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  1. mayday

    Chapter 8

    I have been waiting for something like this. I just have no idea how you can get Jesse out of his plan alive unless his truck won't work or he will end up in a snowbank the moment he starts it. Ryker's last appeal was anything but helpful.
  2. mayday

    Chapter 7

    I am amazed at your story telling! It feels as if we were right in the middle of them. And I am so glad and tentatively hopeful now that Jesse knows again what it is to be held and to hold and comfort. And that his music literally can save people from their own hell. What a contrast between those dark words and the reality behind and the soothing effect his music has!
  3. mayday

    A Winter's Hike: The Tanka Challenge

    Beautiful! I looked up bluebirds, an alien species here, but oh, what stunning shades of the deepest blue! I now understand why you stopped stunned staring - the last two lines perfect in the way they sound and - with the alliteration making sure we stop too - with the next and last line again light and airy like the birds.
  4. mayday

    Chapter 6

    Great! Jesse is making progress and Ryker is right to point out that he might need help, too. But it hurts to see - and you are making us see it so clearly - how Jesse always expects attack and hurt and needs a way out.
  5. mayday

    Chapter 17: First Time for Everything

    I feel like I must explain my LIKE as just referring to your telling the story, not what happens...
  6. mayday

    Chapter 14: Hurricane Barbara

    Box of tissues. Yes. I do remember being impressed with your vivid dialogues. They make these scenes not easier to read. I am happy for Jason in his brother and dad and I wonder when Barbara will remember her eldest son and not the embarrassment and image of the sick or deformed he has become to her.
  7. mayday

    All Good Things

    Right decision? It is the easy way out. When will he start seeing what he wants, is attracted to? What will make him see that? You are keeping us on tenterhooks, MericCotton!
  8. mayday

    Chapter 2: A "Plan"

    I have just found this story. Well written, fun to read and lots going on...
  9. mayday

    An Unkindness of Ravens

    This is full of strong images difficult to forget Let me send you this: White wispy clouds are drifting high The first blue sky for days This morning the rain stopped and the air is fresh and crisp Birdsong from the trees on the river banks The first promise of spring in the clear light may be gone with the dusk in an hour's time No matter. Its promise is enough for now.
  10. mayday

    The Party

    Yes, it is, but are we always up to weathering them?
  11. mayday

    The Party

    I am on that journey into the past, chapter 7 so far. Phew! Storms? Gales?
  12. mayday

    The Party

    Ok. I have just read this and normally I would go back to the stories I have obviously missed. But not today. This feels so real. Not knowing the main characters now - I'm going to do something about that in a minute - I cannot imagine what will evolve. How can Don make such a change up to his husband? How can anybody? The right thing to do is usually not the easy one. Angry the young man will be. Lost. In need of help and all sorts of support. What his years as a child and a teenager so far have been like will be crucial. How will he learn to live a new life? Thank you for another journey into the unknown...
  13. mayday

    In the Heat of Morning

    Beautiful and sooo moving
  14. mayday


    Confusing.. or I do not get it. Suddenly so many feelings? How blind can one be?
  15. mayday

    Chapter 64 Shields Up

    "And my fear is my shield" We do need those... I do not know where we would be without fear, without remembering pain...

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