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About this blog

I have friends who have encouraged me to write a little.  When the urge strikes, it will wind up here.

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i just don't understand...

They're good kids, young adults, young men, mostly housebroken. They really are. But today i'd sell them to the gypsies. When we got the house put back together after the floors were installed they were told that at least twice a week the floors needed to be dry mopped, swept, and at least every weekend a good wipe down. Not even a full mopping, just use the Swiffer wet. We’ll  drag out the mop and bucket every other weekend. As long as it’s kept clean, and spills or whatever are wiped up r

It's been a weird week

This has been a long, weird week. Am i glad it's over? Well that's a loaded question. Last Monday the process of getting new flooring started. See, the landlady is having tile floors installed. Phil & the boys were shifting furniture around the house each day. It's an enormous mess & stressful for me to be in such a chaotic environment. i have an online class i'm taking & with the mess at home i've had to find other places to do that. Luckily, we have a great coffee shop in town

When the news you get, isn't the news you wanted

When the news you get, isn’t the news you want… My Husband,  Phil, gets regular injections to his eyes for complications from diabetes. (DME) Yes, it's as bad as it sounds. It's been happening for over three years now. Two weeks ago He saw the doctor for His regular appointment. The doctor asked the staff to go ahead and scan both eyes, not just the left. It wasn’t good news. The swelling in that right eye was back. It’s been stable for two years; it’s just been the left eye being trea
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