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  1. mayday


    That's an easy one. Why should he be aware of that? He seems to know nobody (knowingly) who has been affected. Gay persecution in Britain to him was probably a topic he never thought about. I do wonder if people really discussed gay issues at all before AIDS provided visibility (that sounds so clinical...)
  2. mayday


    A pretty low base... yes. Let's not forget that he was a lonely man battling on all sorts of fronts that a lot of us never have to face, especially not all at once: loneliness, severe health issues, cold, poor food, problems moving, seeing your health decline, knowing - before Andy's return after the initial disaster - that things will only get worse with every new year... but one of the aspects of Eric's story is the gradual emergence of his inner strength. How else would he have managed to live on his own?
  3. mayday


    Great chapter. so life-like. Eric has indeed become more self-confident. Or maybe he has learnt to show his self-confidence and inner strength. I really like this chapter.
  4. mayday

    Chapter 1

    Hard to bear. You have painted this so vividly. God, this is going to be another intense story of yours. Thank you for sharing...
  5. mayday

    Miniature irises

    beautiful! Thank you!
  6. mayday

    Miniature irises

    My favourites, too! So delicate, yet such strong colours and bold leaves!
  7. mayday

    AP Chapter 10

    How can they bring milk such a distance without it turning sour????
  8. mayday

    Photographs and Chocolate Cake

    but perfect
  9. mayday

    Photographs and Chocolate Cake

    I did not expect to like the two of them even better than before. Don being there for Louis in every possible way just took my breath away and him knowing his partner so well was born out by Louis response to Max - didn't he get it exactly right? And wonderful scene in the attic: Louis with his memories and then knowing his husband as the loving and caring man he is. Beautiful! Thank you! Again.
  10. mayday

    Chapter 31 Dribbles

    different measurements to soon.... to me this poem speaks of different stages in our lives, how our views and awareness evolve, and that the reasons why we act like we do may differ completely due to circumstance. but the love we feel outlasts these changes - even if the loved one is gone - not much weltschmerz there....
  11. mayday

    Chapter 9 - Pepper

    thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. you have picked the perfect spot to end it though I am sad this is it and that no more chapters will be coming. Pepper and the way they found her was the icing on the cake. Beautiful.
  12. mayday

    Sweet and Sour

    Long awaited chapters get read too fast with this impatient reader so I tnd to overlook details and have to read them again. In this chapter I overlooked Louis' reaction, his relief after the last scene, for example. Please do not let POwens get his hands on Don, he might want him but I am sure he can do without such a champion. Max and Louis might need him full time... great chapter again. good nest building for Max
  13. mayday

    Life Goes On

    A very promising chapter. What impresses me about Louis here is how he is able to adapt to new situations. How willing he is to change some parts of his life instead of just continuing the routine. I also love how good the two of them are with Max. And now we can see that they will be good together. Good for each other.
  14. mayday

    fireflies and our Life

    Beautiful. So expressive. The idea that you would not know the words to express your feelings has made me smile and laugh after reading your poems.
  15. mayday

    Chapter 14: Hurricane Barbara

    Good to hear that Barbara is fiction... having a completely supportive family myself I have been wondering about parents like her and what that means for their sons and daughters. I do know parents like that exist. And some never find the way to accepting their children.

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