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  1. mayday

    Chapter 23

    What I really admire about your writing is that whatever scenario I come up with the next chapter always contains at least one surprise. And then, after reading I feel that this latest development is only logical, so I wonder why I was surprised in the first place. Thank God, Tyler has gotten out of that relationship! And I am so relieved to read that he could stand up for himself in the end. Still, his friends are exactly the right group to be there for him - David, the father, Kyle the experienced one who sees and recognizes abuse and knows the "tricks", Andy who knows how to fight and who has finally found himself again - strange to see him well for the first time since ages while he is using his combat skills once more for a "good" cause. Jacob, Brian and Troy simply there for him. Thanks for another great chapter and turning-point.
  2. mayday

    Chapter 22

    Alex seems to have "groomed" Tyler planfully, if not completely successfully. The fact that Tylers becomes more and more isolated makes me wonder how often or widely Alex has been meddling with Tyler's phone. We know about one number, Sean's, but this won't be the only one, why should it? David provides a lifeline for more than one young men right now. I admire him for it and am glad that he will be here for Tyler once he allows himself to be helped again. We see a lot of Andy right now but Tyler always alone. How can he not realize how isolated he has become (due to Alex' meddling)... I do hope that Tyler's disgust at what Alex has shown him will carry the day and make him run before it is too late... And I wonder what role the team will play in his rescue, because he will need rescuing or help or both from that man.
  3. mayday

    Chapter 4

    does it matter? I liked it.
  4. mayday

    Chapter 4

    I like the talk between Brandon and Isaac over their meal. It shows that they are gradually developing trust, something that Isaac still seems to have to learn. I also like the little details, e.g. about what Isaac looks like while he is waiting to be picked up and that he does not make Brandon wait. Your characters sound very real. This is a pleasure to read - including the anticipation you foster for whatever will develop between Hal and Brandon.
  5. mayday

    Chapter 14

    I guess that people who want to end it all have to hide what is inside of them. And - you are right in that (strange idea to say that to the one who thought up the plot) he wanted to get caught. It takes much more guts to get caught than to hide what you are intending to do, I guess... I have always wondered what was going on inside Jakob once Kyle turned up. thank you for showing us. This intermeshes (???) beautifully with Acquittal! Thank you for writing and answering!
  6. mayday

    Chapter 14

    I am so grateful for David's and Jacob's being there for Andy. I had not realized before that he was suicidal and can only hope that his sons have no idea of it... Tyler is a great friend to have. You were right, we only got small glimpses of him in Acquittal and only from a certain perspective. I love how perceptive he is and that he does not mind stepping forward and being a friend to Jacob. Thanks for another great chapter.
  7. mayday

    Chapter 11

    No need for defense! There was not one chapter the story could have done without. Even the "aside" scene with Jason.
  8. mayday

    Chapter 11

    Great! This sounds like a promise of lots of chapters to come!!!
  9. mayday

    Chapter 11

    I really like this story, both for itself and as a complement to Acquittal, which has been one of my favourites. I must admit that I have always been concerned for Tyler, when he meets new guys at the bar, because I still remember Brian rescuing Jacob from a predator there.... I love how you interweave the two stories, especially in this chapter although I imagined Tyler being less mature from the scenes in Acquittal. I love how they find out about Kyle and the hints as to what will happen to David. Thank you for this story!
  10. No idea, why I saw this warm and loving story only now for the first time! Thank you - a beautiful gift on a warm summer evening!
  11. mayday

    Chapter 24

    Your work shows. Thank you. And thank you also for hinting at some more about our men. I am looking forward to reading more.
  12. mayday


    I had not read that, but you are right. Only too right in what you say. And predict.
  13. mayday


    Actually I do not think she can grab it. That is what being controlled does.
  14. mayday


    I am not as sure as you seem to be that Felicity is willing to jump off the wagon yet. She is doing all she can to cover up, in spite of the terror that seems to be a daily part of her life. I was appalled to read how controlling and demeaning (let alone the physical abuse) her husband is. And if the nudge to quit comes from outside it won't be enough, I'm afraid. I fear things for F. will get worse before they get better... I just hope that she will get the chance to get away before it is too late.
  15. mayday


    oh, hadn't thought of that...
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