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Life Goes On - 4. Chapter 4


We all got in my 4Runner and buckled up. I started the car and Mike chuckled, “I promise never to mess with your id again, bud.”

I smiled, “I would be eternally grateful, thank you.” Derrick chuckled and I backed out saying, “Being gay is just another part of who we are. It’s by no means the most important part of our lives.” I started gaily forward and set it all out. “Spending time with people I care for is most important. Playing and listening to music is very important. Compared with the time spent on just those two things, what’s an hour or two of gay sex?” Nodding, Keith popped the tape and scanned the radio stations.

Derrick figured, “Two of sixteen is one eighth of the time.”

Keith settled on a station where Van Morrison was singing Caravan. Leaning back in his seat, he smiled, “We spend about as much time eating real food as we do eating our partners!”

Nudging Keith’s seat, Mike loudly laughed and Derrick snickered.

I reminded, “And what about the days we skip? Or the truly special moments when you wish you could take him aside for a quickie? Is spending one eighth of a day being intimate with your partner too much? I sure don’t think so.”

Mike agreed, “Maybe when we’re fifty we’ll feel like that.”

“Not me dude,” Derrick defiantly snickered, “as long as this heart keeps beating, I’ll still want a sex life.”

The Queen tune Killer Queen began and Keith turned it up a little bit. Mike laughed, “You’re serious!”

Derrick nodded, “Best keep up the yoga stretches and calisthenics.”

Mike said nothing and I couldn’t see him in the mirror. Keith squeezed my hand and started snickering. I joked, “Thank goodness for Viagra, wonder drug of the nineties.” Keith cracked up.

Derrick giggled, “No way dude. They have herbal formulas that work better.”

Mike hollered, “You’ve been checking!”

“Spam e-mails,” Derrick smiled. “Wanna know how to enlarge your breasts or dick? Follow the links and cough up the bucks.”

“You haven’t already?” Mike softly asked.

Derrick loudly said, “Hell no! But when I’m old and need help, there will be something out there and it will be way cheaper than the expensive shit out there today.”

“I think sex will take way longer when we’re older,” I said. “It might be only once a week, but take more than an hour every time. Quickies will be a pleasant memory from our oversexed youth.” Nodding rapidly, Derrick and Mike snickered.

Keith let go of my hand and held his belly chuckling, “Where we’re holding back now, we’ll be pounding away for thirty minutes, muscles aching and sweating up a storm, beggin’ for an orgasm!”

“Omigod!” Derrick and Mike laughed.

Heading down Topanga Canyon, I passed the cross street for our house and continued on towards Mike’s. Every Breath You Take began playing and Keith soon started singing.

Mike sighed, “We’re not gonna have time to jam before work are we?”

Derrick shrugged, “It’s one thirty. By the time we get our shit moved, Keith will need to leave for work.”

“He’s already practicing!” Mike hollered and Keith chortled, but quickly started singing again.

I chuckled, “I’ll bring my work clothes over dude. Hopefully, we’ll jam for half an hour or so and I’ll leave from your place.”

Derrick asked, “And later tonight?”

Keith stopped singing and shook his head saying, “Tomorrow after the beach and tomorrow night, not tonight.” Pulling in front of Mike’s house, I quickly glanced his way. “I want to make love with you in our bed,” Keith smiled.

“Ooo!” Mike melodically chuckled.

“Now that I think of it,” Derrick snickered, “tonight’s the last time we’ll be on the twin size bed.”

Tapping my shoulder, Mike smiled, “I threatened to move Derrick’s bed into my room.”

I laughed, “It’s a lot shorter walk across the room than across the hall!”

Derrick loudly laughed, “In the middle of the night? Damn skippy!”

“Fuck that,” Mike giggled and opened his door, “we’d just push them together. But that’s a non issue now.”

Opening his door, Derrick nodded, “See ya in about, fifteen or twenty.”

I nodded, “Cool.” They got out of the car and closed their doors then started for the house.

Pulling away from the curb, In The Mood by Robert Plant began playing. After a few seconds, Keith nodded, “This is pretty cool too. Why don’t we learn this tune?”

A shiver raced up my spine, like every other time my lover suggested a song for our band. Glancing his way at the corner, I nodded then asked, “How do you feel babe?”

He turned to me and squeezed my hand firmly, “Relieved. My worst fear would have been a slap on the wrist. I never let myself think about that possibility for more than a moment or two, but it was there.”

Dropping into first gear, I pulled away saying, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s not to give bad ideas a lot of time. One bad tangent leads to another. I’ve wondered if we’ll ever have to fight again. But I drop it there rather than imagining the how’s and whys.”

Keith smiled, “We’re sleeping in a little bit tomorrow morning. I want you to try and slow down. You’ve had some interesting days recently.”

I frowned, “I wanna go surfing though.”

He nodded “We will. Just try and stay in bed until nine.”

“No problem,” I agreed. “There’s nothing else to take care of until September. I can’t think of anything, but Father’s Day, our Anniversary, Independence Day at Jessy’s and then your dad’s birthday.”

“And Drew’s birthday, just before school starts,” Keith reminded.

“That’s all fun stuff too,” I affirmed, “With nothing stressful on the horizon, I’ll chill out.” Smiling devilishly, I added, “While you’re at work tomorrow afternoon, I think I’ll make dinner and some brownies for desert.”

Quickly catching my drift, Keith grinned, “John?”

Nodding rapidly, I chuckled, “If what Drew said is true, John won’t expect it. By the time you get home again, the effects should be obvious.”

Rubbing his hands together, my lover snickered viciously and I roared. I made the final turn onto our street and a minute later we stopped in front of the house. Stepping out of the car, I commented, “It’s not quite as hot today.”

Keith reached for my hand and agreed, “A few degrees cooler, thank goodness.”

Moments later, we walked into the house carrying our suit jackets. Rush spun around happily and I greeted him. John was still serving his sentence, glued to the couch and TV. For some reason, John seemed troubled that we were home.

Keith asked, “You’re watching 'What About Bob?'”

John nodded and uncertainly said, “A lesson in how being a pest can be funny and when it’s not, I guess.” He then happily answered, “If they like what I write and say later, I’m so outta here tomorrow!”

I snickered and Keith chuckled, “Will Tommy be available?”

“No, but Kim will,” John sighed.

I grinned, “You’ve missed her?”

John nodded and easily answered, “A lot. I can’t wait talk with her about all this.” He paused and then said, “Mom and dad say I still have stuff to talk about with you dudes too.”

Keith asked, “Is it really important?”

I added, “We need to get changed and then move all our gear to Mike’s.”

John shrugged, “How about tomorrow morning?”

I smiled, “Very cool,” and started down the hall. But Keith remained behind a few seconds before hurrying to catch up as I stepped into our bedroom.

And bam! It happened again. The room looked like last year! I don’t know what it was; maybe the way the sunlight beamed in from the window. My stuff was there, it should not have seemed at all like last year’s furniture arrangement. Tossing my jacket on the bed, the vision tugged at my heart for a second or two then I closed my eyes and swung around.

Hearing Keith step in the room, I opened my eyes. As he closed the door, I went to him. Seemingly ready for my embrace, Keith giggled, “Did it seem to you that John was perturbed that we came home?” Breathing in the awesome scent of his after shave, I nodded and he chuckled, “I think we interrupted something.” My eyes widened and I grinned. Resting his head on my shoulder, Keith softly heaved, “He was havin’ a wank!” I cracked up and tightly squeezed my lover.

After planting a quick kiss, he let go of me. I stepped back and Keith moved around me. Carefully laying his suit jacket on the bed beside mine, Keith began unbuttoning his new dress shirt. Smiling widely, I went to him and helped unbutton. Keith grinned and softly asked, “Horny?”

I admitted, “I could be made to be so.” Giggling, Keith’s arms dropped to his sides so I could take his shirt off. Stepping behind him and smoothly removing his shirt, I tossed it at the closet then took him in my arms. Leaning my chin on his shoulder, I whispered, “You wanted me to tell you when ever it happened so; I just had another flashback, the moment I stepped into the room.” Uncontrollably, I shivered at the memory and closed my eyes. I sighed, “It ended when you came into the room.” Turning around in my arms and softly shushing me, Keith caressed me so gently that in moments, I was ready to fall asleep in his arms. He didn’t say a word for a few minutes. The best part was that he didn’t say anything like, “It’s okay.” Flashbacks were not fun or okay for me in any way. Each and every time, it felt like her death was brand new all over again. Secure once again, I softly said, “Thank you.”

He kissed my check and said, “Happy to do it.”

Releasing him and taking a small step back, I reached for his belt buckle. Then I reached for his zipper. Taking hold of my hand on his fly, he softly smiled, “Only if you need to.”

Gently, I reached for his package and found soft meat. “After work tonight would be really good,” I suggested.

Stepping back and bending to take his slacks off, Keith seductively promised, “Really, really good!”

I started undressing and snickered, “When did we last go a whole day without?”

Stepping closer to help me, Keith’s eyes rolled and he grinned, “We were still in school, I think.”

“Yeah,” I croaked and smiled, “Playing with the dildos.”

Removing my shirt as I offered him each arm, he asked, “If you’d like, we could play with them again tonight?”

I nodded, “As a warm up for the real McCoy.”

Roughly grabbing my belt, Keith hummed and giggled, “My goal is to wear you down tonight, mister power-shooter!” I cracked up and he promised, “I’m not going to sleep until you dribble.” His eyes were grimly serious though and turned my laughter into school girl giggles.

My dick would probably hurt the next morning, but still, I couldn’t wait!

A few minutes later, our suits were hung and we were dressed in normal clothes. Keith decided not to wear his Blockbuster shirt and get it all sweaty moving our gear around. He went out to the garage shirtless. With my eyes focused on his incredible back muscles, I followed. He pressed the button to open the garage door and it slowly rolled up.

The only remaining heavy items were the PA, the speakers and my amp. Keith went to a PA speaker and began to lift it from the stand. I went to him and helped, but would’ve much preferred to watch his muscles ripple some more! Dutifully, I pushed my lust aside and concentrated on the task at hand. Once the speakers were taken down from the stands, I started collecting the cables. Mike and Derrick showed up as we were unplugging everything from the various power strips.

Mike suggested, “Get the truck, Prez. Back her up and we’ll get it loaded.”

I started from the garage, passing them on the way. A minute or two later, the rear of my 4Runner was parked about two feet from the garage. Mike and Derrick lifted the first speaker and I hurried to fold down the back seat. Keith went around to the other side and together, we pulled the speaker the rest of the way into the bed. Soon both speakers, the PA head and one of my amps were in the rear and there was still room for the various stands. Derrick and Mike grabbed Jessy’s keyboards, freeing up three additional folding stands, and then started for the 442. I helped Keith with most of the stands, but when there were only two left, I said, “Gotta go get my bass and work clothes,” and hurried back to our room.

Rush saw me hurrying and decided it was play time! He ran in front of me, barking and growling, his tail spinning around into a big white cloud. I snickered at him and he raced me into the bedroom. Kneeling down for my bass, I paused to hug and praise my hound dog. Then I told him I had to leave, but that we’d be alone the very next night.

But dogs don’t know time. They only know yes and no, black and white. He was obviously disgruntled as I told him to stay and then said goodbye to John.

Stepping into the garage, I noticed it was completely cleared of all our equipment. Keith was waiting alone, leaning against my truck, a light sheen of perspiration sparkling on his face and torso. He smiled and took the bass case from me saying, “I’ll carry this stuff in my car.”

I asked, “Mike and Derrick left already?”

He nodded, “To move the drums aside. They’ve got Jessy’s amps and a few stands.”

Pulling my arm up to check the time, I realized that I had forgotten to change watches. It was half past two and Keith had to leave for work in about thirty minutes. Opening the rear driver’s side door of his Camry, Keith slid the bass in and took the hanger with my work clothes. After he hung it on the little hook and closed the door, he spun around and tickled me!

Giggling hysterically, I jumped him.

Staggering back against the car, Keith held on tight and laughed, “I saw you watching me. Mike and Derrick saw you watching me.”

Stealing a quick kiss, I then chuckled, “I didn’t want another quickie. What I do want is to snuggle up with you later tonight.”

My lover set me down and smiled, “That’s enough to get me through work with a pleasant little tingle.” His eyes wandered briefly then he laid a whopper of a kiss on me. He broke away and softly said, “See ya in ten minutes.”

I nodded and watched him get in his car. As soon the engine started, I turned and ran for my 4Runner. Keith led the way and I followed with several hundred pounds of gear in the back. I cranked the a/c and then pushed the compilation tape back in. Concentrating on bass parts, I pushed the remaining memories of my little flashback away. It hadn’t been an hour since it happened, but it already seemed distant and even more ridiculous. In less than three songs, or about ten minutes, I was stopping behind Keith’s car in front of Mike’s house.

Keith barely had enough time to help us get the gear out of my truck before kissing me goodbye and getting back in his car. Returning to Mike’s garage, I frowned and slipped my best watch into my pocket.

“Aww,” Derrick chuckled.

“I have got to get him working at Black Angus!” I complained. “What the hell am I gonna do alone at work tonight?”

“Think about getting back home,” Mike grinned.

Nodding rapidly, Derrick giggled, “It wasn’t a very difficult question.”

Mike wondered, “How should we set up?”

I said, “Your garage is just slightly wider, but much longer than Keith’s.” The appliances were all near the doorway that led to the kitchen. Pointing at the wall where there were only a few yard tools and the mower, I suggested, “Let’s move that stuff against the other wall, then we can spread out along that wall.”

Derrick nodded and asked, “What do ya think, dude?”

Mike shrugged, “I’ve gotten used to the semi-circle layout, but let’s try it.” We started with Derrick’s drum kit centered along the wall. To the right, near the high-hat, we put my amp and Jessy’s amp. Along the other side of the drums, Mike put his amp and Tinky Winky then the extension cabinet for Jessy’s amp. There was still room along that end of the wall for Shaun’s stuff. Then we setup all the guitar, keyboard and microphone stands. I setup Jessy’s keys while Mike and Derrick setup the microphones. Finally the PA and speaker cabinets were setup; pointing all the speakers directly at where we would be standing. We started plugging things into the PA and Derrick’s watch alarm went off. Mike growled, “Damn! We haven’t even gotten to play!”

I sighed, “I know dude. You two get to take over and setup the PA for the new room.” After plugging in the last two cables in my hands, I went and got my clothes off the washing machine.

Derrick teased, “Call in sick, bro. I’ll verify you were extremely ill.”

Turning to him, I snickered, “Don’t tempt me. I can’t recall the last time I was there and you weren’t.” Glancing at Mike, I huffed, “It’ll be a lot less fun, but I have to get some cash. Our anniversary is next week.”

Mike asked, “What’re you getting him?”

I grinned, “You’ll keep your yaps shut?” They both enthusiastically nodded and chuckled. “A DVD player,” I answered.

They turned to one another and simultaneously cooed, “Cool!”

Derrick said, “Then we can get them DVD’s.”

Mike nodded, “I know just what to get too!”

I chuckled, “No porno’s, Mike.”

“Already tried the place in Hollywood,” Mike sneered. “Another six months before Derrick turns eighteen.”

They followed me into the house. Derrick went to the living room and Mike walked past me to his room while I went into the bathroom. As I started to undress, I remembered playing with Keith in the shower the previous day. That was a bad move.

There was a knock at the door and Mike asked, “Decent yet?”

Grabbing my black pants to cover my tented CK’s, I answered, “Just a sec.” I pulled up my drawers, buttoned and zipped them up then reached for the door knob.

The door swung open. Mike smiled, “So you won’t be so sweaty,” then handed me a fresh towel and washcloth. “Hang ‘em over the shower door when you done.”

I smiled, “Thanks,” and Mike wandered off towards the kitchen. I wet the washcloth with cold water then began wiping my arms, neck and shoulders. Immediately, I felt cooler and more comfortable. Soon I was done drying off and put my shirt on then left the bathroom. Glancing at my watch, I grumbled, “Shit!” Stepping into the living room, I found Mike and Derrick lying on the carpet. “I gotta run dudes.”

Derrick smiled, “Have fun!”

Heading for the front door, I snickered, “Oh yeah, loads.”

Mike asked, “See ya at Zuma around ten?”

“Definitely,” I answered and opened the door. “Hope I remember how to stand on a board,” I joked. They chuckled and waved. I stepped outside and hurried to my truck. I was going to be a few minutes late.

Heading back up Topanga Canyon, I passed the apartment complex and then the grocery store my mom and I used. There were no flashbacks, just pleasant memories.

The remainder of the trip to work, I recalled a night from the previous summer. Derrick and Mike had dropped Keith and me off at the apartment after an afternoon at the beach. We found a note from my mom on the table. She wrote: “Preston, what do you want for dinner? I have a late meeting and won’t be home until seven-ish. Please make dinner, but wait for me so we can all eat together. Hi Keith!” Then she listed out a few groceries we need from the store and signed it with hearts and ballooned exclamation points.

“What does that mean?” Keith grinned.

“Hug and kisses,” I chuckled.

The first part of that night at work, I recalled several nights at the apartment. One in particular stood out and I kept returning to that night as I wiped tables and emptied buckets. My mom had wanted to spend a little time with Mike and Derrick since she saw and spoke with them rather infrequently. So I invited them over for dinner one night. Keith helped by providing videos from Blockbuster. But Mike loved my mom’s JVC stereo components. Through dinner and for a good hour or two afterwards, we wound up listening to CD’s and talking. Around eight thirty, my mom browsed the videos Keith had brought and asked if we had a favorite. Unanimously, we chose ‘Road House’, with Patrick Swayze (and his ultra-fine ass briefly displayed in one scene). Several times, one of the four of us would sigh or hum longingly and my mom would giggle hysterically. After that flick finished, Mike and Derrick took off for home, or more likely, the pool house. Keith had also brought the tape of ‘Torch Song Trilogy’ and popped that in next. My mom just about had a fit when Matthew Broderick’s character got bashed and killed. She was so upset that she didn’t want to see the rest of the movie, but Keith and I assured her that this was the best movie around with a strictly homosexual theme. Reluctantly, she wiped her eyes and watched the rest of the movie. She had said that she enjoyed it and I’m certain she did because she had mentioned various scenes to me on other occasions.

A large party entered Black Angus around eight o‘clock. There were about thirty business men and women gathered at the bar. It would take two waitresses and two busboys to work that party, leaving the rest of restaurant to the remaining two busboys. Barbara and Rose, two excellent waitresses pulled me and Randy aside in the kitchen. Randy was one of our better busboys. He was over eighteen, but didn’t look a day older than me. He was also the guy that took my Tuesday nights.

Minutes later, Randy and I were arranging tables in one of the private dining rooms. We still had a few place settings to put down when the party began wandering into the room. Finally finishing, we stealthily slipped away to help the other two busboys. Randy and I each grabbed full buckets and hurried to the kitchen. Smiling widely while emptying his bucket, Randy said, “Dude, that’s a thousand bucks sitting at that table. We’re gonna make forty bones each on this one party!”

I chuckled, “Excellent. I’ve got a present to get.”

He sighed, “Too much partyin’ earlier this month. Now I have to hurry to get the rent together.”

I smiled, “That’s why you wanted Tuesday nights!”

He nodded and we hurried back to the dining room and our large party. Rose called Randy to follow her to the bar. I started refilling water glasses and Barbara whispered, “Meet me in the kitchen as soon as possible.” I nodded and she hurried away. Then I scanned the table as I walked. All but two of the thirty had drinks from the bar and they were waiting for refills. Luckily, I only had two more glasses to fill and then met Barbara in the kitchen. She had loaded a large tray with baskets of bread and bowls of softened butter. Before I took the tray she asked me to return again to help with appetizers. I nodded and smiled then swiftly left the kitchen with the bread. As I set the bread and butter down around the table, I thought about the party’s final tab with appetizers included. We were now talking closer to one thousand five hundred dollars! For the entire night, I expected to clear seventy bucks easily.

As the night progressed, the party demanded more of our time. They were spending big bucks at the bar. Only a few stopped drinking completely, but most were obviously getting trashed. Most of the people knew Randy and me by name and were politely asking for whatever they needed. Around ten o’clock, Randy called, “Prez, help me at the bar dude.”

As I walked around the table, one drunken man at the party loudly joked, “Prez? Clinton’s here? Where’s Monica and her stained blue dress?” Everyone laughed heartily at the weak joke. I grinned and noticed the dude was checking me out. I wondered if he knew how blatant he was acting. Looking him in the eye, my gaydar pegged! I had the dude’s number locked for the rest of the night. He’d hit on me and I would play the shy straight boy, much to everyone’s continued amusement. In the kitchen, Randy was ecstatic. He shook my hand and chuckled, “Did I say forty? You keep it goin’ and we’ll clear sixty easy.”

The next thing I knew, it was ten after eleven, but the party was still going strong. At eleven thirty the manager called me aside. State law said I had to go. Since I had arrived around four, I was approaching a full eight hours. He then called Randy and the other two waitresses into the kitchen.

I wandered around the dining rooms, cleaning up whatever looked like it needed it and gathering tips from the other waiters and waitresses. By quarter to twelve, I had close to thirty bucks in my pocket. Then Randy waved for me to join them in the kitchen. Both Rose and Barbara hugged me then handed me wads of cash. Without counting it, I stuffed the money in my pocket and thanked them. Randy shook my hand again. Then I said good night and left the restaurant.

Minutes later, I was home. Keith and Rush met me on the front lawn. Grabbing my sweaty T-shirt and shorts from earlier in the day, I got out of the truck. Keith shouted, “Where the hell have you been? It’s almost midnight!” I snickered and he glanced at his wrist then corrected, “It’s after midnight!”

Rush danced around and I smiled, “A really big party with really big appetites.”

Keith sighed, “Please call next time. I was worried,” and then kissed me.

I kissed him back and nodded, “I’m sorry, I should’ve called. It was a crazy night though.” We started for the house and I explained about the party and the one gay dude that was hitting on me.

Before I could say how we managed to keep all them entertained, Keith stopped short and squinted, “What?”

I giggled, “He was thirty something and not very attractive.”

“Oh!” he grinned, and we started for the house again.

“He was drunk and sitting at the head of the table,” I explained. “I’ll bet the waitresses cleared two hundred each on that party. They probably went home with three hundred.”

Opening the door, Keith suspiciously asked, “And what did you make for staying there until midnight?”

We stepped inside and Rush scurried around. I waved at Keith’s parents and shrugged, “I don’t know. Let’s find out,” and then pulled the large wad of bills out of my pocket. Keith and I sat in the loveseat.

While I arranged the bills, Mrs. Hundser reminded, “You’re not an adult yet, Preston. You shouldn’t be working so late and they know it.”

I nodded, “The manager pretty much forced me to leave. We were so busy, time just slipped away.” Passing a second twenty dollar bill, my eyes widened and I looked at Keith. Seeing three tens, I rapidly blinked and softly mumbled, “Holy shit!”

Keith snickered and I started counting the smaller bills. Leaning back, I smiled, “Is ninety-two bucks worth it?”

“Wow!” Mr. Hundser chuckled. “That’s a good night’s pay.”

Rapidly nodding, Keith stood and smiled, “Tell me more about this big party while you get changed.”

Standing up, I nodded and giggled, “Derrick’s gonna be so pissed when he finds out.”

Keith softly growled and took my hand. We said goodnight and he led me back to our room. Rush hurried past us. He was nose first in his crate digging through his toys when I stepped in the room.

“Never mind Derrick,” Keith squinted and closed the door. “Tell me about this older gay dude you obviously impressed!”

Wide-eyed, I chuckled and backed away explaining, “He was checking me out! When I looked into his eyes, I knew immediately he was gay.”

Backing me into the desk chair where I landed, Keith smiled, “And?”

“Once I knew what the deal was, I would pull my ass away from his eyes.” Keith nodded and I giggled, “But occasionally, I’d have to squat down for the bus buckets or trays and point my ass right at him!”

“I knew it!” Keith laughed and stumbled around, hysterical. Rush pranced around at his feet.

I smiled, “Randy, the other busboy that took my Tuesday’s, thinks that I turned our forty dollar tips into sixty dollars.”

Keith nodded. Reaching for me, he then pulled me out of the chair and into his arms softly giggling, “Who’s my slut?”

I chuckled, “Me,” and ground myself against him.

He nodded and pushed me down on the bed. Lying down beside me, my lover reached for my crotch and playfully whispered, “I want your dick, slut.”

“It’s yours, take me,” I softly snickered.

My lover passionately kissed me. Our heartbeats quickened; our minds and souls became one before we even got our clothes off. He took at least a half an hour getting my pants off, gobbling up each area of flesh as he exposed it. Then he stood on the bed and I sat up, deliriously watching him slowly strip for me. I let his boxers land on my face and inhaled deeply before tossing them aside. Intoxicated by his aroma, I took my turn orally pleasing him. Kneeling beside me, he fed me his fat bone and I took my time enjoying the feast. All too soon I had him groaning and whimpering. Taking his cock in hand and firmly squeezing the base, I smiled up at him and he carefully moved me into position so we could suck each other. My lover tried like crazy to empty me like he promised. But by three thirty we were so tired and satisfied that we cuddled up and decided to sleep. As I drifted off, I felt his hand wrapped around my half hard dick.

When the sun rose and woke me briefly, we were still in the exact same position; with Keith behind me and his hand wrapped around my fully erect cock. I closed my eyes and sighed contentedly. Minutes passed where I couldn’t sleep. I wanted more and started grinding against him then thrusting my dick through his loosely clasped hand. As my desire rose, so did Keith. Rolling over onto my stomach, I experienced the most glorious sunrise of my life. Appreciatively, we cooed each other back to sleep in the exact same position!

The radio went off at nine and Keith rolled away, sleepily searching for it for a few disturbing moments. The radio shut off then crashed to the floor and Keith grumbled, “Fuck!” but rolled back to me and assumed his position. So we fell back asleep.

My foot was cold. And it was wet. Because Rush was licking it, I groggily realized. I told myself to get up and take out the dog. Struggling to open my eyes, I gently moved Keith’s arm and almost got away before he grabbed for me, pulling me back down again.

I chuckled, “The dog needs to go out, babe.” Reluctantly releasing me, he groaned. I promised, “I’ll be right back,” and got up then slipped into my crusty CK’s. The VCR read ten fifty. I opened the door and Rush tore from the room. John was sitting on the sofa again and I said good morning. Rush spun around in front of the doors while I unlocked it. Sliding it open, he ran out to the trees.

I turned around and John was standing a few feet behind me. He chuckled, “Ya know, I was pretty pissed off until I saw you stumbling out of the room behind the dog.”

Knowing I was in an awful state and probably stunk to the high heaven’s, I smiled, “Pissed at what?”

“We were supposed to talk this morning,” he reminded. “I can’t go out until I talk with you dudes.”

I nodded, “It’s still morning, for another hour anyway. Let me wake Keith,” and then started back to our room. John started to follow me, obviously anxious. I stopped him at the entryway and smiled, “Stay here.”

He frowned, “Why?”

I smiled and asked, “Do you think I stink?” John chuckled and nodded. I assured, “The room smells worse, believe me.”

John huffed, “Just hurry up, okay?” and then went back to the living room.

I went to wake Keith. Sliding back into bed with him, I softly said, “Keith?” He flung his arm around me and pulled. I giggled, “We need to talk with John.”

He grazed his teeth over my shoulder and mumbled, “Later.” Then he started sliding his fingers around my back, search for an illusive ticklish spot.

About ready to cave, I snickered, “He’s got to talk with us before he can go out again.”

Keith groaned loud and long. Then he whined, “What time is it?”

“About eleven.”

Opening his eyes, he huffed, “We missed out on the beach?”

“It looks that way.”

Then Keith rolled away and reached for the clock radio on the floor. The radio turned on and he said, “Good, it still works,” then slid it back onto the night table. Rolling toward me and right on top of me, Keith started sliding around, kissing and nibbling my neck and making me incredibly horny in the process!

In a final attempt to remind him of his brotherly duties, I softly laughed, “John.”

Taking another bite out of me, he then sighed, “You’re right.” Pushing up off me and smiling down, he reminded, “Next time it’s my turn.”

I nodded and giggled, “My pleasure!” then stole a kiss. Seemingly encouraged, Keith kissed me back. Then he rolled away and offered his hand. His dick was also pointing directly at me and I reached for it. He didn’t duck away either, but smiled happily as I gave his chubby a few playful strokes.

Keith smiled, “We should shower first.”

I shrugged, “Let’s take care of John before he starts complaining.”

Keith nodded then tilted his head and asked, “You let John see you like that?”

“I forgot he would be home,” I grinned, “Good thing I at least put undies on.”

Pulling up a pair of boxers, Keith snickered, “That’s all John would need to see, you streaking around the house.”

Our eyes locked for a second. We had the same idea. John was afraid of us getting excited around him. What better way to prove that we weren’t getting excited than sitting in front of him in our underwear.

I got out of bed and followed Keith to the living room. We sat on the loveseat and Keith asked, “What’s on your mind, bro.”

Shaking his head, John incredulously giggled, “In your underwear?”

I nodded, “We’re confident that we can sit and talk with you and, no matter what you say, nothing will pop up.”

“What about Mike and Derrick?” John asked.

Keith shrugged, “What about them?”

John sighed, “They seem to watch me sometimes.”

Keith and I shared a very confused glance. Then Keith shook his head, “They’ve never checked you out, John. You’ve barely got anything worth checking out!”

I wondered, “Did you catch either of them staring at your ass?” John shook his head and I loudly asked, “Staring at your dick?”

Again, John shook his head.

Keith grumbled, “This is crazy. What are you worried about; gay dudes fantasizing about you?”

John sighed and slowly nodded. He was obviously ashamed, but couldn’t deny the lingering question.

Keith loudly asked, “Didn’t you hear us last night?”

John shook his head. “Not a sound.”

Keith said, “We made love for three fantastic hours. After that, why would I get excited thinking about you?”

I nodded and stood then pushed my CK’s to the floor saying, “I could shower at school with you without any problem, John. I love Keith. I care about you and Drew, but as brothers, not as some sort of sexual conquest.”

Smiling widely at me, Keith stood and dropped his boxers saying, “You need to get over it, bro. In a few months you’ll be changing in a locker room with dozens of other dudes. At least one in ten is gay, remember that. But until a dude actually approaches you, you won’t know which. Maybe sometime, some gay dude in your school will hit on you. What would you do?”

John thought for a while then said, “I’d get pissed off.”

“Why?” I asked, and then quickly said, “You could be flattered.”

“Over another dude?” John hollered.

Keith laughed, “Yes! He’s just admitted the hardest thing in the world to admit. That he’s attracted to you and wants to get to know you better.”

“Getting angry won’t help anything, John.”

“Please pull your underwear back up and sit down?” John softly asked. We did so and John said, “You’ve made your point.”

“I shouldn’t have to drop my drawers and show you my dick to make that point,” Keith huffed.

“You didn’t,” John loudly said. He then paused and sighed, “I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand. I’m already noticing more and more cute girls around. I think about being with them. You’re telling me you don’t think about stuff like that.”

“Thinking is not the same as acting,” I said. “Just the other night, we noticed a really cute park ranger. We both acknowledged he was attractive and then just moved on.”

Sounding very surprised, John loudly said, “Really?”

Keith nodded, “Here’s the root of the whole issue, John. All guys are genetically programmed to reproduce. We want it any chance we can get it. But we’re also human. We want a special trust with some one. Keeping that trust works for us the same way it works for you – save sex for that one special person. If you don’t know when to keep it in your pants then your not gonna be successful with Kim or most other girls.”

“I don’t cheat on Keith and I fully believe that he hasn’t cheated on me.”

Keith said, “And the same goes for Mike and Derrick. We all know we’re gay and haven’t strayed. Why in the world would any of us chose to have a fling with a thirteen year old straight boy?” Shaking his head sadly, Keith huffed, “You’re having issues with us because you’re just like us. Every gay man isn’t after your dick or ass. Treat us just like your straight friends, like individuals that you may even learn to like, despite that fact that we’re gay.”

“And I do like you,” John said, “that’s the fucked up part.” Keith and I snickered. John smiled at his brother and said, “Really, you haven’t embarrassed me, but that one time. The only time I ever complain is when you wake me up. I like and trust Prez as much as you and Drew. The same goes for Corey. The only time it’s weird is when I know you’re having sex.”

Turning to me with a crooked smirk, Keith asked, “How can we explain that?”

“It’s just our preference,” I said and turned to John. “When you have your first sexual experience with a girl, she’s gonna kiss you all over.”

“I know all that,” John interrupted.

“But you don’t know the emotional part behind the physical part,” I insisted. “It’s the willingness that matters most when you’re actually having sex, John. It’s the emotional sharing that makes all the physical stuff so great. You can’t explain the feeling, you have to experience it.”

Keith smiled, “Its heaven, bro. There’s no doubt about it. Not only the sexual part, but being able to share secrets with each other; even though you may be ashamed, you still share them and feel better doing it. Share your hopes and fears, all the stuff that’s deep inside.”

“Now that I understand,” John proudly said. Uncertainly, Keith glanced at me. John asked, “Why do you think I want to see Kim?” He quickly explained, “We’re gonna talk about why I got grounded and what’s happened since. She knows me well enough to know I wasn’t trying to be a prick, but that dude at the store probably was. She also knows that I can hold a pretty good conversation. I just… I dunno, mom says I’m reading more intent into expressions, especially other dudes. Some are obviously interested in Kim and others are more interested in me.”

Keith assured, “You have nothing to worry about with us or Mike and Derrick.”

I suggested, “John could spend an hour or two with us this afternoon?”

Keith nodded and turned to his brother, “They’re around all the time and you do need to trust them John.”

John sighed and grinned, “Dad knew this would happen. I’d really rather spend an extra hour or two with Kim.” The phone rang and John said, “That’s probably mom.” He then got up and hurried to the kitchen.

Keith turned to me and softly said, “Betchya trust is the main issue with every straight dude.”

I shrugged, “The only way we could affect that is by just being us. In time he’ll chill out.”

“And other straight dudes?”

“We could only make a difference in our little corner of the world,” I said. “And what about other gay dudes? Not everyone has a boyfriend like you so some are still searching.”

“And occasionally failing then moving on,” Keith nodded. “It’s just like straight dudes though. Some date a different girl every weekend…”

John appeared from the kitchen saying, “Prez?” and then held out the phone.

I got up asking, “Who is it?”

“Mom,” John said.

I took the phone and then turned to Keith. “Tell her she’s always been like a mother to me,” he grinned. Stepping into the kitchen and saying hello, I noticed it was almost noon. Mike was going to be pissed.

“Hi Preston,” Mrs. Hundser said. “John told me that he talked with you and Keith?”

From the kitchen, I could hear John and Keith talking in the living room, but wasn’t able to make out what was being said. I nodded as if she could see me and said, “He did, it’s a trust issue.”

“And how do you feel about that?”

I shrugged, “In Texas lots of kids didn’t like me for my hair and fair skin. This is another part of me that can’t be changed. It’s cool that he finally told us though.”

She said, “It’s because of his age, Preston. His thoughts and emotions are starting to catch up with his physical growth. Remember when you were at the point where everything needed to be proven?”

I nodded, “Sometimes it’s still that way, but certainly not at home. I wish John wouldn’t feel the way he does.”

“John will learn best by observation,” Keith’s mom said. “I’ve told John that he needs to spend time with you two today.”

I smiled, “I offered to bring him along to Mike’s.”

“I know,” she pleasantly said. “And he will be joining you.”

“Keith has to work at three, but I’ll probably stay at Mike’s,” I reminded, and then added, “I’ll be home for dinner, I think. If that changes, I’ll call to let you know.” That reminded me of the previous night and I again apologized for not making the time to place a two minute call.

“Thank you,” she said, “But honestly, Keith was far more worried than we were. If you hadn’t made it home by midnight, Keith’s dad would’ve called the restaurant and reminded the manager that you’re only sixteen and that would’ve been the end of it.”

“The manager called me aside for that very reason,” I said, and then chuckled, “But I’ll call to keep Keith from climbing the walls.” Mrs. Hundser giggled and then asked, “Let me speak with Keith, please?”

Returning to the living room, I noticed John on the sofa, but went to Keith on the loveseat and handed him the phone. Standing, he quickly stole a kiss then took the phone and wandered to the kitchen saying, “Hi, Mom.”

I turned to John and softly asked, “We’re cool?”

John nodded and smiled, “Definitely.” He then snickered, “You shaved your pubes?”

Blushing, I sat down and smiled, “The last day of school, that night.”

He giggled, “You’re so gay!”

“Yes, I am,” I chuckled, and asked, “Can you deal?”

He nodded and smiled, “It certainly makes things interesting.”

I said, “You bring whomever you want to here. Let us deal with the consequences of that, okay? It’s not your responsibility.” After a brief pause, I added, “I’m no more ashamed of Keith than you are of Tommy or Kim. And I’m really impressed with you, to tell you the truth.”

He smiled and blushed, “Yeah? Why?”

“Because you told the truth to your parents and that got back to us,” I admitted. “We had time to consider that over the last few days. I don’t want you to feel threatened by me, John. And I don’t want you to feel that you need to protect our privacy. That’s our job, not yours. Let yourself trust more people. That’s what we’re doing. We’ve met some pretty cool people too.”

“You haven’t brought any of them home though,” John noticed.

I shrugged, “There just hasn’t been the opportunity. A few of them were here on the front lawn the last day of school though.”

John smiled, “That was really cool. Every kid in the neighborhood was hanging out around our house.”

I said, “And that’s what we’ll be going today; jammin’ in Mike’s garage.”

“As soon as we take a shower and get our shit together,” Keith said as he returned to the room. He didn’t have the phone any longer. Turning to John, Keith said, “There’s a pizza in the oven. The timer is set. Just turn the oven off and don’t burn yourself, use pot holders!”

Trying not to smile, John nodded and huffed, “I know.”

Standing up, I told John, “We’re gonna do gay stuff now, like brushing our teeth…”

“And taking a dump,” Keith chuckled.

I added, “And taking a shower.”

“It’s gay because you do it together!” John loudly snickered.

Taking my hand, Keith reminded, “Once upon a time, we all managed to get around the bathroom together; every morning and every night before bed. We got everything done in fifteen minutes all school year too.”

“With minimal funny business,” I grinned.

John snickered, “Get away! Go and shower already! You stink!” Keith and I cracked up and headed for the bathroom.

During our time alone in the bathroom, I learned that Keith’s mom had said the same things on the phone to both of us. But when Keith was alone with John while I had the phone, I learned that Keith had asked if John wanted me to move out. John had said no because he knew that would make things more difficult between him and Keith. But John really does like me, Keith again assured. “Without you, I’m a bitchy queen,” Keith snickered as he toweled off.”

I grinned, “You were really worried about me last night?”

Keith nodded, “You’re usually home by eleven, eleven fifteen the latest. By eleven thirty, I was on the phone with Mike and Derrick. You weren’t with them and they only confirmed that you went to work. By eleven forty-five, I was pacing the floor.”

“I’m sorry,” I frowned and then assured, “It won’t ever happen again.”

Wrapping the towel around him self, Keith sighed, “Shit happens. You were busy. Over the course of our lives together, it probably will happen again, by both of us.” He waited for me to tie my towel around my waist then opened the door and continued as we walked across the hall. “I’m still worried about you driving, Prez. Even if you weren’t seriously hurt, a fender bender would freak you out, wouldn’t it?”

He was right and I groaned, “God, Keith. I’d need therapy.”

My lover reached into the dresser drawer for underwear and smiled at our reflections in the mirror saying, “I know it too, baby. And you’re a good defensive driver. I’ve watched you checking all the mirrors. But lots of people aren’t paying attention. They’re on their cell phones or reading newspapers or putting on make-up or even an innocent sneeze could get you bumped.”

“Enough!” I loudly laughed. “Guess what? You’re driving to Mike’s.”

We put on our undies and Keith snickered insanely. Once they were pulled up, I went to him and hugged him tightly whispering, “That’s why I won’t ever leave you; because you care that much.”

Hugging me back, Keith softly assured, “I love you.”

A few minutes later we were dressed and returned to the living room. Eating pizza at the coffee table, John said, “Mike called a few minutes ago. He’s at Doug’s.”

I grinned, “Is that all he said?”

John smiled and swallowed then answered, “That you’re lazy fuckers for not meeting them at the beach. And to get your asses over Doug’s now.”

“I’m eating first,” Keith defiantly smiled. Following him to the kitchen, I chuckled. Then our jaws dropped. There were only two small pieces of pizza left! Keith hollered, “Was it good pizza, John?”

“Excellent!” John chuckled.

Smirking, Keith softly pouted, “Shit!” and then offered me a slice of pizza.

Minutes later, Rush was in our room and the three of us were on our way to Agoura Hills. Keith wondered, “What will you say to Mike and Derrick?”

In the back seat, John shrugged, “The same things I told you.”

I wondered, “Did you mention to Mike that you were coming with us?”

“No,” John said, “I didn’t get much of a chance either.”

Turning onto the 101, Keith said, “They’ll know something’s up.”

I nodded, “At the first break, just say what you need to say, John.”

Keith warned, “Just remember, we just got done at court defending our rights. Derrick’s a little perturbed about that.”

I suggested, “Tell them the part about wanting to defend and protect us first.”

“I’m protecting my self too,” John said.

I nodded and Keith said, “We know, bro.”

Only a few miles after we got on the 101, we exited at Kanan Road and a few minutes later we were parked in front of Brian and Doug’s place.

Getting out of the car, John commented, “It looks small.”

Keith nodded, “A little smaller than our house.”

I grinned, “They decorate with Looney Toons, Disney and Beatles paraphernalia.”

John chuckled, “You’re kidding,” and I shook my head.

Keith said, “Only the van is here so Doug and Brian are both at work. It’ll only be us so chill out.”

I knocked on the door, but went ahead and turned the knob. It was unlocked, as I expected, and we stepped in the house. Again, all the curtains and mini blinds were closed, making the front rooms appear much darker than I was used to.

To our right, Derrick was in the kitchen pouring iced tea. “Hey dudes,” he smirked, “it’s about damn time.” Then he glanced down at John and asked, “Wanna rock out today dude?”

John grinned and nodded, “I need to chat with you and Mike too.”

Derrick hummed suspiciously and said, “Mike’s in the booth, but should be done in a minute or two.”

I asked, “What’s he working on?”

Derrick answered, “Clapton’s Forever Man.” He then asked, “Ya want a drink or something?”

We shook our heads then followed Derrick down the hall. Keith pointed out the bathroom with the Looney Toons wall paper and John giggled.

In the studio, we could hear Mike singing along with drums and two guitar parts. Derrick hurried to the PC and put down the glasses of tea. To my amazement, Keith explained what was going on to his brother. John seemed impressed. Soon the song ended and Mike stepped out of the booth. He sneered, “Dammit, September’s gonna roll around and we won’t even have a full disk!” Noticing John, he said, “Hey dude, wassup?”

Keith grinned, “Isn’t one disk enough?”

“Fuck no!” Mike shouted. “We need all our tunes recorded. Folks need to hear it all to choose us over another band.”

From the PC, Derrick smiled up at us and said, “We’re working on posters and need to get some cool pictures taken.”

Keith smirked at Mike and softly grumbled, “I hope you’re happy.”

Mike sighed, “I’d be much happier if you had been at the beach or at least gotten here by noon.” Then he glanced at John and asked, “You had no where else to be today dude?”

John shrugged, “I got into some trouble last week.”

“So we’re like punishment,” Mike chuckled, “Poor you!” and I laughed at Mike.

John grinned, “I kinda need to talk with you dudes, like I did with Prez and Keith.”

Glancing around and noticing me and Keith nodding, Mike said, “Oh? Is it quick or should we go out to the dining room where there are more chairs?”

Keith suggested, “Let’s sit,” and leading his brother, started for the door. John and Keith sat at the kitchen barstools while Mike, Derrick and I sat at the table.

John said, “The last few months I’ve been being really careful about bringing friends home. I trust Kim and Tommy and you dudes can too.” Derrick nodded and smiled appreciatively.

Mike said, “Cool dude.”

John sighed, “Well it’s kinda not because I want to bring other people home. But some of them do more than joke about gays, ya know? They really don’t like them.”

Derrick asked, “How do you feel?”

John shrugged and turned to Mike then smiled, “You’ve been around most of my life. You’re Keith’s friend and I like you too, especially when you crank it up.”

Turning to Derrick, John said, “You’ve been around for a long time too dude. And you are a killer drummer.” He then sighed, “I can’t see either you as gay. It makes me nervous that someone I know might say some thing to the wrong person and cause trouble.”

Mike smirked, “You’re not responsible for that, dude.”

“So you’re hiding us from all except your closest friends?” Derrick asked and John nodded. Derrick said, “Thank you, but stop doing that to your self dude. We can take care of ourselves.”

John nodded and smiled, “More than anything, I want to feel like I used to, before I knew you were gay.”

Mike frowned, “What do you mean? You suddenly don’t trust me because I have a boyfriend?”

Derrick stubbornly said, “That’s your problem dude.”

Mike excitedly said, “I never once implied or tried anything with you, dude. I know you’re straight and… Jeez, you just turned thirteen!”

Keith softly assured, “That’s part of the challenge. John’s realizing a lot of stuff now and it’s all a little overwhelming.”

Derrick stared at John saying, “Don’t think about it. We’re not thinking about your friends or their dicks… or your dick for that matter.”

Mike smirked, “I figure that anybody wonderin’ about my sexuality must be interested. My bone’s eight inches dude. Ya want some?”

“What kind of question is that?” John angrily asked.

“You’re making us defend the way we are,” Mike said.

Keith shook his head and chuckled. I softly smiled, “The kind of question you’re likely to hear.”

“And if I said yes?” John wondered.

“Then the three of would have to have some long talks,” Derrick said. “If you think I’m just gonna turn my back, you’d best think again. If you want Mike, you get me too.” Keith snickered.

Mike nodded, “If you only thought of me as a good guitarist, I’d be more than happy. Don’t even give our sexuality a second thought.”

Derrick asked, “Would you like us to play at your party next year?”

John shrugged, “Probably.”

And Derrick said, “Then change your attitude back the way it was, the way you said you wanted it to be. If, over the course of the next year, I notice you treating me differently, I won’t play.”

After a few moments silence, Keith asked, “What do you think bro?”

John sighed, “You really want me to not think about it? I can bring anyone home?”

I nodded, “Any one that’s a friend of yours won’t be more than we could handle.”

Keith said, “There are some really nasty people out there, John. You know mom and dad; they’ll ground you again if you get mixed up with the wrong sort.”

John said, “I know the kind you mean and they’re not my problem. But dudes do joke all the time about gays suckin’ dick and shit. How can I tell if he’s just joking or if he really has a problem?”

I shrugged, “I’d worry about the one’s that act grossed out or threaten physical violence in any form.”

“Yeah,” Keith agreed.

“Especially the latter case,” Derrick said and Mike nodded.

John glanced between Keith and me saying, “I’ll start bringing some other friends over then.”

I nodded and Keith asked, “Is there anything else?”

John shook his head and Mike said, “Then I need to show Prez the progression for Forever Man so we can record his part. In the mean time, Derrick can show Keith the background vocal parts and get them recorded.” Mike looked up at Keith and asked, “You work at three?” Keith nodded and Mike turned to Derrick grumbling; “One of us should’ve been born extremely rich instead of incredibly handsome.”

John groaned but then chuckled.

A moment later, Derrick hollered, “Why are you all looking at me?” Quickly we all muttered that we weren’t looking at him and got up. Following Mike down the hall, Derrick shook his head and softly grumbled, “Fuckers, you know I hate that.”

Keith said, “I’d think you’d be used to it by now.”

“I’m no different than any of you,” Derrick said as he walked into the studio.

Heading for a sweet looking old Stratocaster, Mike leered, “Well, in most respects, but not all.”

“Oh please,” Derrick groaned and then chuckled, “Foreskin does not make the man.”

I teased, “Ooo, how Buddhist!” and Derrick smirked.

Taking a seat along the wall nearest to the door, John smiled, “It would be great if it did.”

Keith and I cracked up, but Derrick focused on John and said, “You too?” Blushing, John slowly nodded. Stopping at the PC, Derrick said, “That’s something we have in common. Let’s see if we can find a few other more important things.” Then he looked over at me and pointed at the Rickenbacker bass saying, “Any time dude.” I went to pickup the bass and Derrick handed the lyrics sheet to Keith. After turning the bass amp on, I went over to Mike.

Moments later, the replay of Forever Man played over the monitors and we started working out the song. I found the groove quickly and followed Mike’s chord changes as he called them out. Behind me, Derrick and Keith sang the backup vocals. By the time the playback ended, Keith and I were ready to do some recording. Derrick and Keith went into the booth and Mike operated the PC controls. Soon the playback started with Derrick’s soft snare, tapping out a full six beats. On the second up beat he hit the hi-hat hard and then on the fourth beat, the snare. At the start of the next measure, I began playing with Mike’s prerecorded rhythm and lead parts. Then Mike’s lead vocals began. Near the end of the second verse, Derrick and Keith added some background vocals. Then the first lead solo and the bridge into a repeated second verse. Then Derrick and Keith sang more background vocals before the final guitar solo at the end of the song.

Derrick and Mike stepped out of the booth and I put the bass down. We listened to the playback and were pretty happy with the results. Mike pressed pause at the end of the song and John smiled, “That’s pretty cool.”

Mike shrugged and turned to Keith asking, “What do you think of the lead vocals?”

Keith said, “I don’t really know the song that well to say. Your vocals sound in tune, if that’s what you’re asking?”

Mike asked Derrick for a time check. Keith had only fifteen minutes before he had to leave for work. Quickly, we all went back out to the living room. Mike put the original Clapton CD in the player. We listened to the disk with Mike singing along. The song ended and Mike turned off the player. Then Mike picked up Doug’s acoustic. At first, Keith sang to Mike’s accompaniment, and then Mike loudly sang along. Mike and Derrick thanked Keith then hurried back to the studio.

Keith asked, “You’re going home for dinner?”

I nodded, “As far as I know.”

Looking down at his brother, Keith said, “Time to jet,” and John started for the door. My lover kissed me goodbye and I said goodbye to John. After closing and locking the door behind them, I went to the bathroom and took a leak before joining Derrick in the studio beside the PC. Mike was in the booth, re-taking Forever Man’s lead vocals.

Derrick asked, “What was John’s deal, bro.”

I shrugged, “He’s growing up and dealing with a really big issue the best he can. Last year, all John cared about was if we woke him up.” I grinned, “That’s still an occasional issue, but now he’s learning some of the social implications. Other than Tommy and Kim, I don’t know of any one else John hangs with.”

Shaking his head sadly, Derrick sighed, “Mega-fucked up for him with two gay older brothers. It’s a lot for a thirteen year old to deal with.”

“It’s tough enough for us,” I agreed. Over the monitors, Mike was doing an excellent job singing Forever Man. At one point near the final repeats, Mike belted out a few really great notes and Derrick turned to me smiling.

I knew that sparkle. At the next convenient moment, Mike was going to be jumped by Derrick. I chuckled, “Would you drop me off at home for dinner?”

Derrick nodded and concentrated on the PC as the song ended. He then said, “Shaun and Gil are coming over later. Are you?” Mike stepped out of the booth.

I nodded, “How about around seven?”

Mike reminded, “You’re cooking and I’m cleaning tonight.”

“Oh shit!” Derrick loudly said. “He then turned to me and said, “We’ll stop around five, I’ll get you back home and then we’ll hit the market.”

I chuckled at how domesticated they were getting and added, “Tomorrow I’m cooking dinner for the Hundser’s. I was going to do it tonight, but thought I’d better stay here or face certain injury.”

“Damn right!” Mike chuckled and tackled me against the wall.

Easily pushing him away, I chuckled, “I have to be home by three thirty tomorrow though. It’s important that I do this.”

Over the course of the next two hours, we worked on the songs that Shaun had recorded the previous week. Watching Mike constantly pulling another great guitar out of Brian and Doug’s collection was hysterical. One song needed a twelve string acoustic, another needed a twangy Telecaster, for yet another, Mike pulled out an old Gretsch hollow body. For the entire time, I was happy playing the Rickenbacker bass, but Mike wasn’t happy with just a decent tone; he had to have ‘the’ tone. I have to admit though, all those axes had completely identifiable sounds and Mike made good choices.

I was home a few minutes after five. Once I said hello to John, I went to the kitchen to feed Rush. Then I checked the fridge to see what might be for dinner. On the bottom shelf was a large package of split chicken breasts. John stepped up and smiled, “Barbequed chicken, noodles and Caesar salad for dinner.”

Closing the refrigerator door, I hummed hungrily then asked, “How are you doin’?”

John shrugged and grinned, “Okay. Mike and Derrick were a lot more defensive about it than you and Keith.”

Leaning against the counter, I told him, “We understand the situation better, but can be just as defensive. There’s a lot of pressure to be considered normal. At some point you realize that you can only be you, and not some else’s idea of what they want you to be.”

Across from me, John hopped up on the counter and sat beside the sink. He softly asked, “What do you think I want to be?”

Tilting my head curiously, I wondered, “What do you mean? Like a career?”

“No,” John shook his head furiously. He then asked, “Do you see me as reasonably good person or a bad person?”

I grinned, “You’re basically good, but you put on a bad-guy act sometimes. It could get you in more trouble than you’re prepared to deal with, if you’re not careful. Protecting our privacy is our responsibility, not yours. You’ve been taking on more than your share of the burden. It’s our choice to show affection here, and at school, or any place else we choose. If someone has a problem with me holding’s Keith hand or kissing him, then they can feel free to discuss it with me.” I sternly repeated, “Not with you John; with me or with Keith.”

John grinned, “So you could squash ‘em like a bug?”

I chuckled, “I’d really rather talk about it.”

With food still in his bowl, Rush looked over his shoulder. Then he hurried for the front door and John hopped off the counter saying, “Dad’s home. I hope I can go out for little while tonight. And then catch a ballgame for the first time in a week!” I chuckled and followed John to the entryway.

Mr. Hundser opened the door and Rush hurried to me then returned to Keith’s dad and sniffed his pant leg. We both said hello to dad and he smiled, “I could get used to this kind of welcome,” he smiled. We started across the living room. Focusing on me, he asked, “No work tonight?”

I shook my head and answered, “No more Tuesday’s for me, at least for the summer.”

He hummed and then stopped in the dining room. Looking down at John, he asked, “You’ve accomplished your goals for the day?”

John nodded, “And more. I spent the afternoon with all of them.”

Dad turned to me and I grinned, “He saw us doing all sorts of gay stuff like rehearsing and recording songs at Doug and Brian’s.”

He chuckled, “Racey!” and then smiled down at John asking, “And you thought?”

“That they were a team,” John said. “Mike and Prez worked on some stuff while across the room, Derrick and Keith worked on singing. Then they recorded it all and we listened to it again. I’ll be singing Forever Man in my sleep later tonight.”

Mr. Hundser softly chuckled, “Let me get changed and we can get dinner started.”

I nodded, “And I’ll get some laundry done too,” then started for our room. Rush followed me and watched as I striped the bed. After I loaded the sheets into the washing machine, I went back down the hall. Grabbing the air freshener from the bathroom, I then sprayed our bedroom. Snorting and sneezing, Rush gave me the evil eye then hurried out of the room.

For the first time in a long while, I watched the photos of my mom seemingly watching me. At the apartment, I remembered lighting scented candles when we had sex so the room wouldn’t reek so much. Returning the can of air freshener to the bathroom, I made a mental note to pickup scented candles later that night. Returning to the kitchen, I pictured myself lying naked on the bed with a few candles lit for my lover when he got home from work.

Rinsing the chicken in the kitchen sink, Keith’s dad smiled, “Penny for your thoughts?”

I blushed, “Just thinking of Keith,” and then asked, “How can I help?”

“Fill a large pot with water for the noodles and start the salad,” dad answered.

Grabbing a pot from the cabinet, I set it near the sink and asked, “Buttered noodles?” Dad nodded and I fetched a stick of butter from the fridge. Carrying a tray of uncooked chicken parts, dad then stepped outside with Rush. I retrieved salad fixings from the refrigerator then washed my hands. While the pot filled with water, I began tearing up lettuce. When the pot filled, I put it on the stove and cranked the burner to high.

Dad came back inside and said, “Turn the ball game on, John.”

In the living room, John loudly chuckled, “Yes!”

“Then wash your hands and come help us with the salad,” dad smiled.

Sounds from the Dodger’s game on TV carried across the rooms. Entering the kitchen, John softly whined and joined his father at the sink. “You’re not watching it, are you?” Mr. Hundser asked, and John shook his head. “Plausible deniability,” dad chuckled. John looked up at his father and giggled as he washed his hands. Moments later, the three of us were shredding lettuce into a large bowl.

Dad had remembered to hard boil eggs and filled a small pot with water. He then got a carrot and started shaving it into the bowl. Rush ran to the door and then spun around happily to the living room. “Mom’s home,” John grinned.

Finished with the lettuce, I grinned, “Watch me confuse him,” and then picked up his dinner bowl. Rush didn’t seem to notice and hurried to the door. I went to the pantry, opened the door and reached into his bag of kibble. A moment later, Rush was scurrying across the kitchen floor and watching as I poured cupfuls of food into his dish. Then the front door opened and Rush tore across the rooms! John cracked up and dad chuckled heartily. One after another, we shouted greetings. Smiling insanely, I set the dog’s dish down. Rush danced around Keith’s mom as she walked into the kitchen.

After kissing her husband, she smiled, “Is there anything left for me to cook?”

Dad said, “Just the hard boiled eggs and noodles. The chicken is out on the grill and the water should be boiling soon.”

Mrs. Hundser then noticed the blinking light on the answering machine. She went to the phone wondering, “Where’s Drew?” She pressed the button the machine. Drew’s voice said; “Hey, I’m at Corey’s. I might be staying for dinner, but maybe not. If I’m not there by six, I’ll be here though. Guess I’ll be home around seven thirty or eight, okay? Bye.”

Humming curiously, Mrs. Hundser then said, “Something’s wrong, I can tell by the tone of his voice.”

Dad sighed, “Equal time,” and then turned to his wife asking, “We can open the doors for John again, can’t we?” John looked up hopefully at his parents.

She smirked, “With the ballgame on, I thought we already had.”

Hurrying to the back door, dad said, “I need to check the chicken,” and stepped outside. I cracked up.

Nodding slowly, mom smiled, “I’ll be back in a flash,” and then went to her room.

“I’m free!” John softly giggled and I roared. He immediately got off the stool and went to the phone.

I went to the garage and put our sheets into the dryer. The place was huge without all our gear, I noticed as I headed back into the house. John had remained in the kitchen and was leaning against the counter obviously talking to Kim.

For a few minutes, I waited on the sofa for Keith’s mom to return. John finished on the phone and bounced into the room. He plopped down beside me. I grinned, “You’re heading over Kim’s after dinner?” John beamed, nodding his head rapidly.

Deciding to leave John and set the table, I got up. Keith’s mom stepped out of her room and hurried to the kitchen. All the pots were boiling and she lowered the heat on the stove. While I gathered plates, she set three eggs in the small pot. Quietly waiting for her to say something, I started setting the table and Keith’s mom put noodles into the large pot.

Finished eating, Rush stood by the back door, waiting to be let outside. I opened the door for him and he scampered out. From a kitchen drawer, I gathered utensils for the table and Keith’s mom asked, “How was your day?”

Heading back to the dining room, I told her about the afternoon while I set the table. I brought the bowl of salad to the table. She told me that she had put the CD I gave her in her car and that it improved her commute dramatically.

Soon after, Keith’s dad returned with the chicken and we all sat down to eat. It seemed to me that this was my first meal with only Keith’s parents and John at the table. The Hundser’s talked with John about what he had learned during the day, occasionally asking what Keith and I thought or what Mike and Derrick thought.

After dinner I helped cleanup the dining room and kitchen then called Rush inside. My hound raced me back to our room, where I turned the stereo on and retrieved my acoustic bass from under the bed.

After running through some scales for few minutes, I started playing along with the radio. Paul McCartney’s Hi, Hi, Hi was playing on KLOS. Then the old Lynyrd Skynyrd tune, You Got That Right began and I quickly figured out the progression. My mom grew up on Skynyrd and, coming from the south, so have I. For about half an hour, with photos of my mom watching, I practiced and challenged my ears to figure out songs as they played. Not once did I experience a flashback or hear her voice. There was only my need to play well for her.

A few minutes before seven, I put my bass away then went to the bathroom. After relieving myself and washing up, I went to the living room and told the Hundser’s, “I’m gonna go over Doug’s and record for another few hours. I’ll be back way before ten and Keith.”

They nodded and told me to have a good time. I went out my 4Runner and started the engine. The fuel gauge read only a quarter of a tank. I decided to stop for another ten bucks worth of gas on the way to Agoura Hills. Driving north on the 101, KLOS played more great oldies mixed with some newer tunes. As I excited at Kanan Road, they played the Genesis tune, Home By The Sea. I imagined Keith singing the song and soon our band was playing the song behind him. Keith would like the story behind the song though and with the right encouragement…

Preparing to pull in front of Brian and Doug’s house, I pressed on the clutch and realized that I had popped a major bone in my shorts! Grinning at myself, I softly complained, “Figures; it couldn’t have happened at a better time.” Turning the engine off and setting the brake, I looked down at my crotch and wondered if I should attempt to move my cock. If I was too gentle, I might not let go, I figured. Roughly grabbing my stiffie through my shorts, I winced and then forced it to rest against my left thigh. Getting out of the car, I realized it was noticeably warmer than in Woodland Hills. My cock seemed comfortable so I locked my truck then walked up to the house. As I approached, I could just barely hear drums and cymbals. I knocked on the door and waited a few seconds before turning the knob. Peeking in, I loudly said, “Anyone home?”

“Just us wabbits,” Doug joked from the kitchen.

Stepping inside, I grinned, “Shhhh! Be vewy quiet, I’m huntin’ wabbits.”

Pouring iced tea, Doug frowned, “For shame doc, huntin’ wabbits with an elephant gun.”

My dick uncontrollably lurched in my pants and I playfully grumbled, “Dithpicable.”

He chuckled, “Would you like a glass?” and then as if an after thought, softly added, “One lump or two?”

Having only briefly glanced my way, Doug couldn’t know that I had an erection, but he seemed to play right into the fact! I nodded and giggled helplessly.

Tilting his head curiously, Doug grinned, “Help yourself and, if you would, grab another glass?” He rinsed the pitcher in the sink as I gathered two of the six glasses on the counter. Then I turned and went down the hall.

In the studio by the PC were Brian and Gil. Over the monitors, I could hear Keith’s voice singing I’m The One. In the booth, Derrick, Mike and Shaun were adding background vocals. Setting down the glasses of tea, I said hello to Brian and Gil.

Brian smiled, “Congratulations!” I grinned and tilted my head. He said, “On the trial verdict.”

“Oh!” I chuckled, “Thank you. Let’s hope we never have to deal with anything like it again.”

Smiling, Brian lifted his glass and nodded, “I’ll drink to that.” Doug entered the room and set down a tray of glasses. He then pulled up a chair on the other side of Brian.

Sitting down beside Gil, I asked, “How are you?”

Gil smiled, “Good, thanks. The new work schedule is working out so far.”

“I’m glad,” I smiled. “Have you two gone anywhere fun or just hanging out together?”

Shrugging and grinning widely, Gil answered, “Universal Studios was the only day trip, but we’ve been together a lot, thanks to his parents.”

Holding eye contact with him, I chuckled, “That is great news, bud!”

In those few moments we held our gaze, Gil and I shared something. He warmly said, “Thanks, dude.”

The song ended and Mike led Derrick and Shaun out of the booth. Obviously relieved that I had made it, Mike smiled, “You’re here?”

I nodded, “I was sitting home in my room practicing anyway.”

Derrick prodded, “And how long were you home alone?”

I snickered, “I wasn’t.” and Derrick slouched. Gil smiled uncertainly and I explained, “John was there and then the Hundsers came home. Rush was with me in my room while I was practicing.”

Mike grinned, “And no Keith for over four hours. Are you jonesin’ yet?”

“Big time!” I laughed and everyone cracked up.

“Well let’s get busy then!” Doug chortled. For another two hours, we recorded covers of Def Leppard’s Hysteria and Van Halen’s Feel Your Love Tonight. All the tracks needed were Keith’s lead vocals by the time we finished. Mike wanted me to call home and invite Keith over, but I told him that I had better plans for Keith that night. Shaun, Gil and Derrick mooed provocatively and I smiled widely. Derrick and Mike walked me to the door a little after nine that night, threatening to knock on our door around nine the next morning. We were going to the beach together and then returning to Doug and Brian’s for more jams. Then we would meet Jessy and Nelson before heading down to the beach for more late night jams.

Leaving them at Doug and Brian’s, I stopped at the Sav-On in Agoura Hills on the way home. I found scented candles, grabbed three and paid for them then started home. I planned my attack on the way and when I got home, I hurried to our room. One candle went on top of the entertainment center, another on the desk and the last in the center of the dresser. Then I went to the kitchen and found a book of matches. Soon all the candles were lit, but I still had to make the bed. At ten minutes after ten, the bed was made, the lights were off and soft music was playing. I stripped and lay back on the bed, waiting for the one I love.

Rush snorted at the bedroom door. Moments later, I heard the front door open. I waited. Keith was saying hello to his folks, I reckoned. Then the bedroom door opened.

My lover noticed the candles and smiled widely as he turned to the right and saw me on the bed. He closed the door and I told him, “I remembered using candles at the apartment and thought it was time to rekindle those flames.”

Removing his shirt and kicking off his sneakers, Keith smiled, “You spoil me.”

I nodded and leered, “I’ve only just begun.”

As planned, Keith and I spent most of the next day with Mike and Derrick. That morning we rented boards and body suits from Russ and then went to Zuma. We ducked into the men’s room to change out of trunks and into polyurethane wet suits. Minutes later, we were catching the first wave of the day. The swells were only three or four feet, but consistent. Finally able to stand for more than a few seconds, I was finding my legs, moving forward a little to slow down and back to speed up. Each and every ride was more exciting than the previous one.

Lunch time rolled around and we stopped at the Burger King at the intersection of the 101 and Kanan Road. Across the freeway were McDonald’s and the Denny’s we were at the first night of the frolics. We ordered our lunches to go then skirted the 101 on our way to Brian and Doug’s. All our fries were eaten by the time we pulled in front of the house.

We made short work of our burgers then hurried to the studio. Mike talked Keith into singing Whitesnake’s Slow And Easy. In return, Derrick sang lead vocals on Runnin’ Down A Dream. Then Mike played an acoustic version of Clapton’s Running On Faith and we backed him up.

At around four that afternoon, Keith and I went to the market so I could make dinner. Heading back the refrigerated meats department, I asked, “Does John like shrimp?”

Keith shrugged, “He’ll eat a little bit, but it’s not one of his favorites.”

“Okay,” I nodded, “he’ll eat a T-bone steak though.”

Keith grinned, “You’re doing this to cover the desert, primarily for John?” I nodded and Keith begged, “Please don’t drop so much cash, baby. I’m figuring twenty bucks on shrimp and another twenty on steaks.”

I sighed, “I just wanted to make the Cajun shrimp that my aunt made for me last week. What would you like to have?” Keith smirked mischievously and I added, “For dinner!”

Chuckling softly, Keith browsed the meat cases. He mumbled, “We just had chicken last night or I’d suggest making your mom’s chicken Kiev. That was awesome!” Hearing Keith talk about my mom caused Goosebumps to travel up and down my spine. He then turned and asked, “Roast beef?”

I smiled, “That’s my favorite. How about your mom or your dad’s favorite?”

Keith hummed thoughtfully then said, “Let’s stick with shrimp then, that’s one of my mom’s favorites. Father’s day is Sunday and my dad will get something special then.”

“And I’ll get one small steak for John?” I suggested, and Keith nodded.

I picked up a New York steak that was almost three quarters of a pound. Keith agreed that would be enough for his brother. Then we meandered over to the fresh fish counter where I got three pounds of jumbo shrimp. Then we hurried to the fresh veggies area where we picked out six large baking potatoes. Finally I got some brownie mix and something special for John. Soon we were checked out and walking across the parking lot.

Keith snickered, “How long do you think it will take?”

I smiled, “Two or three hours.”

Keith roared, “He’ll wish he was still grounded!” and I snickered.

We got in Keith’s car and I just had to double check. “I’m not going too far, am I Keith?”

“No,” Keith snickered and turned the key. He then said, “Its perfect, Prez. Embarrass him the same sort of way that he got you.” Backing out, Keith snickered, “John will go over Kim’s or Tommy’s after dinner, like he always does.”

I blew a loud raspberry into my hand and Keith cracked up. “I just wish we could be around to witness the effect,” I giggled.

Keith grinned, “If you really want to.”

I sighed, “Mike would have a fit. We’re supposed to meet at Doug and Brian’s then head down to the beach.”

“And he’d blame me for distracting you!” Keith chuckled. The light changed and he turned into our neighborhood.

Back at home, I started making the brownies. Keith washed the potatoes then wrapped them in foil. Then he went outside and Rush hurried into the house. Turning to watch my hound dog spin, I noticed Drew sitting at the counter. “Hey Drew,” I happily said.

“What’s for dinner?” Drew smiled.

In my best Louisianan accent, I grinned, “Cajun shrimp!” Keith came back inside and patted his brother’s back.

“Never had that,” Drew smirked. Glancing at his brother, Drew said, “Our school grades came in the mail today.”

“Cool,” I chuckled.

Drew huffed, “You would say that.”

I snickered and Keith teased, “We could hide them for a while?”

“No need,” Drew grinned, “As usual my science and math grades are lower than everything else.”

“At least you’re consistent,” I snickered, and then began pouring the batter into a prepared pan.

Keith said, “Same as me, bro. My chemistry grades are going to raise eyebrows. Geometry wasn’t so bad, with Prez’s help.” I smiled warmly at my lover then slid the brownie pan into the preheated oven. Wandering around the counter, I took my position beside Keith.

Drew smirked devilishly for a few moments. Keith and I both noticed and were waiting for him. “I was just wondering,” Derrick grinned, “What are your pants sizes?”

Wide-eyed, I smiled at him. It was probably the easiest question he’d ever asked us. I was honestly expecting Drew to ask about Corey and their relationship.

Keith chuckled, “Is this a poll?”

Drew shrugged, “Sorta.”

“Thirty waist, thirty two inseam,” I answered.

Keith then said, “The same, but my inseam is really thirty one and a half.”

“That’s pretty cool,” Drew smiled, “you can share clothes pretty easily.”

Turning to Keith, I softly remembered, “I only knew your brother a day and was wearing his boxers.” His eyes locked on mine and I transmitted my most passionate thoughts.

Almost breaking our gaze, Drew loudly laughed, “Too much info!”

Never letting go of my eyes, Keith softly reminded, “We’ve seen your dick.”

Simultaneously, we turned to Drew and watched his face redden. He huffed, “Gimme another year or two to catch up,” and then quickly went towards his room.

Keith softly giggled, “I have no clue what that was about!”

I smiled, “Something’s going on with those two.” Leaning closer to my lover, I whispered, “Corey and I talked Saturday morning. He’s worried about a break up.”

Slightly stunned, Keith softly said, “Can’t be. Drew’s really attached to Corey. A few weeks ago, Drew told me that saying ‘I love you,’ always seemed to have new meanings for him.”

I nodded, “It still sometimes feels that way.”

“That’s what I mean,” Keith nodded, “Drew’s almost ready to make that commitment. I’m almost certain of it. If something else happens…” Keith shook his head sadly.

I leaned close again and whispered, “Corey told me that he has to spend time with his mom on Monday’s and Friday’s.”

Keith sighed, “We can keep Drew occupied at the beach or at Doug and Brian’s.”

For that, I moved between his legs and kissed him deeply. Breathlessly, Keith asked, “How long till the brownies are done?”

I smiled, “About thirty five minutes.”

He leered, “Wanna roll around on the bed?”

I nodded and we took off for the bedroom, untying our trunks on the way. While we were locked away, Keith’s dad came home and so did John. In my lust induced daze, I managed to hear Drew telling his dad that I was cooking dinner. A moment later, Keith raised his head and checked the clock. “Five more minutes,” he softly smiled, and then dove for my throat. We came really close to finishing, but purposefully stopped ourselves. Keith pushed up off me. Just when I thought our time was up, my lover dove for my leaking cock. Gulping down a very loud yell, one hand clasped the sheets and the other rested on the top of my lover’s head. In moments, I warned, “Keith?” and huffed, “Oh babe,” then convulsed like never before. Keith held on for the ride. When my muscles finally relaxed, Keith started snickering with my spent bone still in his mouth!

Completely drained, I gasped, “Omigod!” and Keith let my dick out of his mouth. Cackling hysterically, my lover licked and kissed my sensitive groin for about another minute while my vision returned. Then he hopped off the bed, opened the dresser drawer and slid into a pair of sport shorts! “Get yer ass back here!” I playfully ordered.

Shaking his head, Keith tossed me a pair of shorts and chuckled, “I’ll get the brownies out of the oven. Get dressed.”

“What about you?” I loudly wondered.

Reaching for the doorknob and stopping, Keith smiled, “That was totally awesome, baby. I loved getting that kind of reaction. Consider it pay back for taking the initiative at Doug and Brian’s last week.” Before I could say a word, he was out of the room.

Sitting up in bed and putting my shorts on as I stood, I reckoned that Keith was in a playful mood. He wanted to play hard to get. I could play that game too. But maybe he was more concerned about the brownies burning? Sliding a clean T-shirt on, I checked my self and fixed my hair in the dresser mirror. Finding no signs of a tent, I went to the kitchen.

Keith’s dad had already changed and was cleaning the shrimp in the sink. Stepping beside him, I smiled, “Thanks.”

“Thank you!” he happily said, and then asked, “What’s the occasion?”

Keith returned from the back yard and I shrugged, “I haven’t made a dinner in a while and the urge just struck me.” My lover giggled and his dad smiled curiously at us. I went over to the pantry and got the bottle of olive oil for a marinade. Soon I was rummaging through the collection of spices.

Keith’s dad was putting cleaned shrimp into a large bowl. Rather than make another mess, I started pouring olive oil over the few shrimp already in the bowl. With Keith’s dad only a foot or two to my left, I added dried onion, a dash of garlic, some powdered clove, rosemary and finally, cyan pepper.

With the Hundser’s best china, Keith and Drew started setting the table. John came into the kitchen and grinned, “What’s the occasion?”

I snickered, “Does there have to be one?”

Mr. Hundser said, “Call your mom’s cell phone, John.”

Heading for the phone, John said, “And I’m telling her?”

“To get white wine and some sour cream for the potatoes,” dad said. Nodding, John dialed the number. Soon he was relaying the message.

I said, “I didn’t know you liked sour cream on baked potatoes.”

Dad nodded, “I love it. It’s also a million calories and all kinds of fats.”

Keith teased, “Gotta watch that figure!”

Smirking, dad replied, “Tell me about it in fifteen years, when you’re fighting middle aged spread.” Keith and Drew laughed.

John hung up the phone and stood beside me. He grimaced, “Shrimp?”

Tossing shrimp in the bowl and stirring the marinade, I nodded and said, “Steak for you.”

John smiled, “I take back all the bad things I’ve said about you.”

Teasing him back, I hollered, “Rush! Here boy!”

“Oh no,” John chuckled as Rush hurried into the room. “It’s mine!” Guarding the refrigerator, John laughed at Rush. The dog slid into a classic playing position then growled at John. “Speak!” John commanded.

Rush laid down and rolled over. In the dining room, Keith and Drew cracked up. Then Drew came in the room with Rush’s dish. The dog sat up and wagged his tail happily for Drew. Clenching his other hand into a fist, Drew showed it to Rush and loudly ordered, “Rush, speak!” After a very long growl, Rush barked and stood up. Drew giggled, “Good boy,” then took the dish to the pantry and began filling it.

John huffed then turned to his dad saying, “Dodgers and Mets?”

Dad smiled, “In L.A, right?” and John nodded. “This could be a comedy of errors,” Mr. Hundser grinned and nodded. John hurried to the living room.

Drew set Rush’s bowl down then told the dog to go eat. Rush hurried to his bowl and nosed at the food for a while. I giggled, “Why does he do that?”

Finished cleaning the shrimp and beginning to wash his hands, Dad shrugged, “Wild dogs’ nose at dead prey. To make sure it won’t jump up at them, I guess.”

“Attack of the killer kibble,” Keith chuckled. “It was B movie.”

Sitting at the counter, Drew giggled, “Mystery Science Fiction Theater 2000.”

“And the rude commentaries,” Keith nodded.

“High quality educational television, I’m sure,” dad sarcastically chuckled.

Drew said, “At two in the morning? It’s that or hour long ads for belly buster or some other crap.”

Leaning against a counter, dad quipped, “It might not have occurred to you, but you could sleep.”

Drew easily admitted, “We were and woke up.”

Across the room, Keith and I locked eyes and grinned. The shrimp was sufficiently marinated long ago, but I couldn’t tear myself away from the Hundser men. The father and middle son were holding an intense gaze though so I chose to take the bowl of shrimp outside. Keith followed and the moment the door closed he softly snickered, “I don’t believe Drew sometimes!”

“What is your dad doing now, I wonder,” I grinned.

Keith imitated his dad’s voice, “Playing safe?”

Then he imitated Drew and nodded shyly, “We’re not there yet dad.”

Reproducing his father perfectly, Keith nodded. In his dad’s strong voice, Keith said, “Talk to your brother or Preston.” He then nodded shyly again like Drew and I cracked up.

Keith softly laughed, “What the fuck am I going to say about fucking?”

Laying the shrimp on the barbeque, I roared, “The same things you showed me!”

Keith snickered, “Showing is entirely different. Okay now, put your finger near your hole. Go on! Just wiggle it around a little bit.” I lost it and Keith continued on for a few more vivid instructions before finally huffing, “Okay now, remember what you learned and what’s too rough then try and do it to Corey.”

Closing the lid, I turned to him and smiled, “That was a good start, believe it or not.”

Shaking his head, but still smiling, Keith reached for my waist saying, “It’s gonna happen, I can see it all now.” He then thought for a moment and chuckled, “Next week, Big Bear. Betchya he invites Corey.”

“If he hasn’t already,” I agreed.

Keith then softly asked, “Did Corey seem a little scrawny to you?”

I shrugged, “He’s only fourteen, that weird time when everything’s growing out of proportion.”

Keith hummed thoughtfully then reminded, “He was short and husky last summer.”

I found myself defending Corey. “He rarely stops though. He’s got a pool; they played baseball and now tennis. Drew’s grown just as much the last year. He’s almost as tall as us. And they’ve both developed wider shoulders.”

“I hope your right,” Keith groaned. We stepped away and he let me go then sighed, “I don’t like the way he’s eating. Either he really doesn’t like my mom’s cooking or something else is wrong.”

Opening the barbeque lid again, I said, “Try not to worry,”, but I knew Keith was right. Corey was pretty thin and recently seemed to eat only fruits and vegetables. Turning the shrimp, I wondered quietly.

Breaking my trance, Keith said, “Mom’s home.”

I suggested, “Get a big bowl for the taters and a tray for the shrimp?”

Keith went inside and while the door was open, Rush trotted outside. He stopped beside me for a moment then went to the edge of the lawn. A squirrel took off running and Rush chased it into a tree before returning to his original purpose.

Mrs. Hundser stepped outside and I smiled, “In case it wasn’t such a good day.”

Uncharacteristically suspicious, she grinned, “What’s wrong? It’s your grades, isn’t it?” In her hand was the package with John’s steak.

I loudly chuckled, “My grades are fine, I promise!” and then assured, “It’s just coincidence our grades came today.” She handed me the package.

Tearing into the package, I put the steak on the grill. She smiled, “It smells wonderful,” and then kissed my cheek. “If Keith didn’t use my china, I would’ve had John and Drew cleanup,” she admitted. Then Keith stepped outside with a bowl and a tray. Turning to her son, Mrs. Hundser teased, “And what do you have to confess, before we open the report cards.”

Keith joked, “I think I got an A in PE!”

“Wonderful,” she smirked. Turning to me again she asked, “Do I have time to change?”

I nodded, “About five minutes.”

Putting the bowl and tray down, Keith said, “I just put the bread under the broiler. Dad’s watching it.” He put on an oven mitt then squeezed a potato. “They’re done,” he happily said, and began placing potatoes into the bowl.

I said, “I’ll be in soon, babe.”

“It smells great,” he said, and then picked up the bowl. He hungrily growled then turned and went into the house.

Only a few minutes later, I walked up to the sliding glass door. Inside, I could see all the Hundser’s sitting around the table. Telling Rush to stay out, I stepped inside to find that they had even lit candles in the silver candelabra. I grinned, “That’s a nice touch.”

After I slid the back door closed, Mrs. Hundser got up and closed the blinds saying, “Much better.”

I put the tray of shrimp on the table and warned, “It’s gonna bite back.”

Keith’s mom and I sat down. John reached for his steak and we all dug in. I watched anxiously as Keith, his dad and Drew put pieces of shrimp to their mouths. Mr. Hundser closed his eyes and chewed slowly. Keith nodded and mumbled, “It’s great, baby.”

While still chewing, Drew’s eyes widened and he turned red. He swallowed and loudly said, “It’s hot!” then reached for his glass of water. We all giggled as Drew chugged half a glass of water then gasped, “Asbestos boxers tonight!”

Mrs. Hundser loudly laughed, “Drew!” and we all cracked up.

Drew still managed to finish two big shrimp, two slices of toasted French bread and his potato. Everyone seemed to enjoy my masterpiece and Keith’s mom asked me how I made the marinade. I told her that I was trying to copy the recipe my aunt used for her Cajun shrimp. Of course, I didn’t have all the same spices so I improvised.

Keith’s dad excused himself then went to the kitchen. Keith and his brothers froze in their seats. Mr. Hundser returned with four large white envelopes and sat down. He asked, “Who’s first?”

After a moment’s silence, Drew said, “Prez; he cooked.”

Nodding, my foster father smiled, “As good a reason as any. But you’re next,” and opened the first envelope then read from the page. “Macro economics, B plus. English, B plus. Chemistry, C plus. Computer Literacy, A. PE, Passing… what happened there?”

Keith grinned and I chuckled, “The day we kissed in school.”

Shaking his head, Mr. Hundser chuckled, “Enough said.” Across the table, John and Drew snickered insanely. Dad continued, “Geometry, B plus and history, B plus. Very good.” Smiling proudly, he then handed me the envelope and the piece of paper. I looked down and read it.

While Keith’s dad rattled off Drew’s grades. I noticed the next year’s school schedule at the bottom of the page. “English, A,” dad said. Keith and John loudly mooed and Drew grinned widely. Dad handed Drew the piece of paper and proclaimed it, “Very good.” Picking up the next envelope he locked eyes with Keith and opened it. He sighed, “A C minus in Chemistry?”

Keith slowly nodded, “I tried.”

Dad nodded and said, “We’ll talk another time, the string of B pluses and an A in PE probably tilt the scale.” He then picked up the final envelope and stared at John.

Slouching in his seat, John mumbled, “I’m doomed.”

Mr. Hundser read silently then looked at John and softly wondered, “How can you get four quarters of A’s in math, but only manage a C plus in English? You got a B plus in science, but only a C in history. John, you’ve got a logical mind; the math and science score bare that. Next year, we’re going to work on history together.”

“And English with me,” Mrs. Hundser chimed. “We understand that you’re really not interested in those subjects, but know you can do better.” John nodded and sighed.

His dad asked, “Do you still want to play football?” and John rapidly nodded. “We’ll make it happen,” dad said and locked eyes with his wife.

Mrs. Hundser smiled, “Over all, you’ve all done very well.” Standing, she added, “I think we all deserve a weekend in the mountains.” Mr. Hundser, Drew and John stood and helped clear the table.

I turned to Keith and excitedly said, “Show me your schedule.”

We swapped pieces of paper and then smiled at each other. Only one of our electives was different. For third period, Keith had accounting and I had micro economics. For the remaining five periods of the school day, we would be together.

“It took eleven years, but I’m finally looking forward to September,” Keith happily said.

Returning to the table, Keith’s mom smiled, “I do not believe what I just heard.”

While his mom gathered more plates and utensils, Keith snickered and said, “We’ve got almost all the same classes.”

I grinned, “Five out of six.” Turning to Keith, I said, “We’ve gotta check with Mike and Derrick.”

Keith stood up saying, “We should wear more than sport shorts and T-shirts.”

Following him out of the dining room, I softly chuckled, “Why? Let’s just get our keys and wallets.”

Keith nodded and snickered hysterically. We stepped into our room and stopped at the dresser. Keith took hold of me and softly giggled, “We’ve got PE together.”

Resting my arms on his strong shoulders, I snickered, “On a really good day that could be really bad.”

“All these years,” Keith smiled, “I managed to keep my dick flaccid in the locker room.”

I nodded, “If I’m gonna pop a boner it will at least be for an excellent reason.”

Keith kissed me then asked, “You’re not going to get me back?”

“When you least expect it,” I softly promised and then kissed him passionately. Letting each other go, we gathered our keys and wallets then went back to the kitchen. “We’re going over to Doug’s place,” Keith told his parents. “They need to work in the morning so we’ll be home around eleven.” Keith checked with me.

I nodded, “And we’ll call if the plan changes.”

Mrs. Hundser smiled, “Thank you.”

With his hands in the sink, dad smiled, “Have a good time.”

Starting for the door, I suggested, “Let’s take my car,” and Rush danced around at our feet. Checking with Keith, I added, “I need to get gas again too.”

Getting in the passenger seat, Keith said, “You’ve still got the seat folded down.”

“Since we moved the gear around yesterday,” I reminded. Starting the engine, I said, “I’ll take care of that when we get home tonight,” and then pulled away from the curb.

For most of the ride, we rambled on about our new school schedules. Homeroom would be at 7:45AM and we would be separated for about ten minutes. First period Statistics and second period Civics we would share. We’d then head to our different third period classes. Forth period would be PE. Then after lunch, we’d share the last two classes of the day; Computers and the Internet, where we hoped to learn how to build a web page for our GSA, and finally English Literature. Most school days would be over by 2:20PM except on the days our GSA would meet. The extracurricular period started at 3:15PM and could go on inside the school until 5PM.

Stopping in front of Brian and Doug’s home, I turned off the radio and then the engine and set the brake. We went to the door and Keith knocked then turned the knob and sang, “Hello?”

Inside the galley kitchen and still cleaning up after dinner, Mike and Doug melodically snickered, “Who is it?”

Keith grinned, “Sweet.”

“Innocent,” I giggled.

Wiping down the dining room table, Brian sang, “You don’t drink, you don’t smoke, what do you do?”

Grinning at each other, we shook our heads and Keith smiled, “Did it already.”

Mike stopped scrubbing a pan in the sink and turned to us softly grumbling, “Fuckers!”

I chuckled, “Not that time, but maybe later.” Keith snickered and bounced against me while Doug and Brian loudly laughed. Mike took his frustration out on a dirty pan.

Down the hall, Derrick walked out of the bathroom snickering, “I heard every word.” He was still in his trunks, barefoot and shirtless, exactly as we had left him. In about an hour we would probably head to the beach. Briefly grasping my shoulder, Derrick asked, “How was dinner?”

Before I could answer, Keith enthusiastically smiled, “It was excellent! We had marinated and grilled jumbo shrimp and baked potatoes. Later, we’ll have brownies for desert.”

I chuckled, “I added a little more than a sprinkle of cyan pepper and Drew about caught fire!”

Derrick and Mike laughed, but Doug groaned, “Aww, poor Drew.”

Keith chuckled, “No, I’ve seen his journal.”

I turned to him snickering, “Be nice,” and pressed finger to his mouth while everyone watched. So what does my lover do? He opened his mouth and began sucking on my index finger! He knew how hot it made me! Barely controlling myself, I softly whimpered. Wrapping his arms around me, Keith pulled me to him.

“No-oo,” Mike roundly said, “Put it in neutral, right now.” Snaking his hands between our chests, Mike tried to push us apart, but we resisted and chuckled. Doug heaved and roared laughing. Derrick moved across from Mike and together they pushed us about half way into the living room. We sat on the sofa.

Keith turned to me and asked, “What song do you want to sing?”

“Solo or with you?” I grinned.

“Solo,” Keith smiled.

Parking his buns on the floor, Mike offered, “Ya wanna work on some ZZ, Prez?”

I shrugged, “We could work on those tracks next, I guess.”

Derrick chuckled, “Don’t sound so enthused!”

I grinned, “I’m sorry, guess I’m not in the mood for ZZ tonight.”

Mike leered, “What are you in the mood for?”

I dreamily explained, “We need a basic, good time, party song; maybe a sing-a-long sort of song for some audience participation.”

Crossing the room, Doug grinned, “I know just such a song. And it would be perfect for your voice, Prez.” He then walked across the room and scanned his CD collection. In their living room, Doug and Brian had shelving that could hold at least four hundred disks and it was full. I reckoned that they had more, but they just weren’t in the living room. In no time, Doug pulled a disk and set it in his player. Moments later, the song began. It started as a medium country-rock, but then the lyrics began and Doug sang along

A lady that I know just came from Columbia,
She smiled because I did not understand.
Then she held out some marijuana, ha ha!
She said it was the best in all the land.

My eyes widened and I cracked up.

And I said,
"No, no, no, no, I don't smoke it no more,
I'm tired of waking up on the floor.
No, thank you, please, it only makes me sneeze,
Then it makes it hard to find the door."

By this point, Derrick, Keith and I were laughing hysterically, but Mike only smiled and listened closely.

A woman that I know just came from Majorca, Spain,
She smiled because I did not understand.
Then she held out a ten pound bag of cocaine,
She said it was the best in all the land.
And I said,
"No, no, no, no, I don't sniff it no more,
I'm tired of waking up on the floor.
No, thank you, please, it only makes me sneeze,
And then it makes it hard to find the door."

Before the third verse started, Mike loudly dared, “Do it dude! You have to do it!”

A man I know just came from Nashville, Tennessee-oh,
He smiled because I did not understand.
Then he held out some moonshine whiskey, oh ho,
He said it was the best in all the land.
And I said,
"No, no, no, no, I don't drink it no more,
I'm tired of waking up on the floor.
No, thank you, please, it only makes me sneeze,
And then it makes it hard to find the door."

When the song finished, I snickered, “Okay, let’s figure out the progression.” After restarting the CD, Mike picked up Doug’s acoustic and quickly found the key center. Before the first verse ended, Mike had it pegged and then easily found the chords for the chorus. From there on, he just repeated what he already learned. In the mean time and with Keith’s help, I quickly jotted down lyrics on a piece of paper. Derrick asked for the pad and Mike ran through the song a third time, calling out chords as he played. Derrick scribbled the chords on the pad then handed it back to me. The fourth time around, I read the page and sang the lead vocals while Keith, Derrick and Mike sang backup vocals. As we were finishing, Shaun and Gil showed up.

The six of us went back to the studio. Mike quickly showed the rhythm guitar parts to Shaun with Derrick’s light drumming and my lead vocals. Shaun was caught off guard with a new song to learn. With encouragement and a few rehearsals, we got the song down and pretty tight. Ready to record, Mike and Derrick suggested that I go into the booth with Keith. Derrick, Mike and Shaun laid down the basic tracks while Keith and I sang.

We stepped out of the booth to find Jessy sitting at the keyboards. I said hello and asked where Nelson was.

“Behind you,” Nelson chuckled and I swung around. He was sitting beside Gil. I went over to shake his hand and said hello. In the mean time, Mike began showing the progression to Jessy.

Soon, Jessy and I rehearsed along with the recorded tracks. Then we recorded the bass and keyboard parts. A few minutes later, Keith, Mike, Derrick, Shaun and Jessy went into the booth to record the backup vocals while I ran the PC and mixer. Finally, it was my turn to go into the booth alone and sing the lead vocals.

For the next few hours, we got Jessy to record keyboard parts to all the songs that had been in progress over the prior week. Wordlessly, we decided to stay and record instead of driving all the way down to the beach. While we listened to our work, Mike told Jessy that all her gear was at his house.

“Oh!” Jessy grinned and then asked, “Who’s coming over my place for Independence Day?”

Keith and I nodded and said that we would take the night off work. Mike and Derrick would be over early in the day, but said they would work that night. Gil and Shaun would also make it.

Jessy seemed pleased and reminded, “I’ll need my keys and amp for that day. My brother will have all his drums. You won’t have to move yours unless you want to Derrick. There will be a few acoustic and electric guitars around too so only bring what you really want.” Turning to me, she giggled, “You’ll have to bring your bass and amp though, unless you want my dad to play tuba all afternoon.”

Wide-eyed, I chuckled, “This is going to be an interesting jam.”

Taking Jessy’s hand, Nelson smiled, “If it’s anything like last year, it’ll all move indoors at night.”

Nodding, Jessy smiled, “We stopped around one in the morning.”

“Because your brothers went home with their families,” Nelson chuckled.

Obviously, Jessy and Nelson were getting ready to leave. Keith chose that moment to mention our anniversary and that he wanted to have a small party to help celebrate. Everyone in the room was invited. Then Keith left the room to walk Jessy and Nelson to the door.

In the mean while, Derrick and I led Shaun and Mike through a short jam. We finished at least five minutes later and Keith hadn’t returned. Mike began showing Shaun Opus 17. Derrick and I joined in and finally, Keith stepped into the room. Locking eyes with me, he pointed at his watch. Stepping closer, Keith still had to shout over the music; “It’s half past eleven.”

I nodded and said, “Right after this tune.” But Mike was getting off on it and just kept adding lead harmonies, pulling them out of thin air as we played. At least fifteen minutes later, Mike led us into an ending.

“That was awesome!” Derrick triumphantly shouted.

Mike nodded and complained, “We should’ve recorded it.”

“Tomorrow,” Keith smiled.

After taking the bass off and turning off the amp, I turned around again. Softly snickering, Keith hid behind me! All of them (including Gil) were giving Keith the evil eye!

“Stop!” I loudly laughed, “We’ve been here for the better part of five hours.”

Suspiciously, Derrick asked, “And exactly why can’t you stay for another five hours?” Shaun giggled and Gil turned away, softly snickering.

Grinning, I huffed, “Would you like us to actually meet you at the beach in the morning?”

Mike loudly said, “We want you here to insure that you get the hell out of bed!” Throwing his hands up and surrendering, Shaun cracked up then practically dove at Gil.

Holding up his boyfriend, Gil smiled, “It is getting late.”

“Take me home?” Shaun giggled.

Rolling his eyes, Mike then glared at Keith and me. “This is all your fault!”

Stepping out from behind the drums, Derrick chuckled, “Face it, you’re a bad influence.” Then he roughly grabbed Mike and bit his neck.

With Mike’s will to argue diminished, Keith and I started for the door with Shaun and Gil tagging along. Brian and Doug were already in bed. We quietly said goodbye and then started for home. Keith told me that had called home while he was showing Jessy and Nelson out. For some reason, I had the feeling that he was omitting something. But before I could take that tangent, Keith asked, “You’re getting John tomorrow?”

I nodded, “Definitely. Do you think he suspects?”

Keith grinned, “I’m almost certain he hasn’t a clue!”

I wondered, “Do you think he’ll run home or just deal with it?”

“It depends,” Keith shrugged, “If it’s continuous, he’ll probably come home.”

Stopped at the last light, we smiled at one another and cracked up. I turned into our neighborhood and minutes later we were home. Before going inside, Keith helped me lift the rear seats. Approaching the house, I noticed the front windows dark and softly said, “Everyone’s gone to bed.”

“It’s a little after midnight,” Keith nodded and put the key in the lock. Rush whined and spun around happily as we stepped inside. The kitchen light was on and I led my hound to the back door for his last toidy of the night. My lover went to the kitchen saying, “A brownie and milk sounds good.”

“Very good,” I enthusiastically agreed, and went to him. Much to my surprise, the brownies had been sliced and placed on a plate.

Keith frowned, “By tomorrow, they’ll be gone.”

Humming thoughtfully, I went to the fridge for milk. Closing the door and turning around, I noticed Keith putting our brownies on plates. At the back door, Rush whined. Keith then reached for glasses and I poured. After taking a bite from his brownie, Keith went to let the dog inside. I sampled my brownie. It was okay, but not as good as my mom’s. Keith must’ve noticed my blank expression and softly smiled, “What’s wrong, baby?” He then took another bite of his brownie.

I grinned, “Next time, I get a box of instant chocolate pudding and make them like my mom did.”

Keith growled hungrily then swallowed and said, “Gooey to the extreme.”

I nodded enthusiastically and stuffed the last of my brownie in my mouth. Giggling at me, Keith slowly ate. Smirking while I chewed, I silently dared him to say something about my big mouth.

His eyes widened and he swallowed. Simultaneously, we picked up our glasses and chugged the remainder of our milk. Smiling at each other with milk mustaches, we then swiftly cleaned up the kitchen. Knowing our routine, Rush trotted to our room ahead of Keith. I followed, turning off the kitchen lights and then the entryway light. For a few seconds, I walked down the hall in the dark. Then the bedroom light turned on and I stepped into the room.

Keith took his T-shirt off, tossed it at the closet and then picked up the candle on the desk. Turning to me, he asked, “Where are the matches, baby?”

I answered, “In the top desk drawer,” and then lifted my shirt.

“Ya know, I really like this idea,” my lover admitted. “At the apartment, you had those candles in your room for us. And these scented candles are awesome. The room smelled way better this morning, don’t you think?”

Slipping out of my cotton sport shorts and kicking them towards the closet, I nodded and crossed the room as he lit the final candle on the entertainment center. Turning off the lights, I then smiled warmly and asked, “Wanna dance?”

Nodding, my lover turned on the stereo, flipped to his favorite station then took me in his arms. We didn’t talk about much, but we slow-danced for over an hour that night. Finally, neither of us could stop yawning. We crawled into bed about half past one and went to sleep.

Early in the morning, I heard the front door close and Rush softly woofed. The sounds woke me from the most intense dream of my life. In the dream, Keith and I were making love. Although I couldn’t see them, I knew that Mike and Derrick were watching us. Once Keith and I had switched off a few times and each had two tremendous orgasms, Mike and Derrick started making love while we watched. It was the first time I had ever had an erotic dream with them in it.

My cock was like cast iron and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Peeking over Keith to check the time, I noticed it was only about quarter to eight. I didn’t want to wake him, but I was beyond horny. Quietly slipping out of bed and into my shorts, I let Rush out back then returned to our room. I slipped out of my shorts then turned around. The sight of Keith sleeping took me by surprise and I stood there watching him for several minutes. When he rolled onto his back, I glanced down from his peaceful face to the middle of his body. If he was hard at all, I couldn’t see it. But my own bone was still rock hard and I couldn’t wait any longer. Besides, I owed him for sucking me off the previous day then hurrying to get the brownies out of the oven. Our clock radio turned on at nine and soon after, we climaxed and collapsed onto the bed.

Minutes later, we had our trunks on and were getting ready for the beach. But I had to ensure that John had a special brownie first. I put it on a plate then snuck into Drew and John’s room. Keith and I weren’t surprised to find that Drew’s bed hadn’t been slept in. I placed the brownie on John’s night table with a really sappy note that told him how pleased I was with our chat earlier that week.

Stealthily leaving the room and heading down the hall, Keith snickered, “He’ll eat it immediately; I know he will!”

Grinning widely and baring my teeth, I softly chuckled, “We’ll have to make some excuse to come home after the beach. I have to know if it worked.”

Moments later, we were in my 4Runner and on our way to the beach. On the way, Keith reminded me that Mike and Derrick were working that night and the next night. He wanted to catch a movie and we playfully argued over Deep Impact with Elijah Wood or Godzilla with Matthew Broderick. Reaching no conclusion to the issue, we stopped at Russ’s shop to rent boards. Russ suggested that we get wetsuits because the water was way colder than normal. We got our boards and suits then went to Zuma. After we parked, we ducked into the public men’s room to change. A few minutes later, we were paddling out.

Only about an hour later, while waiting for the next set, I was caught in a nasty current and couldn’t break free. Keith and Derrick had repeatedly warned me about rip currents, but having never experienced one before, I didn’t recognize it. In a flash, my board spun out of control and the water pulled me away from my friends. At first I paddled like crazy to try and make the board go where I wanted, but then remembered the best thing to do was not panic and save your strength. The water dragged me and my board further out and south before I finally broke free. But I was way past the surfing area and down by the swimming area. A lifeguard noticed and met me as I sat on my board and paddled to shore. I didn’t need to be rescued, but the bathers needed to be warned of me and my board. Back on the sand and carrying my board, I had to walk about a mile in a black wet suit to the surfing area. About half way, I saw Keith approaching. His face was twisted with concern and he hollered, “You didn’t fight it, did you?”

I yelled back, “I started to, but then gave up.” Once we were closer, I admitted, “That was not fun!”

Waiting for me, Keith nodded and forced a grin. “Scary, huh? You start wondering if you’ll need a passport to return to the state!” He then turned to walk with me and said, “Gimme your board and go cool off.” I was baking in that damned suit and quickly did as he suggested.

Ten minutes later, we were with Mike and Derrick at our towels. Imitating my accent, Derrick grinned, “Howdy stranger!”

Mike snickered, “See any sharks out there?”

Still standing, I laughed, “God forbid! I was already praying to God, my mom and any saint that would listen!” Mike and Derrick laughed heartily. Keith roared and hugged me tightly. Returning my lover’s affection, I smiled at Mike and Derrick. “I wanted to go back out for another few rides… until you mentioned sharks, you fucker!”

Mike and Derrick cracked up, and then stood and grabbed their boards. Keith grabbed his too saying, “Like falling off your bike, just get right back on again.” Thankfully, we managed to grab another few waves and none of us took a free trip to Mexico or Hawaii. The four of us stopped at the men’s room to change into our trunks again. An older man was in there with his son when we walked in. But when we started to help each other with the zippers on our suits, they quickly finished and left without washing their hands.

Yanking an arm out of his suit, Mike hummed then wondered, “What’s up with that?”

Derrick sighed, “We were doing gay stuff, helping each other.”

Keith said, “There’s no reason to make assumptions. Maybe he just didn’t want the kid to see us naked.”

I smiled, “Bathrooms are rated R.” Shaking their heads sadly, Mike and Derrick giggled.

Getting out of wet suits is far more difficult than getting into them. And your skin is speckled with little dots for an hour afterwards!

While I was leaning over and getting out of my suit, I noticed the elastic rainbow bracelets on Mike and Derrick’s left ankles. Finally out of my suit, I pointed down and asked, “You’re still wearing them?”

Smiling, Derrick nodded, “We’re gonna have to replace them soon.”

“They’re getting faded and tattered,” Mike agreed.

Slipping into my trunks, I turned to Keith and he said, “We can wear ‘em again, baby. Not at school though.”

Happy with that I nodded, “Understandably so.”

“You dudes can, if ya want?” Keith quickly added.

Mike and Derrick shrugged. Derrick offered, “Maybe on days with GSA meetings.”

Dressed in our trunks, we started for the parking lot with our boards. We were parked pretty close and, standing around in the middle of the parking lot, agreed to stop at Burger King in Agoura Hill’s. Mike and Derrick got in the 442 while Keith and I strapped the boards down on top of the 4Runner.

On our way to Russ’s, Keith smiled, “I wonder how John’s doing?”

I snickered, “And where he’s doing it!”

Keith laughed, “I’ll call home from Doug’s. I have to know if it worked.” I nodded enthusiastically.

Driving up and over the mountain on Kana-Dune, we were soon sitting in the drive-thru lane at Burger King. Lunch hour rush was in full swing and it took us about fifteen minutes to get our food.

Finally back at Doug’s and gathered around the table, Keith told Mike and Derrick about our school schedules. “Other than homeroom and third period, we’re together the entire day!” Keith happily said and then bit into his burger.

Derrick said, “We have the same deal, together all day except third period.”

I smiled widely, “Statistics first, right babe?”

Still chewing, Keith nodded. Mike said, “We’re in Math review.”

Taking a bite of my burger, Keith took over and said, “Second period, civics.”

Derrick chuckled, “Sweet, we’re all in the same class.”

“Third period, accounting,” Keith said.

Derrick nodded, “Me too!”

Mike turned to me and asked, “Micro economics?” and I nodded enthusiastically. At least I wouldn’t be alone in third period.

Swallowing, I offered, “Gym for forth period,” and all three of them smiled and nodded.

Wide-eyed, Derrick smiled, “Then Computers and the Internet?” and the remaining three of us nodded.

Mike said, “Then English lit?”

“Oh shit!” Keith laughed, “We’re together the entire day!”

Thrilled to the core, I chuckled, “This is gonna be the best year ever.”

Derrick turned to Mike and said, “We gotta find out everyone else’s schedule.”

Still chewing, Mike enthusiastically mumbled, “Dufumuhly!” and we all snickered at Mike’s lack of table manners. Mike sneered then opened his mouth wide and the gross out contest began while we groaned and laughed at each other. Before we went to the studio, Keith called home, but got no answer.

That afternoon we recorded Mike’s Opus 17 and then set down some tracks for Iron Maiden’s Flight Of Icarus. Keith was absolutely fabulous. Having heard Opus 17 a few times, my lover focused on a short repeating riff of Mike’s and sang along. We liked it so much that we sent him into the booth to record it. He balked at that idea, but Mike explained, “We need to hear a melody so we can come up with appropriate lyrics.”

Keith easily gave in on the condition that Derrick and I join him. Mike operated the PC and mixer. He first time through, Keith instructed Derrick and I, singing in comfortable ranges for Derrick and I then adding his voice on top. The second time through was a good take. So good, in fact, that Mike was revved and ready to rock. I sat at the PC while Keith, Mike and Derrick laid down basic tracks for Flight of Icarus. Then I put down the bass tracks and Derrick redid the drum parts. While we were listening to the playback, Derrick’s watch alarm began beeping. He quickly turned it off, but he and Mike remained with us until the tune ended. It sounded incredible. But they had to work and Keith explained why we wanted to hurry home.

Derrick cackled evilly and Mike complained, “My mom would have a meltdown if I ever pulled a stunt like that.”

“It’ll only last a day,” Keith snickered. “By tomorrow, John will be back to normal. Until then, Prez and I will give him a bad time and get our jollies!”

The four of us hugged each other then Keith and I took off for the ride home. Traffic on the 101 was already getting heavy and the trip was anything, but quick. Keith and I had time to joke about John. Then I congratulated him on another fabulous day in the “closet,” as he liked to call it.

Smiling at me, Keith squeezed my hand and softly repeated, “I told you I enjoy it, baby. But what’s just as important, for me anyway, is being with you. I gave up long ago trying to have any sort of serious discussion while we’re jammin’. But like that day last week, when we went there to jam, but wound up slow dancing? That was so great.”

Inching forward on the freeway, I agreed, “We needed that mellow time. If I recall correctly, the three of you had already met with your dad. I could feel the tension in all of you.”

Keith nodded, “It already feels like the trial was a month ago.”

“And our anniversary is only a week away,” I warmly smiled. Keith sighed and squeezed my hand again. I then suggested, “Let’s get your dad’s Father’s Day gift tonight.

“What should we get him?” Keith wondered.

“We should see if John and Drew want to chip in.”

Nodding slowly, Keith snickered, “Let’s invite John to the mall.”

Finally turning off the freeway, I laughed, “I’d doubt he’ll be able to join us!”

“While we’re there, we’ll check out Godzilla.”

I giggled, “Deep Impact, you mean.” And back and forth we bantered until we got home. Racing to the door, we unlocked it and stepped inside. The smell of air freshener hung in the air. Smiling widely, I turned to Keith. He softly snickered and followed me to the dining room. In the living room, the TV was on, but John was not around. Wandering back the way we came, Keith hollered, “Drew? John?” Letting the dog inside, I heard no reply, but hurried after Keith with Rush at my feet. Leaning against the wall across from the bathroom door, Keith was trying to keep himself from laughing.

Stepping up beside him, I knocked on the door and said, “We’re home, whoever you are.”

On the other side of the door, John angrily hollered, “I was home for a fucking week, but did I get the runs then? No!” Quickly covering his mouth, Keith ran into our room.

Barely controlling myself, I said, “Sorry to hear that, bro.”

“Would you do me a favor please, Prez?”

“Well, within reason,” I helplessly chuckled.

“Mom said I need to eat plain white rice. Minute rice is on the counter. No butter and no salt though.”

I laughed, “Right after I use the other bathroom,” and then went across the hall to our room. Curled up in a fetal position on our bed and holding a pillow to his mouth, Keith rolled back and forth, laughing hysterically. I closed the door and we roared. John yelled obscenities from the bathroom and we only laughed harder.

Still chuckling, we lit the scented candles in our room. Keith followed me to the master bathroom. Finally away from John, I chuckled, “Ex-lax, it works every time.” We took a whiz then washed our hands before going to the kitchen to make rice for John.

Emerging from the bathroom, John glared up at me and complained, “You cooked last night. This is all your fault!”

I snickered and Keith defended me. “You loved the steak! We all had spicy barbequed shrimp and didn’t wind up sick.”

“Then it was a mad cow or somethin’,” John weakly said, and then reached for a bowl. He got himself a large serving spoon and shoveled some rice into his mouth, and then into the bowl, back and forth. Suddenly, he put the bowl and the spoon down then hurried back to the bathroom. Uncontrollably, Keith flung himself at me and laughed his ass off.


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Poor John, when he finds out he is going to be so ticked off lol. Though he really should have guessed since it was hand delivered and no one else got one. This chapter was funny and a bit of a different more relaxed feel. Good chapter.

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