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  1. "Pleasure and pain, come and go, arrive and depart, put and take. All of these feelings alternating like a pulse, again and again. Invade and retreat, insert and extract, occupy and vacate, please don’t let this end, but climax was near for both. Then explosion, fireworks, bells toll, canons fire, followed by peace, stillness, satisfaction and contentment." This captures the essence that is sex - like the tides of the ocean, sex has a rhythm, an inevitability, an expression of life force. Love it.
  2. The political climate in the US would suggest many uses for this word...
  3. RolandQ

    Chapter 36

    In the first chapters of the original Granger tales, I was struck by the profound knowledge and scholarship of seamanship. With each subsequent chapter, my respect for the author's vast knowledge of history, geography, politics, cuisine and on and on - not to mention intimate interludes that liven these endlessly fascinating tales. Bravo and many thanks.
  4. Too short a telling of self lost, love lost, self found, love regained. Some real passion and good old sex, too. Thank you.
  5. Kissing is the most intimate of exchanges...
  6. RolandQ

    Handling It

    Love the trajectory of the story - my one issue is the speed - not much time for reflection and coming to a life changing realization - but the premise of the story - the focused therapy - addresses that. I guess my own need to ruminate and struggle is boring for others...;)
  7. RolandQ

    The Pool

    I have had a similar experience in the New Warrior Training Weekend - speaking of a profound grief and hidden self to a group of strangers. There I found support and learned processes, much as described in this story, that have helped me cope. The story has brought back much of the learning and wisdom. Thank god for therapy.
  8. RolandQ


    First times - whatever the event - were revelatory for me. Those hungers I could never define suddenly, compellingly clear.
  9. RolandQ

    Talking it Out

    Finding ways to be open with oneself is what I take away from this chapter. I too have deeply suppressed desires and opportunities not taken. My opening came from a random hookup with man who treated much as Lucas treats Grey. He remains my confidant though circumstances have each of us in lives apart. Thank you for the reminders of important things in my life.
  10. RolandQ

    Part 30

    My one regret with this story is that there is not another phenomenal sex scene to lust through. A deft telling of becoming and realization of what love might be. Many points of identification with characters and envy of their encounters. Bravo
  11. RolandQ

    Part 15

    A common fantasy, nonetheless, the teacher and former, of age student. Got me going, yet again with this story.
  12. RolandQ

    Chapter 1

    Continuing one of my favorite reads. Thank you.
  13. RolandQ

    Chapter 1 -

    Thank you for the review. I'll be working on additional chapters. I wanted to get an idea Of interest.
  14. RolandQ

    Chapter 1 -

    The engine roared to life, settling into a steady purr as he backed out of the driveway. He turned off the radio, no longer interested in news or music, not wanting the intrusion into his thoughts. He was not one given to introspection, yet the events of this night had awakened his mind on many levels. There had been satisfaction, physical satisfaction, but also much more. He had climaxed twice, himself. Her first orgasm came as he entered her, her vulva stretching over his thick cockhead. And again in response to his steady stroking, then finally as he plunged deep into her as he relea
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