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There Are Days...

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There are days, and there are days: Today has been a hard one.


I spend ninety percent of my time working, the other ten percent, is for doing those things that make me happy. A few months ago, I met this guy, and you know how you just click with someone at first meet....that sounds corny...but yes, it happens. There are those people you meet and you just get each other right off. He made it easy to bring down the ninety percent to fifty of work and just spending time out in the air, enjoying life.


As karma would have it, this have-fun-with-life man has a girlfriend. Has been seeing her for months on end, before we ever met. That was hard to discover. There was a short phase of wishing that I had it in me to become the evil witch who would do all that was possible to break them up. :/ Sadly, I don't have it in me, so I've been uber nice to this lady.
Anyway, today I discover they're getting married, and I might have screamed and cried inside, while I wished them well.
It's now back to the ninety percent of work, perhaps even ninety-five percent.


Yeah, the day has been a grinder.
Sharing today, because, well...this just needs sharing and a bottle of Merlot.

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:hug:  I'm sorry you are going through this.  It's so hard when you have deep feelings for someone that are unreturned. 

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Hugs, Sui. Somehow I can relate to the anguish you are going through but believe me with time you'll overcome this pain and everything will be fine and you'll be able to be happy again. For the moment I hope that merlot helps. Take Care.

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Don't make it hard on yourself... It is not your fault you love some and they turned out to be cheating you... Me too loved a straight boy(I dared to tell him and he said we friends and fine that way), and the result is broken heart. What worse is he with some other boy.

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