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Life Goes On - 20. Chapter 20


That Tuesday afternoon, at Yosemite National Park, Brian, Pete, Keith and Prez had spent almost two hours climbing from the valley floor and up the steep, wet rock path to the top of Vernal Fall. Once there, they discovered a large lake. Hot and sweaty from the climb, they saw many other teenagers and kids using a wet, granite incline that fed the lake as a natural sliding board. They hiked over and joined the masses, sliding down the smooth granite and into the lake. Shocked by the extremely cold water, Prez rose to the surface screaming, “Shrinkage!” and hurried to the lake edge then climbed out. With mostly teenagers and young adults around, it was an extremely great place to be. Following Prez, Brian and Keith climbed out of the lake, prompting Prez to return to the water. Keith assured that his ‘favorite toys’ wouldn’t stay shriveled very long. Trying to cop feels, Brian and Keith chased Prez back to the natural granite slide and back into the lake. Near the edge of the lake and in waist deep water, Pete was hysterical watching the three of them.

After about an hour, they went back down the steep rock path, passed the footbridge and returned to the valley. It was approaching five in the afternoon so dinner became the topic of conversation. The valley concession stands they had eaten breakfast and lunch at were expensive and the food wasn’t the greatest. Keith suggested the Wawona Hotel, about five miles beyond the park’s south entrance. The question was, eat first and return after the valley pool had closed or go to the pool first? Since they were all warm again and were only beginning to get hungry, they would go to the pool.

Cameras and other unnecessary items were left at their cabin then they went to the pool. It was huge, perhaps close to Olympic size, and there were a lot of people there. Only wanting to cool off for a little while before dinner, they joined the line to the entrance. The pool wasn’t so crowded that Rangers had to limit access, but it had been known to become that way. With lots of families, little kids and older adults around, Brian, Pete, Keith and Prez were very mellow. As much as they could be, they were only additional teenagers enjoying the slide, diving boards and swimming around. A couple of older dudes, in their late teens or early twenties were passing rude homophobic remarks. They annoyed Brian and Prez, causing all four to leave the pool. Only minutes before six, they returned to their tent to change clothes.

While all four were naked and drying off, Pete offered, “Since you guys covered the cabin, please let me cover dinner tonight?”

Suddenly stopping, Keith and Prez wordlessly checked with each other. Prepared to cut off an argument before it began, Brian smiled, “And you’ve been playing tour guide all day, Keith. In one day, we’ve seen about everything there is to see in the valley.” Brian leaned forward to put his undies on, stared at Prez’s crotch and flatly reminded, “Tomorrow, the giant redwoods.”

Stunned beyond words, Prez blushed, looking at Keith and Pete. Keith collapsed onto the bed in unrestrained hysterics. Pete incredulously laughed, “Brian!”

Glancing at Pete, Brian smirked, “You noticed Prez’s backside. I noticed the front.” Pete cracked up and parked his ass on the other bed. Returning his attention to Prez’s face, Brian sweetly smiled, “Your dad was an idiot, Prez. You’ve got as much hangin’ as most guys and way more than a lot of others. Judging by what I saw this morning, you’re not lacking at all.”

Calming down, Pete softly chuckled, “Yes, our eyes wander, but I didn’t say that aloud.”

Keith was wheezing and gasping for breath, almost in fetal position on the bed, and of no help to Prez whatsoever. Still blushing slightly, Prez giggled, “As soon as you’re dressed, you’re both getting kisses, even if I have to chase you up the side of Half Dome.” Beginning to grab clothes from his backpack, Prez slyly added, “I’m leaving the tip too.” Pete and Brian groaned then helplessly chuckled at the obvious double meaning.

Wiping sweat from his brow after laughing so hard, Keith sat on the bed, looked up at Prez and giggled, “That’s four opinions other than my own, baby. What have you got to say?”

Prez shrugged and pulled up clean C.K.’s then grinned, “The lights are staying on tonight, for comparisons only.”

Knowing his lover very well, Keith only shook his head and muttered, “Sex-machine.”

Pete slowly chuckled, “We heard plenty.”

Brian focused on Keith and teased, “I don’t know what you found so funny?”

Keith locked eyes with Brian and smiled, “It’s just good to hear others tell Prez he’s well endowed.” Turning to Pete, Keith confirmed, “Did it sound like me and my sex machine make each other happy?”

Getting dressed, Pete nodded, “Derrick and Mike mentioned you guys flip-flopping. I thought he meant after orgasms.”

Standing to get dressed, Keith smiled and rapidly shook his head. Prez grinned, “Just because it’s fun and the experience lasts longer.”

Keith added, “There’s play times and extremely serious times. When we go for orgasms only, it’s desperate and intense; one of us is out of control, for any emotional or physical reason.”

Brian confirmed, “Last night was a fun play time?”

Keith nodded, “I’ve been looking forward to this trip since before school ended.”

Sitting on the bed to put clean socks on, Prez grinned, “Keith tried to keep it a secret, but Mike blabbed about a month ago.”

Pete confirmed, “After graduation, you two guys are going to the same school as Derrick and Mike?”

Stepping into clean shorts, Keith nodded, “It’s looking like Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. Now I have to choose between engineering and voice. Engineering is shorter, but I’m still not too sure.”

Tying his sneakers, Prez reminded, “We can take some regular college classes too, babe. UCLA credits could be transferred to UC Berkeley.”

Pulling a polo shirt over his head, Brian remarked, “The Bay area is really pretty; the climate is just a little cooler than L.A.”

Keith wondered, “Did you guys get to spend time near Berkeley?” and then put a clean shirt on.

“We only drove through the east side of the bay on the way to San Francisco,” Pete answered.

“The Castro District is pretty wild,” Brian grinned. “There’s an Italian restaurant called ‘The Sausage Factory’.” He paused to put socks on while Pete, Prez and Keith sniggered. “They’ve got great pizza and the best food guys. I highly recommend it.” Before Brian knew it, Prez leaned down and kissed him on the mouth.

Backing away from Prez, Pete chuckled, “There are porn video stores next door and across the street.” Since he wasn’t warned, Pete was unprepared for Keith’s kiss.

Keith smiled, “For Prez, dude.” Since Pete had already been kissed, Prez grabbed the cameras. Keith wondered, “Pictures of a restaurant, baby?”

“For photos of us at the restaurant,” Prez nodded. “After tomorrow, it’ll be a while before we see each other again. I’ll admit I’m not very happy about that.”

Pete locked eyes with Brian. Pete droned, “Well, there’s nothing that says we have to return tomorrow.”

Brian nodded, “I’d like to spend more time with you guys, Derrick and Mike, and I’d really like to see the changes in Drew and Corey for myself.”

Keith cheered, “That would be awesome, dudes. This next week, Prez and I will be staying in Agoura Hills. We’ll get Drew and Corey to come and spend some time there too.”

Prez smiled, “Over the weekend, while we four older guys are working, you can spend time with Drew and Corey. Derrick and Mike want to have a party next week too, before Doug and Brian return from their vacation.”

Brian nodded, “I only have to let my dad know about the change in plans. Instead of the end of July, it’ll be early August instead.”

They filed out of the tent. Keith locked the door and panted, “Whew! It gets warm in there quick.”

Prez noticed Pete and Brian sharing something unspoken. Brian nodded. Pete shrugged and grinned. Prez smiled, “What’s the secret?”

Brian cracked a grin and shared, “We’ve wanted to talk about stuff all day, but we’re not sure how to approach it.”

Leading the way to the parking lot, Keith grinned, “Let’s see, we’ve made love in the same tent, Pete noticed a sexy bubble-butt and Brian noticed a giant redwood.” Blushing and giggling, Prez cuffed Keith on the shoulder. Rubbing his arm, Keith chuckled, “Directly to the point works, dudes.”

Brian sheepishly offered, “You guys had intercourse last night. I promised my dad that I wouldn’t until I turn sixteen, in September. There have been times I wish I hadn’t made that promise, but I’ll keep my word.”

Pete said, “It’s something we’re looking forward to and want it to be special, like it really should be.”

Keith nodded, “Very cool. Drew and Corey have been a couple almost a year. They just had their first time a few weeks ago.”

Prez giggled at the memory, “We know because it was while we were camping with them and Derrick and Mike. They did it in the tent.”

Brian teased, “What makes it special, so I can groan, ‘oh God, Pete,’?” Prez cracked up and cuffed Brian on the shoulder.

Keith giggled, “Special is in the heart and mind. From what I’ve seen, you two dudes are there already. Keep it fun, like hand-jobs and blowjobs, intercourse needs to be the same. Missionary position is the most intimate, because you’re close and facing each other, but it’s honestly the least comfortable.”

Prez nodded agreement, saying, “That’s why we flip-flop. I might give my ass to Keith doggie-style, but then I’ll want him. Keith chooses a position, say riding me, so I lie down and let him have some.” Prez shrugged, “It’s the way I learned from Keith. It took time for us to be completely versatile.”

“It was well worth the wait, baby,” Keith smiled and squeezed Prez’s hand. Glancing at Pete, Keith suggested, “Knowing how you want it and how your partner wants it matters. If you’re both willing to play the bottom and top roles, it’s totally wild. I don’t think making love should be short and quick. It should last until you’re ready to stop.” Arriving at the cars, Keith chuckled, “Okay, who’s driving up the winding mountain road while we talk about sex? I’d do it, but I can see myself riding the clutch already.”

Pulling his keys from his shorts, Pete cackled, “I’ll drive.”

Brian sneered, “I was hoping you’d say that,” and Pete almost snapped his neck turning to Brian. All four cracked up and got in the car.

Backing out of the parking space and then beginning to drive forward, Pete glanced at Brian, asking, “You want to be bottom?”

Brian nodded, “I think so. Your fingers feel incredible.”

Prez smiled, “An erection is not a finger; it’s fatter, longer and there’s no bone. A cock bends. Adjust your position so it doesn’t and it’s good for both bottom and top.”

Keith admitted, “I played with candles months before meeting Prez. Even with that knowledge, accepting Prez in me wasn’t easy the first time. It was a shock to the system. I thought I might hyperventilate at first. Then it got good, and then it was awesome.”

Pete acknowledged, “Both of you are thicker than most candles. We’re not as thick, a little more than four and a half inches in circumference.”

Prez nodded, “That’s average. I’m six and three-eighths inches long by five and a half.”

Keith chimed, “I’m six and three quarters by five and seven-eighths.”

Pete offered, “Six and a half.”

Brian said, “Seven.”

Keith repeated, “It only takes working together, dudes. If ya want, while we’re together in L.A., we’ll go to North Hollywood. You dudes can get a dildo or two to get used to the feeling. Drew took one of ours to Big Bear, for nights alone with Corey.” Keith then helplessly laughed, “During our camping trip last week, Rush got a hold of it and gnawed it to a fraction of its original size. Now we have to replace it.”

Everyone cracked up again. Prez roared, “Derrick and Mike almost died laughing. Dee calls Rush the dildo destroyer now.”

Keith giggled, “I guess Drew or Corey left it out. Rush thought our toy was his toy.”

Pete wondered, “You dudes were having sex together, at the same time in the tent?”

Prez nodded and grinned, “Orally only, the next morning, three sets of sixty-nine.”

Keith gasped, “If Drew had gone for intercourse with Corey, in front of us; I think I might’ve died from the shock.”

Prez nodded and assured, “They’re not there yet, babe.”

Brian turned slightly and asked, “Drew’s changed a lot though?”

Keith nodded, “Drew’s never been an exaggerator or liar. He used to say what was necessary when he had to. Confidence is shining through like never before.”

Prez sighed, “Corey’s lost some confidence, but he’s trying to gain it back again.”

Keith added, “A little more with each pound he gains.”

“I’m wondering how this Friday’s doctor appointment will be,” Prez softly said.

Brian smiled, “Three pounds in two weeks is great.” Noticing Keith’s uncertain expression, Brian assured, “It really is, Keith. I gained about a pound a week for the first month. It varies after that, two to five pounds is where I was.”

Keith admitted, “It’s his collar bone, ribs and hips that scare me the most.”

“Tell Corey that,” Brian prompted. “It’s a love – hate thing. He’ll hate hearing it, but love it when you notice a visible improvement. Brian shrugged, “At least, that’s how I was. For Corey, it might be the exact opposite.”

Keith only nodded and sighed. Sensing Keith’s worries, Prez took his hand and returned to the prior topic. “Were either of you surprised to learn Keith and I were sharing that king sized bed in Agoura Hills with Derrick and Mike?”

Pete confirmed, “Sharing as in sleeping or as in sex?”

“Both,” Keith and Prez chorused.

Prez added, “We have our limits. Specifically, intercourse isn’t shared; kisses, hand-jobs and blowjobs only. Most often, it’s been Derrick and Mike together on one side of the bed while Keith and I are similarly involved on the other side.”

Brian thought for a few moments then said, “Ya know, I’m not shocked at all. You four are the most unique group of friends I’ve ever met.”

“Best friends,” Keith chirped. “Mike and I have known each other for almost ten years. Prez and Derrick are in almost the same place after only a year.”

“Almost?” Prez queried.

Keith pulled him closer and explained, “It’s only a matter of time, baby. You and Derrick didn’t grow up together, but still seem to be on the same page. I’ve seen you reading him, and him reading you. In a year, you’ve both learned a lot about each other, as much as Mike and I have in ten years. That’s amazing, don’t you think?”

Prez shrugged, “Bass and drums have to read each other to keep the tempo for the rest of the band. What we do away from our instruments is an extension of that.”

Brian smiled, “It’s so cool, too. Two sets of gay couples so perfectly intertwined that they can get away with something as private as sex?”

Keith grinned, “Not intercourse, Brian. Blowing Mike or Derrick wasn’t all that different from blowing Prez. Even Derrick, who is uncut, wasn’t a change; only add some foreskin teasing to the mix of licks, sucks and tongue twirls. It was basically to answer a lingering question; does all semen taste the same? The answer is that it does.”

Prez nodded, “I’m used to Keith, but Mike’s eight inches almost gagged me. I guess that’s why it’s called ‘giving head’, because that’s where most of the nerve endings are. The shaft is just extra thrills for the guy giving and the guy receiving.”

Pete admitted, “Brian and I were circumcised. Oral sex is so much fun. I guess I’m wondering if it’ll stop after we start having intercourse.”

Prez shook his head and smiled, “It changes to part of foreplay. If one or both of you reaches orgasm, it’s still no problem to keep going.”

Keith pointed and instructed, “Follow the signs for the Wawona Hotel, Pete.

“Got it,” Pete confirmed.

Locking eyes with Prez, Brian asked, “We’re keeping the light on tonight?” Prez nodded and bared a toothy grin. Brian confirmed, “You won’t mind that we’ll be watching?”

Shaking his head, Prez smiled, “Not at all. You might be surprised by only one or two occurrences.”

Brian and Pete glanced at each other and smiled. Pete wondered, “Like what?”

Keith giggled, “You heard something fall last night?” Brian and Pete nodded. Covering his eyes, Keith cackled, “I dropped the lube. Half a bottle gone, dripping under the cabin. And I just got it Saturday!” Prez, Pete and Brian howled.

Prez sniggered, “That means there will be some rimming tonight, using spit instead of lube.”

Brian groaned through his chuckles and wondered, “That’s one, and the other odd occurrence?”

Keith smiled, “Did you dudes know it’s possible to reach orgasm from anal stimulation only?”

Brian and Pete giggled, “No.”

Prez nodded, “It is. It can be done with a finger and patience, but it’s more likely during intercourse.” As if it were a secret, Prez whispered, “You can actually feel your lover’s cock expanding and throbbing inside you.”

Pete pulled into the parking lot for the hotel. Keith giggled, “The real trick is keeping your hand off your own cock. For me, it happens most often in missionary position. I’m so involved feeling up Prez and gazing into those blue eyes, I’m suddenly screaming, ‘Holy shit, baby, I’m cumming!’”

Prez blushed and cackled, “Last time it happened so fast, all Keith did was pull my face down and kiss me. The guy on top can feel the bottom losing it too. It’s incredible.” Getting out of the car, all four immediately realized they were near the edge of the Mariposa Grove and the giant redwoods. “Speaking of incredible,” Prez gushed, “smell those pines.”

Taking his lover’s hand, Keith reminded, “These are small too. There’s a tree they cut a tunnel through.”

Brian nodded, “I’ve seen pictures.”

Keith leaned closer to Brian and Pete, softly sharing, “The tree is still alive, dudes.”

Pete gasped, “After all these years, the tunnel didn’t kill it?” Keith smiled and shook his head.


That Tuesday afternoon and into the evening, Drew and Corey remained with Mike and Derrick in Agoura Hills. Other than the planned brief pancake sexual interludes in separate bedrooms, most of the afternoon was spent in the studio or the kitchen, preparing dinner. Prior to sitting down to eat, Derrick dropped a CD into the player, Harry Nilsson’s Greatest Hits. Out of twenty-two songs on the disk, only two had ever had any radio airplay. He chose it specifically for that reason; searching for something he’d never heard before.

Derrick was able to get wheat French bread at the market. They agreed to butter and toast the French bread, but would not add garlic powder; although Mike had the shaker out, constantly threatening to sprinkle it, to Derrick’s mock annoyance and Corey's and Drew’s amusement. The four of them gathered around the table and dinner began. They all enthusiastically served themselves. Mike’s interpretation of Doug’s chicken cacciatore was almost the same as Prez’s. Corey really enjoyed the meal. Seeing his boyfriend chowing down, Drew instigated a game of footsies with Corey under the table.

The third song on the CD got everyone’s attention and they discussed adding it to the band’s repertoire. The song wouldn’t require any drums, but they might be able to alter the arrangement; only by trying would they know if it would work or not.

After dinner and the table had been cleared, Drew and Corey went to the living room to play that third song in repeat mode with considerably greater volume. Drew and Corey sat on the living room carpet, intently listening.

Cleaning the kitchen with Derrick, Mike said, “It’s a ballad, Keith will definitely sing it.”

With his hands in the sink, Derrick nodded, “It opens with an easy bass part. The guitar parts can be used throughout. Maybe we can change the strings and flute to something a little more modern, organ or a simple electric piano?”

Mike agreed, “Yeah, with just a little vibrato or even an acoustic piano tone would work.”

While Mike and Derrick continued to consider arrangement possibilities, the song started again. For one of the few times in his life, Drew liked a song enough to sing. For Drew though, the song was to Corey. He closed his eyes and sang:

I spend the night in a chair thinking she'll be there
But she never comes
And then I wake up and wipe the sleep from my eyes
And I rise to face another day
Without her

Do do do, do do do do, do do do

It's just no good anymore when you walk through the door
Of an empty room
And then you go inside and set a table for one, it's no fun
When you spend a day
Without her

Do do do, do do do do, do do do

We burst the pretty balloon took us to the moon
It's such a beautiful thing
But it's ended now
And it sounds like a lie
If I say I'd rather die than live without her

Do do do, do do do do, do do do

Love is a beautiful thing when it knows how to swing
And it grooves like a clock
But the hands on the clock tell the lovers to part
And it's breaking my heart
To have to spend another day without her

Do do do, do do do do, do do do

I spend the night in a chair thinking she'll be there
But she never comes
And then I wake up and wipe the sleep from my eyes
And I rise to face another day
Without her, do do do, do do do do
Can't go on without her do do do, do do do do
There's no song without her
It's all wrong without her
Can't go on without her

Corey couldn’t believe his ears. In the year and half they had known each other, Drew never sang; he would only occasionally hum. Drew had a deeper tone to his spoken and singing voices, but it was every bit as good as Keith. Not once did Drew hit a wrong note or miss a lyric. The latter was relatively easy for Drew because the words almost perfectly matched his own worries only three weeks earlier, on that Monday he was waiting for word about Corey’s psychologist visit. Drew even held long notes like his lungs were bottomless pits. At the end of the song, Corey loudly squealed, “Drew!”

Rapidly raising an index finger to his mouth, Drew firmly shushed Corey then pointed over his shoulder and began giggling. From the kitchen, Mike and Derrick looked over, wondering what had happened. Corey nodded then crawled forward and lay on top of Drew. Believing the two were only making out, Mike and Derrick returned to cleaning the kitchen and their conversation. Unable to hide the surprise and pleasure in his voice, Corey cheered, “I had no idea that you could sing.”

With Corey in his arms, Drew giggled, “It runs in the family?” More seriously, he said, “Mom can sing and dad can too. I usually don’t, unless I really like the song. This one, I like.”

Pushing up off Drew, Corey hollered, “Mike, have you got a cassette tape? I have to record this song.” Drew cracked up.

“Sure,” Mike shouted and pointed, “up on top of the entertainment center, Corey.”

“You’re gonna get me in trouble,” Drew giggled. “I won’t sing in the band, Corey.”

Shaking his head, Corey smiled, “I don’t want you to. I’m gonna be totally selfish about this though.” He then stood up and searched for an unopened cassette tape.

Also standing, Drew prompted, “Get the song Without You too. I’ve heard it before, by somebody else, a female singer, I’m pretty sure.” Enthusiastically nodding, Corey setup the cassette deck while Drew stopped the CD playback of Without Her. The two songs began playing and recording to tape. Drew took Corey is his arms, began swaying, and whispered, “That song’s for you, Cor. It would be me, waiting alone, without you around.”

Squeezing Drew tightly for a moment, Corey contentedly sighed, “I need you too.”

Drew shared, “You saw me in the studio before, with Mike and Derrick; no bone or even a chubby. Yeah, I like blonds because of one blond in particular, you. Derrick doesn’t make my dick hard; neither does Susan. It takes more than being cute or handsome. Kissing you and feeling you kissing me back; that got me hard. Cute is only the outside; I need the person inside.” Drew softly begged, “Please tell me if you feel jealous or worried.”

“I will, I promise,” Corey breathed.

About five minutes later, both of Nilsson’s songs were recorded, Mike and Derrick finished the cleanup and Corey pressed pause on the tape deck. Mike had had enough of sappy ballads and said so. He dropped in a Kiss CD and played Heaven’s One Fire. Soon, all four were singing the provocative lyrics and having a blast. Gil and Shaun knocked on the door. Derrick showed them inside. Corey wanted the song on the tape and it was replayed to be recorded. Only having fun, they all sang along again. This time though, Mike and Derrick were actually paying attention and found themselves concentrating on Drew singing:

I look at you and my blood boils hot
I feel my temperature rise
I want it all give me what you got
there's hunger in your eyes

I'm getting closer baby hear me breathe
You know the way to give me what I need
Just let me love you and you'll never leave

Feel my heat takin' you higher
Burn with me, Heaven's on fire
Paint the sky with desire
Angel fly, Heaven's on fire

I got a fever ragin' in my heart
you make me shiver and shake
Baby don't stop take it to the top
eat it like a piece of cake

You're comin' closer I can hear you breathe
You drive me crazy when you start to tease
You could bring the devil to his knees

Feel my heat takin' you higher
Burn with me, Heaven's on fire
Paint the sky with desire
Angel fly, Heaven's on fire

Oh oh Heaven's on fire
Oh oh Heaven's on fire
Oh oh

I'm getting closer baby hear me breathe
You know the way to give me what I need
Just let me love you and you'll never leave

Feel my heat takin' you higher
Burn with me, Heaven's on fire
Paint the sky with desire
Angel fly, Heaven's on fire
Feel my heat takin' you higher
Burn with me, Heaven's on fire
Paint the sky with desire
Angel fly, Heaven's on fire

“SONOFABITCH!” Mike screamed at Drew. Hysterically sniggering, Shaun sought and found refuge in Gil’s arms.

Wide-eyed and realizing that he was caught, Drew chuckled, “No, Mike. Not now, not ever. Me and Corey run the board, remember?”

Attempting to come to the rescue, Corey stood between Drew and Mike, giggling, “You’ve got Keith. Drew’s mine.”

Turning to Derrick, Mike bitched, “I can’t believe this. We bust our asses to learn how to sing…”

“Whoa, hold it, time out,” Drew interrupted, knowing there was little he could say, but he tried anyway. “You dudes sing and play at the same time. Even Keith is doing more than only singing. Keith wanted to play guitar. I never wanted to play any instrument. I’ll sing for Corey, I’ll goof around and sing to CDs, but that’s it for me.”

Derrick wondered, “Would you consider recording; never facing an audience?”

Drew shrugged, “I don’t think an audience is the problem. I just have no aspiration to sing. Now and then, an awesome song is on the radio, I learn it and sing it only because I like it. Now, if you really want to hear something awesome, ask my mom to sing Dreamboat Annie or Barracuda or almost anything by Heart.”

Mike grinned, “John too?”

Shaking his head, Drew chuckled, “A few Christmas Carols. His voice is still changing too so…”

Corey giggled, “If Drew sings then Derrick becomes a Calvin Klein underwear model.”

“Yeah,” Drew sniggered.

Derrick smirked, “Well, that’s out of the question.”

Still a bit perturbed, Mike teased, “When did you dudes want to go home tonight?” Drew and Corey cracked up.

Derrick chuckled, “Mike’s busting chops. Seriously, just let us know when though.”

Corey shrugged and smiled, “Before mom and dad go to bed, around nine, I guess would be cool.”

Drew offered, “Corey’s dad sometimes stays awake until eleven, but if he goes earlier, so does mom.”

Derrick nodded, “Cool; we’ll let you dudes work on the tape and go jam in the studio.” Taking Mike by the hand, Derrick led his partner, Gil and Shaun to the other room.


It was about seven-thirty by the time Brian, Pete, Keith and Prez went inside the Wawona Hotel. There was a thirty minute wait for a table, so they went back outside and enjoyed the scenery until they were called. The hotel’s restaurant was glass windows on three sides, almost from the floor to the ceiling. Only the wall where the kitchen stood was wood. Taking seats at a table for four, they browsed the menus.

Pete grinned, “Oh, man. All that hiking is catching up with me. So far, I want two appetizers, salad and an entrée. If I’m still hungry then I’ll have the bread pudding for dessert.”

Brian giggled, “No fish tonight, babe.”

Pete softly whined, “They’ve got salmon and trout.”

Leaning closer to Pete, Brian whispered, “Do you wanna make love as much as me?” Pete rapidly nodded. “No fish,” Brian grinned. Prez and Keith raised their menus so they wouldn’t be seen holding back their own giggles.

A waitress came to take their orders. Cokes all around were ordered as well as the cheese sampler and Bruschetta Caponata for appetizers. The waitress left them to choose their entrées. Brian and Prez decided on choice eight ounce flat iron steaks with smashed red potatoes. Keith and Pete chose the mushroom & Leek chicken breast roulade with crispy breading, Port wine sauce and Lundberg Farms wild rice pilaf. When the waitress returned with their appetizers, she took their entrée orders and each wanted side salads. In the restaurant, conversation revolved mostly around sports until an incredibly cute teenage boy walked past their table. Silently, four pairs of eyes followed the boy and didn’t really notice the man and two older women he was with. Not remembering exactly what they had been discussing prior to the angelic appearance, they began giggling and softly commenting on him. When the waitress returned after they had completed their meals, Prez asked her to take photos of them using both cameras. Pete and Prez ordered desserts. Pete shared his bread pudding with Brian. Prez shared a Hot Fudge Sundae with Keith.

The sun had set an hour earlier when they walked out of restaurant and got back in Pete’s car for the drive down into Yosemite Valley. Like a dam bursting, what couldn’t be said about the cute teenager in the restaurant came flowing out as soon as the car doors closed. “Omigod!” Keith gushed, “I’d guess that dude was about our age, but what a cute face!”

“And his eyes!” Pete giggled, “It should be against the law to have dreamy bedroom eyes like that in a public restaurant.”

Prez smiled, “How anyone can look that sexy in cargo shorts and a polo shirt is beyond me. I couldn’t decide where to look; his legs; his incredible torso or his face.”

“He noticed us watching him, ya know?” Brian revealed. “We made him smile and blush.”

Pete groaned, “Oh God, we should’ve invited him back to the tent. He could watch or, if he’s game, two sets of two on one.” Mooing and laughter broke loose.

Brian looked at Pete in surprise. "Really?"

"You're telling me you'd turn it down if he offered?" Pete asked incredulously.

"If you weren't there and willing, there's no way in hell I'd even think about it. But even then, I don't think so. I don't know him or love him like I love you and Keith and Prez."

Shocked once again, Keith and Prez smiled at each other. Prez confirmed, “Brian, you included us with Pete?”

Flustered and obviously busted, Brian couldn’t reply. Pete offered, “Yeah, after our trip to L.A., we talked a lot about all six of you guys.”

Brian said, “I told you guys shortly after we met that I feel safe with you, and I meant it. There's a feeling of... closeness? I don't know what to call it, but there is a definite connection. I love Pete as a boyfriend, but I feel very close to you guys. Maybe that’s a form of love? I don't know.

“What I do know is that kind of feeling is something that I've been missing for most of my life. I only had it once before with my friend Chris. I don't really understand why I need that connection so much, but I do.”

Keith explained, “We all need those connections, Brian. As best as I can tell, there are at least two types of love. One type is with a chosen partner, and another type based on friendship. I had to learn the hard way how much Mike meant to me when his dad died. That same lesson was dropped on me when Prez’s mom passed. There was no way I was going to chance loosing Prez.”

Prez said, “It was the same for me and Derrick. We had to recognize that big parts of us would die if anything horrible happened, or if one of us went away for a long time. Without that knowledge, I couldn’t have done anything sexual with Derrick and Keith wouldn’t have been able to with Mike.” Keith nodded and smiled, confirming what had been said was true.

Brian worried, “But isn't it some sort of betrayal for what I feel for Pete? Playing around with you guys... Yeah, I'm just as horny, but isn't that a violation of trust?”

Pete responded, “Not if it's something that we both want to do together. At least that's how I see it.”

Keith revealed, “Last Christmas season, I told Prez that Mike and Derrick wanted us to have fun together. It took seven months of talking about that very same betrayal issue for us to actually reach a point where it was cool. Inasmuch as we’re all saving intercourse for our chosen partners, kissing, hand-jobs and blowjobs say, ‘you matter a lot’.”

Prez nodded, “That’s exactly it. If you two guys agree that it’s alright, then it is.”

“Be careful what you agree to,” Keith warned. “Back in May, our first step was kisses. I was fine with everything until I saw Derrick and Prez kiss. I got so jealous. It fucked with me for two or three days.”

“Of course, that meant it fucked with me too,” Prez added. “Maybe that step was more important for the reassurances we gave each other.”

Brian offered, “I don't want to do anything to hurt Pete. That's the most important thing to me.”

Pete admitted, “And I don't want to do anything to hurt Brian either. How do you know when you're ready to do something like that; to play with other guys who are that close to you?”

Prez smiled, “You don’t really. It’s only words and promises until it’s done. Here’s how it started for us. I knew that Derrick and Mike wondered how I could manage Keith’s fat cock in my mouth. The four of us were alone at Mike’s pool, late at night, about two weeks ago. I was blowing Keith and Derrick was blowing Mike. During a break in the action, I could tell Derrick was curious, so we swapped partners, promising to not finish off. We wound up returning to our partners. Because of what we had done, we decided to spend the night in Agoura Hills. That’s where I finished off Keith and Derrick finished off Mike.”

“Then the ice cream came out,” Keith cackled. “Prez and I were sharing our ice cream. Derrick and Mike were doing the same. Suddenly Derrick screamed because Mike had spilled cold ice cream on his crotch; accidentally, supposedly!” All four began giggling, and then Keith continued, “Since Prez and Derrick switched partners in the pool, Mike offered Derrick to me. So we swapped, pouring ice cream, licking and sucking it up, switching back, more ice cream cleanup, swapping again. Now Mike’s blowing Prez. Prez warned that he was close. Mike said he was willing to finish off Prez and locked eyes with me and then with Derrick. Derrick suggested that it was okay, as long as Mike fed him Prez’s seed. I, of course, would feed Prez Derrick’s semen.”

“After that, it was couples in the same bed, making love,” Prez offered. “So we’re completely comfortable with seeing each other naked, hard or not. Derrick and I usually wake before Keith and Mike. We made a few breakfasts, naked and working in the kitchen together.

“After knowing each other a year, Derrick and I were always aware of the possibility that Keith and Mike might get jealous. That meant they could hook up and it would likely mean that Derrick and I would. We didn’t want to go there and made sure it never happened. One day, when our very shy friend, Ben, stopped by, we were naked making breakfast. Ben asked where Keith and Mike were. I innocently opened the bedroom door to find Keith and Mike snuggled together asleep in bed. It was too cute, so I called Derrick over. We goofed on them and they woke up, realizing who they had been snuggling with.”

More giggling and laughter broke loose. Prez continued, “Derrick and I had already talked. For us to live together at school next year, each one of us had to be completely comfortable, as individuals and as couples. The deal was for Keith and Mike to put their pasts behind them; have some fun together orally, and then Derrick and I would do the same. More mouthfuls of semen were passed and ever since, it’s been great. Derrick and Mike are every bit as committed as Keith and I are.

“If, during the course of our years, I have to leave for someplace without Keith, I know he’s safe with Derrick and Mike. They’ll be able to keep him satisfied while he waits for me to return. The same can be said for any one of us. The odd man out won’t become a bitchy queen and won’t ever be tempted to stray simply because of high testosterone levels. That’s the purpose, sort of discovered accidentally, for having intimate friends beyond the one lover.”

Keith squeezed Prez’s hand and smiled, “That’s also sort of how sex records began. Mike and Derrick knew we had gone for it six times in one night. When we managed twelve times in a single day, they knew it and, since Drew and Corey were there and matched the record, we had proof. The day we left, they went for it fourteen times, just to say, ‘hey, we’re just as horny as you dudes. Now try and beat fourteen’.”

Through his giggles, Pete groaned, “Fourteen friggin’ times.”

Brian asked, “All anally?”

“No,” Keith chuckled, “anally and orally.”

“So you play by rules,” Pete summarized, “no intercourse. Partners give away loads of semen. Then those loads are shared appropriately.”

Keith said, “The important thing is staying with each other after the deed is done. Mike said that he would’ve felt strange if we left the pool and went home, not to Agoura Hills with them. We all pretty much felt the same way, so we spent the next week there with them. If anybody felt weird or jealous, it would’ve been said at some point. Since I was jealous of Derrick back in May, we spent time together. Even if it was only pouring sodas or a few minutes, it was enough for me and him too.”

From the back seat, Keith and Prez saw Brian and Pete sharing glances of silent communication. Brian then turned in his seat for the first time during the trip. Looking back and nervously biting his lip, Brian shared, “We’d like to, with you two. It feels right.”

Prez confirmed, “You’re coming back to L.A. with us?”

“It’s not a question, dudes,” Keith said. “If we go there, messin’ around tonight, it’s a requirement; we have to know that you two are okay. A sudden decision to run back to Portland will leave us worrying.”

Prez suggested, “A short walk alone together might help. You two can chat. Keith and I will take showers.”

“For our benefit?” Pete grinned.

“For ours,” Keith giggled. “Planned rimming makes it a requirement.”

Pete nodded and chuckled, “We’ll talk, but it’s almost certain already. Even if we decide not to, we’re going back to L.A., right baby?”

Brian nodded, “Definitely, we have to see Drew and Corey.”

“Understandable,” Keith smirked, “a couple of times now, I’ve wanted DNA tests done.”

Pete wondered, “Are they that different?”

Keith chortled, “Drew kissing Corey in front of anybody; Drew, making love to Corey in a tent or with us and Mike and Derrick around; Drew going for it twelve times; Drew coming out to Prez’s Aunt and her family? There’s only so much I can take.” Prez closely watched Keith during his rant and then cracked up.

Brian giggled, “What about changes to Corey?”

Keith grinned, “A few pounds gained and very dependent upon Drew. Less so, since Prez taught them the ‘just you wait’ game.”

Prez offered, “We’re both only children, so I’ve been trying to help where I can. He’s trying to pull stuff together; what he wants, versus what Drew and everyone else wants.”

There was a few moments silence. Brian asked, “Pete, what are you thinking?”

Grinning devilishly, Pete sniggered, “I think we need showers too.”

Brian shouted, “PETE!” and then helplessly cracked up. Knowing that they had instigated something new, Prez and Keith howled.

While everybody was still laughing, Pete grinned, “What? It’s not like I haven’t thought of rimming before. If you haven’t, I know you are now, Brian.”

Blushing furiously, Brian glared at Keith and Prez. “This is all YOUR fault! But I'll probably thank you in the morning.”

Leaning forward, Keith tapped Pete’s shoulder and giggled, “Dude, bend him in half so you can see his facial expressions. It’s awesome.”

"That's about enough out of you!" Brian gasped between laughing fits, his wide grin belying his true excitement.

Prez giggled, “Sixty-nine is a better position, in my opinion. True, I can’t see his face, but the squeaking, gasping sounds alone are well worth it.”

Arriving back at the Valley parking lot, Pete found a spot not too far from where he had been, close to Prez’s 4Runner. Since it was after eleven o’clock, few people were meandering around as they walked back to Curry Village and their tent. As planned, showers were taken and all four returned to the canvas tent cabin. Brian and Pete decided to not get intimate with Keith and Prez, worrying that it would affect friendships and partnerships. They shared that decision with Keith and Prez. Keith and Prez assured them it was a good decision that didn't change their friendships in the slightest. None of the four said it aloud, but they all felt closer than they had all day.

Clothes were shed. Pete approached Keith. Prez and Brian approached each other. Hugs and tender kisses led to racing heartbeats. Then, Pete and Prez spent time together as did Brian and Keith. Finally, they each returned to their partners. Keith showed Brian and Pete some rimming techniques as he pleasured Prez. Never one to be left wanting, Prez enticed Keith to swing around so they could rim each other. This very personal lesson inspired Brian and Pete to another round of lovemaking. Watching Keith and Prez having intercourse stirred Brian and Pete into a third round of lovemaking. As usual, Keith and Prez switched positions and flip-flopped. Brian and Pete were impressed with their versatility and the varied positions. They were only slightly surprised that condoms weren't used. After one in the morning, the light was shut off and exhaustion took its toll.


At 3:12 Wednesday morning, only about two hours after they fell asleep, Drew heard Corey moaning and woke. Still in a sleepy daze, he watched Corey, obviously still asleep and having a dream. With all the moaning, Drew wondered if Corey was having an erotic dream. Or was it another nightmare, Drew worried and so stayed awake. Minutes later, Corey’s moans changed to “No,” and it was repeated a lot. Not knowing what Corey was saying ‘no’ to, Drew decided to say nothing, although he was tempted to reassure Corey. “Get away, no, leave me alone,” Corey mumbled. Drew wondered, who is he telling to get away; the anorexia demon? It could be anyone, real or imagined. Corey continued the desperate pleas only louder and began thrashing. Corey’s breathing became quick and short. Struggling with himself, Drew didn’t interfere even though he very much wanted to. When Corey woke, he’d learn what the dream was about, but that couldn’t happen fast enough as far as Drew was concerned. Painfully worrisome minutes passed until Corey gasped and stopped thrashing. “God damn it!” Corey softly complained, and then sat up in bed, struggling to compose himself.

Drew reached over to gently touch Corey’s knee and whispered, “I’m here, Cor.”

Still reeling from his nightmare, Corey couldn’t decide if Drew’s presence was good or not and didn’t respond.

Drew asked, “Another nightmare?”


“Tell me about it.”

Corey grumbled, “No. It’s too much.”

“What’s too much?”

Getting out of bed, Corey rambled, “Everything and everybody; I can’t take it anymore; everyone’s watching me, getting inside my head; I can’t even tell what’s good or bad anymore.” He turned on the television and sat on the edge of his bed, not wanting to say anything more.

As blue light illuminated the room, Drew pleaded, “Tell me everything, please?”

Forcefully, Corey said, “No, Drew.”

Drew sighed, and then asked, “Who do you want to get away and leave you alone?”

Realizing that Drew obviously knew something of the dream, Corey broke down in tears. Corey didn’t reply for almost a minute then sobbed, “Keith, Prez, Mike, Derrick, my folks, your folks… you, everybody.”

Drew gulped, “You want me to get away too?”

Corey only softly cried and nodded his head.

Confused and tired, Drew muttered, “I don’t get it. You love me as much as I love you. By trying, you’ve helped bring us to a whole new and awesome level. What am I doing wrong? Tell me and I’ll change it.” Drew waited for a response.

Covering his ears and almost pulling at his hair, Corey could barely stand to listen to Drew’s pleas. Corey knew that he loved Drew. He also knew that Drew constantly showed how much he cared and loved him. Maybe the love was wrong though, Corey silently considered; maybe it was all based on a change that he didn’t really want to make. That would make everything a falsehood. To tell Drew about the dream and his fears would mean that he was accepting failure. It was so difficult to accept failure and more painful to deny help from the sweetest boyfriend in the world. He wouldn’t say any of that aloud to Drew.

Drew reached for Corey, but Corey only flinched away. “Do you need time?” Drew wondered. “Just tell me what you need and it’s yours, Cor.”

Falling apart, Corey huffed, “Just wanna sleep, without nightmares, alone.”

“Why, angel?”

Corey screamed, “Don’t call me that! I’m no fucking angel, okay? I want to live my life my way! I’m surrounded, trapped in a fucking shitty situation that I can’t get away from. All I want is to be left alone!”

The thought that Corey was giving up and wanted to break up rattled Drew to the core. Beginning to shed tears, Drew nodded and croaked past the boulder in his throat; “Okay; for how long, Cor?” Corey only shrugged. Getting out of Corey’s bed, Drew found his boxers and slid into them then wept, “I’ll sleep on the couch in the living room, Cor. I won’t be sleeping though; I’ll be worrying about you and us.” Since Corey hadn’t looked at him once, Drew moved to stand between Corey and the TV. “I’ll do anything,” Drew softly wept, “Please don’t give up.” He went to the bedroom door, unlocked and opened it.

On the other side of the door stood Corey’s parents; concern clearly written on their faces. Bill was wearing only boxers and Lanna was wearing a summer robe. Hoping Corey would stop him from leaving, Drew looked back in the bedroom to find Corey staring at the TV and wiping his eyes. Drew sighed then faced the Seavers and said, “I’ll sleep in the living room. Can I have a spare blanket and pillow, please?”

Lanna nodded and said, “Come with me, Drew.” She and Drew briefly glanced in the bedroom then went to get bedding.

Bill Seaver walked into his son’s room then closed and locked the door. He calmly stated, “I want an explanation for all the shouting.”

Not facing his father, Corey shivered and moaned, “I can’t do it, dad. It’s making me crazy. In my dream, I was surrounded by everybody I know and a farm full of slaughtered animals. The people were screaming for me to eat. The animals were crying out in pain. How can I win? I’ve lost already.” For the first time, he turned to the door where his father stood and pointed, “Drew’s out there. Only part of me wants him back in here. The other part is telling me, no, Drew’s part of the problem. So are you and mom and everybody I know.” Breaking down again, Corey bawled, “I just don’t know.”

Bill sighed then explained, “Yes, you do know, Corey. Changes aren’t always easy. You know you’re getting better and making real progress. You know everybody in your dream was there to help you. The difference between helping and hindering is only a matter of perspective. You can choose to take a positive outlook or a negative one. You’re changing from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle to a healthy one.

“Your mother and I haven’t been ignorant through all this; we’ve been reading and acting accordingly. The foods in this house and the meals we eat have been modified for all of us, Corey. Studies are inconclusive in many areas, but they are showing lower occurrences of heart disease in vegetarians. There are no changes in cancer rates though; breast, prostate, testicular and a whole page full of cancers show no less likelihood from vegetarians. We eat lean meats more now than ever, because of you. This is a good thing for all of us, but only if you survive. The doctor said that you need meat proteins, not vegetable proteins. That won’t always be the case. The doctor will tell you and us when and how. Once you’re back at a healthy weight again, we can modify anything we need to at any time. Until then, your mom, Drew and I fight this with you, supporting you every way we can.”

Wearily, Corey blubbered, “I don’t know if I can. Two horrible dreams, two nights in a row, dad. It’s telling me something… some things I hate and others I love. I’m so frigging angry and I’m not even sure who I’m angry with; myself; you and mom; the doctors; Drew? How can I love him so much and have so much fun with him, but then hurt him like I have? That’s plain wrong.”

Bill smirked, “That’s love. You can’t hurt people that don’t give a damn about you. If you didn’t care then you wouldn’t feel hurt because you’re hurting Drew. Pain is unpleasant and we hate feeling it. It’s a natural part of caring and love; the people you love the most can hurt you the most and you can hurt them too. The alternative to love is truly being alone, a hermit with no friends at all. Is that what you want; a solitary life? If it is then you’d better go tell your boyfriend right now, it’s over because you’re not willing to feel the good and the bad with him.”

“Is that how you and mom really are?”

Bill helplessly chuckled, “In sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, through good times and bad, until death do us part.”

Recognizing wedding vows, Corey grumbled, “That sucks!”

“You’re telling me?” Bill snickered, “Because I honor those promises, I’m awake at quarter of four in the morning with the product of our love. Because your mother honors those vows, she’s awake, probably preventing Drew’s breakdown.”

“Oh shit!” Corey groaned, and then wearily sighed, “I’m sorry, dad. I just keep thinking the wrong things.”

Sitting on the bed beside his son, Bill nodded, “You’re not even fifteen yet, Corey. These are things I thought we’d be talking about around your eighteenth year. Now that you’re feeling love and wanting a full time partnership, I’ll confirm that sharing good and bad is the choice we all have to make.” Bill smiled, “Did I give up your mother because you got sick? Did she give up on me because you got sick? Are you willing to give up Drew so you can be what you want to be? There’s a price to pay if that’s really what you want. Then you’re alone. You can’t break off the partnership every time something goes to shit.” Bill rambled, “She burned dinner? I’m moving out. She wrecked the car? I want a divorce. She’s dying in a hospital from the car wreck? See ya later. She had a nightmare? I’m outta here!”

Corey smirked, “Why can’t it just be the good parts of the vows?”

Bill shrugged, “For some people, it is. Marriage one followed by two, ten, twenty, and so on. They aren’t looking for someone special or permanent, only the babe of the week. Right now, in reality, your boyfriend is waiting for you.”

Corey whined, “What can I say to him?”

“Apologize first then you’ll have to explain yourself.”

Shaking his head, Corey sighed, “He puts up with so much shit from me. One of these days, he’s gonna give up.”

“This is why people spend time getting to know each other. Drew’s special though and you know it. He’s more mature than some people ten years older. You do know that, don’t you?”

Corey smiled, “Yeah.”

Standing, Bill offered, “Give me two minutes to get your mom out of the room then you can go get Drew.”

Covering his eyes with his right hand, Corey groaned, “I feel like shit for making him worry even more.”

Bill nodded and sighed, “Welcome to the world of adults. It’s not always easy. Remember that you’ve got me, your mom and Drew to talk with.” He then unlocked the door and went to get his wife. Lanna worried about Corey and leaving Drew, but trusted Bill when he said, “It’ll be okay.”

Corey heard the master bedroom door close then gathered his courage. Drew had every right to be angry and Corey fully expected they would be awake talking for a long time. He walked out of the room and followed the light from the living room TV.

Wrapped in a blanket, lying on the sofa, curled up and obviously very sad, Drew watched Corey approach. Drew softly asked, “Is it really better now, Cor?”

Kneeling down between the sofa and coffee table, Corey nodded, “I’m sorry I was a prick again, Drew.”

“All I need to know is why.”

Corey sighed, “In the dream, it was me against everybody that’s trying to help and a whole barnyard full of slaughtered animals. That’s not any kind of excuse; it’s the truth though.”

Drew huffed, “Do you still want to be alone? If ya want, I can stay here…”

“No, Drew,” Corey quickly interrupted. “I don’t want to be separated from you. I only want to be a vegetarian. Since I know that can’t happen now, I’m angry about having to wait. I’ll still do anything you say, just come back to bed with me, please?”

On the verge of crying, Drew admitted, “I got so scared thinking you were giving up.”

Corey softly whined, “I know. I’m not ever giving up on you, okay? The fight’s shifting, Drew; at first it was you fighting the demon. Now it’s me fighting it alone. I’m not doing too good either.”

“Did your dad say that?”

Shaking his head, Corey replied, “No, it’s me saying it. Two nightmares, two nights in a row; it never gives me a chance to fight. In both dreams, it leaves me to fight a losing battle; it put you there as an adversary too, like I would ever fight you or even take the chance.”

Drew offered, “Fight me in the dream then Corey. I’d rather hear you tell me that than hear you say that you want to be alone.” Sitting up, Drew said, “There’s a lot I can take. I can’t take the idea of leaving you alone. I wouldn’t like it, but I’d do it if it meant things got better between us.”

Fighting back tears and losing horribly, Corey wiped his eyes and whined, “I love you so much, Drew. It rips me apart knowing that I hurt you. I wish I could say it won’t ever happen again. That would be impossible though. I’m trying, okay? I promised you that and I won’t ever break that promise.”

“Who beside me was in the dream?”

“Everybody; my entire family, your family, Derrick, Mike, Ben, Gil and Shaun, our entire baseball team, our entire tennis class, doctors and nurses too; if they know me, they were there, throwing freshly slaughtered animals at me to eat.”

Shaking his head, Drew softly grumbled, “Fuckin’ conniving demon.”

Standing and offering Drew his hand, Corey repeated, “Come back to bed with me?” Turning the living room TV off, Drew took Corey’s hand. Together, they followed the light from the TV in Corey’s room down the hall. Corey closed and locked the door. Turning to face Drew again, Corey only partially wanted to hug him, at least as a wordless thanks for coming back to the room again, but wasn’t sure if Drew would accept it. Corey asked, “Can I hug you?” Drew nodded and opened his arms. Corey went to Drew and they embraced. Corey whispered, “I’m really very sorry I hurt you. That was inconsiderate and selfish.”

Drew sighed, “You can’t hold back, Cor. I have to know what’s going on. Otherwise, I’ll just worry and think the stupidest shit, like you’ve given up or that you don’t love me.”

Squeezing Drew tighter, Corey held eye contact and reminded, “I’ll always love you. I might give up the battle for some period of time, only cos I’m weak and losing. I would give anything to have stayed asleep, with nice dreams of us.” Corey stopped talking and waited for Drew. After a little while, he wondered, “What are you thinking of?”

Drew shrugged, “What’s best for you, me, us and everybody else. We can’t do this stuff too much, Corey. In about six weeks, we’ll be in school again. Waking at three and staying awake won’t work then. I’ll stay awake though, for as long as it takes, because we’re important. Today, that’s no big deal; in a few weeks, it will be, for us and our parents.”

Corey nodded, “Yeah, nights like this would be seen as affecting school grades.”

Drew reminded, “If you had screamed at me at my house, everybody would be awake. They’d all wind up draggin’ ass the next day. As it is, your mom’s gonna call mine; if not today then soon.”

Shaking his head, Corey frowned, “I want us to live together, Drew. I really do want that. I was just so friggin’ angry.”

“I have an idea, but I don’t think you’re going to like it,” Drew offered.

Corey affirmed, “I’ll do anything, Drew; for the chance to spend days and nights with you, anything at all.”

Drew said, “We could talk with my mom. She’s a trauma counselor. It would be better than the witch doctor, someone close we could both talk to about this weird shit. The demon’s fuckin’ with you, Corey. I can easily see that. I just don’t know what I can do about it.”

Corey nodded, “Me neither. Let’s talk with your mom tonight.”

Drew smiled and confirmed, “You’ll do it?”

Seeing that Drew was happy and sounded relieved, Corey grinned, “I’m kind o’ looking forward to it too.”

“Yeah? Why?”

“She’s our mom,” Corey giggled.

Pleased, Drew sighed then asked, “Can I call you angel?”

“Tomorrow,” Corey replied. “I’m not feeling very angelic right now.”

“Are you tired?”

“I’m still stressed out. Sorry.”

“Me too,” Drew admitted, and then said, “Then I have the time to take a leak.” Without saying a word, but with a hopeful gleam in his eyes, Corey pushed Drew’s boxers down. Drew rolled his eyes then cackled, “You’ve been bad. I’ll just have to hold my own dick.”

“I can watch though, can’t I?” Corey giggled.


Corey dramatically frowned, “No make-up sex?”

Drew widely smiled, “You horny devil. Only if you’re very good and stay here.”

Making an act of it, Corey firmly planted his feet on the carpeted floor. Drew giggled and walked around him to the door then went down the hall to relieve himself. Standing at the bowl, Drew wondered what his next course of action needed to be. Corey admitted being stressed from the dream and its consequences. He recalled all of what Corey said about it. Slaughtered animals and Corey’s desire to be a vegetarian was the root of this nightmare. Washing his hands, Drew sighed, realizing that he had to repeat himself. Just as Drew had drilled words into Corey’s brain three weeks earlier, Drew knew he had to drill some more words into that thick blond skull.

Drew returned to the room. Seeing that Corey hadn’t moved at all, Drew grinned and closed then locked the door. He softly ordered, “Close your eyes, Corey.”

Doing so, Corey giggled, “Okay, they’re closed.”

“We’re gonna play a game,” Drew warned.

“Omigod!” Corey cackled, “What are you gonna do?”

Roaming around Corey to make sure his eyes were closed, Drew smiled, “The name of this game is Truth, without the dares. I’ll say something then you’ll say the first thing that pops into your mind. Don’t think, Cor, just speak.”

Corey nodded then giggled, “How will we know who won the game?”

Drew grinned, “We’ve both already won. The question to be answered now is who’s top and who’s bottom.”

Corey smirked, “That’s easy; you put up with so much from me, it’s definitely my turn to make love to you.”

Still strolling around Corey, Drew wondered, “Why do you think I’m putting up with you?”

“Because you are, Drew; everybody woke up to deal with me.”

“Why are we dealing with it, Corey?”

“Because you care about me. Dad reminded me of wedding vows; good times and bad times. I’d just as soon have only good times, but so would he and so would you.”

“You think all I want from you are the good times?” Corey hummed affirmatively. Drew wondered, “Then why am I still awake? Why haven’t I blown this off or pushed you down onto my dick to pay for hurting me?”

“You wouldn’t do that, Drew. Even though I would do it, you’d feel like it was punishing me so you wouldn’t.”

“But you think I need intercourse as a way of thanking me?”

Corey shrugged, “I made you feel bad. The least I can do is help you to feel good.”

“Okay, assuming that’s true, then why haven’t I touched you?”

Corey hummed thoughtfully then offered, “Because I made you feel bad and you want me to learn from it.”

“You’re wrong, Corey. You’re my best friend, my boyfriend and my lover; the person I can see myself growing old with. I want to touch you deeper than I can reach with my hands or with my dick. Just like you touched me when Aldo and Mrs. O’Brian died; you shared the pain and my tears. That’s what I’m waiting for now, Corey. Touch me deep; tell me exactly when you changed your eating habits and why.”

Corey sighed and then explained, “It was last Christmas. I didn’t want to leave you and go back east. At my grandparents’, I decided to not eat any cakes or cookies, so I wouldn’t get fatter.” More softly, Corey admitted, “It was like a test at first. I kept away from the sweets to get someone sweeter. Since that was easy, I decided to change everything I ate when I saw some PBS show about farms and food supplies. When I returned, the first chance we had alone, you told me how much you loved me. I was ecstatic; everything was turning out just like I hoped.

“Then, in January, we broke up. It killed me, Drew. I know it hurt you too now, but I didn’t know that then. Every time you spoke to me, it was like you were calling me names again. I thought all you wanted was sex. Worse, I saw myself as your bitch because I really did want it all. I didn’t like that so I started really watching myself in the mirror; how I spoke, how I walked and everything I ate. I lost weight and started liking what I saw in the mirror, but only just barely. If I couldn’t have you then I wanted another boyfriend that was as cute as you. To accomplish that, I ate less and liked myself more. What I saw in the mirror was a dude that liked other dudes; not some jerk’s bitch.

“Then you slid that packet in our mail slot. My mom gave it to me. I assumed it was like a formal breakup letter and maybe some other stuff you were giving away to wipe me out of your life. I tossed it in the trash. She took it out and gave it to me again a few days later. I threw it away again. When my mom gave it back to me again, she talked me into opening it right then. She read the letter and first few pages to me then told me it was your journal; stuff you wrote to yourself.”

Corey giggled, “So there I am, in the living room, listening to my mom read your journal to me. Almost immediately, she gets embarrassed and skips over stuff. Then it’s you talking about me and about little league. Then my mom blushes again and hands me a page to read. I’ve read those journal pages so many times; I’ve got it memorized now. You wrote about my smooth white ass, cute dick and how I gave you a stiffy in the outfield.” Drew began softly sniggering. Corey chuckled, “If you had told me that when it happened, then you wouldn’t have had to wait for me to kiss you, ya know?”

Drew nodded, “I know, Cor. That was last year, dude. The way you looked then, months before you changed your diet, it made my dick hard. What does that say to you?”

Corey sighed, “That I never needed to change a thing.”

“It’s the truth, Corey. The dieting part is okay and so is becoming a vegetarian. What made you start purging?”

“I had you back and didn’t want to lose you again.”

Not buying it, Drew challenged, “Even though you already knew I liked you the way you were a year earlier?”

Corey shrugged then hesitantly admitted, “I was eating meat. It really made me sick. My parents were already worrying and had me go to the doctors. I just started puking it up so it looked like I was eating to them. Hurling’s no fun, and noisy, so I switched to laxatives. It’s over now, Drew. I haven’t used laxatives or anything since the hospital, honest.”

Stepping forward to gently caress Corey’s shoulders and arms, Drew softly said, “I believe you and I made certain of it. A year ago, I was happy to kiss you, I was happy to hug you, be hugged by you and hold you while we slept at night. The next time you have a nightmare, remember all of that. I’m not the bad guy; I’m the dude that was falling in love with you before I could even say it. I’m the dude that writes what he feels and has to figure shit out first. Right now, I’m the dude listening to birds chirp and watching the sun rise only to spend time with you; to remind you that love is good times and bad times. I would rather you didn’t have nightmares, but ya know, I’ve learned from it too. Put the words I’ve written and you’ve read into your heart then open your eyes and really look at me.”

Opening his eyes, Corey smiled and did as he was told. Looking down, Corey squealed, “You’re hard?”

Drew nodded, “From the best touches in the world; the truth.”

Corey whimpered, “You’re gonna make me cry.”

Drew instructed, “Hold me while you cry then.” Corey stepped closer, rested his head on Drew’s shoulder and shed quiet tears. Holding his beloved close, Drew whispered, “This is what I love, Corey. Sharing like this is as good as any sex. When you told me why you loved me, everything changed that day, for both of us. You were angry when you woke up, but wouldn’t share why with me. That hurt. Saying that you wanted to be alone hurt me too, but here I am again; loving you more than I did when we went to sleep.”

“Why?” Corey sniffled, “I’m such a shit.”

“No, a shit would’ve left me to sleep on the sofa; a shit wouldn’t have shared truth that really matters. My life partner cries on my shoulder, lets me cry on his shoulder, and sometimes, cries with me because we’re both that sad. That same incredibly gorgeous dude sometimes gets weak from my kisses and other times, he pops a bone. Sharing is always good, Corey; whether its ideas, worries, spit, semen or jizz soaked pancakes. Share with me; it’s all I want.”

Corey grinned, “It’s all good?” Humming affirmatively, Drew nodded. Corey contentedly sighed then whispered, “Make love to me, Drew, right now.” Holding Corey firmly in place, Drew began slowly grinding. Shivering from the intimate contact, Corey wondered, “Standing like this?”

Humming affirmatively, Drew then whispered, “All I need is to feel you hard too and your kisses.”

An emotional storm erupted from Corey. In between desperate passionate kisses, he apologized again, told Drew how much he truly loved him and promised to share more, so they wouldn’t ever feel as hurt as they had that night. Corey pulled on Drew’s ass, so they could be squeezed together as close and tight as possible. Encouraged by all Corey was saying and the returned affection, Drew climaxed and hung off Corey, drained of strength. Although Corey hadn’t climaxed, he was more than thrilled that Drew had and giggled with relief. Before six in the morning, they returned to bed, but remained awake in a compassionate stupor, cuddled together, watching a new day dawn and listening to each other share worries and fears. Topics were broadly scattered from anorexia to school, from both sets of parents to Susan. Only two of Drew’s fears were mentioned; the fear of losing his best friend and the fear of Corey giving up the battle.

Bill Seaver woke and immediately left his bedroom to listen at Corey’s bedroom door. He could barely make out voices and smiled then went to the master bathroom to begin his day. As Bill was finishing his morning routine, Lanna woke to start her day. She and Bill knew that they needed to speak with Corey, but couldn’t decide if allowing Drew to hear it was a good idea. They would discuss that option with Jim and Jennifer later that night. Corey was growing up the hard way; making mistakes that could cause more serious problems than a night’s interrupted sleep. Realizing that they had a few days to discuss it before Corey and Drew returned Sunday, Bill kissed Lanna goodbye then left for work.

About half an hour later, after Lanna left for work, Drew had only one other important thing to say. “You are not and never have been my bitch,” Drew firmly told Corey. “I don’t even like to think of you thinking that. After all my worrying about taking people for granted, how could you think I was taking advantage?” He wondered, “Where’d you get that idea from any way?”

Corey shrugged, “School; other dudes harassed and bullied me, calling me a fag, fatty and stuff like that.”

Remembering what Corey had written his journal, Drew scowled. “That is total bullshit. We’ve talked about this before; you’re just as much male as me and every male we know. Yesterday, when I was on the table and you were in me, was I your bitch?”

Vigorously shaking his head, Corey reminded, “It was all me, Drew; my fucked up thoughts about myself and you. I never talked to girls and still don’t unless I have to. I joined little league in second grade to be with boys. None of ‘em wanted to be alone with me though. Two or three at a time to study or practice was fine, but you don’t really get to know people in groups like that. You were the first person to ever want to be alone with me. It was only a month or so later that Aldo died. I still remember the day you talked about taking stuff for granted and about Keith being depressed. I’ve read those journal pages too. I still don’t know why you talked to me about it.”

Drew shrugged and grinned, “Who was I supposed to talk with about it?”

Corey sighed, “I should’ve known then that you were different. After our fight in January, I was so angry; I guess I thought it was all an act, like so many of the stuck-up prima donnas in school.”

Drew hummed thoughtfully then carefully asked, “Can I tell you something?” Corey nodded and Drew smirked, “You’re out of control when you get angry, Cor. You were in January, again last week with the witch doctor, and again from a nightmare. Each time, you zoned out, totally involved with being angry. It’s a bad way to be, dude.”

Corey sighed, “I know, but I can’t exactly control it either.”

Drew offered, “When I get angry, I just spill it and it’s over. You did that with the shrink and stuck up for me, which was totally awesome, but then you sulked. It was the same with the nightmare. Your dad didn’t let you sulk though. Is that what you need from me?”

“You do so much for me already, Drew. I won’t ask for that too.”

Drew grinned, “You didn’t ask, I suggested it. I can either deal with you angry or help you get over it. The latter sounds better to me.”

Groaning uncertainly for a few seconds, Corey then smiled, “You’re amazing.” Seeing Drew blush, he quickly shifted closer and on top of Drew. Corey admitted, “I’m having a really rough time figuring out what I love most about you.”

Drew cackled, “Don’t start, Cor.”

“The blushes are near the top of the list,” Corey teased.

Drew growled, wrapped his legs around Corey, so he couldn’t get away and tickled him. Over Corey’s laughter, Drew sniggered, “This is what I’ll do. The minute you start sulking, I’ll tickle you to death.” Howling and unable to escape, Corey struggled to capture Drew’s arms. The left arm was rather easy, but the right arm kept flying. Drew cackled, “A few more pounds and a little more muscle, Cor.” Having made several points, Drew pulled Corey down, held him tightly and whispered, “For that smile and laugh, I’d do anything, any time, Corey.”

Still catching his breath, Corey giggled, “I’m a selfish, spoiled, only-child. I don’t deserve you.”

“Wrong again,” Drew whispered. “You’re my caring and sensitive lover. You made some silly choices based on silly ideas. We’ve got a lifetime together to deal with your silly dreams and my stupid beliefs too. Somewhere between you and me is the right idea.”

Pulling his head up, Corey smirked, “What stupid beliefs do you have?”

“Let’s start with a certain pervert two weeks ago,” Drew began. “If we were alone, do you think we could’ve fought him off?”

Corey nodded, “Both of us, yeah, but not as easily as four older dudes did.”

“I don’t know that, Corey. I haven’t ever fought anyone for anything.” Seeing only uncertainty in Corey’s expression, Drew sighed, “Think of it this way, I learned you had a problem right after school ended. Even though it upset me, I didn’t say or do much about it. A few days later, you dropped on the tennis court. I visited you and did what I had to. Two weeks after that, Keith and Prez introduced us to Brian and Pete. I thought it was good, but you didn’t. It took me a month of driving myself crazy before I argued with you about it. You wanted to be alone a few hours ago. It tore me up inside, but I didn’t fight it. I would’ve stayed there on the couch, worrying and hoping. Think about it, as much as I want to be with you, it’s you that has the biggest job, getting healthy. What do I do? I make it a game. I take my clothes off to give you incentive.

“That’s why I don’t want expensive presents, Corey. I’m doing a tiny bit to help, but everybody sees me as doing something remarkable. You’re the one doing great, not me. We’ve taken all the steps, one at a time, from kisses to hand-jobs to blowjobs to a dildo to intercourse. I love it all, it’s special with you, but would I fight for it? Would I fight for you? I’d like to think I would, but I really don’t know. Nobody’s perfect, Cor; I don’t expect it from you so please don’t expect it from me, okay?”

Running his hands through Drew’s hair, Corey smiled, “You’re the lover and partner I want. We have great times, good times, awesome sex, and a few rough spots now and then that are mostly my fault. I couldn’t be happier with anyone else, Drew. How many other dudes would go to the doctor with me? None. How many other dudes would’ve even come back to the room after I told them to leave? None. And let me tell you something I’ve never said before; as awesome as sex was before we had intercourse, it’s become more than I ever dreamed it could be. I’m not moaning, groaning and hollering your name because it’s only alright; it’s celestial paradise, pure bliss for me every time.”

“I feel the same way,” Drew dreamily breathed, “For a bottom, you’re an incredible top.”


Drew nodded and smiled, “Nothing has changed. We could try to get some sleep?”

Shifting his eyes to and fro, Corey giggled, “Or we could make love?”

Drew nodded, “I want to make love to you.”

“Really?” Corey squealed, “What about you?”

Drew assured, “I’ll enjoy it plenty, almost as much as hearing the truth.” Corey uncertainly groaned. Drew began placing tender kisses around Corey’s jaw. Corey’s groans turned to whimpers and any resolve he had melted away. Rolling Corey over, it didn’t take long for Drew to get his way. He simply kissed and playfully gobbled every inch of Corey, taking special interest in his flat belly. “Too skinny,” Drew mumbled, and made an effort of mouthing a large area of flesh. With his face still against Corey’s tummy, Drew teased, “I want meat!”

Howling, “Drew! A few inches lower!” Corey loved Drew’s silly version of foreplay. Overtired, Drew moved lower to begin licking Corey’s cock and scrotum, but then flew back up to his belly. Also exhausted, Corey rolled them so he was on top of Drew then reached to get the lube. With Corey’s uncut dick inches from his face, Drew engulfed the head. Corey gasped and shivered, almost spilling lube all over in his haste to get Drew’s cock wet. He only allowed Drew to suck him for about a minute before shuffling back and squatting down on Drew’s bone. The ride was good enough for Corey to lose it, but Drew still hadn’t so Corey shifted to crab-style. That was really good for both of them, but Corey’s arms got tired. Drew helped Corey lie down then hovered over him to finish in the missionary position. With their faces only inches apart, they looked into each other's eyes and softly reaffirmed their love, spending plenty of time kissing allowed Drew to last longer. With his feet in the air and spread wide around Drew's shoulder's, Corey moaned, "I love when you love me like this." Drew admitted that he loved the position and person he was making love to, and then gave it up.

This got Corey hard again so he made love to Drew too, on their sides, because lack of sleep was finally catching up with them. Twisted at the waist, Drew gave himself freely to Corey and was able to kiss him as often as they liked. Before nine o’clock, they started to relax, but shortly after nine, Drew’s cell phone rang. Wearily, Drew answered a call from Mike.

Saying good morning, Mike then asked, “Do you dudes wanna go to the beach? We could come back here afterward?”

Drew groaned, “We’d like to, but we can’t, Mike. It was a rough night. Corey had another nightmare and we’re just settling down.”

Mike teased, “You’re going for fourteen, aren’t ya? You can tell me. I’ll get Derrick ready for sixteen.”

Drew sniggered, “We don’t need or want to, dude. Make-up sex was like fourteen at once.” Corey began softly giggling.

“Yeah,” Mike chuckled, knowing that make-up sex almost made arguing worth it. He then offered, “Give us a call later, when you wake up. Your brother and Prez will be here tonight.”

Drew yawned, “Okay, it’ll prob’ly be after three before we’re awake and ready.”

“Cool, dude,” Mike chirped, “See ya later.”

“Have fun at the beach,” Drew offered, and then they said goodbye. Shutting off the ringer and putting the phone down, Drew snuggled against Corey’s back then purred, “I love you so much.”

Holding Drew’s arm in place over his belly, Corey contentedly sighed, “I love you too, Drew.” Within a minute, they were both unconscious.


On their way to Zuma Beach, Mike and Derrick had the car stereo blasting. Driving out of the last tunnel on Kanan-Dune Road and hearing commercials, Derrick turned the volume down then briefly glanced at Mike. Noticing the confusion on Derrick’s face, Mike asked, “What’s up, Dee?”

Derrick shrugged, “It’s only been three days, but I feel off balance.”

Holding Derrick’s hand on the stick, Mike nodded, “It’s not the sex, it’s just their presence, or lack thereof. I feel bad about it too.”

“I know, dude. Living alone with you has been awesome all month. I can’t deny it though; I miss them.”

“The jams are all music, no play, work or effort, like they normally would be. Even going to the beach, I feel like they should be showing up in about an hour. I know they won’t be and that’s fuckin’ with me.”

Derrick asked, “Would you mind skippin’ the surfin’ today?”

“No,” Mike replied, “it’s like it needs to be a different day; head to the swimming beach, Dee.”

Pulling into the Zuma Beach parking lot and getting in line to pay the parking fee, neither had turned up the radio to hear AC/DC’s Shoot To Thrill. Derrick sighed, “I never realized before how attached I am to Prez. In the last year, I don’t think there’s ever been three consecutive days like this. Even when his mom died, I saw him almost every day, at least for a little while.”

“There hasn’t,” Mike smiled. Noticing the uncertain, crooked frown on his partner’s face, Mike chuckled, “It’s alright, Dee. Prez is your best friend in the world. Keith is mine. I didn’t even realize it was approaching ten years until you said it. It’s like; I wanna hug him, plant a quick kiss and then start bitchin’ at him just so he’ll argue with me.”

Derrick paid the parking lot attendant then drove forward and smiled, “Prez wanted to jam and so did I. Then I got him working at Black Angus when someone didn’t show up. At first, I felt like he was following me around, whenever he wasn’t with Keith. Now I know it was me following him too.”

Mike nodded, “It’s crazy. Everybody needs other friends in addition to their partners. It almost seems wrong, but it isn’t.”

“I’m surprised even though I shouldn’t be,” Derrick admitted. “You’d think three days was three weeks or three months. I want to hug Prez and hear him ramble on about Yosemite. Then I wanna jam with him. The really fucked up part is I want to jam with only him, while you and Keith are annoying the piss out of each other.”

Mike giggled, “That’s cool. We’ll see how it goes when they show later tonight. We still haven’t opened that tub of ice cream either.”

Laughing while pulling into a parking space, Derrick had an evil thought. Once the 442 was stopped, he turned to Mike and grinned, “Tonight, it’s you and me racing around the coffee table.”

“Sweet!” Mike chirped. They grabbed their towels then got out of the car. Stopping at the trunk for the Frisbee and radio, Mike chuckled, “I’ll bet I never got more than half Keith’s fat cock in my mouth. I didn’t do too much better with Prez.”

Closing the trunk, Derrick insanely smiled, “Keith’s more than a mouthful. Prez has as much as I can manage without getting a sore jaw. That slight curve to his left is what I had to learn to manage.”

Starting for the sand, Mike smirked, “Prez’s dad needs a good ass whoopin’. Because of shit in Texas, the dude doesn’t even know how cute he really is.”

“Neither does Keith,” Derrick reminded.

Mike nodded, “It took him almost two years of sit-ups and leg-raises to turn a flat belly into that six pack.” Glancing at Derrick, Mike leered, “Your six pack shows when you’re hovering over me, Dee.”

Derrick grinned, “So that’s why you like missionary so much.”

Grunting negatively, Mike said, “It’s your eyes, Dee. I know they’re hazel, but I swear to God, sometimes they seem bluer, or greener or browner.”

Opening his eyes wide, Derrick turned to Mike and asked, “What color are they now?”

Mike looked closely and giggled, “Omigod. They’re bluer than hazel. You’re horny aren’t ya?”

Turning away, Derrick grinned, “Tell me more about my abs and eyes.”

Wanting to get his lover revved up, Mike rambled, “I love feelin’ up your arms too. You’ve got awesome biceps, not huge, the perfect size for a drummer. Your shoulders are real nice too, just wide enough for me to rest my head there and suck on your neck.”

Dropping his towel and the Frisbee in the sand, Derrick warned, “I’m gonna blow you right here if you keep it up.”

Mike grinned, “Four times last night, twice this morning; we could match fourteen today, if ya want?”

Derrick prompted, “Let’s go for seven, in chest deep water, right now.”

Mike laughed, “You’re serious?”

Nodding, Derrick smiled, “I want you, Lick. If I could do it without drowning, I’d blow you. It’s a mellow weekday with fewer people around. We can get away with it easy.” Without delay or waiting for Mike’s reply, Derrick took his hand and started for a less occupied area of beach.

On the way, Mike whimpered, “You rock, Dee. I can barely believe we’re doing this.”

“Believe it, you wild man. When you’re close, let me know, and I’ll finish you in my mouth.”

They dove into the ocean and swam out beyond the breaking waves. Soon, they were rising and falling with the surf and Derrick tore open the Velcro on Mike’s boardies. In the cool water, Mike was completely hard. Soon after Derrick began stroking, Mike told him, “You’re next, Dee.”

Derrick nodded and grinned, “Tonight, we’ll tell Misters Sweet and Innocent what we’ve done.” Mike laughed hysterically.

For many minutes, not another word was said until Mike warned, “So good, gettin’ close, Dee.”


Panting, Mike nodded then whimpered, “Now, Dee.” Derrick submerged and took Mike’s bone in his mouth. Thrilled with the dangerous activity and Mike’s throbbing erection, Derrick held onto Mike’s ass. The only bad thing for Derrick was the salt water interfered with the taste of Mike’s semen. He rose to the surface and barely grabbed a breath before Mike kissed him hard. Unconcerned about swimming, they sank again, holding the kiss and each other.

Rising to the surface again, Mike immediately ripped open Derrick’s boardies and pulled his hard dick out. Mike reminded, “Let me know if sand gets uncomfortable.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” Derrick assured. “I’m so friggin’ hot for you, Lick.” Gazing deeply into Mike’s eyes, Derrick asked, “Wanna go crazy again today?” Enthusiastically, Mike nodded. Derrick suggested, “Split it evenly; anally three each and one sixty-nine?”

“Anything, Dee,” Mike smiled, “You know that once we get in that mode, I’m always wanting you inside me.”

Shivering from those words, Derrick whimpered, “Say that again?”

Mike chanted, “I want you inside me. I want it slow and deep or fast and furious. Fuck my hand like it’s my ass, Dee.”

Bucking his hips and losing control, Derrick soon groaned, “Now, Lick.” Mike dove down and engulfed Derrick’s cock. The difference between the cold water and Mike’s warm mouth set Derrick off and his arms thrashed furiously to stay afloat. Derrick didn’t hear the lifeguard’s whistle until Mike surfaced. Chuckling, they swam back to the protected area so the female lifeguard didn’t come out after them and discover both their cocks were still hanging out of their boardies. While they body surfed, they left their dicks out for brief grabs until they decided to leave the water.

Out on their towels, they softly joked around about what they had done. They had just relaxed and lay down when they heard someone shout, “Mike!”

Since he shared the same name as a lot of dudes, Mike didn’t even look around, but Derrick did. He gently nudged Mike and grinned, “We’ve got company, dude.”

Mike looked over and saw Matt, Eddie and Rick approaching. He and Derrick hopped up to greet their friends with hugs. Since they hadn’t seen each other since school ended, they sat together in the sand and got caught up. Matt was working as a maintenance man at the Comfort Inn by Warner Center. Eddie was working mornings at McDonald’s and Rick was delivering pizzas for Jerry’s Pizza. Mike and Derrick told them that they were house-sitting for Doug and Brian, the two adult gay men that had been at Mike’s birthday party. Since they had the opportunity, Mike and Derrick told them about the party the following Wednesday night and invited Matt, Eddie and Rick. They had already mentioned it to Gil and Shaun. Of course, Jerry, Mack, Howard, Graham and Francis were also invited. Suddenly, Matt, Eddie and Rick got quiet and appeared sad.

Matt softly explained, “There was a car accident last month, dudes. Mostly, Graham’s physically recovered, but Francis is still in a coma. Francis was driving Graham’s car and fell asleep at the wheel. He didn’t have his seat belt on and cracked his skull really bad; it’s not looking good for Francis; Graham’s been in a funk about it.”

Rick sighed, “I check on him once a day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Graham was really falling for Francis. Now, it’s like Francis is alive, but won’t ever be the same. Trying to pull Graham out of the house just isn’t working; he’s praying and hoping for the impossible.”

Wrapping an arm around Matt, Eddie tearfully added, “Graham’s trying to say goodbye when he doesn’t really want to. Francis’ parents were total assholes to Graham. They didn’t know Francis was gay and refuse to even let Graham back to visit. It’s a completely fucked situation.”

Stunned, Mike and Derrick absorbed the new information. Mike softly asked, “You dudes know my dad died?” They all nodded and offered condolences. Mike smiled and thanked them.

Derrick sighed, “Prez’s mom died in a car accident last October.” Again, all three knew that. Derrick instructed, “The important thing is to keep Graham here, with the living.”

Mike nodded, “It took Dee and Keith to pull me out of my funk. They did what no one else could’ve.”

“Graham’s deal is slightly different though,” Matt explained. “The body is still here, but Francis, as we knew him, is gone already. The family is deciding whether or not to give up and let him die. The alternative is life as a veg so it sucks all around, no matter what they decide.”

Derrick nodded, “We understand, it’s very important to keep Graham grounded. Invite him anyway, okay? There were times when I pulled Mike out of the house only to walk and talk.”

Mike recalled, “Every minute and hour doing normal stuff matters.”

Rick sighed, “I tried to get him to come to the beach with us. Maybe I’m the wrong person to be doing it though.”

Matt grinned, “You hornball, are you hitting on him?” Mike and Derrick helplessly cracked up.

“No, I’m not!” Rick laughed. He then softly sniggered, “Before the accident, I had to remind him, but not since.” Matt and Eddie suspiciously eyed Rick and soon all five of them roared. They all began softly praising Graham’s personality and physique. Derrick wondered if Graham’s hair was dirty blond or light brown. Rick giggled, “Blond.” Getting more suspicious glares from Matt and Eddie, Rick cheekily sniggered, “P.E., two years ago.” Standing up, Rick laughed, “He’s hung real nice too, dudes,” and then took off running for the water.

Matt bounced up and soon all four were chasing Rick in and out of the surf. During the silliness, it was decided that Eddie had the best chance of getting Graham out of the house and had accomplished it already. They started body surfing. During a break, when all five were bobbing in the surf, catching their breaths and allowing good waves to pass by, Rick made more silly remarks about Graham’s endowment. Matt splashed Rick and laughed, “You asshole! Just because he’s four thick inches limp don’t mean he’s eight or more erect.”

Splashing him back, Rick roared, “I can hope!”

Watching Rick closely, Mike chuckled, “Where’d you get that stupid idea from?”

Matt answered, “From me. Rick thinks a dude has to have four limp inches to be a respectable size erect.”

“Wrong!” Derrick, Eddie and Mike loudly sang.

Matt sniggered, “Five inches is average, ya twit! For all you know, Graham only grows another inch.”

Mike honestly said, “I’m three inches and grow to eight.”

“I’m four inches and grow to seven,” Derrick offered.

Eddie finished, “I’m two and a half inches and grow to six.”

Shaking his head sadly, Matt grinned at Rick and said, “Your problem is you were over active at thirteen. You had me, Eddie, Jerry, Mack and Shaun in a little over a year. The only mouth busier than yours at the time was Jerry’s.” Mike and Derrick cracked up.

Rick giggled, “Please don’t get me started about Jerry.”

Matt smirked, “Did Jerry ever complain about your size? Did Eddie or any of us?” Rick shook his head.

Mike grinned, “How big are you, Rick?”

Knowing that he would called on a bluff; Rick blushed, “Three growing to six.”

Derrick glanced at Matt and Eddie, receiving confirmation nods. “What’s wrong with that?” Derrick scowled, “Anything more than a mouthful is a waste.”

Rick smiled, “No, it’s not dude. Jerry’s monster was a challenge and loads of fun, literally!”

Eddie giggled, “Face it, Rick. You’re a size queen.”

“I don’t mean to be,” Rick squealed. “Maybe I was too active, but I’m not now. I really want someone special. I just keep trying and striking out. Howard was great in so many ways, but he was too shy and we only had awesome sex. There were no shared interests. I like horror movies most, he hated them. He liked to read, I hate reading. He likes boy-bands; I hate them and prefer metal. We couldn’t agree on anything except sex.”

Mike wondered, "Is Howard hung?"

Rick's eyes seemed to glaze over. He nodded, "Almost five inches limp and almost nine thick inches erect."

Eddie nodded and giggled, “Size queen.”

Rick shrugged, “Maybe I am. I’d gladly accept anyone more than average to have what you and Matt have, what Derrick and Mike have or Keith and Prez have. All I want is a few shared interests with an awesome sex life too. That’s not too much to ask, is it?”

Mike smiled, “Of course not.”

Derrick agreed, “Definitely not, dude. I do need to ask you to be truthful before I ask a question though.”

Rick nodded, “Okay.”

Derrick wondered, “Would you really prefer way more than average or not?”

Rick shrugged, “That’s a rough one to answer. Other than Howard, I’ve only had oral sex with every other dude. Hand jobs don’t count.”

“Bull shit!” Four voices chorused.

Mike shared, “It all matters and definitely counts.” Derrick nodded agreement then stole a kiss.

Matt offered, “When you’re with someone you really like, every tiny bit of intimate contact matters.”

“Now answer Derrick’s question,” Eddie prompted. He then slyly smirked, “Remember, I’m here to deal with your lies too.”

Rick rolled his eyes then sighed, “Come on, Eddie. The reason you and I didn’t work is because we’re both bottoms. We’re still friends and always will be.” Turning to Derrick, Rick truthfully said, “I’d like a lot more than average, seven or more inches, and a top too, obviously.”

Derrick asked, “What if everything else was perfect, all the same interests, a nice seven inches, but he wanted some anal fun too?”

Rick nodded, “I could deal. Howard wanted some too, now and then.”

Mike instructed, “Keep your eyes and ears open when we start the Gay Straight Alliance in the fall, dude. Dee and I know a dude that we thought might’ve been good for you, but he’s as shy as or shier than Howard. He likes all music, not only metal. You’ll get to meet him at the party.”

Derrick nodded, “Ben’s a real sweetheart, Rick. You or any of us could sweep him off his feet without even trying. He’s someone worth getting to know.”

Rick grinned, “Is he hung?” Matt and Eddie cracked up and splashed the hell out of Rick, loudly complaining because Rick didn’t seem to care if he was a cratered zit face, obese or anything other than well endowed.

Mike laughed, “We really don’t know more than what he’s said; that he’s a grower, not a show-er.”

Derrick seriously warned, “If you like Ben, you’d better be good to him. Mike and I would get pissed, but you’d be running from Prez for the rest of your days.”

Matt scowled, “Prez is with Keith still, isn’t he?”

Derrick nodded, “And always will be, but Ben has a crush on Prez. Prez had to dash Ben’s hopes the other day. You really don’t want Prez on your bad side, Rick, take my word for it.”

Mike grinned, “Irish temper, ya know? Prez will black out, leave you bleeding and barely remember ever fighting.”

Surprised, Matt, Eddie and Rick all gasped, “Prez?”

Derrick chuckled, “He’s my best friend. Annoyed and ranting, the look in his eyes is plenty scary, dudes. All I’ll say is if the day ever comes where I see Prez lose it, I hope Mike and Keith are with me.”

Mike nodded, “It would take at least two of us to get Prez under control. Just treat Ben nicely and none of us will have to worry about it.”

Nodding, Rick asked, “Tell me more about Ben.”

Derrick shrugged, “About my height, a little heavier than me by ten or so pounds. He’s not fat, just chubby from lack of exercise. We just taught him to swim Saturday and were going to ask him to join us today, but he wasn’t home. He and his mom went out somewhere.”

“Ben’s got a clear complexion, no major zit issues,” Mike offered. “He’s grown up with a homophobic father, who’s now in jail for assault and attempted murder. The old man’s out of the picture now. Ben’s knows he’s gay, but he’s a virgin, so slow and easy is the way to go with him.”

“How old is he?” Rick wondered.

“Seventeen,” Derrick answered.

Rick smiled, “I don’t suppose he’d be into a bit of fun?” Matt and Eddie roared then began splashing Rick again. “No, wait!” Rick laughed. “Come on! A seventeen-year-old virgin? I can at least break him in right.” Mike and Derrick cracked up and also splashed Rick.

When Rick had been sufficiently abused, Mike giggled, “You’d have to ask Ben if he’d be into a roll around the sack. Be truthful with him though, dude. If all you want is shared sex, tell him that.”

Rick asked, “Would he be alright with me being that direct?”

Derrick grinned, “He’d definitely blush. Approached in the right way though, he might say yes.”

Shaking his head sadly, Eddie smirked at Rick and teased, “You’re plain bad, dude,” and then swam for the next wave to shore. Matt, Rick, Derrick and Mike followed.

Once back on the beach, Derrick and Mike checked with each other then invited Eddie, Matt and Rick to the house. Mike added, “We’re gonna stop by Taco Bell on the way then jam for a while after lunch.”

Eddie, Matt and Rick checked with each other. Rick reminded, “I have to work at five tonight.”

They dried off, gathered their stuff and started for the parking lot. Derrick gave them directions in case they got separated. “Follow Kanan-Dune past the 101 about half a mile. Taco Bell is on the left side of Kanan Road. The next major intersection is Thousand Oaks Boulevard. Turn right and then make the first right onto Argos Street. The second right is Parkheath Drive. There’s a big park across the street so ya can’t miss it. The second house on the right is where we’re heading.”

Rick nodded, “Three rights and the second house on the right, easy.”

Mike teased, “Ya might get to at least meet Ben today.” Derrick, Eddie and Matt all provocatively mooed.

Rick giggled, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Groans broke loose and they separated for their cars.


On the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains, Corey woke before Drew, just after one that afternoon. He quietly stared at Drew for many minutes. As far as Corey was concerned, he had been blessed with the best boyfriend on the planet. Drew was considerate, humble, patient, understanding and incredibly handsome. Tearing into himself, Corey really wanted to be all those things and at the right time. He had to save this relationship at all costs. So the first thing he did was ignore the little voice in his head saying, ‘take him and give him a wake up blowjob’. Instead, he stealthily crawled out of bed to make himself a breakfast milkshake. Once the milkshake was made and drank, he called both his parents at work to apologize for causing late night problems. That was an important step Corey absolutely had to take. It had to be done then, not after anyone told him to do it and it was something that he knew Drew would do.

Lanna appreciated the call and took some time to discuss a few things. Lanna explained that she had probably spoiled Corey in many ways. After listening to his mother, Corey said, “That may be true, but I should know better, mom. Seven years of little league and how many times did kids come here? Not near as often as I asked. Eight years of school and how many friends have I had that are anything like Drew? Some were nice, but the friendships didn’t last. As book smart as I am in school, I’ve missed something. From Prez, Keith and all the Hundsers, I’m learning consideration. I’m in the kitchen alone so Drew can sleep. Believe me, I’d rather have him awake and with me, but he needs to rest. I don’t want to lose him, mom.”

Lanna replied, “Last night when I was alone with Drew, all he kept worrying about was you, giving up. I can’t speak for any of the other boys you knew, but I know Drew well enough to say, he wasn’t lying or exaggerating; all he wants is you healthy. He would give you all the time and space necessary to accomplish that. He suggested it, Corey, not me. He’d stop by or call to check on you.”

Corey smiled, “That’s Drew. He told me the same things; ‘Please don’t give up,’ he said. Drew wants us to talk with his mom too. I said that I would and I will.”

Relieved, Lanna sighed, “That’s good and I approve. Later tonight, I was planning to call to talk with Drew’s mother and I’m sure your dad will talk with his father.” She then paused and softly said, “I’m very proud of you, Corey. I only worry that you’re trying to tackle too many things at once.”

Corey smirked, “I’m fine, mom. If I can get straight A’s in school, then I can handle all this too. If only I didn’t trip up so much then I’d feel a whole lot better.”

“Is there anything else?” Lanna asked.

Absently shaking his head, Corey answered, “No, that’s about it. I only wanted to call on my own, before Drew or anyone else suggested it.”

“Then I have to go, Corey,” Lanna said. “Have a good time the next few days and I’ll see you Sunday.”

“You’ll probably see us Saturday too, unless something comes up that changes our pool plans. Bye, mom.”

Lanna also said goodbye and they hung up. Corey then dialed his dad at the bank he worked at. The conversation was even briefer. Corey only apologized and shared the plan to talk with Drew’s mom about the nightmares. When their conversation was finished, Corey grabbed an apple and went to the living room to see if there was a ballgame on TV. Seeing the blanket and pillow that Drew used on the sofa was a bitter reminder of the nightmare. The Padres were playing the Angels in Anaheim and it was surprisingly televised. Corey watched the game only long enough to finish his apple.

He folded the blanket then grabbed the pillow, intending to return them to the linen closet. The pillow smelled of Drew though, so Corey paused to raise it to his face and then inhale deeply. Feeling his dick shift, Corey grinned, “He even smells good. Was he lying on this pillow a whole thirty minutes?” At the next commercial break, he turned the TV off then tossed the apple core in the trash. He went down the hall, put the blanket and pillow away then returned to his room to watch Drew sleep and be there when he woke.

It was almost half past two when Drew stirred and reached for Corey. Catching the hand that was about to hit him in the groin, Corey giggled, “I’m right here, stud.”

Drew’s eyes fluttered and he smiled, “I just had the most amazing dream about us. We were older, like just out of high school and starting college, living together in our own place. It was awesome, Cor.”

“It’s gonna happen too, Drew,” Corey smiled.

Pulling himself closer to Corey, Drew realized Corey wasn’t under the covers and asked, “How long have you been awake?”

“About an hour and a half,” Corey smiled, “long enough to have my milkshake, call my folks at work and watch a little of the Padres in Anaheim against the Angels.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

Corey giggled, “I was gonna suck you off, but you needed sleep.”

Encouraged, Drew started making moves towards Corey’s dick. Corey slid sideways down the headboard toward Drew then began kissing and licking every inch he could reach. Unfortunately, Corey landed behind Drew’s back, so his mouth couldn’t reach Drew’s dick. His hand could though and he found Drew completely hard. Once Corey was hard and throbbing in his mouth, Drew paused to ask, “Wanna make love?”

“Oh yeah,” Corey sighed.

The sheet and blanket were kicked off of the bed, the lube bottle grabbed and Drew knelt for Corey to take a ride in the reclined kneeling position they had discovered on their own. Corey hurried into position, with his knees bent on each side of Drew’s spread legs. Once they were both wet, Corey lowered his ass down onto Drew’s cock and began cooing. The sad, desperate make-up sex of the early morning hours was replaced with calm, enjoyable and slow intercourse in various positions. After the first set of orgasms, they moved around to doggie-style. Corey lost it again then wanted to go for a ride, which pushed Drew over the edge. Then Drew wanted Corey on his side. Unintentionally, Drew pushed Corey flat on his belly. He apologized, but Corey liked it and told Drew to lay down on him. Doing so, Drew whispered, “I love you so much, Corey,” and then continued driving into his lover. Corey was surprised how good it felt and encouraged Drew more. Within seconds of each other, they climaxed again.

Drew took a short break to catch his breath then rolled onto his back, pulling Corey along with him, and then started thrusting his hips up while stroking Corey’s cock. Every now and then, Corey would reaffirm that he only wanted Drew. Similarly, Drew assured that he only wanted Corey. They cemented their emotional bonds physically. Almost an hour and multiple orgasms later, when they were cuddling in each other’s arms, Corey told Drew everything about the phone calls to his parents. Then Corey wanted to know more about Drew’s dream.

Drew smiled, “It was awesome, Cor. You were only about two inches taller than me and we both weighed about the same. I could climb you as easily as you could climb me. We could make love that way, standing and supporting each other. We had one of those really old tubs, with the claw feet, and could bathe at the same time. Our place was a one bedroom with a big living room and a perfect kitchen. After school, we made love in the kitchen while dinner cooked. We did it again on the living room carpet after our homework was done and again in our bed before going to sleep. It was so perfect, I know it’s gonna be true. All the hard times will be done; we’ll know each other so well that it’ll be great all the time.”

Corey dreamily sighed, “You know I want that too, don’t you?”

Drew nodded, “We’ll be the model gay couple, angel.” Realizing he had slipped, Drew quickly said, “Sorry, you said tomorrow.”

Corey landed a kiss then grinned, “It’s okay; after being in paradise with you, I’m feeling way more angelic than I did last night.”

“It’s goin’ on four o’clock,” Drew realized. “Ya wanna get cleaned up, take a quick swim then head to my place?”

Rolling off Drew, Corey sighed, “Yeah, this day’s gonna be weird cos we slept so late.”

Following Corey off the bed, Drew remembered, “I need to call Mike too. I told him I would.” After they brushed their teeth and stepped into the shower, Drew asked, “Ya wanna go to Agoura after supper, Cor? Someone said that Keith and Prez are going directly there from Yosemite tonight.”

Beginning to shampoo his hair, Corey reminded, “Derrick said it yesterday,” and then answered, “I’m cool with that. It’s only that noisy bed that needs more lube than we do.” Drew evilly chuckled. The next thing Corey knew, his dick was in Drew’s mouth again. Corey whimpered loud and long while rinsing his hair. He smiled down at Drew.

Beginning to laugh, Drew backed off Corey and giggled, “What? I’m gay; I like dick in general and yours in particular.”

“Omigod!” Corey laughed, “Drew, we just made love… four utterly fantastic times in a row! It used to be me instigating sex.”

Still stroking Corey’s hardening bone, Drew grinned, “Those were the good ol’ days.” He then grabbed the soap and started washing Corey’s lower half. When everything from Corey’s navel down was clean, Drew prompted, “Turn around, angel. Lemme wash that awesome ass of yours.”

Following Drew’s instruction, Corey blushed and giggled. Drew turned a task into fun and thoroughly cleaned Corey’s hole, inside and out. Soon, Corey was hollering again, “Oh, hell yeah, you big stud, finger fuck my ass! I love it!” Doing as he was told, Drew searched for Corey’s magic button. He knew he had hit the jackpot when Corey grabbed the shower door handle, inhaled sharply and hissed, “Omigod! Right there; I love that spot!” Drew only wondered what the spot was that made Corey and himself go berserk. At some point that night, Drew would either look it up on the net or ask Keith about it. It took another two or three minutes of massaging that spot before Corey loudly squealed, “Drew! I’m gonna cum!”

Drew was tempted to shout, “Gimme!” but said nothing, amazed that Corey was about to shoot. Soon, Corey made that guttural, animalistic grunting that was the clue Drew needed to know that it had indeed happened. Drew muttered, “Remarkable,” and pulled his finger out of Corey then stood. Giggling his blond butt off, Corey turned to face Drew and hung off him, completely dormant and lethargic. Drew held Corey upright and chuckled, “We have got to find out what that spot is.”

Still catching his breath, Corey panted, “That’s why... I like missionary... and other positions... where I’m facing you... so much. It makes me go... totally crazy, Drew.”

Stroking Corey’s hair, Drew whispered, “I know, angel. It does the same to me.”

In between kisses along Drew’s shoulder, Corey wondered, “What can I do for my stud?”

Drew shrugged, “I was only bathing you at first, making sure three loads of my jizz didn’t leak out into the pool.”

“I’m clean as a whistle now,” Corey giggled. “My bed sheets, on the other hand, will have to be thrown in the washer.”

Chuckling, Drew held Corey tighter and started another grind. After working Corey over as long as he had, Drew had virtually no staying power. Corey made the inevitable happen quicker by pulling Drew firmly against him and sliding his fingers over Drew’s asshole, all the while telling Drew how much and why he loved him. After another few minutes of recovery and kissing, they washed each other and got out from under the cool water. They toweled each other dry then padded back to Corey’s room to slip into boardies. Beginning to strip the bed, Corey carefully watched Drew, still wondering where the old, shy Drew was hiding. Not saying a word aloud, Corey could barely believe it was the same boy he had fallen for that had just repeatedly made love to him. The soiled sheets were put in the washing machine.

On the way outside, Corey asked Drew if he was hungry. Noticing the time, Drew only had an apple and a Kiwi fruit, since dinner was only two hours away. While Drew ate, Corey dove in the pool and started doing freestyle laps. Drew soon joined Corey at the shallow end of the pool. They raced each other, back and forth, the length of the pool.

Behind their normal schedule, they gathered up clothes, toiletries and backpacks then left the house to begin the walk to the Hundsers’.

“Tell me something,” Corey prompted.

“Anything, angel.”

“When you woke and we made love, did you really want to that much?”

Tilting his head curiously, Drew grinned, “I’m not sure what you mean.”

Corey giggled, “Four times each, barely pausing in between?”

Drew loudly laughed for at least a minute. He then chortled, “You’ve kept going inside me, after I thought you were done, only to bring us to another orgasm.” Laughing at the truth, Corey nodded and blushed. Drew smiled, “When we started, I had no idea we’d keep going like that. I came, then you did, and then you did again, and then I did twice and you did again. It kept going because I wanted it to as much as you did.” Drew worried, “Did I misunderstand?”

“No!” Corey loudly insisted. He reached for Drew’s hand, unconcerned about who might see on the streets, and more softly cheered, “It was beautiful, Drew. I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

Drew squeezed Corey’s hand, and then reminded, “You said that you love me, Cor. You’ve said it and shown it; I’m feelin’ it and showing it too. It was special this time.” Glancing over at Corey, Drew smiled, “I love top, angel. As much as you prefer bottom, I like watching your facial expressions and hearing every mumbled or shouted word.”

Corey giggled, “You shouldn’t have told me that,” and then released Drew’s hand to tug at the growing lump in his shorts. Drew evilly snickered. Corey looked over at Drew and smirked, “The next time I wanna top for you, I’ll drive you to at least four, stud.”

“I’ll look forward to that, in the kitchen or dining room,” Drew chuckled. Corey cracked up.

Returning home from work, Lanna saw the boys and tooted her horn then pulled over to the curb. They hurried to the car and went in the backseat. Lanna gave Corey cash for his doctor appointment and told him, “Ask the doctor if you still need the protein shakes. If so, have him bill me for another month’s supply.” She then wondered, “When are you planning to talk with Drew’s mother?”

“Probably as soon as we can,” Corey answered, “maybe during dinner or right after.”

Lanna scowled, “I’ve never seen you walking before.”

Corey reminded, “We didn’t get to sleep until after nine this morning. I woke around one; Drew woke around two-thirty. Everything’s all messed up because of that nightmare.”

Lanna nodded, “I’ll drive you there,” and then pulled away from the curb before the boys had a chance to argue. Drew began softly sniggering and put his seat belt on.

“We can walk, mom,” Corey giggled.

Lanna smirked, “Safety first. Put your seat belt on.”

Doing as he was told, Corey grinned, “Guess we’ll be awake until dawn.” He turned to Drew and playfully reminded, “Strip Scrabble?” Blushing bright red, Drew nodded and evilly snickered.

Lanna grinned and softly muttered, “I can only guess how that game is played.”

“Just like regular Scrabble,” Corey giggled. “Certain words get quadruple scores though, like D-I-C-K and C-O-C-K. The first to spell F-U-C-K wins the game.”

“Corey!” Lanna and Drew squealed.

Cracking up, Corey laughed, “Just getting mom back, and reminding her that she’ll be alone with dad the next four nights. Maybe I’ll have a new brother or sister next April.”

Sadly shaking her head, Lanna joked, “Why wait or go through labor? We’ll simply adopt another blond boy like the first.” Drew loudly mooed then busted up laughing. Corey had no come-back. He only giggled and then began tickling Drew to keep him laughing.

Arriving at home, Drew grabbed his backpack and said, “Thanks for the ride, mom. See ya in a few days.” He kissed her cheek then got out of the car.

Taking hold of his backpack, Corey kissed his mom then giggled, “Thanks, Mrs. Seaver. Next weekend, you’ll have to tell me who my real mother is.”

Lanna grinned, “Look in the mirror and figure it out.”

Laughing his ass off, Corey got out of the car then followed Drew to the front door. They waved to Lanna then went inside. Drew hollered, “John?”

From the hallway, they heard John reply, “Yeah! I’m in my room.”

Following his brother’s voice, Drew grinned, “What’re ya doin’?”

“Getting changed into dry clothes,” John answered.

Stopping at John’s open bedroom door, Drew asked, “How’s things at Tommy’s pool, bro?”

Pulling a pair of cargo shorts up over his boxers, John smiled, “Awesome, bro. Tommy and Sonia are hookin’ up real nice. We’ve got a total of six girls, including Lindsay and Tammy hangin’ with us every day since Saturday.” Putting a T-shirt on, John added, “Today, Tommy invited his friend Mark and I invited two of my friends, Neil and Christian.” Joining Drew and Corey at the doorway, John chuckled, “It’s awesome, for all of us; dancing and pool volleyball games.” Following Drew and Corey to Drew’s room, John chuckled, “It’s so rad! Lindsay and Neil seem to be getting close and Tammy obviously likes Christian. Mark’s real shy so Nadia’s making moves on him! Tomorrow, we gotta get one more dude for Miki.”

On their way towards the kitchen, Drew wondered, “How’s Kim?”

“Fine now,” John answered. “Saturday she was still kind o’ sad about Rose and Gianna. Seeing how much better everything was over the weekend, yesterday and today, she told me that it’s way better now than it ever was with Rose around. Everybody’s done talking about what happened, but Keith made points with all of us. Neil and Christian were at my birthday party. They know about Keith and Prez. Like most dudes, it’s weird, but they’re cool and are even cooler now.”

John paused to grab a bottle of Sprite from the fridge then asked, “Did Keith say anything about our talk Saturday?” Drew and Corey shook their heads. Pouring soda into a glass, John muttered, “Very cool,” and then returned the bottle to the fridge.

“Well,” Drew prompted, “what did you and Keith talk about?”

Drinking a mouthful of soda, John then grinned, “Kim and I are getting really close.”

Corey rolled his eyes and chuckled, “Duh!” Drew smiled and suspiciously watched John.

John swallowed another mouthful of soda then plastered a very uncharacteristic innocent expression on his face.

Drew laughed, “What did you do?”

John roared, “I haven’t done anything!”

“Ah ha!” Corey laughed. “What has Kim done?”

Heading to the living room with his soda, John evilly snickered. Realizing Drew and Corey were following, John chuckled, “Remember a few weeks ago, I said she hardly ever kisses me?”

Drew droned, “Yeah,” and they all took seats on the sofa. John reached for the television remote control, but Drew took it from him and grinned, “Spill it, bro.”

John giggled, “Since Friday, I get hello and goodbye kisses all the time.”

“This is good!” Corey cheered.

Drew nodded at Corey, saying, “It is, but John’s still hiding something, I know it.” Turning back to John and suspiciously squinting, Drew prompted, “You didn’t have sex with her, did you?”

John seriously warned, “You dudes have to be totally cool, okay? I heard stuff the other day and I've said nothing to no one.”

Corey giggled, “We figured you heard us when we heard the front door close. I promise, I won’t say a word.”

John checked with Drew. Drew confirmed, “Not a word, bro, I swear.”

John uncertainly groaned, “I really don’t want Kim thinking I can’t deal and keep stuff private, okay? I told Keith and he had me talk to dad so everything’s cool. Dad talked to mom and mom talked with me. I know exactly what to do and what not to do.” Seeing only uncertainty on Corey and Drew’s faces, John said, “Friday, after the big to-do over Rose, Kim was really upset. It took all afternoon and part of the night to calm her down. While we were alone Friday afternoon, I turned the TV on and sat down with her on the sofa. She gave me a kiss; I guess it was a ‘thank you’ kiss, which was really sweet, so I kissed her back. She pushed me down and we cuddled on the couch. Soon, I realized that I could feel her tits against my arm and chest.” Corey giggled. Drew smiled and nodded.

“I felt myself getting hard,” John continued, “and tried to tell myself, no, please not now; I couldn’t exactly adjust it with her lying against me and watching me slide my hand into my boardies. Soon, I’ve got major wood and tented shorts. She noticed. I’m sweating, thinking she’s gonna get pissed. I tell her that I really can’t control it. So I push it down, so it’s lying flat against my belly and apologize. She giggles and kisses my cheek then lays her hand on it. Now I’m practically quaking and praying she doesn’t move her hand. She doesn’t and leaves her hand there, watching me closely. The minute it took me to only say, ‘that’s real nice,’ felt like an hour. She left her hand there too. Even after my bone deflated, she kept her hand there. She wanted me to come back there after dinner. Even though I was worried to death, I did and she held my hand in front of her parents that night.” John leaned back and sighed, “She’s so awesome. Keith said she was curious to know me hard and soft.”

Corey nodded, “That’s exactly right. I wanted the same with Drew.”

Drew chuckled, “So did she tell her parents?”

Shaking his head, John said, “No, thank goodness; they’d never let us be alone again.”

Drew wondered, “What did dad say?”

“About the same thing Keith had,” John replied, “We talked about the next steps too. Sooner or later, she’s gonna play with it through my clothes. I can ask her if she’ll let me touch her chest or between her legs. She might not let that happen for a while.” John then said, “Keith said he and Prez moved really fast towards sex. Did you guys go fast or take it slow?”

Corey nodded, “Baby steps, about two months of kisses and knowing we were both hard before we actually saw each other hard.”

Drew smirked, “They weren’t exactly baby steps, Cor. Kisses hello and goodbye led to making out. Long kisses and short kisses; knowing that you were hard and had to feel me hard too, that was and still is totally awesome.”

Corey whimpered and Drew planted a quick kiss. John smiled and sighed, “I can barely wait for making out with her. How fast did you dudes move past making out?”

Drew grinned, “The first time Corey kissed me was a year ago, July fourth, bro. It took us a year to get to intercourse. I was dense and had to hear Corey tell me why he loves me. Even then, I thought I was rushing.”

John hummed then softly remarked, “You’re way different than Keith and Prez.”

Drew softly chuckled, “Not too much anymore.”

Corey giggled, “They do stuff we don’t and we do stuff they don’t. Like when Keith kisses Prez’s fingers. We don’t do that, but anyone can tell, Prez is about to attack Keith.”

John cackled, “They’re so weird sometimes.”

Drew teased, “Wait until she gives you a hickey, bro.”

“Omigod!” John gasped, “Her hand on my shorts was so surprising and thrilling.” Leaning back, John smiled, “She’s not interested in any of the other dudes at the pool. She knows I only want to spend time with her. I think I’m falling in love with her.”

Drew smiled, “Tell her that, bro.”

“Exactly like that too,” Corey agreed. “When Drew said that to me for the first time at Big Bear last year, I flipped, dude.”

John wondered, “How did it change from thinking to knowing?”

Corey smiled, “Share personal stuff with Kim. That’s what made the difference for me.”

John scowled, “What kind of personal stuff?”

Drew replied, “What you think and feel. I shared my journal with Corey. If you think you love her, then tell her why it’s a thought and not definite.”

“We’re thirteen!” John loudly laughed. “Everything else is perfect. I could date anyone else, but simply don’t want to. She watches baseball, basketball, football and soccer with me and asks about anything she doesn’t understand. I ask her about stuff too. Like before she came over for Prez’s dinner with his Aunt. She had a nice white blouse on and I wondered why she didn’t wear the pink or purple ones I really like. The pink one was in the wash, so she went back to her room and put the purple one on. It wasn’t that the white one was bad or anything, it’s just that white gets dirty fast. I figured we’d be eating outside and wanted her to look her best.”

Corey giggled, “It sounds like you’re well on your way, John.”

John loudly laughed, “I could say the same to you!” Watching Corey and Drew closely, John smiled and teased, “Oh yeah, you big stud!” Laughing hysterically and turning candy apple red, Corey fell over onto Drew’s lap and hid his face.

Blushing and breaking out in a sweat, Drew teased, “Your time is around the corner, bro. Sometime soon, Kim’s gonna be hollering at you and you’ll be begging her for more.” As expected, John’s face flushed bright red. Drew chuckled, “You see it now? We’re the same as you and all straight dudes.”

John nodded and chuckled, “I see it. Being totally straight, I simply don’t get the attraction. I’ve changed clothes with Tommy at least a hundred times over the years and nothing ever happens to him or me.”

Sitting up again, Corey grinned, “What would happen if Kim got undressed with you?”

John gasped, “Oh fuck! I’d be in so much trouble, fighting myself to not help her, but wanting to do it so much more.”

Drew smiled, “It’s exactly the same for us. Knowing when it’s cool isn’t such a big deal; we either ask or just do it. She’ll tell you if it’s cool or not.”

Corey giggled, “The first time we undressed each other was only three weeks ago. I would’ve done it anytime.”

“The next day we had intercourse for the first time,” Drew admitted. “The thing is, it’s all making love, bro. Undressing Corey, my hands are on him, not the clothes. Kissing is great when you do it slowly and softly or when it’s quickly, like totally passion driven.”

Corey rapidly nodded, “The first time Drew’s hand actually touched my cock, I almost jumped out of the sofa-sleeper; it was such a rush.”

Drew giggled, “No lie, I thought I was too rough and hurt him until he pulled my head down and kissed me.”

John thoughtfully hummed then said, “For me, it’s gonna be even slower than it was for you dudes. Kisses will lead to light petting, like what Kim did for me. She’ll let me know when she wants the same from me. I can barely wait for every single step.” He then laughed, “Let me put it this way; I took half a bottle of lube from Keith’s night table Friday night. I’ve used it every night and every morning since. There’s barely enough left for tonight and tomorrow morning now!”

All three of them howled laughing. Drew roared, “You’re using too much, bro. Your dick doesn’t need to be dripping wet.”

Almost breathless, Corey cackled, “A little goes a long way, John.”

Slapping his forehead, Drew giggled, “Spit works fine too. If you’re using more lube than you can spit into your hand, that’s a sign!”

John blushed and chuckled, “But it feels so friggin’ rad.”

Jim Hundser walked in the door. Smiling at the softly sniggering boys gathered on the couch, Jim playfully groaned, “I need to ask, but I’m afraid to.” Noticing the adult man’s darting eyes, Corey again collapsed onto Drew’s lap and busted up.

Rubbing his boyfriend’s back, Drew cackled, “It’s better if you don’t ask, dad.” Corey hiccupped and bounced on Drew’s lap.

Still blushing, John admitted, “We were talking about wanking.” He then softly sniggered, “I guess I was using too much lube. Can we stop at the pharmacy later?”

Rolling over to look at Drew’s dad, Corey hiccuped, “Ge-et him the extra la-arge, economy size bo-otle,” then he and Drew cracked up.

Jim silently prayed then waved for John and said, “Let’s go now before your mom comes home and I have to explain it to her.” He then asked, “Drew, get a salad started, please?”

“No problem, dad,” Drew replied. He helped Corey up off his lap. Jim and John walked out of the house. Drew got up and went to the kitchen. Corey followed and inhaled three big breaths of air to get his hiccupping under control. Digging through the refrigerator for lettuce and salad fixings, Drew chuckled, “Only John would use up half a bottle of lube in four days.”

Corey squatted down to get a colander from under the cabinet. Hopping up again, he put it in the sink then softly wondered, “Is John like you and Keith?”

Drew shrugged, “Dunno, I’ve never seen him with a stiffy.”

Corey hummed then asked, “Would you get angry if I asked him?” He quickly assured, “I don’t want to see him or touch him; I’m just curious if all three brothers are hung about the same.”

Beginning to rinse the lettuce, Drew answered, “John might get a little angry. If you’re really that curious, write him a note. Keith’s cloth tape measure is in their desk, in the top right hand drawer.”

Corey confirmed, “Would that be cool? He could check himself out and write down the answer.”

“I think he’d go along with it,” Drew replied. “You could say it would be good for him to tell Kim sometime too. That way he’s doing it for her and you. I know John would normally exaggerate so tell him not to. Offer your size and mine for a reality check. And you’d have to describe for him how to measure.”

Corey giggled, “Cool,” then grabbed the pen and pad of paper off the counter. He went to the table and wrote the note.


I’m really curious, but I don’t want you to get angry, so I’m writing to ask what the size of your erection is. This would also be valuable information for you to know if Kim ever asks, and I’m almost certain she would. So that you’re totally cool with this, you could do it alone and just write down the length and circumference at the bottom of this note and put it on Drew’s desk. Also, so you know I’m serious and not looking for any exaggerations, I’ll offer my own size and Drew’s size too. I’m seven and a quarter inches long by five and a quarter inches in circumference. Drew is six and seven-eighths long by five and three-quarters in circumference.

Just so you know, I looked up on the Internet what’s average for adult men. The average length is between five and six inches. The average circumference is between four and five inches. I know that I was surprised by those average figures. Drew and I believed we were average, but it turns out we’re more than average.

Remember, this isn’t for anything except my own curiosity and for your future knowledge when Kim asks. I’m head over heels in love with Drew, dude. You don’t have to worry about anything, okay? Just write your length and circumference down at the bottom of this page. Measure around at the base then at the side from the base to the head. If you want it kept a secret, you could tell me so Drew never sees the answers. You really shouldn’t worry about it though. I know from experience that love has nothing to do with a dude’s cock size. It’s the size of the heart that really matters.



Finished, Corey showed the note to Drew and softly asked, “You really wouldn’t care if I had the smallest dick in the state, would you?”

Shredding lettuce still, Drew smiled, “Cor, you’re all I want. You stuff my mouth and my butt. Now I know why we had some problems our first time. It might’ve been easier for both of us if we were closer to average. If you had a five by four bone, I’d blow you with the same love and excitement. It really doesn’t matter a whole heck of a lot.”

Corey wrapped his arm around Drew and dreamily hummed. Before taking the note to John’s room, Corey confirmed, “You’re cool with this, right Drew? I won’t do it if it upsets you or makes you worry the slightest bit.”

Drew sniggered, “I don’t care what John’s got in the least, angel. This is only for you. I totally expect John to be close to me and Keith, but since he’s younger, he’ll probably be a little less in length and circumference.” Drew paused then laughed, “At least he'd better be!”

Corey planted a quick kiss on Drew’s cheek then giggled, “I’ll be right back, stud.” He hurried to Keith’s room for the tape measure then to John’s room, where he left the note and tape measure on his night table before racing back to the kitchen. Drew was slicing a cucumber. Corey asked, “Can I do anything?”

Drew suggested, “Grab a carrot, clean it and shave some into the bowl.”

“In the crisper, right?”

“Yep, bottom left side.”

Corey found the bunch of carrots, grabbed one then returned to the sink to wash it beside Drew. Noticing a wide smile on Drew’s face, Corey giggled, “What’s so funny?”

Drew chortled, “Cucumbers and carrots. This cucumber kind o’ felt like you in my hand; if only it was warmer and had a hood over one end.”

Howling, Corey held the carrot he was washing in front of his shorts. Drew insanely sniggered. “There’s somethin’ wrong with my bone, stud,” Corey giggled, “it’s orange and way too pointy.”

Quickly going to the fridge and getting another fresh cucumber, Drew held it in front of his crotch and began a veggie sword fight with Corey. They both cracked up. Unfortunately, the front door opened and interrupted their playtime. Drew put the fresh cucumber back in the fridge then got three eggs out. They were still giggling when Jim walked in the kitchen. Drew was getting a pot from under the counter for the eggs.

Jim checked the bowl and saw that the salad was almost complete. Seeing Corey with a peeler and a carrot, he warned, “Stop laughing before you try shaving the carrot, Corey. No cuts or emergency room visits tonight.”

“Okay, dad,” Corey giggled.

Drew was filling the small pot with water. Jim reminded, “As soon as the water is boiling, remove the pot from the burner and set the timer for three minutes. Let’s not have exploded egg soup again, okay?” Hearing that, Corey put the peeler and carrot down on the counter and roared.

Putting the pot on the stove and turning up the burner, Drew sniggered, “That’s why I waited ‘til now to even start,” and then began shaving the carrot for Corey.

Heading for his bedroom to get changed, Jim nodded, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

As Jim left the kitchen, John walked in. Heading to the pantry with Rush’s dish, John said, “Dad and I were talking in the car. We talked about all the same stuff the three of us were talking about in the living room.” Finished filling the dog’s dish, John went to the sliding door and hollered, “Rush, come!” Rush galloped into the house and sat for his dinner. John put the dish on the floor, saying, “Go ahead, Rush.”

Drew wondered, “You didn’t tell dad everything, I hope.”

Starting for the living room, John sniggered, “Everything, ya big stud!”

Slamming the carrot and peeler down on the counter, Drew turned and screamed, “John!” Already darting for the front door, John cracked up. Drew chased John out of the house, to Corey’s amusement.

Jim came out of the master bedroom wearing shorts, but with his sport shirt unbuttoned. He worried, “What happened?”

Corey blushed and grinned, “John said he told you something that he probably shouldn’t have. Drew’s chasing him now.”

Buttoning his shirt, Jim sighed then smiled, “That’s the Drew I know. I can only assume you two are playing safe.”

Corey nodded, “We checked all sorts of stuff out on the net, dad. We knew about all the risks way before we ever tried intercourse. It’s not only HIV and STD’s; there are also hemorrhoids, leakage, anal cancer and anal tearing to worry about. I’m uncut, so we spend extra time keeping clean too.”

Picking up the carrot and peeler, Jim shared, “The Internet has changed everything. Anybody can research anything; it’s already simplifying my job. I’m glad you both did your homework.”

“Drew talked to Keith and I talked to Prez too,” Corey admitted.

Shaving the carrot into the bowl, Jim smiled, “Thank you, Corey. Older brothers are a big help. You seem to have little trouble talking about sex.”

Corey grinned, “I knew that I was gay as soon as I learned what it meant from my folks. There was a time when I wished I wasn’t gay; that’s not the case anymore. Drew and I have plans that reach beyond high school.” Pausing for a few moments, Corey noticed the pot with the eggs was boiling. He moved the pot off the burner then turned it off. Corey softly asked, “You’re not going to say anything about what John said?”

Jim shrugged and answered, “I already have. There’s not much more I could say or ask without getting too personal; that’s none of my business. My only concerns are my sons and their partners. As long as everybody is proving they have a brain, I’ll stand back to be here for whatever someone might need.”

Corey nodded and offered, “I had two bad dreams, two nights in a row. The first one had me losing Drew to a girl and then dying. The second one had me surrounded by everyone I know and they were throwing raw, slaughtered animals at me to eat. Drew and I decided we would talk with his mom tonight and over the next few nights.”

“That’s an excellent idea,” Jim smiled, “not only for you and Drew, but also for her. The situation at the hospital is hopeless. Using her skills here at home, where there’s a great deal of hope would be perfect.”

Relieved, Corey sighed.

They heard the front door opening and Jennifer walked in the house, shouting, “Jim! Why is Drew chasing John around the neighborhood?”

Corey began giggling again. Jim turned to Corey, softly chuckling, “This however, is not worth talking about.” Jennifer came into the kitchen and Jim answered his wife. “The boys are being boys; helping each other and sometimes saying a little too much.”

Jennifer said, “Hello, Corey.”

Corey giggled, “Hi, mom.”

Jennifer asked Jim, “What did John say this time?”

Finished with shaving the carrot, Jim stole a kiss then offered, “Something embarrassing that you really don’t need to worry about.”

Jennifer sighed, “If they hurt each other…”

“Then Drew and John are sleeping in the same room and in the same bed tonight,” Jim grinned. “Corey will have to spend a night alone in John’s room.”

Dramatically frowning, Corey whined.

Jennifer asked, “How are you, Corey?”

“I’m good, mom,” Corey smiled. “Since Drew’s not back yet, have you got a few minutes to talk?”

“Privately?” Jennifer confirmed.

Corey shrugged, “It doesn’t really matter. John doesn’t need to hear it, but he’s not here.”

Jennifer suggested, “Let’s step into the other room, so we won’t be interrupted.” Corey nodded then followed Jennifer into the master bedroom. Checking the refrigerator, Jim found a large package of assorted chicken parts to be barbecued. Jennifer gestured to the desk chair and smiled, “Have a seat, Corey.”

Corey sat down and Jennifer took a seat on one of the two lounge chairs in the room. Corey sighed, “I’ve been having nightmares. The first one, two nights ago, was bad enough to make me sick to my stomach. I woke and ran to the bathroom, scaring my mom and Drew.”

Jennifer asked, “Do you remember what happened?”

Corey nodded, “Too well. I was eating a lot and growing taller, but not gaining any weight. Drew saw it as me giving up and we broke up. Soon, he was seeing this girl we know from school and he told me that we were over; he was having sex with her and loved her more than me. I started losing weight. My folks had me admitted into a hospital. I heard a doctor tell them that I was dying and could die any time. That’s when I woke up.”

Jennifer wondered, “You’ve told Drew this?” Corey nodded and Jennifer asked, “What did Drew say?”

Corey sighed, “He said it was the anorexia demon messing with me in my dreams. He also assured me that he was gay and there was no way he would leave me for Susie. As long as I’m trying, he’ll be with me.”

Jennifer asked, “Is there anything else?”

“There was a second nightmare last night.” Corey explained, “It started with only Drew and my parents offering me raw, slaughtered animals. Soon, it was everybody I knew, this entire family, all my friends, doctors and nurses, little league teammates and tennis classmates throwing freshly slaughtered animals at me. I woke up angry at myself and everybody.” Tearing up and wiping his eyes, Corey whined, “I actually yelled at Drew and told him that I wanted to be left alone. He wanted to know more than I was willing to tell him. My folks woke. He left my room and went to sleep in the living room. My dad and I talked about it. My mom stayed with Drew. Then I went to bring Drew back to our room.”

Holding her index finger up to signal a pause, Jennifer asked, “You didn’t get sick from having freshly slaughtered animals thrown at you, but did get sick from the dream of dying?”

Having not thought about that, Corey scowled then nodded.

“Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to be sick from slaughtered animals than from dying? What do you think that means?”

Humming thoughtfully, Corey admitted, “That is weird.”

Jennifer smiled, “It’s right there in front of you, Corey. If it were a snake, it would strike and bite you.”

Uncertainly, Corey offered, “I’m more disgusted with the thought of losing Drew and dying than I am about the animals?”

Jennifer corrected, “You didn’t wake when Drew left you for a girl, Corey.”

More surely, Corey said, “I’m more disgusted with the thought of dying than I am about the animals.”

Jennifer prompted, “Don’t you see it, Corey?”

Corey shrugged, “I guess, partially anyway. It still doesn’t make sense though.”

“You’ve been doing very well these last few weeks,” Jennifer reminded. “You might think that gaining a few pounds is nothing to be proud of, but it is. Your own death is more frightening and upsetting than images of slaughtered animals, which we both know is quite revolting. Now, reword what I’ve said your own way.”

“I’m more scared of dying than of eating meat,” Corey clearly said. “Holy shit!” he hollered, but then covered his mouth with one hand and began giggling.

“Very good,” Jennifer chuckled. More seriously, she offered, “Our dreams and our reactions to them do tell us things about ourselves. It’s how they’re assembled that matters. In the first dream, you and Drew were more focused on your relationship. The same can likely be said of the second dream since you told Drew to leave your room. I hope you can see now that you are very willing to do what’s necessary to get well. I know Drew and all my sons. Drew would do anything you need him to do, including sleeping in a different room. He’d spend days or weeks moping around this house if it meant you were getting well.”

Shivering with excitement, Corey cheered, “I can’t wait to tell him. The next bad dream won’t be near as bad. Thanks, mom. This really helps so much. My mom’s gonna call later too. Please tell her; it would make her so happy.”

Standing up, Jennifer assured, “I will, you can be sure of it.” Corey went to her and gave her a hug. With Corey still in her arms, Jennifer softly said, “We all care, Corey. You can’t have a relationship without a life. You know that; your dreams simply mixed the facts and priorities.”

Corey nodded, “We woke around three-thirty and didn’t get back to sleep until after nine this morning. I woke around one and Drew slept in until about two-thirty.”

Jennifer assured, “I’ll make certain that you both get a good night’s sleep tonight.” Stepping back from Corey, she went to the master bathroom then returned with two pills in their manufactured paper and plastic. Handing them to Corey, Jennifer instructed, “One for each of you. Take them thirty minutes or so before bed.” Corey pocketed the pills. She smiled, “Let’s find out if Drew and John have returned.” Corey nodded and hurried out of the room with Jennifer a few steps behind. They found no one in the kitchen, but a ball game was heard on the TV in the living room. Corey followed the sound to find Drew on the sofa alone. Jennifer went out back where Jim was barbecuing.

Corey flopped down beside Drew and explained all that he and Drew’s mom had talked about. John came out of his room then went into the bathroom. A minute later, John came into the living room with two pieces of folded paper and handed them to Corey. “What’s this?” Corey smiled. Drew began evilly snickering.

John smirked, “Drew’s idea of payback. Not only did I have to measure, Drew demanded an outline of my cock so he and you both knew I wasn’t exaggerating. I could either do it or Drew would embarrass me and Kim.” He grumbled, “Do you have any idea how hard it is to get your bone to stay flat and hard on a desk so you can trace it?” Corey howled laughing.

Still snickering, Drew took the pages from Corey and opened them. He chuckled, “At least the page isn’t dripping with cum or lube.” John smirked and sadly shook his head. Drew then checked the written measurements and nodded, “Not bad, bro, more than average. Six and a quarter by five and half; and you’ve still got some growing to do.”

Sitting down on the sofa beside Corey, John sighed, “I just did some, I think. Next time, I sure won’t tell dad or anyone else what I hear from your room.”

Corey took the pages and smiled, “Just as Prez and I suspected; it’s a Hundser gene. Now I only have to wonder which side of the family it’s from.”

Drew chuckled, “Don’t you dare ask my dad, Cor.”

Corey giggled, “I might, only so you can chase me around and make me trace my cock.”

Sniggering, Drew corrected, “I would trace it for you, any time, angel.”

John groaned, “I’m not hearing this.”

Drew seriously said, “Hear this then, bro. Keith never said a word about what you and Kim did. I won’t ever say anything and neither will Corey. We’ll be cool as long as you are. The next time you tell dad anything about what Corey and I do alone, it’s gonna cost way more than tracing your cock.”

Corey nodded agreement and asked, “Talking like we do is fun; don’t you think?”

John nodded, “Yeah, it is. I don’t want it to change and I sure don’t want Kim to know I shared something that should be private.”

Drew grinned, “She won’t, this time.”

A high fly ball near the wall drew their attention to the ball game for a few minutes. Jim and Jennifer came inside with a tray of barbecued chicken. Drew pocketed the note and drawing of John’s erection so it wasn’t forgotten to be found by their parents. They went to the dining room table and started eating.

Afterward, all three returned to Drew’s room to wrap up the conversation. Closing the door, Drew asked John, “Am I right in assuming you only told us about what happened with Kim?”

John nodded and grinned, “Yeah. Tommy figured that something happened to make me really happy. It’s not that I can’t trust him. He’s just getting started with Sonia though, so it would be like a slap across the face. Sooner or later, we’ll be able to share stuff. John paused then softly wondered, “Why didn’t you tell me about the steps you and Corey took?”

Before Drew would answer, Corey slyly asked, “Would you really want to know about gay sex, John?”

Surprisingly, John chuckled, “Keith and Prez never said a word, but we all heard them last summer. Last November, when Drew told me he was bi, I thought that meant he would mess around with you and girls too.” Returning his attention to Drew, John wondered, “What happened, bro?”

Drew shrugged and smiled, “The sliding scale happened. First, I had to realize that although I do like girls, I’m more likely to notice attractive dudes. So, instead of sliding from the middle, I’m slightly more on the gay side.” Drew thought for a moment to put it in perspective for John then said, “The first time someone else touches your bone is thrilling enough, even though we all jack off. When someone you really like does it and kisses you during and afterward, it’s rad. The first blowjob is even more awesome. I can’t speak for all gay dudes, but Corey and I were a little scared about it, so we warned each other before cumming. Unfortunately, we broke up for almost two months. We picked up where we left off when we got back together. Last March, for Corey’s birthday, I finished him off for the first time. Even though it’s salty and really not the best, what matters most is making him happy. For you, I wouldn’t be surprised if her orgasm tasted a little weird.”

John chuckled, “At least I won’t gag on a big bone.”

Corey grinned, “It’s not that bad, John. The first few times, I could only get half of Drew in my mouth. He didn’t force more or even say anything about it.”

Drew nodded, “It was the same for me with Corey’s bone. It takes time, bro. Expect the same from Kim too. Don’t force her or say a word. What you need to do is learn how stimulate her, bro.”

John blushed and giggled, “I already have started to read about it. Maybe I’ll actually get through the whole article before I have the chance to do it.” Corey and Drew cracked up. Turning redder, John cackled, “I can almost feel her crushing my head between her thighs.”

Drew chuckled, “This is the way I want it to be, bro; open, honest and silly.”

John nodded, “It will be, I promise. Dad and I were getting pretty silly in the car. That’s how it slipped. I knew as soon as I said it that I shouldn’t have.”

Corey wondered, “If Drew didn’t make you, would you have replied to my note?”

John shrugged, “I was thinking about it and on the fence. If I decided to do it, you wouldn’t have had the answers until tomorrow morning.”

Drew asked John, “Is there anything else you want to talk about?”

John thought for a few moments then asked, “If hand-jobs are rad and blowjobs are awesome, what’s intercourse like for gay dudes?”

Corey and Drew smiled at each other. Corey answered, “It’s heaven, pure bliss. That’s why I get so loud; there’s no edit button, I’m almost brain dead.”

Drew nodded, “It’s the same for me. I can’t even form words. I just moan and groan and call his name.”

Shocked, John gasped, “You take bottom too?”

Sadly shaking his head at his brother's reaction, Drew chuckled, “When I first talked with Keith about it, I asked him the same thing, almost the same way. Keith explained it as having the same equipment and wanting to please Prez every way possible.”

John nodded, “I kind o’ figured that with Keith and Prez just by what I’ve heard. I thought you’d be different, Drew.”

Shaking his head, Drew said, “That reminds me,” and then went to his computer and powered it up. He turned back to John and smiled, “There’s a spot that feels fantastic, bro. I’m gonna look it up on the net now.”

Corey giggled, “Drew’s being a little untruthful, John. I’m bottom most of the time. Even though Drew may want it, and it’s definitely his turn, I make him understand that I want it more. It does feel really great.”

John softly asked, “I gotta wonder if all gay dudes are the same.”

Making a crooked smirk, Drew grumbled, “Nobody’s the same, bro. We’re not the same as anyone else, so it only follows that different dudes are gonna do different stuff in the sack. From loose talk I've heard, I'll assume that straight dudes do different stuff too.” Seeing that the computer had booted, Drew started the dial-up process.

John groaned, “I hate that noise; like fingernails on a chalk board.”

Corey locked eyes with John and asked, “Do you want to know about this stuff, John?”

John shrugged, “With two gay brothers, it would be interesting to know.”

Soon, Drew had started Internet Explorer and all three were gathered around the computer. In the search box, Drew typed a simple question: ‘Why does anal stimulation feel good for men?’ and then hit the enter key. A page full of sites loaded on the screen. From the first site listed, they silently began reading about the prostate gland.

A minute or two later, John hummed then softly said, “Even some straight dudes like it.” A few seconds later, he squealed, “Orgasms are more intense? Omigod! That might be deadly.” Corey cracked up. Hanging his head, Drew softly sniggered. John shoved Corey and chuckled, “I meant just the heartbeat, not the actual orgasm.”

Corey nodded and giggled, “It’s both, actually.”

John prompted, “Click on the G-spot link, bro.” He whispered, “So that’s where it is.”

Pointing at the screen, Drew nodded, “Check it out, bro. It’s only one to three inches inside. A dude with a four incher could make a girl crazy.”

Corey turned to John and grinned, “You could have Kim use her finger or a dildo on you, dude.”

John giggled, “That whole harness idea is too weird though.”

Drew muttered, “The best of both worlds.” Corey quickly slapped Drew’s shoulder then he and John cracked up. Drew cackled, “Chicks with dicks! What a trip!” There was a knock at the door. Drew hollered, “Yeah?”

Through the door, Jim asked, “Are you on the Internet, Drew?”

“Yep, we are. You can come in, dad.”

Opening the door and taking two steps into the room, Jim said, “I need to do a little research. Will you be online much longer?” He couldn’t help noticing what was on the computer monitor.

Drew, John and Corey shrugged. Drew offered, “Another few minutes, okay?”

Jim nodded and smiled, “This is what I like to see.” Locking eyes with John, Jim wondered, “What did it cost you?”

John sniggered, “I’d really rather not discuss it, dad.”

Jim chuckled, “Let me know when the line’s free, please,” and then stepped back out of the room, closing the door behind him.

John asked, “Are you dudes done with this?” Drew and Corey nodded. John said, “Show me those average erection sizes. I can’t believe the numbers.”

Drew nodded and did another search. The first web site listed was Trojan condoms and Drew clicked the link. Not only was the average erection size confirmed there and at two other sites, Drew returned to the Trojan site where he realized that he should be using Magnum Large condoms because of his circumference. “No wonder it felt so tight,” Drew mumbled. Corey cracked up again and had to struggle to not comment further. Drew looked over his shoulder at John and said, “You’ll probably need larges too, bro.”

“Ya think?” John proudly chirped.

Drew shrugged then said, “The front small pocket of my backpack has rubbers in it. Get one and try it out. It should be sort of tight so it doesn’t slip off, but they’re painfully tight on me. Remember, you could grow over the next three or four years, so if regulars are fine now, they might not always be. They say erection sizes grow from puberty and up to five years. You started getting pubes late last summer.”

Corey smiled, “The Trojan site also says, regulars are for up to seven inches long by five inches in circumference. They felt fine on me, but if you get like Drew, you’ll need larges for your circumference. Magnum extra larges are for dudes over nine by six.”

Cracking a wide smile, John chuckled, “Wouldn’t that be awesome?”

Corey giggled, “Not necessarily. From experience, I can say Drew’s size took getting used to, orally and anally. I don’t need him to grow at all, even though the sites say he might.”

Drew brightly smiled, “You’re perfect too, angel.” Corey whimpered.

John grinned, “I’m getting the feeling I need to leave.” Corey rapidly nodded. John went to Drew’s backpack and got a condom then said, “I’ll see ya later. Have fun, dudes.”

Drew said, “Tell dad that we’re done, bro.” He closed Internet Explorer then disconnected from the Internet.

John nodded, “Okay,” and then left Drew and Corey alone.

The moment the door closed, Corey sat on Drew’s lap and softly chortled, “That’s why you blew through the latex, stud. The rubber not only helped you hold back and make our first time incredible, when you did shoot, it was like cannon.”

Nuzzling Corey’s chest, Drew sighed, “I love you so much, Corey. You could’ve gotten angry with John, but didn’t.”

Corey giggled, “I didn’t need to. You took care of it.”

Wrapping his arms around Corey’s back and butt, Drew stood then carried him to the bed. Placing Corey down, Drew pushed up Corey’s T-shirt then dove for a tiny nipple. Corey sighed then softly moaned, “Drew, you're making me crazy.”

Drew nodded, “That’s what I want and need, angel.” Going back to work on the other tit, Drew began untying Corey’s boardies. Groaning and shivering, Corey held Drew’s face down. Drew mumbled, “Is the door locked?”

Corey looked at the knob behind him, but couldn’t focus. He giggled, “I can’t tell,” and then let go of Drew’s head. Drew bounced off of Corey and the bed. He scampered to the door, ensured it was locked then turned the stereo on and turned up the volume.

Returning to the bed, Drew pulled Corey’s boardies and boxers off at once then dropped them on the floor. Corey sat up and began rapidly working to relieve Drew of his board shorts. Drew took his shirt off. Once his shorts and boxers were on the floor, Drew took Corey’s shirt off. Stepping out of his shorts, Drew pulled Corey to the edge of the bed. Kneeling down, he reached for Corey's stiffy. Drew gasped, “Dude, you’re drenched.”

Corey giggled, “We started talking about sex two hours ago. I was hard, chubby, hard again, chubby again, soft during dinner then it started all over again.”

Drew smiled, “My horny angel,” then went berserk with a series of kisses around Corey's groin and thighs while slowly stroking Corey’s bone. Corey was almost out of control and bucking his hips into Drew’s clasped hand. Drew asked, “Can’t wait, huh?”

Corey shook his head and softly whispered, “Let me go and let me at you, Drew.” Releasing him, Drew stood and licked Corey’s sweet fluid off his right hand. Sitting up and wrapping one arm around Drew’s ass, Corey held Drew’s erection and took his time licking each area before taking only the head in his mouth.

Drew enjoyed the licking and asked Corey to do it again periodically. Since only the head of Drew’s cock was in his mouth, Corey swirled his tongue around it, causing Drew to gasp then dreamily sigh. Trying the same thing another time, Corey didn’t get a gasp or a sigh. Instead, Drew began gently running his fingers through Corey’s hair and said, “Totally awesome, angel. I’m telling myself to go slow, but it’s not working.” Corey took all of Drew in one move and remained there for a few long seconds. Backing off to breathe, Corey looked into Drew’s puppy-dog brown eyes wearing the brightest smile. Drew whimpered, “Any way ya want it, Cor.”

Stunned, Corey’s eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped open. He giggled, “I was thinking how much I wanted you, Drew. How’d you know?”

“From your eyes,” Drew replied. He grinned, “What am I thinking?”

Searching Drew’s eyes and expression, Corey answered, “You’re wondering if we can have intercourse without making it obvious to the whole family.”

Drew nodded then pulled Corey closer for a lingering passionate kiss. Drew reached under the pillow for his bottle of lube and handed it to Corey. While getting his butt and Drew’s cock lubed, Corey begged, “If I ever tell you to leave me alone again, fight me, Drew. Don’t ever believe it’s true, okay?”

“I promise, Cor. We’re attached to each other now.”

Lying back and lifting his legs, Corey helped guide Drew’s erection inside his ass. Corey softly moaned, “So attached, so connected.” Drew made some minor adjustments so he could lean down, allowing them to kiss whenever they wanted. Standing for the first time while Corey enjoyed it from the bed, Drew tried to make his cock do what his finger had done earlier that afternoon. Driving slowly in and out and then from side to side, caused Corey to deliriously hum and whisper, “That’s so good. You’re my only love, Drew. Give it to me your way, stud.”

“Gimme clues about what you’d like, angel.”

“Hard, deep and slow,” Corey soon prompted. Drew met Corey’s wish, earning whimpers of joy. They paused and kissed. Wordlessly, only by the movements of Corey’s tongue, Drew interpreted what Corey wanted. Breaking the kiss, and climbing on the bed, Drew lay flat for Corey to take over. Corey kneeled upright, riding slow then fast, pushing down hard and bouncing up high, barely keeping Drew inside him yet managing to do so. Drew reached for Corey’s hands and held them for the final moments. Corey warned Drew of his climax. Drew replied that he was close too and watched Corey’s cock lurch. Remarkably to Drew, each lurch of Corey’s cock seemed to squeeze his cock tighter, almost milking him. Semen began to flow from Corey’s cock in bursts, followed by guttural grunts from Corey. Drew couldn’t hold back and pushed up hard into Corey. Spent and relieved, Drew collapsed and Corey did too, covering Drew’s face with tender kisses. Euphoria was replaced with playfulness, giggles and laughter.

Settling down with Corey draped over him, Drew chuckled, “I’ve never seen you cum like that before. You usually shoot; this time it just oozed out of you.”

Corey softly replied, “It was like that in the shower before too. Believe me, it feels even better.”

Drew whispered, “Tonight, my ass is yours. Show me what a prostate massage feels like?”

“Consider it done,” Corey promised, and then kissed Drew again. Pulling Drew over on top of him, Corey said, “I suddenly have so much extra energy, I feel like doing something.”

Drew smiled, “You ate a really good dinner. Did you notice my mom’s expressions at the table?”

Corey shook his head, saying, “It was from what she said, Drew. I’ve got an additional phrase running through my mind. I will eat chicken, fish and beef because I need to live; I want to be with you, and the hell with the animals.”

“Just no piggies?” Drew cackled.

“Just your piggies!” Corey laughed.

“So what do you want to do, besides munch my piggies?”

Corey shrugged, “Ya wanna call Mike and Derrick?”

Realizing he had forgotten again, Drew rolled then pushed up off Corey. He went to his cell phone and called Agoura Hills. The phone rang three times. Drew told Corey, “They might be jammin’ and not hear…”

“Hello?” Derrick said.

“Hey, Derrick; it’s Drew. What are you dudes doin’?”

Derrick evilly chuckled, “Cleaning up dinner for two got a little intense.”

In the background, Mike corrected, “A lot more than a little.”

Turning to check his clock radio, Drew smiled, “It’s almost eight, dude.”

“Sweet!” Derrick chirped. “Almost two hours again, Lick.”

Turning to Corey, Drew wondered, “Did you notice when we started, Cor?”

So he could be heard, Corey loudly answered, “The computer clock read seven o’five.”

Drew giggled, “Fifty minutes, including foreplay and cuddle time afterward.”

“Not bad at all, dude,” Derrick confirmed. He wondered, “What’s next on the agenda?”

“Corey’s got extra energy to burn,” Drew smiled. “I gotta admit I’m lookin’ forward to seeing Keith and Prez tonight too.”

Corey shouted, “Me too!”

Derrick chuckled, “Us too, dudes. Three days seemed longer somehow.”

Getting closer to Derrick and playing with his limp dick, Mike giggled, “You dudes know it’s gonna be a hot, gay ol’ time tonight?”

Drew chuckled, “Good! We had to keep quiet even though we really didn’t want to.”

Derrick said, “Give us twenty or thirty minutes, Drew. We need to clean up a little before we put clothes on and head over there.”

“We should clean up too,” Drew admitted. “See ya around eight-thirty. And thanks, Derrick.”

“It’s no problem, dude,” Derrick assured. “See ya soon. Bye.”


Corey playfully reminded, “The last time you cleaned me, I shouted and dribbled a big load.”

Drew shrugged and smiled, “With your encouragement, I got carried away. A year ago, I would’ve never admitted it to you, but now, I love your ass so much, angel. As good as this time was for you, it was just as good for me, ya know?”

“You came while I was still shaking, didn’t you?”

Drew nodded, “I was close when I took your hands. It was all of you, dude. Your surprised expression, hard nips and gushing cock gave me no chance.”

Corey got off the bed and hurried into Drew’s embrace. He asked, “What did I say before we started?”

Drew recalled, “The next time you say you want to be alone, I should fight you and not give in.”

Corey stole a tender kiss then assured, “I meant it. Don’t let my bitchy, selfish, only-child habits hurt you. I’ve had enough, Drew, seriously. Every time I step in this house, something happens. Today, it was John and your mom. I want that anorexia demon to try fuckin’ with me tonight.” Corey stepped back, slyly grinning; “Now I get to clean my load off of you.”

Drew chuckled, “And I get to clean mine out of you. I promise not to get carried away this time.”

Corey slipped into his boxers while Drew turned off the stereo. Drew put his boxers on then unlocked and opened his bedroom door. He peeked out and down the hall. No one was in the living room so he took Corey’s hand and led him to the bathroom. Corey sat on the bowl. Drew wet a washcloth and got it loaded with soap. He went to stand before Corey and handed him the washcloth. Corey cleaned his dried semen off Drew’s belly and washed his lover's dick. Drew took the washcloth back, rinsed it and got it soapy again, by which time Corey was finished on the bowl and flushing. Corey bent over the vanity. Drew knelt down behind him then cleaned his butt, getting in a light nibble on each cheek. Corey cackled, “You’re bonkers, completely insane!”

Drew stood and grinned, “You bet your sexy ass I am,” then rinsed the washcloth again before tossing it in the hamper. Giggling, Corey picked up his boxers. Drew quickly said, “No, Cor. Put mine on. Yours are probably wet and dirty.”

Standing there with his boxers still in his hand, Corey scowled, “What are you gonna put on?”

“Nothing,” Drew grinned, and then turned to open the bathroom door. He peeked down the hall again. The living room was still empty. Drew dashed down the hall. Glancing in John’s room, Drew observed, “I guess John went out to Tommy’s or Kim’s.” He hurried into his room.

Entering the room, Corey closed the door and smiled, “Can you blame him? He might get lucky with Kim again.”

Drew unloaded dirty laundry from his backpack and told Corey, “We’re staying the night in Agoura Hills. Bring your stuff with us, Cor.”

Corey took off Drew’s boxers and dropped them in the laundry bag in the closet. “I’ve only got one more shake package. Mom wants me to ask the doc on Friday if I still need it.”

Putting his boardies on without underwear, Drew nodded, “You’re doin’ really good, Cor. I’m wondering how much weight you gained this week.” Since Drew was going commando, Corey decided to do the same and slid into his boardies. He checked his pocket for the pills and showed them to Drew. They put their T-shirts back on then Drew said, “Lemme tell my folks where we’re goin’.”

Corey nodded, “I’ll grab our stuff and wait in the living room.” They slid into their sandals. Drew went to find his parents. Corey grabbed both backpacks then started for the living room.

In the master bedroom, Jim was working at the desk and Jennifer was watching TV. Drew told both his parents, “We’re gonna spend the night with Mike and Derrick in Agoura Hills. We’ll be back tomorrow night and ready for the doctor appointment Friday morning.”

Jennifer reminded, “I usually leave for work about seven-thirty. That should get us to Santa Monica in time, barring freeway drama.”

Jim suggested, “Why don’t you take Rush with you? I’m sure he’s wondering where Preston has been.”

Drew nodded, “I’ll check with Derrick. It’ll be me, Corey and Rush in the back seat.” Rush began barking. Drew grinned, “Mike and Derrick must be here.” He leaned over and gave his mom a kiss on the cheek then said, “See ya tomorrow night, probably after dinner.” Jennifer nodded and smiled, thankful that she had warning to plan the next evening’s dinner. Drew chirped, “Later, dad.”

Jim smiled, “Have a good time.”

Stepping out of the room, Drew found Corey, Derrick and Mike playing with Rush. Drew asked, “Derrick, can we bring Rush along?”

Derrick shrugged, “I’m fine with it, dude. I’m only worried about him in a convertible. His leash will have to stay on and you’ll need to keep him restrained, okay?”

Drew nodded and smiled, “That’s cool. Dad thought that he’d like to see Prez and Keith again.” Heading to the kitchen, Drew said, “Lemme get his food and dishes then we’re ready to jet.” Without being told, Corey found Rush’s collar in the entryway closet. Rush spun around then sat before Corey. Corey put the collar over Rush’s head then dropped the leash to get the backpacks. Confused, Rush ran to Corey then to Drew then back to the doorway. Derrick and Mike began chuckling. Returning to the living room, Drew found Corey chasing after Rush’s leash, trying to jump on the loose end on the floor, and cracked up. He loudly laughed, “Rush! Sit!” The dog scurried to Drew and sat before him.

Corey smirked at Drew and giggled, “No fair! You’ve got his food and dishes.”

“Talk to him,” Drew chuckled, “he’s a smart dog, Cor. He probably thought you were playin’.”

“I was,” Corey giggled, “I just didn’t think he was too.”

Drew put the bag of kibble down then stuffed the two dishes inside the bag. Picking up the leash and the bag of kibble, Drew turned to Mike and Derrick. “Ready?”

Derrick led the way out of the house. Mike took the bag of kibble from Drew, saying, “This and the backpacks will go in the trunk.”

Drew nodded and asked, “What’ve you dudes been doing today?”

Mike answered, “We went to the beach and happened to meet some friends. We brought them back to the house then jammed for a few hours. You dudes met 'em, the night of my birthday party.”

Derrick added, “We’re lookin’ for someone that Ben might like.” Derrick stopped at the trunk and unlocked it.

Corey put the backpacks in the trunk. “He’s really sweet; at least he seems that way,” Corey smiled.

Putting the bag of kibble in the trunk and wedging it so it wouldn’t fall over, Mike nodded, “He’s just super shy, more than Drew ever was.” Derrick closed the trunk.

Drew grinned, “I never was that shy. Ben’s got a really soft voice. When we were goofin’ about cock sizes the other day, Ben could barely deal.” Drew led Rush in the backseat then ordered, “Rush, sit.” Corey followed Drew into the car. Soon Mike and Derrick were in the front seats and they started back to Agoura Hills.

Mike turned around and grinned, “How many times today?”

Counting his fingers, Corey giggled, “Before we went to sleep, two more times when we went back to bed this morning, three more times after we woke and once after dinner; seven times.”

Only to make sure they were sharing too, Drew blushed, “And you two made it how many times?”

Mike smiled, “Four times before bed, twice when we woke and twice after dinner.”

“And once at the beach,” Derrick reminded.

“Oh, yeah!” Mike cheered, “That was awesome too. How could I forget that?”

Corey cackled, “At the beach?”

Derrick nodded, “In the surf, dude.”

Drew wondered, “What tunes were you jammin’?”

Heaven’s on Fire is almost fully cooked now,” Derrick grinned. “We only need Shaun and Prez to get it perfect.”

Mike teased, “And Drew singing lead vocals.”

Drew cackled, “Nope!”

“Come on,” Derrick chuckled, “it would be fun.”

Corey asked, “Are you wearing Calvin Klein briefs the rest of the night, Derrick?”

Derrick shook his head. Mike offered, “I’ll get you a pair, Dee?” Drew and Corey began giggling.

Glancing at Mike, Derrick smirked, “Dude, I haven’t worn tightie-whities since I was ten.”

“Stop at the mall,” Mike prompted. He then looked back and insured, “Dee wears C.K.’s and you’ll sing, Drew?”

Groaning through his giggles, Drew nodded. Corey cracked up. A quick detour was made to the Promenade Mall. The 442 was parked outside of Macy’s. Derrick and Mike got out of the car then started for the mall doors. Derrick cackled, “We’re getting two pair; one for you too, Lick.”

Mike nodded and smiled, “Just like the Speedos; we’ll wear ‘em to drive each other crazy.”

Stepping inside Macy’s, Derrick grinned, “I just had an evil idea. What if we got two more pair for Prez and Keith?”

Mike shrugged, “It depends on how much they cost. I’ve got about fifty bucks on me.”

Derrick nodded and reached into his back pocket for his wallet. He showed Mike that he had some of his grocery money on him, totaling almost eighty dollars. “I’ll just replace the grocery money tomorrow, dude.”

Mike asked, “Is that the last of the grocery money?”

Derrick nodded, “Until the first of the month. The fridge is loaded though, dude. Even with Keith and Prez staying, we’ve got plenty to last another week.”

Arriving at the mens’ department, they began perusing the various C.K. briefs. Minutes later, they were checking out with four pair of Calvin Klein cotton hip briefs. They left the store and crossed the parking lot. Derrick gave the sack to Corey then slid into the driver’s seat. Mike got in the car, grinning, “Our Speedos have more cloth than those briefs.” As Derrick backed out, Mike wondered, “Are you dudes wearing boxers?”

Drew shook his head and answered, “Commando tonight. We’ve got extra clothes in our backpacks though.”

“Undie jams tonight,” Mike cackled.

Hysterically giggling, Corey teased, “Jammed in your crotch and up your crack.”

Derrick groaned, “I was only thinking of my package stuffed into tight briefs. Our pubes are gonna get tangled in the leg bands too.”

Corey grinned, “There’s no way your dicks can possibly slip out the fly though.”

Turning in the passenger seat to look back, Mike smiled, “Even when I was wearing briefs all the time, I never used the fly. I just pushed the front down.”

Drew nodded agreement. “The flies on briefs are useless.”

Mike asked, “Corey, what size is your waist?”

“Twenty-seven inches,” Corey replied. Mike glanced at Drew and Corey offered, “Drew’s twenty-eight inches. His inseam is two inches longer than mine though.”

Derrick offered, “We got four pair; the extra pairs are for Keith and Prez.”

Drew wondered, “What are your waist sizes?”

Mike answered, “Dee’s thirty and I’m thirty-one inches.”

Drew revealed, “Last month, Corey and I were talking about pants’ sizes. Corey’s dad is really tall, a football player’s build, about six-four, and he has a thirty-eight inch waist.” Derrick whimpered. Mike cracked up, faced forward and reached for Derrick’s hand. Drew asked, “Do you like big football player types, Derrick?”

Derrick nodded, “I’d be a midget compared to most football players. I do like the larger dudes though. Mike’s got the body type I love.” Mike lifted Derrick’s hand and kissed it.

Drew turned to Corey and reminded, “What’s attractive is a matter of personal opinion, Cor.”

Corey nodded and smiled, “No big bellies though.”

Mike agreed, “My dad had a desk job. We think it directly led to his heart attack.”

Drew said, “My mom got us health club memberships. My dad’s metabolism is changing and he’s getting a little bit of a belly from sitting at a desk. John said that dad’s lifting weights, but spending more time on exercise cycles and stair-steppers. Mom’s been going to weekend aerobics classes.”

Corey asked, “Are you watching what you eat, Mike?”

Mike nodded, “Low cholesterol foods; mostly wheat bread, mom likes spinach pasta, but my sister and I don’t like it too much, so we have it on rare occasions. I love certain foods and meals. There has to be a happy medium, Corey. I think I’d rather enjoy this life and all it has to offer rather than live ten years longer, limiting myself to only what’s best for me.” He then devilishly grinned, “I’m getting plenty of exercise, up to fourteen times a day.” Sniggering and chuckling erupted in the car.

Corey smiled, “Just checking, dude.”

Making the final turn, Derrick nodded, “I’ll keep him fit and trim, Corey. I know what kind of incentive to give my wild man.” Mike whimpered causing Corey to break down laughing. Derrick chuckled, “Thanks for caring, Corey.”

The sun was setting when they pulled in front of the house. Rush seemed to know exactly where he was and wanted to go across the street to the park, pulling Drew along behind him. The dog hiked his back leg and peed on a tree while Corey, Derrick and Mike emptied the trunk. Drew led Rush back across the street. Entering the house and closing the door, Drew heard Corey giggling. Taking the dog’s leash and collar off, Drew grinned, “What’s goin’ on, Cor?”

Corey giggled, “Me and Derrick were talkin’ about our awesome brunette boyfriends.”

“What specifically?” Drew wondered.

“P.E., when school starts,” Corey giggled. “We’ve never had that class together and neither have Derrick and Mike.”

Sliding close to Mike, Derrick nodded and leered, “Touch football might turn into an orgy.” Derrick began feeling up Mike’s ass and whispered, “No fouls on any plays.”

Mike smiled, “If you’re wondering how often you can get me randy, there isn’t a limit, Dee.”

Derrick planted a deep, passionate kiss then suggested, “Ready to make music?” Mike nodded.

Drew reminded, “If you want me singing that song, I’ll need to hear it a few more times.”

Pointing at a piece of paper on the coffee table, Mike said, “We’ve already got the lyrics written down, Drew.”

“Cool,” Drew chirped. They went into the living room. Derrick found the KISS CD, popped into the player and set it to repeat the song then pressed the play button. Corey remained in the living room with Drew while Derrick and Mike went to the studio and began powering up gear. Drew began reviewing the lyrics. Corey sat down on the sofa. Noticing Drew’s wide grin, Corey giggled, “What’s so funny?”

“These lyrics,” Drew smiled, “the only words not here are ‘fuck me, baby’.”

Corey nodded and sang, “Feel my heat takin' you higher, Burn with me, Heaven's on fire. Paint the sky with desire, Angel fly, Heaven's on fire. Whoa!”

Reading from the page, Drew picked up the lead vocals. “I got a fever ragin' in my heart, you make me shiver and shake. Baby, don't stop, take it to the top, eat it like a piece of cake. You're comin' closer, I can hear you breathe. You drive me crazy when you start to tease. You could bring the devil to his knees.” Corey smiled up at Drew and sang the chorus with him. “Feel my heat takin' you higher, Burn with me, Heaven's on fire. Paint the sky with desire, Angel fly, Heaven's on fire. Oh oh, Heaven's on fire. Oh oh, Heaven's on fire. Oh oh.”

Hearing drumming from the studio, Corey scrambled off the sofa and dropped to his knees before Drew. He ran his hands up and under the legs of Drew’s boardies. Feeling somewhat secure that Mike and Derrick wouldn’t interrupt, Drew smiled down at Corey during the short solo section. He then sang; “I'm getting closer, baby, hear me breathe. You know the way to give me what I need. Just let me love you and you'll never leave. Feel my heat takin' you higher, Burn with me, Heaven's on fire. Paint the sky with desire, Angel fly, Heaven's on fire. Feel my heat takin' you higher. Burn with me, Heaven's on fire. Paint the sky with desire, Angel fly, Heaven's on fire. Feel my heat takin' you higher. Burn with me, Heaven's on fire. Paint the sky with desire, Angel fly, Heaven's on fire.”

During the next repeat, they could hear Mike playing the guitar part and Derrick’s drumming. Corey went for the gold and ripped Drew’s boardies open. With Corey playing with his dick, Drew sang the opening ‘who-o-oo-oa!’ perfectly and concentrated more on him than the lyric sheet. Running his fingers through Corey’s silky hair, Drew really got into the lyrics. Corey was treating Drew so fine, like they were new lovers; slowly stroking and occasionally licking the shaft, as if he were afraid of a real cock and blasts of sperm in his mouth. Near the end of the song, Drew stopped singing and helped Corey stand then wrapped him in a tight embrace. Nuzzling Corey’s neck, Drew breathed, “That was beautiful, angel.”

Corey giggled, “When I did it earlier, you said that you liked it and wanted more of the same.”

Drew sighed, “Part of me says I need to make love with you right now, but that would ruin what you did, I think.”

Corey sighed, “I’m only showing that I love you.” Drew purred then began placing tender kisses around the rim of Corey’s ear. He worked his way down Corey’s neck, back up his jaw then landed a few more around his bottom lip before finally opening up for a passionate kiss. Feeling weak in the knees, Corey held on tight and gently sucked on Drew’s tongue. It was a kiss that landed in Corey’s top ten kisses of all time. It clearly transmitted Drew’s feelings. They were still attached to each other when Mike entered the room.

He went to the stereo and stopped the CD player. He only tapped Drew on the shoulder and brushed one of Corey’s arms then left the two lovers alone. With a deliberate stride, Mike returned to the studio. He went directly to the drum kit. Absently twirling his sticks between his fingers, Derrick watched Mike approach. Without saying a word, Mike leaned down and took Derrick’s breath away with a single kiss. The drum sticks were dropped and Derrick closed his eyes. When Mike broke the kiss and stood, Derrick gasped, “That was for?”

“For being,” Mike smiled.

Derrick giggled, “Where else would I be, Lick?”

Mike shrugged, “They were showing affection and, since I thought it was nice, it was time to share.”

Derrick confirmed, “It was unexpected and really nice.”

By this time, Drew had shoved his chubby back into his board shorts. Corey closed the Velcro then took Drew’s hand. They entered the studio to find Mike and Derrick staring at each other. Saying nothing, they inspected the computer. On the screen was a virtual mixer. Tracks were already labeled: Kick In, Kick Out, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Hi-Hat, Rack Tom 1, Rack Tom 2, Rack Tom 3, Floor Tom 1, Floor Tom 2, Overhead Left, Overhead Right and Lead Guitar.

Mike went to Drew and Corey then explained, “The levels are set for what’s already defined. We just need to create a track for Drew’s vocals then set levels for him.” Mike showed them the process. Mike also added a small amount of reverb to the vocal track so that Drew would hear it in his headphones, but it wouldn’t be recorded.

Drew asked, “Why aren’t you recording it?”

“It’s a limitation of the system,” Mike explained. “The more effects we use, the more processor is used. So we save all the effects for the final mixing stage. That way, a single effect that can be used on multiple tracks isn’t chewing up processor cycles by being applied several times unnecessarily.” Corey and Drew nodded.

Drew teased, “And why can’t you figure out how to power up our P.A.?”

Mike smirked, “Only because it’s new. Dee and I have been coming here about once a week since January. Doug or Brian used to watch us power the gear up. Once they were satisfied we wouldn’t destroy anything, they let us work unsupervised. Give me time, mini-Keith.” Corey and Drew cracked up. When they were down to mere giggles, Mike prodded, “Are you ready to sing, Drew?”

Nodding, Drew replied, “I’ll need to hear something to get that opening wooing right. Then I can try the rest of the song.”

Derrick said, “The great thing about recording on a computer is, we can save the best parts of takes into a new virtual track.”

Mike led Drew to the vocal booth and told Drew, “Keith calls it a closet; typical for a closet case, huh?”

Drew chuckled, “All things considered, Keith’s much better now. Boyfriends seem to change everything, don’t you think?”

Mike nodded, “Prez turned Keith into a fun human being again.” Getting back to business, Mike explained, “All you need to do is sing, dude. This black mesh thing is a pop screen. Don’t move from side-to-side, that’ll change the sound levels. It’s a real sensitive microphone; it’ll pick up all sounds, like tapping your thighs, snapping fingers or even clothes shuffling, so try to stay still.” Noticing the same uncertain expression Keith used to make, Mike chuckled, “Chill, dude. You don’t need to be stiff or worried. Derrick and I can get this tune down in one or two takes. We can re-take your part as many times as we need to. Don’t sweat the small shit, dude.”

Standing at the open vocal booth door, Corey chimed, “It’s all good.”

Drew smiled at Corey then nodded. Facing Mike again, Drew prompted, “Let me hear what you’ll play to get me close to the opening woos, Mike.” Mike went out to the Les Paul, draped it over his shoulder then played the tones that matched the vocal part. Watching Mike play again, Drew sang along and matched the tones. Mike smiled at Derrick. Helplessly, Derrick began chuckling. Drew innocently asked, “How was that?”

Corey smiled, “Perfect.”

Mike chuckled, “As good as the recording, Drew. Paul Stanley would be impressed.”

Drew wondered, “Who’s Paul Stanley?”

Derrick cackled, “Just the dude singing on the record.”

“Oh!” Drew giggled.

Mike grinned, “Close the booth door and then watch Drew’s levels on the computer, Corey.”

Closing the door, Corey softly muttered, “I’ll watch his levels go up, and up and up and up.” Derrick and Mike sniggered. Sitting at the computer, Corey giggled and put the headphones on. He checked with Derrick and Mike then pressed the record button and said, “It’s recording.” Mike played the opening tones again and Derrick counted off. He and Mike began playing then Drew began singing. Corey watched the level meters bounce up and down. In the vocal booth Drew struggled to keep an image of Corey in his mind and some enthusiasm in the lyrics he sang.

At the end of the song, Drew stepped out of the vocal booth wearing a crooked smirk. He looked at Mike and sheepishly said, “Sorry, that kind o’ sucked, huh?”

Taking his guitar off, Mike chuckled, “Dude! It was good. This is how recording goes, building the song up from the ground. Watch what happens next. Dee and I will add a background vocals track. Then I’ll play another guitar part and add the bass guitar part.”

Coming out from behind the drums and wiping sweat from his forehead with his T-shirt, Derrick offered, “Hearing yourself in the headphones is weird the first dozen times, Drew. It does get easier.” He went to the computer and showed Drew how to create another new track and named it, ‘BKGRND VOX’. Derrick smiled, “You two dudes watch the meters. Yellow is good, red is bad.” He and Mike went into the booth.

Corey confirmed, “Let me know when you’re ready.”

Mike nodded, “Let us get the cans on. We’ll tell you when to hit record,” and then closed the door. Moments later, he and Derrick had the headphones on. Mike instructed, “Hit record, Corey.”

While Mike and Derrick got their parts recorded, Corey passed the headphones to Drew saying, “They’re good. They’re adding the breathing to yours and making the choruses stand out.”

Drew put the headphones on and listened. Drew snarled, “I still don’t think my vocals were any good.”

Corey lifted one of the headphones off Drew’s ear and giggled, “You want to do it again with me on knees?”

Drew grinned, “You’d do it too.” He then reminded, “There’s a window in the door.”

Corey shrugged, “They’ve already seen you hard and soft.”

“I don’t want them seeing you,” Drew flatly stated. Taking the headphones off, Drew softly reminded, “You are not my bitch and I don’t want anyone thinking you are.”

Corey nodded and sighed then smiled, “I do love you, ya know?”

Drew placed a tender kiss then smiled, “I love you too, Corey. When you ripped open my boardies before, I was very tempted to stop you or join you on the floor.”

“Why didn’t you do either?”

“Stopping you would’ve meant contradicting myself. I want you confident about everything. Joining you in the living room, where we could easily get caught, wasn’t an option either. So I stood there singing and being stupid because you were being so awesome.”

With nothing better crossing his mind, Corey got up then carefully sat on Drew’s lap. He started nuzzling and whispered, “My stud.” Only moments later, Drew purred. Corey passionately kissed Drew.

Mike and Derrick stepped out of the booth and began giggling. Derrick chuckled, “It’s the song. We’re lucky they’re only tongue wrestling.”

Mike nodded and teased, “Have they pressed stop yet though?”

Remaining attached to Corey’s mouth; Drew opened his eyes, reached for the mouse and found the stop button on the screen then clicked it.

Derrick laughed, “Rewind and play, please?”

Helplessly, Corey giggled into the kiss while Drew drove the mouse around. Mike went to the mixer and turned up the monitor faders.

Hearing his voice again, Drew pulled back from Corey and complained, “Dudes, I’m sorry, but my vocals suck. Can I try again?”

Mike nodded, “They’re really not bad, Drew. Like all of us, you’re just not used to hearing it. Let me get another guitar part and the bass part recorded. Then you can try again as often as you want.”

“Sweet!” Drew chirped. He smiled at Corey and joked, “Now, where were we?” Corey giggled then resumed kissing. Shaking his head and chuckling, Derrick sat down on the chair Corey had been using. He set up another guitar track and signaled Mike to start playing. About half way through the tune, Drew decided to lick Corey’s throat. Corey started giggling. Trying to memorize Corey’s Adams apple with his tongue, Drew made Corey cringe and howl laughing.

“Cut!” Derrick loudly laughed, and pressed the stop button.

Mike bitched, “What the fuck?” Derrick only pointed at Drew and Corey. Moving slightly so he could see why Corey was laughing his butt off, Mike chuckled, “Okay, dudes. You both need to make-out someplace else, so we can get this recorded and mixed before Keith and Prez get here.”

Drew asked, “The spare bedroom is ours?” Mike nodded. Corey slid off Drew’s lap, took his hand and hurried out of the studio. Drew closed the door behind them.

Mike grinned, “Swear to God, Keith and Drew, dude.”

Derrick nodded and confirmed, “Is this really what you wanna be doing, Lick?”

Mike checked, “Don’t you?”

Derrick nodded and smiled, “Just makin’ sure. I’m cool if you are.”

“Ten minutes to complete both parts, Dee.”

“Lemme know when you’re ready.”

Shaking out his arms and hands, Mike took hold of the guitar neck then said, “Ready.” Derrick pressed record.

In the guest bedroom, Drew had Corey’s shirt off and was gently sucking Corey’s nipples. For Drew, this was not only a way to give attention to one of his favorite body parts; it also made Corey writhe, giggle, purr and moan. Both tits had been adequately tweaked by the time Mike completed the guitar part, signaling Drew to slide down lower and go wild on Corey’s tummy. They soon heard Mike playing the bass guitar.

Corey called, “Drew?” Drew replied by humming onto Corey’s belly. Corey giggled, “You’re gonna make me shoot in my shorts.”

Drew lifted his head, started untying the drawstring on Corey’s boardies and smiled, “I love you, Corey.”

Corey sighed, “I love you too, Drew.”

Drew ripped open the Velcro, pulled the boardies down to Corey’s ankles then took hold of Corey’s erection. He began licking the entire shaft, carefully avoiding the hooded head.

Shivering, Corey now understood why Drew enjoyed the licking so much. He purred, “I want your dick, Drew.”

“I’m fine, angel, chubby and enjoying what I’m doing,” Drew replied. Before Corey could say another word, Drew pulled the foreskin over the head and sucked then stuck his tongue in. Corey gasped, shivered and moaned. Encouraged, Drew opened his mouth then slowly took all of Corey’s erection until his nose was buried in blond pubes. Corey thrust his hips, reached down and ran his fingers through Drew’s hair. Drew backed off, leaving only a third of Corey’s meat in his mouth and remained motionless. He slid his hands under Corey’s ass and lifted, encouraging Corey to hump his face. Once Corey started, Drew pulled his hands out from under him. His left hand gripped the shaft so Corey’s foreskin would slide. The right hand went between Corey’s thighs to tease his hole.

Now Drew could hear the playback of all the recorded parts coming from the studio. Corey heard too and loved hearing Drew’s voice, even though his mouth was currently stuffed. Thrashing like a fish out of water, Corey lost it then collapsed. He panted, “Omigod, Drew. That was totally awesome.” Drew giggled and made certain Corey was cleaned up. He pulled Corey’s boardies up further then cuddled close to give Corey a series of tender kisses. Regaining composure and having caught his breath, Corey teased, “Tonight, your ass is mine, stud.”

Drew grinned, “That’s what I’m waiting for, angel.” Corey rolled to Drew and kissed him hard. Drew contentedly hummed into the kiss. When Corey pulled back and broke the kiss, Drew called, “Cor?”


“You were fuckin’ my face and I loved it. I think I might be gay.”

Corey groaned then cracked up and squeezed Drew tighter. He then giggled, “Poor Susie and lucky me.”

The music from the studio stopped. Moments later, there was a knock on the guest bedroom door. Drew softly asked Corey, “Are you ready now?” Corey answered only with more kisses. Drew giggled, “I’m saving it for later. Come on, angel. You keep goin’ and your cute soft dick will get hard again.”

Corey sighed, “You really do like it, huh?”

“It’s awesome,” Drew whispered, “Three inches to over seven; why would I complain? And the skin tone matches your ass too. If I go on, there will be a round two and the bed will squeak.”

Corey purred, “I like your dick too, ya know? Even soft, four meaty inches surrounded by a bush that’s just right.” Corey began giggling, realizing he was getting a rise out of Drew.

Before Corey continued, Drew rolled them over so he was on top. Chuckling at Corey’s evil attempt, Drew got up; offering Corey a hand up. Drew then helped him get dressed. With the task completed, Drew smiled, “Later, Cor. Once I start, there will be no stopping me.” Corey nodded and they kissed then walked out of the guest bedroom. They found Mike and Derrick in the living room, watching TV. Drew wondered, “What’s on?”

“The Song Remains The Same,” Mike answered, and then growled, “chopped up so any drug references are removed.”

Derrick smirked, “At least they seem to be keeping the music intact. It’s sad that everything on TV has to be appropriate for little kids.”

“That’s Led Zeppelin?” Corey queried.

Mike nodded, “Jimmy Page on guitars, Robert Plant is the vocalist, John Paul Jones on bass guitar and keyboards, John Bonham on drums and percussion.”

Drew asked, “Are we done recording for the night?”

Derrick smiled, “Maybe more later on tonight. Prez and Keith will be back soon, between ten and eleven, they said.” Realizing the time, Drew nodded and took a seat on the sofa with a space for Corey to sit close to him.

At the next commercial break, Corey looked down the sofa and playfully reminded, “Drew sang, but I still don’t see any tightie-whities.” Drew innocently smiled at Mike and Derrick then stole a kiss from Corey.

Mike began sniggering and Derrick groaned, “I hoped you had forgotten.”

Standing and pulling Derrick up with him, Mike prompted, “Come on, Dee. When Keith and Prez get here, we’ll have ‘em on and they’ll know they’re home.”

“Great,” Derrick smirked, “so when our pubes get caught later, everybody will hear us screaming.” At the dining room table, where the Macy’s sack still lay, Mike and Derrick pushed their boardies and boxers down. They each opened a package of Calvin Klein briefs then put them on, carefully adjusting their goods.

Mike made a show of walking back to the living room, standing before the TV and striking poses. Seeing Mike acting silly, Derrick did too. Drew smiled, “You both look awesome.”

Corey nodded, “You could be on any billboard and I would definitely look at least twice.”

“That’s no lie, dudes,” Drew offered. “They always show perfection on those ads. For the first time, I can see what they look like without airbrushing .”

Corey giggled, “For your birthday, Drew.”

Drew smiled, “For you, I’d wear ‘em every day.”

Derrick and Mike checked each other out and evilly grinned. Derrick asked Mike, “Would you wear them?”

Mike nodded, “Occasionally; would you?”

“You like how they look on me?”

“Better than Speedos, Dee.”

Drew offered, “They make both of you look like you’re really hung.”

Mike chuckled, “There are two more pair in the bag. They were bought for Keith and Prez, but if you dudes wanna try ‘em on?”

Drew stood and nodded, pulling Corey along with him. Corey squealed, “Me too?”

“Sure,” Drew chirped. “I’d like to see you in them.” In moments, Drew and Corey stripped then put on the remaining pairs of briefs. Drew bent over, squatted and twisted then said, “They feel pretty good too.” He then stepped back from Corey and asked, “Turn around, angel?” Corey did as Drew requested. Drew smiled, “Incredible, Cor.”

There was a knock at the door. Rush barked, but remained where he was, lying in the living room. Mike hurried to answer it, believing it was Keith and Prez. From the dining area where Derrick, Drew and Corey were standing, they heard Ben cackle, “Oh, jeez! It’s not much, but at least it’s something.”

Reaching for Ben's arm, Mike pulled him inside, chuckling, “Get in here,” and then closed the door behind Ben.

Stepping inside and noticing everyone was wearing only Calvin Klein briefs, Ben giggled, “I never know what I’ll find here. All you dudes usually wear boxers, I thought.”

Derrick grinned, “We do, but tonight we wanted Drew to sing for us.”

“That almost makes sense,” Ben sniggered.

Mike glared at Ben, “Where the hell have you been? It’s been two days, dude.”

Ben nodded and sighed, “We’re gonna have to move. Mom can’t afford the mortgage payments. Yesterday was spent with real estate agents. Today we spent driving around, considering places we could move. We were hoping to stay near here, so I could finish school at Agoura High, but it’s not looking good.”

Derrick patted Ben on the back then smiled, “We’ll help, dude. Would your mom consider moving to Woodland Hills? Then you’re not the new kid in school. You’ll know all of us.”

Ben smiled then asked, “Can I call before my mom falls asleep?” Mike pulled the phone off the base on the kitchen wall and handed it to Ben. While Ben was on the phone suggesting a move to Woodland Hills, there was another knock on the door. Not realizing he had bothered to lock the door, Mike went to answer it. Rush seemed to know and trotted to the entryway.

Seeing Mike in C.K. briefs, Keith, Prez, Brian and Pete began chuckling. Entering the house, Keith cackled, “I can only wonder why?”

Mike wrapped Keith in his arms, landed a kiss on the mouth, and then griped, “All will be made clear soon enough, bitch.”

Mike greeted Prez the same as Keith. Prez giggled, “Nice package, dude,” and with his one free hand, goosed Mike’s ass. Mike lurched and squealed.

Stepping beyond the entryway wall, Keith turned and smiled, “It’s all of ‘em, except Ben.”

Soon everyone was inside and Mike closed the front door. Seeing Brian and Pete, Drew hurried over and gave each hugs, widely smiling, “I didn’t know you dudes were coming back.”

“We changed our plans, to see you and Corey,” Brian cheerfully explained.

Pete sniggered, “We didn’t realize we’d see this much of you. They look great on you, Drew.”

Embarrassed and giggling his ass off, Corey quickly slipped into his boardies, and then went to greet Brian and Pete. He hugged Pete first then Brian. Brian grinned, “You look good in C.K.’s too, Corey.”

Corey giggled, “It was like a signal, we tried them on, then Ben came over, and only minutes later, all you dudes did too.”

During the next few minutes, assembled in the dining area and living room, everybody was chattering at once. Derrick asked Prez if he liked the Asia CD. Prez replied he had and wanted to try learning a few tunes. Mike explained why they were all wearing C.K. briefs. Keith wanted to hear Heaven’s On Fire, with Drew singing lead vocals. Ben told Prez why he was on the phone and that he and his mom needed to move. Prez suggested that Ben and his mom move into the apartment complex he and his mom lived at for a few months. Corey and Drew talked with Brian and Pete about all the great changes that were happening for them. Derrick introduced Ben to Brian and Pete. Keith scoped out Drew and playfully wondered if Drew was going to put his shorts back on. When Drew laughed and shook his head, Keith took hold of Drew’s shoulders and screamed “Who are you and where’s my brother?” causing everyone to break into fits of laughter.

Mike smirked, “If you think his underwear is surprising, check out Heaven’s On Fire,” and led the group to the studio.

Bringing up the rear with Corey, Brian and Pete, Drew complained, “I haven’t redone those vocals yet Mike.”

From the front of the pack, Mike hollered, “You can if you want, but you really don’t need to, Drew.” Once everyone was gathered again, Mike said, “There’s a sweet ballad we found last night. I think we could learn it, maybe rearrange it a bit.” He then played the quick mix that he and Derrick prepared of Heaven’s On Fire.

While the song loudly played, Keith leaned close to Drew and asked, “Why this tune, bro?”

Drew shrugged, “That’s the one Mike wanted. We were goofin’ around last night, with Shaun and Gil here. The lyrics are super sexy so, why not?” He then asked, “Mike, did you learn Without Her too?”

Mike nodded, “Bass and guitar parts.” Turning to Prez, Mike said, “It opens with only bass and vocals, dude. It’s simple and really pretty. There are strings and a flute part we’ll have to do something with.”

Prez nodded, “We’ll check that out next.”

Pete asked Drew, “The Nilsson tune, Without Her?”

Drew nodded, “You know it?”

Pete smiled, “I used to sing it all the time, before Brian and I got back together.”

Mike went to get an acoustic guitar. By the time he had it out of the case and was ready to play, Heaven’s On Fire had ended. Everyone told Drew the vocals were fine as they were. Mike then prompted Drew by playing the bass part for Without Her on the guitar. Without any trouble, Drew easily sang:

I spend the night in a chair thinking she'll be there
But she never comes
And then I wake up and wipe the sleep from my eyes
And I rise to face another day
Without her

Do do do, do do do do, do do do

Mike changed from the bass part to the chords at the next verse.

It's just no good anymore when you walk through the door
Of an empty room
And then you go inside and set a table for one, it's no fun
When you spend a day
Without her

Do do do, do do do do, do do do

Without prompting, Pete sang harmony vocals with Drew through the remainder of the song.

We burst the pretty balloon took us to the moon
It's such a beautiful thing
But it's ended now
And it sounds like a lie
If I say I'd rather die than live without her

Do do do, do do do do, do do do

Love is a beautiful thing when it knows how to swing
And it grooves like a clock
But the hands on the clock tell the lovers to part
And it's breaking my heart
To have to spend another day without her

Do do do, do do do do, do do do

I spend the night in a chair thinking she'll be there
But she never comes
And then I wake up and wipe the sleep from my eyes
And I rise to face another day
Without her, do do do, do do do do
Can't go on without her do do do, do do do do
There's no song without her
It's all wrong without her
Can't go on without her

The room burst into applause. Almost simultaneously, Brian and Corey shouted, “Record that!”

Keith nodded, “Nothing else needs to be done to it.”

Drew cackled, “I am not the lead vocalist in this band. Keith is.”

Brian smiled, “But I want that version, with you and Pete singing; exactly like you just did it.”

Corey nodded at Drew and smiled, “It was perfect, Drew.”

Derrick got up and setup two microphones for Mike’s acoustic guitar. Mike grinned, “I guess we’re recording it now.”

Drew tapped Pete on the shoulder, saying, “Come on, dude. Let’s get this over with.” He led Pete into the vocal booth and handed him a pair of headphones. Corey hurried to the computer.

Pete put them on and grinned, “What are we doing, Drew?”

Putting his headphones on, Drew giggled, “Making our boyfriends happy,” and then bounced his eyebrows. Pete cracked up.

Out in the main studio, Derrick instructed, “All you dudes need to be quiet. Any coughs or other sounds will be picked up and we’ll have to re-do it.” Brian, Keith and Prez joined Ben on the chairs at the other end of the room. Derrick saw that Corey had already created a new project with three tracks, two for the guitar and one for the vocals. All Derrick needed to do was assign the microphone channels to the tracks. Derrick spoke into the console microphone and asked, “Is everybody ready?”

Pete cackled, “What am I doing in here?”

Drew grinned, “Singing; just lean back away from the mic when you inhale, dude.”

Pete sniggered, “We’re ready then, I guess.”

Mike nodded, “Let’s go.”

Derrick pressed the record button and said, “Rolling.”

Mike softly counted off the tempo then began playing the bass line on the acoustic guitar. As they had before, Drew sang the first verse. Mike switched to chords at the second verse. At the third verse, Pete joined with harmony vocals for Drew. At the end of the song, Derrick pressed the stop button and announced, “That’s a good take, dudes.” Mike put the guitar back in its case. Drew and Pete came out of the vocal booth. Brian stood and went to Pete. Drew joined Corey and Derrick at the computer console. All Derrick did was add a very slight reverb to the vocal track then played it back. Everybody agreed that it was great as it was. Derrick saved the mix, stood and went to Mike, saying, “We’ll get CD’s burned tomorrow.”

Keith smiled, “Okay, I’ll learn recording at M.I. and Drew takes over lead vocals.”

“No-oo!” Drew laughed, “I’m already over here learning recording. Me and Corey run the board too, so forget it, bro.”

“Weasel,” Keith playfully muttered. Drew poked his tongue out at his brother and giggled.

Mike glanced around and asked, “Everybody’s staying here tonight?”

Prez nodded, “That’s what we planned, but didn’t know Corey and Drew would be here too.”

Brian said, “There are two beds. We can all manage.”

Corey turned to Drew and shared an uncertain glance. Drew offered, “It’s all good, angel.”

Ben giggled, “I think I’ll go home now.”

Prez nudged Ben and teased, “The sofa or the king bed with us?”

Ben shook his head and sniggered, “I have my own bed, only three doors down.”

“Come back in the morning,” Prez prompted. “We’ll get you and your mom hooked up at my old apartment complex.”

Ben teased, “Four naked and four in their underwear.” Derrick, Keith, Mike and Prez couldn’t help laughing.

Pete corrected, “Six naked.”

Drew chuckled, “All eight.”

Through his giggles, Corey squeaked, “Drew!” Opening his eyes wide, Drew softly chortled.

Standing up, Ben smiled, “Have a good night, dudes. I’ll see you in the morning.” Everybody said good night. Prez and Keith walked Ben to the door. Brian and Pete began sharing with Derrick and Mike what they had learned from Keith and Prez.

Leaning closer to Corey, Drew whispered in his ear, “I’m yours in the shower, tonight or in the morning. We can share a bed with Brian and Pete. It’s really all right.” Corey got up and parked his butt on Drew’s lap then planted a passionate kiss.

Pete turned to Brian and softly considered, “There have been changes.”

Keith and Prez returned to the studio. Keith asked, “Are we done in here? We’re kind o’ beat from all the hiking and the six hour drive.”

Derrick nodded, began powering down the gear then glanced at Brian and Pete asking, “How long are you dudes planning on hangin’ around L.A.?”

Brian shrugged, “About a week; some of the time here, some of the time at the Hundsers’ and some with the Seavers.”

Helping Derrick to get the room organized, Mike offered, “And some time at my mom’s place too. Prez got our band an awesome P.A. system last week. It’s in our garage, and that’s where we’re rehearsing.”

Prez said, “We forgot to mention, we’re playing across the street in the park, Labor Day weekend.”

Brian smiled, “Very cool. We didn’t get to meet your mom during our last trip, Mike.”

Taking Prez’s hand and starting out of the room, Keith said, “Mike’s got a little sister too.”

“Saturday’s Lindsay’s birthday,” Mike smiled, “she’s getting a puppy and mom’s getting a kitten.”

Walking with Brian, Pete and Corey, Drew said, “Wait till you dudes see and hear the P.A. system we’ve got now. We turned it up about halfway and it could easily cover five hundred people, like at the school dances planned.” Corey tapped Drew and whispered in his ear.

Derrick wrapped an arm around Prez’s shoulders and reminded, “You’ll need to start working some slap-bass jams with your drum machine, bro.”

“Not a problem,” Prez grinned and nodded, “we’ll have to get that drum machine hooked up this weekend too.”

Stepping into the kitchen, Mike asked, “Who wants a soda? We’ve got Coke, Sprite, root beer and ginger ale.” Glasses were pulled out of the dishwasher and the cupboard as everyone chose their favorites. Mike and Derrick began pouring soda into glasses.

Drew said, “Me and Corey are going to jump in the shower real quick, dudes.”

Derrick looked closely at Corey and Drew. He worried, “Are you dudes okay?”

Corey nodded and grinned, “Just a little over-tired. The shower should wake me up.” He and Drew went down the hall.

Keith waited until the bathroom door closed then suspiciously wondered, “What was that all about?”

Derrick softly answered, “Corey is having nightmares. We only know that they have something to do with the anorexia demon. They haven’t been getting enough sleep.”

Prez observed, “They seem fine, as inseparable as ever.”

Mike nodded, “They were here yesterday and called after dinner tonight.”

Keith teased Mike; “So what’s the deal with the C.K. briefs, bro? You know you should’ve shaved the panty line a little?”

Mike smirked, “Mini-Keith said…” Everyone cracked up before Mike finished. Assorted remarks about Drew’s new nickname were made. Finishing his statement, Mike chuckled, “He wouldn’t sing unless we got Dee in Calvin Klein briefs.”

“I got Mike a pair, so I wouldn’t be alone,” Derrick admitted.

Mike smiled, “The pairs Drew and Corey had on are actually Keith’s and Prez’s.”

Shaking his head, Keith giggled, “Do you really think I’d wear them?”

Derrick locked eyes with Prez and asked, “What do you think, bro?”

Prez chuckled, “He’d wear ‘em once, before I chewed them off of him again.”

While everyone was evilly snickering and Keith was stealing a kiss from Prez, Pete chortled, “With or without ice cream, Prez?” Mike and Derrick roared. All six began going off the deep end, laughing and teasing each other.

Immediately upon entering the guest bathroom at the end of the hall, Corey softly shared, “I’m scared, Drew.”

Having a good idea why Corey was scared, Drew started to push his C.K. briefs off and asked, “Why?”

Pushing his boardies and C.K.’s down, Corey shrugged, “I’ll want to make love with you tonight and tomorrow morning. With Brian and Pete here, we won’t be able to. I don’t want them to see us naked and hard either.”

Together, they stepped in front of the bowl to pee. Drew asked, “You don’t really think I have any interest in doing anything with them, do you?” Corey only shrugged. Drew sighed, “I don’t, Corey. I don’t want to be that cut or muscular and don’t really want you to be either. You’re the one I want, Corey. I can deal with seeing them naked, and them seeing us naked. As a matter of fact, I want them to see how hard we make each other.” Corey helplessly giggled. Drew continued, “As for us making love, you still have the pills my mom gave you, right?” Corey nodded. Drew explained, “My mom got those because of the sick kid at the hospital. Within a half an hour of taking those pills, we might be hard as rocks, but too sleepy to do anything about it.” Drew flushed and they stepped away from the bowl. From out in the kitchen, they could hear the others laughing. Drew smiled, “Brian and Pete are cool, angel. If I wake up to find them making love, I’m gonna go for your dick so fast, you won’t have time to worry about it.” Corey giggled.

Leaning into the tub to turn the water on, Drew said, “It’s just like the camping trip, Cor. Dudes get morning erections. Dudes with boyfriends take care of those throbbers together. They’ll see us and we’ll see them, but that’s it.” The laughter from the kitchen could be heard over the water flowing in the tub. Drew chuckled, “Listen to them.”

Corey nodded and smiled, “I only want you, Drew.”

Drew nodded and planted a short, passionate kiss then whispered, “It’s my turn, angel. Find my magic button and make me holler.”

Corey giggled, “You still want me to?”

Drew nodded, “Definitely. I’ve been waiting hours for my first time.” He took Corey’s hand and led him into the tub. The shower was turned on by Corey. They met under the shower spray, embraced and kissed. Stealing a few more tender kisses, Drew took a step back and prompted, “Take me to heaven?”

Glancing down at Drew’s growing erection and knowing his own dick was hardening fast, Corey giggled, “We’re both ready. Turn around, stud.” At the opposite end of the tub from the shower spray, Drew turned around, lifted his left leg onto the tub rim to give Corey ample access then leaned forward. Kneeling down, Corey soaped up Drew’s ass cheeks then began sliding his fingers across Drew’s anus. He splashed hands full of water to clear away the soap, to Drew’s obvious delight, and then began probing with his index finger. Kissing and nibbling each cheek while Corey worked, Drew repeatedly gasped, giggled and sighed. Corey’s index finger was completely inserted and searching.

Drew whimpered, “Omigod, Cor! That’s it.” Corey giggled, knowing what Drew was feeling. About a minute later, Drew sighed, “So fine, Cor.” Corey smiled and stopped nibbling, not wanting to delay the inevitable, choosing instead to lick and kiss Drew’s muscular globes. About two minutes later, Drew breathed, “It builds so slowly, like I’ve got a rubber preventing it.”

Corey nodded, “I’m lovin’ this too.” Soon, Drew began wiggling his ass, as if Corey’s finger were his cock, adding to the stimulation. Drew groaned, uncertain if he could take the slow buildup any longer. Corey giggled, knowing that at this point he was shouting for more from Drew’s finger. Soon, Drew’s hips began bucking. Against his finger, Corey could feel Drew’s sphincter expanding and contracting. It wouldn’t take much more, Corey believed. Drew was practically hyperventilating, yet still trying to tell Corey how much he loved him and what he was feeling. Corey softly instructed, “Go with it, Drew. If it takes all night, this is where I’ll be.”

Drew breathlessly admitted, “I don’t know what I want! I want you… to bang my brains out. I want… to bang your brains out.” Barely believing what Drew was saying, Corey choked back his laughter. Suddenly, Drew stopped writhing on his finger and began repeatedly shouting. “Omigod! OH… MY… GOD!”

In the living room, conversation came to an abrupt halt. Hearing Drew’s repeated shouts for the Almighty to intervene, they all grinned. Drew screamed, “OH… MY… CORE-EE-EEY!” and the six boys in the living room cracked up, passing various remarks about the old, shy Drew, shower sex and the pride Corey would obviously portray upon his return to the room.

In the shower, Corey had to remain on his knees, both arms wrapped around Drew’s legs to steady him in the slippery tub. Regaining his senses, Drew softly chortled, “Your mine, Cor. Nothing was like that; so slow, so intense, so friggin’ fabulous. And you think Brian or Pete have a chance? Dream on, angel, dream on.” Giggling his ass off, Corey stood and helped Drew turn to face him, and then quickly took hold of him again. Burning up, Corey disregarded the cooler water and ground himself against Drew. From his sensitive cock, Drew shivered yet held Corey firmly in place, slowly and softly encouraging, “Yeah, angel. Hump me; spray cum all over me. Do it. I want it. I love you, Corey Seaver.” Stiffening and holding his breath, Corey lost it and Drew kissed him hard. When Corey finally slumped in Drew’s arms, the kiss broke. Soft chuckling became loud laughter. The water turned cold and they hurried to wash up a little bit.

Since they had only been wearing the C.K.’s about an hour, Drew and Corey slipped back into them. Corey picked up his boardies, intending to put them on until he noticed Drew smiling and shaking his head. Corey questioned, “No?”

Drew confirmed, “No.” Smiling like the world was his to command, Drew explained, “I know I was loud and that they had to hear me, Cor. As far as I’m concerned, I want them to see you, the dude that makes me yell in ecstatic pleasure.”

Shedding happy tears, Corey went to Drew and rested his head on Drew’s shoulder. He acknowledged, “When we came in here, I was scared. I’m not anymore.”

Stroking Corey’s damp hair, Drew contentedly purred, “You’re mine and I’m yours, forever, Cor. Be proud of yourself; I’m sure proud of you.” Corey giggled then began placing a series of tender kisses around Drew’s neck and jaw. Loving it, Drew sighed then turned his head slightly so that Corey had to kiss him on the mouth. They left the bathroom. Corey tossed his boardies in the guest bedroom on his backpack. Stepping into the dining area, they found all three couples making out. On the floor, nearest to the dining room, Brian was lying on top of Pete. Beyond them, also on the floor were Prez and Keith. On the sofa was Derrick on top of Mike.

Seeing Drew and Corey out of the corner of his eye, Derrick lifted his head briefly, smiling, “This is your fault, and thank you.” He then dove back down to Mike.

Drew chuckled, “Beds are first come, first served,” then quickly pulled Corey to the master bedroom and they jumped onto the king sized bed. Before they could stop giggling, they were mobbed by six additional bodies, all play humping whoever happened to be closest, leading to hysterical pile ups on Keith and Prez.


style="font-size:1.1em;line-height:1.3em;text-align:justify;">Author's Note: My sincere thanks to Dewey of deweywriter.com for the use of his characters Brian and Pete. Dewey and I had originally planned on another crossover that would last only three days. That plan was recently modified such that Brian and Pete will extend their vacation to spend more time with Prez, Keith, Drew, Corey, Mike and Derrick. This chapter covers the continuation of that period.
Copyright © 2013 TheEggman; All Rights Reserved.
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