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  1. The Grand Adventure of Thymestrys

    A magical world where fantastic creatures, gods, angels, and demons exist. A force is eating away at the lifeforce of Thymestrys. Will it be stopped? or will everyone just fade away?

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    Rich Boy

    A series focusing on the rich son of a family of dark magic practitioners.  He cuts his own path through life not as dark as his father wanted, but certainly not of the light.

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    New York Holidays

    Nothing is more romantic than New York City during the holiday season. From Halloween to New Years Day, it seems everyone is out and about, enjoying the festivities. For two lonely boys living in Lower Manhattan, this year’s holiday season will bring special joy as they meet, fall in love and realize their dreams, and help others in need to realize their dreams too.

  2. KADA

  3. The Chosen

  4. Mark's Revenge

  5. Star Crossed

  6. Bye, Brother

  7. The Trial

  8. A Fairy Out of Her Tale

  9. High School Sports Series

  10. Night Thoughts

    Being alone at night can bring on all kinds of thoughts - happy, sad, reflective, desperate. This series of monologues are linked by this theme. They are separate, yet connected.

  11. Adam & Kaleo

  12. Worth the Struggle

  13. For The Alpha

  14. Brittle as a Bird

  15. The Barnstable Chronicles

  16. Doorways

  17. Fire Prompts

    The unlikely friendship between a firefighter and a fire extinguisher which has some unexpected abilities and quirks. 

  18. Soul Music

    Shy and insecure, Geoff never expected to have a boyfriend at all, let alone one like Tony. 

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