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North to Alaska

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Countdown: 10 days!

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:unsure2: So, moving day is in just over a week and I'm a little freaked by how much I still have left to do. And then I tell myself that the chaos is normal and I've still got time and I calm down a little again. :P


Today was the last day of school. I gave my last final and recorded my last grade. I turned in my keys and emptied my desk. Also updated the stuff on the walls. We had our annual end of the year BBQ on Tuesday and my coworkers gave me a nice card with all sorts of good wishes inside. I admit I teared up a little. I got an Amazon gift card as well, which will definitely come in handy as my new coworkers tell me that Amazon and Costco are the way to shop out in Chevak.


Graduation was yesterday. It was a beautiful day. I got to see many of my students from last year. I feel a lot closer to most of them than the students I have this year. I guess that sort of thing happens, but it seems odd. I'm glad I got to say goodbye. Today was awkward as I went around doing my end-of-year paperwork. Everyone wanted "just 5 minutes" to say goodbye or wish me well. It was nice, but a little overwhelming. I had specifically asked my principal to not make an announcement because I hate all the hoopla, but she did it anyway at the last staff meeting. Within an hour of the meeting, my students were asking me if I'd gotten fired. :rolleyes: School gossip; yet one more reason I wanted to keep things low-key. The folks that cared already knew because I told them myself.


I haven't heard back about my Alaskan teaching credential and I'm a little nervous about shipping stuff out to the school, but it's not like I can wait much longer. I did get notice that my beginning teacher portfolio (that horrible class I've been taking this year and last) passed its requirements, so I've applied (and paid for) my new California credential as well. Funny how government paperwork works, isn't it?


I think the cat is suffering from anxiety. He's naturally affectionate but it's become extreme since my roommate left. He won't let me out of his sight and he's licking the heck out of his front legs. He's got a vet appointment for his health certification (to be cleared to fly) next week, so I'll ask them about his behavior. Anyone have any good suggestions about traveling with a cat? Never done that before, so ...


I'm going down to San Diego this weekend to spend 3 days with my sister, her husband, and his kids who are visiting for the summer. We're going to the zoo on Saturday. I haven't been to the SD Zoo since I was ... 13? I think. Anyway, it's been awhile. :D


Somebody stumbled upon my yGallery account this week and fav'd an old sci-fi ramble. I re-read it, of course, and it doesn't seem as bad as I remember. ^_^ Still dunno if I want to post it here. It is old and doesn't really go anywhere. It was a play on that mpreg thing that was all the rage a few years ago. LOL


I also wrote a little this past week. It's an alternate-earth type of setting and a young adult story starring a ninja-in-training by the name of Pandaren. I originally wrote this story as a round robin type of thing similar to how I created Waylon's Crossing and I'm eager to write more, but I need to finish The Return first. Now that I've the first chapter of Razi written, I'm going to concentrate on finishing my current story and editing TOIW. I'm hoping that I'll have plenty of time to write once the chaos of moving is done.


So, I know that I'll be upgrading to a smartphone when I move and switch over to the new carrier. Since my school is an apple school, I'll be getting an iphone and my budget will handle an ipad mini as well, so that's the technology plan for next year. I've been resisting the smartphone craze for many years now and it's time to bite the bullet as it'll be cheaper (and easier) to tether my phone to my laptop for home internet than it will be to pay for satellite internet out where I'll be.


I can't believe moving day is almost here. :o

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Hi Guy


Looks like the time is here to move forward.  Try not to stress.  You will do fine.  I am just glad you will have internet so I don't have to cry when I write this.  I would not want to think you were moving and out of earshot.  Hugs youngster, and hope all goes well.


Jo Ann

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Don't know if you will actually find time to read this at this point, but I will give it a try anyway.


I've never traveled or dealt with a cat but with my many dogs over the years I have found that doing things like sleeping with a towel in my bed for a few days just before the travel or leaving him at the kennel and leaving the towel that is then covered in my scent with him in the crate or kennel to be helpful. Apparently having the scent of mommy or daddy around makes them feel more secure.

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