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Life Goes On - 13. Chapter 13

Hearing a door close, Corey woke up around seven-thirty that Wednesday morning and turned his head to look at Drew. He didn't feel he deserved to be loved so much by such a caring boy. As an only child, Corey only had to deal with his parents. He was learning family dynamics from watching Drew, Keith, John and Prez being brothers. If only he could somehow be considered a brother too, just like Prez managed to accomplish. The first thing Corey believed he needed to get control of was his selfishness. It was simply a side effect of being the only child in his home. Corey knew he had been selfish Friday night when Drew pointed it out. If only he had thought of Keith or Prez or even Drew before blowing up. Corey promised himself to begin by thinking of Drew before thinking of his own needs or wants.

The whole Hundser family had taken him under their collective wing. Drew's parents were very much like his own, but Mrs. Hundser had given him the book 'Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism'. Drew seemed just as interested in it as he was; they were browsing through it late at night, when there was nothing on TV except infomercials. Remembering the day that Keith and Prez had lifted him up in the dining room, Corey realized that they were also very concerned and didn't want to see him back in a hospital. Even John had admitted that he liked Corey and worried about him.

Drew had asked for his own room only about fourteen hours prior. In one night, with Drew's parents and John's help, they had gotten all the furniture moved. John was now sleeping across the hall, in the room that was Drew's dad's den. The sofa-sleeper from the den was now in Drew's room. The desk, computer and bookshelf were moved from the den into the Hundser's master bedroom. All that was needed now was Drew's new bed. Tentative plans were made to go shopping Saturday. While eating dinner, they had browsed a SleepCenter flyer from Sunday's newspaper. Drew could possibly have his new bed by the end of the month, well before his fifteenth birthday.

Rolling on his side and propping his head up with one arm, Corey watched Drew sleeping. Corey smiled and took measure of how lucky he was. Drew was one of a kind; soft spoken almost all the time; serious most of the time, but when it was time to play, Drew lit up; anyone could see how much fun he was truly having. Remembering how Drew made his voice so much deeper while joking around the prior day, Corey couldn't help snickering. Corey thought, he can be such a clown; I almost fell into my boxers and tore them in half, it was so unexpected.

Drew's eyes fluttered and he inhaled deeply then turned his head towards Corey. "Hey," Drew croaked, "What're you doin'?"

Corey answered, "Just watching you sleep."

Drew hummed then rolled onto his side and wrapped an arm around Corey. "How long have you been awake and watching me?" Drew wondered.

Glancing over Drew at the alarm clock, Corey replied, "Been awake about half an hour; at least half that time watching you... thinking."

"Of?" Drew queried.

Corey hummed then rambled, "How we got all that stuff moved in only one night. How you acted with John and your parents. That we get to shop for a new bed this weekend. How lucky I am to be laying beside you." Drew groaned. "Come on, Drew!" Corey giggled. "You deal with all of them like it's no sweat. I watched you like a hawk. You kept John from getting frustrated before your parents noticed or had to say a word. The only argument between you and John was over who would get the TV. All you cared about was John leaving a mess behind when he used it in here. Your mom and dad warned John and that was the end of it."

Drew nodded, "As far as John was concerned, the whole job was done when his room was. There was still stuff to do in my parent's room, but I let him off the hook so we could get this room done."

"Just you and me?"

Drew happily repeated, "Just you and me."

Realizing that Drew intentionally wanted to set his bedroom up alone with him, Corey admitted, "You're gonna make me cry."

"Happy or sad tears?"

"Happy, but that word just don't cut it," Corey warmly smiled. "Ecstatic is close, but still not enough."

"You're gettin' sappy," Drew playfully warned.

Corey giggled, "Get used to it."

Shaking his head, Drew teased, "You know what's gonna happen."

Wanting it, Corey smirked, "Like I'm so scared. What could you do?" Drew shoved Corey flat, rolled over on top of him and began softly nibbling on everything from the shoulders up, complete with gobbling sound effects. Cringing, Corey laughed hysterically for a minute or two before getting the hiccups.

Drew grinned down triumphantly. "Have you learned your lesson?"

"You ra-at!" Corey snickered. "You di-id that on pu-urpose!"

Hurrying off Corey and the sofa-sleeper, Drew chuckled, "Either you liked it or you just forgot that I'm ticklish?"

Rolling out of bed, Corey then made eye contact and warmly smiled, "I didn't forge-et."

That meant he liked it, Drew quickly comprehended and his brain spun. Between Corey's smile and those few words, Drew moved closer to Corey and tenderly kissed him. They held the kiss for a long while until Corey hiccuped again. Drew started chuckling then slid his face over Corey's shoulder and contentedly sighed. More immeasurable time passed until Drew's stomach rumbled. He whispered, "Ready for breakfast?"

Corey softly replied, "I could stay like this, but you're hungry. That's good enough for me," then firmly gripped Drew's bare ass, causing him to jump slightly. Drew pulled back, suspiciously glaring for an explanation. "It's such a cute tushie!" Corey helplessly giggled.

Rolling his eyes and entire head, Drew stepped back and searched the floor for their shorts. Quickly finding them, Drew handed Corey his shorts and reminded, "When you least expect it, Cor."

"I'm expecting it all the time now!" Corey snickered, and shook his shorts open with a snap.

While stepping into their shorts, Drew honestly said, "You're relatively safe until after John leaves the house." Drew then looked in Corey's backpack for a package of protein shake mix.

Look at him now, Corey silently thought; he cares so much that he's doing what I could easily do for myself. As they started for the kitchen, Corey asked, "Are we sharing the tent with Keith and Prez tonight?"

"If ya want," Drew smiled.

"Yep, I do."

"You just wanna make out in front of them," Drew knowingly nodded.

Corey chuckled, "Yep, that too." Watching as Drew got a blender out of the cupboard and then went into the freezer, Corey wondered, "What're you doin'?"

Drew smiled, "Making you a special shake with a little vanilla ice cream." Corey unhappily whined. Drew assured, "Just a little, Cor, I promise."

"Okay," Corey grudgingly agreed.

"While I do this, get me a bowl of cereal please?" Drew added less than one scoop of ice cream then returned it to the freezer.

Corey looked in the pantry and asked, "Which kind?"

Carefully pouring the milk into the blender and watching the side measuring scale, so he didn't add too much, Drew wondered, "What's in there?"

"Raisin Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats, Wheaties and Frosted Flakes," Corey answered.

Drew playfully replied, "The oats... honey bunches!" and then turned the blender on before turning to see Corey's face.

"Now you're bein' sappy!" Corey loudly giggled over the sound of the blender. He then reached for a bowl and began opening the box of cereal.

Drew smiled, "You hardly complained about the ice cream."

Pouring the cereal, Corey reminded, "I'm tryin', dude."

Turning off the blender, Drew nodded, "I know it and I'll remember it." He then poured the shake into a tall glass.

"I hope I don't ever let ya down, Drew."

Handing Corey the glass, Drew reminded, "We're goin' camping tonight, Cor. Are you planning on eating hot dogs or burgers?" Wide-eyed, Corey shook his head then tasted his shake. "I'm keeping my promise," Drew said. "When Keith and Prez get here, we'll put a pint of milk in the cooler for tomorrow morning. You need to eat as much as you can before we leave this afternoon. We'll bring extra fruit for you too. Ya can't go a whole day with nothin' to eat, dude." Corey nodded then Drew poured milk on his cereal. After putting the milk back in the fridge, Drew began eating.

They stood in the kitchen leaning against counter tops across from each other and had their breakfast. Corey said, "I can't really tell there's ice cream in here."

"I only scraped a little bit, about two tablespoons, and whipped it up," Drew explained. Between mouthfuls of cereal, Drew asked, "If we brought Wheat Thins tonight, would you eat 'em?"

Scrunching his nose, Corey shook his head. "That's cool for a snack, but it's not a meal."

"We gotta find somethin' for ya, Cor."

"I've got two apples and two oranges in my backpack."

Drew suggested, "Bananas?" Corey nodded. Drew thought aloud, "We gotta stop for firewood. While we're at the store, we can get you a salad too."

Corey assured, "That'd be plenty to get me through the night."

Drew sighed, "I'd be happier if you had a bite of a hot dog." Corey grinned then began giggling again. Rolling his eyes, Drew chuckled, "A real hot dog! Besides, it's for me to do you first."

"Are you planning on bringing the dildo?" Corey wondered.

"No, I can't do that," Drew honestly said, "not with Keith and Prez in the tent."

"Would you use it on me?"

"Would you want me to?"

"Definitely!" Corey excitedly cheered. "At night, it would be almost pitch black anyway. All they'd hear is me telling you I love you... and how good it feels."

Drew blushed and laughed, "Then we'd have to go clean it."

Corey then finished his shake and admitted, "That was really good."

"I'll make 'em for ya everyday we're here," Drew promised. Tipping the bowl, Drew drank the last of the milk and cereal. "Tell your mom to get some vanilla ice cream and you'll get them there too."

Picking a banana from the bunch on the counter, Corey nodded, "Cool." He then cracked the banana peel and peeled it while absently telling Drew;"They've got strawberry and cherry flavored shake mix too. The cherry flavor sucks though. It's got a nasty aftertaste."

"Strawberry and vanilla is a good mix, don't you think?"

Between bites of the banana, Corey agreed, "Yeah; just about everything works with strawberries."

Leaning against the counter, Drew only watched Corey eat and cracked a slight grin. It was good to see Corey eat a little extra something before going camping. Drew noticed Corey's teeth and the depth of his mouth, the way Corey's jaw moved and his Adam's apple moving up and down when he swallowed. And those awesome little nips seemed to be perky, as if Corey were cold or excited. The more Drew noticed about Corey, the harder his dick became.

Nearing the end of the banana, Corey wondered what Drew was watching so closely and scowled. Glancing down and away from Drew's gaze, he noticed the front of Drew's shorts. Corey swallowed, tossed the peel in the trash then went to Drew. Laying his arms on Drew's shoulders, Corey innocently asked, "Ready for a shower?" and grinned knowingly.

Taking hold of Corey's hips, Drew nodded then leaned in for a kiss that tasted of vanilla and banana. Breaking the kiss, Drew whispered, "I love you, Cor."

Unable to keep a straight face, Corey giggled, "I can tell," then reached down with one hand and groped Drew's erection. Drew jumped slightly and Corey snickered, "You got a boner watching me eat a banana!"

Chuckling, Drew didn't bother trying to deny it, but leaned over and rested his head on Corey's shoulder. "Cor," Drew softly began, "I feel like I'm being stubborn... about going all the way. I really want it to be the same night, but I don't know anymore."

Corey smiled, "You really like the dildo?"

Drew nodded, "I do. But you want me inside you?"

"Yep," Corey said and sighed longingly. "I'll wait until you're ready though."

"Your feelings matter too, Cor. I think I'm ready, but until we try for real, I won't know for sure. Would you get angry if we tried and I told you to stop?"

Somewhat taken aback, Corey scowled, "Would you leave me to get my own case of blue balls?"

"No way!" Drew excitedly answered.

"Then why would I get angry? Would you get angry if I told you to stop?"

Understanding how stupid he was being, Drew shook his head and sighed, "I'm sorry, Cor. I guess the idea still scares me even though I do want to try."

"It scares me too; what if I hurt you or if you hurt me, ya know?"

Drew pulled Corey into a tight embrace and asked, "Would you like to try today?"

Contentedly sighing, Corey softly replied, "Today, tomorrow, next week; anytime you're ready."

Freely and honestly, Drew stated, "You made me really happy yesterday, Cor; at lunch, right after we got here and again last night. I really wanna try and show you how much I love you."

With happy tears pooling in his eyes, Corey smiled warmly and nodded, "You just did."

Caressing Corey's cheek, Drew whispered, "I love you so much."

After kissing the hand gently stroking his cheek, Corey assured, "I love you too."

"We'll go real slow, just like with the dildo," Drew promised.

Knowing it could be nothing less than great, like all the other first experiences they shared, Corey nodded, "I trust you more than anyone I know. Let's go back to your room."

Overflowing with love, pride and vivaciousness, Drew lifted Corey up then covered his shoulder and neck in sloppy wet kisses. Holding on tight, Corey howled. Loving the reaction, Drew began carrying Corey through the living room.

Wrapping his legs around Drew's hips, Corey snickered, "Are we eloping?"

Bouncing his eyebrows playfully, Drew smiled, "I'm gonna carry you across the threshold, drop you on my bed and gobble ya up some more."

Hysterical, Corey cackled, "Do your magic... man!"

Stepping into his bedroom, Drew playfully groaned, "You're so... blond!" then leaned forward and set Corey down on his bed.

Since they hadn't yet closed the sofa-sleeper, Corey wondered, "Why here and not the sofa-sleeper?"

Turning to lock the door, Drew replied, "It squeaks way too much." Turning around again, Drew practically dove face first onto Corey's belly, earning loud, joyful squeals.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Prez woke me with kisses along my left shoulder. "There he is! G'mornin' babe." Prez playfully sang as I opened my eyes. He gave me a kiss then asked, "Ya still wanna make the fruit salad for breakfast?"

Stretching, I yawned, "Sure."

"Tell me what I need to do and I'll get it started," Prez said.

Still waking up, it took me some time to remember what needed to be done to prepare the fruit salad. I instructed, "Pull the grapes off the vine, clean the strawberries and slice 'em into quarters, slice the apples and oranges..." I noticed that Prez was smiling widely at me. "What?" I grinned.

"You're just so cute in your morning fog," Prez chuckled. "That's enough for now babe."

I glanced at the clock and saw it was only eight thirty. "How long have you been awake?" I wondered.

"Only a few minutes; I let Rush out then went to the toidy," Prez explained. He then offered, "Derrick's awake too. We can get our breakfast started while you finish waking."

"Where's Mike?"

Prez stood to leave and answered, "Derrick's waking him."

"Lemme just take a leak and wipe the sleep from my eyes," I said, and then fought back another yawn. Prez nodded then left the room.

We went to bed soon after Mike's farting fit last night. From lack of sleep the night before and the shit that happened to Ben, we were all wiped out. Prez and I settled for oral sex then cuddled up and passed out. The bed in the guest room was a full size, only slightly smaller than our queen size bed at home, but it was just as comfortable.

Unfortunately, Prez had a nightmare that briefly interrupted our slumber. Once again, Prez's real father was the reason we were awake. Everything that had happened to Ben happened to Prez in his dream. Making it far worse than Ben's situation, Prez's old man dragged him along to hunt down me and my family. It took a long while for me to get Prez calmed down so we could go back to sleep.

Sitting up, I pulled on my shorts then shuffled down the hall to the bathroom. A few minutes later, I joined Derrick and Prez in the kitchen. The grapes were already in a big bowl. Prez was cutting the strawberries while Derrick was working on slicing an apple. Mike was sitting at the table with a cutting board and had just sliced the cantaloupe in half. Rush was out back, I noticed then asked, "Is there one of those little melon ball scoop thingies?"

Derrick answered, "Check the utensils drawer behind me, Keith."

In the drawer, I found all kinds of kitchen utensils, but sadly nothing that looked like it could make melon balls. I sighed, "We'll have to carve up the melon too." I got the tangerines and another knife to remove the rind then joined Mike at the table.

After only a few minutes, Derrick brought over the bowl filled with grapes, apples and strawberries. From the kitchen, Prez asked, "Should I start the pudding, babe?" Derrick sat down and worked on the cantaloupe with Mike.

"Yeah, go ahead Prez, we'll be done here pretty soon."

Mike asked, "So we can eat soon?"

"We really should chill it for a while," I replied, "to let the pudding thicken. We could put the bowl in the fridge, take a shower and, by the time we're done, it will be too."

Prez grinned, "More shower blowjobs?" Mike began chuckling evilly.

"I think it's our turn today," Derrick smiled.

Briefly turning to Derrick, Mike laughed, "Stop! I'm gonna chop my damn fingers off!"

"That'll make playin' guitar so much more challenging," I teased.

Mike said, "Black Sabbath's guitarist, Tony Iommi lost a fingertip."

"And Django Rheinhert lost a few fingers," Prez recalled. "He only had a thumb and two remaining fingers on his fretting hand."

"How could he possibly play like that?" I wondered.

Coming to the table with the bowl of vanilla pudding, Prez shrugged, "He not only played, but set the standard for most jazz guitarists."

Derrick added, "When you're that good, there's no hiding it."

Peeking into the bowl of pudding, I smiled up at Prez and said, "Start mixing it into the bowl of fruit, baby." While Prez stirred the pudding into the fruit, I added the tangerines. As soon as I was done, Derrick and Mike added the cantaloupe. "It's lookin' good," I commented.

Derrick nodded, "Let's get it in the fridge and clean up." Prez took the bowl back to the kitchen while Derrick, Mike and I began gathering cutting boards and knives. When we got to the kitchen, Prez was emptying the dishwasher and putting stuff away.

Prez asked Mike;"Are you bringing an acoustic camping today?"

"I'll get mine from home," Mike said, "God forbid somethin' happened to one of their guitars, I'd have to run away."

"Doug would hunt you down no matter where you went," Derrick snickered as he stowed clean silverware in the drawer.

"I know it," Mike sighed. "I'd have to build a hut in the deepest, darkest part of the Amazon rain forest."

"Or an igloo in the Arctic?" Prez joked. He put the baking pan back under the counter.

"Brrr!" Mike shivered as he rinsed the cutting boards. "Too cold for a SoCal summer baby."

"So that's why you're a nudist," I teased as I began loading the dishwasher.

Mike nodded, "I was swimming way before I could walk."

Derrick reminded Mike;"We should grab some pillows while we're home too."

There was a knock at the door and I went to answer it. Ben shyly smiled, "Hey, Keith."

"Dude!" I excitedly greeted, "Come in. How's your mom?"

Ben stepped inside and answered, "She's recovering, but will probably be in the hospital another two days. The bullet took a big chunk out of her thigh. Thank goodness it missed the bone."

Derrick asked, "How're you doin'?"

Ben shrugged, "I haven't been to bed yet; but thought I'd stop by before I crashed." Noticing all four of us shirtless and wearing only the shorts we had on the night before, Ben grinned, "Did you just wake up?"

Prez replied, "About an hour or so ago."

And Mike added, "We just finished making breakfast and cleaning up."

Glancing between Prez and me, Derrick suggested, "Why don't you dudes hit the shower? We'll hang out with Ben."

Prez and I nodded, but Ben said, "I'm way tired dudes. I just wanted to stop by and let you know everything's cool."

"You sure, dude?" Mike queried. "We just a made a fruit salad and we're gonna sit down to breakfast after we've showered."

Ben nodded, "It's okay, I'm just barely standing. Maybe later tonight?"

"We're going camping tonight, but we'll be back tomorrow around noon," Derrick said.

"Why don't you join us tonight?" Mike smiled.

Shaking his head, Ben reminded, "I'd like to, but I need to check on my mom after I get some sleep. I'll catch up with ya tomorrow though."

"You'll be alright?" Prez carefully and softly asked.

Ben shrugged and grimaced, "There's a mess to be cleaned up... blood and broken furniture."

"That does it!" Derrick loudly said. "You're staying here, Ben. You can rest and not even see that shit until you're ready."

Ben smiled, "That's nice, but really, what does it matter if I clean up later today or tomorrow?"

"It matters because we'll be here to talk with and help," Prez insisted.

I agreed, "Living it and cleaning up the aftermath alone is just too much."

"Enough said," Mike glared. "While we're gone, you can stay here overnight. I'll leave you my copy of the house key and you can sleep in the guest room."

Smiling widely, but shaking his head, Ben softly said, "You dudes are too much."

"That's what friends are for," Derrick playfully teased, "to boss you around and show you the error of your ways."

Prez giggled then said, "I'll strip the bed."

"And I'll get you some clean sheets," Mike offered.

I added, "And we'll save you some fruit salad so you have something to eat before going back to the hospital."

Ben wiped happy tears from his eyes then grinned, "Do I have a choice here?"

"NO!" the four of us simultaneously shouted.

Ben giggled and nodded then softly asked, "Why are you dudes so nice to me?"

Prez smirked, "Why do you think you're not worthy of being nice to?"

"If you were an asshole, the situation would be different," Mike added as he went to the linen closet, "but since you're just a little shy, we got ya covered dude." Mike came back with another set of sheets then he and Prez ducked into the guest room. I went in there just to get our backpacks out of the way while Mike and Prez began pulling sheets off the bed. I set our backpacks down in the master bedroom then found Derrick leading Ben into the living room.

Derrick turned on the TV then handed the remote to Ben, saying, "Pick your poison."

Walking into the dining area, Derrick nodded towards the master bedroom. I said, "Make yourself at home, dude and relax. We're gonna get our showers out of the way."

Between flipping channels, Ben smiled, "Thanks."

Prez walked out of the guest room and dumped the pile of dirty sheets on a dining room chair. Mike said they'd be taken care of the next day, after our camping trip. Soon we were all in the master bathroom and brushing our teeth. In the shower, the four of us talked about Ben. I was worried about Prez seeing the blood and mess, especially after his nightmare. We all agreed to help Ben cleanup, but if Prez or any of us needed a break, it would be no biggie. We figured any help was better than no help at all for Ben. When we were finished, we found Ben asleep in the guestroom.

Quickly and quietly we had our fruit salad for breakfast. Then we cleaned up, loaded the dishwasher and gathered our backpacks before leaving the house. Mike left his key and a threatening note for Ben to sleep at Doug and Brian's house that night. We left some fruit salad and the hotdogs we had bought at the grocery store the previous day for Ben to eat. Once everything was settled, we went outside. Mike and Derrick would get the acoustic guitar and meet Prez and I back at our house.

In the 4Runner and on our way home, Prez gushed, "I can't wait for this camping trip! No adult supervision, only the six of us enjoying the fresh air and doing what we want, when we want to do it."

"Oh, we're gonna do it alright," I seductively teased.

Prez giggled, "That's the best part of no adult supervision!"

"It's gonna be one of the best memories of this summer, I can see it already," I honestly admitted.

After a few quiet minutes listening to the radio and driving down the 101, Prez sighed, "I hope Ben really stays out of his house tonight."

Nodding understandingly, I softly reminded, "He'll prob'ly need to go over there for a change of clothes but other than that..."

"Oh shit!" Prez loudly interrupted. "I hope he doesn't even do that, Keith! Imagine if I didn't have you or your family last October. I'd have been sleeping in the apartment alone, taking taxis to the hospital, dealing with the wrecked car and so much additional bullshit." He then became eerily quiet.

"Prez, remember what I said last night?" I began. "If exactly the same situation happened to you, your dad would be in jail and your mom would be safe in a hospital recovering; just like Ben is dealing with now. Just like I want to always protect you and keep you safe, you're wanting to protect Ben too; so do I and so does Mike and Derrick. We're doing all we can. He's got a place to sleep and food available to eat. If Ben doesn't want to face the mess, he can wear the same clothes back to the hospital today. He has to choose, Prez; just like you had to make difficult choices. Our only other option is to cancel this camping trip and stay in Agoura Hills, waiting for Ben to return. Is that what you want to do?"

Prez shook his head and grumbled, "This sucks for Ben though."

"It sucks less because we were there for him. We offered to bring him along today, he chose to visit his mom. For all we know, he'll return tonight and clean-up by himself."

Quickly glancing my way, Prez gasped, "You don't really think?"

"I honestly don't know, baby," I answered. "He has the choice. If he wants to wait for help, he can. If he chooses otherwise, he can do that too. You didn't have a choice last October seventeenth; we brought you directly to our house, not to the apartment. The question wasn't asked, because I had made the choice. My parents agreed and it was a done deal. My job is to do everything I can to make your life easier. I have done that and I plan on doing that as much as I can, but sometimes, it's gonna be your choice." Seeing the light, but not really liking it, Prez nodded and sighed. Squeezing his hand on the gear shifter, I asked, "Make another choice for me, Prez?"

"Anything, babe."

"Let Ben make his own decisions and enjoy this camping trip. All six of us are going, just like you wanted."

"I wanted?"

"I want it because you do, Prez," I admitted. "Believe me, I'd be just as happy alone with you, but all six of us together is gonna be a blast. Drew and Corey will get some time alone together whenever they want, so will Mike and Derrick, and so will we. We can all eat together or eat alone as couples. Any of us can choose whatever we want, like you said, without adult supervision."

Groaning, but smiling, Prez promised, "We'll go camping alone before the end of the summer, Keith; just you and me." Prez pulled in front of our house and stopped. As soon as the engine was off, Prez turned to me with that soft contented smile. We kissed then got out of the car and went inside.

Cuddled together on the couch, Drew and Corey were watching TV. They had gathered all the camping gear from the garage in the entryway, but before we started loading the 4Runner, they brought us down the hall and showed us the new bedroom setup. It was great! We all had our own rooms and John's was across the hall. With a place to call his own, maybe he would chill out more, I silently considered.

Just as we all left my parent's bedroom, Mike and Derrick arrived. With six of us to load the 4Runner, the task was done in no time. We loaded two coolers with plastic ice packs and ice, emptying the ice maker. We took some soda and then Drew asked if we could get milk and salad for Corey while we were at the store getting firewood. Prez and I agreed since we already planned on getting hot dogs and extra burgers. Mike had grabbed a cooler and ice from his house, so we had plenty of space for everything we still wanted to get at the store. Since Prez wanted to bring Rush along too, Drew and Corey went with Mike and Derrick in the 442.

At the grocery store meat department, Drew asked Corey if he would eat turkey franks. When Corey agreed to try them, we picked them up. We also got burgers, burger and hot dog buns, a pint of milk, a big salad with grilled chicken, some more sodas, bottled water and the firewood. By two that afternoon, we were on our way to the Angeles National Forest. Prez had asked me to drive so we could get there quicker without any accidental "short-cuts".

The only thing that was kinda weird was how quiet Drew and Corey were acting at home and at the store. Drew was obviously happy with his own room, but we both thought that the two of them should've been jumping with joy. They weren't as excited as we thought they should be and wondered what was going on as we drove down the various side streets and highways. Taking everything into consideration; the arguments they had the prior weekend, the trip to Magic Mountain with Brian and Pete, the positive results of Corey's doctor visit and now a bedroom Drew could call his own, it didn't make sense.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

With the tent completed, all six boys began gathering kindling for the fire. Mike and Derrick remained together and went off in one direction. Drew stayed close to Keith while Corey trailed Prez. Staying near Prez, Rush happily scampered around with his nose to the ground, sniffing all the new smells of a wilderness.

Drew whispered, "We gotta talk, bro, privately."

Looking his younger brother in the eyes, Keith clearly saw that something was indeed very wrong. Keith then glanced at Prez. He was only about ten yards away, but Corey seemed to have his undivided attention.

Walking further away from Prez and Corey, Keith whispered, "Prez and I knew something was goin' on. Let's hear it."

"I barely know how to begin," Drew sighed.

Keith softly smiled, "At the beginning is usually the best place."

"Umm... well..." Drew stammered, "yesterday, Corey told me why he loves me. Since then things have been really great. He's eating a little better and he's always reaching to hold my hand or giving me hugs. Since hearing his perspective, my feelings have gotten so much more intense too. So, I decided to try and prove to him how much I love him." Keith looked over and scanned his brother's face, but wasn't sure what Drew was trying to get at. Drew continued, "We decided... no, I suggested that we could go all the way."

"Sweet!" Keith broadly smiled and sang.

Drew nodded, "I thought it would be... but it wasn't."

Keith's jaw dropped then he asked, "What happened?"

"Nothing either of us was very happy about," Drew scowled.

Looking around, Keith couldn't see Mike, Derrick, Prez or Corey. Nodding understandingly, Keith dropped the few twigs he was carrying and said, "Forget the kindling. Let's walk further away. Tell me exactly what happened, bro, without trying to be careful or nice. I won't take it wrong, I promise."

Drew tossed the twigs he had and began walking beside Keith, gathering his thoughts. "We went back to my room and everything started really great, just like always, it was really fun. Once our clothes were off, I went down on him and he started sucking me too, so everything was still really good. He then pulled away from me, warning me that if I kept going he would shoot. He said he was ready, so I moved over on top of him, between his legs. That's when things started to get weird."

"Weird how?"

Shaking his head and wiping his eyes, Drew sadly admitted, "I... it... wouldn't reach."

Uncertain, Keith frowned, "Did you prop him up on pillows? Did he arch his back?"

Drew tilted his head and scowled, "No."

"Oh boy," Keith groaned. After briefly rubbing his forehead, Keith smirked, "It doesn't just go in, bro. Maybe for other dudes with ten or more inches, a little might just happen to make it, but it does take some positioning. We're about the same size, don't you think?" Drew nodded and waited then Keith continued, "Remember me saying how I needed to loosen Prez up?" Drew again nodded and Keith said, "Well I did, and he'd try and I'd get in, just barely, but then I'd slip out or he'd involuntarily clamp down and push me out."

Rapidly nodding, Drew said, "That's what was happening to me when Corey tried to sit on my cock.

Keith smiled, "That was the best position for Prez and I'll bet it will be for Corey too. The point is, we're a bit thicker than lots of dudes."

"Really?" Drew squealed.

Keith nodded, "Prez and I measure each other for fun now, but the first time it was more a matter of figuring out why Prez could enter me, but I couldn't enter him. I played with candles for a long time, almost a year before meeting Prez and I was ready... or readier. Prez is pretty thick too. The first time he slid into me, I thought I might hyperventilate at first." Drew giggled and Keith grinned, "Even after all those months messing around with candles, it was still a shock to the system. The point is, we might not be as long as some dudes, but you, me and Prez are pretty thick; thicker than Mike and Derrick and probably thicker than Corey."

"So it doesn't just happen?" Drew figured.

"Hell no!" Keith proclaimed. "My first time with Prez, I rolled back onto my shoulders and gave him an easy target. That's called the missionary position, by the way."

"Damn!" Drew groaned. "Corey didn't do that. I couldn't see and he was trying to guide me in when we were in that position."

Keith nodded, "That'll eventually work, but I'll tell you the truth, our first times were uncoordinated and plain silly compared to now. You gotta just have fun and figure it out together."

"We were havin' fun!" Drew assured. "He was giggling up a storm and I was laughing too... until things started not working like we expected. After the missionary position, Corey sat on me and tried some more. He'd manage to get just the head of my cock in, but then it felt like he was pushing me back out again. No matter how hard he tried, or if I tried to push up into him, it didn't work."

Concerned, Keith asked, "You didn't give up, did you?"

Drew sighed, "It seemed like I was hurting him and I got worried." Barely above a whisper and looking down at the ground, Drew admitted, "I umm... lost my erection." Looking up at Keith again and not seeing anything except concern, Drew continued, "So I sat on his dick; got him all the way in, but then he'd fall out. That happened like six times, bro. Now we're both frustrated and really scared that we won't be able to."

"Oh, dude," Keith groaned, then reminded, "It takes time, bro, remember? Just have fun. Have you been using your fingers, candles and the dildo?"

Drew nodded, "Fingers and the dildo; the dildo is awesome, for both of us."

Keith explained, "Your fingers have bones. Humans are the only primates without erectile bones. Dildos are hard rubber; they won't bend like a real cock. You dudes need to slow down, I think. Keep using the dildo, loosen each other up some more."

"Aw shit!" Drew groaned. "So we just hurried?"

"Seems that way," Keith nodded. "It's not like you're the only ones though. Believe me, when I finally got inside Prez, he was riding me and when he started enjoying it, I practically bit my own tongue off to keep from slammin' into him. We're basically talkin' about an involuntary muscular spasm that we have to try and control. It isn't easy, by any stretch of the imagination."

Drew imitated Yoda and croaked, "Control! Control! You must learn control!"

"Exactly!" Keith snickered, "But don't concentrate so much that it isn't fun. I've told Prez, he's my favorite toy. I play with every part of him and it's always the most fun I've ever had. When we kiss, my tongue plays with his; when I'm suckin' his dick, I'm mostly rolling my tongue all around his cock; when I finger his ass, its one finger, then two and then three."

"Three?" Drew incredulously snickered.

"Definitely!" Keith grinned. Holding up his middle three fingers, Keith said, "I'm fatter than that. I'll bet you are too."

"We umm... use our thumbs. Corey's cock seems pretty thick too," Drew admitted.

"The only way to know for sure is with a cloth measuring tape," Keith instructed. "Don't even bother with a plastic ruler; you need to compare length, width and circumference to just sorta understand what your partner is dealing with. I can only assume you and I are about the same size." Drew nodded in agreement and Keith explained, "Ninety percent of the time, we're looking down at our dicks; they just don't seem as big to us because we see them all the time. Prez, Mike and Derrick have all told me I'm way thicker than I imagined."

"Derrick's seen you hard?" Drew asked.

Keith nodded, "I've seen him too, several times now."

Drew blushed ten shades of red and giggled, "Since Corey and me started getting serious, I've got such a major thing for blonds."

Keith laughed, "So did I until a certain redhead crossed my path. Now I watch every redhead and wonder if their pubes are as red as the hair on their heads."

Having wondered about lots of blond dudes, including Derrick, Drew snickered, "Prez's pubes aren't quite as bright red as his hair is; just a shade or two darker red."

"That's what I mean!" Keith chuckled. "It must be from the sunlight."

Drew began picking up twigs again and turned around towards their campsite saying, "Thanks, bro."

"Anytime," Keith smiled. "Prez and I had discussions similar to this, but I guess we've always enjoyed the process so much that we didn't get as scared when things weren't perfect."

"Yeah, Corey and I have been really scared the last few hours."

"At home and at the supermarket you were both so quiet... even Corey."

"I've gotta get him alone next to apologize."

"You don't need to do it with words, bro," Keith reminded. "Actions speak way louder."

Drew grunted then snickered. Keith glanced at him and Drew cackled, "He gets me so hard doin' absolutely nothin'! This morning, I got a major woodie watching him eat!" Keith howled and rapidly nodded, fully understanding that feeling. Drew locked eyes with Keith then asked, "How long did it take to get it perfect?"

"Depends on your definition, I guess," Keith thought aloud. "The first times were really quick; short fuses, ya know?" Drew nodded and smiled. "We weren't disappointed by it though. We'd just go for it again... sometimes almost immediately."

Drew cracked up then cackled, "So how long till its good?"

"As soon as you dudes can control that involuntary muscle spasm, chill and let things happen," Keith honestly stated. "As far as I'm concerned, if Prez cums really fast or if I do, it only means that we're that excited with each other. It's truly no problem."

Drew wondered, "When you say immediately, how fast is that exactly?"

"How fast can one of you get hard again?" Keith grinned.

"Holy shit!" Drew laughed. "Now it makes sense!"

"What makes sense?" Keith suspiciously wondered.

Drew giggled for a few moments then grinned, "I've just wondered how you could both keep going for so long."

Keith snickered, "Sometimes recovery time is an hour or more; sometimes there's no need for recovery time. Just remember that day we lost playing tennis. You can over-do it and believe me, it's like every step you take starts to give you an erection, but getting hard actually hurts. Cotton boxers feel more like steel wool against the head of your dick." Drew howled and Keith instructed, "If it ever happens, park your ass in cold water."

Sincerely hoping that day would never come, Drew shivered uncontrollably at the thought and giggled, "I'll take your word for it."

Seeing the campsite in the distance again, Keith asked, "Is there anything else you might like to know?"

Drew shrugged and thought for a few moments. He then said, "Just to make sure I understand; a clear and easy target is best at first?" Keith nodded and Drew then asked, "Straddling him and sitting on his dick is better than missionary position at first?"

Keith hummed affirmatively then added, "Sitting on your lover's cock is always good. Rear entry, doggie-style is also a good beginning position. On your sides is a good beginning position too. Raise your top leg for easier access. You can ride him pretty good on your side, doggy-style, or sitting on top. Missionary position is good because you can see each other, talk and cuddle, but it's honestly the least comfortable. Save that for later, when you're both more comfortable doing it."

"But that's the way you started with Prez," Drew reminded.

Keith grinned, "I wanted to look in his eyes, bro. Prez's eyes have always been one of his most attractive qualities. Besides wanting to see him, it was all new to us back then. After you two get to try a few positions, you'll discover your own favorites."

Drew hummed and blushed, "What's yours and Prez's?"

Keith smiled and admitted, "I love sitting on his cock, facing him or looking at his awesome legs. I can see his toes curling and know when he's about to lose it. I can either let it happen or stay still until he chills. Prez likes rear entry of all sorts." Keith then chuckled, "He likes the way my nads feel against his."

Drew giggled, "You guys notice all that stuff?"

"Oh definitely!" Keith excitedly nodded. "The senses are all on overdrive during intercourse. Without a doubt, it's the most intensely intimate experience. You'll see for yourself once you dudes get more comfortable making love."


Prez smiled as Rush chased a squirrel up into a tree. Jumping up against the tree, Rush growled from a low tone to a much higher tone, indicating quite clearly that he was frustrated.

Noticing that Drew was with Keith and likely already talking with him about their first attempt, Corey reached for Prez and whispered, "Can we talk, Prez?"

Hearing Corey's voice quiver, Prez became more concerned and asked, "Why are you so scared, Corey? What's wrong?"

"It's really personal... embarrassing... but it's so important I just have to talk about it," Corey tried to explain.

Focusing entirely on Corey, Prez softly said, "I hate seeing you like this. It's actually scaring me."

Corey sighed, "Drew and me... our relationship... it's moved to a new level. We tried to have anal sex... intercourse."

"Okay," Prez uncertainly sang.

Corey was on the verge of tears and softly admitted, "We never managed to actually do it, Prez; we wound up jackin' each other off. It was nice, but not what either of us wanted. We're really disappointed. All through the shower we took we kept apologizing... and crying."

"Is this what Drew's talking to Keith about?" Prez whispered.

Nodding, Corey affirmed, "I'm sure it is. He said he would," then sniffled and wiped his eyes.

Noticing Keith leading Drew away, Prez softly said, "Take it easy, Corey, everything's gonna work out."

"How?" Corey softly sobbed, "I've wanted it for so long and can't imagine why we failed. This is the first time we've tried something that didn't go totally great. It was like our dicks just wouldn't cooperate."

Seeing how upset Corey was reminded Prez of his own failed attempts a year earlier and he seriously reminded, "A real cock is not like a dildo. No matter how hard you might be, it'll still bend if there's a little resistance." Prez then explained fully how he took two months of trying before actually achieving the goal. "I don't think either you or Drew have erection problems unless there's something medically wrong. I think you're both like how I was; you're sphincters aren't loose enough yet. Maybe its time to back up a step; play with the dildo some more."

"Honest? You're not just trying to make me feel better, are you?"

"Who would ever make something like that up?" Prez warmly smiled. Corey shrugged and Prez wrapped an arm around him, saying, "Your reaction is understandable; I still complain to Keith about my problems last summer. But Keith always says it was never a problem for him. I know he understands why I talk about it the way I do. No man would ever be happy about anything that could be considered a sexual inadequacy. There are a few things you need to remember though." Corey looked up and anxiously waited; Prez explained, "First and most important is how much you guys love each other. Drew's not just a walking erection and neither are you. Keith and I both knew that something was going on as soon as we walked in the house."

"How?" Corey wondered.

"You were practically attached to each other, but neither of you were talking to each other very much," Prez explained. "Drew being shy and quiet is one thing, but you too? That was the first big sign. Then Drew showed us John's room and his room, but where were you?"

"Waiting in the hallway," Corey sighed. "Seeing his bed and the sofa-sleeper remade would've just reminded me. I would've started crying again."

"Lesson one, no matter how upset you might be, never let him think he's alone. As a couple, every problem is shared. It has to be that way, Corey. You can make each other's lives easier or more difficult, it's your choice."

Nodding, Corey whimpered, "That's just me bein' a selfish only child again."

"But you're not so selfish that you left Drew and went home," Prez assured. "You're here with us and that tells Drew how badly you want to be with him. You've swallowed your pride and came camping with us anyway. You're letting him talk with Keith and he's letting you talk with me."

Corey explained, "If I could, I'd keep him laughing every hour we're awake together. I love it when he's bein' a clown; I love it when he's bashful too. Hell, I love just sitting near him and wondering what he's thinking of! All I want is to make him happy, every way I can."

"I can relate," Prez smiled. "Remind Drew of that, but not with words or soft tender kisses. If he's anything like Keith at all, sometimes he'll appreciate a really passionate, open mouthed, spit-swappin' kiss." Corey finally smiled and Prez reminded, "This is Drew we're talkin' about though. So get him alone and swallow his face!"

Corey giggled and nodded. Drew wouldn't appreciate that sort of kiss any other way but alone.

"Lesson two," Prez continued. "Believing you want him inside you and actually getting your body to accept it are two entirely different things. My first time with Keith, I really wanted to face him and look in his eyes when I sat on his cock. When that didn't work, I turned around and completely concentrated on relaxing my sphincter. Even without him looking at me and concentrating as hard as I could, it was still stretching my back door to its fullest extent. Judging only by Keith and Drew, let's face facts, the Hundser genes include really fat cocks."

Corey nodded and grinned, "Yeah, Drew's got all I want. And I want it so bad!"

"Then move into whatever position it takes," Prez smiled. "Be patient and understanding with each other. The first time is the most difficult. After that, it definitely gets easier and easier, so other positions can be tried successfully. My first time I didn't face Keith, but the second time, I faced him and sat on his dick again and it went in way easier. The third time, the next day, was doggie-style. I think it was several days later before we successfully managed the missionary position with me on bottom. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, don't think so much about what you believe would be perfect. For the missionary position, you'll be practically bent in half, with his weight holding you that way. It's not easy to breathe like that. Even now, Keith and I may start that way or end that way, but since we can last longer, we rarely ever do the entire deed that way. And that brings up lesson three."

"Which is?" Corey prodded.

Prez answered, "Just because you can last five, ten or fifteen minutes for a hand job or blow job, don't believe either of you can last that long during intercourse. It takes a while, weeks it seems, before you find it lasting more than five minutes or so. My first time inside Keith didn't last a full five minutes. Keith's first time in me was probably less than that. To this day, we sometimes notice how long we last because we couldn't last too long at first.

"None of that; position, face to face or back to front, how long it lasts; is important at all. What is most important is the experience you've shared. After my first time in Keith, he watched me like a hawk the entire day. After having Keith in me, I thought he was the best magician in the whole world, it was that intense. Intercourse really solidifies your relationship. I can easily imagine the opposite too; if two guys aren't willing to share everything, in the sack and out of it, intercourse could tear you both apart."

Corey absently rubbed his crotch then admitted, "I hope I can top for him. He wants me to, but I know I'm more of a bottom already. I was twelve when I had my first wet dream. The strange thing was, it wasn't a fantasy about anyone I knew, but my ass felt as good as my dick. Since then, I've known that's what I want."

Prez nodded understandingly then admitted, "For two months I thought I was only a top." Prez paused then snickered, "Now I know I'm a glutinous slut and I'll take him inside me every chance I get, every way I can get it!" Corey howled and Prez laughed, "It's so true; recently, at least two out of every three times, my backside is filled." Watching Corey grab his belly and stagger around, Prez insisted, "Then I'm beggin' for more! I'll top for him for a few minutes just so he gets hard enough to do me again!" Waiting for Corey to compose himself, Prez reminded, "It's a dance, Corey. Swap positions or change them completely, let him do you, then if he's tired or loses it too quick, you take over. You're done for that session only when you're both ready to take a break. Don't rush anything and try not to get frustrated. If Drew gets frustrated then you need to catch him and make it better. Consider this time a learning experience, not a failure. Next time will be better. All sex is the ultimate playtime. Even when it's intensely passionate, it's still the most fun two people can have together. If Keith's giving Drew any pointers at all, you'll be so happy and so sorry at the same time!"

Smiling appreciatively, Corey said, "Thanks, Prez."

Prez nodded and summarized, "Just be patient and have fun Corey. You can't hurry love, like the song says." Not seeing his dog nearby, Prez hollered, "Rush! Come!" Moments later, Rush trotted back and sat obediently in front of Prez.

"Do you think I should try to get him to want to try again sooner or later?" Corey wondered.

"You've got to read him," Prez answered. "If it was Keith and he gave me any signs he was willing, I'd definitely go for it."

"Cool," Corey smiled, "I'll watch him and see how reacts to a little instigation."

"Just don't make him feel like it's necessary," Prez relayed. "It's difficult, show him that you want to, but at the same time don't make him feel like he has to or that he's got to start things up."

"Start things up?" Corey giggled.

Prez nodded and chuckled, "Once the engine's racin', all ya gotta do is follow the road."

Corey laughed, "Omigod!"

"I was gonna say treasure trail," Prez snickered.

Corey roared, "You are so very bad!"

"And this is how I am with friends!" Prez playfully admitted, "Imagine what Keith has to deal with."

"Ain't goin' there," Corey gasped.


Mike and Derrick were squatting down beside the fire pit arranging the kindling they had gathered. "Where the hell did they all go off to?" Mike scowled.

Derrick shrugged, "I don't know, but something feels weird."

Nodding in agreement, Mike grumbled, "I hate not knowing."

"Maybe it's something we don't need to know," Derrick offered. "Let's see how they're all acting when they get back. Besides, it won't be dark for hours." Derrick paused then grinned devilishly and reached for Mike's hand. Mike warmly smiled and Derrick suggested, "I know how we could pass the time."

In unison, they completed the idea with the same rhyme as always;"Sixty-nine!" and then hurried into the tent. Many minutes later, they emerged from the tent satisfied and shirtless, but found that they were still alone.

"Holy shit!" Mike cackled. "Keith was with Drew, wasn't he?"

Derrick nodded, "And Prez was with Corey, the last we saw."

Mike scowled, "At least Keith and Prez aren't together. The mystery deepens!"

"You saw what they bought at the grocery store?" Derrick reminded. "It's probably got something to do with Corey's eating problem."

"Ya think?" Mike wondered.

Shrugging, Derrick asked, "What else could it be?" Hearing Prez laughing in the distance, Derrick softly said, "Be cool. Don't make Corey self conscious."

"No problem," Mike assured. Hearing Corey's laugh, Mike turned to Derrick saying, "Whatever it was, it's better now." Corey was still chuckling as he walked past the 442 and 4Runner. Trying to appear innocent, Prez shrugged and grinned. "You're no angel, O'Brian!" Mike shouted.

Derrick chuckled, "Give it up, Prez."

Noticing how few sticks and twigs they were carrying, Mike teased, "You two were makin' out in the woods, weren't you?" As Prez and Corey began laughing harder, Mike playfully sang, "I'm tellin' Keith and Drew!"

Prez chuckled, "We weren't makin' out, so get your mind out of the gutter!"

"But you couldn't find much kindling in your travels?" Derrick scowled.

Stepping out of the trees behind Mike and Derrick, Keith played along with what he had heard. "And you two were only gathering kindling all this time? I think not!"

Drew nodded and snickered, "They had shirts on a little while ago."

Keith then went to the tent and stepped inside briefly. Widely smiling as he stepped out again, Keith laughed, "Your blankets are spread out and it smells like ass in there!"

"Busted!" Corey howled as he dumped his sticks and twigs in the fire pit. He then walked towards Drew and silently mouthed, "I missed you soooo much." Wiping happy tears from his eyes, Drew nodded then wrapped Corey in a tight hug.

Dropping his pile of kindling on top of Corey's, Prez chuckled, "Leave the tent flap open when you're done next time, you sex maniacs!"

"'Scuse me?" Mike laughed, "We still haven't done it seven times in a single day!"

"Not for lack of trying, mind you," Derrick softly snickered. Drew and Corey began to wander away from the campsite.

Taking a seat on a log beside the fire pit, Prez teased, "Well, you've made it twice today and daylight's wastin'!" Rush laid down beside Prez.

Noticing Drew and Corey disappear into the woods, Keith softly said, "Get the guitars and let's take a walk."

Mike perked up, turned to Derrick and asked, "Got the one-hitter, Dee?"

Nodding and patting his shorts pocket, Derrick reminded, "Let's get the bongos and tambourine from my trunk."

"I found a nice place not too far from here," Prez explained as he stood. Pointing in the direction he had gone with Corey, Prez said, "Over yonder." Rush got up and followed Prez and the other humans.

Mike snickered, "Under yither?"

"Perv!" Keith snickered.

Away from the insanity of the others, Drew squeezed Corey's hand and softly said, "No apologies, Cor. We didn't know half of what we needed to."

Corey nodded, "Prez called it a learning experience. It'll get a little better each time we try."

"We'll try again soon, I promise," Drew happily relayed.

"Any time!" Corey cheered. He then pushed Drew against a nearby tree and gave him the deep soulful kiss he'd been wanting to since Prez suggested it. Drew's eyes shot open at first then he leaned back against the tree and enjoyed it.

When Corey released the kiss their heads slid over their shoulders. Squeezing Corey tighter, Drew softly chuckled, "Ya gave me another stiffie!"

Having already felt Drew's erection, Corey nodded and giggled then ground himself against Drew to prove he was similarly aroused. It took Corey another few moments to realize that Drew got excited awfully fast. To be sure, Corey asked, "What got you so hard so fast?"

Drew considered the question and carefully worded his answer. "An unexpected awesome kiss from my incredibly handsome blond boyfriend."

Sliding his face off Drew's shoulder to look him in the eyes, Corey shuddered, "You think I'm handsome?"

Drew nodded and breathlessly answered, "Hell yeah! You're awesome to me, Cor. Did you think I was lying or just being nice the other times I said it?"

Shedding happy tears, Corey passionately kissed Drew again.

Feeling Corey sporadically heaving and shaking, Drew broke away and wondered, "What's wrong?"

Corey shrugged, "You really think I'm good looking?"

Hearing disbelief in Corey's tone and seeing it in his expression, Drew sighed, "Corey, listen to me and hear me this time, okay?" Drew paused then smiled and proclaimed, "Believe me, I think you're extremely handsome and the perfect match for me in every way. You make my dick hard, Cor; you just did it with a kiss; this morning it was watching you eating. You make me want to have sex with you, in every possible way. You call me hot? Well, to me, you're every bit as hot."

Blushing so hard that he broke out in a sweat, Corey rested his head on Drew's shoulder and giggled, "You're so awesome!"

"So are you," Drew chuckled.

Slowly and softly, Corey admitted, "I don't think I can wait until tomorrow."

Drew grinned, "Well, if Mike and Derrick managed in the tent, we probably could at least try."

"Really?" Corey squeaked. Drew only nodded then began leading Corey back to the campsite. Corey promised, "It's gonna be nothing but fun this time Drew."

"Completely!" Drew agreed. "I brought the lube, rubbers and dildo."

Corey glanced at Drew and softly said, "But I want you."

"Keith was talking about recovery time," Drew remembered. "I think we can play with the dildo before trying again."

Stopping in his tracks, Corey incredulously squealed, "You wanna do both?"

Dropping Corey's hand, Drew cracked up at Corey's response then giggled, "Seems you need to be reminded how sexy you really are." Turning crimson red, Corey immediately covered his face. Pulling Corey's hands down, Drew playfully reminded, "Not the eyes, Cor."

"Ooo," Corey squinted and hissed, "you are so gonna get it!"

"Only after you have!" Drew teased, going out of his way to make Corey blush.

Corey reached for Drew and tickled him. Drew raced away, back to the campsite with Corey only a step or two behind.

Running around the tent, both boys stopped and saw no one around. "They better not be in the tent!" Corey grumbled.

Drew went and peeked inside the tent then scowled, "Wonder where they went?" Turning to Corey and smiling, Drew kicked his sneakers off and pulled his T-shirt off at the same time. While Corey was kicking his sneakers off, Drew threw his shirt at Corey. It hit him directly in the face and Drew snickered then ducked into the tent. A few moments later, Corey came into the tent and Drew wrapped him in a tight embrace then kissed him hard. Breaking the kiss, Drew softly suggested, "Let's zip up the tent. If we hear the zipper, we can at least cover up and tell them to go away." Giggling like mad, Corey nodded then turned and zipped the tent flap. "Omigod!" Drew softly groaned as Corey bent over. "You've got the most awesome ass, Cor!"

Blushing again, Corey giggled. Stunned at how direct Drew was being, Corey then spun to face Drew. "It's all yours, dude," Corey happily promised. He then leaned in closer and whispered, "I wanna feel your cock inside me, Drew." Pulling back so Drew could see the truth in his eyes, Corey rapidly nodded. As Prez had instructed, Corey softly assured, "I hope it's today, but we'll keep on trying until we get it right."

Without further ado, Drew reached for the button on Corey's shorts. In short order, Corey was standing before him naked, except for the socks on his feet. Drew knelt down and took them off too then smiled up and said, "Turn around, Cor." Corey blushed again and quickly did as Drew asked. "You've got dimples on your butt," Drew grinned, then poked Corey's ass, once for each dimple.

Looking over his shoulder, Corey giggled, "What're you doin?"

"Memorizing the dimples and where each of your freckles are," Drew snickered and continued poking each little spot he found.

"God!" Corey loudly laughed, "You're insane!"

Drew nodded and admitted, "Didn't used to be, but I sure am now." To prove the point, Drew kissed each cheek.

Involuntarily, Corey covered his face, even though Drew couldn't see him blush. After a few moments, Corey gained some strength. He turned around and pulled Drew up then repeatedly kissed him while feverishly working to remove Drew's clothes. Lifting a leg for Corey, Drew staggered back, hit the center pole holding up the tent, but grabbed it before the tent collapsed around them. Hysterical, Corey helped Drew get the heavy canvas tent properly supported again.

"Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all," Drew snickered.

"Oh-ho no," Corey laughed, "we don't have to go all the way, but we ain't stopping again. We've already learned that lesson!"

Noticing Corey's erection, Drew slyly stated, "You don't seem too discouraged."

"Neither do you!" Corey playfully shot back.

"Cos I think you're sexy as hell," Drew repeated, only to make Corey understand the truth.

Corey buried his crimson red face in Drew's neck and began gently sucking. Drew sighed then went for Corey's earlobe. After a few minutes, they paused only to open a sleeping bag then lay down and continued making out. Purposefully taking their time, the couple enjoyed checking each other out and causing the occasional gasp, giggle and whimper. Corey began the foreskin coupling game and then let Drew play the game too. For Corey, it was way more fun when Drew slid his foreskin to and fro. Then Corey wanted to inspect Drew's ass and guided him onto his belly. Not only did Drew have a flawless muscular ass, he had the most beautiful legs. There was only the beginnings of hair growing on his thighs and his calves seemed to be all muscle. Unable to control himself, Corey lifted one foot and began kissing each toe. Hysterical, Drew fought the urge to kick, but laughed as hard as he ever had because it tickled like crazy! More than pleased that he had Drew laughing, Corey lay down on top of Drew with his hard dick nestled comfortably in the crack of Drew's ass.

"Go for it, Cor," Drew softly encouraged.

That was all Corey needed to hear. Holding onto Drew tightly, Corey began forcefully grinding against Drew's ass. After whimpering consistently for a few minutes, Corey stopped then suggested that they switch off, so he could experience the same feelings Drew had. Drew agreed and Corey rolled off of him then lay on his belly. Drew carefully moved into position, lay down then began kissing Corey's shoulders and neck. Contentedly humming and purring as Drew slid between his cheeks, Corey then softly said, "See if you can do it, Drew. Slide into me, please?"

Stopping and remaining still, Drew suggested, "How about the dildo first?"

"I want you though."

Nodding understandingly, Drew said, "Just as a warm up. I don't wanna feel like I'm hurting you, Cor."

Reluctantly, Corey nodded and said, "Okay." Pushing up, Drew then went to his backpack and retrieved the dildo, condoms and lube. Rolling over, Corey sat up and asked, "Why don't we use two rubbers; one for the dildo and one for you?"

One for the dildo, Drew silently considered. "Yeah," Drew smiled, "then we won't have to worry about washing it."

"Gimme one of 'em," Corey grinned, "You take care of the dildo. I'll take care of you." Chuckling, Drew handed one packaged condom to Corey and whispered, "You're the greatest, Cor."

While they tore open the packages, Corey said, "You make me want to do lots of new things. I love you that much, Drew. I'm gonna always try to think of you before myself. When I was talking to Prez, he taught me some new stuff too."

"Like?" Drew prodded, as he unrolled the condom over the dildo.

"Like when you were showing Keith and Prez the bedrooms before," Corey softly admitted. Rolling the condom onto Drew's cock, Corey added, "I couldn't go into your room. Seeing the beds remade would've made me cry again. I shouldn't have been that way. I should've listened to the part of me that wanted to be with you, not the scared part that thought I might cry. Prez said that every problem is shared. I liked the idea. You've already made a problem of mine your own. I want you tell me about anything you think is a problem. Okay?"

Drew nodded then happily relayed, "It wasn't that big of a deal, Cor. I knew where you were, even though I didn't know why exactly." Drew then snickered, "Damn! These rubbers are tight!"

Corey cackled, "Your dick is just that fat!"

Drew grinned, "I think your dick is really fat too. At least it seems that way when I'm suckin' it. We're gonna measure each other real soon." Drew then instructed, "Lay back down on your belly, Cor."

"On my belly?" Corey squeaked.

Nodding, Drew said, "We've never played with the dildo that way and you like it when I'm on top of you."

Corey shrugged then lay back down and spread his legs. Drew moved between Corey's legs with the lube opened. "Move over by my side," Corey said, "so I can reach your dick."

Without a second thought, Drew knelt down on Corey's left side. Drew leaned over and spread Corey's cheeks with one hand while pouring a small amount of lube. Corey began slowly stroking Drew's cock. Quickly closing the bottle and putting it down, Drew started spreading the lube around then slid his index finger tip inside. Corey hummed and stopped stroking for a few moments. His hand dropped and he began gently massaging Drew's scrotum.

Drew whispered, "Oh dude, that's awesome, Cor. How are you feeling?"

"Really, really good!" Corey giggled.

Slowly sliding his entire index finger into Corey's ass, Drew looked over and asked, "How's that?"

Rapidly nodding, Corey sighed, "So good."

Pulling his index finger out just as slowly, Drew then added his middle finger and watched Corey's face as he slid in two fingers. Corey whimpered and Drew paused then asked, "You okay?"

Breathing fast, Corey gasped, "It's okay, just stay still for a while. You've never done two before."

Remaining motionless, Drew prodded, "Let me know what's goin' on, Cor."

Corey nodded then, after a few moments, giggled "Deeper, please." Drew grinned and did as he was told. Corey suddenly said, "Enough!" then started taking short and fast breaths.

Feeling like his fingers were being crushed, Drew grimaced and hopefully asked, "Ready for the dildo?"

"I want you," Corey insisted.

Slowly removing his fingers, Drew reminded, "I want you too, but let's take our time and do it right."

Corey nodded and admitted, "I'm already getting close." He then giggled, "This sleeping bag is so soft!"

Giggling uncontrollably while he lubed the dildo, Drew playfully warned, "Don't shoot yet."

"The dam's about to burst already!" Corey cackled.

"Roll over then!" Drew laughed.

Shaking his head, Corey then moved onto all four limbs with his ass in the air and turned to Drew. "This should be better," Corey stated.

Drew's brain spun and he incredulously cackled, "Better? You're killin' me, Cor!"

Blushing fiercely, Corey hung his head to hide his face and smiled, "Glad ya like it."

Shaking away the need to begin plowing Corey's ass, Drew moved behind him and began pushing the dildo into his ass. Much to Drew's surprise, Corey pushed back and soon had all of it probing his depths. Drew let go of the dildo and watched it begin to slide out. "Relax, Cor," Drew softly instructed, "Pretend it's me and don't push it out." Drew then gently pushed the dildo back in and held it in place while Corey writhed.

"Oh," Corey desperately moaned. "I love you and want you so much, Drew!"

Slowly stroking his condom covered cock, Drew nodded and shivered, "I wanna make you feel the very best, Cor." Drew then pulled the dildo and pushed it back in, repeating the motions several times, in quick succession. Corey only hummed and softly called Drew's name. Taking more control, Drew spent several minutes making Corey ecstatic.

"Can you lower your ass a little more?" Drew whispered. Corey nodded and spread his legs wider. Drew then asked, "Are you ready for me, Cor?"

Corey nodded, "I really hope so." He then admitted, "I'm so close, Drew."

"Me too," Drew sighed and pulled the dildo out a little at a time. Putting the dildo down, Drew then lined himself up and held his cock against Corey's quivering hole. Surprisingly easy, his cock slid in.

"Oh, Drew!" Corey happily squealed.

Remaining perfectly still, Drew wondered, "You okay, Cor?"

"Hell yeah!" Corey gasped, "It's wonderful; so much better than a toy!"

Holding his cock in position at the base with his thumb, Drew slid partially out and back in again.

Involuntarily, Corey and Drew both happily shouted, "Hell yeah!" then began laughing at each other.

Still guiding his cock, Drew slid in and out just a little quicker and was barely able to stop when Corey groaned again. Drew dizzily asked, "You okay?"

"Definitely!" Corey cheered.

"Sorry," Drew breathed, "when you moan, I can't tell if it's good or bad."

Looking over his shoulder, Corey suggested, "We could face each other? Then you could see how good I really feel."

"If you're sure?"

"Let's try," Corey nodded. As Corey slid forward, he felt so good that he couldn't help pushing back against Drew again. "Omigod!" Corey gurgled, and then began riding Drew for a short while. Shocked and thrilled, Drew could barely focus. Holding onto Corey's hips and pushing his ass forward, Drew gritted his teeth and hoped he wouldn't cum. Drew thought Corey's white ass was so beautiful and his insides felt like the combination of a tight hand as well as the warmth of a mouth. Thankfully, Corey moved forward and lay down on the sleeping bag then flipped over. Grabbing his ankles, Corey grinned, "Let's try like this."

Shaking his head, Drew focused and noticed Corey's hole was winking at him. It was open wide; so pink and inviting, Drew shuffled closer and again slid in effortlessly. Delirious, Drew planted his arms on either side of Corey. Corey panted and released his ankles, choosing instead to hold onto Drew's shoulders. Just that little bit of motion from Corey got Drew pumping in and out. But Drew could see Corey's smile and occasional surprised expressions. Those grunts and groans now meant so much more. Corey's left hand dropped and he began stroking himself. Drew couldn't figure out what to watch; Corey's face or his hand sliding up and down his cock. It was all too much for both of them. Corey couldn't even warn Drew before drenching his belly. Corey's sphincter spasm set Drew off. Grunting, Drew slammed against Corey with all his strength. His entire body quaked violently for a long while.

Gently stroking Drew's arms, Corey smiled up at him until Drew's eyes stopped fluttering. When Drew finally grinned at Corey, they both began loudly laughing uncontrollably. Drew lay down on top of Corey and kissed him passionately. Reciprocating fully, Corey wrapped his legs around Drew and held on tight. Soon they both chuckled with relief.

Corey snickered, "The pitcher throws one strike, gathers his strength then throws another pitch; it's high and outside... and... home run!"

Drew cackled, "That was so incredibly awesome!"

"You're tellin' me!" Corey warmly smiled. "Now I know what Prez meant."

"What did he say?"

"What he felt like after his first time is what I feel like now," Corey softly explained. "You are most definitely my magic man. I've never cum so hard or so much in my life! My dick is still tingling!"

Cracking a proud smile, Drew reminded, "Soon it'll be my first time."

"How soon?" Corey wondered.

"That's up to you," Drew replied. "I didn't expect it this time at all... in a tent!"

"It was beautiful, Drew," Corey softly insisted. "We both needed it."

Squeezing Corey tighter for a moment, Drew nodded, "You're right."

Corey sighed then softly said, "We kinda need to separate before we get glued together."

Grabbing another kiss, Drew then nodded, "And before we get caught." Pushing up off of Corey and offering him a hand up, Corey only went to his knees, far enough to take note of the condom.

"Holy shit, Drew!" Corey exclaimed, and then began laughing again.

Looking down at his rubber encased dick, Drew's eyes shot open. The reservoir tip had split open! The rest of the condom was intact, but Drew had such an intense orgasm that he blew through the latex. Corey fell back down and howled at Drew's expression. Drew began taking the condom off and giggled, "So much for playin' safe! What am I gonna tell my dad, if he asks; it was defective? I'm glad you think it's funny though."

Standing up, Corey wrapped his arms around Drew and softly chuckled, "Tell ya what, you can use them if you want, and I'll try to use 'em too, but the way I feel now, they're really not necessary."

Drew smiled and wondered, "You know what this means?"

"I might get pregnant?" Corey howled.

Rolling his eyes and entire head, Drew chuckled, "You're so blond!"

"But I'm your blond!" Corey snickered. "Forever, Drew; as long as you'll have me."

Stunned, Drew widely smiled and squealed, "Seriously?"

Corey deliberately nodded and sighed, "I'm yours, Drew; no one else has a chance of taking your place. What was painful Friday and Saturday became so much better Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. And now..." Reaching for Drew's dick, Corey smiled and continued, "Now I know you're my lover; the only one I'll ever want."

Planting a quick kiss, Drew said, "According to Keith, it'll get better and last longer."

"From what Prez said, I surmised as much," Corey said as they began to dress. Lifting a leg into his boxers, Corey noticed his asshole felt like it was still twitching and was a little sore. Corey didn't say a word to Drew about it though. He wanted more and soon.

After sliding his shirt on, Drew brushed his hair and frowned, "It's awfully warm in here." Corey agreed and Drew stepped up to him then brushed his hair too.

"You're insane!" Corey cackled. Drew only shrugged and smiled then returned the brush to his backpack. Corey unzipped the tent then turned and took Drew's hand. Bending down slightly, Corey stepped out of the tent. There wasn't time to say a word to Drew as he stepped out of the tent. Around the fire pit, Keith, Prez, Mike and Derrick all stood then began clapping, cheering and whistling. Corey could only giggle, spin around and offer Drew a shoulder to hide his blushing face. Holding Drew's head down, Corey loudly laughed, "You pervs! How long have you been out here?"

"Long enough!" Prez chuckled.

"That's my bro!" Keith proudly cheered.

Mike playfully reminded, "Be sure to leave the tent flaps open!"

"Just tell us what happened that you can't tell your dad!" Derrick teased.

Drew half groaned and half laughed, "Oh God! What was I thinking?"

"Ya weren't thinking," Mike giggled.

Derrick snickered, "Not with the big head anyway!"

"Okay," Keith chuckled, "enough standing ovations. Drew will explode and I'll have to explain what happened to my mom and dad." Prez, Mike and Derrick stopped clapping.

"Not an easy task under normal circumstances," Prez grinned and took a seat, "never mind in a tent!"

Drew's head popped up off Corey's shoulder. "Oh you wait!" Drew laughed, "That room next to yours is mine now!"

"And mine!" Corey interjected.

Drew nodded and playfully threatened, "No more holding back because John's around." Mike and Derrick roared laughing at Keith and Prez.

Sitting down again, Mike gasped, "Drew's not quite as shy as he used to be."

Stepping back from Corey, but holding his hand, Drew nodded, "Seems it gets a little better with each camping trip." Remembering the last trip, Corey softly chortled. Drew and Corey sat down, followed by Keith and Derrick.

Mike asked, "What happened last time?"

Drew shrugged, "I changed in front of Prez and Keith. It's the first time Prez saw me naked."

Keith added, "I haven't even seen Drew naked in years, since we were kids."

Prez then recalled, "Actually, I did see you naked before that Drew."

"When?" Drew wondered.

"It was a few days earlier, I think," Prez remembered. "Corey was still in the hospital and you were finishing up a shower."

"Oh yeah," Drew droned. "That was a little different though."

Keith scowled and asked, "What was different?"

Corey giggled and Drew smirked, "You weren't there and I didn't have a chubby in the bathroom!"

Prez, Mike and Derrick cracked up. Keith nodded and chuckled, "Yep, you're definitely not as shy as you used to be."

"Nice goin', Corey," Prez snickered.

"It wasn't me!" Corey grinned.

Drew thought for a few moments then said, "Actually, it was partially you, Cor."

Wide-eyed, Corey incredulously asked, "What did I do?"

Drew leaned in closer and whispered, "Pushin' me to the point of insanity." Drew then hugged Corey firmly and smiled.

"Okay," Corey blushed and giggled. "I'll take the blame for that." Noticing four curious stares, Drew cracked up, but kept mum.

Derrick then loudly said, "I got the munchies bad! Who's hungry?"

"Me!" Mike agreed. Drew glanced at Corey. Corey shrugged uncertainly at first then nodded and held up his hand with his thumb and index finger close; signifying he was a little hungry.

Prez checked his watch and said, "It's almost five."

"Let's get the fire goin' then," Keith said, and stood to get some logs.

Imitating Beavis, Mike chanted, "Fire! Fire! FIRE!" and helped Keith gather the logs in the pit.

Glancing at three stacks of firewood, Derrick slyly stated, "I think we've got enough wood to last late into the night." Catching the innuendo, Mike cracked up then leaned over to give Derrick a kiss.

"Sweet!" Prez chuckled, "We can tell more ghost stories!"

"Oh, no we won't!" Keith laughed, "Your mom's been too busy lately!" Derrick, Mike and Prez softly snickered.

Drew glared at Prez and softly wondered, "You've been talking to your mom?"

"I didn't do it!" Prez insisted, "She comes around all by herself!"

Glancing around at the others, Drew grinned and warned, "It's not even dark yet and you're freaking me out, Prez."

Simply to test the waters, Mike smirked, "Yesterday, after dinner, I saw an unexplainable shadow on the wall. I thought it was my dad droppin' by for a visit. He does that occasionally."

"Now you're freaking me out!" Drew chuckled.

Derrick wondered, "Why are you freaking out?" Not wanting to say anything that might upset Prez or Mike, Drew shrugged. Derrick explained, "In both cases, Mike's dad and Prez's mom were too young. They both had families they felt they needed to care for. They must've been thinking that when they took their last breaths. It makes perfect sense to me. I've watched Prez and Mike enough to know they feel relieved any time they're lucky enough to notice a visit."

"My dad never scared me when he was alive," Mike interjected, "so why would I be scared of him now? We just wish we could interact with them, right Prez."

"Definitely," Prez softly agreed. Keith glanced at Prez. Prez smiled widely and held his index finger to his mouth. Shaking his head, Keith snickered and lit the kindling.

"So you dudes don't think death is the end of everything?" Corey wondered.

Derrick replied, "I think it depends on the person and the situation."

Prez went further and explained, "I believe any living thing can choose to rest or remain involved. A long time ago, I saw this show about wild animals. A mother bear was killed in a battle with another bear, but somehow, her two cubs survived for almost a week without her milk or protection. Then the film crew rescued them. Any conscious, sentient being can choose. There are far too many inexplicable things happening for it to be luck alone."

Glancing at Corey and Drew, Mike pointedly asked, "You really don't think love just disappears when a body dies, do you?"

Corey shrugged, "I never thought about it. No one I've known has died."

"I thought about it," Drew softly said. "I just got nowhere, more unanswerable questions."

"Keep thinking," Prez suggested, "not every question comes up blank. Like Einstein's theory of relativity; energy equals mass times the velocity of light squared. Sometimes the answers are just too big to fully grasp. So break it down to the least common denominators. When you can't come up with a supposedly reasonable answer, it's time to consider the less reasonable."

"So you dudes believe in ghosts?" Corey asked.

Mike nodded, "It's been four years since my dad died. For the first year, stuff moved around our house all the time. My mom would blame me and my sister; I'd blame them when my stuff moved; my sister would blame my mom or me. There's just no other explanation for it."

"Whose hand was on my shoulder at my Aunt's house last month?" Prez asked. Then he reminded, "My Aunt was too far away, my Uncle was right in front of me and no one else was there... visibly anyway."

Derrick said, "I can't say I believe a hundred percent, but I don't deny it either."

Locking eyes with Keith, Drew asked, "What do you think, bro?"

Keith sighed and said, "When dad talks about Gram and Gramps, he changes; his expressions, his mannerisms, even his pronunciations become like theirs. Mike feels good knowing his dad is watching out for him and Prez feels the same way about his mom. What I believe is in the power they have to help us. What harm is it to believe in something that's good?"

"Don't you think ghosts can be dangerous?" Corey wondered.

Keith shrugged, "Probably extremely bad people would have dark spirits."

"Or maybe they couldn't help but seem bad and stick around to atone for their actions in life," Derrick suggested.

Keith agreed, "It depends a lot on perspective and circumstances. What's bad for one group of people might be good for another group."

"Like who?" Mike shot back.

"A few examples from history off the top of my head," Keith smirked. "Vikings were from Scandinavia, but raided England and lots of northern Europe. Is every Viking automatically bad or just a product of the times? And another possibility is Napoleon, good for France, partially good for the United States because of the Louisiana Purchase, but not so good for a lot of other countries. Sure, now we can say they were both pretty bad overall, but at the time, it was prob'ly a very different story. Hitler, on the other hand, was bad in his own time and seems even worse to us now."

"Mass murderers could always be considered evil," Mike commented. "Hitler, Charlie Manson, Ted Bundy..."

"Let's not invite them around tonight," Derrick giggled.

Prez loudly laughed, "Then stop talking about 'em!" Keith, Derrick and Mike chuckled.

Corey leaned over and whispered, "Let's go find the latrine."

Drew nodded and stood up. He softly asked, "You okay?"

Standing up, Corey nodded and smirked, "I need more than a tree." They excused themselves and started down the path besides the two cars to the dirt road.

Rush started to follow them, but Prez commanded, "Rush! Come here, hound dog." Turning around, Rush trotted back to Prez.

"Ooo, there they go again," Derrick teased.

Mike cackled, "They're takin' after Keith and Prez. Wonder where they'll do it next!"

Corey cracked up. Not bothering to turn around, Drew grumbled, "A smelly latrine is not the best place!"

Not happy holding Drew's hand, Corey wrapped his right arm around Drew's waist. Drew looked at Corey then grinned and wrapped his left arm around Corey's shoulders. Corey whimpered and sighed, "You're so awesome."

Drew smiled and admitted, "Somehow, I feel... different, in a good way."

"Me too," Corey agreed. After a few moments, Corey added, "Yesterday, I told my mom I didn't want to leave you alone again. Now I feel like I'd go nuts if we were separated for only a few minutes."

"I won't leave ya, Cor," Drew smiled.

More than pleased or satisfied, Corey felt his dick lengthening and started giggling. Drew smiled and looked over with questioning eyes. "I'm ready for more," Corey snickered.

Drew did a double-take then laughed, "Not in the latrine or anywhere near it!"

Corey shrugged, "Okay," then began pushing Drew off the road. Laughing uncontrollably, Drew shoved Corey back onto the road again. For the remainder of the walk, they looked like two drunkards, holding onto each other and weaving back and forth onto and off of the road, laughing hysterically at each other. Arriving at the latrine, they each took a booth.

Drew finished pissing then said, "I'll be right out front, Cor."

Corey begged, "Don't leave me, Drew."

"Course I won't," Drew assured, "I'll be at the closest tree."

"No," Corey whined.

Scowling, Drew wondered, "What's wrong, dude?"

So softly that Drew could barely hear, Corey said, "It's dark and spooky in here."

Leaning against the door, Drew smirked, "It's stinky too! Are the flies tickling your butt?"

Relieved that Drew wasn't leaving, Corey giggled, "At least they have paper toilet protectors this time."

Smiling widely, Drew chuckled, "And some special stationary too, I hope!"

Corey laughed, "You're crazy!"

Shaking his head slowly, Drew reminded, "It's all your fault."

Finishing his business, Corey pulled his shorts and boxers up saying, "All done."

Drew stepped outside and noticed an older man, maybe in his late twenties or early thirties, leaning against a nearby tree, seemingly waiting to use the latrine. The man appeared disheveled, like he had been camping for at least two or three days. He was tall and needed a shave; his clothes were dirty and his hands were buried deep in his jeans pockets. For some reason, even though it was a hot summer day, he wore a dark blue or black long sleeve shirt. Drew didn't like the way the man was smiling at him; it was as if the man knew him and liked him even though they had never met. Making eye contact with him, Drew felt as if the man was drilling inside his head. Immediately, Drew felt like a slab of meat on display at a butcher shop and uncontrollably shuddered.

Corey stepped out and appreciatively said, "Thanks, dude. I just felt creepy all of a sudden."

"No problem," Drew smiled as they began the walk back to the campsite. "We were just talkin' about ghosts, it's understandable." Noticing the man was still smiling and watching them as they passed, Drew felt an ice cold chill race down his spine. That guy wasn't waiting to use the latrine, Drew nervously thought.

Corey also noticed the man and could feel Drew's trepidation. "What's wrong, Drew?" Corey softly wondered.

Concentrating on what the man was going to do, Drew sharply shushed his boyfriend.

Drew listened closely and, after a few more steps, could tell the man was following them. Wordlessly, Drew and Corey picked up their pace. The man behind them seemed to be walking faster too. Two minds raced with questions. Who was this guy and what did he want? Was he a thief or a sexual predator or worse, a murderer? Drew and Corey looked at each other briefly and could see fear in each other's faces. Corey began to tremble as they walked even faster. About four campsites away from their destination, Drew softly commanded, "Run!" Immediately they took off as fast as they could. Drew hollered, "KEEEEEITH!"

"HELP!" Corey yelled at the same instant.

Rush, Keith and Prez came running out into the road and saw the man that was following Corey and Drew. Rush took the lead and, seeing his dog already in attack mode, Prez encouraged, "Get him, Rush!" Mike and Derrick went around and through the neighboring campsite. Seeing a big white German Shepard and two older teens in pursuit, the man turned and began running away. Rush began nipping at the man's ass and legs. Keith and Prez gave chase then Mike came flying out from behind some trees and tackled the man, knocking him off balance. Rush jumped and knocked the man further off balance. In a flash Derrick was there and grabbed at the man. Mike tackled the stranger again, sending all three onto the ground. Rush grabbed hold of one of the man's arms and shook his head violently. Keith and Prez were there a split second later.

Drew screamed, "He was waiting for us and followed us the whole way, Keith!"

A few moments pandemonium ensued while Corey and Drew watched from a safe distance. The man screamed to be let go. Kneeling on the man's left arm, Mike loudly cussed, "I thought you liked boys, motherfucker!"

"Rush! At ease!" Prez commanded. Rush didn't immediately obey and Prez repeated the command until Rush reluctantly backed off. Rush remained close and, baring his teeth, barked furiously at the man.

Taking Rush's position and holding down the man's right arm, Derrick hollered, "Now you got four of us, you scumbag!"

Dropping down to hold the man's kicking legs still with his entire torso, Prez grumbled, "Got more than you expected this time!"

Kneeling down on the man's chest, Keith loudly asked, "What the fuck were you doin'?

"I didn't do anything!" the man loudly proclaimed.

Pulling his right arm back, Keith held off, screaming, "That's my fucking brother!" then punched the man in the jaw, knocking his head sideways and sending blood spurting out of his mouth.

"Get him up!" Keith commanded as he stood and grabbed two fists full of the stranger's bloody shirt. Mike grabbed one arm and Derrick grabbed the other then they yanked the man up. Menacingly, Rush prepared to pounce again.

"No fucking excuses, mister!" Prez growled. "Following and scaring two fourteen year old boys is enough!"

Keith directed, "Let's take this piece of shit to the ranger station." Briefly turning to Prez, Keith instructed, "Stay with Drew and Corey please, Prez."

"You got it, babe," Prez nodded. Patting his thigh, Prez then commanded, "Rush! Heel!" Still growling, Rush hurried over to Prez. "Good boy, Rush!" Prez proudly praised his dog.

Glaring at the man, Keith promised, "One wrong move and I swear to God, we'll fucking tear you limb from limb!" Glancing at Mike and Derrick, Keith nodded and they all started down the road.

Wearing a triumphant smirk, Prez walked over to Drew and Corey saying, "It's okay now." Corey threw himself at Drew and the two boys wrapped themselves in tight embraces. Wrapping his arms around both Corey and Drew, Prez sighed, "You did the right thing."

"Fuck!" Drew nervously gasped.

Holding on to both Drew and Prez, Corey quivered, "Omigod!"

Slowly leading Corey and Drew to their campsite, Prez reassuringly repeated, "It's okay now." Prez then explained, "I don't know what his deal was, but he screwed with the wrong group this time. Keith will file a formal complaint with the park ranger and that dude will be explaining his actions to the police within the hour."

Corey shuddered and asked, "You don't think..."

"I don't think anything," Prez interrupted. "All I know is he was following you. It was enough to scare you both and that's enough for me." At the logs around the fire pit, Prez then sat down and pulled Corey and Drew down with him. Prez held on to them tightly and thanked God they were both safe.

"Prez?" Drew softly began. "He was waiting for us outside the latrine. I only took a piss and was gonna wait for Corey outside."

"Oh God!" Corey screamed. "Drew! If I hadn't gotten scared and asked you to stay..." Unable to complete the sentence, Corey scrambled around Prez and flung himself at Drew then sobbed unashamedly.

Realizing how badly the whole scene might've been, Drew nervously assured, "I'm fine, Cor, thanks to you. We're both gonna be fine."

"This is why the buddy system works," Prez reminded. "No one goes off alone and no one gets hurt."

A few moments later, Drew forced a grin and said, "Next time, we won't even go piss without one of you dudes with us!"

Prez nodded, "Understandable."

Calming down and catching his breath, Corey nervously admitted, "It was so scary!"

Glancing at Drew and then Corey, Prez asked, "He never touched you, did he? Not even a hand on your shoulder?" Both boys shook their heads.

Relieved, Prez sighed. A few moments later, Prez softly said, "Dammit! Now I have to piss!"

Corey looked up and exclaimed, "You aren't leaving us alone?"

"Absolutely not!" Prez loudly assured as he stood. Ready for another trip to explore the area, Rush stood too. Drew and Corey both got up and followed Prez around the tent to a tree not far from the campsite. Prez walked up to the tree while Drew and Corey looked away, holding onto each other, nervously glancing around with every chirping bird, half expecting someone else to jump out. Sensing their fear, Rush patrolled the immediate area with his nose held high, sniffing for unknown scents.

Zipping up and turning around, Prez joked, "Time for more ghost stories?"

At once, Drew and Corey both hollered. All Prez heard was a combination of "no fucking way!" and "you gotta be kidding me!" Cracking up, Prez took them in his arms, led them back to the campsite and promised, "Okay, no more tonight." He then suggested, "I've got my little boombox with me. I'll turn on the radio and we'll just chill out till they get back."

Drew smirked, "We won't be out of your sight for a second! I was worried about bringing the dog, but now I'm really glad he's here."

"Rush is a good boy!" Prez proudly cheered as his dog dutifully circled the three of them.

"As much as I want to stay, part of me wants to go home, turn all the lights on and hide in my bed under the covers," Corey admitted.

"The Sun's not even down yet," Prez reminded.

"Oh shit! It's gonna get really dark soon!" Corey suddenly realized.

"I'll throw all the wood into the fire at once as soon as it gets dark!" Drew loudly threatened. "They'll see it from outer space!"

"We're sleeping at the farthest corner of the tent," Corey told Drew.

Prez quickly retrieved his radio from the tent. They sat down around the fire and Prez turned it on then found a decent station. "Did you see Mike?" Drew recalled. "He came from outta nowhere and knocked that dude for a loop!"

"Keith was awesome too!" Corey reminded, "He belted that dude so hard, I'll bet he saw stars!"

Prez nodded, "That's Keith; he won't fight for himself, but when he's protecting, he's worse than any Rottweiler or Doberman Pincher."

"You dudes were all awesome," Drew smiled.

Corey added, "All four of you were on him like flies on shit."

"Hearing you both screaming scared the daylights out of us," Prez admitted. "Keith and I were in the road so fast, I didn't even know where Mike and Derrick were until they pounced."

Rush began licking Prez's hands. Corey noticed that Prez's knuckles were scraped and asked, "Are you hurt, Prez?"

Shaking his head, Prez answered, "Not too badly; I'll survive."

"Dude!" Drew loudly said, "Are you sure? You were holding his kicking legs."

"Take your shirt off, Prez." Corey forcefully instructed and stood up.

"I'm fine!" Prez laughed.

"Come on, Prez," Drew smirked and stood. "You showed us your dick, now show us you're really alright."

Chuckling at the new Drew and standing up, Prez took his T-shirt off. When the shirt was beyond his eyes, Prez noticed Corey's jaw hanging and Drew slowly shaking his head. Feeling perfectly alright, Prez sharply asked, "What?"

Drew scowled, "You've got a big bruise below your chest." Looking down, Prez saw there was indeed a black and blue area over his ribs, mostly to the left side.

Corey walked around behind Prez then said, "That seems to be the worst of it."

"It's just a bruise," Prez grinned, but Drew then took his shirt. "Hey!" Prez laughed.

"I'm just gettin' some ice," Drew replied. Shaking his head as he went to one of the coolers, Drew sighed, "Keith's gonna have a fit!"

Carefully avoiding the bruised area, Corey hugged Prez and softly said, "Thanks, Prez."

"It's nothin', Corey," Prez assured.

Stepping back, Corey smiled, "To you, maybe."

Drew returned and held the make-shift ice pack against Prez's ribs. "Hold that there for a while," Drew softly instructed. Prez held the T-shirt and ice to his ribs. Rush licked the dripping water off his master's body.

Corey turned to Drew saying, "Mike hit that dude head first."

"That was an NFL tackle," Drew nodded.

"They're all probably hurt," Corey sadly realized.

"Whoa," Prez chuckled, "calm down. I'm bruised, maybe Keith, Derrick and Mike are too, but it's over now. None of us got that hurt. Keith and I wanted you two here; we wanted Mike and Derrick here too. We can't say anything about this when we get home." Turning to Corey, Prez asked, "What would happen if your mom learned about this?"

Corey answered, "She'd never let me out of her sight again. I sure wouldn't be able to go camping with you dudes again."

Realizing the repercussions, Drew said, "You and Keith wouldn't be able to go to Yosemite either."

Prez nodded, "Then Brian and Pete would have to go alone. So let's not make mountains out of molehills. You're both safe, a little worse for wear, but fine otherwise." Drew and Corey nodded. Then Prez said, "Keith's gonna take care of that guy." Pursing his lips in thought, Prez added, "We all only have another year before college. Before that happens, I want all of us to spend as much time as we can together. Agreed?"

Drew and Corey again nodded. Drew then asked, "What do you really think about that dude, Prez?"

Shrugging, Prez sighed, "Maybe he was happy just watching you two. Maybe he might've tried to lure you away, if he had the chance, but we'll never know his true intentions. I do know he's in a shit load of trouble for doing what he did. Even if he only spends the night trying to explain himself to the police, he'd better learn a lesson from this. One thing I do know for certain is how special this day is for both of you."

Smiling widely at Corey, Drew confessed, "We definitely love each other."

Corey wrapped his arms around Drew and held on tight saying, "Very much."

"Don't let some jack-off ruin that feeling," Prez insisted. "First times only happen once. Concentrate on that instead of how scared he made you feel."

They all sat down again and Drew wondered, "Where did you dudes go before?"

Omitting the fact that they got high, Prez smiled, "Keith and I led Mike and Derrick away to jam so you two could have some time alone. We figured you needed time to talk."

Corey then slyly asked, "And when did you return?"

Prez snickered for a long few moments then replied, "When you were obviously already making love."

"Omigod!" Corey and Drew blushed.

"You asked!" Prez chuckled.


Copyright © 2013 TheEggman; All Rights Reserved.
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Too bad Rush didn't tear of the guy's arm. Wonder how he would ever touch himself while thinking of little boys again with one arm less. Hope the guys won't get into trouble though. From my European perspective American law is strange so I wouldn't be surprised if that guy sued Prez for the damage Rush did.


Great chapter as always.

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