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50th entry!



Okay so I love... LOVE the fact that it is a beautiful, sunny 87 degrees here today in the middle of winter and I haven't worn a sweater all day and I still have on my flip flops B) for those of you who live in celsius that is... approximately 28.


I decided, after much thought and random surveying :P that I am gonna try a 'dear viv' blog... People always come to me for advice, to talk over their problems... and I love it :D not that they're having trouble... just that I can help... usually. So the deal is this... If you want to remain anonymous then that's great, if not, that's even better!! Write me a 'dear viv' letter and email it to me at viv.stories@hotmail.com and then I will post it in my blog with (hopefully) some great advice!


****DISCLAIMER**** I actually have no real training or education so, all it will be is advice from me...


So, after I thought :wacko: I had finished the next chapter I sent it to my sweetie :wub: for review, twice :rolleyes: since he is my hand holder/keep the story on track guy :2thumbs: aside from EVERYTHING else he is to me too, I was told... that I was in fact NOT done :P so I have made the changes/additions, and thanks to Davey... now it is ACTUALLY done! That of course means that the next one will be posted soon! Everybody... please thank Davey for making this story what it is! :wub:


Okay... After discussing the hotness of the gardner guy and the plumber guy on Desperate Housewives with a friend... I brought up another soooooooooo pretty guy! http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/contributor/...98/photo/483429 Check him out!! Woo hoo!!


Love ya, Vivian


PS. WE'RE the reason :wub: I'm off to teach Ben to make naughty :whistle: things out of cake 0:)


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Yes yes yes


You guessed it IM the reason you all have to wait for new chapters :P


Must be because im so picky with it hehe


I seriouslly can't wait till you guys get to read what we just finished.... Your sooo all gonna hate me!




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No I won't Viv writes great. and if you have helped her write it then I am certain it will still be great. Although I reserve the right to be mad at you Dave rather then Viv. :lmao:

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