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Feature Story: The Third Fire



Looking for a read last night, I came across this story. One of the many thousands on the site, I wanted a quick read and this fit perfectly. Enjoy!


by Lugh


Status: Complete
Word Count: 1,450
Reviewed by: Cia


Did you ever feel in the mood for just a tidbit of a story? Our Hosted Authors aren't good just for long, serial stories. Quite a few also provide us with great quick reads just right for that fifteen minutes you have on the bus, train, or those short times when you aren't expected to be doing whatever you are responsible for in life. For me that was between putting the chicken in the oven, nagging the kids to clean their rooms, and when I had to have dinner on the table. For my reading pleasure, I chose Lugh's short story called The Third Fire, one he wrote before my tenure as one of his betas.


The tags were interesting, including coming of age, religion, and mages. They piqued my interest, wondering how they could possibly mix together. A short time later I knew.


The story is a great mix of finding that moment when you leave childhood behind and become that person who moves ahead in life knowing who and what you are - what you're supposed to be doing. For Azrael, that came one night as he is claimed by a goddess, and a man, all at the same time.


I loved the uncertain nature of Azrael's thoughts up to that moment of realization. The story was told from his point of view and we get a sense of his confusion, uncertainity and then ... BAM. His moment came. Literally, lol.


Lugh's ability to create a picture in few words is one of my favorite things about him as an author. He creates intricate worlds and characters, but he can keep it simple and still enthrall me every time. I've read most of his stories and can't think of a single one I haven't found myself enjoying. That isn't to say his writing is perfect. As usual, he forgot the rules about when mom and dad become Mom and Dad, and there were a few missteps in the story I'd have called him on if I'd been a beta for the story.


However, none of that took anything away from my enjoyment of the story. I love fantasy, and I love when it makes me think. I liked the fire symbolism in the story too.


So, if you don't have the time to start reading one of the many serial stories by our Hosted Authors, pick one of the many short stories available. Start with this one if you like fantasy, or coming of age stories, you won't regret it! Don't forget to a leave a few reviews as well.


Happy Reading!

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