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Writing Tip: The Essential Writer's Reference



Today you are being brought a book selection. The Essential Writer's Reference is an outstanding resource if you can get your hands on one. They do come used, and very cheap. If you would like more books for writers, both old and new, there is a thread in the writer's corner where they can be found.

The Oxford Essential Writer's Reference
Berkley Press, 2005.

This is an excellent writer's reference that is current and more relevant to the task of creative writing than the Little, Brown Handbook. Its focus is more on langauge usage form.

The text is divided into 19 sections:

I. Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Usage Guides
II. A List of the Most commonly Used Foreign Words and Phrases
III. 100 Tricky Usage Problems
IV. 100 Rare 50 Cent Words and their Meaning
V. 125 Synonym Studies
VI. Proofreaders Marks and their Meaning
VII. Common Citation Styles
VIII. A List of Cliches to Avoid
IX. A List of Common Rhetorical Devices, Poetic Meters, and Form
X. A Quick Guide to all the plays of Shakespeare
XI. A Timeline of Great Work of English Literature
XII. Biblical Quotes, Characters and Books of the Bible
XIII. Major Mythological Characters
XIV. A List of Great Print Resources that can be Found at Most Libraries
XV. A List of Writer's Advocacy Orginazations
XVI. How to Copyright Your Work
XVII. A Commonsense Guide to Manuscript Formats
XVIII. great Websites for Writers
XIX. Forms of Address for Letter Writing

Jane Aaron, Longman Press 1998.


This particular book was recommended by jamessavik. If you have a book or site you would like to suggest, PM me or add it to the thread linked above.


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