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  1. podiumdavis

    Chapter 17

    I like this comment. You're very insightful and well minded in your reading. You're seeing more between the lines than most. Maybe you've happened to pick up the hints that I've thrown down to be seen by the sleuths. Hero worship would be correct, if i remember correctly, I've used the reference, A knight of Old, a few times to mark Amanda as something special. Good job on that. As for Jacob's Venom, keep reading and find the answers to be held. And in regards to the inaccuracy, it goes all by different takes of a situation by any given character, sometimes they only see what they want to see; that's just how life is. Thanks for the comment
  2. The Journey of Jacob and Kyle Chapter #19: What goes up, must come down Time line: Tuesday ************************************************************************** WARNING: If you’re looking for a quick jerk off story then you’re not going to find it here, but if you enjoy stories with deep character development then this story will be for you. My chapters may contain extreme situations that may not be suitable for all audiences that may include violence, and sexual situations.
  3. next Chapter is complete. Now off to my beta and an editor willing? Andy's been gone for so long with no contact. Hope he's well... Anyone wanna fill in that's familiar with my J&K story?

  4. 'Why has it taken you seven years to write a story?' I'm a perfectionist ... 'But why?' Uhm.. Life, simple answer? LOL. But i'm the roll again. Love this shit.. two weeks straigh of editing my globs lol

  5. From Sun to Stars, to the moon and back. To find your love of writing and be sober. What a thing.. Just took an email for me to want to get back into it. :D. Such is editing sober vs writing drunk :|. Also apparently I'm bi-polar. 😐

  6. Looking for a new editor to help me complete. Willing as i am, working 2 jobs and my editor is doing like 60 hrs a week now. : I really wanna try to complete my story. ~~ Andrew

  7. Been really working on the next chapter series and while I'm in my off time I've been watching The fosters. It reminds me so much of Matthew in my story... erg... Probably a few months off for the next chapter of the series, but it's important to me to get it right, and its a pivot of the story to get right... It all falls from this moment!

  8. to split or not to split. Next chapters written, but want to write the entire series (of the title name), so that it gets done the way it needs to be. No fuck ups. What to do......

  9. Been playing a lot of wow as of late. Need to get refocused. Also been in danger with a flood happening here.... State of emergency type deal. But i'm okay and need to refocus.. Love you all.

  10. Been having a relapse. But I'm coming back..... I hate who i am, but I'm battling. :) Monday will see more edits, writing, promise. :D

  11. next chapters will be a wait.. Gonna write the entire series before I release. I need this chapter to be right in every respect.. Most important one imho.... But there's most important ones too.... But this one needs to be right..

  12. podiumdavis

    Chapter #14

    trying to release faster.... 20k word chapters get less attention due to length... I will write like this further.... More chapters. with quicker content. But I'm glad you're following Plus your the only review in many months. At least someone is responding..
  13. While I don't play on that realm. I'd be glad to add you on my friends list and pub every once and a while. PM me your tag or not.. Up to you ;D
  14. podiumdavis

    Chapter #16

    I guess I lied here. Chapter 18 ended 'This cold heart'.. But you got it Lisa.. Love you babe.
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