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  1. mayday

    Chapter 12

    What a surprise!
  2. mayday

    Chapter 2

    this is your first attempt at writing? I can hardly believe it...
  3. mayday

    Chapter 1

    Great start. But now I have to read the first novel, too...
  4. mayday

    The Farm

    What's not to love about this wonderful story!
  5. mayday


    Camp Refuge is living up to its name. Great to read and such a tender story, with people only who love unconditionally for a change. What a welcome comeback. Thank you Wayne.
  6. mayday

    Groundhog Day

    I posted it more than a year ago... sometimes the internet here is a bit iffy, though.
  7. mayday

    Woodland Walk

    You have whisked me out of my bout of self-pity with your colourful images of life - I marvel at your way with words ...
  8. mayday


    I'll still be with you
  9. mayday


    I know embraces cannot heal pain and anguish. Virtual ones drift by in the wind.
  10. mayday


    Great chapter! I could not help laughing at the scene of Z. recoiling from the plunger. What a funny scene! Brilliant. I had always wondered how these two will ever manage to get together. You have worked your magic as ever. Great story!
  11. mayday


    Great ending! Thanks for a wonderful new story.
  12. mayday

    Chapter 25

    A great ending, but an ending still. Beautiful scene on the terrace. Thanks for a great story!
  13. mayday


    They found him. Lee told Eddie to keep away. He has got rid of him. Finally. Now just let our guys not be too late! Forgiving authors for cliffhangers would be easy if the next chapter was posted the next day!!! Harlan. He knew. Of course. Who else...
  14. mayday


    Isn't it sad to feel how special just having a room of his own and a clean, inviting bed are to Lee? Yes, there was so much to enjoy in this chapter, I agree with all of you before me on this, but somehow the omelette-making and the scene in the cabin have shown me more of Lee's past than even that horrible first chapter could. Has anybody ever shown real interest in Lee, in his abilities and his personality? These scenes, how Greg draws him out, how Lee starts developing ambition and a sliver of self-confidence, which was never there before, culminate in Harlan's assessment. But they also show the emotional abuse this boy suffered for the last years. And the squalor and dirt in Eddies apartment will now be a contrast to the cabin Lee can call his own. Avery will help him, if need be, to keep it as Lee likes it. I remember that Lee knows nothing about making life worth living. And I remember what you wrote about Eddie, Wayne: Why teach somebody to fish if you can buy him a can of tuna? This chapter is highlighting your comment brilliantly, by contrasting Eddie with Greg. Greg, who teaches him how to live. Who pays attention to him. Who tries to understand him instead of bending him to his will. I have always wondered how people can overcome the consequences of having been abused...
  15. mayday

    Chapter 23

    You had me fooled. And it could simply have been real. Which really made it poignant.
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