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Have you ever been on a little trip where every thing seems to go wrong?

Well we were at the start of the week. All the little things that went against our plan just made it more fun.


Firstly, I screwed up the train times on our way out, so we had like a 4 hour wait between trains. We spent this time grabbing a nice dinner, a couple of drinks then playing pool and arcade games. Then JUST making it back for our connecting train.


So we got to our destination at 11PM our friends were there to collect us from the station. So we went back to their place which we were staying at. Stayed up till like 3AM chatting and laughing. Then they showed us to our room, and the waterbed that was there. I had to text Vivvy as soon as I saw it, absoloute pleasure that thing was.


In the morning we went to Vue (Cinema) to watch Brokeback Mountain. I upgraded to premium seats then sat holding Chris's hand through the whole thing :( Theres one scene (I wont describe it, cause if youve not been I dont wanna ruin it) where it gets very intense, well there was the little old couple of ladys who, stood up and walked out :blink:


Well by the end chris was in tears, but as he said, and I quote "David, your void of heart if that didn't make you cry!" Oh well.....


Next we went to see Jarhead...... PHOWWAARRR!!!!!

We had the whole screen to ourselves. Like we were the only people there, Ive never been at a screening like that. Its great! you can talk and not worry that your disturbing anyone else.


So after the cinema, we went shopping I managed to spend

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Well I can remember all 50 states as long as I'm keeping track so I don't miss any. The hard part is placing them in their proper location in the country. There are too many out west that are the same square shape. It's hard to tell which is which.



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