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Christmas Upon Us

Yettie One




So it is right on our doorstep ey! Christmas Eve is here and while this year may really not seem like all the others I've known or enjoyed, it is still for me somewhat of a symbol of hope that there is some purpose for us all in this world, and we can come together and remember those we miss and cherish and spend time with those we still have time to be able to spend.


I am not overly religious, but I have indicated in the past that I do have a belief, and so I guess that the season also bears hallmarks of that belief structure. It is a time to reflect on who I am as a person and my overall place in the bigger scheme of things. This is not to say that you need worry that I am about to twist your ear with some religious jargon, but I do think it is worth saying that each of us have a different spirituality or belief structure, and if I am able to respect yours I'd hope you have enough respect to allow me to have mine and be able to freely speak about it. That said, let me move on.


To everyone that has taken the time to embrace me and get to know me over the last few months that I have been a visitor to this site, I thank you. I respect each of you as a friend, and fondly think of many of you as friends. Your thoughts, words and chat brighten my day, give me cause to smile, and help me to make it through the day in very trying personal times in my life. So for this I am eternally grateful and even more in your debt forever.


May this time be special. May joy and happiness follow you every day of the season. My love and kindness abound and may you feel the warm and friendly embrace of acceptance throughout the days ahead. As we move into a new year, may goodness and prosperity richly bless you and may 2013 be a truly great year for you all.


For those who will not get to smile this year, for those who shed tears at this time, for those that struggle and fail to see the joy of the season, may you find rest and solace in someone, somewhere at this time that we all need a shoulder to lean on, and a hug that lets us know it will be ok. May you be touched in some small measure this year and as the new year dawns, may the hope of tomorrow burn bright and the pain of yesterday fade slowly into the distance.


Love to you all, and massive Yettie Huggles to all.

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Hugs to you Rob.  Merry Christmas to you and your family, and hope your holidays are more than you ever hoped for.:)

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