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Destined Hearts - 1. Chapter 1: Antonio and Praveen's lives are about to change.


It was a great day. The sun was almost setting and the wind was blowing lovingly, making it cool and wonderful. It was quiet... It was peaceful... it was amazing and the weather was just adorable.

The cool breeze was making everything seem magical and the setting sun was amazing to see. It was setting the right mood for someone to have a wonderful day.

"Hmm," A young man breathed in the wonderful breeze, letting it take him places he'd never been before. "This is wonderful."

The young man moved his eyes to the magazine he was holding, a fashion magazine. He loved coming to that place, a quiet beach where he daydreamed about his future and cleared his head whenever he was troubled. It was always a place of comfort to him and he loved it.

The beach was really quiet, except for the sound of the waves and the birds chirping from trees nearby. This beach was usually quiet except for when kids came playing on the shore. But it was also a beautiful scene because it reminded him of his childhood.

"I know it will happen soon." The young man said softly, rubbing softly on the cover of the magazine. "I know I shall enter a fashion house one day. My dreams shall be fulfilled."

A smile appeared on his gorgeous face when he saw what inspired him the most in all the fashion magazines that he had been reading. It was the way the designers made their designs, the way the light from the camera captured the designs, and the way the models just sparkled in those designs.

All he had ever wanted in his life was to work in a fashion house, any well-paying position as long as he was in the fashion house. He had developed great passion after learning how to sew from his mother. He could still remember how she used to take care of him, how she used to kiss him every night before he went to bed and all the words she used to say to him. He held on to them as his life depended on them.


He could still remember how she used to talk to him, her tender touch, and her loving kisses. It was a great shame that she was no more. She had died when he was only 16, two years back to be precise. She just got sick one day and the doctor couldn't treat her. She had cancer and she had hidden it from him. It was too bad that when everyone had found out, it was too late. He missed her so much. His father had also passed on when he was only 8 years old. He still missed the two of them and he knew they were gonna be in his heart forever.

He could still remember his mother's words,

‘My son, hold on to your dreams. Never let go of them. I know that one day, you shall be really happy and all your dreams will come true. I will always be there for you.’

Remembering her words was always painful for Praveen, too painful. But they also brought comfort to his soul when he was lonely. All he had to do was hold on to them. He knew his parents were watching over him and their love was upon him. He wasn't afraid of anything.

Praveen Garcia was 18 years old. He was a handsome man with a charming face that could seduce anyone. He had deep blue eyes which growled as if a light was emanating from them. His lips were pink and wonderful, seductive.

Praveen was just an average guy, neither tall nor short. He had a great body, great light skin, and a well curved hairless face. He wasn't too fat or too thin but that was what made him look sexier. His body was to die for. He looked more feminine especially with his bubbly butt and smooth skin.

His long dark hair was curly and worn in long braids. Praveen was a handsome man but he wore spectacles that made people in high school call him a nerd. He didn't mind at all since he didn't care about it. After all, what mattered the most to him was that he was studying and making his mother proud.

"Hey, Praveen!"

Praveen got out of his thoughts when he heard someone calling him, a familiar voice. He quickly got up and moved his eyes to the direction of the voice. He saw his best friend, a boy that was like a brother to him. His name was Mike and the two had been close ever since they were young.

In fact, since his mother's death, Praveen had been staying with Mike's mother, his aunt. She was his mother's friend, a great woman. She loved him so much and showed him so much care. She had been like a mother to him for the last two years and he loved her so much. Her name was Victoria and she had three children. The oldest had gone abroad to look for a job and her daughter and youngest son, Mike was with her.

"Hey!" Mike waved childishly when he saw Praveen. "I knew that I would find you here."

He started running towards Praveen and started gasping for breath when he reached him while chuckling like a little kid.

"Don't tell me you came here running from home."

Mike gave a teasing laugh, lovingly punching Praveen.

"As a matter of fact..." He breathed in deeply. "...I did."

"You are crazy." Praveen picked up the magazine from the ground. "What was the need? You know I was just about to come back home."

"Yeah, right..." Mike rolled his eyes. "...we both know how crazy you get when you are reading that magazine of yours."

"Yeah," Praveen smiled, chuckling softly. "I always like to..."

"I think I have heard what you are going to say to me before," Mike said before Praveen even finished his sentence. "By the way, your mother in law is at the house. She is waiting for you."

Praveen lost the smile on his face the moment he heard what Mike had just said to him. He moved his eyes and stared at the ground, getting lost in his thoughts. He knew exactly the person that had come to see him. It was Emilia Gonzalez, his mother's other friend.

Praveen was set to get married to her son, Antonio. He was a man Praveen had never met before, well he had seen him before in newspapers and magazines but that was it. They had never met face to face and honestly, Praveen was really worried and scared. Sure! The man was famous and he was rich but Praveen didn't care about that. All he was hoping for was to be happy with the stranger he was gonna get married to.

Praveen had come out as gay when he was fourteen years old. He had suddenly developed strong feelings for a guy and had once kissed another boy. He could still remember how his life had changed one day a few days after telling his mother that he was gay.

Out of the blue, Emilia had come and she and his mother had explained things to him. Unfortunately, her son was gay and that meant the vow they had made had to be fulfilled. He had no choice and the thing was that his mother had made him promise that he would get married before she died. He had no choice but...


Mike shook Praveen, getting him out of his thoughts. Praveen looked at him, trying to put up a fake smile. But Mike saw through him.

"You know you are not fooling anyone with that fake smile, right?"

"What?" Praveen gasped, giggling softly. "I have no idea what you are talking about?"

"I can see through your fake smile." He teased, raising his eyebrow. "You are not fooling anyone. Besides, I don't think you should be giving me that fake smile. You are soon going to be the son in law of the great Gonzalez family and I don't need to remind you what that means." He wrapped one arm around Praveen's neck.

Praveen looked at his friend and took a deep sigh. "I know what you mean by that, Mike." He gave a gloomy sigh. "I know you think I am gonna be rich and finally meet my Prince Charming but..."

"What could be better than that?" Mike giggled, patting on Praveen's back. "He's famous... he's rich... He's handsome... He's sexy and I know that he'll make you happy. You will be famous too and I know that aunt will be happy wherever she is because her final wish for her son will come true."

His weakness... Mike just had to use his weakness.

"Yeah," He gave a half-smile, shrugging and shaking his head. "You are probably right, Mike. Thank you so much."

He opened his arms wider and hugged Mike. He was still unsure about his marriage but he had no choice. He loved his mother too much. All he was hoping for was for the handsome hunk to show him, love. He was hoping Antonio was the right man for him. He was hoping that with time, he was gonna fall for Antonio. At least, Emilia seemed nice enough. He hadn't met anyone else from her family.

"Let's go." He chuckled nervously. "I don't wanna keep her waiting."

"Ooh..." Mike teased, pulling away from the hug. "Someone doesn't want to keep his mother in law waiting."

"Shut up, you are just too crazy."

Praveen shook his head and he started heading back to the house with Mike right beside him. They were talking and laughing together, enjoying each other's company. It wasn't long before they reached the house. It was a small house but it was at least a home. They were happy and it was the most important thing.

The first thing they saw when they reached the house was a really beautiful car with a tall guard who was dressed in a black classy suit. The car was a big, golden Bentley Bentayga W12. It was beautiful and as much as he wanted to admire it, he had to go and see Emilia and find out why she had come to see him so late.

He quickly rushed into the house and found her and his aunt talking and laughing like long lost friends. He didn't want to disturb them so he just stood there and watched while getting lost in his thoughts once again.

His aunt was a really beautiful blond woman with short straight hair. She was a kind-hearted woman and he loved her like a second mother. Emilia on the other hand wasn't only beautiful; she was also rich and classy. She was also kind. She was looking beautiful with her long chocolate brown hair tied in a knot. She wasn't young but anyone that saw her could easily mistake her for a thirty-something old woman. She was simply beautiful and...


Praveen got out of his thoughts when he heard his aunt's voice. He smiled genuinely and slowly walked towards the living room. He could already his soon to be mother in law smiling at him.
"There you are." Victoria got up and held his hands. "You are finally here. Mrs. Emilia has been waiting for you for a long time now. Where did you go?"

"Well, I was at the..."

"It's okay." Emilia quickly got up and held his hand, sweetly rubbing on it while giving him a brilliant smile. "The good thing is that you are here. Why don't you come and sit with me?"

Praveen grinned and then sat with Emilia, starting to get nervous. Victoria excused herself to give the two some privacy.

"So..." Emilia took both his hands and just held them in hers. "How have you been?"

"I have been fine. And how are you?"

"I am okay." Then she giggled happily, looking at him lovingly. "I have some really good news for you and I am sure it will make you happy."

"Good news?" He gasped, getting even more nervous.

"Yes!" Emilia babbled, taking a really deep breath. "Antonio is arriving tonight and he is coming back for good."

At that very moment, fear crept into Praveen. He couldn't understand where it came from and he felt cold and warm at the same time. He had no idea why he had a strange feeling about Antonio's return. He didn't even know if he was ready to meet him.

"He is coming back today and that means that you two are gonna get married real soon."

She moved her hands and cupped his cheeks, slowly rubbing on them. Praveen gave her a half-smile just to make her know that he was happy even though he wasn't totally.

"I am so happy right now and I can't wait to make you my son in law." She chuckled happily. Her happiness was overflowing. She was fond of Praveen. She loved him and she knew he was gonna make her son and her family happy. "Finally, I will be able to fulfill the vow we made to your mother."

Emilia knew how Grace affected Praveen but she understood him. "She would have been really happy seeing you married."

Praveen smiled as tears started building up in his eyes. "I am sure she will be very happy wherever she is." He sighed. "I will be happy knowing that she is happy wherever she is."

A tear went down his cheek which he quickly rubbed.

"She would have been very proud of you," Emilia said softly. "She is not here but her presence is still here. She will guide your path and I also know that she will give you her blessings. You just have to believe in her and her love."

"Yes!" Praveen nodded. "Thank you so much."

"For what?" Emilia asked.

"For everything that you have done for me." He said in a sincere tone, getting even more emotional. "I appreciate it and..."

"It's nothing, Praveen." She said softly. "If your mother in law doesn't do all these things for you then whom do you expect to do them for you?"

He couldn't say a thing to answer her. She was a really good woman and he also knew that she was gonna make a really good mother in law. He hadn't met anyone else from her family but he was hoping that her entire family was gonna love him as she did.

Emilia stayed for over an hour just telling him about Antonio and how she wanted them to be together. Praveen was quiet. He just listened, smiled from time to time, and answered her when she asked questions.

Emilia on the other hand just loved Praveen to the moon. She knew her husband was gonna be happy wherever he was, knowing that his loving wife was doing all she can to unite her son and Praveen. She knew that Antonio loved her and he was gonna agree to the marriage. She hadn't told him anything because it was meant to be a surprise.

"As soon as he comes, I want you to get ready." She said as the two of them got out of the house. "We will come and visit you officially. Then you and Antonio can get to know each other. We will even start arrangements for your wedding. Just get ready."

Praveen nodded. He received a warm hug from her before she finally left in her fancy car. Praveen remained standing in the door, looking at the car as it drove away. He started thinking about all that she had said, his fears and his expectations. It was scaring him a whole lot.

What if Antonio was just a stupid, egocentric pervert, he thought as he tried to control his thoughts? But there was also a huge possibility of him being nice, loving, and romantic. Some people had found love from arranged marriages and Praveen was hoping he was gonna be one of them.

"Are you all right?" Praveen heard his aunt's voice.

He slowly turned, nodded, and smiled at her. "Yes!"

"Don't lie to me." She warned, pointing at him. "I know you and I can tell something is on your mind. Did Emilia say..."

"No!" Praveen chimed in, shaking his head. Of course, Emilia was a good woman and she couldn't say anything bad to him. "She didn't say anything." He took a deep breath. "Well, she said Antonio is coming back."

"Great!" Victoria grinned, chuckling softly. "That's good news. At least, you will get to meet your husband to be. But tell me honestly," She folded her arms on her chest. "Are you happy?"

Praveen looked at his aunt and nodded as if he wasn't sure. "Yes!" He lied. "Who wouldn't be happy?"

"I know he will make you happy." She said. "Emilia's family is very good and you will be a lucky son in law to have a mother in law like her."

She patted on his back and hugged him tightly before she took him inside because she needed details of what Emilia had said to him.


"He's here!" A happy voice sounded throughout the living room. "My brother is finally here."

Everyone moved their eyes to see Andrea who came rushing back to the living room. She was a really beautiful girl, classy and really elegant. Andrea was a tall, dark-haired girl with brown eyes. She was so fashionable that it showed in her movements. Andrea was 20 years old and she was the youngest of Emilia's children, the baby of the family.

Her eldest son was Eduardo, a well-known doctor who was doing well in his career. He was 26 years old. He had decided to follow his career rather than manage his family wealth. It was left for his brother now. He was a tall cute guy with brown hair. He was married to a beautiful woman, Celine who was a tall, blonde lady. She was lovely.

In the house, there was also their grandmother who was their late father's mother. She was lovely and they loved her so much. She was a woman of wisdom.

"He's here!" Andrea chuckled happily, jumping like a little kid.

"Really?" Emilia anxiously got up as a smile shot up her face. "Are you telling the truth?"

"Would I ever lie to you, mother?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. She crossed her mother's arm with hers and held on tightly to her. "I know you are looking forward to seeing him. But I saw his car arriving and please," She pleaded, shaking her head. "Let's go and welcome him. I have missed him so much, mother..."

"Okay," Emilia raised her hands as if she was surrendering. "Let's go."

The whole family started heading outside to welcome Antonio. They had missed him so much and they were all anxious to see him, hug him and kiss him after such a long time. They were glad he had finally decided to come back for good and live with them.

The house or rather the mansion they lived in was extremely beautiful and huge. It was a three-floor, beautiful white mansion that was admired by everyone. The mansion was filled with every luxurious thing anyone could ever need. The mansion had a total of 23 rooms which were fully furnished.

There was a huge living room with a very big TV and white couches, a large kitchen with the latest equipment. The mansion was filled with servants that were at everyone's disposal although most of the time, grandmother preferred food which was cooked by herself or any other member of the family.

There was a beautiful pure silver staircase and an elevator starting from the living room to the third floor. There was also a terrace on the roof and also a pool there for relaxing. As if that wasn't enough, there was also an outdoor fire pit living room with a beautiful skylight.

The house was surrounded by a white fence and there was a tall white gate that was guarded by two armed security men. There was a beautiful garden behind the house with a fountain and a huge pool in front of the house.

In other words, the mansion had all things anyone could ever need. The Gonzalez family was just really rich.

Anyway, when the family got out of the house, they were just in time to find the car stopping right in front of the entrance. Their hearts started racing immediately. They couldn't see him from inside because the car glasses were tinted. But they were anxious as hell.

Finally, the moment they had been waiting for arrived. The guard opened the door and he came out, a handsome tall man, Antonio.

Antonio was a handsome and sexy guy. He had a wonderful, muscular, and sexy body of a gymnast. He had short dark hair that was shaven on the sides and then gelled. His light green eyes were shining and his face, fuck that smile on his face made everyone's hearts melt.

He was putting on a deep pink designer's shirt which was tucked in a classy, stylish black designer's skinny jeans and he had sparkly white designer's shoes on his feet. He was looking like a prince. His shirt was halfway buttoned, revealing his sexy chest with little hair. He was a hunk and Emilia couldn't have been prouder.

Antonio chuckled, opening his arms wider. "Are you gonna stare at me the whole day or will I get my hug?"

Hearing her son's voice, Emilia felt tears building in her eyes. She couldn't move an inch of her body. She just stood there, admiring her son and getting emotional. It had been four years since she had last seen him. She had been talking to him on the phone but seeing him was a bit too much for her. She couldn't control herself.


Andrea rushed to her brother, threw her arms around him, and just hugged him tightly.

"You are finally here!"

"Yeah!" Antonio chuckled, hugging his sister tightly.

They hugged for a few seconds before Andrea finally pulled away.

"I missed you so much, Antonio." She said, looking straight into his eyes.

"I missed you too, sis."

"Yeah," She softly punched him on the chest. "But you are gonna have to make up for it." They both laughed. "I just hope you have brought something for me and..."

"Hey!" Granny interrupted, sounding a little angry. "Are you gonna leave an old woman hanging or what?"

"No!" Antonio moved closer to her, smiling brightly at her. "I missed you so much, granny."

He ran to her and then hugged her tightly. She took his head and placed kisses all over it and all over his face. Oh! He had missed her warm kisses, warm hugs, and her wonderful presence. He was really glad to be back home.

"Welcome back home, son."

"Thanks, granny."

Antonio hugged his granny once more before he went further and hugged his brother, his wife, and the rest of the family except his mother. She was just standing there, staring at him with tears still in her eyes. When he was done with everyone, he stood right in front of her and stared into her beautiful eyes. He had missed her the most because he was closer to her than anyone else.

"What?" He chuckled softly. "Are you gonna stand there just staring at me or am I gonna get my hug?" He said softly. "I missed you so much, mom."

"No!" Emilia shook her head, chuckling like a little girl. She went to her son, gave him a long hug, and kissed his cheeks. A tear went down her cheeks which she quickly rubbed because she didn't want to make anyone emotional.

"I am glad you are back, son."

"I am happy to see you too." He held her hands, placing kisses on each of them. "But now we are gonna be together because I am back for good."

"I know that, son." She said enthusiastically, rubbing on his hands. "And I am really happy because there is a lot that I have to tell you."

"Hmm," Antonio raised his eyebrow, looking at his mother as if he was suspecting something. "My ears are all for you and I hope there is food because I am starving."

Granny laughed, patting on his shoulder. "Of course, you crazy boy... there is plenty of food just waiting for you. Your mother and I cooked it ourselves so I am very sure you are going to enjoy it."

"Hmmm," Antonio rubbed on his tummy, winking at his granny playfully. "I really can't wait."

"And mom has prepared your room especially just for you," Eduardo said with a pat on the back. "You are gonna love it."

"And we have so many things to talk about and..."

"I think you three will catch up later." Granny interrupted Andrea. "My grandson is hungry and he needs some food. Besides, as his grandmother, I think I will be the first one he will be entertaining with stories."

They all laughed loudly. They were happy their family was complete although their father wasn't with them. He was dead.

Emilia on the other hand couldn't wait to tell her son the good news. She was happy he was home but nothing else was gonna make her extremely happy than telling him that he was gonna be getting married to someone special. She just wanted him to eat and freshen up before telling him the good news.

"Come on," She coiled his arm with hers. "Let's go inside."

Antonio grinned at his mother and they went inside talking. The rest of the family was with them. They went straight to the beautiful huge dining where they all had a wonderful meal as a family while getting entertained by Antonio's wonderful adventures and how he was doing in the music industry.

Emilia couldn't help shed a tear or two. She couldn't believe how much her son had grown. And now he was gonna be a married man. She wished her husband had been alive to witness everything that was happening in their son's life.

Dinner was great and they all enjoyed it a lot. After that, they all went to the living room where they just interacted and enjoyed the wonderful company of Antonio. After some time, Emilia showed Antonio to his beautiful room where he went to shower and just relax. What he didn't know was that very soon, he was gonna be living as a married man. She just couldn't wait to break the news to him.


It was a really cold night. The wind was blowing and it was quiet everywhere. Praveen was standing outside with his arms wrapped around his shoulders. He was rubbing his shoulders, trying to make himself calm down.

His hair was loose and it was being blown backward, revealing his gorgeous face. He was nervous and really worried. He kept on thinking about what Emilia had told him and he had no idea whether he was gonna be happy meeting with Antonio or he was gonna be disappointed.

‘Antonio is coming back...’ Her voice rang through his head. ‘Very soon you are gonna be my son in law.’

‘Hmmm,’ He thought, taking a deep breath. ‘I don't know whether I should be happy with this news or I should be sad. What if the man I am getting married to isn't nice or what if he won't like me.’

Praveen was nervous. There were so many questions in his head, questions he knew he wasn't gonna get answers to no matter what he did. In that situation, the only thing he had to do was keeping on hoping for the best.

As Praveen was standing there, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder that almost made him jump. His heart started pounding and he held his chest, giving out a harsh breath. He moved his eyes past his shoulder and saw Mike smiling at him.

"I didn't mean to startle you." Mike apologized, squeezing his shoulder.

"It's fine!" Praveen tried to catch his breath. "What are you doing here? I thought you were sleeping?"

"Yeah," He took a deep breath. "I was sleeping but when I woke up to have some water, I saw you here." He came in front of Praveen and looked deep in his eyes. "Is anything bothering you?"

Praveen looked at Mike and shook his head. "No!" He smiled. "I just came to catch some air."

"At this time of the night?" He folded his arms, raising his eyebrows. "Hmm, maybe you can't sleep because Prince Charming is coming back right?" He teased, laughing. "I now know that you are anxious and..."

"That's not true," Praveen said abruptly. "I just came here to catch some air because I can't sleep. Maybe..." He paused and took a deep breath. "...that is also bothering me a little. You see Mike," He breathed. "I haven't met this guy before and it's making me nervous. I will be honest with you..." He took a few steps forward, sounding even more worried. "...I am really worried and..."

"For what?" Mike shrugged. "Do you know how many people would kill to be in your shoes right now?" He couldn't mask the excitement in his voice. "You are getting married to Antonio Gonzalez. Not only is he famous, but he is also nice. I have heard a lot about him from people. I know that he will make my best friend happy."

Those words were comforting. Praveen was really happy. "But..."

"No buts..." Mike waved his finger. "Just trust me and leave everything for the almighty. I am sure when you meet this guy, he will be head over heels with you. Trust me, this will happen."

Praveen had nothing to say. Maybe Mike was right. He was worried for nothing. If Emilia was so good and kind then her son had to be, right? There was nothing to be worried about.

"I guess you are right." He gave a deep sigh. "I am worried about nothing."

Mike felt happy when he saw that wonderful smile on Praveen's face.

"Besides," He cleared his throat, moving closer to Praveen as if to tell him a big secret. "That smile of yours is good enough to turn him on and make him fall for you."

"What? You are very naughty." Praveen hit Mike softly on the arm.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Mike said jokingly. "Besides, I am right ain't I?"

Praveen felt embarrassed, even in front of Mike. He couldn't help but look away.

"Hmm," Mike teased. "You are even brushing. I bet you can't wait to have his big strong arms wrapped around you and kiss him and wake up in his ar..."

"I think you are going insane." Praveen quickly turned and started rushing back to the house. "Goodnight!"

"Oh! So now you wanna sleep? I thought you wanted air and..."

"Yeah, I feel sleepy." He didn't want Mike to tease him at all.

"Wait! I am coming."

Mike followed Praveen behind and he was already laughing, teasing the boy. Oh! He was gonna miss him so much.


"Hey baby," Antonio said with burgeoning excitement, holding on to the phone as his life depended on it. "I miss you so much."

"Oh!" the sweet voice on the other end of the line mourned. "I miss you more, my love. I miss your touch and... making love the whole night."

"Really?" Antonio asked, going down memory lane. He could remember all those passionate nights and the pleasure he felt. "Hmm, I miss those wonderful moments too, kissing your sweet lips and just holding you in my arms, baby."

"But..." the voice on the other end of the line sighed. "...I want you with me, baby. I miss you so much that at night, I just want you to make love to me like we always do but..."

"Bruce!" Antonio said with sadness, slowly walking to the door leading to the balcony. "My love, you are making me feel really bad. But baby, you are the one that chose to remain there because you still had..."

"I know that and right now I regret it." Bruce breathed. "I am sorry that..."

"It's fine, baby," Antonio assured, chuckling softly. He was just so much in love. "The important thing is that you will be joining me soon and we will be together. I will introduce you to my family and we will all live happily."

"Oh my God," Bruce gasped. Antonio could sense his happiness even through the phone. "Really?"

"Yes!" Antonio nodded. "I love you so much. You have changed my life and I just want you to be part of it. We've been together for long now and I just want my family to know that we are dating. You are the only one that I want to spend the rest of my life with, baby..."
"You are about to make me cry." Bruce sobbed on the other end. "You have no idea how happy you have made me. If I was right there, I swear I would..."

"I know, my love," Antonio said in a soothing voice, rubbing on his lips. Fuck! He missed Bruce so much that he just wanted him beside him. "You shouldn't miss me that much because it will affect me. You will be joining me soon and that's what's important. I love you so much."

"I love you too."

Antonio just loved Bruce so much. He was the only one he wanted to spend his entire life with. Bruce was a great guy and Antonio had been with him for quite some time. They loved each other and he had introduced him to most of his friends home and abroad although he hadn't introduced him officially to his family.

Bruce was a famous professional model and rich too. He used to model in Ashton before he started dating Antonio. He moved abroad so that he could be with Antonio and now that Antonio had returned, Bruce was also about to return. Antonio was pretty sure Bruce was the man he was gonna spend his entire life with. He had never loved any guy the way he loved Bruce.

Anyway, Antonio had just come from showering after checking out his room. It was really beautiful, huge and elegant. There was a huge queen-sized bed at the far right with red beddings, a huge, really big couch near the bed and a small living room with a fireplace.

There was one door which led to a big room where all the clothes and shoes were kept. Another led to a small office and the remaining led to a three in one bathroom. There was a multiple shower head system, bathtub fire display, and a huge Jacuzzi. As if that wasn't enough, he got to enjoy the pleasure of listening to music while showering. He was living the life.

Inside his room were pictures of him from infancy to adulthood. He loved it a lot. His mother knew exactly how to make him happy. Now that he was back, he was ready to take over the family wealth and take it to different levels while also managing his music.

"Don't worry, baby..." He smiled brightly. "...I will be waiting for you when you arrive."

"Hmm, I will really like that, Mr. Gonzalez." Bruce chuckled in that sweet voice that turned Antonio on. "And then I will kiss you for the whole world to see."

"Yeah!" He chuckled. "I really can't wait for that. And by that time, your boyfriend will be a billionaire and the president of all the companies."

"And then we will get married." Bruce giggled. "I can't wait for that my love."

"Me too." He spoke softly. "Anyway, I gotta go. I will talk to you later."

"What?" Bruce gasped. "Without my kiss?"

"Oh!" Antonio breathed. "I love you."

He took the phone and kissed it until he heard Bruce chuckling and kissing back. They told each other how much they loved each other and then cut the call. Antonio remained smiling as he stared at the stars, missing his lover so much. The night was wonderful and the beautiful stars were just making him miss Bruce even more.

But as much as he wanted to stare at the stars the entire night, he still had things to do inside. He made a quick turn and went back to his room. As soon as he entered his room, he found his mother just entering and he was happy to see her.

"Mom!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Emilia walked to her son and held his hands. "I would like to talk to you. Are you busy?"

"Err..." He was about to start doing something but for his mother, he was ready to leave it pending. "...no, you can talk to me. Is there any problem?"

Emilia smiled, shaking her head. She took her son and they both sat on the bed, holding each other's hands tightly.

"My love..." Her hand started rubbing on his sweet cheeks. He had beards now but he was still her baby. "...I have something important to tell you and I am sure it's also going to make you happy."

"It's going to make me happy?" He was curious. "What is it, mom?"

"A surprise!" She announced, giving him the most beautiful smile ever. She couldn't wait to tell him. "I know this surprise will make you happy and it will also make me happy."

"Okay!" He said with doubt in his voice. Not that he doubted her but he had no idea what she was talking about. "What is it?"

Emilia took a deep breath and looked into her son's eyes. "You know that I love you so much, Antonio and your welfare is my priority. All I have ever wanted to do is just to know that you are in perfect hands even though..."

"Wait, mom..." He stopped her before she went on. "...what are you telling me? Are you going somewhere or what? I have no idea what you are talking about?"

Emilia rubbed on her son's cheeks and ignored his questions. "I can still remember when you came out as gay to me and your father a few years. Do you remember that?"

"Yes!" Antonio shook his head. "I can remember that very well. You weren't mad at me. You kissed me and told me that nothing was ever gonna change. You told me your love will remain the same no matter what I am."

"Yes!" Tears built in Emilia's eyes. "I accepted that you were gay and I also know the reason why." She quickly rubbed her tears. "You love me so much and I love you too. That is why I just want what's best for you."

Antonio had never been so confused before. His mother had never spoken like that and he was getting worried. He just wanted her to tell him what she meant by what she was telling him.

"I know that, mom." He said with a frown. "But why are you talking to me about this? Are you leaving me?"

"No!" She shook her head. "I am not leaving you or our family. It's just that something is..."

"What?" Antonio sounded even more confused. "What are you talking about? I mean, you came here and..." He paused and just tried to understand what she was saying to him. "You said you have a surprise for me." He rubbed on her hands. "Please, don't scare me like this. What surprises do you have for me?"

Emilia was getting nervous every second that passed. But she was getting anxious to tell her son the truth too. She just couldn't wait to see his reaction.

"Okay!" She took a deep breath to calm herself, holding his hands tightly. "Guess what?"

"What?" He raised his eyebrows, getting a little nervous himself.

Emilia laughed in excitement and took the deepest breath ever.

"You are gonna be getting married real soon." She announced followed by the greatest smile ever. "I have found someone for you to marry."

When Antonio heard that from his mother he just sat there staring at her as if she had just grown another head. His breaths seized... his blood stopped flowing and his heart simply stopped beating. He didn't know how to react... he didn't know what to say. It was as if he had forgotten how to do everything. He was like a statue.

Emilia stared at her son and wondered whether he had gotten any of the things she had said to him.

"Son!" She shook him. "Why are you quiet? You are happy right?'

To her surprise, Antonio just smiled and burst into laughter, a really loud laugh. He started laughing as he had never laughed before. It was funny. It was hilarious. He couldn't believe his mother had just said that to him. She was really funny.

Antonio stood up and laughed his lungs out until tears of mirth started coming out of his eyes. He was laughing so hard that it got Emilia worried. But she couldn't do anything rather than watch him laugh. She didn't know if he was happy or what?

"Hahaha..." He laughed, touching his chest. "Mom, you are so funny." He couldn't stop laughing. "Since when did you become a joker?"

"What?" Emilia stood up, staring at him with angry eyes. "What are you talking about and..."

"Of course, mom..." He laughed louder. "...someone should have told me that you have become a joker. If this was the surprise then you have surprised me, mom."

"What are you talking about?" Emilia shook her head, getting even more serious. "This isn't funny and I am not joking. I am serious."

"Oh!" He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her cheek. "You are still joking even when I know you are. You can't fool me, mom."

He continued laughing and Emilia just stood there, watching him with her arms crossed. "Are you done laughing at me?" She asked angrily. "Antonio, this is serious and I am not joking."

"No, you are..."

Antonio had never laughed the way he did at that particular time. He looked at his mother while he did and just continued laughing. But suddenly, his laugh faded when he stared at his mother long enough and saw that serious look on her face. He lost the smile and just stared at her, trying to convince himself that she was only joking but he knew his mother very well. But even though he did, he just didn't want to believe her.

"Mom!" His voice was low, filled with fear and something that he just couldn't understand.

Emilia just nodded. She couldn't bring herself to saying anything to him.

"Mom!"The surprise in his voice couldn't be masked. "Mo..." He gasped. "Please, tell me you are joking. Tell me this is all just a joke because you missed me."

Emilia got closer to her son, held his hands, and smiled softly at him. "No! I am serious, my son. I am telling you the truth. You are gonna be getting married soon and I promise you will love him. He will make you happy and he will love you. He is a very nice boy."

Antonio just froze. He couldn't move an inch. His mouth was quivering. It was as if he had suddenly gotten a terrible cold that made his whole body freeze. He had his eyes fixed on his mother, trying to get what she had just said to him.

‘You are going to get married soon.’ Her voice rang through his head. ‘He will make you happy.’

"Antonio!" She shook him. But he just stood there like a statue. "Aren't you gonna say something? Say something, my son."

But he was still standing still, just staring at her like a stranger. He didn't even express any form of emotion to her.

"I know it's a big surprise, right?" She chuckled, rubbing on his shoulders. "I know that you are really surprised and I am sure you are happy." She said in burgeoning excitement. "Now that you are back, you will be carrying a big responsibility, and getting married will be the best thing, my son. I know that you will be happy and the marriage will be..."

"Tell me you are still joking!" Antonio said hoarsely, clenching his fists.

"What?" Emilia got near him. "I thought I told you I am serious. You don't have to worry. You will meet with him very soon and you two will..."

"How could you?" Antonio snapped, pulling away from her. "How could you do this?"

To say Emilia was surprised would be an understatement. She was shocked, scared, and caught off guard. Never had she seen her son behave like that, not even when he was angry.

"Son, I..."

"Who asked you to do this, mother?" He snapped at her, breathing as if he was ready for war. "Why?"

"Antonio, I thought..."

"You thought what?"

Antonio's heart was pounding deep in his chest, threatening to rip out. His breaths were harsh, scaring Emilia. His jaws were shaking terribly and his eyes were fixed on her, staring at her as if he wanted to rip her head off.

"My son, let me explain this to you." She tried to get closer but he took a few steps back. "You see, your father and I..."

"I don't wanna hear it." He shouted at her. "If this is a joke then I am begging you..." He put his hands together pleading with her. "...it's not funny, please."

"Do I look like I am joking?" Emilia asked. "I am dead serious and..."

"What?" He furiously groaned, his voice sounding like flames of fire. "You are being serious right now? Look, mom," He warned, pointing angrily at her. "I don't know what you are talking about and I don't care either. I will pretend that I never heard this from you and please," he angrily put his hands together. "I don't want to hear this from you ever again because, mom..." He chirped, shaking his head angrily. "...it seems like you have lost it."

"What?" Emilia snapped, trying to understand what her son had just said to her. "Are you talking to me like that? Do you realize that I am..."

"How do you expect me to talk to you when you have completely lost your mind?"

"Excuse me!" Emilia yelled, pointing angrily at him. "Are you calling me mad or something? Do you realize that you are talking to your mother?"

"Yes!" he snapped. "I know I am talking to you mother but please," He spoke softly, putting his hands together. "Stop this, because, because it is..."

"Antonio!" She smiled and quickly grabbed his hands. "I know that you are probably mad right now but calm down and I will explain everything to you. I promise that you will..."

"Mom!" he furiously moved away from her. "I don't wanna hear it. Whatever it is that you are gonna add, please, I don't wanna hear anything."

"But I..."

"Just stop it!" He yelled at her, surprising her even more. "What part of I don't wanna hear it don't you understand."

Now Emilia was mad. She couldn't believe her son, her son was shouting at her.

"Okay, I will not have you talking to me like that." She warned, angrily pointing at him. "You are talking to your mother and you better watch it."


"I am your mother and besides, what's wrong with getting married, uh?" She asked angrily. "You are not getting any younger and I think it's best if you..."

"Don't you think if I wanna get married I will find a boy myself?" He barked, breathing terribly. "I tell you again if this is a joke then..."

"My love..." She started getting closer to him but he took a few steps back.

"Don't!" He waved his finger. "I don't wanna hear it. It looks like you have lost it."

"My love, I love you so much and I want you to be happy." She said abruptly. "He's a nice boy and he will..."


Just the sound of his voice was good enough for Emilia to understand what her son was trying to say to her. But she still needed him to understand what she was telling him. He needed to agree to what she was telling him.

"Son, please listen to me and try to understand,"

"Understand what?" He seethed, getting even angrier at his mother. "What is there to understand?"

"I am only doing this for you, my love, and I promise that you will be very..."

"No!" Antonio furiously turned, feeling as if his blood was boiling. He started heading towards the door with Emilia following right behind him.

"My son!"

"I don't wanna hear it." He yelled, rushing towards the door. "I can see that you are trying to ruin my mood mother and..."

"Don't you dare walk out on me?" Emilia demanded, trying to catch up with him. "Antonio!"

But Antonio was just too mad to listen to his mother. He didn't even know if he wanted to see her right at that moment. He was just so mad at her. His plan was just to get out of the room and just completely avoid her until she came back to her senses.

He reached the door and angrily gripped the knob. But just when he was about to open the door, his mother said something that made him stop in his tracks. He just stood there like a statue, trying to get if what he had heard was right.

Antonio's heart was pounding like a washing machine. His breaths came out harshly, dangerously. His blood became extremely hot and his thoughts just stopped. He had no idea how to make what his mother had just said. He was confused.

"You are gonna get married if you truly want to inherit your father's entire wealth!" She hollered, making sure that he heard it loud and clear.

"What?" Antonio quickly turned and rushed to his mother. He stared at her and just wondered if she was his mother or just someone else. "I think this joke has gone too far, mom. I told you that it's not funny and..."

"I already told you that it's not a joke. I am dead serious."

"I don't care, mom." He snapped. "I am not going to follow what you are saying to me. What have you turned into?" He chuckled bitterly, staring deep into her eyes. "Are you gonna..."

"Antonio, I am your mother and I would never lie to you." She said with seriousness in her voice. "The only way you are gonna inherit any of your father's wealth is if you get married."

Hearing what she had just said, Antonio burst into laughter. He couldn't believe her. Emilia on the other hand just got mad at her son. He was making her look like a fool and she didn't appreciate it one bit.


"Mom, please..." He got serious again. "...are you that desperate to see me married? Okay!" He furiously dropped his arms, still angry. "Fine! I will get married as you want but I am going to get married to the man that I love, someone that makes me happy and..."

"You don't understand anything!" Emilia got closer to her son and held his hands, still trying to get to him. "Look, it is more complicated than you think. Of course, I want you to settle down and manage your father's wealth. But you can't just marry anyone at all. There is this beautiful boy and he..." She paused and just smiled when she thought of Praveen. "...his name is Prav..."

"Really mom?" He raged, getting his hands away from her. "You are still going on with this?"

"But son..."

"I thought you were joking but now... now I don't even know what you are telling me." He yelled. "I don't know who the woman standing next to me is. You are gonna start blackmailing me now with my father's wealth so that I can..."

"You can say whatever you want." She breathed, taking control of her anger. "You can call me crazy or whatever. But the truth is that you are going to marry that boy and that's final."

"Wow!" He clapped, chuckling bitterly. "Are you gonna force me to marry that boy? Are you gonna drag me to the altar or point a gun at me or..."

"Neither of that is happening." She laughed, giving him an evil grin. "But you are gonna do it willingly. You are gonna agree to it because it's the only way you are gonna get to your father's wealth."

To say Antonio was surprised would be an understatement.

"What are you turning into?" He asked in pain, feeling tears forming in his eyes. "Who are you? You are not my mother because she would never do this." A tear went down his cheeks which he quickly rubbed. "You are using my father's wealth to blackmail me now? That's my right and mom..." He sniveled, suppressing his tears. "...I am sure father must be disappointed and I will not..."

"You will do that if you want to gain your father's wealth." She smiled at her son. "And my husband wouldn't be disappointed because he is the one that left that condition in his will before he died." She could still remember her husband's final words before he died. She had promised to ensure that his vow was fulfilled.

Emilia chuckled bitterly, rubbing the tear that was going down her cheek. "There are some things that you still don't understand but calm down right now." She pleaded. "I will explain everything to you and..."

"Father would never do that to me." He shook his head. "He would never..."

"He would and he still did." She said softly, staring at her son. "The only way you are gonna inherit all our wealth is if you agree to marry the boy he had chosen for you. Unless you do that..." She paused and chuckled softly. "...you will lose everything including this house."


"Please!" She put her hands together. "Try to listen to what I am telling. You may not remember this because you were young but 18 years ago when you were very young..."

Emilia started explaining to her son exactly what had happened years back. Antonio just stood there, staring at his mother with tears building in his eyes. He was getting angry as she went on but he just stood there and listened without moving an inch of his body.

"...and when we found out that both of you were gay, your father was ill by that time." She rubbed her tears softly. "But we both found out that since both of you were gay, the vow had to be fulfilled. At that moment your father knew he had to fulfill what he had vowed in front of the people and the almighty." She breathed in deeply, getting a little emotional.
"His only wish was for the vow to be fulfilled and for you to be with someone that would make you happy." She was speaking softly to make him understand. "Before he died, he made me promise him that I would get you two married." She sobbed. "...and to make sure that it was fulfilled he willed you our entire wealth but with the condition that you marry the boy. Only when you get married will the wealth be yours, ours. If you don't then..." She paused and gave a gloomy sigh. "...then everything will be transferred to him and we may be left with nothing."

Emilia was expecting her son to say something but he was really quiet and she got a little worried. She didn't like seeing him the way he was but she was sure that he was gonna be happy with Praveen. That was all that she wanted.

She took a deep breath and got closer to him. She held his hands, rubbed on them, and sweetly cupped his cheeks, rubbing on them.

"My son," She started softly. "I have seen this boy and his character. He might be from a village but I tell you that he is very nice, kind and handsome. He will make you and our entire family happy. I know that telling you this right now is probably not good and I should have told you earlier but during that time, we were all in mourning and I kinda wanted it to be a surprise."

She smiled at him, looking in his eyes. "You will agree to marry this boy, won't you baby?" She asked in a cautious tone. "You will do it for you and me, won't you?"

Antonio couldn't believe he was having that conversation. He couldn't believe his mother was serious? What the fuck, he thought as he clenched his fists harder. The pain he was feeling was deep and he felt betrayed. He had a fucking boyfriend whom he freaking loved and his mother was telling him to marry some psycho? Oh hell! It wasn't gonna happen.

Antonio furiously turned and stormed out of the room without saying anything to his mother. He banged the door so hard that Emilia swore the floor shook. She followed her son.

Antonio was heading straight for the staircase. His head was pulsing, hurting terribly. His anger was overflowing and his hormones had gotten out of control already. He was sweating terribly and his eyes were starting to turn red. He had never been so mad in his life before.

"Antonio!" She called behind.

"No, mother..." Antonio yelled throughout the house, furiously coming down the stairs. "...I am not stupid and I will not accept those conditions."

"Well, you are gonna have to accept them because it's the only way that you are gonna get your wealth," Emilia shouted, coming behind her son. "Besides, you are just gonna fulfill your father's wish and all the promises that we had made in the past."

"How is that supposed to be my business?" He furiously turned to face his mother as soon as he came downstairs. "I don't care what fucking promises, vows, or whatever you had promised whoever!" He yelled. "I will not accept anything."

By then all the family members had already started gathering in the living room and they were just as confused as Antonio because they had no idea what was going on. What they couldn't understand was why Antonio was arguing with Emilia when he had just returned but anyway, they were about to find out.

"It also concerns you because without them then you wouldn't have..."

"I will not accept it." He furiously kicked the chair, ignoring the pain it inflicted on him. "You can do whatever you want but I will not accept to marry some stupid guy because of..."

"You will do it!" Emilia furiously moved closer, panting like a wild beast. "You are gonna marry that boy whether you like it or not. I am your mother and what I tell my son is what is gonna happen, okay."

Antonio couldn't believe his ears. Not for once had his mother shouted at him because of someone else. It was all new to him. He couldn't believe it. He just stood there with tears in his eyes, staring at his mother like he didn't know her at all.

Everyone's mouths were gaping. They couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"Mom!" Andrea gasped, looking at her as if she had just said the most abominable thing. "Marriage? What is going on here and..."

"Shut up, Andrea!" Emilia said without even looking at her. "I think it's better if you just don't talk right now. This doesn't concern you."

"But mom, I..."

Before she could even finish her sentence, granny held her hand, squeezing it to stop her from talking. She got the signal but God knew she was pissed. She had heard what her mother had just said to her brother and she was concerned.

"So are you..."

"Mom, I have already told you my mind," Antonio said, looking away. "I don't care what you and father had promised. I am not going to marry some stupid boy." He said with a warning in his voice. "If you want me to marry, I am fine with it. I am ready to get married even now but to someone that I love. I have a boyfriend and..."

"I don't care even if you have a fiancé." She retorted, signaling him to stop talking with her hand. "I have told you exactly what happened and..."

"Why mom?" Antonio couldn't hold himself anymore. A million tears flooded his face. "Why are you doing this to me? It's me..." He pointed at himself with more tears going down his face. "It's your Antonio, your little boy, mom. You used to do everything that I wanted, mom. What happened? Am I not your son anymore? Don't you love me anymore?"

"Of course," She sighed, getting a little broken. "I love you so much. But this is something that I have to do. Vows in Ashton are of great importance and they must be fulfilled no matter what? We made a vow and it must be fulfilled." She started getting closer to him. "I know that this boy will make you happy. He is a good boy and I promise you will like him. The priest had even confirmed years ago that you are destined to be together." She touched his hands softly.

"Please, agree to marry him and I will start making marriage arrangements as soon as possible." She pleaded. "You will do this for your mother, won't you, my love?"

Antonio remained quiet just crying softly. His mind was only on one person, Bruce! He loved him so much and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt him. That was gonna mean hurting himself too. He wasn't gonna do it.

"My love, will you..."

"Fuck them all!" He cursed, furiously releasing his hands from his mother. "Fuck all those vows you made and..."

Before he could even finish his sentence, Emilia raised her hand furiously and smacked him across the face hard. Antonio had never expected that and it hurt like hell. He felt as if his cheek had just been set on fire. It was his first slap from his mother and he couldn't believe she did it.

The entire family had their hands on their mouths, surprised by what Emilia had just done. She always treated Antonio like a prince and now she had just slapped him. It was a great surprise for everyone. They couldn't still believe it.

"I will not have you use such language in front of me, young man." Emilia was furious. "What about everything that I have taught you, uh? Is this the son that I raised? Maybe I am to blame for all this because I spoiled you too much and I am warning you never to use such language with me."

"Wow mom," Antonio said with a billion tears following. He was super mad. "You should clap for yourself for this. And here I was thinking that I was coming back to my mother, the woman that loves me so much. I was happy to be home and to see you but you have changed so much.

I can't believe you are still the same woman that used to sacrifice everything for me." The pain in his voice couldn't be masked. "I shouldn't have come back. I made a really big mistake and..."


"No, Eduardo!" He stopped his brother before he even finished calling him. "Mom has changed. And now she is using father to blackmail me but I shall not be moved and I will not marry that boy." He warned, pointing at her. "As for father's wealth, I shall find a way to get it without you, mom. I can't believe this." He furiously rubbed his tears. "As soon as I get everything, I will go back abroad and leave you alone. I will live happily without you in my life because it seems you've gone crazy."

He angrily shook his head and quickly turned. But before he took even a single step...

"I think you are right," Emilia said with tears following behind. "I have changed a whole lot. I have changed so much that I have even lost the love my son had for me."

Hearing what she had said, Antonio turned and looked at her.

"I am crazy but I have also failed." A tear went down her cheek. "I have completely failed in everything. I was given a really simple task and yet I can't even do it." She cried. "I have failed Harvey completely. I promised him with my life that I would make sure his vow is fulfilled but I have failed,"

Suddenly, Emilia started laughing bitterly. "You know what," She quickly rubbed her tears. "I don't care if you go back abroad or do anything you want. But I will not stand here and watch with the thought that I failed my husband, my life partner. Go!" She pointed towards the door. "Pack your clothes and go back to that man you claim loves you more than me. Go!"

With those words, Emilia furiously turned and started going away. Everyone was expecting her to go to her room, lock her door, and come back to her senses. But what she did surprised and scared everyone in the living room.

"What are you doing?" Granny gasped, quickly rushing to the dining room. "Are you crazy?"

Everyone rushed to the dining room including Antonio who was no longer mad but scared.

Emilia was standing near the dining table with a big fruit knife in her hands which she was holding firmly with her right hand. She had the sharp edge resting on her left wrist ready to slice it open. Everyone was scared.

"Emilia!" Granny shouted. "What do you think you are doing?"

"What do you think, mother?" Emilia said softly with tears following. "What can I do when I feel ashamed? I don't think I can continue living with so much shame and humiliation. I have failed my husband. I have failed to fulfill the promise I had made to him and..."

"Mom!" Eduardo gasped, trying to get closer but his mother stopped him. "Please, we can talk about this. My brother just came home and we should all be happy right now and..."

"Happy?" Emilia chuckled bitterly, shaking her head. "All of you will be happy without me in your lives. Let me die and be with my husband and..."

"Mom!" Antonio quavered, feeling scared. "Please, don't do this and..."

"What do you care?" She yelled. "Go back abroad and live happily with that man you love. Why do you care if I live or die?"

"Because I love you," Antonio said softly. "Please, I love you so much and..."

"Oh! Now you love me?" She laughed. "I don't need your fake love, Antonio!" She yelled. "You have just proved that you neither love me nor your father. But it's fine. Just turn around, get out and go back abroad and..."

"How can I?" Antonio quavered. "What you are about to do is wrong."

"You have your life to live and I have mine." She said simply. "Why should you make decisions for me? Get out and..."

"Mom, please..." Andrea pleaded, putting her hands together. "...please, don't do this." She rushed to both her brothers. "Do something please..." She cried. "Don't let anything happen to mom."

They all started begging her to think twice before she did anything stupid but she had decided to end her life. She couldn't live in a place where no one understood her, especially her son. Celine and Eduardo begged her to think twice and at least see her grandchildren being born but she didn't want to hear it.

Antonio had never been so scared in his life. He had lost a father. He didn't want to lose a mother also. He loved her too much but she didn't want to hear anything.

"I am just a mother who is trying to do what's best for her son." She cried softly. "I am a wife that is trying to fulfill her husband's wish and protect his dignity but it seems you don't understand anything. It's better if I die so that I won't be here to see you go astray. I am sorry but I have to do this."

Emilia added pressure to the knife, ready to slice her wrist. She wasn't gonna back down but suddenly...

"Okay! I will do what you want." Antonio yelled, pleading with her. "I will marry the boy you want me to marry. Just don't hurt yourself."

Emilia felt a cold wind blow on her face. Her heart stopped beating for a second. She held her breath and her tears stopped flowing. Her strength left her and she slowly raised her face to stare into her son's eyes. She still couldn't believe it and she thought she was dreaming but...

"I will do what you want," Antonio said again. "I will marry him. Just drop the knife and I promise to marry the boy. I promise you, mom..."

Tears started flowing again as she stared at her son. Then a smile popped up on her face and she dropped her hands. Eduardo ran to her and quickly took the knife before she changed her mind.

"Really?" She asked.

"Isn't it what you want?" He asked with tears in his eyes. "You've won mom."

Without saying anything else, Antonio furiously turned and stormed out of the house. Andrea followed him behind, calling his name but it was as if he had suddenly become deaf. Emilia on the other hand just looked at him as he went away without saying anything. She felt sorry for him but it was something that she had to do for his happiness.

She stared at the remaining family members and they just looked at her without saying anything. She didn't want them to judge her or say anything. She quickly turned and went upstairs to her room.

Reaching her room, she sat on her bed with her hands on her face and just thought about her son. She loved him and she had no idea things would reach that far but she was sure her son was gonna appreciate her for choosing someone like Praveen. She was gonna talk to him after he calms down to explain things to him.

As she was still deep in thought, she heard her door open and close. Someone had just entered her room.

"Don't you think what you did was kinda dangerous?" She heard a familiar voice ask.

She raised her face and sighed. "I am sorry, mother but I was left with no choice. I had no choice but to do it." She stood up and walked towards granny. "I had no idea my son would react like that and..."

"I told you I should have been the one to break the news to him." She said with a sigh.

Of course, granny knew the vow her son had made years ago. He never hid anything from her.

"I know that mother but Antonio is just stubborn at times," Emilia said with a smile. "When he sees Praveen, I know that he will fall deeply in love with him."

Granny nodded slowly, taking a sigh of relief. She was scared. "I hope you are right, Emilia."

They both just stood there, still in deep thought.


"Ah..." Antonio screamed in pain, picking up the pool chair furiously from the ground. He threw it right into the pool. "Fuck!" He cried.

Antonio had never experienced such pain before. He needed something to punch, something to get his anger out on. If only the boy his mother wanted to him to marry was near then he would have strangled his neck and ended his life.

"No!" He screamed at the top of his voice, gripping his hair painfully. It hurt a whole lot but he just wanted to hurt himself. "This cannot be happening!" He cried. "No!"

He took another chair and threw it right into the pool. Everything that was in his way, he either kicked hard or threw it away. He was screaming like a mad man. His voice filled the whole compound. His face was flooded with tears.

He wanted the pain to leave him but it kept on increasing. He surely needed something to punch but he had nothing near him. His mother had just blackmailed him and it hurt. He didn't know if he knew her anymore. It was really painful.


Andrea came rushing to the pool in her high heels. She had tears on her face. She couldn't bear to see her brother in such pain. She rushed to him and wrapped her arms around him to make him calm or try to do so.

"Please, calm down and..."

"How could she?" Antonio cried in a rasping voice. "How could she do this to me? I thought she was my mother. I thought she loved me. I thought I was her little boy and now she wants to destroy my life by getting me married to some... to some..." He couldn't even say it and he burst into tears. "...how could she?"

"I'm so sorry." Andrea cried, holding on to her brother tightly. "I understand your pain and..."

"No!" Antonio shook his head. "You don't understand..."

"Trust me!" Andrea pulled from him, staring into his eyes. "I do, because I love you so much. I know you are hurting deep inside and..."

"How could she?"

"I know." Andrea sobbed softly. "She didn't even think twice before saying that to you. What is going to happen to you? And forget about you..." She was panicking. "...what is gonna happen to Bruce? How will he take all this? How will he feel when he gets to know that you are getting married?"

The thought of seeing Bruce hurting made Antonio cry even more. Andrea knew about Bruce because they were great friends. They had been friends for a long time, way before Antonio and Bruce started dating. All Andrea had wished for was for her brother and Bruce to end up together but now...

"This is bad." Andrea shook her head. "Mom shouldn't have done this."

"But she did." He cried. "And dad... how could he do this to me? He left his entire wealth into that boy's name. I can't do this!" He raised his hands. "I am going inside and I am gonna tell mom the truth. I don't care if..."

"What are you saying?" Andrea gasped. "Are you crazy? Do you want us to live in the streets? Mom told you that unless you marry that boy we’re gonna lose our wealth, our fortune.”

"I don't care." He snapped, breathing as if he was ready for war. "All..."

"That is our wealth and we cannot lose it," Andrea said, cupping his cheeks. "We can't lose it and..."

"Are you saying that I have to..."

"I bet this boy and his family just manipulated dad." She said. "Just agree to what mom wants. It's very easy, bro." She chuckled bitterly. "Marry this boy and then we will get our wealth. After that, it will be very easy to throw this boy out of our lives for good."

"What?" Antonio clenched his hands. "Are you telling me to marry a filthy, stinking, classless boy? Are you insane? what about Bruce?"

"This is our wealth, our pride," Andrea said, holding her brother's hands tightly. "We cannot lose it no matter what happens. Mom is probably being manipulated by this boy and she will realize it sooner or later. But don't worry," She chuckled bitterly. "He wants to be part of this house. Then let him come. We will deal with him so much that he will beg to be out of this house in just a day."

Tears poured down Antonio's face even more. "But..."

"I know that you love Bruce but trust me on this one." She reassured. "This is very easy to get out of. I know you are hurting but let's just agree to it. We will win this game together, bro."

Antonio stared at his sister for a long time before he finally agreed. He was still unsure about it all but he knew one thing for sure. He loved Bruce so much and he wanted to spend his entire life with him.

Andrea smiled when he agreed and opened her arms wider. The brother and sister hugged tightly and at that moment, there was only one thing in Antonio's mind and he swore he was gonna do it.

‘You have made my mother turn against me for the first time.’ He thought, hugging his sister tighter. ‘You are gonna pay for this. I will destroy your life so much that you are gonna beg for death.’ He sobbed. ‘You will pay for this. I promise!’

He was gonna fulfill it.

Meanwhile, Praveen couldn't sleep. He kept on turning and thinking about the new life he was gonna start. What was it gonna be like? Was he gonna find peace and happiness finally? Was the man he was marrying the right one? There was just a lot in his mind.

What does life have in store for Praveen and Antonio?

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work

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This story is to me like one from another planet. I am not used to parents choosing their grown-up children's husbands or wives. Not used to the sort of conflict that may arise from having marriages arranged.  And then class or caste playing a huge role, too. Obviously, that society is one where wealth tops any other consideration or most of them. To me this sounds like an Indian version of Cinderella's story.

I am a bit bewildered by the emotional blackmail (if you love me, you will consent/understand...) and the deference to the parent generation, by the lengths people will go to get what they want (the wealth and luxury they are used to) even up to faking the intent of committing suicide. If Antonio is truly his mother's son he will make Praveen's life more miserable than I can imagine. My only hope for the marriage to work is if Antonio realizes that Bruce is not the one for him. Fat chance...


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12 minutes ago, mayday said:

This story is to me like one from another planet. I am not used to parents choosing their grown-up children's husbands or wives. Not used to the sort of conflict that may arise from having marriages arranged.  And then class or caste playing a huge role, too. Obviously, that society is one where wealth tops any other consideration or most of them. To me this sounds like an Indian version of Cinderella's story.

I am a bit bewildered by the emotional blackmail (if you love me, you will consent/understand...) and the deference to the parent generation, by the lengths people will go to get what they want (the wealth and luxury they are used to) even up to faking the intent of committing suicide. If Antonio is truly his mother's son he will make Praveen's life more miserable than I can imagine. My only hope for the marriage to work is if Antonio realizes that Bruce is not the one for him. Fat chance...


You're right.... This story might be like an opposite version of Cinderella but I can assure you that you'll enjoy it. But also one thing I can promise you is that this serial will surprise you in ways you won't even imagine. So hold on tightly to your seat 😁😁😁😁

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13 minutes ago, vanalas said:

You're right.... This story might be like an opposite version of Cinderella but I can assure you that you'll enjoy it. But also one thing I can promise you is that this serial will surprise you in ways you won't even imagine. So hold on tightly to your seat 😁😁😁😁

I will keep on reading it, promise!

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6 hours ago, mayday said:

This story is to me like one from another planet. I am not used to parents choosing their grown-up children's husbands or wives. Not used to the sort of conflict that may arise from having marriages arranged.  And then class or caste playing a huge role, too. Obviously, that society is one where wealth tops any other consideration or most of them. To me this sounds like an Indian version of Cinderella's story.

I am a bit bewildered by the emotional blackmail (if you love me, you will consent/understand...) and the deference to the parent generation, by the lengths people will go to get what they want (the wealth and luxury they are used to) even up to faking the intent of committing suicide. If Antonio is truly his mother's son he will make Praveen's life more miserable than I can imagine. My only hope for the marriage to work is if Antonio realizes that Bruce is not the one for him. Fat chance...


@mayday It is happening in still some parts of this planet. In some countries parents choose the partners, same emotional blackmail, even if they kill their children if they go against their will and marry someone inter then they choose or out of caste.


@vanalas I am sensing some similarities to the Unbroken but still want to see how the plot turns. I am expecting future chapters

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3 hours ago, GB Renly said:

@mayday It is happening in still some parts of this planet. In some countries parents choose the partners, same emotional blackmail, even if they kill their children if they go against their will and marry someone inter then they choose or out of caste.


@vanalas I am sensing some similarities to the Unbroken but still want to see how the plot turns. I am expecting future chapters

And I'll deliver. It's a promise

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I read this story when it was uploaded to another site. I hope the author revisits the ending, as it felt like he was done with writing it and just ended it the quickest way possible. 

Edited by wb22860
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7 hours ago, wb22860 said:

I read this story when it was uploaded to another site. I hope the author revisits the ending, as it felt like he was done with writing it and just ended it the quickest way possible.

I've no words 😁😁😁😁

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actually parents planning marriage for children are not that unusual : there are lot of them through the history. they are most of the time arranged to keep peace between 2 kingdoms or to reinforce 2 families’ wealth. and in Asia, marriages are still most of the time arranged by the parents, especially in small towns and villages

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She claims this is for her son’s happiness but this psycho witch is doing all this for herself. Almost everyone in this story is thinking more of themselves than others as well as looking at things with rose tinted spectacles. I mean Praveen’s best friend & aunt are all about how amazing this guy is who they don’t even know not to mention the false impression they have of this woman, who’ll supposedly be an amazing mother-in-law. Then you got Antonio’s family who are more concerned about pride and losing their money than his happiness. I mean Andrea seems nice enough on the surface yet even though what she says may be logical she’s clearly more concerned over money & family pride/appearances than her brother’s happiness. Poor Praveen is completely in the dark as he’s essentially being guilt tripped into marrying a guy that secretly hates him and thinks his family tricked his so they could steal their wealth.

Edited by NimirRaj
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