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  1. mayday


    I had not read that, but you are right. Only too right in what you say. And predict.
  2. mayday


    Actually I do not think she can grab it. That is what being controlled does.
  3. mayday


    I am not as sure as you seem to be that Felicity is willing to jump off the wagon yet. She is doing all she can to cover up, in spite of the terror that seems to be a daily part of her life. I was appalled to read how controlling and demeaning (let alone the physical abuse) her husband is. And if the nudge to quit comes from outside it won't be enough, I'm afraid. I fear things for F. will get worse before they get better... I just hope that she will get the chance to get away before it is too late.
  4. mayday


    oh, hadn't thought of that...
  5. mayday


    Difficult to help somebody in Felicity's situation. He is right to ask his partner. Good to see Eric in his home again. I wonder what kind of idea for a present he will come up with. Painting something for them might be it?
  6. Rilke's poems are powerful. And just beautiful. So beautiful. They speak to me. They touch me. Move me. Even though I do not always know what they are about, they make me feel. Not all of them. Naturally. This letter is something I have not come across, so thank you for introducing me to it. His way of describing the creation of art, of poetry tells me that it will take up a huge space in our lives. More than we usually are willing, or brave enough, or able to give up... I, for one, know that I am not brave enough for it. I'd like to know what translation you use. The translations of my favourite poems online do not really convince me.
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. mayday


    It is so typical - the victim blaming herself for the abuse she suffers. I can only agree with Timothy - the sooner she leaves him the better. She seems to have reason enough but leaving is easier said than done... apart from that I love how Eric is back to gardening.
  9. Lovely. But how did you hit on an alligator? Of all big animals... Hope they'll see'm later...
  10. Too scared of falling I never climbed trees but always envied those who did and were out of reach, so far above, so away, so much higher up... Now I know better what I envied them for... beautifully captured moments in the past and now, too. I love how you fill those words with so much meaning - separate limbs, advanced seasons - how you capture the promise of youth, of an endless, open future, and how you come back to earth in the end... Thank you.
  11. Clever move of yours to post the last four chapters on two successive days instead of making us wait. I have enjoyed the ending of the story so much. I love the way the whole family interact in NFL and the new perspective for Max. Thank you for sharing their wonderful story with us. And thank you for crafting it so beautifully.
  12. I have had the same thought fleetingly but remembering that the story would soon be concluded I felt that there would not be room for adding on another kid. What I love about this story is that it leaves us open to wonder and to spin on its threads. There is so much material to go on imagining more chapters... somehow this story is like a healthy tree, growing branches, twigs, leaves and fruit, it has so much to offer.
  13. Once more, as I have just discovered some words from Louis that say it all: "I smiled at my little family."
  14. What a sunny chapter! Full of light just like this glorious day is over here with bright sunshine on daffodils and hyacinths. Thank you for having Maxy fit in so well and more examples of Don's and Louis' love and understanding for him and each other. You have sent a huge ball of joy over here. Thank you!
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