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Happiness - whatever that is.

Someone said, "I just want you to be happy, tim." He's a sweet man. A friend. i thought about what he said. Happy.        What is that?  I'm not unhappy all of the time. Sometimes i am. Suppose everyone is. Most of the time i am aware of the hollowness in my chest. It sits next to my heart and i wonder about the ache and emptiness there. It feels like a hole or entrance to the past. i fight to find and to shut that door, but it never truly closes. I don't believe in happ

Stuff in my life lately.

***Warning: This is a bit of mess. It's rather like the head it came out of. Just be glad you don't live here full time.   So, i've been away for a while. i'd pop in here and there but i found i just couldn't be here for any length of time. There's a lot of sadness here for me.  Things have happened. People deciding things about me, without discussion. Deciding things about me for reasons i'll never understand. And as is normal online, they can just stomp out of the room rather th

Veggie Delivery

We signed up for weekly veggie delivery. Their mandate is to distribute fruit and vegetables that are not 'good' enough to sell to the usual markets and stores and sell them to subscribers weekly. It's $18 for the 'solo' box and $3 for delivery. So far it's been great. We've eaten everything, tried new things and enjoyed it all. We've had the most amazingly fresh food. It's cheaper and so much better than what we can purchase in our local grocery store. We've had the best peaches and cantal


Mikiesboy in My Life and Times

Cancelling Canada Day - Should We?

Canada Day, July 1st. A National Holiday in Canada, but what is Canada Day?  Well, to lots of us it's a day off work. To me, it is just that normally. But since I'm writing this blog, this year it's been on my mind a bit more. The Government of Canada website says this: It's the Day Canadians across the country and around the world show their pride in their history, culture and achievements. It's been a day of celebration, where many festivities are held across the country, since 186


Amateur. That word usually conjures up negative thoughts.  Like: "They played like a bunch of amateurs" or something done poorly. The thing is it doesn't really mean that. It means doing something for the love of it, for pleasure. My favourite quote about being an amateur comes from an old film... A Christmas Without Snow.  i saw it on tv one Christmas season afternoon, while Jeff and i huddled in our room. i was writing what would become my street poems then, and i remember this
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