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What a Day!

Yettie One


Well, hell that was on mind twister of a day. I mean the carnage of oblivion was so chaotic I am surprised that I can at all make it to a keyboard and be able to share my thoughts of doomsday and the effects of being lost somewhere on the edge of existence. It was actually really good to meet half of you on the stairs up to this waiting room, I guess the other half were going down stairs???



I can quite honestly say I am pretty glad that I'm still breathing today. Not that I expected otherwise as I've already said in other posts, but all the same I wasn't in any real hurry to be rid of this life. So yeah, its quite nice to be able to sit here and tap away at the keys and say, "Hey gang, we made it through another whole end of the world thing!"


I was rather shattered to find this evening when I sat down to check out the Antho for the Mayan End of the World, to discover that I'd really messed up my entry. See I was one of the people that submitted like 4 hours before the deadline on Cia's end of the world, which in reality meant it was like 2 am in the morning here when I submitted it, and I figured I was late and would get in proper trouble.


As it was I didn't get my backside spanked by Cia, but I did however submit the wrong bloomin copy of my story, a rough draft of the work, not the final edit.

So for anyone that has already read Breathless, please accept my apology, the work you read was pants and full of mistakes. The final copy has been sent out to Cia and will be put right soon I hope. I'm a bit miffed at myself for being so disorganised, but I'd ask you bear with me, my head has really been in the clouds of late.


I have to say, the mods here, well I mainly deal with Cia, although I do know a couple of the others from the blog and chat, but Cia has the patience of a saint far as I'm concerned. I've cocked up my enteries a few times in the past and she's always helped me through it without complaining, even though I'm sure she's rolling her eyes at me. 0:)

I guess that is part of the joy of being on GA. It's a good thing to be given the chance to be a fool, make mistakes, be yourself and still be able to get on with everyone. Acceptance regardless of perception, opinion or persuasion. From the sharp tongued critic to the greatest friends, I've met some really brilliant people through GA, and can really understand now why so many people rave about the community behind GA and the support networks that it offers.


One of these fine days I am damn sure going to sort out a road trip of the good ol US and come visit a good many of you. I owe you all Yettie Hugs. :D


But anyway, back to the original thought, I'm glad that the world didn't go pooof in a cloud of smoke today. I get to talk crap for a few more years yet, make stupid jokes in the "make us laugh" post on the forum, and ramble on about this and that on my blog. I'm also hoping that I get to finish "Reflections of a Very British Rent Boy" and "Building the Bridge". That would be a fine thing.


Hope you all had a wonderful "End of the World" day and are all ready for crimbo now. Yettie Huggles to all.



Thought for today - "Life is a song - Sing it. Life is a game - Play it. Life is a challenge - Meet it. Life is a dream - Realise it. Life is a sacrifice - Offer it. Life is love - Enjoy it." - Sia Baba


Song for today - Looking Back, Over My Shoulder by Mike and the Mechanics

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I love your blogs Rob.  What a great start to my day!  Yes, I was glad to be alive and kickin also.  My dog and grandson let me know in no uncertain terms that I was still here.   Gypsy woke me up licking my face and the grandson was banging on my door telling me my phone was ringing at five a.m. that morning.  So, life goes on, and I fully embrace it and look forward to the holidays with all my family and friends.


Hope you have a great weekend and a great holiday.




Jo Ann

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