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The weird and wonderful world of YouTube

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The pleasure of YouTube (and its curse :gikkle:) is stumbling across stuff you never even knew existed

But where there’s a specialist interest there’ll be YouTubes :funny:

So, this thread is for those YouTube vids that are, er… weird or wonderful :P


To kick off…

Ever wondered what it would be like to drive the world’s first gas turbine car from more than 70 years ago on a race track?

Nope, me neither

But Georg Mayr-Harting, an obsessed and talented twenty five year old Austrian engineer, did.

And because the original is in the London Science Museum, and will never be driven again, he had to build his own

An exact replica

using original engineering plans 

and original parts including a Rover gas turbine engine

and he wants us to share in the pleasure he obviously gets from driving it flat out on a race track






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I'm obsessed with street food videos, particularly those from India and Pakistan.  There's something about watching the food being prepared that I find very soothing.  It's also a great insight into the country and culture.  My favorite channel is a guy from Singapore who travels to a lot of Asian countries to film their street food. 


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I’ve been adjusting the last few weeks to working 12 hour night shifts so I sleep a lot of the day even on my days off. YouTube has helped when I get bored, but it’s really weird the rabbit holes you can go down.

I was watching Spanish language videos to help keep me proficient, which led to videos on tiktok dances I could practice (don’t judge). Somehow I ended up finding a short video archived from tiktok on cooking. Now I’m subscribed to dozens of cooking channels and trying to make something new once per day. Overnight I made biscuits and gravy from scratch for the first time in my life. I grew up eating this at my grandparents house. I’ll admit it wasn’t as good as grandma’s but practice makes perfect!

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I chased down a few rabbit holes watching reaction videos.  Watching professional musicians critique and explain technique is quite the rabbit hole.  I've also developed a fondness for The Piano Guys, 2 Cellos and a few piano song cover folks.


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2 minutes ago, Myr said:

I chased down a few rabbit holes watching reaction videos.  


I've fallen down that rabbit hole myself :yes:  I've watched a lot of videos of people trying food/snacks from different cultures and reacting to it.  Watching people from other countries react to some of our 'reality' shows is pretty funny too.  

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it’s that weird “Twilight Zone” between Christmas and New Year when the dates and days cease to have meaning

as ever YouTube can help :)

found this archive of old-movies-for-free channel with high quality video (and subtitles if needed) 


like this fun 1960s caper movie Charade



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YouTube algorithms - the gift that keeps on giving :P

Did you know there was an “Anglish” movement? :unsure:  Me neither. Till now :funny:


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ever been troubled because you can’t figure out how the Hobbit economy worked? :unsure: :unsure2:

Well now you can sweep your troubles away because someone has figured it all out for you in this nifty little YouTube :) :funny:



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Downton Abbey - in French

The YouTube algorithm has just given me the whole of series 1 dubbed into French. Normally I’d prefer subtitles for foreign language movies and TV shows but maybe not when it’s done as well as this - each voice sounds pretty much like the original actors


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41 minutes ago, Zombie said:

Fifty one years ago, in a London studio, Shirley Bassey recorded Diamonds are Forever.

This qualifies as wonderful! I watched the whole video and I appreciate the emcee’s thoughtful exploration of Ms. Bassey’s vocal range and expression.

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These guys have been posting on YouTube for the last 3 years. They are building a sustainable off-grid home in the Canadian forest and post a new video every Sunday. As well as working unbelievably hard they are also very cute.


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