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Writing Prompts #604 & #605

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Renee Stevens


Hope everyone has had a great week so far. It's time for this weeks writing prompts. If you're stuck, or you're considering writing for the first time, these might be perfect for you. Don't forget that stories under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection.



Prompt 604 – Creative

Tag – List of words
Use the following words in a story – a coach, a white stallion, a gold ring, a cat, and a pickle.


Prompt 605 – Creative
Tag – The Change
Pat laughed as Barbara complained about her boyfriend and her period being late. Barbara was just a normal girl, unlike Pat. Pat was one of a growing number of people afflicted with the change. Every seven days their body completely morphed into the opposite sex. Both sexes lived independently of each other, and could even be gay and straight, bisexual, or even transgendered. What is Pat like?



Did you write a prompt response last week? Don't forget to share it below.

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