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  1. Loved this chapter. Comments above are spot on, Eric communicates here, somehow less cautiously, less reluctantly. Is he more open or is that just my imagination?
  2. about new stories... I remember that Morningstar might deserve a sequel... 😊
  3. Beautiful ending to a great story. A lot of beautiful details, I do not know why the soap stands out for me or the holes in the walls years ago, the sandy beach ... The only reason for regret at a final chapter is that your story has come to its end. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  4. I am not happy with you for stopping right in the middle of this conversation...
  5. mayday

    Chapter 16

    He has not learned to read and write??? And his brother was at uni?
  6. mayday

    Chapter 15

    I have enjoyed nearly all the chapters so far. What a journey for Karl! From a small farm into a city. From a sheltered existence into the unknown. When will he think about writing home to his parents or his siblings? He has been lucky to land in such a nice, humane and helpful family....
  7. mayday

    Chapter 15 Faith

    Great chapter, lovely read, and I love the name of the filly! Like a present for us...
  8. mayday

    Waiting Game

    It is not easy to read about Felicity's terror. Especially when I think about the hints and all that is not told.
  9. I'm glad for them that they can now be so open with each other. It is not easy to trust, even if you want to, after misunderstandings and such a hurtful history between the two. Beautiful scene at the beginning, too. Thanks my friend!
  10. I love how you have given us this revelation. I will admit that I actually suspected this diagnosis or something like it, but it is not easy to relate such conversations and the effect they have on the patients. Expecting the worst distorts our perceptions and reasoning but Mitch is lucky in his doctor, having found one he felt more and more confidence in, one he can and does trust. And he is strong enough to take such a punch and see it for what it is - an assurance that he has a future and the chance of a long one. Now of course we want to know what he is going to do with his new chance. Coy might have an idea or two for him... Thank you for this new chapter!
  11. mayday


    I don't think I have ever been so happy and relieved to read that somebody orders pizza... Incredible, how Eric has been evolving - not sure that's the right word... and he has something like a network now to help him. And although I am pleased that so many people care about others and help, I would expect the state itself to look after its people, especially the vulnerable ones. Hopelessly idealistic - I know. And the same goes for that boy, who definitely needs help as much as Eric has done, perhaps more so. Though in totally different ways.
  12. mayday


    Lots of different story lines now. More than one disaster to untangle. I also wonder about Tyler's sisters. Will they have a chance to get out of this hell of poverty, violence and hopelessness? How can kids like Tyler be saved from such a self-feeding cycle of neglect and abuse before they start themselves - like he has done - on taking out their powerlessness on things first and people later. A bully he is already. I am struck by how vivid you paint these scenes of vain hope for support from his father, the only anchor he seems to have and the one that is bound to disappoint him bitterly. And the terrible situation at home. Somehow Eric will be in the middle of the crisis of a completely different family - what role will he play? How will the destruction waged on his garden and house affect him? I am relieved that he has trustworthy neighbours now. Interestingly the supercurious lady with the lapdog has disappeared. Not that she would be much help anyway, I guess...
  13. mayday

    Rattling Bones

    Great to have them back again. Thank you. I must be a bit slow today but I have no idea what really happened on that night years ago. And I had been so sure that I knew it. Please don't keep us waiting very long for the resolution. You make it hard to wait for the next chapter. But it's always worth waiting for...
  14. mayday

    Chapter 12

    What a surprise!
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