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happily ever after!



Okay... so either I am crazy, or I have mad skills! B)


I crammed SO much stuff into today I can't believe it! Of course that only leaves another ridiculous amount to cram into tomorrow, but I digress...


It started at 4:30 am when I woke up for work. I worked 6 - 10 am so that I would be available to pick up Rich's friend Joe from the airport at 11 am. Well the good news is I didn't have to go to the airport at all... this is REALLY good because I get soooooooooo lost it would be funny if it wasn't so unbelievably sad. I didn't have to go though because big brother Jeff picked him up for me on the way home from visiting a friend... Yay Jeff! Instead I went to the post office and to get a gift for my sweetie and my darlin! :wub:


So Joe shows up here in his camoflage outfit, hehe, and he looks great! Happy, confident, thinner, it's really amazing... now if I could just get him to stop saying things like 'I don't want to die in Iraq' then I might not kill him myself...


I forgot to mention that the guy with the kids who have the mom that sucks, the recent birthday girl and her big sister, were waiting outside of my store for me when I got off work because I was gonna spend some time with them today while their dad was off giving a deposition... again yay!


We all went to have lunch with Rich so that he could see Joe and we could all eat without me having to make lunch for seven people... while we were at this little burger place, my daughter and his two girls decided that they all had to go potty since they were of course seated in between four adults in the booth requiring ALL of us to stand up and move so they could get out to go. Well not a minute later my daughter comes back crying and holding her arm saying she slipped and fell in the hallway. I am freaking out and REALLY hoping she didn't break her arm. She is fine but with an UGLY bruise on her elbow... But the point of this whole story is... I am the safety manager in my store so I tend to react a little differently than most people when I see something hazardous, but when my own kid is the one getting hurt... anyway I tell Rich to go check the floor where she fell and he says that there isn't anything wet there but that it is REALLY slippery so I tell him to go tell the people working there so they can take care of it before someone else gets hurt. So the girl he talks to... ugh! First of all she didn't even ask if my daughter was okay :angry: and then her way of 'fixing' the problem or hazard was to put out a wet floor sign :blink: Anyway then I ask Rich to go and ask them for a small bag of ice for her rapidly swelling and turning purple elbow and they tell him they only have paper bags... whatever! I mean if this happened in my store... I would do whatever I had to to help this person/KID feel better, but grrrrrrrr!


Then I came home, wrapped my little brothers' gifts so I can go BACK to the post office again tomorrow :wacko: and talked to Davey and he reaffirmed that he indeed is a spectacular 0:) man! Holidays are already unreal when you work in retail... but he is like a million times more stretched to the limit now... :hug: so I was REALLY glad to hear that he was doing well and feeling better! :wub:


Then I went to Good Scouts, and we had our Christmas party and the girls all exchanged their secret Santa gifts that they had to make, not buy, for each other... and drunk mom only stayed for a little while and wasn't even too drunk tonight either... more yay!


So then I got home and sat down to write again... I guess I will admit that I was allowing myself to get sidetracked because I know that this chapter will be hard for me to write, but I am determined because while I may experience penis envy while writing, and while I have never actually had to come out to someone, this part of the story will probably be the most well written part because it is actually something I have experienced and felt, therefore allowing me to write it well. Anyway, thanks for being so patient... I am excited again and ready to write again! :2thumbs:


Also, I just spent an hour reading... :read: I got to read some amazing chapters today! Dom's DD 20, The Zot's Yankee 14, Sea Change... I've lost count now, and Second Wind... also lost count, but had a happily ever after, which I am still smiling about :D


I just LOVE :wub: happily ever afters... and ALL my guys, my little brothers, my big brothers, I could go on here!



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Viv..I second what Kitty said...You really are Wonder Woman!!!! and touches of Superman...Just an all around Super Hero!


I hope your daughter is ok...and all is well with your super bunch of family and friends...and tell Joe he has to be ok....geez....don't get me started on that war....and the dufus that runs it...


in any event, Happy Holidays Super Wonder Woman!!



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Whew! Superwoman indeed. :worship:


But is it really strictly necessary to be superwoman? A lot of pressure is self-induced... Relax & enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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Way to go on getting so much done! I can't wait to read your next chapter! It's an awesome story, and I bet this next part will be really intense.


I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's fall, also how's your son doing with that cut on his head? Anyway take care and have a great Christmas!



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