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Writing Prompts #596 & #597

Renee Stevens


Hope everyone is having a good week so far. If you're looking to write, then why not try out one of these writing prompts.



Prompt 596 – Creative

Tag – The Gift
As the leader of your people you have been told you are being sent a gift by the new species your race has encountered in space. All your top scientists have been able to decode is the gift is very precious and a symbol of how they wish to coexist. A large box is delivered to your ship. When opened you find a youth in suspended animation. What do you do with your gift?


Prompt 597 – Creative
Tag – First Line
How does he always know what to say?



Did you write a prompt response last week? Don't forget to share it below.

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I like #596. I might take a break from writing my main story, to do a flash piece.

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596 is intriguing. I'll keep it in mind but I dont have time to write it right now. But it is a very interesting idea. 

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I wrote a prompt response last week, but to a less recent one - 589. The opening chapter of a new series called  Soul Music. :)

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