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Life Goes On - 21. Chapter 21


Four couples remained on the king sized bed chatting. Brian, Pete and Prez shared stories about Yosemite National Park. The excitement evident in Prez’s tone, Derrick smiled and shared a meaningful glance with Mike. Knowing that this was what Derrick looked forward to most, Mike planted a quick kiss on Derrick’s cheek. Keith showed them the Polaroid photos taken of Mirror Lake, Bridalveil Fall, Vernal Fall, Half Dome, El Capitan, dinner at the Wawona Hotel and of the giant redwoods at Mariposa Grove.

Keith then asked Drew and Corey about the nightmares. Drew minimized their content for Corey’s sake, but Corey wanted them aired out, for the last time. Everybody encouraged Corey to keep doing what he had been, ignoring the demon’s lies and dealing with the nightmares with Drew and each of them. Derrick and Mike then shared their beach story, beginning with their sexual escapade in the surf, to more howling laughter. Brian and Pete couldn’t see themselves ever taking that chance at a public beach. Keith and Prez could see themselves taking the chance, if they were extremely horny, which usually wasn’t an issue and the other six knew it. Corey and Drew only giggled at the older six. Adding to the humor of that, Mike then shared that he and Derrick had met Eddie, Matt and Rick at the beach, spending at least half their time together goofing on Rick’s ‘size fetish’.

As the laughter dwindled again, Mike said that the party was set for the next Wednesday night. Everyone that had been at Mike’s birthday party was invited and that Ben would also be there, in the hopes that he might meet a possible boyfriend. Lastly, Derrick watched Prez and carefully told them about the car accident and Francis. As expected, Prez became sad, but he couldn’t stay that way with Keith and most of his closest friends there.

Corey began repeatedly yawning. He and Drew said goodnight, explaining that they had pills to help them get a good night’s sleep. The plan was to go to the beach the next day, whenever everyone was awake. Pete was exhausted too, so he and Brian followed Corey and Drew to the guest bedroom. Corey got the sleeping pills from his boardies. He and Drew went to the kitchen for water to wash down the pills. They returned to the bedroom, where Brian and Pete were already spooned together, in bed and under the covers. Seeing Drew strip out of the C.K. briefs, Corey smiled and nervously followed his lead. Drew went to the opposite side of the bed and slipped under the covers. Hearing soft talking from the master bedroom, Corey giggled and closed the bedroom door then took his place in bed, spooned against Drew. Everybody softly said, ‘goodnight’ and closed their eyes.

Alone at last, Derrick and Mike shared their feelings with Keith and Prez. All four admitted that they missed one another. Mike grinned, “The first day wasn’t bad at all; we were so involved with each other.”

Derrick nodded, “The second day wasn’t too bad either. Drew and Corey were here and so were Gil and Shaun. Later though, when we were alone; it started to feel weird. This morning we figured it out.”

Mike scampered across the bed and yanked at Keith’s ankles, forcing him to lie down. Wide-eyed, Prez cackled hysterically and wasn’t really noticing Derrick approaching until he was kissed. Prez sighed and smiled, “I missed you too, bro.”

Mike reached for the waistband of Keith’s shorts. Keith blocked Mike with his hands, sniggering, “Did Prez give you permission?”

Mike locked eyes with Prez. Prez shared with Keith, “You missed Mike too. I think it’s necessary, babe.”

Mike admitted, “Me and Dee have a plan; tonight, you’re both ours.”

Keith and Prez had made their own plans while driving home. They provocatively mooed, but kept those plans private. Soon, Mike was lowering his face to Keith’s groin and Derrick was going for Prez’s crotch. A few minutes later, Derrick and Mike switched off. Derrick eagerly sucked Keith and Mike enthusiastically pleasured Prez. When Mike and Derrick scampered around again, Keith and Prez smiled at each other then slipped their hands into pairs of C.K. briefs, squeezing Derrick’s and Mike’s buns, eventually getting the skimpy underwear off of them. Prez guided Derrick off his cock and planted a deep kiss. Keith did the same to Mike. Prez instructed, “Stand bro. I want some too.” Keith smiled and nodded at Mike. Mike and Derrick stood before Keith and Prez. Taking Derrick’s shaft in his hand, Prez looked up and smiled, “You’re all gooey and wet, bro.”

Finding Mike in the same pathetic condition, Keith chuckled, “Same here, baby. We waited too long. Do you want to share?”

Prez playfully answered, “One swap, I think, if they last that long.” Mike and Derrick giggled. Prez checked with Keith, Derrick and Mike, “Once best friends are together, let’s finish.”

Nodding heads agreed. Keith knelt before Mike. Prez knelt before Derrick. Mike and Derrick ran their fingers through their best friend’s hair, occasionally leaning over to grab awkward kisses with Keith and Prez. Swapping places and continuing as before, Keith and Prez appreciating the kissing and contended sighs from their friends. When they swapped places again, Mike softly chortled, “It’s unbelievable, I think I found the three best cock suckers in the country, right here.”

Keith and Derrick sniggered. Prez smiled, “It’s only a matter of wanting to do it for the people the cocks are attached to.”

Smiling up at Mike, the first person he had ever told that he was gay, Keith made the same admission again by saying, “I think I like dick, but I know I love you dudes,” and then chomped an inch from Mike’s cock. Doubling up and flinching back, Mike cracked up and fell on his ass. Derrick and Prez roared laughing. Menacingly, Keith crawled over Mike, teasing, “I like dick, I like ass, and most of all, I like hearing groans and moans from other dudes.”

“I know, bro,” Mike cackled, and then stole a quick teasing kiss from Keith.

On the other side of the bed, Prez softly told Derrick, “It’s all about the tempo, bro,” and guided him down to the mattress. They kissed then got situated, face to cock. Derrick tapped out a beat on Prez’s tush, at about eighty beats per minute. That was the end of playtime. They made love and both sides of the bed purposefully dragged out the experience, teasing bellies, thighs, scrotums and penises as they routinely did with their lovers.

Prez recalled the talks with Brian and Pete the previous night. He knew that those discussions were more than words and had changed his outlook. Keith felt similar things and knew he would someday share those same ideas with Mike. Derrick reveled in the idea that he was actually making love to Prez in a way he had only previously dared to dream. Mike thought of ten years of friendship with Keith; pissing in toilets when they had no idea what their dicks were for; sleep-overs before and after his dad died; dealing with all the good times and bad times. At last, Keith was the same dude Mike had once fantasized about. That fantasy, in reality was better now than it ever had been.

When the deed was done, Mike cuddled close to Keith and Prez cuddled close to Derrick. The order on the bed was different than it had ever been before. From the left side was Keith snuggled against Mike’s back and holding him there. Then there was Prez snuggled against Derrick’s front and Derrick was holding him in place. The left side couple was looking to the right. Similarly, the right side couple was looking to the left. Mike reached over and began fondling Prez. Prez helplessly giggled.

Knowing his lover very well, Derrick smirked at Mike. “We just caught our breaths. You want more?”

Mike nodded, “Just as we are.”

Derrick chuckled, “That leaves me and Keith in a bad way.”

“Not necessarily,” Prez grinned, and then reminded, “Crack slides; just don’t try to enter me, bro.”

Keith giggled, “You game for some humping, bro.”

Mike nodded, “Go for it.”

In the center of the bed, Prez reached for Mike and found him almost completely erect. On the outer edges of the bed, Keith began grinding against Mike’s ass and Derrick slowly humped Prez. Dazed and loving what was happening, Mike hissed, “So fuckin’ awesome.”

Prez panted, “It’s really good.”

Derrick asked, “Can I shoot, bro?”

Prez nodded, “I fully expect you and Keith to lose it. I wouldn’t have suggested it otherwise. In the meantime, me and Mike are just fine strokin’ away.”

“Way fine, Prez,” Mike giggled. “I can tell you’ve had some practice, Prez.”

Holding Mike tightly, Keith warned, “There’s one more thing we’d like to try after this.”

Mike breathed, “Yeah?”

Prez smiled, “I know you and Dee will like it.”

“Me too?” Derrick queried.

Keith grinned, “We said we missed you too. We’d like to share our feelings in a way we know you’ll like.”

Between Keith’s hard grinds and Prez’s awesome hand on his cock, Mike shivered and giggled, “You’re scaring me, bro.”

Keith smiled, “Don’t worry; the rules are still in place.”

A few minutes later, Keith and Derrick were getting close. Keith was sucking and nibbling on Mike’s neck. Derrick was licking and nibbling Prez’s ear. Mike lost it first. Prez followed and sprayed semen across to Mike’s belly, causing them to break into fits of giggles. Keith groaned and then Derrick held his breath before explosively huffing. Afterward, they settled down and assured each other that even that was good and meant so much. Kisses were passed around then Keith rolled off the bed. Prez crawled over Derrick to get off the bed. Moments later, Keith was waving his dildo at Mike and Prez was waving the other dildo at Derrick. Derrick and Mike glanced at each other then cracked up, barely managing to cheer, “We want big dick now!”

Prez giggled, “Stay the way you are, on your backs.”

Keith nodded and evilly grinned, “Spread your legs and bend your knees.”

“We’re gonna blow you while teasing your asses,” Prez playfully warned.

While Mike laughed, Derrick incredulously cackled, “Both?”

Keith smirked, “Don’t dare tell us that you can’t.” Shaking his head sadly, he muttered, “Fourteen friggin’ times in day.” Remaining face up, Mike and Derrick roared laughing, but assumed the positions they were told to take. Keith and Prez made a show of lubing the dildos, sharing lube and kisses while stroking the rubber cocks. Keith approached Mike with the nine-by-six dildo. Prez crawled onto the bed with the eight-by-five dildo. First they lubed their best friend’s asses then assumed positions, lying beside them, their faces near their best friend’s bellies. Keith watched Mike closely and Prez watched Derrick. Neither wanted to hurt their friends, so the rubber phalluses were carefully inserted.

With only the head inside him, Mike gasped. Keith stopped all motion and waited for Mike to catch his breath. Mike turned to Prez and asked, “That’s what Keith feels like?”

Also remaining motionless for Derrick, Prez shrugged, “Keith’s flesh and blood that gives more than the dildo. It’s really close though.”

Smiling across the bed at Prez, Keith wordlessly transmitted, ‘You’re so friggin hot and I love you so much, baby.’ Prez nodded and giggled, confirming the message was adequately received.

Derrick whispered, “More, bro.” Prez nodded and slid another inch or two into Derrick. Derrick’s hand searched for Mike’s hand.

Taking Derrick’s hand in his, Mike nodded and smiled at Keith. Keith watched Mike’s eyes and started to press more. Mike started to breathe fast and short. Keith gently instructed, “Easy, bro, just relax, okay?”

Mike nodded and did relax. He groaned, “Prez?”

Prez replied, “Yeah, bud?”

Mike turned and grinned, “The next time I tell you that you’re too butch, bend me over and stuff this monster up my ass.” Keith and Derrick softly sniggered. Prez bellowed laughing. Mike wrapped his free arm around Keith and smiled, “Get me off, bro.”

Keith instructed, “Ride it, get used to the feeling your way.”

On the other side of bed, Derrick held Prez close. He was riding the familiar dildo and repeatedly grabbing another tender kiss. Many minutes later, while Mike and Derrick were enjoying themselves, Keith and Prez shuffled down to reach their friends’ cocks. Their mouths were stuffed while allowing their best friends to set the pace.

Soon, Mike tightly squeezed Derrick’s hand. They looked over at each other, for the first time simultaneously feeling their asses full and their dicks wet. “Do it, Lick,” Derrick softly panted. “Give it up for Keith, Prez and me.”

Mike shivered, “I love you dudes so much,” then gave up the battle and slammed himself down on all nine inches until he felt Keith’s fist against his ass. Feeling Mike actually shoot in his mouth, Keith helplessly chortled.

Spastic on the other side of the bed, Derrick moaned, “Inseparable brothers,” then flooded Prez’s mouth.

When Mike and Derrick had chilled and the dildos were gently removed, Keith kissed Mike hard. Prez moved to kiss Derrick. Letting go of Mike, Derrick threw both arms around Prez and held him in place for a series of varied kisses. Still recovering, Mike and Derrick excitedly cheered, pleased that they had experienced simultaneous blowjobs and stuffed asses, something they couldn’t have easily done without their friends’ assistance.

They silently lay there, Keith and Prez resting their heads on their friend’s chests, proudly smiling at each other. The overhead lights seemed to flash. The boys thought they had imagined it. The lights then actually blinked and all four bulbs went out and stayed out. In the darkness, Prez softly said, “No one did that. I can see the bedroom door.”

Mike sighed, “It was my dad and your mom, Prez. They’re saying, they know and approve.”

“How do you know that?” Prez wondered.

Mike said, “If they didn’t approve, they could’ve interrupted. By burning out the lights now, they’ve said, ‘That’s enough. Stay the way you are and with whom you are, for the night.’ I can do it because it’s perfect. Keith, me, Prez and Dee, lined up.”

Keith nervously giggled, “Am I the only one freaked out? Four light bulbs at once?”

Derrick softly admitted, “The only thing keeping me from running for a light is you dudes.”

Knowing the reaction he would likely get, Prez sniggered, “My mom saw all four of us naked and making love.” Chuckles and groaning broke loose before he finished the statement.

Mike cackled, “Okay dad, I can understand Prez’s mom liking dicks, but what’s your excuse?” A single overhead light bulb flickered on again, causing all four boys to nervously giggle.

“Ma?” Prez called, “Do you have anything to add?” Instead of a light flickering on or off, Rush woke and jumped up on the bed, found himself a comfortable spot at their feet and curled up.

To the unseen in the room, Derrick nervously offered, “If anyone wonders why I smoke pot, now ya know. Between my lover and my best friend, I’m constantly freaked out.”

It was then that Prez shared the story of the first camping trip and his encounter with his mom’s spirit. Prez finished by saying, “To me, it was very real. It’s a memory I hope to never lose. Now, instead of seeing my mom’s face wrapped in bandages, I see her as she was that night; in perfect health, bright, cheery, and able to talk to me. After what happened with Ben and his father, and this little episode, I know beyond any doubt, consciousness lives on after our bodies die. Heaven is being with those we loved in life.”

Mike said, “I agree completely, Prez. Weird things happen all the time. We choose to try to rationalize them or let them be as they are, unseen forces creating shadows, moving stuff around, flickering lights, causing animals to do things. What I see… no, what I feel now is way more than I felt any time before; we all have our partners and friendships that are absolutely perfect.”

Keith joyfully shuddered, “I believe it too.”

Derrick agreed then wondered, “What more are we supposed to do?”

Mike took Derrick’s hand and reminded, “Be a set of two couples that love each other.”

Prez offered, “Just like we talked about the other day, Dee. If I have to leave for some reason and I can’t bring Keith, I know he’s safe here with you and Mike. The same is in place for any one of us.”

Derrick called, “Keith?”

“Yeah, dude?”

“We’re cool?”

“Completely,” Keith assured. “I told you all there is. I’ll say it now again, if you want?”

“No need,” Derrick replied, “I talked with Mike and Prez.”

Keith revealed, “Before Doug and Brian return, the dildos will be used again, in the various ways we can pair up.”

“Really?” Mike and Derrick chorused. Prez began giggling and hugged Derrick.

Keith chortled, “It’s not unreasonable, is it?”

Mike smiled, “No, I just didn’t think that far ahead.” He stole a kiss from Keith and then asked, “You’ve had that big dildo in your butt?”

Keith nodded, “Only once. I liked the one Rush gnawed to death more. It feels like… or used to feel like Prez.”

Prez offered, “We’re gonna make a trip to North Hollywood for Brian and Pete. We’ll get it replaced, babe.”

Derrick asked, “Brian and Pete don’t have their own dildo?”

“Not yet,” Prez answered.

Keith assured, “We’ll get them there, so they can choose their own.”

In the morning, Brian and Pete were the first to wake minutes after nine o’clock. As usual, they were erect and ready for morning playtime, but since Drew and Corey were in the same bed and they didn’t want to disturb them, they left the bedroom. Realizing that anyone could wake at anytime and catch them in the act, they decided to go down the hall to the studio. They closed the door and made love. When they got out of the studio, the guest room and master bedroom doors were still closed. Deciding to take a shower, Pete crept into the guest bedroom, grabbed their things then went down the hall to the bathroom.

Derrick woke at the edge of the bed with Prez beside him in the center. They had fallen asleep with one of the overhead light bulbs still on. Remembering the eerie events of the wee morning hours, Derrick uncontrollably shivered. There was no explanation for four light bulbs going out at the same time, but one coming back on again, many moments later was freaky. The thought of Mike’s dad seeing them having gay sex was bizarre enough, but Prez’s mom seeing too was simply too much. Curious to check the light fixture, Derrick stood on the bed and tapped each light bulb. The three bulbs that were off didn’t blink and the one still on didn’t either.

Waking to find his best friend standing near the foot of the bed, Prez grinned and whispered, “Weird, huh?”

Clutching his chest, Derrick gasped, “Fuck! You scared me, bro.” Prez sniggered and gestured for Derrick to lie back down. Returning to his previous place, Derrick grinned, “What’re the odds that three bulbs would burn out at once?”

Prez nodded and softly countered, “What’re the odds we would make love, bro? We weren’t doing it for Keith or Mike, last night; we wanted it.”

Derrick smiled, “That’s not so weird. If you had the football player’s build I lust after, I’d be in deep shit, completely confused and not knowing how to choose.”

Prez nodded, “It’s about the same for me; Keith can make my dick throb doin’ the simplest things.”

Almost simultaneously, Derrick and Prez whispered, “I love you, bro.” Wordlessly rolling onto their sides to face each other, Derrick reached for Prez’s chubby and Prez reach for Derrick’s.

They kissed and stroked each other. Derrick grinned, “Let’s see how far we can make each other shoot.”

Prez giggled, “And at the same time.”

“Is this how you and Keith started?”

“Nope, blowjobs. You and Mike?”

“Hands and mouths. He was awesome too. He didn’t know I was uncut and took forever getting to know my foreskin.” Proving that he knew what he was doing, Derrick brushed his thumb across the tip of Prez’s cock, smearing some pre-cum around.

Inhaling sharply, Prez grinned, “You did that on purpose.” Derrick nodded and softly giggled. Prez adjusted his grip to make certain he was pulling Derrick’s foreskin fully over the head of his cock. Derrick whimpered. Prez bounced his eyebrows and softly asked, “Does your foreskin cover the head all the time?”

Derrick shrugged, “Cold, yeah, obviously. The rest of the time it shifts on its own. I’ve been limp with the head almost fully exposed. I’ve been hard with the head almost fully covered too.”

“I wanna do you right,” Prez whispered. “Let me know, okay?”

Derrick sighed, “You’re doing great, bro, like you’ve done uncut dudes before.”

Prez smiled, “It’s a lot like my dick, extra skin. Keith and Mike don’t have any extra.”

They stopped talking and teasing. The next words spoken confirmed they were getting close. Knowing he couldn’t hold back much longer, Prez breathed, “Dee?”

“Me too, Prez. Keep the tempo goin’, bro.”

As usual, they both went off like rockets, semen flying and splashing against them both. Catching their breath, they both confirmed that the shoot off would be a close call then grabbed thank you kisses. They got out of bed, went to the bathroom, relieved their bladders then washed up.

Together, they went out of the bedroom naked and walked into the kitchen to make breakfast. With eight to feed, they decided that eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage would be their best bet. Whipping up some pancake batter while Prez worked on the bacon and sausage, Derrick shared Drew’s story about jizz soaked pancakes. He added that Mike had made pancakes for lunch Tuesday, simply so they could try it out. Heartily laughing, Prez let Rush out back. He and Derrick were still softly chuckling and giggling when Brian and Pete came down the hall from their shower, shirtless and wearing shorts, ready for a trip to the beach.

Pete smiled, “Mornin’, guys.” Derrick and Prez said good morning.

Brian mischievously grinned then walked around the counter into the kitchen. Seeing two bare butts and limp dicks, he spun around and told Pete, “They’re naked.”

Prez smirked, “Did you think we were lying?”

Brian chuckled, “Ya know, we can never tell, Prez.”

Derrick shared a meaningful glance with Prez. They leaned closer and tenderly kissed then went right back to work.

Realizing that everything Prez and Keith had said at Yosemite was true, Pete playfully giggled, “You guys did wash your hands?”

Prez nodded and smiled, “Course.”

Derrick teased, “I’m making extra pancakes for after breakfast.” Prez explained how the extra pancakes could be used, to Brian’s and Pete’s amusement.

In the master bedroom, Mike rolled onto his side. Feeling cold, Keith rolled and threw an arm over Mike. Still asleep, Keith began grinding against Mike’s butt. Mike’s eyes fluttered and he realized the arm over him had brown hair, not blond. He grinned and pushed Keith’s hand down to his morning wood. Becoming conscious, Keith stroked with every thrust of his hips. He began mouthing Mike’s shoulder and neck. Mike’s long hair in his mouth was Keith’s first realization that this wasn’t Prez. Keith paused for a moment. Mike ground his backside against Keith and giggled.

Keith smirked and ground hard against Mike, asking, “It’s good?”

Mike hummed affirmatively and reminded, “I love ya, bro. Keep humping and stroking.”

Doing as he was told, Keith asked, “What about Prez and Derrick?”

“When we get them in the shower, we’ll be with them, just like always.”

“Last night, things changed again.”

Mike nodded, “We’re all in love, in some manner. I want Dee, but I won’t ever deny what I feel for you and Prez.”

“Thirteen was years ago. Denying it is the game.”

“It’s our game, bro; a reminder of our stupidity.”

Across the hall in the guest bedroom, Drew stirred and blindly reached for Corey. Corey hummed and purred. Drew was confused. He wanted to make love to Corey, but remembered where he was and didn’t want to be caught. If only that damned bed didn’t squeak so badly, they could have intercourse or even just dry hump. Corey had made it through the night without a nightmare though. Drew began kissing, nibbling and sucking Corey’s neck and shoulder. Becoming aware, Corey rolled towards Drew. A few tender kisses turned into a lip lock. The only thing they could do without worrying too much about being caught was jack each other’s cocks, so that’s what they did.

Mike and Keith finished then cleaned up in the bathroom. They went out to the dining area naked. Widely smiling, Brian and Pete glanced at each other then began giggling. Mike went to Derrick in the kitchen for his morning kiss. Keith followed Mike and stopped close to Prez for a playful grope and kiss. Each couple whispered confessions of what they had already done and all four were looking forward to intercourse in the shower.

Nearing the conclusion of their own morning ritual, Drew and Corey waited until the last moment to dive down and swallow loads of semen. They kissed then got out of bed, slipping into their boardies and stepped out of the room. They said, ‘good morning’ and investigated what was being made for breakfast. Neither Drew nor Corey was shocked to find all four naked. Seeing pancakes, Corey began giggling. Drew playfully bounced his eyebrows at Corey then pointed out the bacon and sausage. Helplessly, Brian and Pete began evilly chuckling. Drew glanced around the room. Prez and Derrick were careful not to look up and seemed far too interested in making breakfast. Keith and Mike had painted on their innocent expressions. Drew cackled, “You told Brian and Pete?”

Derrick grinned, “Only the important part, not the where, how or why.”

Prez nodded and teased, “We’re making extras for later, just in case.”

Covering his face with his hands, Corey groaned, “Omigod!” then fell against Drew in a fit of giggles.

Keith joked, “I gotta admit, it’s an idea I never had, but wish I did. It’ll take at least five pancakes for Prez… and Derrick too.” Mike cracked up and nodded.

Brian began, “You four are…” and then paused, searching for words. He soon settled on, “Crazy in love.”

Noticing Corey and Drew innocently smiling at each other, Pete chuckled, “Why am I getting the feeling it’s the six of them, baby?” Brian nodded at Pete then painted on his suspicious glare, causing Drew and Corey to blush and break into giggles.

Still red in his cheeks, Drew softly admitted, “Only seeing each other naked, that’s all we’ve done.”

“We’re not ready for sharing like the others do,” Corey assured, and then admitted, “I’m real jealous too and Drew knows it.”

Prez piped up. “I’m jealous too, Corey. In our cases, I think it’s more a matter of leaving those jealousies behind, so we can live under one roof together next year.”

Mike added, “We’re all very aware of our relationships as they exist now. It’s like if I saw Dee with someone else, besides Keith or Prez, I’d lose it. The thing is, I can walk up to Keith or Prez and, with a word, get Dee back.” Glancing around at Keith, Derrick and Prez, Mike smiled, “Agreed?”

Keith nodded, “I can easily picture us at a dance club, when we’re all eighteen. If I didn’t see some dude putting moves on Prez then Dee or Mike might see it, and say what needs to be said.”

Simply nodding agreement and concentrating on the pancakes, Derrick didn’t initially notice everyone staring at him for input. When he did notice, Derrick cackled, “What?”

Pete grinned, “You have nothing to add, Derrick?”

Derrick shrugged, “It’s simple really. Mike knows I want to grow old with him. The same can be said about Keith and Prez. Do Mike and Keith have something special worth saving and sharing? Yup, they do, and so do Prez and I. This morning was the first time a partner’s approval wasn’t asked for; approvals for what we’ve already done aren’t necessary. If Mike was awake, I might’ve had intercourse with him and a hand-job from Prez, while Keith took Prez to the stars.” Derrick paused and giggled, realizing he had gotten excited from the idea. Concluding that there was still something new to try together, Prez began sniggering. Keith and Mike cracked up. A moment later, Derrick was surrounded and getting three kisses. Derrick chuckled, “That’s enough, I think.”

Brian sighed and smiled, “It’s really very cool, guys. We never considered having special friends before, at least not like you four. Now we have a good idea that it’s not only okay, it’s necessary to have those close friendships.”

“None of us intended for it to become this way, Brian,” Keith assured. “Yeah, it was testing for living together next year, but in the process, it became more; probably from the conversations we’ve had together the last few weeks.”

Prez nodded, “It’s only a problem when the friends become more important than the lover. That’ll never happen in this group.”

Mike shared, “We’re the core of a band. Each of us share ourselves in that band, and can share ideas silently. You dudes must know what teamwork is? That’s what we have.”

Drew nodded then told Brian and Pete, “You dudes didn’t get to see the whole band together the last time you were here. You’ll see it this time though, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.”

“Wait ‘til you hear them, dudes,” Corey excitedly cheered. “Every song they play is good and gets better with each rehearsal.” While Keith was gathering glasses, plates and utensils, Mike went to get butter, syrups, salt and pepper. Helping Drew put the gathered things on the table, Corey added, “You wanna hear Journey as good as the record? They can pull it off. They play the Hootie tune Hold My Hand great. Through the new P.A., we have Derrick sounding just like Tom Petty for I Need To Know.”

Derrick passed a plate of pancakes over the counter. Drew took it and put it on the table. Derrick said, “Go ahead and get started, dudes.” Prez took the pan of scrambled eggs to the dining area and spooned eggs onto every plate. Carrying sausage patties and bacon, Keith and Mike entered the dining area and sat at the table. Moments later, Derrick and Prez returned to the table with more pancakes and bottles of juices. There were six chairs around the table. At one end of the table, Corey sat on Drew’s lap. Brian sat on Pete’s lap at the other end of the table.

While eating, small talk traveled around the table. Initially, work schedules were shared, so that Brian and Pete knew who would be around and when. Drew told Keith and Prez about the current living arrangements he and Corey had at both homes. He asked if it would be possible for Keith or Prez to pick them up from Corey’s doctor appointment the next morning.

Shaking his head, Pete swallowed and wiped his mouth, then offered, “We’ll take you and bring you home again, guys.”

Glancing at Brian and Pete, Prez smiled, “Very cool. To make life easy, why don’t you guys use our room tonight? The bed sheets were cleaned last week and we never slept on them.” With his mouth full of partially chewed eggs, Keith rapidly nodded, approving of the plan.

Drew smiled at Pete and said, “Thanks, dude.”

Corey also smiled, “Riding with you dudes will be way better than either of our mothers.”

Prez teased, “Be forewarned, if Corey gained weight again, Drew gets excited.”

Corey and Drew both turned red and loudly squealed, “Prez!”

“What?” Prez chuckled, “Gaining weight and getting some are good things.”

Unable to wipe the smile off his face, Drew grumbled, “You dudes hear way too much through that wall.”

Keith rolled his eyes and grinned, “Last Friday, you came in the house carrying Corey. You made it clear where you were going and what you’d be doing. Do I need to remind you of the camping trip… twelve times?” Brian and Pete helplessly chuckled around their breakfasts. Shaking his head, Keith smirked, “Your shy days are over, bro.”

Still blushing and smiling, Drew said nothing. A few moments later, Corey giggled, “Prez? Remember what we were wondering about Hundser genes?” Prez smiled and nodded. Corey cackled, “It’s true. Oh, it’s twoo, it’s twoo!” Drew and Keith locked eyes and then sadly shook their heads. At the Blazing Saddles reference, Mike, Derrick, Brian and Pete cracked up.

Almost choking on his eggs, Prez laughed, “You got John to… how?”

“He opened his mouth too much,” Drew proudly grinned. “I threatened him to either measure or have Kim find out what John’s been saying.” Everyone around the table laughed or sniggered.

Soon, breakfast was finished. All the glasses, plates and utensils were gathered and put in the dishwasher. Prez called Ben’s house to give better directions to his old apartment complex. Drew and Corey wiped down the table. Brian and Pete helped wash up the frying pans and griddle. Without Brian or Pete noticing, Derrick turned on the dishwasher with a wave of his hand and without actually touching it. Keith, Prez, Mike and Derrick went to take a quick shower, where the two couples made love, washed up and hurried back out to get to the beach before noon.

Pete and Prez drove down Kanan-Dune Road. In the backseat of Pete’s car were Drew and Corey. Mike and Derrick went in the 4Runner. A stop was made at Russ’ shop and boards were rented for the six older boys. Drew and Corey waded from the surfer’s beach to the bathing beach then dove in. Drew and Corey body surfed for a long while. In one particularly vicious wave, Corey tumbled out of control and scraped his upper left arm on the sandy bottom. Drew was concerned about it, but Corey wasn’t and wanted to keep on swimming. “It turned me into a rag doll,” Corey smirked, “at least I didn’t scrape up my face.” About an hour later, they returned to the surfing beach, where Prez and Keith were already waiting on their towels on the beach. Seeing Corey’s shoulder and arm looking like raw hamburger, Prez and Keith hurried towards them. Moments later, Corey was a blushing, giggling wreck from all the attention, but everyone agreed that none of the lacerations were deep; there were just a lot of them from Corey’s left shoulder and down to his elbow. Derrick and Pete were next out of the water. Brian got his surfing legs back and was enjoying it, so Mike remained with him. At quarter past two, Derrick waved to get Brian and Mike out of the water. They rode the next wave to shore.

Everyone toweled off and got ready to leave the beach. Heading towards the cars, plans were refined. Prez and Keith would stay in Woodland Hills that night. Brian and Pete would have dinner with Prez, Keith, Drew and Corey. Drew reminded that he had told his mom that he and Corey would not be back for dinner that night. Prez reminded that he expected to spend the next night, Friday, with Keith at his Aunt Eileen’s, for his cousin Rob’s next guitar lesson. After dinner, Brian and Pete would grab their stuff then spend the night, and likely the weekend, in Woodland Hills with Drew and Corey. Leaving the beach, they executed the plan.

Arriving home, Derrick confirmed, “You dudes are staying here tonight, right?”

Stepping into the house, Prez nodded, “We’ll be here, most of the time.” He then checked with Keith, “Wanna go out for dinner, babe? I don’t want to make a mess or clean it up.”

“Sure,” Keith chirped, and then told Mike, “We’ll need a key, bro.”

Mike reached in his pocket for his keys. Handing them to Keith, he suspiciously wondered, “What else will you dudes do?”

To push Mike’s buttons, Keith teased, “Watch porn and make love, what else?” Prez softly chortled, uncertain if Keith was serious. Squinting suspiciously, Mike glared at Keith and Prez. Drew, Corey, Brian and Pete cracked up. Drew led the foursome to the living room, so they could watch TV while the other four went into the master bedroom.

“Come on, Keith,” Mike chuckled, “there’s gotta be a shoot off between Dee and Prez.”

Derrick grinned at Prez and joked, “I’m thinking we need about eight hours stored up.”

Mike and Keith incredulously shouted “What? No way!”

“What do you think, bro?” Derrick chucked.

Prez cackled, “Eight hours sounds good, but I don’t think it’s reasonable.”

Eyeing his lover, Keith smirked, “You flooded my mouth three times in a row. Four hours is sufficient.”

Heading toward the shower with Mike, Derrick chuckled, “Seven hours.”

Mike whimpered in frustration then countered, “Five.”

Following with Keith, Prez grinned, “Six it is.”

Keith pulled Prez into his arms and leered, “Another shower, sex-machine?”

Prez nodded and giggled, “Then you can get carried away with the aloe again.”

Excitedly humming, Keith grinned, “We’ll see if we can maintain until they get home.”

Glancing at Mike and Derrick as they undressed, Prez teased, “Ya never know. I love my aloe rubs.” Saying nothing, Derrick and Mike rolled their eyes, stripped and stepped into the bathroom.

Raising Prez’s arms to take off his T-shirt, Keith confessed, “Not as much as I love givin’ them to you.” The shower water was turned on. Keith and Prez had a soft conversation.

Moments later, Prez and Keith walked into the shower with another surprise in store for Derrick and Mike. Prez guided Mike away from Derrick and began bathing him. Keith took the bar of soap from Derrick and began bathing him. Wordlessly, but with a lot of giggling because four hard cocks were soon pointing at the ceiling, the task was swapped around such that Derrick washed Keith while Mike washed Prez. Kisses were passed around and the shower water turned off before Derrick and Mike were late for work. They started to dress while Keith doused Prez with more aloe gel.

Derrick and Mike said quick goodbyes to everyone before hurrying out of the house. Keith and Prez came out to the living room. Kneeling down on the floor, Prez gave Rush some much needed attention. Keith asked, “What’s the plan for dinner, dudes?”

Pete grinned, “Drew and I are hoping for The Olive Garden. Corey and Brian were hoping for a wider selection.”

Cuddling closer to Drew, Corey teased, “You’d eat pizza or Italian food every day, if you could.”

Drew nodded and smiled, “Occasionally broken up with burgers or tacos.”

Glancing between Keith and Prez, Brian wondered, “Do you guys have a preference?”

Looking down at Prez playing with Rush, Keith asked, “What do you think, baby?”

Prez shrugged, “It doesn’t much matter. There’s that China Star restaurant, right over by the shopping centers?” Glancing around, Prez asked, “Is Chinese an option?”

Keith nodded, “Sounds good to me.”

Pete checked with Brian. Making a crooked, unsatisfied face, Brian shook his head. Corey grimaced, “I’d rather Olive Garden.”

Keith suggested, “A place with a wide selection sounds good. That way, we can all choose whatever we want.”

“There’s a TGI Friday’s, only a short ride down Thousand Oaks Boulevard,” Prez suggested. Around the room, everyone else agreed. Prez stood and went with Keith down the hallway. Doors were closed, limiting Rush to only the main rooms of the house. Prez quickly checked around to make sure Rush wouldn’t get into trouble. They left the house and Keith locked the deadbolt.

Everyone got into Pete’s Malibu. Keith, Prez, Drew and Corey squeezed into the back seat. Corey made himself comfy between Drew’s spread legs. Soon after the car pulled away from the curb, Corey began giggling. Drew was once again adjusting Corey’s dials and laughter broke loose. At the next calm in the storm, and already on the correct road, Pete wondered, “How far to Friday’s?”

Prez remembered, “It’s by a mall.”

Brian turned slightly from the front seat and suspiciously asked, “Which mall?”

Pointing ahead, Prez cackled, “Thataways, gaily forward,” causing another eruption of groaning and laughter.

Sadly shaking his head, Pete sniggered, “You don’t have a clue; do you, Prez?”

Prez laughed, “A general clue. I’ll know it when I see it.”

“It’s by a big mall,” Keith chuckled, “not a little strip mall.”

Corey giggled, “It’s a good thing we left early.”

Drew stopped munching on Corey’s shoulder long enough to playfully complain, “We might eat before the sun sets.”

Keith turned to Drew, laughing, “You’re already snacking!”

As it turned out, Prez’s “short ride” was about ten miles and half an hour. It might have been quicker if they got on the 101, but Prez didn’t know the exit. Hysterical and playfully complaining about Prez’s directional inadequacies, the six teenagers walked into TGI Friday’s. They were seated and a waiter named Earl took orders for appetizers and drinks. After spending hours at the beach, they were all hungry. Potato skins, fried mozzarella and Buffalo wings were ordered. Pete wanted to pay the tab, but since he had paid the bill at The Wowana, Prez insisted that they split the bill.

Earl returned with their sodas and again, minutes later, with their appetizers. He took their dinner orders. Prez, Keith and Drew ordered Baby Back Ribs. After teasing them with snorting pig noises, Corey ordered Chicken Piccata pasta. Brian couldn’t make up his mind and so ordered a petite Sirloin steak and half a rack of ribs. Pete chose the petite Sirloin steak and salmon.


Arriving back at Doug and Brian’s place in Agoura Hills, the first thing done was to take Rush for a walk around the park and get him fed. Until about eight o’clock, Drew, Corey, Brian and Pete hung out in Agoura Hills with Prez and Keith. Before Keith or Prez could stop them, Drew and Corey were gathering Bel Ami VHS tapes to take home with them. A scuffle erupted in the living room. Keith kept arguing that they couldn’t take any home, where mom and dad might discover them. Prez would only allow Drew and Corey to take Frisky Summer home, since it was the only one he had seen most of. Of course, Drew and Corey had seen it and would rather one of the other dozen they hadn’t seen. Brian and Pete were hysterical through most of this. Knowing the humans were only playing, Rush barked, growled, and stuck his nose into unsuspecting crotches. Ultimately, Drew and Corey would take Frisky Summer and another Bel Ami flick titled Flings. While Brian, Pete, Drew and Corey prepared to leave, Keith reminded that the tapes always be returned to Drew’s backpack. Keith and Prez walked Brian, Pete, Drew and Corey outside to the car.

At the curb, Prez draped his arms over Keith’s shoulders. Keith said, “We’ll probably be at Zuma tomorrow morning. Meet us there, if you get back from the doctor early enough.”

Pete nodded and smiled, “Will do.” Brian was glaring suspiciously at Prez, who was trying his best to appear innocent. Brian began sniggering then opened the car door for Drew and Corey to get in. Brian and Prez shared another meaningful glance then both began giggling.

Holding Prez tight, Keith chuckled, “Sex machine.” Brian and Pete got in the Malibu. Pete started the engine and was soon pulling away from the curb.

Brian turned slightly in the front seat. He shared with Drew and Corey how relieved he felt that everything had worked out so well. “I was concerned,” Brian revealed, “wondering whether you two guys would patch things up or not.”

Drew offered, “It wasn’t you or Pete, Brian, please don’t think that it was. It was me. Those arguments I had with Corey would’ve eventually happened some time or another.”

Corey nodded agreement and said, “I was being a selfish only child, wanting to eat what I wanted, when I wanted, regardless of what my folks, doctors or anyone else said about it. I know that now. With a lot of help, I’m learning to be more considerate.” Sliding closer to Drew and cuddling, Corey smiled, “The visit with the witch doctor was followed by Drew and I sharing our feelings like we never did before. Honestly, it was weird; we loved each other, but didn’t fully acknowledge it until lunch that day.”

Drew smiled, “The funny thing was, Corey’s mom was home. We were fibbing our way into a trip to the mall for a CD that wasn’t out yet, so we could be alone. I told Corey some stuff and he told me some stuff. When Mrs. Seaver came back to the kitchen, we were kissing like we had never kissed before and she saw it. We had to tell her the truth. Everything changed that day. Sex wasn’t for fun only, like it was before.”

Corey giggled, “We did the stupidest shit too, dudes. We were making love so slow, so beautifully, but my mom was due home any minute.” Corey watched Drew carefully then laughed, “I got Drew too worked up. Everything was fine for about an hour, by which time we were at the Hundsers’ house. Suddenly, Drew looked like he was gonna cry. We learned the hard way, blue balls is no lie. If I didn’t get my stud off quick, he was gonna be in pain until I did.”

Drew nodded and smiled, “The next day, we talked about it and decided to try intercourse for the first time. It was more than either of us dreamed it could be. Ya wanna know what you guys really did for us? You pushed us to get everything out in the open; from anorexia to our feelings for each other. You only saw one good day out of four. What you didn’t see was the next three days; Corey admitting the problem to the shrink; us admitting our feelings and then switching from messing around to making love.”

“Since then, it’s only gotten better,” Corey cheered. “Even horrible nightmares, while I sure don’t want to have them or deal with them again, they only wind up getting us closer and making things better. What really sucks is how many times I’ve been shown and told to tell the truth, but I still find myself holding it back. I know better. I don’t want to be a bitch, but I at least know that I have been.”

“One step at a time, Cor,” Drew gently reminded.

The Malibu pulled in front of the Hundsers’ house and stopped. The Suburban was missing from the driveway. Walking towards the house, Pete prompted, “And the anorexia demon?”

Pulling his house key out, Drew chuckled, “On the ropes and punch drunk.” Drew unlocked the door and they went inside the house. Drew shouted, “Hello?” Getting no reply, Drew shrugged, “They’re all out somewhere."

Corey noticed the uncertain expressions on Brian’s and Pete’s faces. He went to Drew and said, “I’m not hungry at all. You guys can eat without me.”

Suspiciously, Drew’s left eyebrow raised and his right eye squinted. He turned away from Corey and shouted, “You fuckin’ conniving demon whore! Leave my boyfriend alone and let him eat!”

Corey smiled at Brian and Pete, then turned away from them screaming, “You fuckin’ conniving demon whore! Leave me alone and let me eat! I am too hungry!” Facing Brian and Pete again, Corey giggled, “That’s all it is; cussing out the bad and then praising the good.” Drew took his T-shirt off, gaining Corey’s undivided attention, and then beckoned him closer with his index finger. Corey hurried into Drew’s arms and they passionately kissed.

While they kissed, Pete turned to Brian and took his shirt off. He offered, “I’d do it too, for you, Bry.”

Brian grinned, “We can’t cuss like that in the house.”

Pete shrugged, “Then we go outside. I’ll explain too, for anyone that doesn’t like it.”

Stepping into Pete’s embrace, Brian confirmed, “It’s that important?”

“You are to me,” Pete sighed, and then planted an equally passionate kiss.

Drew led Corey to the kitchen, tossed an apple which Corey caught, and then offered Brian and Pete something to eat. Brian accepted a pear and Pete was good with a granola bar. Corey told Brian and Pete, “I’m really not that interested in lifting weights, dude. What else do you think I could do, so that I’m not huge like my dad?”

In between bites of his granola bar, Pete offered, “Running would be good, when the doctor says it’s okay.”

“Wrestling might be good too,” Brian chimed.

Corey hummed then led them to the living room, softly saying, “We’re a little worried about homophobes at school. I don’t want Drew feeling like he has to protect me. He does so much for me already, ya know?”

Brian smirked, “Be smarter than the average moron, Corey. In a few hours over a few days, I could teach you enough where you wouldn’t have to worry, as long as you practiced.”

Drew shared, “We’re gonna take self defense lessons at Bally’s too; that’s not until next month though.”

Corey faced Drew and asked, “What do you think about wrestling?” Slowly, a wide, devious smile spread across Drew’s face. Brian and Pete began chuckling. Corey giggled, “Not bedroom wrestling, Drew; real wrestling, as in self defense, not going out for the team at school.”

Drew nodded, “Whatever you want to do, Cor.”

Corey reminded, “I don’t want to lift weights more than I absolutely have to. Running is cool with me. We already run a lot. Wrestling wouldn’t be bad either, and give us another way to be prepared for homophobic jerks.”

Drew smiled, “Brains and phenomenal good looks.” Brian and Pete nodded and sniggered.

Feeling his face flush, Corey spun around, squealing, “Drew!”

Chuckling madly, Drew wrapped his arms around Corey’s waist. Into Corey’s ear, Drew whispered, “My angel,” and then began licking the edge of the same ear.

Wilting, Corey groaned.

Brian widely smiled, “I can barely believe the change.”

Pete nodded, “They’ve kissed more the last day than they did the whole time we were last here, only a few weeks ago.”

Drew nodded and beamed, “I wouldn’t let you see, is all.”

Almost simultaneously, Brian and Pete wondered, “Why not?”

Drew shrugged, “I wasn’t ready for anyone to see. Loving Corey was private, for only us to know. There’s no chance of it being that way now.” Whimpering, Corey spun around in Drew’s arms and kissed him hard. When Corey pulled away, Drew faced Brian and Pete, smiling, “While the house is empty, do you dudes wanna take a shower?”

Getting directly to the point, Corey giggled, “Or take Keith’s room to make love?” Brian and Pete cracked up. Corey laughed, “What? I want my stud, alone and soon.”

Pete nodded, took Brian’s hand and started towards the hallway. They picked up their bags from the entryway. Drew and Corey followed. At the last second, Pete pulled Brian into Keith’s and Prez’s room. Drew and Corey giggled and walked past the closing door into Drew’s room.

As soon as the door was closed and locked, Corey went to Drew. “You’re so amazing lately,” Corey softly smiled. “I can barely believe you or what you say about me.”

Taking Corey in his arms, Drew repeated, “Brains and phenomenal good looks.” Hearing chuckling from Keith’s room, Drew led Corey to the stereo and turned it on. The Phil Collins’ Hits CD borrowed from Prez was still in the player. He advanced to track seven, Against All Odds. Singing to Corey, and beginning to sway, Drew didn’t realize that he could be clearly heard by Brian and Pete in the next room.

How can I just let you walk away,
just let you leave without a trace?
When I stand here taking every breath with you, oo-oo.
You're the only one who really knew me at all.

How can you just walk away from me,
when all I can do is watch you leave?
‘Cos we've shared the laughter and the pain
and even shared the tears.
You're the only one who really knew me at all.

So take a look at me now,
‘cos there's just an empty space.
And there's nothing left here to remind me,
just the memory of your face.
Well take a look at me now,
well there's just an empty space.
And you coming back to me
is against the odds and that's what I've got to face

I wish I could just make you turn around,
turn around and see me cry
There's so much I need to say to you,
so many reasons why
You're the only one who really knew me at all

So take a look at me now,
well there's just an empty space.
And there's nothing left here to remind me,
just the memory of your face.
Now take a look at me now,
'cos there's just an empty space.
But to wait for you,
that's all I can do and that's what I've got to face
Take a good look at me now,
'cos I'll still be standing here
And you coming back to me is against all odds
it’s the chance I've got to take.
Take a look at me now.

While Corey stood there smiling with happy tears pooling in his eyes, Drew advanced the tracks again, gathered Corey in arms, and then sang.

One more night, one more night

I've been trying, oh so long to let you know
Let you know how I feel
And if I stumble, if I fall, just help me back
So I can make you see

Please give me one more night
Give me one more night
One more night
‘Cause I can't wait forever
Give me just one more night
Ooh, just one more night
Oh, one more night
‘Cause I can't wait forever

Still singing, Drew stepped back from Corey, lifting his lover’s arms and took off his T-shirt. He then took his own T-shirt off and took Corey in his arms again.

I've been sitting here so long, wasting time
Just staring at the phone
And I was wondering, should I call you?
Then I thought, maybe you're not alone

Please give me one more night
Give me just one more night
Oh, one more night
‘Cause I can't wait forever
Please give me just one more night
Ooh, just one more night
Oh, one more night
‘Cause I can't wait forever
Give me one more night
Give me just one more night
Ooh, one more night
‘Cause I can't wait forever

Like a river to the sea
I will always be with you
And if you sail away
I will follow you

Give me one more night
Give me just one more night
Oh, one more night
I can't wait forever

Corey stepped back from Drew. He reached forward and untied Drew’s board shorts, letting them drop to the floor. Drew stepped forward and relieved Corey of his shorts. They reached for each other and began slowly swaying.

I know there'll never be a time
You'll ever feel the same
And I know it's only words
But if you change your mind
You know that I'll be here
And maybe we both can learn

Give me just one more night
Give me just one more night
Ooh, one more night
‘Cause I can't wait forever
Give me just one more night
Give me just one more night
Ooh, one more night
‘Cause I can't wait forever

Corey led Drew onto the bed while the CD continued to play. On their knees facing each other, they caressed one another, broadly smiling at the beauty before them and began making love. After singing those ballads, Drew was every bit as excited as Corey. Before Corey knew what was happening, Drew was spreading his cheeks and gently tapping fingers at his back door. Shifting rapidly between hysterical giggles and ecstatic groans, Corey asked for intercourse. Drew obliged, shuffled behind his lover and then leaned back on his arms with his hips thrust forward, guiding and prompting Corey to ride him. Corey liked this position very much and made sure that Drew knew it. Drew shared that he like this new position as well. He pulled at Corey’s hips, guiding him further back.

A little uncomfortable making love in an unfamiliar room, Brian and Pete were rapidly approaching the inevitable conclusion. They could hear muffled cries from Drew and Corey through the wall. Purposefully, Brian moaned louder, so that he could be heard by Drew and Corey. Around Brian’s bone in his mouth, Pete evilly snickered. This was exactly like the prior nights in Yosemite with Keith and Prez. The openness of the relationships all the California boys seemed to enjoy pushed Pete nearer to the edge. Sliding a hand between Pete’s cheeks, Brian made it plain that he could feel his lover and wanted it. Pete lost it and pulled Brian over the edge with him.

Soon, Corey was bouncing and squatting on Drew’s lap, frantically stroking his cock and softly encouraging Drew. Drew kept one arm wrapped around Corey’s torso. When Corey lost it, ejaculate landed on Drew’s thigh and knee. Drew was pleased beyond adequate words. Holding Corey close, he softly chuckled and kissed Corey’s shoulder and neck until Corey recovered. Corey asked how Drew wanted to finish. “Missionary,” Drew softly answered, “so I can see you and kiss you, Cor.” Carefully getting up off Drew’s lap, Corey then rolled onto his back and lifted his legs. Moving into position, Drew started slowly, with Corey’s legs on his shoulders, repeatedly stealing kisses and telling Corey how striking he was. As he felt his orgasm rising, Drew continued chanting affirmations, telling Corey how incredibly sexy he really was.

The astonishing truth that Drew found him attractive overwhelmed Corey. Happy tears pooled in his eyes. Holding onto Drew’s ass, Corey encouraged Drew by telling him how wonderful it felt to be so physically and emotionally connected. With his legs fully extended, Drew moaned, taking the last hard and slow thrusts into Corey. Euphoria overtook Drew as he felt his eyes rolling backwards, quaked and gave it up.

Coming to his senses, Drew smiled and panted, “Omigod, Corey. You were awesome, angel.”

Corey incredulously giggled, “I was awesome? What about you, ya stud?”

Drew knelt down, helped lower Corey’s legs and then lay on top of his lover. He planted a passionate kiss then cooed, “It’s because you’re so gorgeous and willing. You were really great, Cor, seriously.”

Wrapping his legs around Drew’s back, Corey sighed, “You were wonderful too, Drew. If it keeps getting better, like this, we’re gonna be attached an awful lot.”

Drew nodded and smiled, “We gotta get cleaned up and get back to Brian and Pete, but I’m really not ready to let go of you.”

Corey contentedly sighed then softly asked, “You really think I’m good lookin’?” Drew hummed affirmatively and seductively. Holding onto Drew tighter, Corey giggled, “Mike thinks I’m good lookin’ too?”

Raising his head and locking eyes with Corey, Drew grinned, “That’s what he said. Prez thinks so and so does Keith. If you want to know the truth, you’re the only one that doesn’t know it, Cor.”

Disbelievingly, Corey searched Drew’s eyes and softly asked, “Really?”

Drew nodded, “Prez called you an imp and Keith said you’re handsome. My boyfriend is incredibly good lookin’ and gets me so hot so fast.” He then dove into Corey’s neck and started gobbling away, causing Corey to cringe and loudly laugh. Drew grabbed another kiss then pushed up off of Corey. He rolled off the bed and searched his backpack for some dirty laundry to clean Corey up.

Minutes later, Corey and Drew were dressed and emerged from the bedroom. They noticed that the door to Keith’s and Prez’s room was open and looked inside. Shirtless and kicked back on the bed, Brian was leaning back against Pete, and they were watching TV. Pete smiled, “You sing very well, Drew.”

“Ditto,” Brian chirped, and purposefully locked eyes with Corey. Bouncing his eyebrows and widely smiling, Corey wordlessly acknowledged Brian’s unspoken intended message.

Drew blushed and smiled, “Thanks. I’ll sing only for Corey.”

“Unless Mike gets cranky and makes him sing,” Corey giggled.

Drew prompted, “Do you dudes wanna start wrestling lessons? It’s cooler outside by now. We could go out back?”

Brian nodded, “Sure. Getting caught in the bedroom isn’t how we’d like to reintroduce ourselves.” Brian and Pete rolled out of bed and turned off the TV. They followed Drew and Corey through the house and out to the backyard.

It was dusk and the sun was setting, so Drew turned the outdoor flood lights on. Brian began teaching Drew and Corey how to wrestle, demonstrating techniques with Pete. After first explaining about his claustrophobia, Drew paired up with Pete. Pete assured Drew that he would quickly move away as soon as he was warned of any panic attacks. This first lesson was only to teach techniques and holds so Drew had little to worry about. Brian paired up with Corey, demonstrating holds and ways of breaking free. Everything Brian taught Corey, Pete demonstrated for Drew.

Jim, Jennifer, John and Tommy returned home to find the boys in the backyard. John and Tommy went outside and took advantage of the wrestling lessons. Locking eyes with John, Drew wondered, “Where were you, bro?”

“Bally’s,” John answered. “Mom made it to an aerobics class. Dad let me and Tommy use the Nautilus equipment.”

Tommy nodded and smiled, “Got a babe of a trainer too.”

John turned to Tommy, laughing, “She’s like ten years older than us, you hornball!” and then attacked Tommy, trying to wrestle him without adequate instruction. Brian broke up the two giggling boys and prompted John to try the same move on him.

John thought carefully about it, not only because of the confrontation the prior visit, but also because Brian had at least four inches and forty pounds of muscle over him. Thinking he might catch Brian off-guard, John grinned, shook his head and wandered around Brian, and then suddenly lunged. John couldn’t even get Brian off-balance or bent in half, like he had with Tommy. Wickedly smirking, Brian waited a few moments for John to try and get a better grip around him. When John seemed to stop moving and had his arms locked firmly around him, Brian took hold of one arm. John yelped and was suddenly in a head-lock, unable to move forward, back, or reach around to get out of the contorted position he was in.

Corey howled laughing. Drew shook his head and smiled at his little brother and Corey. Brian explained, “There’s a pressure point in the forearm, just below the elbow. It takes all strength from the arm, making it easy to break the hold and reverse the tables.” He let John go and then showed John and Tommy where the pressure point was while Pete showed the same to Drew and Corey. Brian then suggested that John, Tommy, Corey and Drew try it out, only to break free of holds and reverse the hold. Pete worked with Corey and Drew while Brian refereed John and Tommy. Once the positions were reversed, Pete went over to Tommy and John while Brian worked with Corey and Drew.

Noticing Mrs. Hundser standing at the sink and watching them out the window, Pete smiled and waved then gestured with his index finger that they would be inside in a minute. Naturally, Corey wasn’t concentrating on breaking free of Drew’s hold; he was wishing they were alone, so he could grind his butt against Drew’s crotch. Once Corey had broken free of Drew and Tommy released John’s grip, Pete went inside with Brian to greet the Hundsers. Drew and Corey followed, but John and Tommy remained outside to practice what they had learned.

Entering the house, Pete and Brian chimed, “Hi Mr. and Mrs. Hundser.”

Jennifer smiled, “Hello, boys. We didn’t know you were returning to L.A.?”

“It was a last minute decision,” Pete offered.

Brian nodded and warmly smiled, “We agreed that we had to see everyone again.”

Jim asked, “Did you enjoy Yosemite?”

“Very much,” both boys replied.

Brian added, “It was breathtaking. Photos don’t do it justice.”

Pete nodded, “While we were in Arizona, we went to the Grand Canyon too. We’ve seen two natural wonders that left us feeling puny and insignificant in comparison.”

Jim nodded and smiled, “Try to make a trip to Yellowstone sometime. Not only will you see the world’s largest cluster of geysers, there’s also the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone; it’s a mixture of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite in one place.”

Brian nodded and smiled, “It sounds pretty.” He checked with Pete, “Maybe next summer?” Pete nodded. Silently, Brian considered, ‘If this man told me to check out the moon, I would search out the first available transport.’

Drew asked Brian and Pete, “Are you dudes thirsty?”

Brian nodded, “Water please, Drew.”

“Something carbonated, please,” Pete replied.

While Corey got glasses of water for himself and Brian, Drew asked Pete, “Pepsi or Sprite?”

Pete answered, “Either is fine, Drew; whatever you’re having.”

Drew got glasses and reached in the fridge for the bottle of Pepsi. Jennifer asked, “How long will you be in town?”

Brian replied, “About a week. We never got to meet Mike’s mom or sister last time.”

Pouring the sodas, Drew said, “Brian and Pete are staying the night, mom. Keith and Prez offered them their room.”

Corey added, “Pete’s gonna drive us to the doctor tomorrow morning, mom.”

Jennifer brightly smiled, “That’s wonderful. Thank you, Pete.”

“It’s not a problem,” Pete grinned, “we’ve heard Corey’s doing well and want to do it.” Blushing from another compliment, Corey’s thoughts digressed, directly into the gutter and he began giggling.

Drew glanced at Corey, clearly portraying his curiosity. Moving closer to Drew, Corey silently mouthed, “They want to do it. I think we know that feeling!” Rolling his eyes, Drew evilly grinned and briefly snickered. While his parents talked with Brian about the Arizona trip, Drew passed a glass of soda to Pete, looking into the taller boy’s eyes. Uncertain as to Drew’s meaning, Pete tilted his head. Drew’s eyes shifted to Corey and then to Brian before jerking his head towards the bedrooms. Pete smiled and nodded.

John and Tommy came inside. They walked through the house, heading towards the bedrooms. Pete joined the conversation with Brian and the Hundsers while Corey and Drew listened. John and Tommy returned from the bedroom with the board game, Battleship, and setup on the dining room table. This gave Drew an idea. When his mom asked what they had planned to do the rest of the evening, Drew replied, “I thought we’d just hang out in Keith’s and Prez’s room watching TV.” He then checked with Brian and Pete, “Ya wanna play Scrabble?” Again, Corey began giggling, knowing that the rules would be modified to include expletives and sexually suggestive words.

Getting approval from Brian and Pete, Drew led Corey back to his room to get the game, and to get his giddy boyfriend away from his parents. On the way, Drew grinned at Corey, “You are so bad.”

Corey giggled, “They were your rules!”

“I can’t believe you told your mom though,” Drew chuckled. “I had to get you out of there before telling my folks.” Drew reached for the game on the top shelf of his bedroom closet and prompted, “Get the dictionary, Cor.”

Going to Drew’s desk, Corey opened the drawer, knowing exactly where Drew kept his Webster’s dictionary. They went to the next room. Drew turned on the TV while Corey began setting up the game. Noticing the new DVD’s on the entertainment center, Drew slid The Saint into the player and started the movie. Brian followed Pete into the room. They settled on the floor at the foot of the bed to play the game and watch the flick. When the movie ended, they still had some Scrabble pieces remaining in the box and continued playing until midnight. Pete had the high score, with Corey in second place, Drew in third place with only one point more than Brian.

At seven o’clock the next morning, the clock radio went off. Corey and Drew woke to get to the bathroom first. As usual, Corey was slightly nervous about the doctor appointment. In the shower, he worried, “I wonder how much I gained this week.”

Drew smiled and teased, “From them pancakes, I’m guessing it might’ve been five pounds, but making love as much as we have, it’s probably only a pound or two.”

Corey giggled, “I wonder how many calories are in semen. I blew you often enough to gain ten pounds.”

Soaping up Corey’s hard shaft a second time, Drew playfully threatened, “If you gained ten pounds in a week then Brian and Pete are going to the beach alone. We’ll be making love the rest of the day.”

Corey sighed, “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Drew softly asked, “Do you need me to finish you off, angel?”

Corey nodded and turned around, suggesting, “Grind off against me, stud.” As requested, Drew began a crack slide while jacking Corey’s bone and gobbling his lover’s neck and shoulder. While moaning and whimpering, Corey silently prayed, “Please God, let it be more than a pound or two, just to make Drew happy. He’s trying as hard as I am. He needs to know I’m getting better.”

“Yeah, Cor,” Drew panted.

To Corey, it almost seemed that Drew heard his prayer and replied affirmatively. The thought pushed him to climax. Thrilled to the core, Drew chanted, “Yeah, my sexy angel,” and went berserk against Corey’s ass until he also reached orgasm. They both began laughing again. Corey turned to face Drew and they kissed through their giggles. They rinsed each other clean of soap and semen, praising one another, thrilled that they could get each other off quickly or slowly, whatever was appropriate.

They toweled off and stepped out of the bathroom to find the door to Keith’s and Prez’s bedroom still closed. Drew softly tapped on the door. Brian said, “We’re awake. We’ll be right out.”

“Cool,” Drew chirped, “the bathroom is free, dudes.”

Corey led the way back to Drew’s bedroom and they both heard Pete’s laughter, “Again, Brian?” Spinning to face Drew, Corey quickly covered his mouth and quietly sniggered.

Drew sniggered and pushed Corey into his room, whispering, “Round two, if Brian gets his way.”

“I could go again,” Corey brightly smiled, and then reached for Drew’s package through the towel.

Drew stole a kiss and promised, “After the doctor, angel. I’ll do my best to wear you out before we go to the beach.”

Corey smirked, “How?”

Pulling the towel off and sitting on his bed, Drew lay back and pulled his legs up, giggling, “Like this.”

Groaning at Drew’s deviousness, Corey went to the bed and pulled a leg towards his mouth. Laughing his ass off, Drew rolled completely backward and landed on the opposite side of his bed from Corey. “Breakfast first,” Drew giggled, “just because you haven’t got any milkshake doesn’t mean you get to skip a meal.”

Dramatically frowning, Corey whined, “No piggies for breakfast?”

“After the doctor,” Drew gently repeated. He went to his dresser and pulled on a pair of boxers then got a clean pair of board shorts. Slipping into them, he turned to Corey and saw his boyfriend hadn’t moved. He prodded, “What’s the matter?”

Corey shrugged and then sighed, “I’d rather stay here with you than go to the doctor’s. We’ll be sitting in traffic for an hour. I’m just tired of it, Drew.”

Drew nodded and went to Corey, softly saying, “Soon we’ll be down to every other week, then once a month, like my mom said. We’re workin’ together to kill that friggin’ demon, Corey.” Receiving only a grunt and another shrug in response, Drew went to Corey’s backpack and pulled out clean clothes. He laid the clean clothes on his bed then turned Corey to face him. Drew took each of Corey’s hands and put them on his shoulders then pulled the towel away. He stole a tender kiss then picked up Corey’s boxers and purred, “You’re so hot, dude. It’s a shame I have to put clothes on you.”

Without instruction, Corey lifted his legs and allowed Drew to dress him, carefully watching his boyfriend work. Obviously not the least bit disturbed, Drew seemed to enjoy this task too. He even fondled Corey’s dick and nads when putting his boxers on and again when the boardies were raised. Noticing Corey’s confused expression; Drew grinned then chuckled, “What?”

“Why, Drew?”

“Why am I dressing you?”


“Because we have someplace to be. Should I argue with you because you’re fed up with it? I can’t fight about something I agree with, so I’ll deal with that and my sexy, stubborn boyfriend too. Besides, dressing you is almost as fun as undressing you.”

“I wonder if the doc’s gonna make me get more of the protein milkshake.”

“Me too, Cor. He might say yes, you do need it, but if he says no, that’s another excuse for me to get naked with you.”

Pulling his shirt over his head and adjusting it, Corey smiled, “You won’t let me fail, will you?”

Drew grabbed a T-shirt from the closet. While putting it on, he said, “Never. I want to live with you, the rest of this summer, all school year and the rest of our lives, Corey. Instead of running to the doctor, would I rather sleep in and make love with you? Of course I would.” Leading the way towards the kitchen, he continued, “Would I rather go to the beach with you, Brian and Pete? Sure, I would. This is what needs to be done. We’re making our parents happy. The witch doctor shrink is out of the way too. Now we’ve got one more doctor to let us take care of that prickly anorexia demon.” Drew picked up an apple and tossed it to Corey then went to the pantry for cereal.

With her coffee cup in hand, Jennifer Hundser walked out of the master bedroom, through the dining room and into the kitchen. She said, “good morning,” and then kissed Corey and Drew on the cheeks. Pouring herself another half-cup before leaving, she asked, “All set for the doctor?”

As usual, Drew didn’t let on that Corey was having any issues at all. “We’re cool, mom,” Drew confidently said, and then reached into the fridge for milk and orange juice.

Corey sighed, “I wish we didn’t have to go, is all.”

Facing Corey, Jennifer asked, “Have you had more nightmares?” Corey shook his head. She then prodded, “Do you remember the priorities we spoke of?”

Corey nodded, “I’m more disgusted about dying than I am about eating meat.”

“What did you eat yesterday?” Jennifer wondered.

“Chicken piccata pasta at TGI Friday’s,” Corey answered.

Swallowing another mouthful of cereal, Drew added, “And mozzarella sticks and potato skins too.”

Glancing between the boys, she smiled, “It sounds like you’re eating very well. When you’re here, you eat better than you have in months, Corey.” She then pointedly asked, “Why are you worried, Corey?”

Shrugging, Corey sighed, “The blood test results. He’ll check my blood pressure too. I’m just tired of dealing with it.”

Nodding understandingly, Jennifer reminded, “The doctor will want to see slow and steady progress on the scale, on the B.P. meter and in the blood test report. It’s the people that gain five pounds in a week and have sudden jumps in their electrolytes that raise warning flags. Those are the people that binge, trying to prove they’ve made improvements. Then they fall back again, starving themselves to make up for the binge. It’s those sorts of extreme jumps the doctors worry about. I’m not seeing that, Corey. I don’t think you can fake it, not with Drew and four parents watching you.”

Entering the room, Pete reminded, “All his friends are watching too.”

“You didn’t need encouragement to eat last night,” Brian gently reminded.

Drew nodded, “When Brian and Pete were last here, you did need encouragement and a motherly threat too. You are getting so much better, Cor.” He tilted his bowl and finished his cereal and milk then put the bowl and spoon in the dishwasher.

Jennifer said to Brian and Pete, “Help yourselves to breakfast, boys. There’s fruit on the counter and cereals in the pantry. You’ll need to leave by seven-forty-five to make the nine o’clock appointment.” She finished her coffee then asked, “Will everyone be back here tonight?”

While Brian grabbed a pear from the fruit bowl, Pete went to the pantry. Drew told his mom, “Keith and Prez are going to visit his aunt tonight, for Rob’s guitar lesson.”

“I’ll see you tonight then,” Jennifer offered. “Have a good day.” The boys all wished her a good day too as she grabbed her purse and started for the door.

Once alone, Brian told Corey, “I think your being nervous is pretty normal. I sure was, anyway. Even after my close call, I still needed more encouragement than you do.”

Looking closely at Brian, Drew observed, “We’re about the same height; five-eight, right?” Chewing his pear, Brian nodded. Drew then asked, “How much do you weigh?”

Swallowing, Brian replied, “A hundred and sixty.”

“You’ve got twenty-five pounds on me, dude,” Drew chuckled.

Brian smiled, “Different bone structure too.” He moved closer to Drew then put his hand near Drew’s and prompted, “Look how much larger my wrist is compared to yours, Drew. I’d guess I’m about an inch or more in circumference. Ankles and wrists are the best way to tell small, medium or large bone structure. Only the most obese people would have fat around their wrists or ankles.”

Immediately, Corey went to compare his wrist to Drew’s and Brian’s wrists. Corey hummed then offered, “There’s only a little difference between each of us.”

“Visibly,” Brian instructed. “It’s enough to tell that Drew’s a medium bone structure. Even though you’re an inch or two shorter than Drew and I, your wrist is just slightly smaller than Drew’s is, Corey. Pete’s about five inches taller than I am, but his wrist is only slightly larger than mine.” Noticing Corey’s twisted facial expression, Brian wondered, “What’s wrong?”

Corey sighed, “Nothin’.”

Drew took Corey’s hand and told Brian, “Corey’s dad played college football. Corey doesn’t want to be as large as his dad is.”

Brian nodded and suggested, “Then you need to concentrate on low weight training to build endurance rather than mass. Also try running, calisthenics and aerobic exercises.”

Drew offered, “Let’s talk to the doc about exercising this time, Cor. Whatever he says is cool, we’ll start doing.”

Finished eating, Pete held up his bowl and spoon, asking, “Just put these in the dishwasher, Drew?”

“Yeah,” Drew nodded, and smiled, “Thanks, dude.”

Moments later, the four boys were walking out to Pete’s car. They started down the 101 freeway. Corey was still a little nervous, but shared his concerns and received positive reinforcement from Drew, Brian and Pete. As is typical for Southern California, traffic was slowly moving along in the morning work day rush. They made it to the doctor’s office with only ten minutes to spare.

One of the assistants called Corey. Drew followed his boyfriend into an exam room and sat on the chair. The female assistant took Corey’s blood pressure once while he was sitting, again after she asked him to lie down on the exam table, and once more after she asked him to stand. She then thanked Corey, but before she could leave the room, Drew asked, “Is it good or bad and why did you have him sit, lie down and stand again?”

“It’s good, one-ten over seventy,” she replied. “The reason we do it three times and in three different positions is slightly more complicated. Basically, after sitting and lying down, some patients feel dizzy; their blood pressure drops as the blood pools in their feet.” She checked Corey’s chart then explained, “Corey had border-line low blood pressure. It’s been getting progressively better since his hospital visit.”

Doctor Folsom walked in and smiled at the assistant, “Thank you, Angie.”

She nodded and grinned, “You’re welcome,” and then left the room, closing the door behind her. The doctor flipped through Corey’s folder, almost unconsciously rattling off information as he read. “CBC good; electrolytes very good; potassium, sodium, phosphorus, all very good improvements; calcium is rebounding nicely.” He looked up and instructed, “More milk and dairy products, Corey.”

“Is skim milk okay?” Corey asked.

Doc Folsom nodded, “Soy milk won’t accomplish the goal.”

Corey grunted then reluctantly huffed, “Okay.”

Drew asked, “How much milk?”

Doc Folsom looked over and replied, “Two sixteen ounce glasses a day would be good.”

Drew grinned, “Cheese and ice cream are bonus points?” Doc Folsom nodded.

Corey asked, “Do I need more protein milkshakes, Doc? I’m all out.”

The doctor flipped through the folder again and hummed before saying, “Let’s see where your weight is, Corey.”

Corey stood and began undressing. Drew offered, “Corey’s been eating really well. Everyone’s noticed and even commented on it. The only thing he absolutely won’t touch is pork.”

Down to his boxers, Corey stepped on the scale and moved the large counter-weight to one hundred. Doctor Folsom tapped the smaller counter-weight over, eventually settling on a value and widely smiling, “One hundred-eighteen and one half pounds.” He checked his chart and proclaimed, “Three and a quarter pounds gained. Well done, Corey. Let’s do another two weeks of the shakes. If the next blood test results come back as good as this one has, and you can continue gaining weight like you have, then we can cut those back or out completely.”

Corey visibly relaxed and wilted as he stepped off the scale and turned to face Drew. So happy that he was shedding tears, Drew wiped his eyes and muttered, “Awesome.”

Corey asked, “Can I exercise more yet, Doc?”

“It depends,” Doc Folsom answered. “Moderate activity only so you’re not burning more calories than you’re taking in.”

Standing and moving closer to Corey and the doctor, Drew explained, “All we’re doin’ now is swimming. We’d like to start running, wrestling and playing tennis again.”

The doctor nodded and said, “Swimming is excellent. Jogging for short periods, say fifteen minutes out and fifteen minutes back would be all right, but no sprinting. Tennis would be all right as well, just limit it to best of five games, but not complete sets. Come autumn, when the weather is cooler, you could go for a full set.”

“What about wrestling?” Corey reminded.

“For short periods only,” the doctor advised. “Don’t do everything every day, Corey; swimming and jogging, or tennis, or wrestling, or calisthenics, but never more than two of the above on any given day.” He then tapped the folder of medical records and warned, “If you don’t follow those directions, I’ll be able to tell.” Seeing both boys nodding, Doc Folsom said, “Get dressed, Corey. I’ll see you next week.” He patted Drew on the shoulder then walked to the door and left the room, closing the door behind him.

As soon as the door closed, Drew wrapped Corey in a tight embrace and began kissing him. Holding Drew’s hips, Corey whimpered. In between kisses, Corey admitted, “I was hoping for good news for you, Drew. You needed and deserve it.”

Resting his head on Corey’s shoulder, Drew softly chortled, “Good blood pressure, good blood test results and another three and a quarter pounds too. The doctor’s happy, but I’m ecstatic.”

At the lump he felt in Drew’s shorts, Corey giggled, “I can tell.”

“Let’s get out of here and get home so I can gobble ya up,” Drew suggested, and then stepped back from Corey. He held open Corey’s board shorts to help him get into them. Once again, Drew groped Corey’s naughty bits, playfully explaining, “Makin’ sure everything’s hangin’ just right.”

Corey giggled, “You make me happy too, Drew,” and reached for a quick, tender kiss.

Smiling widely, Drew handed Corey his T-shirt, promising, “We’re both gonna be really happy all afternoon.” Laughing at Drew’s enthusiasm, Corey slipped the T-shirt over his head. Drew tried to push his growing erection down, but it only resisted the effort and throbbed.

Corey caught Drew man-handling himself and incredulously cackled, “Drew!”

“What?” Drew chuckled, “I think you’ll need to sit on my lap during the drive home.”

Sitting to put his sandals on, Corey knowingly smirked, “You’ll squirt in your shorts.”

Drew shrugged and smiled, “It won’t take much, Corey. As it is, I’m gonna have to walk very close behind you.”

Glancing at Drew’s tent, Corey giggled, “It’s noticeable, stud.”

Feeling his face heat up as he realized anyone looking would notice, Drew sighed with relief, “I love you so much.”

Standing, Corey took Drew’s hands and put them on his shoulders, whispering, “I love you too, Drew.” He instructed, “Stay no more than an arm’s length behind me. I have to pay the bill and pick up the shake mix.”

Drew nodded. Corey turned around to lead the way from the examination room. Drew softly sniggered, “The view is not helping, angel.”

Corey cracked up and opened the door. They walked down the hall to the reception desk. Corey paid cash for the visit and told the women to bill his mom for two more weeks of the protein shake mix. Drew glanced out the open doorway into the waiting room at Pete and Brian, offering a thumb up gesture. Pete helplessly sniggered at Drew’s expression and the side view of bulging shorts. Brian grinned and rolled his eyes then tapped Pete’s leg. They both got up, stepping nearer to Drew and Corey, only to further block Drew’s condition from other patients in the waiting room. Soon Corey had fourteen more packages of vanilla shake mix. The four boys remained close together as they walked out of the doctor’s office.

Once outside, Corey and Pete cracked up laughing. Drew loudly told them all about the visit and how well Corey was doing, finishing with Corey’s weight, which was now six pounds greater than it had been the last time Brian and Pete were in town. As soon as it dawned on him, Drew cheered, “Only seven pounds to the lower limit of what you should weigh, Cor!” In the car and pulling out of the driveway onto the main road, Drew honestly shared, “I’m conflicted, dudes. I really want to go to the beach with you two, but I have got to have time alone with Corey too.”

Turning in the front passenger seat, Brian smiled, “Don’t worry about the beach, Drew. We can get there easily. Tomorrow’s another day.”

Pete reminded, “Derrick and Mike have to work too, so we’ll only be gone two or three hours.”

“Is that long enough, Drew?” Brian teased.

Corey howled laughing. Drew sniggered, “At least I won’t be pitchin’ a tent when you return.”

Taking the on-ramp to the 405 freeway, Pete offered, “How about a movie tonight, after supper?”

Corey enthusiastically cheered, “That sounds great.”

Drew said, “Prez and Keith said Godzilla was disappointing. They said that Deep Impact was pretty good though. Armageddon is on the same plot line, another comet heading toward Earth. John saw The X-Files and said it was great, every bit as good as the TV show.”

Pete admitted, “We saw Armageddon in Phoenix. It was pretty lame. Deep Impact or X-Files sound good, don’t you think, Brian?”

“I’d still like to see Saving Private Ryan,” Brian offered.

“That’s a World War two flick, isn’t it?” Drew queried.

Brian hummed affirmatively then said, “It starts on D-Day. Supposedly, the special effects are fantastic.”

Pete shrugged, “While Keith, Prez, Mike and Derrick are working this weekend, we could catch a few flicks, one each night.”

Drew sighed, “I’ve only got about ten bucks.”

“I don’t have much more than that either,” Corey sheepishly explained.

“Don’t worry about it, guys,” Pete said. “If that’s what we all want to do, I’ll cover it.”

For the remainder of the ride back to Woodland Hills, the boys discussed various things they could do over the coming weekend. Drew suggested Knott’s Berry Farm. Corey thought they could spend a few hours at Universal Studios. There was also the Queen Mary Tour, down at Long Beach Harbor. There were rumors that the ship was haunted and almost every day, someone experienced something bizarre. Another alternative would be a trip to the Santa Monica Pier. The last suggestion was to rent flicks from the Blockbuster where Keith worked and simply hang out. Pete pulled in front of the Hundsers' house about ten-thirty.

Drew reminded, “They’ll have to leave around two-thirty to get back to the house, and then get to work.”

Corey smiled, “Thanks for the ride, dudes. This was way more fun than going with my mom.”

“It was no problem at all, Corey,” Pete assured.

Brian chimed, “We were glad to be there for such great news.”

“We’ll see you in a few hours, about three-thirty or four?” Drew checked. Brian and Pete replied that they would be back as soon as possible. Drew and Corey offered their farewells then slid out of the car. Corey was barely out of the car before Drew was grabbing his boyfriend’s arms and getting him ready for a piggyback ride to the door. With Corey safely seated and holding on tight, giggling his butt off, Drew turned to Brian and Pete, playfully bouncing his eyebrows. Both boys in the car erupted with laughter.

Coincidentally, Derrick, Mike, Prez and Keith were just leaving the house in Agoura Hills around the same time.

As soon as Derrick and Mike walked in the door the prior night, they were met by Keith and Prez. Clothes were almost torn off and they hurried into the shower. Once everyone was clean and erect, they returned to the bedroom where the long planned “shoot-off” between Derrick and Prez finally happened. The boyfriends could encourage their power shooter lovers almost any way they wanted, as long as there wasn’t anal penetration of any sort. From opposite sides of the king bed, covered with damp towels, Prez and Derrick began wanking. Keith stood behind Prez, caressing his lover and saying the naughtiest things. Mike was doing the same for Derrick, but soon, the silly dirty talk only had the four of them laughing. Rules were adjusted accordingly, so only Derrick could hear Mike and only Prez could hear Keith. Prez reached his climax only seconds before Derrick. Both shot their wads almost the full length of the thirty-six inch long towels protecting the bed sheets. It was so close that they could only guess who won and eventually decided a rematch with some sort of measuring implement was required.

Before going to sleep, they went out to the garage to find something to measure with. They returned to the bedroom, many minutes later, with a carpenter’s steel measuring tape. The couples paired off and made love until two in the morning. The alarm went off at nine Friday morning and was slapped off again by Mike. Derrick and Prez remained awake though and each got their lover motivated. The shoot-off rematch started that morning around nine-thirty. To avoid any mismeasurements, Prez and Derrick were standing side-by-side on one side of the bed. Also slightly different from the prior attempt, Mike and Keith were enticed to join the game. Prez thought this entire contest was silly. He stroked his meat, but his thoughts were counterproductive.

The end results were: Derrick shot first and his load landed twenty-nine inches; Mike followed and dribbled a load that only went about three inches; Keith was next and was surprised to learn he had shot almost eighteen inches. With the other three finished, Prez found himself needing and getting extra encouragement from his boyfriend and best friends. Keith wrapped his arms around Prez’s chest, tweaking his nips and softly chanting, “show ‘em, baby, fill me up, sex-machine”.

Mike and Derrick went to the opposite side of the bed, verbally enticing Prez to shoot and offering themselves as targets. When Prez started whimpering, the bedroom sounded like an old Beatles record with three man choruses of “yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Surrounded by the three people he loved most in the world, Prez almost exploded. His knees buckled and Keith had to hold his lover upright. Delirious, Prez turn to Keith and hung off his partner while Mike and Derrick confirmed the distance. Keith repeatedly kissed Prez until Mike gasped, “Holy fucking shit!”

Keith began laughing before Derrick loudly proclaimed, “thirty-three and a half inches!”

Prez weakly offered, “I had all three of you telling me to cum. There was little chance of holding it back.” Once the four of them were in the shower, Prez asked, “Is that the last of the silly games?”

Mike shrugged and smirked, “Can’t think of anything that matters, really. Russian Roulette is pointless since we’ve already blown each other anyway.”

Watching his best friend closely, Derrick wondered, “What’s wrong, bro?”

Still shampooing his hair, Prez told them, “How far anybody can shoot doesn’t matter. In my opinion, all that matters is the love; the feeling we all share, for our partners and for each other.” Facing his friends with suds still in his red hair, Prez explained, “It’s not a game anymore. If I had my druthers, I’d be living with Keith, ten years from now, and with you two living right down the block. It’s not for sex though, it’s for the music and all the good times we’ve had together. A morbid thought occurred to me, probably a result of Francis; what if I or any one of us were to die? It’s up to the other two to keep someone sane. If I were to lose Keith this year or sixty years from now, I’d be shot to hell. Any of us would be. What I feel is way more than any orgasm could possibly match.”

Nodding understandingly, Keith asked, “What do you want to do, baby?”

Prez shrugged, “If the games are over, there’s only one thing left to do.”

Watching Prez closely, Mike smiled, “Love each other, in bed and out of it, as couples and as a team.”

Keith grinned, “We were virgins then found our partners. Now we’ve tried other things, with people we feel safe and comfortable with.”

“I sure don’t feel like I did a month ago,” Derrick revealed. “It’s kind o’ weird though; there’s the one and the other two. I don’t feel like I need to even look around at other dudes anymore.”

“There’s very little to check out, isn’t there?” Mike offered. “We’ve experienced it all.”

Rinsing the shampoo out of his hair, Prez hummed affirmatively then said, “It’s agreed then; going forward we make love as couples or as a group?” Keith, Derrick and Mike quickly agreed. Keith noticed Mike and Derrick sharing a meaningful gaze then went nearer to Mike and Derrick. Prez wiped the last of the water from his eyes and glanced around at his smirking friends. “WHAT?” Prez laughed.

The three huddled up and shared a few whispered words. They faced Prez then loudly sang, “You’re ours tonight, you sex-machine!”

“Fine,” Prez giggled, “then we go alphabetically; Derrick tomorrow, Keith Sunday night and Mike on Monday night.”

Turning off the shower on their side of the stall, Keith playfully countered, “I think we should double up and go as couples.”

“Nah,” Mike sniggered, as Derrick turned the water off and he opened the shower door, “we’ve only got a week left. All four of us, each and every night until Doug and Brian return.”

“My God!” Prez bellowed, “What exactly are we discussing here?” During the remaining time at the house and for the entire ride to Zuma Beach, plans were refined appropriately. As they made it to the Pacific Coast Highway, they realized that they had committed themselves to each other. The commitments weren’t quite as strong as those the individual couples had made, yet they were commitments. “Yeah, so what?” Prez challenged. “I’m not looking for another lead guitarist or drummer. If you ask me, the commitments were there before.”

They arrived at Russ’ shop for boards and noticed Pete’s Malibu already there. Four became six and they left for Zuma together.

At the Hundsers’ home, Drew and Corey were locked away in Drew’s bedroom. Finished making love for the moment, they were slow dancing, quietly enjoying naked contact until Corey’s stomach growled. Hearing and feeling it, Drew looked in Corey’s blue eyes. He could almost hear his beloved saying, “Feed me, stud,” three little words that meant as much to Drew as “I love you”.

They kissed and went to the kitchen, again without bothering to slip into clothes. Corey worked on making salads while Drew prepared a box of Fettuccini Alfredo. The salads were placed on the table and the stove timer went off, indicating the fettuccini was done. Drew spooned it into bowls and met Corey at the table. They sat side-by-side then started to eat and chat.

“I was almost as nervous about the doctor appointment as you were,” Drew admitted.

Corey nodded and brightly smiled, “I was pretty sure you were. My own hopes and worries confused me, so I wasn’t sure.”

A few moments and another swallowed mouthful of salad later, Drew grinned, “Are you feeling different?”

Corey nodded, “Hyped up, but too relaxed to do anything about it.”

“Yeah; it’s like admitting it all over again. Each week, it gets more intense.”

“Sex is different too. It’s so much better than the first times we tried stuff.”

“It’s like I can see our future, Corey. I dream about it and different ideas flash through my mind all the time, especially when we’re making love.”

“Good is even better and the bad isn’t so bad after all. I want another nightmare, Drew. This time it’s gonna be different. I’ll win the fight.”

“Remember that Buffy episode with the tiny little fear demon? That’s what you’re fighting, angel; a puny conniving bitch that you can squash under your big toe with no effort.”

“Even if it is an effort, I get to wake and tell you about it.”

Finished with the salads and starting on the pasta, Drew asked, “Ya wanna jog to your house, go swimming for a while, and then jog back here?”

Corey shrugged then sweetly smiled, “Let’s make love again before we leave.” Drew smiled and a brief snigger broke loose. “What?” Corey giggled. “I’ve been good. I know you want to.”

“Course I do,” Drew grinned. He thought for a few moments then softly admitted, “That’s another weird thing. I thought we’d switch off more, but I have to admit, I like the way we make love.”

“It’s perfect for us. I’m mostly bottom and you’re mostly top. I really do love it, Drew.”

“I know, angel.” Reaching his left foot over, Drew’s toes began caressing Corey’s foot. For the remainder of their meal, their feet slid around and they slyly glanced at one another. Excited from their conversation, they took their plates, bowls and silverware to the dishwasher. As soon as the dishwasher was closed, Corey took Drew in his arms. With an exaggerated sway, giggling hysterically, they danced their way through the house, back down the hall and into Drew’s room. They climbed into bed and began making out. Drew noticed that Corey’s hips were thrusting up more than he was grinding down. Drew whispered, “Me first then it’s your turn?”

Corey agreed, but was surprised when Drew rolled off him and got on all fours, with his head buried in a pillow, lower than his ass. Still slightly uncomfortable taking Drew from behind, Corey took his time. He nibbled on each cheek then began rimming. Drew always enjoyed it, starting with whimpers then slowly getting louder and more verbal. Corey picked up the lube and got Drew readier, teasing his insides with one finger before adding a second digit. Drew’s hand reached underneath and back; gently caressing Corey’s scrotum. Corey almost always started with a forceful crack-slide when in this position and did so again. Drew prompted Corey to enter him. Certain he was hard and would remain so; Corey pointed his bone at Drew’s target. He began sliding in. Exhaling with the invasion, Drew pleasantly hummed. Once fully inserted, Corey pulled his hips back and Drew shifted forward then they moved closer together again. Seesawing back and forth together, they began approving and encouraging each other. At the first break, Corey needed to reposition. He got up off his knees. Drew saw what Corey was doing and moved his legs closer together. Corey half-squatted and slid his bone back into Drew then leaned forward to wrap his arms around Drew’s torso. He began thrusting out and back in, getting more enthused, faster and deeper. Again, Drew’s hand reached back to gently tickle Corey’s scrotum with is fingertips. “Oh, hell yeah,” Corey moaned. “Keep playin’ with my nads like that.” Within a minute, Corey was whimpering.

“Me too, angel,” Drew dizzily offered.

Driving in and out, Corey began rambling, “Oh, Drew, I love you so much, dude. You’re everything to me.” Drew responded in kind with his own affirmations of love. Beginning to grunt, Corey’s thrusts became slower and much harder. Drew smiled, knowing that Corey’s time was soon approaching. Silently, Drew counted because Corey had never lasted more than six grunts. At the count of four, from out of nowhere, Drew felt his own orgasm overtake him. He yelped, “Omigod! Corey!” This time Corey lasted to eight before trying to force his entire mid-section into Drew. Sweaty and panting, Corey collapsed against Drew. Drew began chuckling with relief and offered, “Incredible, angel.”

“As soon as I can catch my breath, it’s my turn,” Corey giggled.

“Yeah, well, that might take a while,” Drew sniggered. “You made me cum, you sexy blond.”

Shocked, Corey grinned, “I did?”

Drew nodded and chortled, “Time to do laundry again.”

Placing kisses along Drew’s back, neck and shoulders, Corey insisted, “I really want you to, Drew.”

His will collapsing, Drew smiled, “We can try.”

Corey slid out and off of Drew. As soon as Drew rolled over, Corey was swallowing his gooey dick. Helplessly, Drew flinched. Surprised at how good it felt so quickly, Drew ran his fingers through Corey’s hair. Quicker than expected, in only a minute or two, Drew was hard and Corey was standing to take what he wanted. Squatting down over Drew’s crotch, Corey reached for Drew’s cock and got it inside him. Drew pushed up hard into Corey, making him bounce up and slide down again. In moments, Corey was shouting “Yeah, stud!” and Drew was actually giggling while making his lover happy. Corey got hard again and began lazily stroking his meat. Still giggling, Drew reached down and tickled Corey’s nads. When Drew got tired and slowed then stopped thrusting up, Corey knelt down and took over, driving them directly to two more orgasms.

Draped over Drew, Corey giggled, “Now that we’re total wastes of space, ya still wanna jog and swim?”

Squeezing Corey tight, Drew chuckled, “And now we have to take a quick shower too.”

Corey offered, “I have a suggestion.”

“I’m sure you do,” Drew laughed.

Corey smirked, “For today’s out of bed exercising.”

“Okay,” Drew uncertainly giggled.

“How about we do sit-ups and pushups, while we wait for the wash? Once we’re done getting even sweatier, then we’ll shower.”

Drew nodded, “With some luck, we’ll be done with everything before Brian and Pete get here.” He softly patted Corey’s buns, signaling he was ready to get motivated.

Corey called, “Drew?”


Beginning to shed tears of joy, Corey sighed, “It’s long overdue, but thank you.”

Drew nodded and smiled, “Your welcome, Cor. Thank you for trying so hard.”

Breaking down, Corey lowered his head to Drew’s shoulder and softly wept, “It’s always been you, ya know? I think it was only days after we met I started falling for you. The first time you hugged me, it was inevitable. You were so cute, so easy to talk to, so sincere, so much fun to be with.”

Shivering, Drew held Corey firmly and reveled in the sudden outburst of truth. When Corey calmed down and lifted his face, Drew softly said, “I want to show you something.” Corey rolled to one side and Drew got off the bed. He went to his desk and pulled out his first journal. He sat back on the bed, saying, “Sit beside me, angel.” Corey sat up and close to Drew while he thumbed through the first pages of his journal. “Here it is,” Drew said, and then began reading aloud to Corey. “September thirteenth, 1996. It's a cruel joke for it to be Friday the thirteenth this early in the school year. Basically, it was ‘pick on the 7th graders’ day. I saw one poor kid get hassled over and over all day. I guess I saw him in the halls about four times, and finally, the kid was almost in tears by PE. He looks so much younger than almost everybody else does. He looked normal in every way, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. My day was bad enough feeling paranoid and stuff, but I felt really bad for that kid.” He stopped reading and turned to Corey.

“That was me?” Corey softly wondered.

Drew nodded and smiled then began flipping more pages, explaining, “I knew the facts of life right after Keith learned. Through all that time, I thought, okay, someday I’ll be old enough, mature enough, adult enough. It was in the future, so it wasn’t real. Through all these pages I’m flipping here, I’m catching Keith beating off, John’s walkin’ and talkin in his sleep, with his dick hard and poking through his boxers.” Corey giggled. Drew smiled, “And I’m figuring out stuff too, like how to masturbate with my hand, or by drillin’ holes in my mattress.” Corey evilly sniggered. Finding and stopping at another page, Drew showed Corey and explained, “February twenty-third, 1997, I wrote about meeting you. I went to your lunch table earlier that week. It took me from mid-September to the end of February to say something to you, Cor.”


Drew shrugged, “I’m not normally too outgoing. I can be if I need to be, but normally, I don’t just walk up and ask, ‘do you mind if I sit here?’ You were and still are so incredibly cute to me, I was afraid to talk to you.”

Corey softly muttered, “Five months; to talk to me?”

Drew closed his journal, allowing Corey to see his erection then stood and faced him, purposefully repeating Corey’s own words. “You’re so cute, so easy to talk to, so sincere, so much fun to be with.” Pointing down at his own erection, Drew reminded, “Now you make my dick hard, just like you did pissing in a tub at a public restroom. Do my brothers make my dick hard? Nope. Did writing the school newspaper sports articles and hanging in the boys’ locker room make my dick hard? Nope; dozens of cute dudes and not so much as a tingle, Corey. Did Susan ever make my dick hard? Not once. I tried jackin’ off with her as my fantasy. It didn’t work until I added you to the fantasy, then I came buckets. I told my dad, I was bi because I was falling in love with you. At our winter Big Bear trip, I told you how I felt. Then I called you names and hurt you. It ripped me in half, Corey. I had to figure out my own sexuality, my own way over a long time.” Tapping the hard cover of his first journal, Drew said, “It’s all true and in here or the other one. You’ve been my best friend, my boyfriend, and now you’re the person I choose to have as a lover. We belong together. I’ve accepted it fully. My body is yours and yours alone. Your body belongs to me, okay?”

Nodding, Corey stood and wrapped his arms around Drew. Corey smiled, “There’s no one, anywhere, any thing like you. I can promise that I’ll always stay with you. Remember, I’m completely gay though, Drew. All dicks make me hard. Just because my dick gets hard, don’t take it to mean I want someone else. The other day, with Mike and Derrick, I was surprised I didn’t get hard.”

“You were too emotional,” Drew offered. “There was a lot more to deal with than seeing their dicks.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Beginning to sway with Corey, Drew asked, “All dicks get you hard?”

Corey nodded and giggled through an affirmative hum.

“What do you do during PE?”

“Never look down,” Corey laughed. He pointed at the ceiling and joked, “Look at the size of that spider!”

Drew sniggered, “Omigod, Corey! We’ll have PE together.”

Corey nodded, “I talked to Prez already. We’ll have him, Keith, Mike and Derrick in our class too. At least I’ll feel a little safer.”

“Only a little?”

“All dicks, Drew. Prez’s, Keith’s, Mike’s, Derrick’s, anyone young and cute that I’ve seen.”

Drew suspiciously smirked, “You horny angel.”

Squeezing Drew tighter, Corey assured, “You’re safe, Drew. There’s so much more to love about you.” Seemingly changing the subject, Corey asked, “Ready to do some sit-ups?” Drew nodded and then moved to lie on the floor. Corey immediately sat on Drew’s legs, holding his thighs and leaning forward so that every time Drew sat up, he would get a kiss. For the first time in his life, Drew loved doing sit-ups and was giggling like mad every time he lay down. Minutes later, Drew had done thirty-five sit-ups and was ready to reverse, but Corey encouraged him to do more. “You’ve got awesome abs, Drew. They just don’t show much until you use them. Try for fifty. Come on, ya big stud!”

Drew fell back laughing at forty-two and had to playfully complain, “Don’t call me that and expect me to stay focused.”

“What are you focused on?” Corey grinned.

“I was focused on getting a kiss per sit-up.”

Corey admitted, “I’m focused on you too.”

“Come here,” Drew beckoned.

Corey lay down on top of Drew and whispered, “Only for you, Drew,” and then offered his most passionate kiss. Corey now understood why Drew got excited when he had told the truth earlier that week. What Mike and Derrick were saying about being honest also made more sense. Telling his parents the truth didn’t feel like this. This honesty was different. Drew had said that he felt sad when Corey was picked on at school, and they didn’t even know each other at the time. Breaking the kiss, Corey posed a question. “Why do you think I was mocked and picked on, Drew?”

Drew thought for a few moments then answered, “For two reasons; first, some people think they’re better than everyone else, so that’s just the way they are. Secondly, because those kinds of people don’t like to know that they aren’t as perfect as they think they are.”

Corey scowled and asked, “What do you mean?”

Drew grinned, “A dude thinks he’s God’s gift to the world. Then he sees another dude that is so undeniably good looking, it’s like a smack in the face. They never learned that there’s always someone better; a better baseball player, a better swimmer, a better musician; you name it, there’s always gonna be someone better. It might take years, but, like Hank Aaron hit more homers than Babe Ruth. There will always be someone.”

Corey squealed, “You’re saying I was picked on because of my looks, not because I seem gay?”

“Yep,” Drew nodded and then smiled, “They're so stupid that they don’t think a good lookin’ dude can be tough. You were tough though. You took their shit then turned around and got good grades anyway. You didn’t shy away, Corey, you did what you needed and wanted to do, regardless of their bullshit.”

Accepting that, Corey asked, “Did I ever seem gay?”

Drew sighed then forcefully said, “Never once that I’ve seen. The only time you act gay is when it’s kind o’ necessary, having sex with me. Is it even possible to give your ass to another dude and not seem gay?

“I ride your cock; I stick my ass in the air for you to take it, I kneel down and take your bone in my mouth. You do all those things too. And then, when we’re done making love, we do other stuff. Are we acting gay while watching TV, or playing ball, or playing tennis, or swimming, or running from house-to-house?

“As far as I’ve seen, only assholes treat you and other people like shit. Nobody on our little league teams ever treated you that way. Nobody in our tennis classes treated you that way either. Inconsiderate assholes did that shit, Corey; to prove to themselves they’re better, but they really aren’t any better. To me, and I’d bet half the school, they’re only proving that they’re assholes.”

Corey softly admitted, “I really thought it was because I like other dudes.”

Drew smirked, “Are you doin’ stuff when I’m not around to see it? Are you gazing at dudes and fantasizing?”

“No,” Corey quickly answered. “I don’t even look down in locker rooms.”

“You’re thinking wrong of yourself, Cor. Ya wanna know what else I know for certain?”


Drew said, “You’re gonna be a tall, handsome dude, with internal and external strength that other dudes are envious of. The best part is, you’re my boyfriend, so that makes me look pretty damn good and very lucky.” Uncontrollably blushing, Corey giggled. Drew smiled and caressed Corey’s face, saying, “You’re the partner I want, Corey. I didn’t know you were gay when we met. It sure as hell can’t be said I had an easy time figuring out my own sexuality. It worked out though, for both of us. Someday, we’re gonna be out and lots of people will know that I’m with you, and you’re with me. What causes me to get embarrassed about it is knowing what they might be thinking about gay sex. I didn’t get the impression that Prez’s Aunt and Uncle cared. They concentrated on Rob, not us. I only wish everybody was that way. There are only two people that should be thinking about sex we have; you and me. I feel that I should know better. Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.” Realizing that Corey had another erection, Drew incredulously laughed, “Corey!”

Corey giggled, “It’s time to do pushups… into me, ya big stud!” Drew laughed harder and shook his head. Corey stole a quick tender kiss then rested his head over Drew’s shoulder.

After a few quiet minutes, Drew whispered, “Come on, Cor. We’ll both do real pushups together. Then I’ll hold your legs while you do sit-ups.”

“I’ll get kisses for each?” Corey confirmed.


Corey pushed up off of Drew then moved to one side. Drew rolled over and Corey lay down on his belly. Together, they did thirty pushups. They had done twenty-five at school in P.E., but worked to get those last five done. Drew knelt up and waited for Corey to roll over. He squatted over Corey’s legs and held his thighs, as Corey had done. With each sit-up, Corey got a kiss. It was almost one-thirty when they got up off the floor and began stripping the bed. Soon, the sheets were in the washing machine and they were in the shower. While in there, Drew came clean and admitted that, when they first met Brian and Pete, it was Pete who caught his eye first. “That’s what I see you looking like in two or three years, Corey,” Drew smiled.

Corey smirked, “Pete’s got way more muscle than me.”

“He’s seventeen,” Drew reminded. “Once we get your weight stabilized, and you keep diving and swimming, and playing baseball and tennis, that’s what you’ll look like too; maybe not quite as cut as Pete, but still in awesome shape.”

Feeling his face heat up, Corey turned the tables. He began tracing the outlines of Drew’s muscles with his fingertips, working up from his hips to his abs to his chest, and then using two hands for each of Drew’s shoulders and biceps. Although they were giggling hysterically, they both got hard again. Corey reached for Drew’s bone. Drew stepped closer, took hold of Corey’s cock and began playing the foreskin coupling game. With his arms draped over Drew’s shoulders, Corey came forcefully against the head of Drew’s cock. They both liked the way it felt, so when Corey recovered, Drew let Corey play the game until his own load oozed from under Corey’s foreskin. Rapturous, Drew began placing tender kisses along Corey’s lips. When he had caught his breath, he opened up and took Corey’s breath away. Corey’s eyes closed and he held on tightly to Drew before his knees buckled. Breaking the kiss, Drew muttered, “The tastiest mouth around.”

Swooning, Corey breathlessly huffed, “Omigod, Drew.” To make matters worse for Corey, Drew picked up the soap and washed his lover’s chubby dick, paying close attention to making sure two loads of jizz were cleaned from his lover.

They got out of the shower and toweled each other dry. Since no one was home, they padded naked back to the bedroom and slipped into boardies. Heading to the garage, the bed sheets were moved from the washing machine into the dryer. They went to the living room and found a ball game on TV. That’s where they stayed for about an hour, until the dryer beeped. They got the sheets and re-made Drew’s bed. Once the task was finished, they decided to remain there and watch the rest of the ball game from bed. When the game ended, they found The Empire Strikes Back already in progress.

At five minutes to four that afternoon, Drew and Corey heard the front door open. Keith hollered, “Drew?”

“In my room, bro,” Drew loudly replied. Rush trotted down the hall and into Drew’s room.

Following Keith, Brian and Pete down the hall, Prez evilly snickered. Corey cracked up and was still giggling when four faces looked in the room. Keith teased, “Why are you blushing and smiling, bro?”

Petting the dog, Drew smirked, “I’m not blushing. We’re only watching TV.”

“We wanted you to find us here together,” Corey revealed.

“I thought you were going to your Aunt’s house, Prez,” Drew said.

“I’ve got to call first, and get my guitar,” Prez replied. “Besides, I want to give Corey hug.”

Keith chirped, “Me too,” and then teased, “We could do that on the bed and break the new mattress in?” Drew rolled his eyes while Corey shuffled off the bed, blushing bright pink and giggling.

Going to Prez first, Corey got a hug. Prez squeezed Corey tightly and softly beamed, “Great work, Corey. You gained another three and a quarter pounds?”

Hugging Prez back, Corey looked up and nodded. He and Prez separated then Corey went to Keith for another hug and a surprising kiss on the forehead. When Corey looked up, Keith joked, “It was the pancakes, wasn’t it?”

Stepping back, Corey howled and nodded, “Prob’ly so.”

“It’s awesome, dude,” Keith cheered. In his pocket, Keith’s cell phone rang. Keith scowled and fished his cell phone out then answered it.

Mike said, “Get dressed, bro. You’re working tonight.”

“Tonight?” Keith queried, and then reminded, “I’m supposed to go with Prez, bro.”

“We can get you in tonight, Keith.” Mike explained, “One of the busboys got fired. If you don’t make it tonight, it might be September before we can get you in.”

Noticing Keith’s surprised and uncertain expression, Prez asked, “What’s going on, babe?”

Keith told Prez, “It’s Mike. There’s an opening at Black Angus tonight.”

“You’re going,” Prez firmly said. “I’ve wanted you there for months. I can go to my aunt’s house alone, Keith. This is more important.”

Keith told Mike, “Gimme some time to get dressed, bro. I’ll be there in twenty or thirty minutes.”

“Awesome!” Mike giggled, “See ya soon.” He shouted across the noisy kitchen, telling someone that Keith was on his way then hung up.

Keith looked at the phone to disconnect the call then dramatically frowned at Prez, offering, “I’m sorry, baby.”

Prez chuckled, “Don’t be, I’m sure not. I’m finally going to be working with my boyfriend and two best friends.” He took Keith’s hand and led him back to their bedroom. Brian and Pete were invited to have a seat on Drew’s bed. The four of them watched TV and chatted.

While Prez got a pair of black slacks and a white shirt from the closet, Keith started to strip and bitched, “I wanted to go with you, Prez. Now I can’t and I have to make a decision about where I’m gonna work and when.”

“You’ll work where you can, when you can,” Prez offered. He went to the dresser, got a pair of boxers and tossed them to Keith saying, “This is good, babe. I’m really excited for you, and not the least bit miffed because you can’t come with me. I’d place big bucks that it was Terry that got fired. That means you can work tonight, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, if you want to. That was Terry’s schedule. I think Randy is there tonight, so you guys can reorganize the schedule if you need to.” By this time, Keith had boxers, socks and the slacks on. Prez helped Keith get the shirt on then buttoned it for him, widely smiling, “You know me, Keith. You can rearrange the schedule so you can work Blockbuster and work with me too. Do whatever needs to be done, babe. If you want to work Tuesday, switch it around so that I’m there with you. I have nothing to complain about, babe.” He glanced down at Keith’s feet and suggested, “Wear your black sneakers tonight. You’ll be slip-sliding around the kitchen in your dress shoes. I want you home in one piece, so I can eat you alive.”

Keith grinned and stole a kiss while loud laughter erupted from Drew’s bedroom. Getting his sneakers from the closet, Keith reminded, “The key for Doug’s house is in my boardies, baby.”

Once Keith had his sneakers on, he grabbed his wallet and car keys. Prez walked him out of the house, saying, “It’s a really easy job, babe. You’ll probably be carrying bus buckets and bar trays with one hand by the end of the night. Just watch Mike, Derrick and Randy; they’ll show you the ropes.”

Stopped at his car, they embraced and Keith smiled, “Have fun with your cousin and family, baby. Tell them that I really wanted to be there, it wasn’t in the stars this time.” He then landed a deep kiss.

Prez smiled, “They’ll know why and won’t care because I’ll be happy about it. When you look in your pocket around eleven-thirty tonight and find seventy or eighty bucks, you’ll be much happier too.” He then stole another tender kiss and offered, “Have good night, babe.”

Keith nodded and ducked into his car, saying, “See ya later, baby.”

Prez went to the curb and waited then waved when Keith pulled away. Thrilled, Prez hollered, “YEE-FUCKIN’-HAW!” and then ran back into the house. Rush immediately picked up on his master’s enthusiasm and bounced around him. Prez played with his dog and growled back at Rush’s vocalizations. He went to the kitchen to call his aunt’s house.

Rob answered and, hearing his cousin’s voice, excitedly asked, “Are you comin’ over tonight.”

Prez answered, “Yep, I’m just getting ready to leave now. Is your mom at home?”

“Uh huh,” Rob giggled, “she’s in the bathroom.”

“Okay,” Prez grinned. “Tell her it’s just me and Rush tonight. I’ll explain why when I get there, which should be in about thirty minutes. See ya soon, cousin.”

Rob imitated Prez. “See ya soon, cousin. Bye.”

Prez said goodbye then went down the hall. On Drew’s bed sat Pete with Brian between his legs and Drew with Corey between his legs. “I’m headin’ out, guys. Remember, band rehearsal at ten in the morning, at Mike’s.”

Drew nodded and smiled, “No problem, Prez. Have a good time.” Everyone offered their farewells then Prez went to get his guitar from under the bed. He called Rush and they left the house. The four boys in Drew’s room had just seen a commercial for the movie There’s Something About Mary. They discussed it and decided a comedy would be better than drama. Corey shuffled out of the way so Drew could get up and call the theater. A little more than a minute later with the phone still against his ear, Drew repeated the recorded movie times aloud for Corey, Brian and Pete. They all agreed to see the flick at nine-fifteen that night. The theater was at the Promenade Mall, only a few minutes away.

Keith arrived at Black Angus and parked. Not knowing any better, he went in the main entrance, where at least two dozen customers were waiting in line. Rather than make a scene and skip through to tell them he was a new busboy, Keith waited and moved slowly along with the line. Once Keith was inside, Mike saw him and called him in to follow him.

“We’re jam packed already,” Mike excitedly said as they entered the kitchen. “We could make big bucks tonight.” Mike took Keith to a sink filled with hot soapy water and explained, “Take a wet towel and a dry towel to wipe the tables after each party leaves. I put the wet one in my right side back pocket and the dry one in my left side back pocket. When they’re dirty, toss ‘em in the other sink and get fresh towels. The job is a breeze. If a customer needs something, get them whatever they want, or tell the waitress if it’s food or drinks. When a party leaves, get to the table quickly; put all the plates and silverware in the buckets first. Any glassware goes in last so it doesn’t break. Wipe down the table, dry it off and then bring the bus bucket in here to empty it for the dishwashers. Trail me to get the idea then start going for it.”

Keith followed Mike out to the dining room. He was amazed that Mike was moving so quickly, quite a change from his normal pace and helplessly grinned. Derrick passed rapidly by towards the kitchen and smiled at Keith. Mike stopped at one of the waiter service stations to show Keith where silverware was normally kept, and softly explained that the dishwashers provided them with clean silverware to take into the dining rooms.

Keith grinned and wondered, “Who are you, really?”

Mike smirked, “That’s one smack for later. We gotta be quiet and do our job quickly. The happier the customers are and the more of them we get in here, the better our tips will be.” Seeing a couple leaving a table, Mike grabbed an empty bus bucket from under the service station and led Keith there. Clearing the table, Mike softly said, “Move quickly and quietly, bro; put the heaviest stuff, like plates, on the bottom of the bucket, then the silverware and then the glassware.” While they wiped down the table, another group of four was preparing to leave. As soon as they finished the first table they went to the next. While they cleared that table, Mike saw another party of three preparing to leave and told Keith, “I’ll take this bucket to the kitchen. You wipe down this table then get the next table. If you fill a bucket, bring it in the kitchen. I’ll be back in a minute.” Easily, Mike lifted the bucket with about fifty pounds worth of plates, silverware and glasses. He parked it on his shoulder and balanced it there with one hand and then hurried toward the kitchen.

Keith finished wiping down the table and dried it off then went to the service station for another empty bucket. The first table they had cleared already had another party of four sitting there. The Maitre De was bringing in another group for the second table. Heading for the third empty table, Keith could only think, “Christ! No wonder Prez is tired and grimy when he gets home. This is nuts!” Keith had barely cleared the table and cleaned it before noticing another group, not too far away, preparing to leave. He took the bus bucket there and started clearing up after a party of five.

Randy came over to help Keith and offered, “Make sure the seats are clean too, dude. If anything will slow us down, its customers refusing a table because the seats are dirty.”

Keith nodded and softly asked, “Is it always busy like this?”

Randy nodded and smiled, “During the summer and holidays, yeah. Only rainy nights are so slow that it’s barely worth coming in.” Noticing the full bucket, Randy instructed, “Two hands up onto your shoulder. Steady it and off into the kitchen it goes. I’ll get the next table.” Keith quickly learned keeping a heavy bus bucket balanced wasn’t as easy as it looked. And there were other customers, waiters and waitresses carrying food around the kitchen to try and avoid walking into. This was way different than even the busiest nights at Blockbuster.

Keith followed Derrick from the kitchen back to the dining room, where they put their empty buckets. They then hurried to the bar where two big trays of glassware needed to be taken to the kitchen. Amazingly to Keith, Derrick shouldered the tray and took two glasses from the other tray in his free hand then started for the kitchen. Keith carefully lifted the second tray and used both hands to keep it steady on his shoulder then briskly walked to the kitchen. Derrick was almost finished emptying his tray by the time Keith walked in. Rinsing his towel in the sink, Derrick grinned, “You’re getting it, Keith. Learning to balance the stuff isn’t too hard. By your second or third night, you’ll be a pro.”

Keith chuckled, “Pro busboy, my greatest dream.”

Derrick smiled, “When you’re counting out big bucks later, it’ll all be worthwhile.”

Randy put a bucket down beside Keith and offered, “There’s a party of twelve waiting too. We’ve gotta push together three tables in room ‘C’. That party alone will get us ten bucks each, minimum.” He then instructed, “Wipe down the tray, Keith. Rinse your towel and get back out there.”

Keith had already been there almost an hour when Mike came in the kitchen with Angela and introduced her to Keith. She was one of the hostesses and the woman all the busboys reported to. Angela had Keith fill out a time card and write in his arrival time. She initialed his hand written time, briefly explaining about hourly wages that were calculated on average tips. Keith knew for a fact that he would get more than she was figuring in tips. He could only recall one or two nights the prior winter where Prez had come home with less than forty bucks. Angela said she would have some paperwork for Keith to fill out later that night and to not leave before they got that done and talked.

Prez arrived at his aunt’s house and told her that Keith was finally working at Black Angus. In the not too distant future, they would be working together, Prez happily explained. Since his uncle hadn’t gotten home from work, dinner would be around seven. That left Prez with plenty of time to listen to what his cousin had learned and then show him a few more things. Rob had taken Prez’s advice and only played for ten or fifteen minutes twice a day for the prior two weeks. He was starting to get his fingers moving, so Prez showed him the chords for Best Of My Love, by The Eagles. Uncle John walked in the house to find Prez demonstrating how to strum the chords, and Rob closely watching his cousin’s hands.

Half an hour and countless cleared tables later, the four busboys were again together at the dishwasher. The party of twelve was being covered by Randy and Derrick. “They’re gettin’ trashed!” Randy loudly laughed.

Derrick nodded and chuckled, “The more they drink, the wider they open their wallets.”

Randy reminded Derrick, “Now one of us needs to play the shy gay boy as well as Prez.”

Keith cracked up and assured, “He is not shy, take my word for it.”

Derrick sniggered, “It’s only a matter of pointing your ass in the right direction and at the right time.”

“Hey!” Mike loudly laughed. “Watch where you’re pointing, I might go off.”

For another five hours, the four busboys raced in and out of the kitchen. Keith learned all there was to learn, including table numbers within the five dining rooms, and was starting to meet several waiters and waitresses. One of the younger and prettier waitresses, named Daria, eyed the length of Keith’s body and made him blush more than he had since first meeting Prez. She had Keith helping her with bread and butter for the customers and he even carried a tray of food from the kitchen to a table where six customers waited for their dinners. Around eleven o’clock activity at the restaurant was slowing down. Keith was in the kitchen with Derrick and Mike when he told Daria that he was gay.

“Angela!” Daria shouted across the kitchen.

Coming around the serving area, Angela hollered, “What?”

“Four of our eight busboys are gay,” Daria complained, “and they keep getting cuter!” Mike, Derrick and a few of the chefs howled laughing, leaving Keith beet red and softly sniggering.

Angela smirked, “Put your horns away, girl, you’re engaged. If all gay boys work like these four, I might make homosexuality a prerequisite for the job. Remember when we had five busboys and a bar boy every night?”

Daria nodded and smiled, “Terry was a zombie in comparison.”

Mike wrapped an arm around Keith’s shoulders as they slowly walked away from the dishwasher and softly explained, “After busy nights like this, everybody starts talkin’ shit, bro. This is a good sign, you’re accepted.”

After a great night with his aunt, uncle and cousin, Prez was driving back to Agoura Hills, reviewing the night in his mind. There weren’t any tears shed over his mother or months of lost time. Prez even got to tuck Rob into bed that night around ten o’clock; it really made Prez feel special. None of his older cousins in Texas ever showed Prez any sign of caring or consideration. The little that Prez showed Rob had been given back three-fold. Even Rush seemed to enjoy the visit. He was in the backseat with his nose stuck out the window, watching trees and road lines and other traffic go by. Prez arrived in Agoura Hills about eleven o’clock. He took Rush for his last walk of the night around Chumash Park and looked down the street at Ben’s house. It seemed all the lights were off at Ben’s house. Since he obviously wouldn’t have any company until Keith, Derrick and Mike got back, he unlocked the front door of Doug and Brian’s house then went inside, making himself at home in front of the television.

The doors at Black Angus were closed at ten o’clock and no additional parties were coming in. A few at a time, tables were being left empty. The party of twelve had received and paid their bill and were preparing to depart. Randy, Derrick, Mike and Keith were clearing the last tables of the night and began getting their tips. Angela pulled Keith aside. At a table in the bar area, Keith filled in five forms. He also got to discuss his Blockbuster work schedules with Angela. She wanted Keith available to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Keith said that he needed to discuss that with his boss at Blockbuster because as it stood, he was expected to work there those same three days. But Keith liked the schedule because he could work with Prez, Mike, Derrick and Randy. Angela understood Keith’s prior commitments and asked that he call the restaurant to let her know how his availability worked out.

At eleven-forty, the four Black Angus busboys clocked out and left via the back loading dock. Randy was invited for the next day’s rehearsal and said that he would try to make it. Climbing into his car and relaxing for the first time since about four-thirty, Keith melted. During the drive to Agoura Hills, he realized that his arms, back and legs hurt. He knew Prez would give him a massage, but frighteningly, his dick didn’t get hard at the thought, he was that tired.

Brian, Pete, Corey and Drew went right back to the Hundsers’ after seeing There’s Something About Mary. The flick was hysterical and they enjoyed it immensely. Jim and Jennifer were still awake, waiting in the living room, when they got home about eleven-thirty. The boys shared some of the funnier scenes with the adults. A little before midnight, Jim and Jennifer said goodnight and went to the master bedroom.

Drew asked Brian and Pete, “Do you guys usually watch the Tonight Show or David Lettermen?”

Pete said, “It really doesn’t matter, Drew.” Nodding, Drew changed to channel 4 and put the Tonight Show on.

Brian asked, “Aren’t you tired? You guys don’t have to stay awake because of us, ya know?”

Corey quickly assured, “We’re usually awake until one or two anyway.”

Drew asked, “Do you dudes want a drink or anything?”

Slightly out of sync, Brian and Pete said, “We’re fine.”

“Excuse me for a few minutes,” Drew grinned, “Popcorn plus soda means it’s bathroom time.” He turned to Corey and smiled, “Keep our guests company for a few, please, angel?”

Corey nodded and purposefully whimpered, disappointed that he couldn’t follow Drew this time. All four began softly chuckling. Standing, Drew left the living room.

Brian softly admitted, “Something’s been on my mind, Corey. Do you mind hearing it?”

Corey tilted his head curiously, saying, “No, go ahead, dude.”

Brian pursed his lips in thought then said, “Yesterday and again today, you said that you don’t want to work out with weights, because you think it’ll make you large, like your father.”

Corey nodded and hummed affirmatively.

“That’s not true,” Brian told him. Seeing Corey’s suspicious expression, Brian explained, “If you use lower weights, you’ll build strength and endurance. Heavier weights will build muscle mass. Did you know that?”

Corey shook his head and softly asked, “Wouldn’t running and calisthenics be better though?”

“Not necessarily,” Pete quickly offered. “If you’re doing pushups, you’re lifting all your weight. I play football and usually warm-up at ten or twelve reps of about a hundred or a hundred and twenty pounds. Didn’t I hear your weight is now one hundred and eighteen pounds?”

Corey nodded, “One-eighteen and a half, actually. You could bench press me, Pete.”

Brian said, “You could mold your body into what you want with weights, say ten pounds on dumbbells, for your arms. Another good exercise would be something between thirty and fifty pounds on a barbell, doing shoulder presses or knee bends with the weight on your shoulder. They would work your back, shoulders and legs.”

“That sounds way easier than doing pushups,” Corey grinned. “Are you sure it would work?”

Brian and Pete both assured Corey that low level weight training was the better option. Pete continued, “It might sound easier than doing twenty pushups, but have you ever tried doing fifty curls of ten pounds with your arms? It’s not easy, even after you’ve worked yourself up to fifty.”

“Endurance, Corey,” Brian gently reminded. “Your muscles will only grow to a point, and then you’re keeping them toned. We could try it now, in the garage if you want?”

Corey smiled, “We’d have to talk softly, dudes. The other side of the garage wall is the Hundsers’ master bathroom. Beyond that is their bedroom. Can we do that?”

Brian nodded, “Sure thing. Explaining what we’re doing won’t be loud at all.”

“Lemme tell Drew, so he knows where we are,” Corey quickly said as he stood. He hurried down the hall and tapped lightly on the bathroom door, telling Drew, “Brian’s gonna show me some weight lifting stuff. We’ll be in the garage, Drew.”

Beyond the door, Drew said, “I’ll be right there, Cor.”

Corey returned to the living room. Brian and Pete were already standing near the garage door, waiting for him. All three stepped into the garage and Corey turned on the lights. Brian showed Corey the barbell and explained, “This is exactly where Keith and I left it.” He counted the plates by their weight in pounds then doubled it for the opposite end of the bar. Brian then added, “The bar alone is another fifteen pounds. Sixty plus fifteen is seventy-five pounds. Keith lifts that twenty-five or thirty times, moves to knee bends and then to squat thrusts before doing all three exercises twice more. That’s three sets of reps.” He checked with Corey, “Do you understand sets versus reps, or repetitions?”

“Sure, easy,” Corey nodded.

Down on the floor, behind the bench, were Keith’s dumbbells. He pointed them out to Corey and told him to count the weight on the plates.

Squatting down, Corey rattled off, “One, one, two and a half, and five. That’s nine and a half times two, so nineteen pounds.” He wondered, “How much does the little bar weight?”

Pete grinned, “Probably five or six pounds. It should say on the edge, Corey.”

Corey lifted the dumbbell and looked closely at one edge then muttered, “Six pounds. So Keith’s doing twenty-five pounds.”

Brian nodded, “Keith told me that he’d do three sets of fifteen reps using those dumbbells. For you, we’re gonna take weights off.” Corey stepped aside and Brian moved over then took off the necessary plates, leaving only two one pound weights on each side for a total of ten pounds. Drew stepped into the garage as Brian was finishing up. Brian picked up the dumbbell in his right hand, sat down on the bench and put his left arm behind his right arm, explaining, “This is the way you lift a dumbbell, always supporting the arm doing the lifting with your other arm.” Brian began demonstrating the technique for Corey, and repeatedly instructed, “Exhale up, inhale down.”

Corey nodded and asked, “Shouldn’t I have weights in both arms and lift while standing?”

Shaking his head, Brian corrected, “Once you’re satisfied that you can lift them both without hurting yourself, yeah you could do that. For now, we’re going to make sure you can lift it and see how many reps you can comfortably do. That’ll be your starting point, Corey. Don’t strain yourself at all – comfortable is the key word, okay?” Corey nodded. Brian put the dumbbell down on the floor then gestured for Corey to sit on the bench. Once Corey lifted the dumbbell, he and Pete made certain Corey was supporting his arm correctly and keeping his back straight. Brian said, “Cool, go ahead and start curling your arm, Corey.”

Corey began curling the dumbbell, but lowered his arm down again too quickly. “Slowly, Corey,” Pete reminded. “There are benefits to both the upward and downward motions, especially for endurance training, like we want for you. That’s called positive and negative resistance, by the way; positive as you lift up and negative as you control the downward motion. Without the negative resistance, your arm is only being pulled down by the weight. That doesn’t accomplish a thing and could hurt you.”

“Okay,” Corey said, and corrected himself.

While Corey did the exercise, Brian said, “It’s always best to work out with a spotter, someone to help when you need it. That’s you, Drew.”

“Sweet!” Drew chirped and cheekily grinned. Brian rolled his eyes.

Pete smiled, “It’s never good to laugh or make someone laugh while they’re exercising. There’s work time and then, later, there’s play time.”

Drew only nodded and bit his tongue, waiting for Corey to put the dumbbell down on the floor. When Corey put it down, Drew smiled, “When was I not good?” Quickly covering his mouth, Corey cracked up.

Shaking his head, Brian helplessly sniggered then told Corey, “Now reverse the exercise for your other arm. Support your arm and keep your back straight; exhale lifting, inhale lowering.”

Lifting the dumbbell with his left hand, Corey got his arm supported, made sure his back was straight and paid close attention to his breathing while performing the exercise. In the meantime, Pete and Drew adjusted the weight on the barbell down to thirty-five pounds. When Corey was finished, he scowled, “Ten on the right arm, but only eight on the left arm.”

Brian nodded, “You’re right handed, that’s normal. So, you stay at ten on your right arm until you can do ten with your left, just as easily. Then you can advance to say, twelve reps on each arm. When twelve is easy, then go for fifteen. Never increase by more than two or three reps. Slowly work your way to more reps; after fifteen, then seventeen, then twenty and so on.” He then asked, “What are we after, Corey?”

“Endurance, not muscle mass,” Corey confirmed.

“Excellent,” Brian smiled. While Brian demonstrated how to correctly lift the barbell for Corey, Pete worked with Drew and the dumbbell. They stayed in the garage until almost one in the morning, learning how to lift safely, before calling it a night.

After the eleven o’clock news had ended, Prez noticed the Yellow Submarine clock in Doug’s kitchen. Now he knew how Keith felt when he arrived home late. With nothing better to do, Prez practiced guitar until Keith, Derrick and Mike walked in the door. Putting his guitar back in its case, Prez went to greet them. One quick glance said it all. “Okay,” Prez giggled, “who’s hungry?”

Derrick smirked, “Only buttered bread and sodas tonight, bro.”

Keith groaned, “I hurt all over, baby.”

Rubbing his forehead, Mike remembered, “There are hot dogs in the fridge, Prez.”

“Rather than make a mess, I could make a quick run to Mickey Dee’s, Burger King or Taco Bell?” Prez suggested.

Leaning back against the wall, Keith stretched his arms and nodded, “Burger King, a whopper with cheese.” He sighed, “Oh, Jesus. Look who I’m telling what I want to eat, as if he doesn’t know?”

Prez slithered in close and gave his lover a kiss. Feeling the bulging pocket of cash, Prez teased, “Keith, something feels odd in your pants.”

Keith grinned, “I know, baby. A shower, some food and then a massage should get my unit functioning again.” Nearby, Derrick and Mike were already counting their tips. Keith pulled out a wad of cash and immediately gave it to Prez, saying, “Tonight’s food run is on me, dudes.”

Mike nodded, “We’ll get ya back, bro.” He then told Prez, “Double whopper with cheese, please, Prez. No fries for me.”

Derrick said, “Whopper with cheese and fries. We’ve got plenty of soda here, bro.”

Prez nodded, “Got it. To the shower, guys.” Facing Mike and Derrick, Prez grinned, “Keith’s not used to the job, so you have my permission to rub anything above the waist he needs rubbed. Save below the waist for me.”

Mike shook his head and reminded, “You first, Prez. After that, if we’re still fully functional, we’ll decide who’s next.”

Prez nodded and said, “I’ll be back soon with the grub.” He then called, “Rush, let’s go for a ride, hound dog.” The dog scurried across the room and followed Prez out of the house. Once the dog was in the 4Runner, Prez got in and started the engine. He turned on the interior light and began counting Keith’s tips. There was a knock on his passenger side door, startling him. Seeing Ben standing there, he unlocked the door and rolled down the window, saying, “Get in, Ben. Derrick, Mike and Keith just got home from work.”

Ben got in and said, “It’s awful late too.”

Prez nodded, “It was Keith’s first night at Black Angus. While they shower, we’ll make a food run.” Prez came up with eighty-three dollars and gasped, “Baptism by fire, too.” He stepped on the clutch, put the car in first gear and pulled away.

Ben put his seat belt on to stop the annoying alarm beeps then softly asked, “Keith’s showering with Derrick and Mike, without you?”

Driving out of the neighborhood, Prez grinned, “Working at Black Angus is rough. There’s a lot of lifting and racing from the dining room to the kitchen and back again. Judging by Keith’s tips, they had an exceptionally busy night. I trust them, Ben. Keith wouldn’t allow it, Derrick wouldn’t try and, even though Mike might, they’re all too tired.”

Grinning and shaking his head, Ben mumbled, “You four are amazing.”

Prez only shrugged and changed the subject. “Did you and your mom make it to Woodland Hills?” he wondered.

“Oh, yeah, we did,” Ben brightly cheered. “It’s a nice place. Mom’s paid the security deposit. We’re moving in September first.”

“Excellent!” Prez chuckled. “I only lived there for a few months, but it was nice. The best part is that you’ll be going to school with us. Tomorrow, check with Drew and Corey about an orientation date.”

Ben nodded and thought for a minute or so. “I’m still nervous,” Ben sighed.


Ben shrugged, “I’m not very popular, somehow.”

“Neither was I at my old school in Texas,” Prez admitted. He then explained, “I spent last summer with Keith, Mike and Derrick, choosing to make changes. Those modifications get to be habit. You’re way different these last few weeks, Ben. By September, you’ll have some new habits too. Someone once said, ‘You reap what you sow. What you fear could become reality simply because you think of it too much’.”

Ben huffed, “Sounds like Doug.”

Pulling into the Burger King drive-thru lane, Prez laughed, “It was!”

Shaking his head, Ben grinned, “Did you know Doug and Brian were almost begging me to visit you dudes?”

“No,” Prez quickly answered, and held a finger up, asking, “Gimme a minute to order, bud?”

The voice from the order wall said, “Welcome to Burger King. How may I help you?”

Prez spoke loudly and clearly to the microphone in the wall. “Hi. I’d like a double whopper with cheese, three whoppers with cheese and two large French fries, please.” The voice confirmed Prez’s order. Prez said, “That’s it, thanks.”

“Pull up to the second window,” the voice instructed. Prez pulled forward and stopped at the window.

The woman at the window said, “Eleven-fifty-three.”

Prez counted out twelve dollars and handed it to the lady. When he got his change, he pocketed it and asked Ben, “Did you know all four of us went to our Junior Prom?”

Ben’s jaw dropped and he rapidly shook his head, saying, “No, but I shouldn’t be surprised.”

Prez said, “We talked with Doug and Brian about it. It wasn’t even a possibility for them to do it, when they were in high school twenty-years ago. They gave us good advice too. We didn’t take all of their advice, but did take most of it. That turned out to be one of the best nights of our lives.” The woman appeared at the window again with two sacks that she passed to Prez. Prez said, “Thanks; have a good night.”

She smiled, “You too.”

Driving forward and heading back towards Kanan Road, Prez told Ben, “They may be older and a little eccentric most of the time, but they’re cool, Ben.”

Ben incredulously giggled, “A little eccentric? Looney Toons on the bathroom wallpaper? Beatles Yellow Submarine paraphernalia all over the house?”

Prez nodded and grinned, “Watch That 70’s Show once in a while. Those guys sitting in a circle, smokin’ pot in their basement, are like Doug and Brian. They survived the drugs and alcohol, the gigs with big hair, and came through it just slightly whacked. Lots of other folks probably didn’t survive or are majorly whacked. For some more unfortunates, reality isn’t a concept to be considered. Doug and Brian run two pubs in Orange County. Doug also works as a computer engineer. And they still find time to play for audiences at their pubs and record their own music. They’re in a committed long term relationship and own a house across the street from a beautiful park. If any of us are in similar positions twenty years from now, I think we should consider ourselves very lucky.”

Thinking for a few moments, Ben softly hummed. He then said, “You’re right. I guess it was my own fucked up thoughts and emotions making me believe they were something more than they really are.”

“They’ve lived, learned and survived,” Prez summarized. He sighed, “A guy we met only weeks ago, back in late May, got into a car accident. Francis was a sophomore. As I understand it, he won’t ever be a junior. My mom is gone through no one’s fault. Mike’s dad is gone too. What life dishes out we can only try and deal with. Sometimes it’s easy and fun; other times it could drive you insane or even end it all, without warning. Last October, I really thought I would go nuts. Keith, Derrick and Mike saved me from losing it. The entire Hundser family saved me. Like my mom would want, I’m now doing my best to give back.”

Prez stopped in front of the house and rolled up the windows. Ben helped him put the sunscreen against the windshield and softly offered, “Thanks, Prez.”

“For what? You were only listening to me ramble. I could be thanking you.”

Ben shrugged, “For the way you dudes have helped me, the way you all talk to me; everything.”

“You’re a person,” Prez flatly said. “The lady at Burger King was a person, worthy of my saying please and thank you; showing just a tiny bit of consideration matters to everyone.”

“That’s rare, Prez,” Ben smiled. “It’s not what I’ve experienced. I’ll bet the lady was surprised too.” Ben picked up the bags of food and opened his door then stepped out of the 4Runner.

Prez called Rush, locked his car and started to the house. Reaching into his pocket for the house key and finding only cloth, he recalled that he left Mike’s copy of the key on the coffee table and started chuckling.

Ben turned and smiled, “What?”

“First of all, I forgot to bring the house key,” Prez sniggered. “Secondly, they just got out of the shower so I expect three bare butts in there.” Ben’s head sagged and he helplessly laughed. Prez knocked on the door. Derrick answered in his birthday suit, as expected, and smirked. “You ordered burgers and fries, Sir?” Prez cackled. Rush barreled into the house. Blushing bright pink, Ben walked in giggling and Prez followed.

The two bags of food were taken from Ben by Mike and Derrick. Keith wrapped an arm around Prez and landed a deep kiss then asked, “Did you count my tips?”

Prez nodded and smiled, “Eighty three bucks, babe; minus the twelve bucks for burgers and fries.”

Keith grinned, “I’m starving!” and then hurried to the table, pulling Prez along with him.

Ben followed and took a seat. Opening the wrapping around his whopper, Prez said, “It looks like Ben and his mom will be our new neighbors.”

Ben smiled and nodded, “We’re moving September first. My mom spent the night going through my dad’s clothes. They go to the church tomorrow. She’ll be taking the police report to a lawyer on Monday, to draw up the divorce paperwork. We’ll probably have a garage sale too.” Glancing around the group, he asked, “Did you notice the ‘For Sale’ sign on our front lawn?” Since the other four were eating, they could only reply with negative grunts and shaking heads. Ben smiled, “Mom went to see him the other day. He’s not the least bit sorry about it. Mom is pursuing the attempted murder charge and she’s been assured it will stick. He tried to lunge at her. Mom told the lawyer and he’s requested the video to slap him with another assault charge.” Slowly shaking his head, Ben muttered, “What a fuckin’ idiot. Maybe I was adopted.”

The four looked up from their food at Ben and stopped chewing, with slowly spreading smirks on their faces. Ben giggled at them and they all fell apart with soft sniggering. Once they had calmed down a little bit, Ben cheerfully explained, “As rough as these past two weeks have been, it’s been easier to deal with than any single day he was around. We have to move and I’ll be changing schools, but is it the end of the world? Nope; it’s the beginning. My mom still has her job and will have a shorter commute. As nervous as I am about a new school, I’ll have you dudes around.”

Gesturing at Ben, Prez swallowed and asked his friends, “Is this the same Ben we met in June?”

Munching his French fries, Derrick grinned, “He appears the same, but is different in some manner.”

“Some new confidence, maybe?” Mike mumbled around one of Derrick’s fries.

Keith nodded, “And a new sense of humor.” He popped the last of his whopper into his mouth and chewed.

Blushing at the perceptions of his four friends, still barely believing he had friends at all, Ben grinned and wiped a few stray tears from his eyes. It was noticed by Prez, Mike, Derrick and Keith; however none said a word about it.

Ben softly confirmed, “Rehearsal in the morning?”

Derrick nodded, “Ten, at Mike’s house. We’ll give you a ride, dude.”

“It’s almost one in the morning,” Ben realized. He evilly smirked, “I’d better go home and get to bed. Maybe you dudes will sleep, or maybe not.”

“Oh, we’ll sleep, eventually,” Mike teased. Derrick shrugged and grinned. Wearing a hopeful smile, Keith locked eyes with Prez.

You’re feeling more alert and awake?’ Prez silently confirmed.

Keith transmitted, ‘Enough to take you to the stars, baby.’

Prez’s soft chuckling prompted Ben to stand and say, “I’ll see you dudes in the morning.”

Around the table, everyone said goodnight to Ben. Rush escorted him to the door then returned to the dining area.

Finished eating, Derrick leaned back and told Keith, “You were awesome tonight, dude.”

Mike nodded, “I heard some of the waiters and waitresses chattin’ about the new bus boy. Angela is considering changing from five bus boys to four.”

Prez asked, “What’s the schedule like?”

“Angela wanted me there tomorrow, Sunday and Monday,” Keith explained. “I told her it wouldn’t be cool to just quit my old job with no notice at all. She was cool about it. It’ll be you three and Randy tomorrow night. While I’m at Blockbuster, I’ll see what kind of schedule alterations can be made. I’d like to work there, but I’ve already earned two nights’ salary in one night. Since it looks like my Black Angus schedule will be Friday through Monday, I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea of working five nights a week, only to include one night at Blockbuster.” Keith shrugged, “I’ll call Black Angus and talk to Angela once I know what the deal is at Blockbuster.”

Prez asked Keith, “Did you enjoy working at Black Angus?”

Keith nodded, “There’s no such thing as boredom there. Once I got going, waitresses called me for help with the customers.”

“Daria,” Derrick smiled at Prez.

Prez laughed, “Is she still engaged to be married?”

Mike nodded and chuckled, “For the moment.”

Keith sniggered, “I told her I was gay. She was not happy.”

Derrick shared, “They now know half of their bus boys are gay.”

“The better half,” Mike grinned, “the ones working the weekend and making the big bucks.”

They started to gather their trash and clear the table. Keith asked Prez, “How’re your aunt, uncle and cousins, baby?” Seeing all the humans standing, Rush got up and went to the bedroom. He looked out the doorway and saw the humans gathering in the kitchen.

“Good,” Prez smiled. “Sheila was there for dinner and left afterward. Rob’s getting his fingers moving. I taught him two chords, the beginning of Best Of My Love. If you’re gonna be working weekends, I’ll call to reschedule our lessons so you can be there, babe.”

Mike asked, “You’re teaching your cousin guitar?”

Prez nodded, “The spider chromatics that you showed me.” The next thing Prez knew, he was surrounded. Mike took his left hand, Derrick had his right hand and Keith was untying the drawstring on his board shorts. He cackled, “It’s play time?”

Shaking his head, Keith beamed, “Time to make love to our sex machine.”

Mike smiled, “Maybe this will teach you to keep your truthful ideas a little more private.”

Being led from the kitchen to the bedroom, Prez giggled, “They were private. I told the three people closest to me.”

Shaking his head and grinning, Derrick warned, “You’re making matters worse, bro,” and then lifted Prez’s right arm. Mike lifted the left arm. He and Derrick got Prez’s T-shirt off. Keith pushed his lover’s boardies to the floor, exposing a lengthening chubby.

Keith kissed Prez hard and deep. Mike began kissing, licking and nibbling Prez’s left shoulder. Derrick followed suit on the right arm and reached between Keith and Prez, fondling their dicks and nads. When Mike reached in between and felt Derrick’s hand already busy, he briefly chortled and instead reached both hands around, to squeeze Prez’s and Keith’s ass cheeks. As soon as Keith broke the lip lock, Mike reached to kiss Prez’s cheek. Feeling Mike reaching, Prez turned to him. Mike and Prez tenderly kissed. Prez turned to Derrick and received a short, passionate kiss. Derrick and Mike then stepped up onto the bed to arrange pillows for Prez.

Keith led Prez onto the bed. Prez softly admitted, “I’m not sure I like being the center of attention.”

Kneeling down and pulling Prez with him, Keith reminded, “We’ll each get to be the center of attention, baby.” Derrick and Mike guided Prez backward, supporting most of his weight and laying his head on two pillows. Prez straightened his legs and Keith leaned down to take Prez’s erection into his mouth. Prez closed his eyes and moaned. Derrick leaned down and kissed his best friend while Mike got both dildos from the bathroom. He returned and lay down between Keith’s spread legs then started playing with his best friend’s cock. Prez had his left hand running through Keith’s hair. His right hand reached beneath Derrick and found his friend’s cock.

Mike called, “Dee, gimme a pillow, please?”

Derrick grabbed a pillow then gave it to Mike. Folding the pillow in half, Mike stuffed it under his head then pulled Keith’s bone down and took it into his mouth. Derrick returned to Prez and hovered over him. With Derrick’s cock so near his face, Prez pulled it down and into his mouth. Mike’s hands roamed Keith’s ass, occasionally sliding between the cheeks and gently tracing his friend’s anus with his finger’s well practiced grace. Realizing that he could also get at Prez’s ass too, one hand carefully moved from Keith’s bum and between Prez’s legs. Mike carefully massaged Prez’s scrotum then a finger squeezed between the cheeks of Prez’s bubble butt. Prez hummed loudly on Derrick’s cock. Derrick groaned then sighed.

Keith felt Prez’s bone throbbing in his mouth and released it, laying it on his lover’s belly, knowing that Prez could lose it quickly under these conditions. He grinned and silently considered, “hell, any of us could lose it quickly with three-on-one.” Seeing what Prez was doing to Derrick and what Mike’s hand was doing to Prez’s ass, Keith leaned down and began a tongue bath around Prez’s hips, upper thighs and scrotum.

Derrick had to kneel up, pulling his cock from Prez’s talented mouth with a pop. He grabbed a kiss from Prez then whispered, “Too good, too fast, bro.” He clearly suggested, “Time to switch around?” Keith and Mike agreed. Keith moved to the opposite side of Prez’s head then hovered. Prez happily took Keith’s cock into his mouth. Derrick took Keith’s spot. Mike remained where he was, teasing Prez and blowing Derrick.

After only a minute or two, Derrick and Mike swapped places. Prez felt Keith getting close and prompted his lover to sit on his face. Having never done it before, Keith carefully straddled Prez, making sure his weight wasn’t crushing or suffocating Prez. Within a minute, Prez tapped Mike’s head and gasped, “Enough, bud.”

Mike looked up and grinned, “I’ll be good, for now.” He swung around and took Derrick’s bone in his mouth.

Feeling like he might burst, Keith said, “Another switch. It’s time dudes.” Giggling, Mike and Derrick moved away from Prez’s spread legs. Keith moved into position. The pillow that had been under Mike’s head was moved under Prez’s ass then Keith shuffled closer. Keith lubed his cock then guided it into Prez. Standing near Keith, Derrick pointed his leaking hardness at his mouth. Keith swallowed it whole, all at once. Mike rested his head on Prez’s belly and took Prez’s cock into his mouth.

Within moments, Prez hollered, “Oh my God! This is incredible! I really love you guys so much!” Derrick laughed aloud. With their mouths stuffed, Keith’s and Mike’s shoulders bounced and they sniggered through their noses. Prez began encouraging Keith. Both his hands ran through Mike’s long hair. Keith seriously tried to make the experience last for all and began swiveling his hips. Prez began moaning Keith’s name, unable to completely explain that what he was doing was beating the hell out of his prostate.

Suddenly, Mike sputtered as Prez forcefully climaxed and flooded his mouth. He dutifully took it all then let Prez’s cock drop from his mouth. Kneeling up and wiping his mouth, Mike chuckled, “Jeez, dude! Was it good?”

Prez could only nod foolishly. Mike kissed Prez then leaned forward, hovering over Prez to feed him his cock. Prez swallowed Mike’s manhood with a vengeance, his brain still spinning from combined intercourse and a blowjob.

Meanwhile, Keith was in a similar frenzied state. Prez had cum and Derrick’s tool was throbbing in his mouth. Almost simultaneously Derrick and Keith lost it. Gasping for breath, Keith let Derrick’s bone drop from his mouth. Derrick was still oozing semen and some landed on Keith and Prez. Derrick dizzily milked his bone then leaned down and kissed Keith. Never one to end a party before its time, Prez continued riding Keith, sucking Mike and stroking his own cock. Keith and Derrick encouraged them. Derrick slid a finger into Mike’s ass. Mike stiffened and climaxed, to Keith’s and Derrick’s soft gasps of approval. Mike moved to kiss Prez. Once again, Prez had his mouth full of tongue and could only grunt a warning to Mike. Reaching orgasm a second time, Prez shot a load directly onto Mike’s hair and the side of his face. Helplessly, Mike giggled into the kiss then pulled back from Prez. Keith pulled the pillow out from under Prez’s butt, so his load wouldn’t leak out onto it. His cock slipped out of Prez then he laid down on Prez, softly chuckling between kisses. Derrick cuddled close to Prez’s right side and Mike cuddled close to the left side, both of them draping arms and legs over their two friends.

Becoming conscious again, Prez playfully wondered, “Who’s next?” Keith, Derrick and Mike cracked up. Prez sniggered, “What? It was great. Now that I’ve received the best, times three, I’m ready to give.”


Author's Note: My sincere thanks to Dewey of deweywriter.com for the use of his characters Brian and Pete. Dewey and I had originally planned on another crossover that would last only three days. That plan was recently modified such that Brian and Pete will extend their vacation to spend more time with Prez, Keith, Drew, Corey, Mike and Derrick. This chapter covers the continuation of that period.

Copyright © 2013 TheEggman; All Rights Reserved.
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