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  1. "I'm sorry you're not connecting with this story as you have others of mine... but to be truthful, I kind of expected many wouldn't, so I'm not surprised." Dear friend, I have been wondering myself why there seems to be this distance. But I have come to no conclusion. It is not the style you have chosen, of that I am certain. Part of it may be because you have thrown us right into the middle of a crisis (or rather more than one) I cannot yet see or guess where the strands of narration might be going and I also feel that we are still missing some crucial scenes from the past of both men. Somehow it is not your style to start out with a central one out of three characters we get to know in the first chapters only to never have him appear again. So I guess that Coy will still play a role later on, but there I have my doubts. How probable would it be for Coy to find Boone in the "Wild West" (as we say here) again? You will know an answer to that question better than me. Of that I am certain. I also know what a great story-teller you are. So you may count on my following your story this time, too. Maybe it will worm its way into my heart and imagination.
  2. Will Boone ever find what he is seeking? I can't help feeling we are in for a long story if they ever meet again. And if not, Boone still has to get over Coy and their years together. Coy never seemed as self-assured before as he acts on the day of Boone's departure. I get the feeling he is simply very honest and open, somehow more than he used to be now that they have cleared up everything. I do not know what it is about this new story of yours but somehow I find it hard to relate to it as if a vast distance lay between it and me. None of your stories has failed to draw me to them, so I will see where this one goes.
  3. mayday


    Great ending to a great story. I do not remember one chapter which did not hold some sort of surprise, surprise of the kind where I asked myself: Now why did I not think of that being likely? You have told the story so well and realistically. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
  4. mayday


    Adrian? Can't believe you are doing this to us! Though I do not know what would have been better apart from a far too harmless outcome.
  5. mayday

    Chapter 3

    This sounds too good to be true. Everything seems to run like a well-oiled machine.
  6. mayday

    Chapter 2

    Andy is lucky to have an uncle as loving, well-off and well-connected all together as Scott is. Not everyone is so lucky...
  7. mayday

    Chapter 1

    At least there is an uncle who cares for him. But how will a young boy recover from such a trauma. Being abandoned by precisely those who were meant to care for and love him. What happened during those days he was on the road? How can Andy regain trust? Even if his uncle is exactly what he should be?
  8. mayday


    Great chapter of profound relief after the oppressive atmosphere in the last one. The way Lenny characterizes his aunt hits the nail on the head. I still remember the tea and my reaction: Don't drink it! Poison! -- Why do we imagine people even worse than they are? The aunt is bad enough as she is. And nothing shows that better than Adrian and - even more - Toni and Jack. The contrast could not be greater.
  9. This story is to me like one from another planet. I am not used to parents choosing their grown-up children's husbands or wives. Not used to the sort of conflict that may arise from having marriages arranged. And then class or caste playing a huge role, too. Obviously, that society is one where wealth tops any other consideration or most of them. To me this sounds like an Indian version of Cinderella's story. I am a bit bewildered by the emotional blackmail (if you love me, you will consent/understand...) and the deference to the parent generation, by the lengths people will go to get what they want (the wealth and luxury they are used to) even up to faking the intent of committing suicide. If Antonio is truly his mother's son he will make Praveen's life more miserable than I can imagine. My only hope for the marriage to work is if Antonio realizes that Bruce is not the one for him. Fat chance...
  10. mayday


    More clues. No answers yet. I also thought of poison in the tea, but then it became clear: the poison came later, in the "information" the aunt gave him - ominous idea of the kind of love Jesus meant for us. Strange wording too, a person's blood tainting another? Racism? Not impossible. That convoluted concept of blood determining a person's character? If so, then what about Luke's blood and her own? "I may seem like a humble woman" - so she is not what she seems and sets up to be. And she admits it herself. She does not listen to people. She tells them what they "need" to hear. She is used to directing and manipulating people. Her "humble" facade is nothing but a facade. I got the idea that she directed the burning of the house. Obviously she was not told by her informer that Len was staying at the house too, only that Lamperton was. And she obviously did not mind having somebody of "that kind of blood" burnt to death. Why did she want to destroy the house? If she could not have it nobody should? Why was she angry at the dresser being hidden and "overlooked"? Mere money? I really want to read Luke's story now. How he grew up. How he got along with his father and with whom he fell in love. What happened in that house on that deadly day and what had happened before? Some comments mention Freya. Well, she seems distant and unreadable. But so what? She may have been jealous decades ago, yes. But so what? If she really liked Luke she must have known about his feelings towards his mother. Why would she trust and cooperate with her? There is one moment in the meeting of our two men in the pub when the landowner was watching them. That has stuck in my memory. Don't ask me why. And no idea, if that circumstance really meant anything.
  11. mayday


    Not at all! I have read this chapter several times, just like the others, enjoying them, and only then I saw that. Usually you do not overlook even tiny details - none of us are perfect - and I thought you might like to change it before you have the book printed. It was not meant as a point of criticism.
  12. mayday


    Just one small detail: "On Monday, Pippa had texted Leonard the address for Mary Whitby, his cousin. She had no telephone number or email address, so Kennedy used some of his company letter-headed paper, and send her a note, asking if she could call or email him. Another job out of the way, if not quite complete yet." Shouldn't that be Len?
  13. mayday


    Yours is one twist I have not thought of. But of one thing I am sure: I do not know enough about Luke's family to develop a theory as to what happened exactly. The idea that our two lovers will come across a dead body in this wonderful house has no appeal to me. I had pictured them enjoying wonderful weekends and weeks there together and having parties with all their friends - but not over a dead body.
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