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Life Goes On - 11. Chapter 11


Prez and I went back to our room and spent more than an hour reviewing the first chapters of 'Edly's Music Theory for Practical People'. As we had done before while sitting in the 4Runner, Prez reviewed all the notes in the chromatic scale. This time though, we were laying on the bed for this lesson. He used regular notebook paper and a pad of blank staff paper to write out the names and to show me how the notes looked on the staff. Prez first explained it using the treble clef, which is what I would most often see as a vocalist. Then he showed me the same stuff using the bass clef which is what he used as a bassist. Getting up off the bed, he used his new guitar to demonstrate the treble clef and his acoustic bass to demonstrate the bass clef. Seeing and hearing a chromatic scale on both instruments really helped me make the connections and understand how half steps sounded.

The last thing we did was develop major scales using the formula outlined in the book. Generally, it was pretty easy stuff until Prez explained the section in the book that discussed double sharps and double flats. On his guitar, Prez played a C on the fifth fret, third string and explained, "A C flat is the same tone as a B." He played the tone on the third string, fourth fret. Then he demonstrated how a C double flat was the same tone as a B flat by lowering the position on the guitar to the third fret. Finally Prez added, "In three years of playing bass and reading sheet music for jazz and classical band tunes in school, I've never seen a double sharp or a double flat. For now, just know that they exist and the symbols used in the book."

I asked, "So at Jessy's earlier, you were reading your bass part off the sheet music?"

Prez nodded, "Sometimes, when they had sheet music for me to read. The rest of the time I improvised."

"Amazing," I grinned. "That's like reading aloud words and sentences in a book you've never seen before, isn't it?"

"Just like that, yeah."

I chuckled, "You make it sound easy! Like you were just reading, but you were still adding accents and making the words flow together as easily as any actor might reading a script."

"That's exactly it, but in music there are little symbols telling me when to play louder or softer and when to add those accents," Prez explained. "Don't get bogged down thinking about the symbols just yet though. I'm only saying that my job is easier because of those symbols than the job of actor reading a script aloud. An actor has to read the entire sentence, pause at the commas and put feeling behind the words so it fits in context."

"But that's still pretty cool, baby. You sounded great reading stuff you hadn't seen before."

"It wasn't always easy," Prez shrugged. "I got singled out to play and re-play a section while the whole class waited plenty of times." Noticing my concerned look, Prez smiled, "But it wasn't like it was just me getting singled out. It might've been a single trumpet player or the entire trumpet section. We'd all have to wait and be quiet while they worked out their parts."

I absorbed that for a few seconds then asked, "So if I were to take vocal lessons at MI, I might be singled out in a class to sing a section over and over?"

Prez nodded and gently rubbed my back. "You wouldn't be the only one though Keith. If you went for recording classes, you would still get singled out to execute something on a mixer or recording console. So would everyone else in the class. It's just like everything else we've ever done in school."

"Not exactly the same as singing though," I softly shared.

"Keith, you need to listen for a second," Prez whispered and hugged me tight. "You have an awesome voice babe. You sing better than anyone I've ever heard. In our band you sing Don Henley, Joe Elliot and dozens of other pro artist's stuff better than me, Mike, Derrick or Jessy. At Jessy's you sang lead on two songs and impressed her entire family. Think about that for a second. You sang two Motown tunes that required a lot of emotion and pulled it off so well they all congratulated you. I may be particularly proud of your singing, but do you think Jess's parents, brothers and sister were just being nice?" I nodded and Prez loudly giggled, "Keith! Your voice is awesome! Not just to me, not just to our friends and family, to everyone that hears you sing!"

I shook my head and blushed. Prez then rolled me over and lay down on top of me. He gently whispered, "Just last night you made me feel so much better about myself. You told me I was a grower not a show-er, remember?" I nodded and smiled. "Do you think it's easy for me to admit I've got less hangin' than lots of guys?" I shook my head and Prez continued, "What's the diff? I'm insecure about my dick; you're insecure about your voice. Both are really personal things. I say you've got a fantastic voice; you say I've got as much between my legs as you've ever wanted. Now, did I misinterpret something here?"

Shaking my head again, I smiled, "You've got an awesome dick Prez. I really love watching it grow, I love the slight curve to the left and..." I paused and chuckled, "I love watching you shoot across the room!"

"And I love the same about your dick too," Prez admitted. "I also firmly believe that no one will ever mock your voice. You might not sing something the way they want to hear it. In a school like MI, their job is to teach you. It's constructive criticism; they'll show you so you can hear how they want you to sound."

Understanding and appreciating his perspective fully, I kissed him deeply then kissed his jaw and his throat and went for an earlobe. "Oh God Keith!" Prez giggled.

I really have to admit that I'm beginning to think Prez believes my name is 'God Keith'! And after how he compared the way we assured and encouraged each other, I was getting really excited. Yes, I'm dense between the ears. He's told me dozens of times how he loves my voice. I could only hope that I had finally learned my lesson. I hoped that Prez learned his lesson too.

Prez giggled hysterically and wondered, "Do you still want to try a visualization?" I hummed affirmatively and he laughed, "You'd better stop then!"

I stopped only long enough to suggest, "Ten minute after class make-out time?" Prez nodded and dove for my neck. Okay, so we got carried away and our ten minute make-out session turned into a thirty minute love making session! We didn't have to be anywhere until work that afternoon and Prez needed to stay indoors anyway. When we were done making love, Prez still led me through a visualization. Outside it had started to rain and hearing that along with his enchantingly deep voice had my brain cells tingling in no time flat.

Prez took me on a virtual trip to Big Bear. We were walking through the woods by the lake at first. Then he had me lay on the big bolder I had showed him last summer and concentrate on the stars in the sky. All I could hear was his soft whispering and even the sound of the rain seemed to grow fainter until it ceased. Prez put a picture of himself laying beside me on the boulder into my mind. He had me taking slow deep breaths in through my nose and then slowly releasing each out of my mouth. Prez had me concentrate on two of the closest brightest stars. Then he slowly had me imagine that the stars were my mom's eyes. She was proud of me singing. She was proud of Drew helping Corey. She was proud of John developing a stronger relationship with Kim. Prez had the five of us dudes surrounding her and releasing her fears and worries about the sick boy and his parents. He turned my mom's worries into big black rocks that we each threw into the lake. Then Prez had me return to the big inclined boulder and lay beside him again. He had me humming the melody of Truly Madly Deeply along with him. Then he said, all the stars were eyes of people in an audience before me. The audience was enjoying my singing for them. Prez then had me imagine the eyes turning into musical notes on a page of sheet music. The trippy thing was, I could actually see notes bouncing around before me. Then Prez pulled the blanket of night over the notes, leaving me in total darkness.

Melodically, Prez whispered, "I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, be everything that you need. I love you more with every breath truly, madly, deeply, do. I will be strong, I will be faithful, 'cause I am counting on a new beginning, a reason for living, a deeper meaning yeah. I wanna stand with you on a mountain. I wanna bathe with you in the sea. I wanna lay like this forever, until the sky falls down on me. And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky, I'll make a wish send it to heaven that'll make you wanna cry. The tears of joy for all the pleasure and the certainty that we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of the highest power, and lonely hours, the tears devour you. I wanna stand with you on a mountain. I wanna bathe with you in the sea. I wanna lay like this forever until the sky falls down on me. Oh, can't you see it baby? Don't have to close your eyes 'cause it's standing right before you. All that you need will surely come. I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope, I'll be your love be everything that you need. I love you more with every breath truly, madly, deeply, do. I wanna stand with you on a mountain. I wanna bathe with you in the sea. I wanna lay like this forever, until the sky falls down on me. Good night babe. I love you."

Hours later I woke on my right side facing the night table. The clock read eight forty-two. It was too early to be awake so I rolled onto my back on my way to wrap an arm around my lover. I thought I was dreaming still and with both hands, rubbed the sleep from my eyes. There was Prez asleep and facing up at the ceiling, naked as I last saw him, hovering about two feet off the mattress! Shaking the last of the sleepiness away I looked again. "PREZ!" I hollered and he dropped onto the mattress.

"What?" Prez excitedly shouted and clutched at his chest. "What's wrong?" he gasped.

"I must be losin' it dude!" I uncertainly said as I sat up.

He repeated, "What's wrong babe?"

Breathlessly I stammered, "You... w-were... F-FLOATING!" I raised an arm to about the height I saw him and said, "You were up here!"

"Oh damn! You scared the shit out of me!" he gulped. "You were dreamin', babe. I was asleep; right here next to you."

"No way dude!" I insisted and explained, "I wiped the sleep from my eyes and saw you... three times! Swear to God, you were floating!"

"Come on!" he giggled.

Smiling at his disbelief, I explained how I woke, what time it was and that I rolled over to hold him, but found him hovering high off the mattress. Then I turned and looked at the clock again. It was eight forty-four and the clock changed to eight forty-five as I watched. "See! I've only been awake for three minutes!"

Reaching for me, Prez calmly said, "Come lay down here with me babe" I did as he said. Wrapping an arm around me he softly assured, "Everything's fine. I'm fine." Pointing down at his cock, he smiled, "Complete with a morning hard-on. Everything's the same as it ever was."

I grinned, "You'll never believe me, but I swear... I saw you hovering!"

"Like Sigourney Weaver in Ghost Busters?" he chuckled.

I shook my head and answered, "Not as high as that and you didn't flip over, but yeah, like that."

Prez laughed, "There's this little thing called gravity! I couldn't have been just hangin' in the air."

Shaking my head, I joked, "That does it! I'm getting a camera! The only way you'll ever believe me is if I can catch you doing it again."

Prez cracked up and said, "Please get a Polaroid. I know you, you'll catch me naked floating in the air, snap a shot of that and then a shot of my pubes!"

I melodically giggled, "I'm ser-i-ous!"

Prez nodded and melodically answered, "You'll have to prove it!"

"Don't make me hurt you," I teased.

Prez giggled, "I want you to hurt me! Make it hurt soooo good!"

Rolling on top of him, I attacked, tickling his tender rib area mercilessly! Laughing and struggling, Prez heaved, "Wait! Haaahaaa! Stop! Aaahaaahaaahaaaa! OH GOD KEITH!"

I stopped just for a few seconds to say, "From now on you're my floating sex machine!" then went for his ticklish ribs again! Hysterical, Prez loudly laughed and screamed. Someone banged on our bedroom door.

Pausing again, I loudly asked, "Whadaya want John?"

"How'd you know it was me?" John wondered.

"Only you would've knocked that loudly!" I grinned.

"Well, ya woke me up again!"

"It's almost nine anyway. Take a shower and chill out!" I giggled.

"One of these days, bro," Drew playfully warned, "they're not gonna be in a good mood and you'll be sorry."

"What?" John incredulously hollered. "I have to worry about them bein' pissy? What about me? I was sound asleep!"

Drew sighed, "When you're in love with someone you might understand!" John grumbled and we heard the bathroom door close. "Then again, maybe not," Drew chuckled.

Catching me off guard, Prez started tickling me! I'm ticklish just about everywhere and there was no way I could keep his hands off me. I rolled away and fell off the bed onto the floor. Rush came over and started licking my face. Pushing the dog away, I laughed, "Did you see your master, Rush? He was flying like a birdie! Get the birdie, Rush!" Spinning around, Rush growled.

Prez leaned over the mattress and teased, "I'm not a birdie, I'm possessed by a demon!" Then he groaned eerily. "I am the key master, are you the gatekeeper?" he recited and cracked up! As I hopped up, he screeched like a little girl and rolled to my side of the bed. Standing on opposite sides of the bed from each other, Prez playfully bounced his eyebrows and pitifully squealed, "Mommy, my bed was shaking, it woke me up."

Mooing, I chased him around the room and played along. "I exorcise thee in the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit! Be gone from this servant of God!"

Jumping onto and over the bed again, Prez waved his arms around, loudly laughing, "AHHH! IT BURNS!" Rush couldn't take it anymore and started barking, first at Prez then at me. "Okay hound dog buddy," Prez giggled. Looking at me, Prez said, "Fun and games are on hold so I can let him out."

I nodded and we searched the floor for something to wear. Quickly finding our shorts, Prez tossed a pair to me. Once the door was opened, Rush tore out of the room and we followed. Stepping into the living room where Drew was watching TV, I grinned, "Get the Yellow Pages, bro. I gotta call Saint Bernardine's for a crucifix and some holy water." Prez giggled and passed me.

Drew smiled, "I wonder if there's a demon of anorexia. Corey must be possessed too." While Prez let Rush out, I stopped and stared at my brother. Drew explained, "If it wasn't for you two bein' goofy, I'd probably be pretty down."

John stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and went to his room. Going over to Drew, I asked, "What happened?" Prez joined us in the living room.

Drew then sighed and told us how Corey was promising that he'd do one thing, but then turning around and doing the exact opposite. He also told Prez and me about the argument that he and Corey had Saturday afternoon. "I hated doing that to him," Drew softly admitted. "By denying there was a problem, I just lost it, bro. I kept repeating the same stuff over and over again, drilling it into his head until he finally repeated the phrase to me."

"Where's Corey now?" Prez wondered.

"He's with the psychologist," Drew answered. "I'm just hoping that he really has admitted the problem and let's the doc know it. Until I see him later, I won't know if he's admitted it or denied it again." Dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, John walked past heading for the kitchen.

Softly, so John wouldn't hear, I reminded, "Corey admitted it to us last night. He obviously said or did something to make mom happy."

Drew nodded, "He admitted the problem to mom and dad when we got back from Magic Mountain last night."

"You went to Magic Mountain?" Prez cheerfully asked.

"With Brian and Pete," Drew flatly replied. "We had a good time and all, I'm just in a funk now worrying what he'll say and do today."

Having only seen Corey for a few hours at the beach Saturday, I wondered, "How was Corey all day yesterday? Was he eating?"

"The same tiny portions though," Drew sadly said. "Fruits and salads he'll scarf down, but anything like a burger he makes a face at. That's why I'm confused. Is he only gonna be alright here, around me and us? Is he still gonna deny it and fight it everywhere else? That won't get the job done and his mom will split us up."

I didn't know Mrs. Seaver had threatened to keep Corey away from Drew and neither did Prez. Seeing the light, I nodded and Prez groaned, "Oh." We glanced at each other and shared a few thoughts. "Let's go to our room and chat," Prez suggested.

We all stood and went back to our room. I pulled the desk chair out and had my brother take a seat. Prez and I sat on the edge of the bed. I started;"Last night Prez was teaching me music theory and we got on the subject of me singing. Everybody thinks I'm really good, but I don't think I'm that special, ya know? I'm just the guy that sang along with the radio and songs I really like. Prez had to drill it into my head that I really am good. He's said it before and said it again a little more forcefully last night. I still kinda only half believe it."

Prez then looked at Drew and explained, "All my life kids in school made fun of my hair and fair skin. My dad never once told me that I did a good job mowing the lawn or washing the car or cleaning windows. Whatever the task, I never did it well enough to make him happy. Saturday night, Keith was dowsing me in aloe again." Gathering some courage, Prez sighed and carefully said, "Ya know, Keith and you are just about the same... in your pants."

To help Prez along, I turned to my brother and said, "Stand up bro." Drew did so and smiled at me. "I've never said this before but, let's drop our shorts for minute."

Drew blushed and giggled, "Why? I don't have a woody and saw both of you hairless!"

"Just to show Prez bro." I answered. Maintaining eye contact with him I softly asked, "Please?"

Shrugging, Drew unbuttoned his shorts then together we pushed our shorts to the floor. I checked out Drew and Drew checked me out. My brother and I were very similar limp and erect. Actually, since my pubes were growing back again, Drew had more bush than me. Prez then stood and dropped his shorts too. "I told Keith I was lacking and he got a little annoyed."

"Lacking?" Drew scowled, pulling his boxers and shorts up again. Prez and I both pulled our shorts up. "What are you lacking?" Drew wondered as we all sat back down.

Prez sighed, "I just wish I had a little more hangin', like you and your brother."

"You ain't that different from us!" Drew loudly argued. I smiled at him and hoped he would continue. "You're awesome, Prez. I'm no expert, but I can tell you this – you and Corey are about the same size, limp anyway. And I have seen one other dude... it wasn't really something I expected, but I can say that the dude had more hair than dick."

Prez nodded and admitted, "Corey's bigger than me erect though."

"So what!" Drew loudly said. Vigorously shaking his head for a moment, he then said, "Remember at the beach the other day... when you were goofin' on me about the dildo, I told you that I could say a lot?" Prez nodded and grinned at the memory. Drew pointed at the wall beyond our bed smiling, "My bed is on the other side of that wall. I can tell what's goin' on over here." He then turned to me and blushed, "Prez makes you feel that good?"

I nodded and laughed, "Every time! He's a fuckin' awesome fucker!" Rolling his eyes, Prez snickered at the way I complemented him.

On the verge of catching fire, Drew laughed, "I can tell!" Facing Prez, Drew said, "If and or when Corey and I go all the way, I can only hope that I make him feel that good and that he makes me feel that good too."

Prez explained, "Just like Keith needs time to realize he's got an awesome voice, I need time to realize that all those people mocking me were full of shit. John said he didn't like his eyes and some other stuff Friday night. Someday Kim or someone else is going to tell him he's got great eyes and it'll take him awhile to accept that too. Corey needs time to absorb what he's just learned and admitted to himself. All I can say to you is, try not to worry. I know it's like trying not to piss, but try and hope for the best."

"I'm just wondering how many people have similar insecurities," I thought aloud, "Corey doesn't think he's thin enough when he's practically skin and bones; I think my singing voice is just average; Prez thinks his dick doesn't hang enough; John thinks his eyes are too close and too narrow. Who else doesn't like what about themselves? I guess the answer is that it doesn't really matter, as long as everyone finds someone to help them past those insecurities."

Prez asked, "Do you want to help Corey?"

Rapidly nodding his head, Drew said, "I've promised him that and I will. The only thing is, if his mom splits us up, I won't get the chance. It scares me in so many ways. If we're split up, the rest of this summer's gonna suck – for both Corey and me. And what if he gets worse... what if he gets sick or dies while we're apart?"

"Drew?" Prez began, "We recently learned something pretty important. A week or so before the prom, Doug and Brian taught us to stop expanding on our fears. What you think about could very well come to pass, only from spending so much time worrying about it. Don't do that dude. You reap what you sow."

"Omigod!" I shouted, but caught myself. Prez and Drew stared at me. "I'm sorry," I grinned and turned to my brother. "Ya wanna know what I think bro?" Drew anxiously nodded. I sighed, "I always thought I knew you, but I was wrong."

"How so?" Drew wondered.

I admitted, "Without a doubt, you are the shyest and most compassionate person I've ever met!" Drew blushed and I grinned, "Last winter I wondered who taught you to kiss Corey the way you were, right Prez?" Smiling widely, Prez remembered and nodded.

I asked, "No one taught you, huh Drew?"

"Who would teach me?" Drew shrugged.

"You just naturally kiss that well!" I snickered and Prez cracked up.

Drew groaned, "Argh! Stop!"

"I'm serious!" I chuckled. Needing backup, I turned to Prez and asked, "Is Drew a good kisser?"

Raising his eyebrows, Prez excitedly nodded and answered, "Sure seems that way to me. With a simple touch and a kiss you can turn Corey into jelly. I've seen you do it. Keith's done that to me and I've done it to him on occasion, but you have it down to a fine art Drew."

Drew blushed and plaintively giggled, "Sto-op!"

"Ah see," I laughed, "you're showing your insecurities!"

Standing up on the verge of self-combustion, Drew hollered, "I'm gonna kill ya both!"

Drew started for the door, but Prez hurried over and put a hand on his shoulder. "Thanks Drew," Prez sincerely said.

Drew chuckled, "Any time. Thank you too... I think!"

Flashing me a playful grin, Prez then turned to Drew, grabbed him around the waist and demanded, "Kiss me, you fool!" Stunned, Drew pushed at Prez and I fell back on the bed laughing my ass off!

Prez held on to my brother as he continued to try to push himself away. Drew laughed, "I ain't kissin' you until you brush your teeth and shower!"

Bouncing his red eyebrows more, Prez smiled, "Okay, I think the three of us can fit in the tub at once."

Gasping for breath, I roared, "It'll be a tight fit!"

"I've already showered!" Drew giggled, still struggling to break loose from Prez.

Drew's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets until Prez let him go. My baby cracked up laughing which made me laugh harder and longer.

Shaking his head slowly, Drew admitted, "Corey's always said I'm a really good kisser. Maybe I'll start to believe it and maybe..." He paused and chuckled, "Someday I'll grab hold of Prez when he least expects it and show him what a real kiss is like!"

"Ooo! Really?" Prez playfully teased.

"Hey, you sex machine!" I warned through broken laughter. "And you little brother!" Wide-eyed, Drew giggled at my reaction. "Make sure that kiss happens while I'm around to keep an eye on both of you!"

Laughing his ass off, Drew opened the door and left us alone. Prez tried to hide his silly shameful grin, but I jumped up and chased him into the bathroom. Once our teeth were brushed and we stepped into the shower, I asked, "Do you recall any dreams from last night?"

Soaping up, Prez nodded, "I was with my mom again, but you were there too. She was reminding me of things we did while living at the apartment. What made it a little strange to me was how she knew about things she wasn't really there to see. Like when we both took the night off so we could spend our six week anniversary together? She seemed to know about it. I even asked her how she knew, but she only smiled and hugged me. That's the part I remember mostly clearly."

"So you weren't flying?" I grinned.

Prez smiled, "No we weren't, but she was. I could tell because we had to look up to see her face. Last summer we were about five feet eight and even now at five-ten, we still needed to look up."

"I was there all the time?"

"Yep, even at times when I know in real life you weren't around, like weeknights after school started." Prez paused waiting for me to finish rinsing shampoo from my hair. He then asked, "What did you dream of?" and we swapped positions in the tub.

"After that visualization, I can't really seem to separate dreams from the visualization, they were that intertwined. I was singing Truly Madly Deeply to you, but you were playing your bass. We were at Big Bear and at the lake at night, but not stargazing. We were lying on the lake shore not on that big boulder I showed you. It's mixed up, but I think the visualization helped me get a good night's sleep."

With his head back shampooing his hair, Prez asked, "Do you still think I was floating?"

"You were floating Prez," I insisted, "There's no doubt in my mind about it. I saw it, rubbed my eyes, saw it again, closed my eyes and shook my head in disbelief and when I opened them again you were still hovering a good foot above me and to my left. I'll just add this to the list of other amazing things that have happened since you came to town."

"I wish I could believe that, babe. All I remember is you calling my name like it was emergency."

I chuckled, "To me, it was an emergency!"

"You really need to get that Polaroid camera then."

Playfully I hummed and teased, "A digital camera would be better. Then I can slap your sexy bod all over the Internet!" Blushing fiercely, Prez cracked up. Once he stopped laughing, I asked, "What do you want to do today?"

Prez shrugged, "We could go to the mall for lunch and a few CD's? Maybe I'll get another hat; simply to keep your mom from freaking out on me again. Then we'll go see what Mike and Derrick are in to."

"They're in to each other," I calmly stated then asked, "How about spending a few days over in Agoura Hills? And we could all go camping Wednesday night; maybe even bring Drew and Corey along?"

"That sounds like fun!" Prez enthusiastically gushed.

"I'll check with Drew," I suggested and finished rinsing off. While I had water flowing over my closed eyes, Prez gently took hold of my hips and began sliding his wet body over mine. Sliding my arms around his torso, I groaned, "I love you so much, Prez."

"Love you too," Prez whispered. Without another word, my baby knelt down and captured my growing chubby in his mouth. I wasn't really thinking or hoping for sex of any type; my body was only reacting to him sliding around. Prez always likes it in the shower though and obviously he needed to show me his love. What he was doing felt awesome, but every time he looked up at me with his mouth stuffed, I could hear his thoughts and shivered. He was really enjoying the task and slowly rolling his tongue around, trying to memorize my cock.

Of course, once he finished me off it was my turn. Knowing that the water would likely soon get cold, I went berserk on his cock. He had obviously gotten too worked up blowing me. Holding on to the wall and shower door frame, Prez soon filled my mouth. While still on my knees, I reached back and turned the water off. Then I stood and held onto my lover while he recovered from his orgasm.

Prez cooed and purred contentedly for a while then whispered, "It was my idea to shave, but I have to admit, all sex is much better with pubes."

I nodded, "Especially morning grind-a-thons."

"Especially then!" Prez giggled.

We had mostly drip-dried in the tub, but remained there another few minutes hugging and kissing. Prez whispered, "If I really was floating I think it's because I'm so in love with you." Giggling, I squeezed him tighter. Only when my stupid dick started lengthening for another round did Prez lean back and smile widely at me. I shook my head and transmitted, "It's really not necessary baby. I just love you that much and it has a mind of its own." Stealing another deep kiss, Prez then opened the shower door.

We towel dried our hair then wrapped ourselves up and went back to our room to get dressed. Walking out of our room and into the living room Prez asked, "Will you be around for a while, Drew?"

Nodding, Drew said, "I don't expect Corey to call until after one. Then he'll probably want to come over here." Pausing for a moment, Drew added, "Even if he'd rather stay home so we can go swimming, I'll probably ask him to come over here anyway."

"Where's John, bro?"

"Gone over Tommy's."

"I'm gonna get Rush and feed him," Prez said and then went toward the kitchen.

"We'll be going to the mall then over to Agoura Hills," I told Drew. "You'll have the house to yourselves."

"Kewl," Drew smiled.

Taking a few steps into the kitchen I asked, "Do you wanna bring your basses with us, Prez?"

"Umm, just the acoustic bass for camping," Prez answered.

Turning around to Drew, I asked, "Wanna go camping Wednesday afternoon and night, bro?"

Drew puzzled then answered, "If Corey can come, yes. If not, no."

Stepping up beside me, Prez wondered, "You don't think he'll want to?"

"Oh, he'll want to," Drew quickly said, but then sighed, "his mom may not let him, unless he gets his act together today with the doc."

Prez nodded understandingly then headed for our room. Trying to relieve my brother's concerns, I reminded, "Don't worry, bro. Play a game or somethin', okay?" Drew only nodded, but didn't move off the couch. I went to help Prez gather clothes and stuff for a few days in Agoura Hills.

Prez already had his acoustic bass out from under the bed and his mini-boom-box. He was stuffing underwear into his backpack. I went to the closet and grabbed several shirts for us and Prez's work clothes. Laying the clothes and my backpack on the bed, I asked, "You've got deodorants and toothbrushes?"

"Yep," he answered, "toothpaste and hairbrushes too."

I wondered, "Should I get the tents and sleeping bags now or wait?"

Prez hummed then answered, "Wait; let's see if Derrick, Mike, Drew and Corey are coming. We'll grab them Wednesday afternoon once we know what we need to bring."

I then went to the living room again to speak with Drew. "Hey bro, do us a favor please?" Drew nodded and I said, "Tell the 'rents what's going on, okay? We'll be in Agoura Hills today and tomorrow and probably camping Wednesday, no matter who else decides to come." He tilted his head and I elaborated, "We need to go camping before going to Yosemite later this month. Did you know Brian and Pete are going there with us?"

Drew nodded, "Yeah, they mentioned it yesterday."

"Tell the 'rents that too. Mom will be happier with four of us going together."

"No problem," Drew said.

"Thanks, bro," I said and went back to our bedroom again.

Prez explained, "Toiletries, T-shirts, undies, Speedos and boardies in my backpack. Shorts, shirts, my black pants, socks and a few CD's in yours."

Noticing the Aloe gel on the desk, I went to get it and grinned, "Can't forget this, baby."

Wide-eyed, Prez nodded, "Definitely not!" and took the bottle then stuffed it my backpack. "Okay," Prez huffed, "I've got enough for three days packed. Is there anything else we need?"

Grinning mischievously, I suggested, "Dildos and lube?" Prez giggled and nodded excitedly. I retrieved lube, our large dildo and Mike's from the night table, leaving our smaller dildo, just in case Drew and Corey wanted it. I considered telling Drew it was there, but thought better of it. Instead, I wiped the lube bottle of slippery stuff with a damp towel before handing it to Prez.

He put the dildos in the back pack, but held the bottle of lube and hummed thoughtfully. "I think this needs to be in a plastic baggie. We don't want it leaking all over our clean clothes."

"Good call!" I cheered. We both then glanced around the room for other odds and ends we might want to bring with us. Grabbing my backpack I asked, "Ready?"

Nodding and taking his backpack, Prez said, "Red-eye."

We stopped in the kitchen to get a baggie for the lube. Rush ran up to us and Prez looked down saying, "Hey! We can bring Rush along, at least for today and tonight, can't we?"

"Sure baby," I agreed, "When we're done at the mall, we'll stop by here and pick him up."

"Let's leave the backpacks here too then," Prez suggested.

I grinned, "Are we ready to leave? I'm starving!"

Drew smiled, "Umm... something else happened I thought you dudes might like to know about."

Rolling my eyes, I grumbled, "Let me get a granola bar first, " then hurried to the pantry and back to the living room. Sitting on the loveseat, I handed Prez a granola bar then Drew began sharing another tale.

"Yesterday afternoon, as we got ready to leave for Magic Mountain, something happened between Brian and dad. I can't really explain it, but Brian broke down crying against dad and dad had to practically drag him to the couch. I thought we were screwed and weren't going to make it to the park, partly because Brian was in tears and because Pete got scared. Even dad was leaking tears. Whatever it was that happened, Brian said he felt freed from his past. That whole day and into the night at Magic Mountain, Brian was smiling.

"'Is it just me or did Brian just have a blank expression most of the time?"

I nodded and Prez agreed, "He'd occasionally paint on a happy face or a sad one or an angry one, but rarely a really wide smile."

Shaking his head, Drew happily stated, "Not anymore! Brian acted like a fifteen year old, not like a cranky old man. He was a kid the whole time. Everything, and I mean everything made him happy. Those goofy dudes dressed in cartoon character costumes cracked him up. Every ride thrilled him to the core, like he hadn't ever been on a ride before. We actually rode the Viper twice! On the Log Jammer, me and Corey were near the front so we could get soaked, but Brian and Pete were at the very back. We hardly got splashed, but they were both drenched! We went over to the Jet Stream later, before the sun set. Corey and I were at the back, still hoping to get soaked. Brian and Pete were in the middle, but again, they got drenched and we hardly got wet at all!

"You should've seen him with Pete. Most of the time they were attached to each other; holding hands or arms wrapped around each other. It was awesome to watch. 'Course, Corey wanted us to hold hands and stuff too so we did. I figured, if any one dared give us shit about it, they'd have to deal with Brian and Pete too.

Anyway, I've never seen anyone change so much in such a short time. That's what I've been remembering, hoping Corey can hold onto that same feeling he had after our argument Saturday. All he needs to remember is that he's not anywhere near as ugly has he thinks he is."

I excitedly exclaimed;"Corey thinks he's ugly?"

Drew shrugged, "It seems that way to me. He thinks he's fat, but he's not. He kept wanting me to tell him what I thought of his looks Friday night and Saturday too."

I turned to Prez and asked, "Would you mind?"

Prez almost hollered. "For Corey? Hell no! I'm gonna show him too."

Glaring uncertainly at us, Drew wondered, "What are you gonna do?"

"Corey's an imp!" Prez laughed. "He's completely adorable in every way and far from ugly!"

Smiling widely at Prez's enthusiasm, I nodded and explained, "If he were any more handsome, he'd be pretty."

Prez asked, "Would you mind if Keith or I hugged or kissed Corey at appropriate times?"

Wide-eyed, Drew considered the idea for a while then grinned, "Go for it!" Making eye contact with me, Drew blushed, "He wants to look like you, bro. He told me that at Big Bear. Any compliment from you would go a long way."

"Consider it done," I beamed. "First time he does anything that makes me a little happy, he'll think I'm ecstatic."

"Thanks, dudes," Drew happily cheered. "He wants us to be like you two and Mike and Derrick too."

"Is that what you want?" I wondered.

Prez added, "We're not like Mike or Derrick. Every relationship is different."

"I know," Drew admitted. "I already know our friendship is different than yours and theirs. That don't mean it's bad in any way; it's just different. It kinda has to be, doesn't it?"

I nodded, "It only follows that different folks have different relationships."

Prez added, "If he needs to know that you think he's good lookin' then tell him and show him more."

"I will," Drew giggled. "It's so fucked up though! I mean... I'm kissing him and actually doing some of the neck and body kissin' you dudes showed me!" Blushing fiercely, Drew smiled, "He really likes everything I've ever done with him sexually." Prez and I both laughed, mostly because Drew admitted that aloud. Getting even redder, Drew smiled, "When I first used the dildo on him, ya know what he said?" Prez and I shook our heads and Drew softly said, "He said he wanted me inside him, like right at that moment! Like the dildo only made him want me more. Is that weird or what?"

Shaking my head, I assured Drew;"It's not weird at all."

Prez wondered, "Can I ask why you don't give him what he obviously wants?"

"Because I want us both to go all the way the same night. If not the same night, then at least one right after the other," Drew answered. "Maybe I'm bein' selfish, but I really want it that way; shared and mutual first times, just like everything else we've done for the first time."

Shaking my head, I softly smiled, "That's not selfish at all, bro."

Prez grinned, "As a matter of fact, I think it's really great."

Drew shyly queried, "Can I ask why you dudes didn't do it that way? If I'm prying then just say so. I was just wonderin'."

I shrugged, "It just didn't work out that way for us. I had already been using the candles and was ready. Prez wasn't as ready for a while. That don't mean I didn't have fun getting him ready!" Glancing over at Prez, I saw him blushing, but smiling widely and rapidly nodding his head.

Understanding, Drew said, "That's kinda like us. Only Corey's more ready than I am." He then asked, "Am I bein' stubborn?"

Before I could, Prez answered, "Only Corey can answer that, Drew."

I suggested, "Go with the flow. If he's ready and you are too, you could go for it. But if you really want to wait, then wait and use the dildo instead." Since we were on the topic anyway, I added, "By the way, we're taking two of the three dildos with us. The one you took to Big Bear is in the night table."

Drew nodded and smiled, "Kewl, thanks dudes."

Noticing that it was almost half past eleven, I playfully whined, "Can we go to the mall and eat now?" Prez cracked up.

"That's way more than I wanted to say!" Drew loudly giggled. "I only wanted to tell you about dad and Brian."

"Tangents!" I softly mumbled as Prez took my hand and stood. "I'm not used to waiting two and half hours for my first meal of the day," I whined as I stood and followed Prez to the door. Rush seemed ready to go too.

"Stay here hound dog," Prez chuckled and reached for the doorknob. Stepping outside Prez promised, "Directly to the food court we go babe. We may have to skip Hot Topics and The Warehouse."

I nodded and grinned, "I'm almost afraid to come back home again before going to Agoura Hills. Once I eat, I'll feel better... I think."

Unlocking the 4Runner Prez let go of my hand and went to the driver's side. "Well," he drawled, "if you weren't such a cool big brother you might've left Drew to fret. But no."

We got in and I helped Prez get the sunscreen down. He folded it and tossed it in the back then started the engine. We closed the doors and Prez pulled away from the curb. My stomach made the first of many very large growling sounds as I reached to turn on the radio. Wide-eyed, Prez glanced my way and started snickering.

"Very funny," I rambled, "I'll spend my entire paycheck on lunch. I'll get a burger and coke and a slice of pizza and another coke and some sweet and sour chicken and an eggroll..." Prez laughed louder and I warned, "You'll have to carry me out of the mall." My stomach growled again.

"Kewl!" Prez chuckled. "One piggy back ride, comin' up!"


"You want it, you got it."

I giggled, "That's a long way to walk with me on your back baby."

"I can deal," Prez grinned. "If or when I get tired, I'll say something."

Picturing myself straddled on Prez's back in the mall sent shivers down my spine. Taking hold of his hand on the gear shifter I sighed, "I love you, baby."

Prez drawled, "Aww, yer jus' sayin' that cos I can defy gravity!" and I cracked up. If he weren't driving, I would've tickled him some more.

A minute or two later, we pulled into the mall parking lot. Prez parked and I reached into the backseat for the sunscreen. Once it was in place, I pulled him over the center console for a deep exploration of his tonsils. His eyes closed and we slowly released the kiss.

His eyes only opened a little and he sighed, "Watch me float into and around the mall."

I laughed and playfully warned, "Ooo! We ain't leavin' until I find a Polaroid camera!"

We got out of the 4Runner and walked hand-in-hand, swinging our clasped hands in a high arc, across the parking lot then into the mall. At the food court, Prez suggested that I go get slices of pizza at Sabbaro's while he went to Burger King for large Whopper with cheese combos. As we sat to eat, we realized the last food we had was at Jessy's the prior night around eight o'clock. After about sixteen hours, no wonder we were starving! We each had Whoppers, fries, large Cokes and two slices of pizza. Stuffed, we leaned back and took our time finishing the fries and Cokes.

I asked, "Ready, baby? Ya wanna check out The Warehouse still?"

Scrunching his nose and shaking his head, Prez gathered his trash saying, "Let's head over to Agoura Hills before it gets any later." Once our garbage was dumped, Prez smiled, "It's piggy-back ride time!"

I laughed, "Are you sure, Prez? I just packed away at least five pounds of food."

"Come on!" Prez pleaded. "You can carry me around, but won't let me do it? Do you think I can't manage?"

Seeing that he really wanted to do it, I suggested, "Let's get back down the escalator first, okay? Just for safeties sake."

Prez nodded and took the lead on the escalator. Once back on the ground floor, he went over to an empty bench and said, "Climb aboard." Smiling at him, I then stepped up onto the wooden bench. Wrapping my arms around his chest and shoulders, Prez took hold of each of my legs then headed towards the mall exit. It was great! The curious stares we got from mall patrons made it even more fun. I was ready to get down when we reached the exit, but Prez wouldn't have it. Choosing the automated doors, he leaned forward a little to make sure I didn't crack my head on the doorway frame. Prez carried me all the way to the 4Runner and let me down near the tailgate. He seemed so proud of himself and I was most definitely appreciative to the extreme. I kissed him deeply there at the back of the 4Runner and again when we got inside.

We went home to get our backpacks, Rush and the dog's dishes and food. Drew was still home alone waiting for Corey's phone call. At the last minute, I decided to drive my own car to Agoura Hills so no one would have to take me to work or pick me up again that night.

When we got to Doug and Brian's place around one that afternoon, Rush happily checked out the new environment as we gathered our stuff and went to the front door. As usual, the doors were unlocked and we stepped inside. We put our gear in the guest bedroom, noticing the bed wasn't made. The sheets and blanket were folded on the mattress. Prez said, "Let me take the hound out back and make sure he'll be safe out there."

I nodded, "I'll meet you in the studio," then went to lock the front door before heading back to the studio.

Mike was wearing headphones and playing one of Doug's Stratocaster guitars while Derrick was sitting at the computer recording him. I didn't really recognize the song Mike was playing and walked across the room. To get Derrick's attention, I tapped his shoulder and he jumped a little. I snickered and Derrick took the headphones off giving me a surprised glare. Quickly he held a finger to his mouth, signaling me to keep quiet for a little while longer. Prez stepped up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist then kissed my neck. And he didn't stop! He started sucking on the ultra-sensitive area below my ear! Derrick noticed Prez behind me as I started turning into mush and giggling.

Finishing the song, Mike took the guitar off and Derrick hit stop on the computer. Finally, I could laugh loudly and turn to face my assailant. Prez started, "Good job, dudes..." but I kissed him hard and ground my chubby against his hip. Wide-eyed, Prez giggled into our kiss. Without releasing my lover, I nonchalantly wondered, "What tune was that?"

Mike answered, "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress by the Hollies." He then asked, "Feel like singin' today, bro?"

I nodded, "I don't really know that song though dude."

Derrick said, "The CD's in the living room." He then handed me a piece of paper with the lyrics printed on it.

Mike suggested, "I'll get Prez up to speed and get his part recorded. You and D can go work on the vocals in the other room."

Derrick stood and smiled at me and Prez. Derrick giggled, "Ya ready dude?"

"I'm ready alright," I groaned and Prez turned bright pink.

"Break it up!" Mike loudly laughed.

"Soon bud," Prez smiled then laid a whopper on me. While Mike and Derrick cackled in the background, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss. A while later, Prez backed off and sighed, "Okay, that should keep us satisfied for a short while."

"At least!" Derrick and Mike howled. Mike took Prez by the arm and Derrick took hold of my shoulders, pushing me out of the room.

As we walked down the hall, Derrick smiled, "I can only wonder why you two are attached to each other today."

I shrugged and briefly considered telling him how I woke with Prez hovering two feet above the mattress, but instead, I said, "It's just been an emotional few days dude. Shit's been happening at home. We had fun at Jessy's party yesterday and that same feeling is still with us today. We went to the mall for lunch and Prez even carried me out of the mall."

"He did?" Derrick giggled.

I nodded, "Pigggy-back ride all the way out to the car."

"Didn't he get tired?"

Shaking my head I grinned, "I told him to let me know if he was. He never did though."

Derrick loaded the CD player and pressed play. I listened to the tune and read the lyrics. At the middle guitar solo, I loudly said, "There's a lot of echo on the record. If I didn't have the lyrics, I wouldn't have a clue what to sing."

Nodding Derrick told me, "We've already got the echo and reverb setup right. It's on the guitars too. Just get a feel for the melody dude."

When the song started again, Derrick sat beside me and we both sang along.

Saturday night I was downtown
Working for the FBI
Sitting in a nest of bad men
Whiskey bottles piling high
Bootlegging boozer on the west side
Full of people who are doing wrong
Just about to call up the DA man
When I heard this woman singing a song
A pair of moneybags made me open my eyes
My temperature started to rise
She was a long cool woman in a black dress
Just a 5-9 beautiful 'n' tall
With just one look I was a bad mess
'Cause that long cool woman had it all

I saw her heading to the table
Well a tall walking big black cat
When Charlie said I hope that you're able boy
Well I'm telling you she knows where it's at
Well then suddenly we heard the sirens
And everybody started to run
Jumping under doors and tables
Well I heard somebody shooting a gun
Well the DA was pumping my left hand
And she was holding my right
Well I told her, "Don't get scared
'Cause you're gonna be spared"
Well I'm gonna be forgiven
If I wanna spend my living
With a long cool woman in a black dress
Just a 5-9 beautiful 'n' tall
Yeah with just one look I was a bad mess
'Cause that long cool woman had it all
Had it all, had it all, had it all...

Stopping the CD player, Derrick then turned to me. "I dunno dude," I balked, "it's a really good tune just not my kinda song."

"You did great Keith!" Derrick excitedly assured.

"Thanks dude," I sincerely said, "but honestly, I think you did even better. You get into the lyrics which makes all the difference in the world."

Derick grinned, "You're serious."

I nodded and encouraged, "You hit all the high notes and you're definitely more into it. Just the enthusiasm you have trumps me easily." Then I suggested, "Play it again, Derrick. I'll work on it with you again. Then we'll both go in and take turns singin' it. I guarantee you'll sound at least as good as me... probably better." He stood there giggling for a few seconds then turned around and restarted the CD player. "Turn it up a bit more," I told him, and then we ran through the song again.

We got to the third and fourth lines then I got up to pause the CD player. Turning to Derrick, I sang, "Sittin' in a nest of bad men, whiskey bottles piling high." Restarting the player again, I then said, "Sing it with me." Together we sang;"Sittin' in a nest of bad men, whiskey bottles piling high." Pausing the player, I prompted, "Again," and we sang it another time. "Now you sing it," I instructed, "Just like last time dude."

Derrick sang, "Sittin' in a nest of bad men, whiskey bottles piling high."

"Kewl, dude. That was it, perfect." I smiled, "Let's go do it."

We went back into the studio and found Prez laying down the bass part. In a minute or so, Prez finished and Mike stopped the computer. "How'd it go babe," Prez asked.

I answered, "Good, Derrick's taking lead vocals on this tune though."

"Really?" Mike smiled.

I nodded, "He can handle it easy and he'll sing it with more enthusiasm."

"We've only got guitars and bass recorded though," Mike said.

"No drums?" I wondered, "How'd you keep the beat without drums?"

Prez answered, "A click track from the PC," and Mike began imitating the sounds.

Derrick stepped up beside Mike and smiled, "It looks like we're having company for a day or two."

Glancing at Prez and me, Mike chuckled, "Kewl! No sleep tonight!"

Rolling my eyes, I snickered, "We have to work tonight and I will again tomorrow."

"We'll be back after work though," Prez assured. Mike and Derrick grinned evilly. Prez laughed, "Keep yer drawers on Mike!"

Disappointed, Mike made a crooked smirk and grumbled, "For now!"

"We've been jammin' in the nude at night," Derrick admitted. Focusing on me, Derrick then smiled, "Ready for the vocals closet dude?" I chuckled and nodded. Turning to Mike, Derrick filled him in on the plan. "We'll both sing it the first time. Then we'll decide once and for all if it's mine or Keith's."

Mike nodded, "Let's make it happen." As Derrick and I went towards the closet, Mike asked, "How's the sunburn Prez?"

"I gave Keith a piggy-back ride earlier so it must be better," Prez chuckled. Grinning widely at my lover, I then closed the door.

Derrick clipped the lyrics on the music stand then we put on the headphones. He asked, "You wanna take the first section or shall I?"

Glancing at the lyrics I said, "I'll take the first section, if it's cool with you?"

"Go for it," Derrick smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Around one-twenty that afternoon, Drew was anxiously pacing from the living room to the kitchen and back again, wondering what had happened with Corey and the psychologist. If anyone had entered the house, Drew probably wouldn't have noticed. He silently thought, "What did you do Corey? Did you tell him everything that happened this weekend? Did you admit the problem existed or did you deny it again? What's your mom gonna do now, Cor? Can we be together or not? Will we have the chance to prove to all of them that we're not just friends or boyfriends; that what we have is really special? Come on, dude, give me a sign. Pick up the phone, dial my number, I'm right here waiting."

Frustrated, Drew hollered at the phone on the wall, "Ring already!" then spun on his heels for another trip between the two rooms. He had just made it to the wall separating the kitchen from the living room and entryway when the phone rang. "Fuck!" Drew softly gasped, and felt his entire body jump at the sudden sound. He hurried to the phone and made it before the second ring, but paused to collect himself. If this was bad news, Drew knew he'd spend the rest of the day alone, probably in his room crying. With his nervous system on overload, his mouth was dry. Drew could barely swallow or breathe. On the third ring, Drew picked up the handset and croaked, "Hello?"

"I love you so much, Drew," Corey cried.

He screwed it up; Corey's crying because he screwed it all up, Drew thought. He nervously asked, "What's wrong, dude? Why are you crying?"

"Can you come over?" Corey sobbed.

"Umm... I'd rather you came over here so we can talk alone," Drew breathlessly said, feeling like he might vomit any moment. "There's no one here at all, Cor."

"Mom and dad want you to come over here," Corey begged, "Please, dude?"

Drew's skull felt like it was about to split into at least four sections. With his brain overflowing with questions, Drew promised, "I'll take Keith's bike and be there in ten minutes, Cor."

"Good," Corey sniffed. "See ya soon."

"I'm on my way," Drew said, "Bye." He hung the handset up and ran to his room to get his keys, mumbling the entire time. "Dammit Corey, you were doing so good too! You admitted it to me, to my folks and again in front of Keith and Prez. All you had to do was admit it one more time. Why'd you fuck it up?" Drew went to the garage and lowered the seat on Keith's bike still mumbling, "We're gonna be separated now, you dope! And your dad is home today too? Oh shit, he's gonna verbally kill me! Then he's gonna tell me to leave and never return! I'll cry the whole way and be lucky to make it home again without getting hit by a friggin' car! I'll die, you'll die and everything's gonna go to shit in a hurry! You'd better keep a safe distance from me, Corey. If you really have fucked this up I'm gonna hit you so hard you won't know what day it is!"

On auto-pilot the entire way, Drew found himself peddling into the Seaver's driveway. Breathlessly, Drew pushed the kick-stand down and silently assured himself everything could still be okay. He might at least try and tell Mr. and Mrs. Seaver that he did everything he could and it wouldn't be good to separate them; it might make matters worse.

Okay. Ring the doorbell now.

But Drew's hand was shaking so much he missed the button on the first attempt. On the second try he managed to actually press the doorbell.

In moments, the front door opened. Mr. Seaver appeared there, looking down at Drew. Reaching to open the screen door, Mr. Seaver flatly said, "Hello, Drew, come in."

Unable to move, Drew thought; oh God, he's six feet four inches, at least two hundred pounds and he's gonna squash me like a bug! It'll only hurt for a minute then it'll all be over.

"Are you alright, son?" Mr. Seaver wondered.

"Huh? Oh, I'm just... umm... tired," Drew stammered and stepped into the house. "I got here as fast as I could. Sorry." Drew looked around. He noticed Mrs. Seaver standing and holding Corey in a tight embrace. Corey's face was hidden on his mom's shoulder. Mr. Seaver closed the doors. To Drew, the front door sounded like a heavy iron safe being securely bolted shut.

"You made it here in less than ten minutes," Mr. Seaver said, and placed his hand firmly on Drew's shoulder. Drew jumped again and looked up, concern and fear clearly written on his face.

Mr. Seaver again asked, "Are you sure you're okay?" He then led Drew into the living room and said, "Sit down, you're scaring me."

Sitting on the sofa, Drew glanced around the room and pleaded, "Please tell me what's going on. I can't take this anymore."

"What's going on?" Mr. Seaver incredulously repeated. He then smiled, "I'll tell you what's going on. You saved my boy. I only know bits and pieces of what you said to Corey, but he's finally admitted that he has a disease; one that has controlled him for at least seven months. We've got a fighting chance now."

Across the room, Mrs. Seaver softly asked, "Are you better now, Corey?"

Corey sniffled and nodded then slowly turned around to finally face Drew. His face was tear stained again. Mrs. Seaver still held Corey around his chest, as if he needed to be supported.

Still absorbing what Corey's father had said, Drew squeaked, "You won't split us up?"

"Hell no!" Mr. Seaver loudly laughed. "Any chance of that happening was put aside about two hours ago." Turning to Corey, Mr. Seaver asked, "Didn't you tell your boyfriend anything on the phone?"

Shaking his head and wiping his eyes, Corey cleared his throat then explained, "I was lucky I could tell him to come over."

"Oh my God!" Mrs. Seaver gasped. She then delightfully giggled, "Corey! Look at Drew carefully. Your boyfriend's fit to be tied."

Breaking away from his mom, Corey hurried over to the sofa and sat on Drew's lap. "I'm sorry," Corey whispered.

Drew asked, "You did it? You told the doc everything?"

Corey nodded and smiled, "Everything, including who you are and what you mean to me. He'd even like to meet you sometime."

Relieved, Drew couldn't find words to express how thankful and proud he was. Resting his head on Corey's shoulder, Drew couldn't help shedding happy tears.

Corey softly tried to calm Drew and assured, "It's just the beginning dude. I get to start over again and it's all because of you. You could've given up on me or just avoided the problem, but you didn't." Corey then whispered, "I know how much you love me. I really love you too."

Mr. and Mrs. Seaver met in the center of the room. Reaching for each other's hands they smiled then sat in the large overstuffed lounge chairs across from the sofa, silently waiting for Drew to stop crying. In a short while Drew looked up and around the room.

Shaking his head, but grinning widely, Drew huffed, "I've been so worried... all morning... all I could do was think... wondering what you might say to the doctor."

Leaning his forehead against Drew's, Corey explained, "I sat down and said what you told me the other day. I told him that I couldn't really tell if I was too fat or too skinny. I look in the mirror after a shower and see fat. But you all look at me and tell me I'm too thin. I need all the help I can get." Corey paused then giggled, "There was a funny smell in the office after that. I think he almost shit himself!"

"Corey!" Mrs. Seaver admonished. Turning away so his wife wouldn't see, Mr. Seaver softly chuckled.

"I love you, Drew," Corey whispered, "I did it all for us, so we could be together."

Drew exhaled loudly and, glancing between the two adults, admitted;"Everything I enjoy, everything I've done for a year has been with Corey. I can't imagine living the same without him and me together."

"You'll never have to imagine that day," Mr. Seaver promised. "We're going out for dinner tonight," Mr. Seaver said, "Where would you like to go, Drew?"

Startled, Drew asked, "It's up to me?"

Leaning forward, so he could be a little closer and at eye level with Drew, Mr. Seaver said, "Look in my eyes Drew. They're red from crying happy tears. Look at my wife. Her eyes are red too. Corey's been crying on and off since eight this morning. According to my wife, the first words out of Corey's mouth on the way to the doctor's office were the words you got him to say."

Obviously deeply moved, Mrs. Seaver softly added, "The other doctor Corey's been seeing on Fridays said that he was extremely concerned; Corey's at least fifteen pounds under weight for his bone structure. That doctor is worried that Corey might not see another Christmas. You changed that, Drew. As far as we're concerned, you're more than our only child's boyfriend; you're an angel, you're Corey's savior. You saved our son from continuing on a downward spiral that might've ended his life."

Blushing fiercely, Drew said, "Believe me, I'm no angel. I did everything except club Corey both Friday and Saturday. It hurt me almost as much as it did Corey, I'm sure."

Mr. Seaver shook his head and exclaimed, "Two nights! There were two parts to this?"

Placing a hand over her forehead for a few moments, Mrs. Seaver then glared at Corey and shrieked, "You are so lucky! If it weren't for Drew, you'd be grounded for a month!"

Corey tried to make himself smaller, held on to Drew tighter and reminded, "I said I was sorry!" Drew could only snicker as Corey suddenly hid his face in his hands.

Leaning back in the chair, Mr. Seaver sighed. "Over dinner I want to hear every detail of what was said and, if possible, why it was said over two nights."

"Where are we going, Drew?" Mrs. Seaver pleasantly asked.

Drew hummed then said, "I love The Olive Garden. Is that okay?"

Mr. Seaver smiled, "If that's what you want, it's done. We'll leave around four thirty."

Drew blushed, "I need to go home real quick. I left in such a hurry, I don't remember closing the garage door." Corey giggled hysterically.

Chuckling, Mr. Seaver warned, "Oh, you'd better be quiet, mister!" Again, Corey tried to shrink and hide.

Mrs. Seaver smiled, "Go home with your boyfriend and lock up the house. Be back by four though."

Corey got up off of Drew and offered a hand to help him up. "We'll be back in time for dinner," Corey promised. Drew and Corey walked outside. Noticing the bike in the driveway, Corey asked, "You took Keith's bike?"

"I told you I was," Drew reminded. "My bike's got a flat tire. I could've run, but the bike was quicker."

Reaching for Drew's hand, Corey softly asked, "You'll still help me?"

Drew playfully answered, "It depends." Corey waited for the other shoe to drop as Drew pushed up the kick stand. "What are you planning on eating tonight?" Drew wondered as they started walking down the driveway.

Corey teased, "Salad... lots of salad." Drew grumbled and Corey giggled, "And pasta!"

Starting down the street together, Drew warned, "And what else?"

"Well," Corey playfully sang, "I was hoping... since we haven't in a few days... maybe I'd snack on you for a while."

Drew grinned, "I guess you love me?"

"Completely, one thousand percent," Corey giggled, "almost as much as my folks do now!"

Drew groaned, "Wait till I get you home!"

"I can't wait for that!" Corey gleefully hollered and took off running. Hopping on the bike, Drew hurried after him.

Drew quickly realized that Corey hadn't really heard what he said on the phone. Once he caught up with Corey, Drew repeated, "There's no one home, dude. The house is empty and the dildo is waiting there." Wide-eyed, Corey started running at his top speed. Drew caught up again and chuckled, "Am I giving you incentive yet?"

"Sonofabitch!" Corey laughed. "You could give me a ride!"

Drew teased, "Oh, I intend to, but for now, we'll just have to deal with the dildo."

Laughing hysterically, Corey couldn't run anymore. Drew stopped the bike and backed up a few yards. "Get on the handle bars, Cor," Drew smiled. "We've got about two hours to mess around, shower and get back again."

Corey wiggled his buns onto the handle bars and Drew began peddling again. Once they arrived at Drew's house, Corey laughed, "The garage door is closed!"

Coming to a stop near the garage, Drew hummed, "Amazing, I didn't really remember."

Hopping down off the handle bars, Corey giggled, "Like I'm gonna believe that!"

"Guess we can go right back to your house then," Drew joked.

"Oh no, we can't!" Corey insisted and pulled Drew towards the front porch. Within minutes, the toy was retrieved from Keith's night table and they were locked in the den.

Drew discovered that what they were doing could no longer be called 'messing around'. Drew kissed every inch of Corey, from the top of his head to his toes. It was the best way he could show Corey how proud and happy he felt. Drew was truly making love to Corey and softly told him that. Drew spent so much time giving to Corey that they only had thirty minutes to shower, dress and get back to the Seaver's home. Corey got to show his feelings quickly in the tub and had every intention of showing more later that night.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After Keith and Derrick disappeared into the vocal booth, I sat down at the PC beside Mike. While Mike adjusted the settings so we could hear and record our boyfriends, he said, "I don't know what's goin' on with you or Keith, but something's changed."

Tilting my head curiously, I assured, "Nothin's changed bud. You know Keith's mom had a fit over the sunburn, right?" Mike nodded and I continued, "She's still stressed over that kid in the hospital. We went to Jessy's party yesterday. I played my acoustic bass almost the entire day. The only breaks I seemed to get were for meals, sodas or snacks. Keith sang some too; he was great and everyone there told him so."

Holding a finger up, Mike had me wait while he spoke into the mic to our boyfriends. "You dudes ready in there?" A moment later he said, "We're just gonna get the levels the first time through so don't burn out, k? Here we go." Mike pressed the record button. The music and our boyfriends' voices played through the room monitors and Mike turned to me.

I said, "The only other things worth mentioning are two big arguments Drew and Corey had; one Friday night and another Saturday afternoon. It looks like maybe Corey's accepted he has a problem, but he's seein' the doc today. Drew's been home frettin' and fussin' all morning. We talked with him a little and he's doin' better. Corey should be with him soon, if he isn't already."

Mike excitedly asked, "That's it?" I nodded and Mike grinned devilishly. "Then why are you so attached to each other today?"

I chuckled, "I don't know! It's not like we haven't made love or spent a lot of time apart. It's just the way we feel today."

Squinting disbelievingly, Mike wondered, "Then why are you glowing?" He quickly added, "It's not the sunburn either; you seem brighter, much happier somehow."

I giggled, "It's probably the way we woke this morning. Keith had a strange dream and we've just been really playful and silly all day."

"That ain't cuttin' it dude," Mike smiled. "D and I have had this house mostly to ourselves for almost a week. We've been having really good times too; lots of sex, lots of music and lots of time kickin' back relaxing together." He then asked, "Are we glowing or attached at the hips?"

I shrugged, "Ask me again Wednesday or Thursday. Would you like to join us camping Wednesday? We've gotta make a local camping trip before goin' to Yosemite later this month. Hopefully Drew and Corey can join us. I'd like you dudes there too."

Mike nodded, "I think that'd be pretty cool. I'll check with D. It's just for the night. The house will be fine for an over-niter."

The song finished and over the monitors Keith cheered, "Awesome dude! Just like the CD."

"Thanks!" Derrick chuckled.

"I'm out of the closet then," Keith happily announced. I cracked up and Mike shook his head sadly. Turning, I watched Keith step out of the booth and close the door behind him.

"Lemme know when you're ready D," Mike said into the talk-back mic. Keith took a position behind me and began gently massaging my shoulders.

"Anytime, lets roll it." Derrick said. The familiar rhythm guitar intro began. On cue, Derrick began singing. He sang the whole tune this time and we could hear him with the reverb over the monitors. When Derrick screamed the "Whoa!" near the end of the solo before the second section began, Mike's eyes and smile widened.

Grabbing his crotch, Mike groaned as if he was in pain.

"You okay bud?" I wondered.

"I'm alright," Mike grinned, "I'll be more than alright after you two go to work." Keith and I cracked up. Mike loudly assured, "I'll spend as long as it takes to make him make that sound again!"

"What was that you said about glowing?" I teased.

"If I ain't now I will be later!" Mike cackled. We were still giggling or laughing when the song was almost finished. Standing, Mike grinned, "Take over the 'puter Prez." Seconds later I pressed stop and then rewind.

Meeting Derrick at the booth door, Mike grabbed him and kissed him hard. Keith and I grinned at this sudden display of affection. Mike broke away and hung off of Derrick.

"Ya liked that, Lick?" Derrick softly asked.

"WHAT?" Keith and I excitedly yelled in unison.

Glaring at Derrick, Keith asked, "What did you just call Mike?"

"Aw Jeez," Derrick giggled and hid his face on Mike's shoulder.

Rolling his eyes, Mike shouted, "Lick, as in guitar licks, not what you two pervs are thinkin'!"

Grabbing my belly, I lost it and laughed hysterically.

"Oh please," Mike loudly chuckled, "like you two haven't been using pet names forever! I called Derrick 'D' when? Right after Christmas, after I learned Dee. Now you're both calling him that too. Don't you dare call me Lick though. Unless D says it, I prolly won't even turn to see who said it."

Keith went off the deep end and laughed, "Lick, lick me! Now I can get ready for work and have some more fun stuff to think about. That'll crack me up all night. Thanks, dudes!"

Shaking his head, Mike grumbled, "I'm gonna hurt him. Get him outta here, Prez."

Carefully standing, I lead Keith to the guest bedroom. Once there, Keith closed the door and fell against me laughing his ass off! Once he had composed himself, he giggled, "Mike 'Lick my ribbon' Gibbons! I love it!" Keith took his T-shirt off and I went for his tasty nips, licking them and giggling like crazy. Keith let me get both his nipples perky then lifted my head off his chest and kissed me. He smiled, and then softly explained, "I gotta jet, baby. More lickin' tonight though, okay?"

"And we won't have to keep very quiet either," I reminded.

Keith gave me another kiss then grabbed his Blockbuster polo shirt and sighed, "I love you, Prez. Have a good night. I'll see ya later."

"Love you too, babe. Be careful driving," I smiled and walked him to the front door. I grabbed another quick kiss before he left. Grinning widely, I went back to the studio. So Derrick was nicknamed D after the song, I thought, and Mike's new pet name is Lick. I had to think more about this! From the hallway, I heard the replay of Long Cool Woman. I put my best pouty face on, so it would seem I was sad that Keith had left. Given the correct opportunity, I could get a zing or two in before leaving for work! After a quick trip to the toidy, I stepped into the studio.

Derrick was just sitting down behind the drums. Mike explained, "Let's get the drum part down for Long Cool Woman. While that's happenin', we can decide what to work on next." I nodded and went over to the PC, taking a seat to Mike's left. Since we were recording with mics around the drums, we each had to put on headphones. In seconds, the tracks were playing and soon Derrick began playing. Mike picked up a pad of paper and wrote: Metallica's Enter Sandman

I wrote: Who's singin lead?

Mike grinned and wrote: YOU!

I reminded: What about Keith? We'll both be here tonight and tomorrow.

Mike shrugged and pushed the pad back to me. I wrote: Keith likes the Nazareth tune Hair of the Dog. Mike's eyes widened and I added: He'll sing it. Can you play it?

Taking the pad and pen Mike wrote: I can get the rhythm guitar down before you have to leave. Derrick could probably get the drum part too. Do you know it? He gave me the pad back.

I scribbled; Most of it. It'll give me something to think about at work. We could get the guitar and drum parts started before I have to go?

Nodding, Mike took the pad and pen then set them aside. We then kicked back, watching the levels on the monitor and Derrick playing.

Once Derrick was done and Mike had pressed stop, we listened to the playback of all the tracks. It was really very good, one of the best tunes we had ever learned and recorded. We then went to the living room to find the Nazareth CD with Hair of the Dog on it. I let Rush inside and got him a bowl of water with ice. While Derrick and I jotted down the lyrics, Mike worked out the rhythm guitar part and parts of the lead solos. After the third play Mike assured he had the rhythm guitar part down pat. Heading back to the studio, Mike and Derrick began working out the tune while I operated the PC and mixer. Neither Mike nor Derrick was satisfied with the first take and they started over again. I noticed the time had flown by and left the studio to get changed then returned with my hound dog to hear the playback.

Sitting at the PC rewriting the lyrics, Mike grumbled, "You've both got shitty handwriting. If I can barely read it, Keith'll just whine and complain." Grinning devilishly, he then looked up at Derrick and I. "Damn left handed people." Smirking, Derrick and I started shoving Mike around.

"Funny," Derrick giggled, "You always seemed to like what I can do with my left hand!"

Beginning to laugh at Mike's blush, I chuckled, "Keith seems to always want me to use my left hand too. If my hand gets tired and I switch to my right hand, he won't get off."

Nodding, Mike admitted, "I can't jack-off with my left hand, but when Derrick does it, I'm a squirmin', gaspin' fool."

Derrick then blushed, "Mike's right hand does me just the best way too."

Starting for the door with Mike and Derrick in tow, I giggled, "I'm ambidextrous; a few days of the right, a few days of the left. But Keith's learned just what to do. Everything he does makes me tremble."

"One quick question bro," Derrick said as he hugged me. "How do you get that fat bone of his in your mouth?" Mike cracked up!

Refusing to tell the truth, I simply laughed, "I've got a big enough mouth."

"Bullshit!" Mike loudly laughed, "You're trying to say your jaw muscles didn't need to stretch at all?"

Smiling widely, I shrugged, "Maybe... maybe not." Mike then gave me a quick hug. I reached for the door and realized what that line of questioning was about. Turning towards them again I said, "It's been a special day for us. I'm pretty sure Keith and I will want to sleep alone tonight."

"I figured that already," Mike smiled. "He'll be singin' Hair of the Dog later... that's all."

Derrick nodded and added, "Keith wouldn't consider anything unless you were around anyway. Now get your Texas tall tail to work."

We said our final goodbye's and I drove back to Woodland Hills Black Angus. The summer busy season had definitely arrived with a vengeance. For a long while, between five and eight that night, we had a two hour wait for a table. I could barely keep up with the work, constantly emptying filled bus buckets and wiping down tables only seconds before a hostess seated another party of patrons. It was nuts! Randy and I were practically flying in and out of the kitchen, barely slowing down as we returned bus buckets to the dining room. There really wasn't any time to think about the song I needed to play later that night or anything else. Around ten o'clock, I only had time for a fifteen minute snack break consisting of buttered bread and a soda.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At the Chatsworth Olive Garden, the Seavers and Drew had just been seated and were reading their menus. Corey put his menu down first and told Drew, "I love the Ravioli here. It's what I always used to get."

Stunned, Drew searched Corey's eyes for some clue as to what more had occurred with the psychologist. Drew softly asked, "Are you sure? Isn't there meat in it?"

Shaking his head, Corey answered, "Pasta and cheese filling."

Drew looked over at Corey's parents, but they were only reading their menus it seemed.

"I guess I'll get the chicken parmigiana," Drew said and laid his menu down.

A waitress came over and pleasantly introduced herself. "Hello, my name is Beatrice and I'll be serving you this evening. Can I get you something to drink or an appetizer?"

Mrs. Seaver asked, "What are your dinner specials this evening? Which wine I choose depends on what I order."

"Herb grilled salmon is our dinner special this evening. It's very good tonight too," Beatrice answered.

Mrs. Seaver smiled, "A white wine then please." Turning to her husband, she asked, "Are you interested in the salmon?"

"Yeah, I think that sounds perfect," Mr. Seaver smiled. Looking up at the waitress, he said, "Two glasses of Chateau Ste. Michelle, please. And for an appetizer, the sampler with stuffed mushrooms, fried zucchini and fried mozzarella."

"Would you like your appetizer served with the salad or after?" Beatrice asked as she scribbled down the order.

"Afterward, please." Mr. Seaver replied.

Beatrice then turned to Drew. "Just a Coke, thanks," Drew softly said.

Corey said, "Water, please."

Beatrice said, "I'll have your drinks and salad in a few minutes," then hurried away.

"So Drew," Mr. Seaver smiled, "please tell me the unabridged version of what happened between you and my son."

Corey smiled, but whined, "I didn't abridge anything, dad."

"We'll just see about that," Mrs. Seaver teased.

Put on the spot, Drew blushed and giggled, but slid his hands under his thighs to keep them away from his face. "Did Corey tell you about how we met Brian and Pete Friday night?" Drew wondered.

"He did, but I'd like to hear your perspective," Mr. Seaver replied.

"Well, Brian had a similar situation with the disease," Drew began. "Keith and Prez brought them over to talk with us about it. Brian got into trouble and wound up in the hospital too, like two years ago. Brian basically told us that he couldn't tell when he was thin enough. Prez and Keith and my folks were just trying to help. It embarrassed Corey a lot. In my room he was pretty upset about it."

Pausing, Drew checked with Corey and then his parents. No one seemed surprised, so Drew continued. "Well, Corey started yelling about how he was tempted to leave because he was so embarrassed. And he said some stuff that made me want to defend Keith and Prez, especially since Corey and Prez had a talk when we went camping. I really lost it. I reminded Corey about the hospital and what it was like for me, needing my dad to talk to nurses, needing you guys to escort me up to his room, and seeing the I.V. tubes running into his arms. Basically, that's all I did that night; was tell him what it's been like for me since school ended. By the end of it, Corey promised to pay attention to me; if I offered him food, he would eat it; if I told him he looked tired, he would rest. I pointed out that he was denying everything about eating and his weight. Then I put him in front of the dresser mirror and pointed to everything I liked about him, and everything that scared me too."

Turning to Corey, Drew asked, "Did I miss anything?"

Nodding, Corey softly answered, "You said that you couldn't be my friend and just watch me kill myself."

"Oh yeah," Drew agreed, "that too."

The waitress came by with bread sticks, salad, plates and drinks. Once everything was served and Mr. Seaver had thanked her, the conversation continued as soon as she stepped away.

"There are a few missing details still," Mr. Seaver reminded and took a warm bread stick from the basket.

"That was the next day dad," Corey said as he began serving himself salad. "After making those promises to Drew, I was stuck. I could do what he wanted me to, but I couldn't admit it to everyone; especially not Brian or Pete."

"And that's what made me crazy," Drew smirked at Corey.

Locking eyes with Drew and handing over the salad spoons, Corey softly said, "I know, dude. All I can say is I'm sorry."

"You can stop apologizing, Cor," Drew nodded. As he began serving himself salad, Drew explained, "My mom said it was like a self defense mechanism. Corey was probably already admitting that the disease was the problem, but it was his disease."

Mrs. Seaver prompted, "So what happened Saturday?"

Corey sadly sighed, "Brian made Drew cry, talking about how my death might affect him and everyone else." Shaking his head, Corey admitted, "Brian's a nice guy and I do like him, but I'll probably always be angry about the way he pushed it."

Drew handed the salad spoons to Corey's mom saying, "It scared me... it's always scared me. While Corey was in the hospital, I had nightmares about him."

Serving herself salad, Mrs. Seaver softly wondered, "Sunken cheeks, practically skin and bones?"

Having already stuffed salad in his mouth, Drew's eyes widened and he rapidly nodded realizing that Corey's mom had had a similar dream.

Corey swallowed and said, "Drew told me exactly what his life would be like if I were to die from the disease. He'd be worse than a hermit. Everything we've ever done together would remind him of me and make him sad. Then he'd get angry at the memory of me. I could easily picture it in my mind too. That image, of an old, grumpy man with Drew's features is what really made the difference."

"But you still denied any possibility of dying," Drew softly reminded.

Corey slowly nodded, "I wish I hadn't, but I know I did."

"That's what set me off," Drew explained. "I only wanted him to say that he couldn't tell if he was too fat or too skinny. Corey couldn't say it." Becoming upset at the memory, Drew placed his fork on his plate, lifted his cloth napkin and wiped his eyes.

Corey felt how upset Drew was becoming and also put his fork down. Leaning over, Corey whispered in Drew's ear. "I can't tell if I'm too fat or too thin. I need help. You taught me that, Drew. I'll say it at least once a day every day until the doctors tell me specifically to stop saying it, okay?"

Still covering his wet eyes, Drew nodded. "That was one of the worst things I've ever had to do," Drew softly sobbed. Mrs. Seaver also stopped eating and quickly covered her face with her napkin.

Mr. Seaver stood, walked around the table and squatted down beside Drew. "Come with me, Drew."

"Where?" Drew wondered from behind his napkin.

"Let's step outside and get some air," Mr. Seaver suggested. Drew nodded, slid his chair from the table and stood, still wiping tears from his eyes with the cloth napkin. Mr. Seaver looked at his son and nodded towards his wife then guided Drew out of the restaurant. They stopped in the parking lot under a nearby shade tree; by which time Drew had calmed down.

Mr. Seaver wrapped a caring arm around Drew and sighed. "I was worried when Corey told me he was gay. I don't know any gay or lesbian people. All I could do was support my only child the best I could. When he told us that he was falling in love with you, all we could do was our best, and hope that you wouldn't become the first of many boyfriends." Drew looked up into Mr. Seaver's eyes and saw that he was telling the truth.

"What you've done for us I can never repay," Mr. Seaver assured. "If I live to a hundred, I'll always remember this day; how happy I was when my wife called me from the doctor's office to tell me a breakthrough had been made. Then I learned how that breakthrough was made. It was all you, Drew; your compassion, perseverance and strength pushed Corey through a barrier that was holding him back, keeping him enslaved by this horrible disease.

"I can see how much it hurt you to do it now. All I can say is, I'm sorry it happened, and add that I'm very thankful it happened at all. Your efforts with Corey these last few days are very much appreciated, son. I now know my boy made the best choice in boyfriends. If he thinks he'll ever find an excuse to break up with you, I'll guarantee that he'll never hear the end of it from me or his mother."

Fiercely blushing, Drew couldn't help chuckling.

"There's one other thing I'd like to suggest," Mr. Seaver smiled.

"Yes, Sir?" Drew prodded.

"You've earned the right to address myself and my wife by our first names."

Stunned, Drew squealed, "Really?"

Mr. Seaver nodded. "You obviously respect us and we have nothing but respect and admiration for you."

Scratching the back of his head, Drew grinned, "It's gonna take some time, I think."

"And I'll keep reminding you as time goes on. My name is Bill to all my close friends. My wife's name is Lanna. Are you ready to go inside?"

"Yes Sir... umm... Bill."

Leading the way, Mr. Seaver chuckled, "It'll get easier."

On the way inside and back to their table, Mr. Seaver noticed the waitress and waved her over. She joined Drew and Mr. Seaver asking, "Can I help you, Sir?"

"Please get us some extra napkins," Mr. Seaver instructed.

Beatrice smiled, "Already done, Sir." Casting a brief, concerned look at Drew, she asked, "Is everything alright?"

Blushing, Drew nodded and Mr. Seaver smiled, "Much better now, thank you."

"I've held your appetizers," Beatrice said. "If there's anything you need, let me know."

Corey noticed his dad and Drew approaching. He stood and pulled the chair Drew was using out.

"What're you doin'?" Drew suspiciously asked.

Rolling his eyes, Corey smiled, "What my mom told me to do. It was either this or be trapped at home alone tonight."

Drew softly snickered, "You've been very bad."

"Yes, he has!" Mrs. Seaver giggled.

Corey pushed the chair in as Drew sat then he returned to his own chair. Leaning over and wrapping an arm around Drew's chair, Corey whispered, "I was also told to hug and kiss you as soon as you returned."

Drew's eyes widened and he nervously looked around the crowded restaurant.

"When we get home again," Corey promised his parents and Drew.

When it was obvious that everyone had finished their salad, the waitress stepped up to the table. "Are you ready for your appetizers and to order your main courses?" Beatrice politely asked.

Mr. Seaver nodded, "Yes, and to thank you for your service tonight too."

"My pleasure," Beatrice beamed. "What may I get for you?"

"My wife and I will have the salmon special," Mr. Seaver said.

"I'll have the chicken parmigiana," Drew said.

"And I'll have the ravioli," Corey added.

Beatrice nodded, "I'll be right back with your appetizers."

Mrs. Seaver warned, "Eat slowly, Corey. Remember what the doctor said might happen. I'd rather we brought home a to-go container."

Uncertainly, Drew glanced around the table before asking;"What did the doctor say?"

"It's no big deal," Corey assured. "He thinks if I eat too much or too fast, I might become nauseous." Turning to his mom, Corey added, "I'll go slow, I promise. I got dibs on the zucchini though!" Noticing Drew's uncertain expression, Corey grinned, "It's a veggie! I'll scrape the fried breading off."

Beatrice arrived with the appetizers and more plates. After checking all the glasses were still filled and nothing more was required, she went to check her other customers.

While everyone chose their favorite appetizer, Mr. Seaver reminded, "Slowly, Corey. You can't gain everything back in seven days or seven weeks."

"I know," Corey softly said. "It'll probably take six or seven months, if we're lucky."

"Really?" Drew asked. Everyone around the table nodded so Drew knew it was the truth. Absorbing this new information, Drew wondered, "So... what should I be doing now? What if Corey starts vomiting after meals again? Do I still need to follow him around?"

Corey slyly grinned, "I'd kinda like it if you did."

Hanging his head in his hand, Mr. Seaver chuckled.

Mrs. Seaver complained, "Would you boys please be serious?" Looking at Drew, she explained, "Corey does still need a certain amount of monitoring, but not as closely as we have been. If he becomes ill, we're to use common sense, over the counter medicines for vomiting or diarrhea. That's all we should need."

"I don't like liquid Pepto Bismol," Corey reminded. "If anything will make me puke, it's that... junk."

Mrs. Seaver nodded, "We've got the Pepto pills at home."

Drew nodded, turned to Corey then softly joked, "At least I don't have to watch you hurl. That could get really bad for both of us."

Corey and his dad cracked up, but Mrs. Seaver huffed impatiently.

The rest of the meal at The Olive Garden passed smoothly and without any additional distress. Occasionally, Corey's parents would glance across the table at their son and Drew. Corey shared a little of his ravioli with Drew and Drew shared some chicken parmigiana with Corey. Even when they weren't sharing food, they were extremely close and seemed to complete each others sentences.

Taking the doctor's advice and his parent's warnings seriously, Corey only finished two of the six large ravioli on his plate, but started the third before giving up. The remaining three ravioli were boxed up and brought back to the Seaver's.

Drew followed the Seavers into their house. As soon as the left over ravioli was put away and before Drew knew what was happening, Corey wrapped his arms around Drew and hugged him tight. Corey grinned widely at Drew's stunned expression then happily announced, "Mom... Dad... this is the boy I love. He loves me too." Urgently, Corey kissed Drew. It was a relatively short kiss; Corey knew how Drew felt about public displays of affection, but it was enough for Drew to tighten his grip on Corey. Ecstatic, Corey whispered, "Tell them dude... tell them what you said about the disease and me."

Drew remembered what he had said, nodded and repeated, "It's the disease I hate, not you. I'm stompin' on the disease. I love you, Corey."

Lanna Seaver felt like a twenty-ton weight had been abruptly pushed off her shoulders. She had good reason to celebrate, but had a little too much wine at the restaurant. She also had an Espresso, but after seeing Corey and Drew together and hearing them declare their love, she had more wine.

Drew was on the receiving end of Lanna Seaver's tipsy adoration. He had received several unexpected hugs and kisses from Corey's mother. Drew was afraid to step out of Corey's room for a soda or to go to the bathroom. Corey laughed hysterically at his mom, but dutifully ran interference for Drew.

Later that evening, around eight o'clock, while Drew and Corey were in the bedroom watching TV, Lanna Seaver called the Hundser's.

Jim Hundser answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Jim, it's Lanna," she pleasantly said.

"Hi," Jim absently smiled. "How're you tonight?"

"Oh, I couldn't be better!" Lanna warmly answered. "Do you know what Drew did?"

Jim grinned at Lanna's exuberance. "Some of it, I think. You're referring to the talks they had?"

"Yes, that's exactly why I called," Lanna happily said. "I suppose I should ask what you already know."

"We were all here Friday night," Jim relayed. "Even though they were down the hall... it was a loud conversation." Jennifer Hundser stepped out of the master bedroom and passed Jim on her way into the kitchen.

Jennifer silently asked, "Who is that?"

Jim mouthed, "Lanna," and with his other hand gestured that she had obviously had a little too much to drink. Wide-eyed, Jennifer giggled heartily.

"I would imagine so," Lanna laughed. "And there was a repeat performance Saturday afternoon, I understand."

"We missed that one," Jim said. "Corey and Drew only summarized for us last night."

"I don't want coffee, Bill!" Lanna playfully told her husband. "I want wine! No, I'm not going to work tomorrow. I'll call in dead then!" Jim couldn't believe what he was hearing on the other end of the phone and tried not to laugh.

"I'll get right to the point," Lanna then said. "I want your son."

"WHAT?" Jim loudly laughed. Jennifer wondered what was being said.

"I want to adopt your son!" Lanna giggled.

"Oh!" Jim chuckled, "That's different. Can I ask how Drew feels about this?"

In the background, Jim heard Bill Seaver say, "Give me the phone, honey."

"NO!" Lanna laughed, "Jim hasn't answered me yet."

Closer to the phone, Jim heard Bill pleading, "Lanna, please give me the phone?"

Lanna melodically laughed, "Bill!"

After a few moments of confusion on the other end of the phone, Jim finally heard Bill say, "Jim?"

Hysterical, Jim laughed, "Hi Bill, how drunk are you?"

Bill chuckled, "I only had two glasses of wine at the restaurant. Someone had to drive."

In the background, Lanna loudly giggled, "Give me that phone back!"

Bill sweetly said, "Lanna... dearest... you're going to regret this tomorrow. Excuse us please, Jim."

A second later, the phone was obviously dropped. Then Jim heard Lanna loudly laughing "Bill! Put me down!" Then there was silence.

Cracking up, but still holding the phone to his ear, Jim searched the counter for the note Drew had left before he got home from work. Jennifer smiled at her husband and also re-read the note. It read:


Corey's doctor appointment went alright. The Seaver's are taking us out to dinner. Corey wants me to spend the night there. I'll be back home for dinner tomorrow, probably with Corey. Cya then.


P.S. Keith and Prez are staying with Mike and Derrick tonight and tomorrow.

Hugging her husband, Jennifer giggled, "She's drunk?"

Barely able to speak, Jim nodded, "She wants to adopt Drew!"

"Stop!" Jennifer laughed, "She only had one glass of champagne New Year's Eve! Lanna doesn't drink!"

"She does now!" Jim roared.

Picking up Drew's note, Jennifer smiled, "Let's read between the lines. Corey's doctor appointment must've been more than alright. She's relieved, that's easy. They went out to dinner. I wonder where?"

"Jim?" Bill Seaver said from the opposite end of the line.

"I'm here, Bill," Jim Hundser smiled.

Bill snickered, "I'm sorry, I haven't seen her like this in almost twenty years."

"It's okay, she just surprised me," Jim nodded.

"It surprised me too," Bill laughed, "What Lanna was so eloquently trying to say is that we appreciate everything Drew's done the last few days."

"We're glad everything's turning out alright," Jim said.

"This is a giant leap for Corey," Bill honestly shared. "We can sleep better tonight." He paused then chuckled, "Well... she can sleep better... if the bed doesn't spin and send her flying out on her ass!" Jim roared laughing. "Have a good night," Bill snickered.

"You too!" Jim chuckled, "Good night Bill."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After I had gathered my tips around eleven-twenty, I used the kitchen phone to call home since I couldn't recall the number in Agoura Hills. Keith's dad picked up the phone. I explained that I was running late and was still hungry then asked, "Would you let Keith know, please? Tell him I'll probably stop for something at Burger King or Mickey Dee's in Agoura Hills, okay?"

Dad said he would call Doug's place and asked me to drive carefully because he could hear how tired I was. As I walked out to the car, I wondered if I needed to talk to my boss before Mr. Hundser called and started reciting child labor laws verbatim. I finally decided to talk with dad before my boss. It was summer time after all, and once again, I had almost eighty bucks in my pocket. While I was stopped at Burger King for a chicken sandwich combo, I realized that, after paying for my food, I still had seventy-six dollars. So I had actually earned eighty-three bucks. No other job could get me that kind of money. Yeah, I was tired and sweaty and covered with grease, but I figured, it's work time not play time.

When I arrived at Doug and Brian's place, I had barely gotten out of the car before the front door opened. Rush ran across the lawn and Keith stepped outside wearing the same shorts he had left for work in, but shirtless. "Oh man!" I excitedly bellowed.

"Rough night again?" Keith sadly wondered.

Bouncing my eyebrows, I stepped up closer and said, "Seeing you shirtless woke me up fast!"

Even Rush could sense my mood had changed. He was happily bouncing around Keith and I. Keith softly chuckled, "You sex machine!"

"You'd better believe it!" I softly snickered. "Suddenly I'm not interested in a chicky-tit sandwich or fries." Leaning close, I whispered, "I want sausage!"

We stepped inside and Keith tried in vain to not laugh, but he was occasionally sputtering through a wide smile. From the couch, Mike suspiciously squinted, "What'd you do now, O'Brian?"

Putting my bag of food down on the table, I smiled and in my best Texas drawl said, "Ain't dun nuttin' yet!" Then I pulled Keith into the guest bedroom and went right back to lickin' his tasty titties. Eventually I got some sausage too. About fifteen minutes later, I led Keith back to the table. Mike was lying on top of Derrick makin' out and grinding away. Keith and I sat at the table talking quietly about our time apart while I ate my cold sandwich and a few fries.

Tossing my trash, I then asked, "Did you get Hair of the Dog vocals done?"

Keith nodded and said, "Derrick doubled his drum part and Mike layered lots of guitar parts."

Up and off Derrick, Mike walked over saying;"All we need is your bass part, Prez."

I pitifully admitted, "It was too busy tonight to think," and then asked, "Can I listen to the CD again?"

"Sure bro," Derrick said and then went to the stereo. Moments later the tune was playing loudly. While I listened I sat on the floor to give my hound dog some attention and a few french fries. When the song finished, I got up and threw away the last of the fries. Before heading back to the studio, I asked, "Should someone stay out here and keep Rush company?"

Scowling, Mike asked, "Why?" and then added, "While Derrick and I worked on adding tracks, Rush just waited outside the studio door."

"The dog's fine bro," Derrick assured. "When we ate, he ate. Nothin's been damaged."

"When was he out last?" I wondered.

Keith answered, "Right after I got here baby; about quarter-to-ten, I guess." He leaned over and pet Rush cheering, "He's a good boy!" Rush leaned into Keith's hand then dropped to the floor, rolling around on his back.

Mike led the way to the studio. "We had to mix all the drum tracks down to stereo before adding more drums. The second set is in stereo too now and so are my lead and rhythm guitar parts."

"It sounds awesome, Prez," Derrick happily said. "Mike played the Les Paul, a Telecaster, a Strat and the 335. There are six rhythm guitar tracks and two lead guitar tracks. The mix is really thick, and the drums are powerful; it's at least as good as the CD."

"I can't wait to hear it," I beamed. Barely a minute later, the song played loudly through the studio monitors. The recorded Keith sang:

Heart breaker, soul shaker
I've been told about you
Steamroller, midnight stroller
What they've been saying must be true
Red hot mama
Velvet charmer
Time's come to pay your dues
Now you're messin' with a
A son of a bitch
Now you're messin' with a son of a bitch
Now you're messin' with a
A son of a bitch
Now you're messin' with a son of a bitch

Keith began dancing next to me and continued singing. Of course, I started dancing with him.

Talkin' jivey, poison ivy
You ain't gonna cling to me
Man taker, born faker
I ain't so blind I can't see
Red hot mama
Velvet charmer
Time's come to pay your dues
Now you're messin' with a
A son of a bitch
Now you're messin' with a son of a bitch
Now you're messin' with a
A son of a bitch
Now you're messin' with a son of a bitch

I then gave Keith a kiss for job well done.

Mike stepped up to the side of Keith and me, shifting his eyes between each of us.

"Is there a problem, bro?" Keith smiled.

Closing his eyes and shaking his head Mike sighed, "Just wonderin' what Prez thought of the tracks D and I worked so hard on."

"Oh!" I grinned and snapped out of my trance. "Yeah, it's great Mike. The guitars sounded really good, like a natural chorus effect from the layered tracks. The drums sounded every bit as good as the CD too."

Nodding, Mike softly said, "Okay then."

Derrick smiled, "Maybe we could get the bass part done before dawn?"

"That's true," I teased. Mike rolled his entire head in defeat and walked away, causing Derrick to snicker uncontrollably.

"Swear to God," Mike softly grumbled, "once they get within three feet of each other, the rest of the world simply fades away." Keith smiled and nodded causing me to laugh because it was really true. I heard everything fine until Keith started dancing and singing to me. Then I phased out; only concentrating on Keith and dancing with him.

Finished busting Mike's balls for the moment, I went over to the bass amp, powered it on and asked, "What's the holdup, Mike?"

"Oh, finally ready to make music instead of googoo eyes?" Mike teased.

I grinned, "I can do both. We'll just have Keith dance while I play."

Mike and Derrick sat at the PC and soon Derrick's voice gave the count-in. The song began and I started playing while my sexy shirtless boyfriend danced and gyrated his hips a few feet in front of me. Needless to say, my concentration was shattered! I flubbed up several times and soon we were all laughing. "Well, that idea didn't work at all!" I snickered and gave up about half way into the song.

Stopping the playback, Mike chuckled, "D, get Keith outta here please? Maybe we can get this song done and mixed tonight."

Derrick stood and went to Keith. Keith silently mouthed, "I love you so much," then followed Derrick out of the room.

I turned to Mike and he started chuckling. "What?" I grinned.

"I dunno, dude," Mike began, "I've never seen Keith like he is with you. And when you're around him... well, there's no other way to say it... you're gone, Prez. I don't know where you've gone, but it's like the lights are on, but no one's home."

Turning down the volume knob on my bass, I grinned, "And that kiss you gave Derrick after singing earlier? Would you have stopped if Keith or I told you to?"

"No way!" Mike quickly answered. He then sighed, "Derrick and me, we're musicians that love each other. You and Keith are in love first, everything else is secondary."

"You sound a little bit sad," I gently prodded. Mike only shrugged and hummed uncertainly. "Can I make a suggestion?" I asked. Mike smiled and nodded. "Tell Derrick what you just said. Then, if you guys want to, you can reverse the order; lovers first, musicians second."

Again, Mike smiled and nodded. "I'll talk with D about it. Maybe it is time to adjust our priorities." After a short thoughtful pause, Mike added, "This last week, here alone... I've found myself wishing he were hugging me while I played and he recorded me. It's the same when I'm recording him, I'd rather be behind him, massaging his shoulders or just closer. I wonder if he feels the same."

"If you have to ask then it's time to get the answer. Remember something though, you and Derrick were jammin' together first, then became boyfriends. I started falling in love with Keith in the apartment, barely an hour after meeting him. We became boyfriends first then, at Big Bear, he sang Change The World to me. I had no idea he could sing. It's only one of the dozens of things I love about him." Mike appeared uncertain so I added, "Earlier today, while we were talking with Drew, comparisons were made between me and Keith versus Drew and Corey. We're all different, what's at the center of all our relationships is different. It's not bad. Only the comparisons are bad. I know you love Derrick and he's told me what he loves about you."

"What'd he say?" Mike grinned.

"Determination and focus were near the top of the list," I recalled. "He loves that you're a musician, Mike. He loves..."

The studio door opened and Derrick peeked inside. Noticing I was still wearing the bass and Mike was still at the PC, but turned towards me, he walked into the room and asked, "Why don't I hear music playin'?"

Mike smiled and answered, "We think we're done for the night." Mike then started powering down the mixer and external gear.

"We can wrap this up tomorrow," I added, and took the bass off then placed it in the stand. Shutting off the amp, I then walked past Derrick to find Keith. He was in the living room sitting on the couch watching a M*A*S*H rerun.

Watching me as I sat beside him, Keith wondered, "What's the matter, baby? Not into it tonight, huh?"

Leaning closer, I whispered, "Derrick and Mike have some things to discuss." After a minute or so, when it became obvious that Mike and Derrick weren't leaving the studio, I told Keith about my conversation with Mike.

When I finished, Keith softly said, "This goes right back to Mike believing gay relationships are different from straights. Not only is he figuring out they're the same, he wants it to be that way with Derrick obviously."

I sighed, "It makes me feel weird though. Twice in one day we've learned Corey wants his relationship with Drew to be like ours and now to hear the same from Mike? I'm blown away."

"They can only learn at their pace, Prez," Keith reminded. "Living with Derrick alone, without his mom or sister constantly around has probably jolted Mike. We've been living together longer with far fewer restrictions than they've had."

I shrugged, "They've been a couple longer, but lived apart longer too. It's a wash, isn't it?"

Keith nodded and pulled me closer. I rested against him for a while then slid down, resting my head in his lap and looking up between him and the television.

About ten minutes later, when the TV program was over, we decided it was bed time. We went to the guest bedroom, made the bed then lay on it and started rolling around. The door was still open, but we only paused for a few seconds when we heard the studio door open and the master bedroom door close. Keith and I continued where we left off. Minutes later, while I was getting us lubed up, Mike started moaning. I grinned and Keith began giggling. Soon I was riding Keith's cock and we discovered that the bed squeaked more than ours at home. Then both Mike and Derrick started chanting. At first it wasn't so bad and we only paused for a moment to grin. We decided to change positions and moved onto our side with Keith behind me plowing my ass. Then the chanting from across the hall got really loud!

Keith giggled into my shoulder then whispered, "I hope we all manage to finish at the same time." Pulling the pillow to my mouth, I cracked up. By the time I calmed down, things were quiet from across the hall. With me on my back and Keith sitting between my legs we made that bed squeak terribly before finally losing it. Satisfied, we cuddled and cooed and were almost asleep when suddenly Mike began laughing loudly!

"I guess it's Derrick's turn," I softly chuckled. Behind me, Keith nodded and began sucking on my neck! Soon I felt his boner sliding in the crack of my ass again! I half-groaned and half-giggled, "You want some more too?" Keith nodded and seductively hummed affirmatively. Lifting my right leg, I felt Keith enter me. I half expected it would get uncomfortable or that Keith would eventually want some too, but neither happened. Round two was at least as good as the first and became equally comical when we heard the unmistakable sound of spanking!

It was two in the morning when M*A*S*H ended and we went to bed. The last time I glanced at the clock in the room before drifting off it read four-forty.

Needless to say, we never made it to the beach the next morning. It was almost noon when Rush woke me up to be let out. I leaned over to put on my shorts, but talked myself out of it and padded across the living room to let my hound out back. I turned the TV on, found the noon news on channel seven then went to the kitchen to find some kind of breakfast. I was starving! There were cereals, but no milk in the fridge. I did find bacon and eggs though and searched for a frying pan. Once I found it, I put it on the stove and set the burner to medium. Then I found a pair of scissors and opened the package of bacon. Once I had a few slices in the pan, I decided to at least put shorts on before my wiener got splattered with hot grease. Starting for the guest bedroom again, I walked right into Derrick as he was heading into the kitchen!

"Fuck!" He gasped, "You scared me!"

"It didn't do me much good either!" I giggled at the sudden shock.

Derrick was also naked, I noticed, and he glanced down then grinned, "What's for breakfast, bro?"

"Bacon and eggs," I answered. "You're out of milk so no cereal today."

"Where were you heading?" he sleepily asked.

"To put undies on," I answered then pointed down at my dick. "Popping grease would not be good!"

My best friend nodded and smiled, "Do you need any help with breakfast?"

"I'll deal with the bacon if you'll cook the eggs?"

"Deal," Derrick said, "I think at least boxers are required." Then we both went back to our rooms. Less than a minute later we met again in the hallway and headed back to the kitchen. He was wearing boxers and I had my CK's on. Leading the way, he asked, "What do ya wanna do with the eggs?"

"It don't matter, bro. Anything you want is fine with me."

While I flipped the bacon, Derrick went to the refrigerator and got the eggs. He opened the Styrofoam container and hummed, "Four of us and ten eggs. Screw it, let's cook 'em all."

While Derrick reached for a large bowl, I asked, "Do you and Mike like crisp bacon?"

"That's cool, bro," Derrick answered and then asked, "Scrambled eggs?"

I nodded, "It's quick and easy. I didn't get much of a dinner at work last night and that chicky-tit sandwich barely hit the spot."

Cracking eggs into the bowl, Derrick grinned, "We had a good dinner... eighteen hours ago! And we all got a good early AM workout."

Chuckling, I asked, "Do you wake up before Mike usually?"

"Uh huh."

"Me too. If we move in together, we'll be handling most breakfasts and making our boyfriends cook the dinners."

Derrick chuckled, "Works for me! They can clean up breakfasts and we'll clean up dinners. That's assuming we're on schedules that allow it to happen that way."

I nodded and suggested, "Since we're all hungry, I'm thinkin' of cooking this whole pound of bacon."

"Go for it dude, it won't be wasted," Derrick agreed as he searched inside a drawer. He pulled out a wire whisk and started whipping the eggs. I put the first four slices of cooked bacon aside and put another four in the frying pan. Derrick hummed again then said, "Four slices at a time, we'll be eating brunch for dinner."

"It won't take that long!" I snickered.

"Still... I'll get another pan out for the eggs. While you're cooking the last slices of bacon, I'll start the eggs."

Noticing Rush sitting on the other side of the sliding glass doors, I went to let him in saying, "Someone else is obviously hungry."

As I crossed the room, Derrick said, "I fed him two cups last night Prez."

"That's cool," I said and let my hound inside. "Since it's so late, he's only getting a half cup now. I'll be here tonight to feed him when we have dinner."

"We've gotta hit Safeway before then," Derrick told me. "We're out of milk, eggs, bacon and hamburger buns. I think we're low on a few other things too. Thankfully, Mike's mom gave me the support money from my dad."

While I got Rush his food and water I told Derrick about the prior night's insanity at Black Angus. When he learned that I got eighty-three bucks in tips, Derrick complained that Mondays were busier than Fridays. He and Mike had gotten about seventy bucks the previous Friday night. Noticing that he was still beating the hell out of the eggs, I smiled and reminded him. He put the bowl in the fridge then got another frying pan out. I forced the last five slices of bacon into the pan. We then decided to wake up our boyfriends.

"It's always a slow process waking Mike," Derrick grinned.

I laughed, "If they were partners neither would ever wake up!"

Derrick nodded, "Since we're cooking, I'll have to skip the morning tickling."

"And Keith will have to make do with a short grind-a-thon."

We separated and went into our bedrooms. Crawling into bed again, I began kissing Keith awake. Soon he smelled the bacon cooking and I gave him one more deep kiss before hurrying back to the kitchen. I turned the burner up on the other frying pan. Derrick joined me barely a minute later. He got plates and forks then put them on the table. From the kitchen, I didn't see Keith or Mike, but heard every word.

"Aw shit," Keith groaned, "you're friggin' startling first thing in the morning!"

"Look in the mirror, bitch!" Mike retaliated.

Snickering, Derrick shook his head and returned to the kitchen. He spooned some of the bacon grease into the other pan and spread it around by rotating it then got the bowl of eggs. I turned off the burner and took the last pieces of bacon out of the pan. Our boyfriends sat at the table.

"What are you lookin' at? Mike growled.

"I dunno," Keith replied, "Homo sapien or Neanderthal, I think."

"At least ya got the homo part right," Mike yawned.

"Spanking at four in the damn morning proved that!" Keith smirked.

"Bite me!" Mike grumbled.

Laughing my ass off, I took the plate of bacon to the table. No sooner did I set the plate down than Keith grabbed me and pulled me down into his lap. Keith smiled, "Got pork?" Giggling like crazy, I nodded and fed him a piece of bacon.

Yawning again, Mike rested his head in one hand and mumbled, "I need coffee."

"All out," Derrick said and Mike whined. Derrick asked, "Ya wanna go shopping after we shower or before dinner?"

Pointing at Keith, Mike answered, "If we gotta go then when that's gone."

I laughed, "You two are so bad! Derrick and I bumped into each other, managed to cook together and remained civil the entire time."

"Face it Prez," Mike began, "you're totally safe. You wanted him, you got him."

I called their bluff. "You're both full o' shit!" Glancing at Derrick, I said, "Help me out here, bro."

"It's just the cranky fucker act again, Prez," Derrick smiled, "They've gotta bust each other's balls at least once a day."

I agreed, "When in fact we know you're both about as sweet as they come."

Entering the dining room with the pan of scrambled eggs, Derrick nodded, "Your cover's blown dudes. Give it up and let's eat." Still sitting on Keith's lap, I dealt the stack of plates like a deck of cards. Grinning widely, Derrick served the eggs. "Gotta keep our strength up for later."

Mike grinned at Derrick saying, "It might not be very much later."

Keith nodded, "Gotta say thanks for the awesome breakfast, amongst other things," then began gently nibbling on my arm!

"I'm thinkin' in the shower," Mike added and rubbed Derrick's ass. "If I can wait that long." Keith looked up at me with that sexy mischievous grin and nodded. I kissed him tenderly then got up off his lap and grabbed a seat.

Derrick laughed, "Have some real food first." Then he hurried to the kitchen, dropped the pan in the sink and returned to the table. We all started to eat.

"Excellent eggs," Keith softly said between mouthfuls.

"You're welcome," Derrick smiled.

Mike nodded, "And the bacon's done just right too."

"We added the magic ingredient," I nodded. Scowling, Mike glanced uncertainly between Derrick and I.

"Love, dummy!" Keith said.

"Aww," Mike giggled.

We finished eating without another word. All our plates were empty and all the bacon was gone too. Derrick turned to me and said, "Let's go, Prez."

"Where are we goin'?" I wondered.

"Master bathroom," Derrick grinned evilly. "While they cleanup, we'll brush our teeth."

I snickered, "If they're not quick enough, they might miss the whole shower!" Derrick and I stood then hurried out of the room. Quickly, I grabbed my backpack with the toiletries and went into the master bedroom. I heard Keith and Mike racing around in the kitchen and giving each other shit. The master bedroom and king size bed were huge, but I wasn't prepared for the master bathroom. "My God," I grinned as I stood beside Derrick at the second sink. He was still brushing his teeth and raised his eyebrows curiously. "How big is that shower?" I wondered.

Spitting out toothpaste, Derrick smiled, "About eight feet by six feet, I guess."

I started to brush my teeth and surveyed the shower stall. It had brown and tan ceramic tiles from the floor and up the walls. There were two shower heads on the far parallel walls, about seven feet up from the floor. Beneath them, about three feet up, were two additional smaller shower heads for a total of four shower heads. It was impressive to say the least!

I spit out my toothpaste and grinned, "I was wonderin' how we'd all fit in the shower at once."

Derrick chuckled. "Not a problem, dude," and pushed his boxers down then stepped in the shower. I pushed my CK's down and joined him. Derrick demonstrated, "The two knobs work just as you might expect. The lower shower heads turn on and off with their own little push-pull pins." He pulled the pin on his side and both shower heads sprayed water on him then he pushed it back in again.

Standing out of the way, I started the water on the opposite side and asked, "For rinsing off, I reckon?"

"You got it!" Derrick answered. Then he turned the top shower head on his side and it became a massage spray.

"This is great!" I enthusiastically chuckled as I stepped under the spray of warm water.

Derrick nodded, "We're gettin' so spoiled; a regular ol' tub and shower is gonna seem even smaller when we get back to Mike's house."

From beyond the shower doors, we heard Keith and Mike.

"Get outta my way!" Keith laughed.

Mike giggled, "You fucker!"

"Omigod!" Keith gasped.

"I told you it was awesome!" Mike snickered.

Derrick and I smiled at our boyfriends antics. Keith slid open the door on Derrick's side. "Oops!" Keith squeaked and stepped into the shower then came to me.

Stepping in behind him and closing the door, Mike excitedly asked, "Is this incredible or what?"

I answered, "From the outside, you'd never guess this house had a master bedroom and bath like this." Then I noticed Mike's buns, glowing pink almost as much as my sunburn had and started laughing. Keith tilted his head and I pointed.

Mike turned around and suspiciously glared at me. "Don't knock it 'til ya try it," he smiled.

"I don't know that I'd want to," I chuckled.

Picking up a bar of soap, Keith started washing my chest and smiled, "Stop looking at Mike's ass or you might just get a spanking too."

I whimpered then Keith kissed me and slid his soapy hands under my armpits. Even though I'm not ticklish there, I giggled and raised my arms for him. I noticed Derrick and Mike were sharing a bar of soap and washing each other simultaneously. That seemed like fun and a heck of a lot quicker so I picked up our bar of soap and lathered Keith up. Once we were done washing and rinsing off, Derrick picked up the bottle of shampoo. He passed it to me, I passed it to Keith and Keith handed it to Mike.

Once we were finished and rinsed off, I naturally turned the water off on our side of the gigantic shower stall. I was ready to leave and dry off, but Keith held me. Keith and Mike grinned at each other then pushed me and Derrick against the long wall. Keith leaned in close for a dizzying kiss. In seconds, Mike was on knees before Derrick and Keith was sliding down my body. Mike rapidly nodded at Keith then smiled up at Derrick. "Time to say thanks for an awesome breakfast," Keith softly explained. He then swallowed my dick. I groaned. Derrick sighed. A minute or so later, Derrick grinned at me. Wordlessly, we reached for each other's hands. Whenever Derrick or I felt something incredibly good, we'd squeeze our clasped hands tighter. Glancing down at Keith, I noticed that he was holding hands with Mike.

It suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. Turning to Derrick, I snickered, "They planned this."

Derrick giggled, "Can't leave 'em alone for a minute!"

"Should we get 'em back?" I playfully suggested.

Derrick laughed, "If we do, we'll never get out of here!" Mike spit out Derrick's bone and laughed then went after his scrotum. Derrick stood on his toes and moaned loudly. "DUUUDE!"

Keith obviously noticed and gave me the same treatment! "Okay!" I laughed. "I won't get ya back, I promise!"

Simultaneously, our boyfriends went back to work on our cocks. For several minutes, there was only gasping, groaning, moaning and slurping sounds bouncing around the tiled shower walls. Then Derrick began humming. I whimpered, "Oh God Keith!" and flooded my lover's mouth. I was still delirious when Derrick practically crushed my hand. Thankfully, he let go of me soon thereafter and concentrated on Mike. I guided Keith up and tightly hugged him, kissing him repeatedly.

Keith whispered in my ear. "Was that fun baby?" He pulled back from me a little and looked into my eyes. I smiled and nodded. It was only then, while looking into my lover's eyes, that I realized why he had planned this little trip to the wild side. He did it for me; to give me the chance to realize that my endowment wasn't that different from his, Derrick's or Mike's or anyone else's. It all had a reason and that was to improve my self image. My holding hands with Derrick and Keith's holding hands with Mike only solidified our relationships with our best friends. Mike and Derrick stepped out of the shower and began toweling off while I held on to Keith for a little while longer.

We stepped out of the shower to find Mike naked at the vanity brushing his teeth. Wrapping towels around ourselves, we started back to the guest bedroom. Derrick was just stepping into a clean pair of boxers. Nothing was said, but D smiled widely at me.

As we dressed, I asked Keith if I had interpreted his purpose correctly.

Keith nodded and softly explained, "I didn't say anything about your insecurity. I only said that you would either go with it or lead me out of the shower, depending on how comfortable you felt."

An intense shiver ran up and down my spine. I excitedly gushed, "This is so great! We left our door open last night. We heard each other making love. When we first woke, Derrick and I walked into each other naked as I was leaving the kitchen and he was going in. Then you and Mike woke acting goofy. We all ate while wearing only our underwear! We've made love around them before, but in darkened spaces, not in a well lit room. I've always felt comfortable at home, but this was even better! If this is a preview of what our lives could be like living together, I wanna do it now!"

Grabbing hold of me before I began bouncing off the walls, Keith chuckled, "It is very cool." He then suggested, "We'll spend more time here with them, before Doug and Brian return. Then we only have to get past our senior year. It's gonna be awesome."


Copyright © 2013 TheEggman; All Rights Reserved.
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