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Found 495 results

  1. "Listen," Your soon to be ex boyfriend says in what he thinks is a calming tone, "I didn't mean to crash the space ship alright? That asteroid came out of nowhere. Lets just find some supplies and see what we can do about repairing the hull, please?" Trapped on an uncharted habitable planet with your air head of a lover and pilot, your task is to try to survive long enough in this blasted alien world to get off it in one piece. Figuring out how to do this without throttling the man next to you is an entirely different matter.
  2. You dared your brother to enter an abandoned house the two of you had found in the woods. You watched him go inside the house. Twenty years later, the authorities still haven't solved the mystery of how he vanished. One day, you crash into someone at the supermarket, and meet a teenage boy who looks exactly like your brother.
  3. When I looked in the back seat of my new ride, the silver glint of a funerary urn caught my eye. "Oh, great, now I'm a kidnapper!"
  4. As the son of Heaven's Ambassador to Hell, you find yourself at a very boring, if tense, formal banquet thrown by the Lord of Hell, Lucifer himself. Looking for a restroom, you find yourself in Lucifer's private library. The only other occupant is a skinny youth with draconian wings, a barbed tail, and two small horns half-hidden by long, emo-styled hair. As he walks over to you, you notice that he appears about 19. Aside from that, he looks very cute underneath his reddened skin. When you strike up a conversation, he tells you that he is the youngest of Lucifer's 666 children. He offers to give you a tour of the manor...starting with his bedroom. What happens next?
  5. Well. It's been quite a long while, but hopefully my skills aren't too rusty! You were born in a world of magic. Everyone---from the lowest thief to the wisest sage---has magical abilities of one kind or another. All except for....you. It's not simply that you have no talent. Rather, you can't muster even a single spark of energy. How do you compensate for this lack of power? What are some advantages and disadvantages of this anomaly? How do you view the world differently because of this?
  6. As a child you had promised a creature your friendship and protection if it would fetch the ring you had accidentally dropped down the well. The creature retrieved the ring, you took it and quickly shoved it back into your father’s jewelry box. Now an adult, the creature has unexpectedly showed up demanding you keep your promise. What do you do?
  7. The Garden You thought it was just an abandoned garden when climbed the fence and dropped down into the garden. The weeds were as high as the corn. It wasn’t until you plucked a tomato that you noticed the garden itself was tended but two inches beyond it had gone to seed hiding most of the tender crops. A moment later a hand gripped your arm like steel and your world changed forever. What happened?
  8. Genie During a dig in Turkey you uncover a lamp. The side is covered in an ancient Alembic writing. You decipher it but it seems to make little sense. It seems to be a list of odd directions. Carefully you copy them down and they tell you to name three people, make three wishes, but make none grand. The wishes will double, reverse, and the last words you cannot make out. You rub the lamp but nothing happens. Then you follow the directions, saying your wishes out loud then naming three friends when smoke billows out of the lamp filling the small area making it hard to see. A genie stands before you and begins granting your wishes. You get your first wish and the first person you named gets it twice as much. Your second wish is granted and the second person gets the reverse of it. What happens with your third wish?
  9. The Ring As you finished your final task at work, your retirement lay moments away. A knock at the office door found you staring at a strange man who stomped over and dropped an envelope on your desk. “All yours, bud,” he grumbled and left. Inside the envelope was a ring and instructions telling you to wear it and prepare for a major change. What do you do?
  10. You start your morning with a hot drink and a pastry at a small coffee shop, every day, without fail. On rainy days, you sit indoors. On sunny days, much like this one, you take a table streetside. Today, however, your morning is disrupted by a young boy floating down from above, holding an umbrella like Mary Poppins. He is well dressed, but the clothes are slightly too-large for his frame, and look grimed, as if he'd spent a few days in them. Who is this boy, and what led him to this situation?
  11. Death As a child you had always hoped to grow plants and flowers, but no matter what you did they died. Today you were brought to the main education center to be tested for your natural talent. As you walk you hear people being told they are heroes, muses, a god of the forests, and even demigods. You test quickly before you are even mentally prepared you’re informed of your new career. Congratulations on being chosen as an Angel of Death. What’s your next step?
  12. Spring The first buds of spring had broken through the ground. Demeter smiled as her daughter slowly made her way into her embrace. This time Demeter decided she would create something special for her daughter, Persephone. What does Demeter do to celebrate her daughter’s homecoming?
  13. Vampire In this day and age, he was a rarity. He was twenty four, handsome, intelligent, healthy, and crushingly shy. He worked on a computer from his apartment and barely had any face to face contact. When he spotted the odd man one night outside his apartment, he was sure he had to be mistaken. He was tall, dark, with red eyes, and sharp white teeth. Being the nerd he was, he raced home and began to research on his computer. What he wasn’t ready for was opening his door and finding him standing there. He sniffed once, smiled widely, and simply said, “A Virgin!” What happened next?
  14. Elf You needed a vacation, away from all the noise, people, and technology. You dug out your hiking boots, tent, knapsack, and packed up. You took the bare necessities and go deep into the forest to relax. Your first night was great, but after your second day you feel like you are being watched, and by the third you know so. When you decide to find out who is tracking you, you find yourself face to face with an elf. Now what?
  15. Hades You knew you should have read all the contracts before you signed, but who expected to be hired to walk a hell hound? Never mind one of the most famous in all of history. When the dark, sexy, brooding man told you he needed his dog, “Spot” walked and exercised, you figured it was easy cash. Now that you know “Spot” is better known as Cerberus, and the stranger is Hades, what is it that you signed up for?
  16. Medical Issue You’ve been working on a cure for the space sickness for the last seven years. You’ve finally come up with a possible cure with the help of your team, but there is one hell of a side affect. The cure works but it may just cause a part of humanity to take a huge evolutionary step forward. What does the cure do?
  17. The Ring You’ve inherited an old family ring from a distant cousin. Unfortunately, the ring comes with a lot of responsibilities and powers you didn’t know about before you slid the ring on and became the new owner. What exactly does the ring do?
  18. Embarrassing Interview You finally have the interview of your dreams. Before it begins you rush to the bathroom, take care of business, wash up, and barely walk back into the waiting room when your name is called. As you head into the interview you hear the other three applicants begin to laugh. Part way through your interview you glace down only to see a long piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe. As you blush in mortification you look down only to see your fly isn’t completely closed either. What happens with the rest of your interview?
  19. Love Cupid You’ve been picked to play Cupid in the college play. What no one realized was you didn’t audition, and love is already your full time job. While arrows are simply a myth, you are required to bring two of the most stubborn people you’ve ever seen together as a couple. Both of them are working at the play. How do you do it?
  20. Imagine a world illuminated only by oil lanterns and bio-luminescent organisms. What caused the world to be this way? What sort of life do the people have? How do they heat their homes, produce food, make their clothing? Do they wish for sunlight, or do they adapt to the darkness? What is the biggest danger inherent to living this way?
  21. Suddenly Daddy Six years ago your best friend got married to her dream man. Four years ago they moved across the country for his job and you lost contact. Five minutes ago you found out she and her husband were killed in a fire, but their son survived. Both were only children and they named you as their son’s guardian. How do you take it, Daddy?
  22. Midnight Kiss Your grandmother has always told the story of everyone in the family finding their true love by being kissed by their soulmate at midnight on their eighteenth new year. You were alone and didn’t get kissed. She begged you to out and celebrate on your twenty-first, saying it was the last chance. You finally do, only to be grabbed by a stranger seconds before midnight and given a soul searing kiss. What happens?
  23. New Year, New You On New Year’s Eve like so many others you made a promise that in the new year you would change and do much better. Having had a bit too much to drink and no one special to share the night with you went home and collapsed into bed just before midnight. When you wake, you have a hell of a hangover and stumble to the bathroom to take care of business. As you catch sight of yourself in the mirror you scream. You aren’t you anymore, but that’s just the start of a new year and new you. What do you do?
  24. You are preparing for your first day of high school, but instead of a bright yellow bus, your pick-up takes the form of a shiny black HALO craft. You are quickly flown, along with a number of other kids, to a series of towers hanging upside-down from a rocky cliff in a canyon. What kind of high school are you attending?
  25. Birthday Gift You are about to face a major birthday alone. Things haven’t been going well, when you get a gift. What is it and who is it from?
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