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Waiting and Wondering



First the waiting. I am as bad as anyone else when it comes to stories. I hate waiting. I have had to do it often enough. Stu has a wonderful story, Seeing Double, that had a few months between chapters. I know because I have been waiting for the end like everyone else. I presently am keeping everyone waiting because I am still trying to get things back from my editor and beta for Accidents Happen. I had hoped it would be done by chapter 30 but realize it will now drag on for one more chapter.


The second part is the wondering. I don't know how people like Andy and Nephy do it. How do they keep putting out two stories at a time. I am just about finished now with Accidents Happen and working on a second project now. I have to keep going from one mind set to another and stopping to make sure I don't screw up. I give those who are able to write multiple stories at the same time a great deal of credit. I mean it wasn't hard when I was writing Red. That was only a short story that was four chapters long. I'm working on Jonas now, having to expand it and add characters and all so the piece really comes alive. I mean a short piece for the Anthology isn't the same a fully fleshed out story. What you do in four pages isn't the same as 30+ pages. Granted now you get to see a lot more and see some of the fun I had in mind but didn't have time to write in the original. I wonder what people will make of talking swords and magic underwear. lol. All I can say is remember to read the fine print that comes with anything you buy at Kroger's Emporium.


Oh well. I have to get ready to run for work. Have a good day all.


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