tune with.”

Derrick smirked and huffed, “But is it fun?”

I smiled, “Not as much as with real people, but it serves the purpose.”

“Soon Prez gets to take a few solos,” Keith happily commented.

Derrick enthusiastically nodded, “Between the drum machine and stereo effects through two amps, it’ll be very cool.”

Keith chugged the last of his orange juice then turned to me and reminded, “Sun block and zinc oxide if you’re going to be in the sun several hours.” Then he wandered out of the kitchen.

Following him, I asked, “My car?”

He nodded and said, “I’ll drive there, you drive home.”

“Okey doke!” I happily said. Soon, we had our stuff gathered and started for the beach, singing along with the radio.

The good day only got better when we learned the water was warm and swells were consistent three and four footers. We hit the waves and only took a half hour break around noon to get sodas and hit the men’s room. As soon as Keith had applied another layer of sun-block to my back and our sodas were finished, we were back in the ocean. By the end of the day, I was riding waves like my friends, controlling the board and turning around without stepping off the board. All too soon, Derrick’s watch began beeping and we called it a day.

After we had returned the boards to Russ’ shop and got back on the road, I reached for Keith’s hand. He seductively groaned, “Oh yeah.”

Glancing at him, I noticed his widening smirk. Willing to play the game, I retaliated, “Yeah?”

“Yeah!” he excitedly insisted.

“Oh yeah!” I desperately growled and glanced in mirror.

Mike smirked then hissed, “Fuck yeah, that’s so good!”

“Oh-oh-oh yeah, dude!” Derrick hollered as if he came in his pants and we all laughed loudly.

Derrick leaned forward and tapped my shoulder saying, “You never cease to amaze me.”

“Why?” I wondered.

Derrick admitted, “I never thought you’d allow it again… like this morning and that time last summer.”

Mike chuckled, “You were much louder last year, Prez.”

Helplessly, Keith snickered, but covered his mouth.

I grinned, “With Drew and John in the next room, I’ve learned to control my voice.”

Then Keith smiled, “Friday night with the house to ourselves, we’ll get plenty loud.”

Mike then asked, “No Big Bear this year?”

“For everyone except us,” Keith replied. Turning to me, he added, “Different than last summer.”

Scratching my chin with one hand, I teased, “Whatever will we do?”

“Watch DVD’s,” Keith playfully said, and the back seat erupted with coughs of bull shit! “What flick is that from?” Keith wondered.

“Animal House!” Mike hollered.

“That needs to be in our collection,” I grinned. Approaching the 101 freeway, I asked, “Am I stopping for lunch?”

Derrick nodded, “Burger King dude.”

“You wanna join us?” Mike asked.

I checked with Keith and he shrugged, “Sure. We’ll jet around three so you dudes can shower, shit and shave for work.”

Merging into the right lane, I soon turned into the BK drive-through lane. At almost two-thirty in the afternoon, the place was practically desolate and we quickly got our lunches. On the ride to Doug’s place, More Than a Feeling by Boston began playing.

Keith asked, “Why don’t we try and cover this tune?”

I shrugged, but Mike whined, “Not this tune, please.”

Derrick offered, “How about Foreplay-Long Time instead?”

“That would be cool,” Mike said.

Turning to me, Keith wondered, “Do I know that tune?”

I nodded, “I’m pretty sure you’ll like it too,” then pulled in front of the house.

Mike said, “Doug’s got that CD. We’ll check it out,” and then opened the rear door. We got out of the car and went inside. Mike and I put our lunches on the table then went to the living room. Doug and Brian had hundreds of CD’s organized in the living room, but I expected there were more stored in the master bedroom. I turned on the components while Mike scanned for the disk. Soon he found the CD and dropped it into the player then advanced to the third track. With the familiar introduction playing, I went to the table saying, “This one babe.”

He nodded and swallowed then said, “I remember this. There’s acoustic guitar breaks too, right?”

I nodded and dug into my fries. Sitting beside me, Mike said, “We can all have fun with this tune; good keys, solid lead solos, interesting bass and drums too.” For a few minutes, until the song ended, we ate quietly. Then Mike turned to me and asked, “Have you thought about which acoustic you’re going to get?”

I shrugged, “Not too much. I want to try a Takamine, like yours, and an Ovation, like Shaun’s.”

“Give serious consideration to one with a cutaway,” Mike advised. “Even if you’re only into rhythm, it’s easier to reach the upper registers.”

“Ya wanna do that later?” Keith asked.

Beaming at him, I nodded enthusiastically. Turning to Mike and Derrick, I asked, “Does Carvin have acoustics?”

Derrick nodded, “Thin lines, yeah.”

Mike sighed, “They’re all hand made and around eight hundred bucks.”

“Whoa!” I softly chuckled. “If I’m gonna spend a grand, I’ll get a Martin.”

“If you get a Martin, I’ll have to hurt you,” Mike playfully warned.

Grinning, I assured, “I only want a good intermediate axe.”

Finished eating, Keith wiped his mouth and asked, “What would that cost?”

Getting up with his trash, Mike answered, “Between four and seven hundred with a descent hard-shell case.” From the kitchen, he reminded, “If you take something off the display, have them at least throw in a set of new strings. I’ll show you how to restring it.”

“Anything else?” I grinned at Keith.

“A hand tuner and a good strap,” Mike answered as he returned to the table. “If it’s got a pickup, get an extra cable.”

Keith smiled widely and Mike smirked, “Spill it.”

“You’re obsessed, that’s all,” Keith chuckled.

Mike shrugged then nodded, “If I could, I’d do nothing except play guitar from morning until night.”

“I’d have to spoon feed you,” Derrick grinned.

Mike giggled, “That’s cool too.”

Derrick teased, “And we’d have sex when?”

Mike smiled and easily said, “When ever ya want. Just whip it out and I’ll gladly suck you off.” Softly snickering, Keith and I got up to toss our trash.

Rolling his eyes, Derrick joked, “And to return the favor, I get to squeeze between you and your axe?”

“Rip my pants off and bang away,” Mike smiled. My head snapped to Keith. I silently reminded him of the excellent sex we had while I was wearing my bass. “It’s not like we haven’t done it before,” Mike giggled.

I cracked up. Softly snickering, Keith quickly enveloped me in a tight embrace.

While my face was still buried in Keith’s shoulder, Mike wondered, “What’s so funny?”

Derrick chuckled, “They’ve done it too; I can tell by the way Prez is laughing.”

“Yesterday was the first time like that,” Keith offered.

Lifting my head, I giggled, “It was definitely different; me leaning against the wall with one hand, reaching back for Keith with the other and the bass swaying freely, occasionally banging into my front…”

Keith snickered, “In perfect time with me banging your butt!” Derrick and Mike roared laughing.

Uncontrollably, I blushed, but wondered why. Noticing the time on the stove, I stepped back from Keith and said, “We’re gonna take off. You dudes need to get ready for work.”

Derrick checked his watch and nodded. “It’s ten after three dude.”

“Damn!” Mike softly grumbled.

Keith then sincerely thanked Mike and Derrick for helping to make our first anniversary completely memorable. We hugged each other and said goodbye then left our friends and started for home.

Keith asked, “How much cash do you have left?”

I shrugged, “A little over a grand,” and then assured, “Its safe, rolled up in a pair of socks in the very back of the drawer.”

He sighed, “I know you don’t want to bug my mom and dad, but that’s really not the safest place for it.”

Squeezing his hand, I reminded, “Most of it may be gone before dinner. The truck needs gas and there’s still tomorrow.”

“Are we going out to dinner tonight?” Keith asked.

I smiled, “I was hoping you didn’t forget.”

Keith then suggested, “Let’s cleanup, get changed and leave a note for the ‘rents.”

“Then GC and then Friday’s for dinner,” I happily chimed. A few minutes later we were home and following the plan. Both of Keith’s brothers were home as was Corey. Rush had been let inside and was happily following us around until we ducked into the bathroom. Once dressed, Keith wrote a note for his parents and told Drew where we were going. I filled Rush’s dishes with food and fresh water. The twenty pound bag of kibble in the pantry was nearing the bottom. I asked Keith to remind me to stop for more while we were out.

We left the house and hit the gas station before driving to Guitar Center. On the way to GC, Keith said, “I never got off the ground with a guitar.” He then asked, “Do you think it’ll be hard for you to learn?”

“I don’t think so,” I answered, “The four low strings on a guitar are tuned the same as a bass. And I’ve been watching Mike play for a year; I already know a few chords. I’ll get a book or video while we’re there.”

Keith admitted, “I’m excited for you, baby. You’re investing in your future. In only two days, you learned how to use that drum machine. I know you’ll learn the guitar just as fast.”

I smiled, “I’m not going to be playing as well as Mike or Shaun in two days.”

He grinned, “Okay, three or four.”

In his eyes, I could see that he really believed what he had said. I suggested, “I’ll start with something slow and easy, like Best Of My Love.”

Keith playfully mooed and teased, “You learn that tune and we’ll have to celebrate – a lot!”

Flashing him an evil smirk, I licked my lips hungily. “The strings are so much thinner than a bass and closer together,” I explained. “That’ll honestly be the biggest hurdle. My hands and fingers are accustomed to wide bass strings.” I turned into the Guitar Center parking lot and smiled at Keith.

He stole a kiss and reminded, “Don’t settle; get what really feels right.” We got out of the truck and went into the store. There were dozens of acoustic guitars on display and at least a dozen in the intermediate range. A salesperson came over.

Offering her hand, she sweetly smiled, “Hi, I’m Donna. Can I help you?”

I shook her hand and introduced myself then explained, “I’m a bass player wanting to learn guitar. I’ve decided against electrics for now, but would like to try some acoustics.”

She asked, “Do you play with your fingers or with a pick?”

I answered, “Mostly my fingers, only a pick if absolutely necessary.”

Leading us down the aisle, Donna said, “Have you considered classical or steel string?”

Uncertainly, I said, “Steel string, I think, strumming rhythms.”

She nodded and said, “Lots of bass players find classical easier because the neck is wide, almost as wide as a bass.”

Keith said, “Take your time and try it out.”

I nodded and Donna pulled a Yamaha classical guitar down from the display. She handed it to me and said, “Have a seat and try it out. I’ll be around again in a few minutes.” She left us and I parked my buns on a small Crate amp.

Smiling up at Keith, I admitted, “This feels like a toy,” but then carefully fretted a C chord and strummed with my thumb.

Walking around, Keith checked the price tag. “This is a three hundred dollar toy.”

I then began to try and finger pick the strings while holding an A minor chord.

Keith asked, “Stairway to Heaven?

I grinned, “Same key anyway, not exactly the right notes.” I fooled around trying to make reasonably good sounds come from the instrument. Then I checked the wood panels and the neck.

Keith chuckled, “You’ve already done more with a guitar than I ever could.”

“You were twelve, right?” Keith nodded and I asked, “How long did you try?”

Keith answered, “Weekly half-hour lessons and a half hour of practicing every night for about six months. Mike had the same instructor. In six months, he was playing songs. I was just pluckin’ around.”

“You barely gave yourself a chance,” I said. “It takes months just to get calluses so it doesn’t hurt to play.”

Donna stepped up and asked, “What do you think?”

Handing her the guitar, I nodded, “It’s nice and easy to play, but I’d like to try a few steel string models.”

After returning the guitar to the display she asked, “Do you have any preferences?”

“Two friends play guitar,” I explained. “One has a Takamine and the other has an Ovation. I’d like one with a cutaway too.” I pointed out a Takamine like Mike’s and asked to try it out. The steel strings were closer together, the neck was considerably thinner and I felt like I made better music on the classical, but pressed on, believing it was only that particular guitar that I didn’t like. I tried several more models; an Ovation, a Washburn, an Ibanez, a Fender and finally a Martin. The steel strings were slicing into my callused fingertips, I told Keith.

Keith said, “I really can’t advise you too much, Prez. You seemed more comfortable with the classical though.”

I grimaced in thought then said, “For most popular music, a steel string would be so much better. Of course, with a classical, I can learn songs that Mike and Shaun wouldn’t.”

“You were strumming recognizable chords on the classical,” Keith insisted. He then suggested, “Try another classical out just for a few minutes. You don’t have to make a choice tonight. Or you could choose classical now and a steel string later?”

Donna joined us again. I pointed out a Takamine classical with a cutaway and a pickup under the bridge. Overall, I really enjoyed playing it and asked to plug it in. It had an undeniably sweet tone and felt really good in my hands. Keith said it was four hundred and fifty-nine dollars. I asked Donna about the Roland amp I was playing through. It was a sixty watt model and would be perfect for practice with a band. Finally I asked the price. “Three hundred and ninety-nine dollars, before discount,” she answered.

I nodded, “I need a good instruction book or video to get me off the ground, and a chord, fresh strings and a strap.”

Donna called over one of the classical guitar instructors to help me find the right learning materials. Once he learned that I had been playing bass and reading music for four years, he suggested a combination book and video and also pointed out a book of Bach arrangements for classical guitar. Then I got a set of bongos, a cowbell and tambourine for Keith. If he was serious about learning to play percussion, they would be a good start. Nine hundred plus dollars later, we walked out of the store with a great setup. I was stoked! Too stoked to drive and Keith giggled then took my keys.

On our way to dinner, I overflowed. “Now comes the fun part. The repetition and practice sessions; but I hope that by the end of the summer, we could play a few songs together, just the two of us.”

“We will, baby.”

“Do you know that a lot of the popular smooth jazz guitar we hear on the radio is amplified classical guitar?”

Keith nodded, “Hearing you play reminded me of that.”

“While Shaun plays chords, I could play arpeggios and Mike would play lead.”

“Three guitars like the Eagles. It would sound sweet.”

“The primary goal is to learn harmony better,” I explained and my stomach growled loudly.

Flashing a grin, Keith snickered, “You’re a little hungry?”

“Starving,” I softly admitted, and Corey flashed into my mind. But I didn’t want to talk about Corey’s problem that night. We were on our way to our anniversary dinner, after all. A few moments later, I said, “LA needs a Black Eyed Pea.”

Keith grinned, “That’s a restaurant?”

“Back in Texas,” I nodded. “They had some fantastic home cooked meals and an impressive selection on their menu.” I paused then asked, “You know how we avoid mashed potatoes at most restaurants?” Keith nodded and I said, “Most of them use boxed potato flakes. Black Eyed Pea would make country mashed potatoes with the skins on, leaving chunks of potato un-mashed.” The thought made my stomach growl again and I hummed hungrily.

Soon we pulled into the parking lot near TGI Friday’s. Keith locked up the 4Runner and tossed my keys to me. I pocketed them then reached for his hand. An old man waiting outside the restaurant was obviously not impressed. Keith painted a disgusted frown on his face but, since the man said nothing, he didn’t say a word. He opened the door for me and I stepped into the restaurant. A pretty young lady showed us to a table and handed us menus.

After a minute of browsing, I grinned, “I must be hungry. So far I want two appetizers and two main courses.”

Keith snickered, “I think I’ll have fajitas.”

“Should we get an appetizer?” I wondered.

Keith shrugged, “Which one?”

“The combo platter with potato skins, buffalo wings and cheese sticks looks really good.” An average looking brown-haired guy came up to the table with glasses of water and our silverware wrapped in cloth napkins. “Hi, I’m Matt and I’ll be your server this evening. Are you ready to order?”

I quickly said, “Hey dude. Yeah, we’re ready to order an appetizer, but we’ll need another few minutes.”

Pad and pen ready, Matt asked, “What can I get for you?”

“A combo platter and a Coke, please.”

Keith smiled, “Iced tea, please.”

“I’ll be back with your drinks in a minute,” Matt said, and then turned away. I couldn’t help, but watch him. From the back, he was cute.

Giggling hysterically, Keith nudged me under the table and hid his face with the menu. Spreading my legs wide, I then trapped both of Keith’s legs between mine and started slowly rubbing. I love the feel of our leg hairs brushing and I know it makes Keith crazy. He whimpered and I softly said, “Just eye candy, babe.”

Keith briefly squeezed my leg, lowered the menu and smiled, “You’re taste in men is really predictable.”

“Shoulders,” I admitted. “The wider the better; but you look at the midsection, front and back.”

Keith frowned and softly grumbled, “I don’t care about dick size at all.”

“No you don’t, just trim waists and bubble butts. Second on your list of triggers are the eyes.”

Keith grinned, “And second on your list would have to be the legs.”

I noticed our waiter returning and held my comment until after he had served our appetizer and beverages. Matt then turned to me and I said, “Fettuccini Alfredo, please.”

He turned to the other side of the table and Keith said, “Chicken fajitas; hold the guacamole, but extra salsa, please.”

Matt scribbled our orders, collected the menus and said, “Comin’ right up,” then walked away.

“Where were we?” I asked, and picked up a potato skin.

Keith picked up a buffalo wing and reminded, “Legs?”

I shrugged, “Strong biker’s legs are important, but really, after the shoulders and chests, things gravitate past the physical to the personality.”

Keith nodded then sipped his iced tea. “After this, are we home for the night?”

I grinned, “It’ll be a little after eight by the time we’re done. I was considering a trip to the beach to watch the sunset.”

“That’s sounds great,” he said, and picked up a potato skin.

Choosing a cheese stick from the appetizer plate, I joked, “I’ll bring my new axe and fumble around pathetically.”

Keith smirked then assured, “You really did sound much better on the classical guitars; better than I imagined.”

I smiled, “Thanks, babe. I really had imagined a steel string, but didn’t know they had classical guitars with pickups.”

“Where are you going to keep the amp?” he wondered.

I shrugged then suggested, “Beside the desk on the closet side. It’s small enough to fit there and still access the closet. And it could serve as a seat.”

Keith grinned, “All seven of us watching DVD’s in our room last night was very cool; a little cramped, but cool.”

“I really enjoyed it too,” I softly admitted.

“We’ve already got a good start on our DVD collection,” Keith said. “We need some action, like Batman.”

“As soon as the Indiana Jones DVD’s come out, we own them,” I promised.

“I’d like some classic drama too – like The Godfather.”

“And some classic horror; like the original Night of the Living Dead.”

“And the original Nightmare on Elm Street.”

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “Johnny Depp gets eaten by his bed and squirted out all over the room.”

Keith’s eyes widened and he giggled. Leaning forward, he softly snickered, “Sure you don’t wanna eat Johnny and squirt all over?” I playfully bounced my eyebrows and smiled. Keith leaned back and grinned, “Sorry, the dude’s straight.”

“I’d doubt he could keep up with us anyway,” I joked.

Keith smiled and held eye contact with me. He transmitted, “I am so looking forward to crawling all over you tonight.”

“Tonight, my head will rest on your thigh. Let’s try and stay in a sixty-nine all night.”

With our dinners in hand, the waiter returned, startling me slightly. He put our plates down on the table and noticed our glasses were almost empty. Matt said, “I’ll be back with two fresh drinks.”

Keith said, “Thanks, dude.”

“Will there be anything else?” Matt asked.

I checked with Keith then looked up and replied, “That should do it, thanks.”

We dug in. Returning a minute later with fresh soda and iced tea, Matt caught us sampling each other’s food. Placing our glasses on the table, he smiled and hurried away like his pants were on fire.

Perfectly still for a few moments, Keith watched Matt. He then shrugged and swallowed a mouthful of fettuccini. “Weird people,” he softly grinned.

I joked, “His biscuits were burnin’.”

“Somethin’ was burnin. Did he seem more thrilled than amazed or was I imagining things?”

“He sure wasn’t bothered,” I answered. Keith dropped it there and we enjoyed our anniversary dinner.

Hitting the bottom of our plates, Matt returned with fresh glasses of soda and tea. He said, “I hope it’s not too personal, but can I know how old you are?”

“Sixteen,” I said.

“Seventeen in September,” Keith added.

Matt squatted down close to the table and softly said, “My partner works here too. He said you weren’t gay, but I guessed it. Seeing you share food cleared away any doubt. You’re pretty amazing, considering your ages. Darin and I are still way more careful when we’re out.”

I couldn’t help myself and asked, “Why? Were either of you harassed?”

Without waiting for Matt’s answer, Keith said, “We’ve been living together for eight months.”

“I wasn’t bothered but, in high school, Darin was. He was really thin, but now, no one would dare mess with him.” He paused and smiled, “All I really wanted to say was, thank you. You’ve had an effect on Darin and me.”

Since we were getting so familiar, I asked, “How old are you?”

“I’m twenty-two and Darin’s twenty-one,” he answered.

Keith smiled, “Until someone makes an issue, no problem exists.”

I added, “And it’s completely their problem, not ours.”

Standing, Matt nodded, “Just refuse delivery; very cool. Dinner’s on the house.”

Keith’s eyes almost flew from their sockets. “Thank you!” he excitedly said.

I grinned, “Expect a big tip.”

Matt said, “You’ve already given us the best tip of the night. Goodnight dudes,” and then walked away from our table.

Grinning at Keith, I teased, “One of us must’ve stepped in something lucky!”

Keith nodded and softly said, “The tab must’ve been twenty-five or thirty bucks.”

“Let’s leave him ten each,” I suggested. “We save and he won’t regret seeing us again.”

“Good idea,” Keith smiled, and then reached into his shorts pocket. I pulled out another ten and we left the cash on the table. Finishing our drinks, we stood and started for the exit. While we walked to the car, Keith enthusiastically giggled, “It’s you! You have that way about you – very approachable.”

I smiled and huffed, “It wasn’t always this way, that’s for sure.”

Keith wrapped an arm around me and softly assured, “Those kids in Texas lost out; they should’ve tried to be a little friendlier.”

“Maybe it’s just the outlook I have here is different than it was in Texas,” I rambled. Unlocking the 4Runner, we got in. Buckling up, I continued, “Remember, my mom and I were talking about the move a lot the weeks before we actually left. And the whole drive, she seemed to be psyching me up.”

I started the engine and Keith reached for my hand then recited; “This day and all the days ahead will be better for both of us.”

Leaning over, I stole a kiss and sighed, “It’s magical sometimes.” Then I backed out and we started for the beach. Keith was flipping stations and finally settled on something I had never heard before. It was really catchy too. Checking with each other, neither of us had a clue what band we were listening to. “It sounds like something Derrick might listen to,” I commented.

Keith nodded, “Yeah, alternative rock. The lead singer has a dreamy tone.”

Not a minute later, the song ended and the DJ said, “That was Jam by Toad The Wet Sprocket. After we pay a few bills, we’ve got Trash Can Sinatras warming up.”

Keith said, “It’s the USC station, I think.”

Turning onto the 101 northbound entrance ramp I said, “Leave it on. Derrick once said something about the Trash Can Sinatras and I started goofing on their name.”

Keith settled back and smiled, “So when are we going to Musicland for some Toad?”

“Maybe tomorrow,” I chuckled. The commercials ended and they went directly to the music. Again, Keith and I had never heard the song before. At the end of the song, the DJ announced, “Hayfever by the Trash Can Sinatras,” and then played the Budweiser lizard commercial; I can’t believe they picked the frogs over us. Keith and I cracked up.

For the next song, the DJ stripped our gears by choosing Motley Crue’s Looks That Kill. Keith snarled, but I began bouncing in my seat. Soon I had Keith bouncing too. Singing loudly, we exited at Malibu Canyon. Keith played a wicked air guitar solo as we started over the mountain. Art Of Noise’s Peter Gunn Theme was the next song on the radio. It was an extremely long arrangement and Keith got bored about half way through. I flipped to his favorite station, but found commercials. Switching to KLOS, we settled on classic rock for the remainder of the trip.

Cresting the final hill before PCH, the outside air dropped at least ten degrees. The sun was low on the horizon and we expected it would set within twenty minutes so I turned left towards Malibu. A few minutes later we were parked and pulling our sneakers and socks off. I got my new guitar from the back and we started for the beach. Before us was the start of another beautiful golden sunset. Stopping where we could see the sun’s reflection off the water, I knelt down and opened my guitar case. Keith sat beside me and I settled down, finger picking a C chord. Then I started thinking of progressions that I might know the chords for. Watching both of my hands, I slowly played from C to A minor to E minor to G dominant seventh and back to C.

“That sounds familiar,” Keith said.

“It’s a pretty common progression,” I said and then fumbled, missing a string and making a horrible sound.

Keith snickered, “Practice makes perfect. I didn’t know you had picked up so much from Mike.”

I said, “First thing I want him to show me is the moveable bar chords.” Stopping for a moment, I demonstrated with the one fingering I knew and thus proved I needed instruction. But Keith got the hint and we both had a few good chuckles as my fingers awkwardly slid around the fretboard.

After the sun traveled below the horizon, I put the guitar away then sat down close to Keith. He wrapped an arm around my back and held my waist. For about fifteen minutes, we sat there quietly watching as stars began to brighten against the darkening sky. I rested my head on his shoulder, closed my eyes and listened to the surf pound the beach for a few minutes. It was paradise. Checking my watch, I saw it was a little after nine. Reluctantly, I asked, “Ready for home, babe?”

Squeezing me, he smiled, “You want to play with your new toys.”

I shrugged, “I’ll stay here like this for a while longer.”

He nodded, “Bonding.”

“I feel so peaceful and safe.”

“Content and warm.”

We hugged tightly and sighed then he tenderly kissed me. Breaking apart moments later, we stood and I grabbed the guitar. “Walking in the sand back to the parking lot always seems way more difficult than it does when we first get here,” I softly commented.

“You don’t like leaving,” Keith said. “Either that or your legs are tired. We are going up hill.”

I joked, “Carry me?”

“I’ll carry ya!” Keith loudly laughed and then grabbed for me. I ducked and raced away, but Keith grabbed the guitar case and then my arm. He moved behind me to try and lift me.

“No Keith!” I loudly laughed and broke away from him. “Not in the sand! You’ll get hurt,” I breathlessly insisted as he chased me onto the parking lot pavement.

Catching up to me, he held my waist and chuckled, “Now then!”

Twisting and turning, I laughed, “Let me put the guitar away first!”

“You promise?” he giggled, but didn’t let go of me.

We approached my truck and I grinned, “Just another second.”

“Prez?” Keith playfully warned and asked again, “Do you promise?”

I reached into my pocket for the keys, stopped and unlocked the rear gate. Keith held my shoulders tighter while I put the case inside the truck. The moment I let go of the guitar, Keith squatted down. Squirming and laughing at his insanity, I tried to get away, but Keith forced his head between my knees. A moment later, I was ten feet high.

Holding my legs on his shoulders, Keith looked up and smiled, “You belong up there. How’s the view?”

“Pretty great,” I grinned. “I can see all the way down to the water.” But two people were approaching. “Let me down Keith,” I softly suggested.

Instead, Keith walked over to the middle aged couple and asked, “Do you think I should let him down?”

The lady inquired, “Why is he up there?”

“Because I think he’s the greatest,” Keith calmly answered and I uncontrollably cackled.

The man sneered, “You know how it looks?”

“Hopefully like it really is,” Keith said. Surprised, the couple hurried off and I softly chuckled. “Now tell me, did I say anything wrong?” Keith asked and then squatted down.

“Not a thing!” I loudly laughed as I climbed down. On the pavement again and turning to face him, I caught his mischievously proud smirk. Grabbing him by the waist with both hands, I forcefully pulled him to me. He giggled and I swallowed his tongue, pushing him over lightly in the process.

When I let him up and broke our kiss he softly huffed, “Wow! Please do that again sometime.”

Heading for the truck, I smiled, “Only when you’re extremely good at being bad!” We got in and buckled up then I started the engine.

As I backed out, Keith playfully wondered, “What really great bad thing can I do?” I slipped the transmission into first gear and started gaily forward when Keith said, “I know!” His hand then slithered into my lap. His fingers fumbled for my zipper and my dick lengthened.

I hated to burst his bubble and my dick, but softly said, “Not while we’re on the winding mountain road, okay babe?”

Keith frowned, but then whispered, “I know,” and stopped messing with my fly, leaving his hand remained on my thigh.

Stopping for traffic on PCH, I grinned, “I didn’t say stop, just be careful on Malibu Canyon,” and then put his hand on my package. All he was doing was stroking me at varying speeds, but it was plenty. Heading up the mountain, I sighed, “You’re such a wonderful tease.”

“My original intention was to jack you off.”

“What you’re doing is plenty.”

He grinned, “Did your unit hurt at all today?”

“Nothing like last time,” I thankfully chuckled, “just a few short twangs.”

“Same here… I wonder why though. Was it because we did it all early in the day and then took the rest of the day off?”

“I half expected it to tingle most of last night,” I admitted. “The only time I felt anything was if it started to get hard.”

He grinned, “I felt you during the last few songs of the Eagles CD. It got me excited too.”

“I was surprised that John joined us and stayed, sitting in his boxers!”

“Maybe he’s finally chilling out.”

I grinned, “During the shower peeking scene, he suddenly had to sit in another position.”

Keith confessed, “All that beaver and not so much as a tingle.”

I snickered, “When the character Tommy whipped his dick out and stuffed it in the peephole, I got a little aroused.”

Keith smirked, “Until Mrs. Ballbreaker grabbed it and yanked!” and then he roughly cupped my crotch, causing me to jump and holler. He smiled innocently.

I softly reminded, “My head will be resting on your thigh in an hour or two. I might get carried away and bite something.”

“DOH!” Keith loudly grunted and anxiously bounced in his seat.

When we got home with a guitar, an amplifier and a sack of miscellaneous accessories, I was again greeted by an interested family. Drew was checking out the amp and adjusting knobs for me while I played the same little progression from the beach. Mrs. Hundser had no idea I could play a guitar. I explained that it was very similar to a bass and added that I needed to understand harmonies and melodies for a degree in music.

Keith then asked, “Don’t you think he’s doing great for a first day?” Everyone agreed.

I smiled, “I know these four chords and how to fingerpick at this tempo. Don’t ask me to play it any faster.” Then I turned the amp off. Playing another few chords, I said, “This is about as loud as you’ll hear it for a while.”

Mrs. Hundser tilted her head slightly and said, “You’ve never woken us with loud music, Preston. There’s no need to make excuses or apologies before hand.”

I smiled and confessed, “It’s an old habit. My dad never liked me playing, never mind plugged in and playing at any reasonable volume.”

“That’s not the case now,” Mr. Hundser said. “Thank you for being considerate, but you never interfered with the day-to-day routine around here.”

“You’ve added to it,” Drew said.

I turned to my partner. He smiled and nodded. Turning back to my in-laws, I then said, “I’ll still practice without the amp though, simply because it won’t be necessary. And thank you all for being so patient with me the last few months. But I think I’ve got my wits about me again. The flashbacks seem to be fewer and further between since the camping trip.” I smiled, “There hasn’t been one all day today,” and then knocked on my wooden guitar.

Keith then chimed, “Prez isn’t stopping and giving them any thought at all.”

“Taking away its power to mess with me,” I added. “I’ll just close my eyes, maybe turnaround and then try again or chose to do something else.”

“Like washing our cars,” Keith interjected.

“Or learning new things,” Mr. Hundser grinned and nodded.

Mrs. Hundser wondered, “Will you keep the amp in the garage?”

“This one is small enough to fit in our room,” Keith said.

I explained, “Beside the desk it’ll still allow access to the closet.”

Keith’s dad smiled, “Good luck with it.” He then stood and groaned, “Too many miles on the exercise cycle at Bally’s.” Starting for the master bedroom, he said, “It’s time to soak my aching muscles. Good night.”

After dad roamed into the master bedroom, Keith smiled at his mother and asked, “How often has he gone to the health club?”

“Every other day,” mom happily replied. “He’ll stay at it three times a week for at least the first month.”

“Did he go with John?” I wondered.

She nodded, “Tommy also joined us tonight.”

“You went too?” Keith asked and his mom nodded. He then turned to me and asked, “Tomorrow?”

“After Derrick and Mike go to work and before dinner,” I suggested.

Mrs. Hundser then asked where we went for dinner and we chatted about that for a few minutes. When the eleven o’clock news started, she said good night and padded to her room.

Keith unplugged and picked up the amp then started for our bedroom. I put the guitar back in its case and followed him. Rush scampered past me. I closed the door then slid the guitar case under the bed. While I was down on the floor at the dog’s level, Rush took the opportunity to lick my face. Beginning to get undressed, Keith chuckled as I wrested around with my hound.

When I looked up again, my lover was naked and crawling onto the bed. Calming Rush, I then got up and started to undress. Taking my shirt off, I noticed it wasn’t me that reeked, but it was the room. Wrinkling my nose, I tossed my shirt at the closet and said, “Does it still smell in here?”

“I’ll light the candles,” Keith said and shuffled back out of bed.

Turning for the door, I said, “Lemme just get the can of air freshener from the bathroom.” By the time I got back in the room, the candles were lit. I sprayed the room and grinned, “I think I’ll leave this in here overnight.”

“We are making love tonight,” Keith agreed.

Rush snorted repeatedly, making it obvious that he did not appreciate the smell of Lysol spray. Putting the can down on the dresser, I then finished undressing and turned off the lights.

It was a long day on only four hours sleep. Keith and I succumbed during ‘The Tonight Show’ but woke again around two in the morning. As we had planned, I turned myself around then engulfed Keith’s limp dick. After we got each other off, we remained in the same position and fell asleep again.

Friday began the same way only we were more willing to take our time and hold off our orgasms longer. Rush was nosing the bed too, which helped delay the inevitable. But our after orgasm snuggle time was cut short when Rush jumped on the bed and growled at us!

Wide-eyed, I laughed at my hound. Sliding out of bed, Keith smirked, “He’s a demanding little shit.” We pulled on clean trunks then started for the bathroom. As we crossed the hall, I noticed Drew was sitting alone in the living room. I asked, “Let the dog out please, Drew?” and Drew nodded.

Standing in front of the bowl with my partner, I realized, “It’s Friday, Corey will be at the doctor’s and Drew will be alone.”

Keith nodded, but didn’t say a word until he shook his meat and stuffed it back in his shorts. As soon as I flushed and put my dick away, Keith opened the door and hollered down the hall. “What are you doing today Drew?”

“Nothin’,” Drew loudly replied and then teased, “What are you two doing?”

Keith turned to me and smirked. Grabbing my toothbrush, I grinned and yelled, “Pissing, brushing our teeth, the usual bathroom gig.”

Keith then turned around and told Drew, “Get changed, we’re going to the beach.” He then picked up his toothbrush and the toothpaste.

Drew walked by the open bathroom door and paused to say, “Thanks.” He then hurried to his room. Minutes later, Rush was back in our room and we were walking out the front door. Drew said, “I think I’ll stick with a boogie board today.”

“Wait to see what the waves are like bro,” Keith said as we walked to the car. “They might be two or three footers, a good day to learn.”

“Boogie boards are more fun for me,” Drew shrugged.

We got in my 4Runner and, while buckling up, I asked, “The waves didn’t hammer you too much last time, did they Drew?”

“Nah, it was the kelp floating around that bugged me,” Drew honestly answered.

I started the engine. Keith turned on the radio and Drew joked, “No Sinatra!”

Smirking, Keith turned around and teased, “How about… The Carpenters!”

“Noooooooooo!” Drew loudly laughed and started unbuckling his seat belt. But I pulled away, chuckling evilly. Buckling up again, Drew playfully begged, “Please don’t poison me, I’m too young and impressionable.”

Settling on KLOS, Keith chuckled, “Yeah, right!” Glancing back from the mirror, I caught Drew grinning widely.

I asked, “Is Corey going to Big Bear, Drew?”

“Depends on his levels,” Drew said. “I’ll find out later this afternoon.”

Turning slightly, Keith asked, “How’s he doing?”

“He’s eating, but not a lot and he’s not purging either,” Drew answered.

Keith sincerely asked, “You’ve been following him?” and Drew nodded.

“Has he accepted what everyone is saying?” I wondered and then turned onto the freeway onramp.

Drew shrugged, “I guess. Passing out and spending a few days in the hospital did scare him, but he’s still being way too finicky about what he eats. He’s on protein drinks too now.” Drew then sighed, “I’m kinda at a loss here. What can I do?”

Reassuringly, Keith softly said, “It’s not up to you, bro. I know it’s making you a little crazed; I would be the same way if it were Prez.”

“Try extremely crazed,” Drew said. “He’s so smart; straight A’s in algebra, science and history. How can he believe he’s too fat?” He paused and asked, “What do you dudes think?”

Keith turned to me and I told Drew what I had honestly thought when I saw Corey naked while we were camping. “But it was Keith that saw something wasn’t right,” I ended and exited at Malibu Canyon.

“Look at his ribs and hips,” Keith said, “way too visible - more than you, or me, or Prez, or John.” Lifting his shirt, Keith pressed at his ribs saying, “There’s muscle there, not just flesh.” In the rearview mirror, I saw Drew lifting his shirt and checking himself out. “Some body fat is necessary,” Keith said. “That’s stored energy. If you don’t have enough, you’ll get weak.”

Drew nodded, “He forces himself to keep going though.”

I said, “That’s why he crumbled; he ignored what his body was telling him.”

“There ya go!” Keith chimed. “You can keep an eye on him and tell him when it’s time to take a break.”

I smiled, “He’ll definitely listen to you Drew.”

“That’s cool,” Drew said. I caught his expression in the mirror though and he didn’t seem convinced or happy. “What can I do about his self image though?” Drew wondered.

“That’s easy,” Keith smiled, “you’re already there, bro.”

Drew tilted his head uncertainly and I smiled, “You love him, Drew. It’s obvious. And as for Corey, judging by the pain in his face while we were talking alone last weekend, I’d say that you’re the center of his world.”

Drew then hollered, “Why is he telling me to go out with a girl then?”

I asked, “Is there a girl you like?”

“Yeah, but not like that!” Drew insisted.

Keith grinned, “It’s okay to like a girl that way, Drew.”

Drew grumbled, “Don’t you think I know that? Of course I’ve tried fantasies including her, but it’s really not there; not for her at least. Not for any girl I know, only movie stars - like the girl in ‘Speed’ or the girls in Baywatch.”

“Some of the cutest girls on TV,” I said.

“Don’t either of you have, ya know, girl friends?” Drew asked.

Keith chuckled, “Prez does!”

Glaring at him, I smirked, “She’s a girl and a friend, but has she been around since the last day of school?” Keith shook his head and I playfully asked, “Have I gone to her place?” Again, Keith vigorously shook his head. I admitted, “Between you, Mike, Derrick and music, most of my time is booked. I still haven’t talked with my aunt.”

Keith incredulously asked, “You still haven’t called her?”

“Just my cousin last weekend,” I reminded.

Squeezing my hand and facing forward, Keith said, “I’ll remind you later.”

Briefly turning to him, I smiled, “And dog food on the way home please.”

Stopping at PCH, I glanced back and said, “Tell Corey how you feel about this girl.”

“I am, but he’s not hearing me,” Drew sighed. “I’m curious about girls, just not this particular girl.” The light changed and I turned onto PCH, towards Russ’ shop and Zuma.

Keith said, “You could be curious for a long time, maybe even years.”

Drew sighed, “In the mean time, I really do care about Corey. What if his levels go down? What if he can’t come to Big Bear? What if I can’t see him for a week or longer? What if…”

“Enough!” Keith loudly interrupted and quickly turned around. The two brothers smiled at each other and Keith said, “If you can’t see him, you can hang out with us or John or with that girl, just stop worrying about it. Take it from me, the more you dwell, the worse it will seem. You’ll survive and so will Corey. Show him that you care, like you’ve been doing.”

Traffic was heavier than usual, it seemed. Concentrating on the cars around us, I said, “From where I’m standing you’re already doing the best you can. Don’t push yourself so hard, Drew. Corey’s got to share the responsibility too; you can’t force feed him.”

“Wanna bet?” Drew threatened. Keith and I snickered insanely.

Noticing large waves, I said, “Today, I want to try and climb the waves for extra long rides.” The last few times I tried, I overshot the crest and wound up having to catch the next wave.

“Every wave feels a little different,” Keith said, and then assured, “You’ll figure it out.”

Glancing in the mirror while I waited to turn across PCH, I grinned, “Are you sure you don’t want a surf board, Drew?”

Drew smirked and softly droned, “Definitely… not!” Chuckling, I shot across the road and parked along side Russ’ shop.

A few weeks prior, Russ rarely had more than a few people at his shop. But recently, there seemed to always be a dozen or more people returning or picking up boards. Undeniably, Russ was very cool and had lots of friends; I’d guess many of them were once students.

The board on the wall announced five to six foot waves and the water temperature was about sixty degrees. Keith and I chose short boards and Drew a boogie board. Minutes later, our boards were strapped to the roof of my 4Runner. Drew slid his board in the rear cargo area. I gave Keith the keys and we continued up the road to Zuma.

Drew challenged, “I wanna see you dudes shootin’ the tube today.”

I snickered and Keith briefly turned to me. Concentrating on the road, he said, “It looks difficult, but it’s easy Prez. Stay down low, like you used to all the time. If the curl of the wave is slapping your head then you’re not low enough or the tube wasn’t wide enough to begin with.”

“You really think I should try?”

He shrugged, “As long as you feel comfortable, give it a shot. It’s rare we get waves big enough to even try. I’m not gonna let the chance pass.”

Soon, we were hitting the waves. I rode three waves normally, watching Keith, Derrick and Mike demonstrate the technique. Then I tried. Sliding down the front of the wave, I turned parallel to the crest and squatted down. Water lapped at the top of my head then pushed at my skull. Shaking the water from my face, I barely had time to catch my breath before the tube collapsed on top of me. The turbulent surf tried to separate me from my board, but I held on tight with my arms and my knees. I was under white water for a good thirty seconds before I could grab another breath. Disoriented, I looked around for my buds then turned my board around and started paddling out.

It was great day although I never did manage to shoot the tube. Hundreds of pounds of water crashed on top of me each time. For the first time that season, I scraped my knee on the sandy bottom and that was my last attempt for the day. Noticing concern on my face, Keith asked me if I was alright and I answered, “I’m fine babe. I really don’t want blood stains on my new boardies though.” Keith nodded and followed me onto the beach. Mike took another ride to shore with Derrick trailing behind.

While I concentrated on rolling up the leg of my shorts, Keith said, “You did good Prez. I don’t know why you kept getting crushed.”

Toweling his hair, Mike said, “You’ve gotta keep movin’; slow for just an instant too long and its over.”

I nodded, “That’s probably what I was doing.”

“Better luck next time,” Derrick said.

Drew joined us and immediately noticed my bloody knee. His mouth curled into a cute circle and he softly groaned, “Ouch!”

“I’ll heal,” I assured and then complained, “but if I get blood stains on these boardies, I’m gonna be really upset.” Keith reassuringly patted my back.

Derrick smiled, “They can’t stay new forever, bro.” Mike then showed me the blood stains on the cuffs of the shorts he just got on his birthday. They were trying to make me feel better, but I felt like I might cry any second.

Noticing my expression, Keith leaned closer and whispered, “I didn’t get them so they could sit in the drawer. Don’t worry baby, they won’t be ruined. They’re a new memory and a bunch more, every time you wear them. Consider it a battle scar.” I forced a smile then stole a kiss. Carrying my board under my right arm while we started for the parking lot, I kept my left hand in the pocket of my shorts, holding up the leg and praying they wouldn’t be stained. Again, I let Keith drive my 4Runner so I could concentrate on keeping my shorts clean.

By the time we got to Mike’s house, my knee had stopped bleeding. We went into the garage and powered up our equipment and the lights. Drew was extremely impressed and couldn’t wait to ask Corey if he would want to run the lights for us. For about two hours, we rehearsed some of the more recent additions to our repertoire. Then Derrick and Mike had to get ready for work. By the time we left for home, my knee had scabbed up nicely and felt like gator scales when I bent it to get in my 4Runner.

The moment we walked into our house, I began untying my boardies. In our room, I carefully removed them and then inspected for blood stains. Thankfully, there was only one small splotch on the inside of the leg. Slipping into a pair of sport shorts, I gathered some of our laundry then hurried to the garage. I drenched the spot with Spray and Wash stain remover and tossed them into the washing machine.

As I stepped into the bedroom again, Keith wrapped his arms around me. Hugging me tight, he whispered, “You really like those shorts?”

“I love them,” I sincerely answered, “like everything else you’ve given me. They really feel good and look even better.” At our feet, Rush circled us, demanding attention. Reaching down to pet him, I remembered, “We forgot to get dog food,” and sighed.

Keith smiled, “We’re still going to Bally’s right?” I nodded and he said, “We’ll stop at Petsmart first.” He then led me to the bed and sat me down. On the TV, The Oprah Show was starting as Keith kneeled down and began kissing the scrape on my knee. Of course, Rush was down there too, trying to push Keith aside so he could get in a few licks. Keith said, “Dog enzymes are good for cuts,” and then began kissing and licking his way up my other leg. My lover removed my shorts then stood and took his own shorts off. He had only begun licking my dick when there was a knock at the door.

It could’ve only been Drew, but I still cackled, “Who is it?”

Keith rolled his eyes then stood and picked up his shorts. Drew replied, “It’s me.”

Rolling out of bed, I got dressed and sprayed some air freshener. Sitting back on the bed and leaning against the wall, I nodded and turned off the TV. Keith opened the door asking, “Wassup, bro?” Keith then joined me on the bed while Drew crossed the room.

Pulling out the desk chair, Drew sat and grinned, “It still smells like sex in here.”

I chuckled, “We’ve hardly left this room the last two days. What did you expect?”

Drew shook his head and smirked, “Does mom know you were having sex in the kitchen?”

Keith loudly laughed, “No!”

“How do you know we were having sex in there?” I slyly asked.

“I guess I don’t,” Drew smiled, “but it sure seemed that way!”

Innocently, I looked up and Drew giggled. Keith smiled, “Did you want something, Drew?”

Drew slowly nodded, but didn’t say anything for a long few moments. Keith flashed me a mischievous grin then asked, “It’s about sex, isn’t it?”

Again Drew nodded. I asked, “Oral or anal?”

Blushing, Drew replied, “Anal. I’m pretty sure Corey wants to try it. If he does, then sooner or later, I’ll have to try it too.”

I smiled, “Don’t worry about it, Drew. You don’t have to both do it the same night.” I then admitted, “My first time was about two months after Keith’s.”

Surprised, Drew asked, “Really?”

Keith grinned, “Did you think I wouldn’t?”

Drew shrugged, “No, I just thought… I dunno… that there wasn’t that much time between your first time and Prez’s.”

“Have you ever tried anything down there?” Keith wondered.

Drew nodded, “A little. Around the outside it feels good, but just a fingertip inside hurts.”

“I was the same way,” I admitted. “That’s why I had to wait a while for my first time.”

Keith said, "It’s a muscle bro. You can loosen it and tighten it with a little concentration and experimentation. Finger nails are a hassle too so be sure to keep them trimmed short."

I suggested, "You could have Corey help you, ya know? Keith helped me."

Drew glared at his brother. Keith laughed, "It was fun!"

"And I actually looked forward to it too!" I chuckled.

Drew snickered then said, "It’s smelly and embarrassing as hell too, I’ll bet."

"The embarrassment is part of why it’s so much fun!" I helplessly admitted.

Then Keith suggested, "And you can always take a quick shower if you’re hoping to have sex that night."

Hesitantly, Drew asked, "So, umm… how do I make sure it doesn’t hurt too much?"

"Make sure you’ve lubed your butt and keep using your fingers at first," Keith said.

I recalled, "Then we moved to candles. Snip off the wick and mold it a little so there’s no sharp edges."

Rolling towards the edge of the bed, Keith opened the night table drawer and tossed a box of candles at Drew. Keith smiled at me then leaned over again, reached into the drawer and then tossed the smaller dildo to Drew.

"OMIGOD!” Drew hollered, “It’s pretty big!"

I laughed hysterically, "That’s not even the big one!" Reaching back into the night table drawer, Keith then pulled out the bigger dildo and tossed it at his brother. "HOLY SHIT!" Drew yelled before he caught the nine-by-three monster. Keith and I fell all over each other laughing hysterically. "That’s like a Jolly Green Giant sized one!" Drew commented.

"There are real guys with cocks that big," I smiled.

"Probably mutants," Drew mumbled.

"You could borrow them, if ya want," Keith said. "Just ask and make sure they’re cleaned after every use and when you return them, okay?"

Chucking the big dildo onto the bed, Drew said, "You can put that humongous one back!" Then he examined the smaller dildo.

Keith said, "You can keep the candles. Go slow and easy bro, don’t hurt yourself hurrying."

Obviously thinking for a few moments, Drew then asked, "Can I bring this to Big Bear?" Keith and I grinned at each other then nodded. Drew wondered, “What’s it really like?”

“Spectacular,” I freely admitted. “It just took some time and patience.”

Keith then softly said, “If you think you’ve had some great orgasms, just wait; intercourse is far, far superior.”

I nodded, “The really amazing thing is how you’ll feel making Corey feel that good. Every expression, every word muttered takes the bond to the limit. When you’re actually doing it, you’ll wish that you could do it forever and never shoot.”

Keith agreed, “Reaching orgasm is almost irrelevant. At first, you’ll be surprised that your making him feel so good. Both top and bottom positions are nothing less than fantastic.” He then warned, “Don’t expect to jam a candle, a dildo or real dick all the way inside and have it feel good the first few times. Take your time, talk with Corey; learn what he wants and share what you want, just like any other part of your relationship.”

Drew grinned, “Corey’s gonna be really surprised.” He then looked at the clock radio, stood and said, “He should be home by now. I’m gonna give him a call.”

“Have a good time,” Keith smiled.

Drew nodded and chuckled, “You two too,” then stepped out of our room and closed the door.

Noticing it was after four, I asked, “Do you still want to go to Bally’s?”

Keith reminded, “We need to get dog food.” We got up and put underwear on then our shorts and T-shirts. Before leaving, we made a stop at Drew and John’s room. At the desk, Drew was writing. Keith said, “We’re gonna go to Bally’s, but should be back before you guys leave for Big Bear.”

Drew nodded and I asked, “Did you call Corey?”

“I called and left a message,” Drew nervously replied.

Keith said, “Try and relax, bro.”

“What am I gonna do for two days without him?” Drew sighed. He then said, “John will be with Kim so I’m kinda screwed.”

Keith huffed and turned to me. I shrugged, “Swim during the day and try out the dildo alone at night.”

Drew frowned, “How am I supposed to do that?”

I smirked and explained, “Kneel down and lower yourself onto it. You have total control.” Struggling to contain himself, Keith smiled and nodded.

Blushing and shaking his head, Drew said, “See ya later.” We said goodbye then left for PetsMart.

On the way, Keith and I discussed what we would do at the health club. Keith suggested, “We should do something aerobic first and then we could use the weight machines.”

I nodded, “Exercise cycles?”

Shaking his head, Keith asked, “How about those stair step machines?”

I grinned, “Avoid the saggy ass syndrome, sounds like a plan,” and Keith snickered hysterically. Soon we had food for Rush and were at Bally’s. Keith introduced us and explained that it was our first time at this or any other health club. Moments later, were walking around with a young lady named Chelsea. She showed us all the equipment and we paid special attention to her instructions on how to use the stair masters. Above the line of machines, televisions hung from the ceiling. After about fifteen minutes on the stair masters, we went to the Nautilus weight machines. Before we left, we checked out the men’s locker room. Chelsea had told us the locker rooms were cleaned and disinfected three times a day, but we simply wanted to make sure the facilities were usable. There was one man in there that must’ve been the missing link or something. Never in our lives had either of us seen anyone so hairy!

When we got home again, dad, Drew and Corey were loading the Suburban. Carrying the twenty pound bag of kibble, I briefly flashed back to 1997 and remembered how excited I was to be spending a weekend with Keith. It was almost six and Rush had to be starving so we hurried inside. In the kitchen, Keith’s mom, John and Kim were preparing sacks of food to take with them. While I fed my hound, we chatted about Bally’s. Then mom started telling us what was in the refrigerator. We would only have to cook for ourselves this one night, but she listed enough food to last us a week. She then reviewed emergency procedures. John and Kim took the bags of food outside. I smiled and listened patiently, but Keith teased his mom. “The air conditioning failing doesn’t really qualify as an emergency.”

Mrs. Hundser smirked, “Not like a strong quake but, when its just as hot inside as it is outside, and you have to sleep in that heat, I’m sure you’ll change your mind.” she said. Turning to me, she said, “Tell your boyfriend he’s very bad.”

Grinning widely, I faced Keith and giggled, “You’re a bad boy!” Saying it made my wiener lengthen. Keith smiled and exposed his tongue slightly.

Rolling her eyes, Keith’s mom sighed; “At least try to appear a little less gleeful,” and then picked up her purse. We followed her out through the garage. The Suburban’s engine was already started. Corey, Drew and John were in the back seat. Kim sat in the middle of the front seat and Mr. Hundser got in the driver’s side. Keith’s mom kissed us goodbye and then slid into the passenger seat. They backed out of the driveway and we waved as they started down the street.

Walking down the driveway towards the garage again, Keith asked, “What’s first, sex or dinner?”

I shrugged, “You’re mom defrosted chicken. If we baked it instead of barbequing, we’d have about thirty minutes while the chicken cooks.”

We entered the garage and Keith nodded, “I could wait until after dinner.” He pressed the button and the garage door lowered.

Taking hold of his hand, I said, “My stomach needs more attention than my dick, right now.” I led him inside and grinned, “That stair master really tightened my legs and butt.” Rubbing my thigh with my other hand, I admitted, “My arms and chest don’t feel near as bad.”

“I know,” Keith smiled, “we’ll have to massage each other, after dinner.”

Taking him in my arms, I softly sighed, “This is the first time we’re completely alone for two days and nights.”

Keith whispered, “Cooking and cleaning and taking care of each other; a preview of our future.” His face slid over mine and we kissed passionately. Breaking our kiss, he stepped back and said, “Let’s barbeque the chicken.”

I nodded, “It’ll be quicker and less mess to clean,” and then let him go. Letting Rush inside, I asked, “What shall we have with the chicken?”

Keith opened the fridge and suggested, “How about salad?”

“And noodles or rice?”

“Rice,” Keith said as he took the package of chicken to the sink. “It’s way easier.” He then started filling a medium pot with water.

Rush’s water dish was empty; I noticed and got him some water. “I’ll start the grill,” I said and then went outside. By the time I returned to the kitchen, the chicken was rinsed and Keith took it outside. He stepped back inside while I was preparing two small plates of salad. We worked together like a well oiled machine. In no time, we were sitting at the table. We could freely talk about things without worrying about who might over hear. We sat across from each other occasionally rubbing our legs together. It felt very special and I envisioned a lifetime of dinners alone with him.

With dinner eaten and the kitchen cleaned, we went to the living room. Keith turned on the TV and I smiled, “Why do we still have clothes on?”

Keith shrugged and chuckled, “So we don’t leave skid marks on the sofa?”

I suggested, “What if we put a bed sheet over it?” Quickly, he stood and we shed our clothes. Then I went to the linen closet and got a sheet while Keith tossed our dirty clothes into the laundry bag on the bottom of our closet. We covered the sofa and then kicked back to watch Lethal Weapon 3.

Keith began massaging my thigh. After a few minutes, he reached for my goods and gently fondled my dick. Of course, I returned the favor. We hadn’t gone for it in the living room since we were almost caught by his family Christmas Eve, I softly reminded. During the funeral scene, there was a short pause in our playtime as I started to leak tears and wiped my eyes. Keith quickly muted the TV and pulled me closer. He softly asked, “Ya wanna find something else to watch?”

Shaking my head, I forced a smile and assured, “I’m fine. This is a good flick.”

For the remainder of the movie, we fiddled around enough to keep our cocks erect, but didn't take it any further. When the movie ended, I leaned over to taste the sweet pre-cum flowing from my lover's swollen dick. He's been blessed with the ultimate pocket-rocket; pointy at the head and wide at the base. In about a minute, I was swallowing mouthfuls of his juice. Still swooning, he gently pushed me back and dove for my dick. He barely touched me, but I shivered and immediately tensed up. Finishing me off, Keith then crawled on top of me and softly giggled, "I thought I was quick!"

"After almost two hours, I'm surprised I lasted that long," I breathlessly admitted.

Keith chuckled and then asked, "Do you still want to call your aunt?"

I had forgotten again! Wide-eyed, I nodded, stole a kiss and thanked him. Keith rolled off me and onto the floor with Rush. He reached to take the dog's rawhide and Rush growled, but wagged his tail. I went to the kitchen and dialed my aunt then returned to the living room with the phone.

My aunt answered the phone. Soon I was telling her about our anniversary and the great gifts Keith gave me. Then I asked if we could get together again the next week. She told me that her family was going to Las Vegas and would be there Tuesday through Saturday. We considered the following week. Our only plans were for Independence Day at Jessy's. Soon, she had agreed to come to Woodland Hills that Friday night, July tenth.

With that out of the way, I returned to Keith and Rush. There was nothing entertaining on TV so Keith and I decided to take a shower. Out of habit, I closed the bathroom door, but Keith smiled and opened it again.

Surprising me completely, Keith opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out a razor. Facing me, he smiled, "Just a little trim so the Speedos look good." Keith squirted shaving cream onto his palm then applied it to the top of my thighs, where they meet the torso. Then he knelt before me and concentrated on my upper left thigh.

With my heart beating triple-time, I suggested, "My sack too please?"

Keith smiled up at me and quickly kissed the tip of my swelling dick. He then guided me a step to the left so he could shave the top of my right thigh. Just when I thought he would finally go for my scrotum, my cock lurched. Keith smiled and turned me around then applied more shaving cream to my cheeks. Soon I could return the favor for Keith. I looked up and asked, "Your sack too?"

He nodded, "And around the base of my dick."

Spreading a layer of shaving cream around, I admitted, "It tickles my nose sometimes."

"That's why I want you to do it," Keith softly said. I lovingly took hold of his cock and looked up for his final approval. Keith nodded and I firmly grasped his meat. I pulled the skin towards the head, but concentrated on the base. My touch was only enough to keep the razor in my hand as I carefully shaved. Shifting my grip, I pulled his cock down and finished the task then moved on to his nads. Rinsing the blade in the sink, I noticed he was watching us in the bathroom mirror. With no problems or squeals from Keith, I accomplished the task. Then we showered and Keith began soaping me up saying, "You haven't played you're new guitar or bass at all today."

Resting my arms on his shoulders, I nodded, "But I did play bass today."

Keith suggested, "Let's check out your new guitar video," and turned me around.

I asked, "Is that really what you want to do?"

Leaning his chin on my shoulder, he chuckled, "No, it's what I want you to do; so we can perform duets. You mentioned that and I really liked the idea."

I could feel his bone poking around my ass and giggled, "You'll keep a beat for me?"

Poking my ass hard, Keith seductively growled, "You know I will."

I snickered, "I meant with a tambourine or cowbell?"

Wiggling his hips, Keith chuckled, "Incentive. After an hour or so, we'll have sex and make some new harmonies."

Turning to face him, I held him close and laughed, "Loudly, really loudly." We started grinding and laughing, but kept loosing our footing in the slippery tub. Deciding to get out before slipping and cracking our skulls, we toweled off then went to our room.

While Keith got the video and book, I slid my guitar out. A moment later the video began and I situated myself on the edge of the bed. After a few minutes of tuning, I listened to the first six very basic lessons, string and note names. While I breezed through pages in the book, the tape rambled on about the treble clef and rhythms; more stuff I already knew. Finally, I found a page with chords to play along with a melody. I watched the pro on the tape play When The Saints Go Marching In, a common first song. Although it was simple arrangement, I spent a good half hour on just that tune. Kicked back on the bed, Keith quietly read a book while I stumbled and fumbled my way through each measure. Satisfied with a small amount of progress, I scanned the book for more chord charts. Keith joined me at the foot of the bed. Finally I found an explanation of bar chords and several examples. For another twenty minutes I worked on just those chord forms. Playing with a decent rhythm, Keith smiled and softly tapped the cowbell. Finished with those exercises, I noticed that more than an hour had passed. Grinning, I got up and warned, "It's time to work on our harmonies."

Putting the cowbell down, Keith smiled, "If you're really sure." I leered at him then closed my guitar case and slid it back under the bed. Keith knelt on the bed and I menacingly crawled towards him then up his body. We kissed hard and pulled on each other even harder. When we broke apart, Keith breathlessly admitted, "I wanna do great things for you."

I stole another kiss and said, "Long and slow?"

He nodded and softly instructed, "Kneel down baby." As I did so, Keith's fingertips brushed my back, over my ass and down the back of my legs. Having promised to vocalize more, I groaned to let him know that was a spine tingling beginning. He began kissing and licking my alabaster globes.

Then there were knocks at the front door! Rush barked and shot from the room, scaring the living daylights out of me! I couldn't believe it! At eleven twenty at night it could've only been Mike and Derrick. Keith grumbled and shot off the bed. He closed the window blinds saying, "Don't move too far. I'm not even opening the door."

Rolling onto my back, I smirked, "Good! They're only here to catch us in the act."

"Just a sec baby," Keith said as he paused at the doorway. Then he shot down the hall and impatiently hollered, "What?" I couldn't hear a reply, but Keith then shouted, "Nope, we've got other plans. Goodnight!"

He then came back to the room, but Rush remained at the entryway. Climbing back onto the bed, Keith huffed, "You didn't want to go swimming, did you?"

Shaking my head, I warned, "They will pay. Next week, they'll want to be alone and they will pay."


Copyright © 2013 TheEggman; All Rights Reserved.
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