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Featured Story: Almost Home



It's Monday! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and while I'm sad to see it end, I'm also happy because it gives us another choice to bring you a review on one of Gay Author's wonderful Hosted Authors! Not only is our author today a Hosted Author on the site, he is one of the earlier members of the GA community. He's the author of the chapter story "A Shot of Bourbon" but has shown that he can write not only longer stories, but also short stories as well as poetry. Today we are happy to bring you a review of Hosted Author: Shadowgod's short story "Almost Home" reviewed by podiumdavis. I hope you enjoy this review and that it prods you to go and take a look at this story as well as others written by Shadowgod. Enjoy!





Reviewer: podiumdavis
Status: Complete
Word Count: 3,008


I’m going to admit it; I’m a diehard for a good drama. With that in mind, I went searching around for a short story that would help break the dust from within my ears. I’m sure Shadowgod doesn’t need much of an introduction considering he’s a hosted author within the GA community, and I can see why.


‘Almost home’ is a tantalizing story of two main characters, first James and second Bryson. Shadowgod has a talent to describe the physical world into writing that I haven’t seen in some time. From the very first line, you’re sucked into James’ and Bryson’s story. With a break from college, they decide to go on a ski trip up in the mountains to get away from the stress and stay at one of their parent’s cottage.


The words used to describe the scenery, were woven like velvet, you can see it all within your mind as if you were there yourself looking through their eyes. You can clearly see just how much each of them means to each other. May it be through a word, actions without words, or even a gentle kiss.


In the end, you feel like you're a part of the story rather than a spectator. Which makes for a great read; the ending especially.


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