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Genres: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Drama, Coming of Age

They are both very inexperienced when it comes to topics of love and sex, however, they belong to a generation of a lot of exposure to the theoretical part. Coincidence brings them together, and they are eager to make it work. But that means, they have to overcome some sciolism. Can they do that and where will that lead them?

The story contains passages of explicit sex and body parts involved; sometimes combined with uncomfortable feeling. If you are unsure if you can handle it, this story might not be for you.
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Talo Segura

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This story is different. Written in ten short chapters it is very easy to read and from the start draws you in. We follow the relationship of our protagonist as he describes what happens to him and how he is dealing with his emotions. The introspection gives a deep insight into the main character as we live with him a voyage of self discovery.

Short chapters are unusual, however, here they fit the story well. A lot happens in a short space of time and the book is very well written with some wonderful description. I think I could best sum it up as I did with my comment at the last chapter. It was like a very good European movie, the ending was not what you would expect, but superb anyway. Like all good movies and stories it leaves you feeling fulfilled, satisfied, on an emotional high. It's as if the characters and their story is not just fiction, but real.

And the final chapter was superb in its descriptions: We were sitting at a knee-high wall in the backyard of the motel, barely covered by the porch roof, while raindrops were falling from the summer night’s sky. ... looking into the pitch-black night outside the range of the Chinese lantern hanging over our heads. Really, really, well done!

This book will surprise you. It may not be what you expect, but it is above all else a story well written and one which deserves the little time it takes to read. I, for one, was not disappointed and recommend you take a look.

Response from the author:

Thank you very much! Indeed, some scenes were like movie scenes in my head, especially in the first chapter and what you quoted from the last one. I'm glad, I could paint that picture in your head as well :)

Even though, the plot is entirely fictional, the protagonist's feelings are very similar to my own, so it makes me very happy when people stay on this journey with the protagonists to the end and emphasize with him, especially, since, while the story is about gay love, this is not the main topic of the story as readers might discover.

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